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Old 03-29-2014, 09:10 PM   #2026
DIS Veteran

emmysmommy's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2010
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Sunday August 25, 2013: Day 10, Part 4

Next...a spin on Peoplemover was in order. I was getting annoyed that it goes so fast that I couldn’t get any good photos but not fast enough that it would be considered a thrill ride! You people who are lucky enough to see Space Mountain lit up because it is down – I’m still envious. I’ve yet to see this for myself! Perhaps there is a conspiracy amongst the Diser community to make this stuff up and the joke is on me??

Lookest thou over there... madest thou look!

Speaking of Space Mtn, I went solo since Em wouldn’t go on it again after riding it the other day. I wanted to at least ride it once to cross that off my list. I have to agree with Em, this version of SM is very jerky. I had to hold on tightly to my bag the entire time since I didn’t feel it was secure enough.

Goofy ride photo

Next up, Tomorrowland Speedway where Em is always the driver, I video tape and we both joke and wise crack about everyone’s driving the entire time. There are usually a few Ricky Bobby Talladega Nights quotes as well

We were loving EMH since we were knocking out the rides with little to no wait. Winnie the Pooh was a 10 minute wait and that included trying to whack a gopher. The stand-by time was off by about 9 minutes!

A CM was clearly remiss in leaving this handy dandy "Pooh Merge" device laying around. It looks like they can call 100 Acre wood with that thing.

View of the Mine Train construction...

Side note: as of today, it looks like there is a Media event at the end of April so perhaps we will see a soft open while we are there during that time??

Continued Next Post

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Old 03-29-2014, 09:11 PM   #2027
DIS Veteran

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Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Near Disneyland
Posts: 4,962

Sunday August 25, 2013: Day 10, Part 5

Moving on to New Fantasyland. I believe this was our first visit to NFL at night. I love how it photographs at night with the back lighting.

We started with the Ariel ride. it's the same exact ride as at California Adventure with the huge difference of the fabulous queue in WDW. In DCA's defense, the building that they used for the attraction used to be a theater for Golden Dreams so I have to cut them some slack.

Poor Scuttle, he's such a loveable character!

Deep breath, we're going under!

I love the genius behind that perspective!

Happy turtle!

A fishy conga line

Ariel is now the same at DCA. When the attraction first opened she had "soft serve" hair. Due to fan criticism Disney replaced Ariel with the same version as MK that is more floaty hair. Here's a link to more from Inside the Magic.

On the whole I've been a saint...

Kiss the girl

Nice abs

We then went next door to say hi to Ariel with her fins at her grotto. Gotta love EMH for NFL when the crowds are light and the lines are practically non-existent. There were 3 groups in front of us so it was about a 5 minute wait. Ariel was adorable and so worth that wait!

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Old 03-29-2014, 09:13 PM   #2028
DIS Veteran

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Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Near Disneyland
Posts: 4,962

Sunday August 25, 2013: Day 10, Part 6

Since there was virtually no lines due to EMH, we may as well hit up all the attractions in NFL so we moved over to Belle’s cottage for EtwB.

Inside the cottage for the short wait...The CM was providing some interesting trivia regarding the theming of the room. He had some of the kids looking for objects in a quasi eye spy game.

They had the magic doorway already open. Is that new or did they just get lazy and not do the magical door opening? If we hadn't already seen the "magic" of the door I may have been disappointed.

Now that we’ve seen EtwB a few times I think I’m over it. I love Lumiere but honestly, I’m tired of making galloping horse sounds with my hands on my legs and of yelling “Surprise” for Belle. And I’m certainly not buying the fact that Belle walks around the Beast’s castle all the time in her ball gown. I know she has her little blue dress in her closet.

Behold our adorable Beast!

The park was now closed so we made our way to the exit and walked back to BLT. We were “home” by 1:30am.

Ahhh so pretty at night!

THE door! I had to take a photo in passing!

Bay Lake Tower lobby

Being completely exhausted we fell right to sleep with barely a good night to each other.

Continued Next Post

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Old 03-29-2014, 09:52 PM   #2029
DIS Veteran
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Location: Virginia
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Wow! You got so much done during that EMH!

I have to agree with you about Space Mountain. I like the DL version a whole lot more just because it's such a smooth ride. I think MK's SM is more equivalent to DL's Matterhorn in terms of its jerkiness and likelihood to cause concussions

I'm predicting that the soft opening for the Mine Ride will begin in the next couple of weeks. Or at least I'm hoping! For New FL, they did the Media Day the day before the official opening date and after a month of soft opening activities. In any case, we can't wait to go on it in October!
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Old 03-29-2014, 10:28 PM   #2030
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Hmmm.... I wonder who it was that wasn't using their cell phone?!? I tend to remember someone always having it in their bag and not paying much attention to it lol.

Do you think there is any way we can squeeze in seeing the Magic Memories and You show!?!? I have no idea where since we have so many dinners planned a bit on the later side...

I've never met Ariel in her fins! Always such a line when I've been there!

Awesome pictures of everything that night! Looks like you had a fabulous EMH! And being able to be "home" and sleeping that quickly is awesome!
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Old 03-29-2014, 10:47 PM   #2031
DIS Veteran
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Soooo, we were in EMH at the same time that night with you!! No sightings of us in your photos, however!

You got a lot done in your short time there that evening. We were in Tomorrowland to start our EMH and ended at Pooh and TTA! Just missed you!

I will live vicariously through the rest of your TR now that I have finished mine.

Loved your photos in Little Mermaid. We were in DL the year it first opened in DCA. We had early entry and were able to ride that without a line. Sooo glad we didn't have to wait in a line. I think I would have been disappointed. It's cute, but not a "wait in line" kind of cute.

Never have had dinner at Kona. That will be on the try it list in 2015. Hoping Poly is all done by then.

Can't wait to see where you head off to "tomorrow".
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Old 03-30-2014, 07:17 AM   #2032
DIS Veteran
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Loved your review of Kona Café for dinner (and I skipped ahead to breakfast, too- you know I love it!)

I'm surprised to hear that you had such a wait to be seated. The restaurant is never very busy when we are there, but we are at off hours (11:30 breakfast, 5 pm dinner)

Nate orders the steak there and loves it.

I have to say that waiter did you a favor! We ordered the pineapple upside-down cake last time we were there and his description was right on!

Your nighttime pictures of the Poly are gorgeous. I love the one with the matrix-like lights.

Originally Posted by emmysmommy View Post
When we finally made our way to the beach/pier Wishes was starting. Hey, this is on my Must Do list – see Wishes from the Poly beach. It was a very cool perspective to see it unobstructed that far away. However, soon after the fireworks began the boat showed up to take us to MK. I’m going to give credit for marking this off the Must Do list since I didn’t say that I had to see the entire fireworks show from the beach. My rules and all!

Our boat skipper was great. He had the timing of the show down perfectly so stopped for the finale before we docked so that we could get some photos. Very nice.
Sounds like what we have here is a redneck Wishes cruise! People pay big bucks for this experience!

Great view for Celebrate the Magic. I love that Peter Pan shot!

TTA/Space Mountain- not to rub it in or anything, but on one of my first trips to WDW, Space was undergoing renovations and I have pictures of the ride! Predigital, so I have no idea where those pictures are. The 8th grade class trip from our school often does the Y.E.S class where they ride Space with the lights on and off, but we didn't do it the year I went with Nate. We did Stitch instead!

So let me get this straight... You went on the WDW Speedway voluntarily??? I know, mother-daughter tradition and all... Actually sounds like you have fun. And it must be much better at night, with no line to get on. I can't get past the HOT queue line and the diesel smell.

Fantastic pictures of New Fantasyland at night!!!

In the picture of King Triton, his triton looks like a dinglehopper.

Wow, really cool picture of the train station through the castle!!! Bet you can only get that shot late at night when everyone else has gone "home"

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Old 03-30-2014, 07:57 AM   #2033
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bummer about the wait for Kona but glad you enjoyed the eventual meal. The bread / butter there is heavenly. Oh, and the best dessert to get there is .... the bread pudding from 'Ohana (if you ask nicely they will get that for you)

I think that totally counts as watching Wishes from the Poly beach - and great "Finale" photo from the boat!

The "it all started with a mouse" seen from CTM always gets me - from that moment of brilliance on the train (plus Walt being talked out of calling him Mortimore) to what we have today and what Disney and the parks mean to so many people is pretty amazing

I don't think I have ever seen Space Mountain lit up while riding the people mover, but have watched on Youtube POV ridethroughs with it lit up. Actually is probably more scary with the lights on as all the tracks and supports are so crammed in there and on top of each other and totally looks like you will hit something

Even on non-EMH hours I feel like one can get a ton done in MK after Wishes! but EMH even enhances that
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Old 03-30-2014, 08:20 AM   #2034
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whew, you got a lot posted all at once.......yuuuuuuuum, breeeeeeaaaaad!!!! we aren't eating at Kona at all but we might have to go back, just for that! It looks delicious!

Looks like you guys had a great night with the EMH. I LOVE all your pics! it makes me so excited to go!!!!!
DH thinks I'm crazy, me (raina) a new disney addict, DD (8)sweetpea and DD (4)evie had their 1st trip and LOVED it!
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Old 03-30-2014, 08:27 AM   #2035
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I just love your use of the EMH! I used them for the first time for a solo gig on Mother's Day last year and couldn't believe how much I could fit in. Hoping to maybe do something similar on our April trip, there is something magical about that time. You guys certainly got a ton done that evening. I share your feelings about ETWB, it isn't even on our plans this next trip.

I unfortunately couldn't swing a West Coast trip this spring break...but I'm hoping maybe next summer. I MUST get back to Disneyland and the beautiful SO CAL weather.

Looking forward to seeing what else you check off your must-do list!

I also haven't given my official congrats to Em, what an exciting time for you guys!

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Old 03-30-2014, 08:38 AM   #2036
Life is a Special Occasion
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Originally Posted by emmysmommy View Post
So Toronto is closer than Syracuse. I've been to Syracuse among other NY cities but never been as close to the border as Buffalo.

It was a very attractive cupcake....they didn't fail in making it look appetizing! Eat all that frosting and you will have a blue tongue my friend.

Speaking of girl trips... another one just booked. Details to come...
Distance-wise it's closer... 100 miles vs 150. Depending on the border crossing and where you're trying to get to in Toronto, it can take a LONG time to get there! We went to a Blue Jays game for my birthday last year and sat on the exit ramp for close to an hour and a half! It was brutal.

YAY for another trip!!!!!! So glad I can live vicariously though everyone!!

Originally Posted by emmysmommy View Post
I love this picture!!!

That's awesome that the boat driver stopped so you could watch!! But swimming upstream with all those people looks... painful. A practically deserted park makes it all worthwhile though I would guess!!

It's very interesting to me that not only did people take the time to complain about Ariel's hair, but that they actually changed it because of the complaints!
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Trying hard to figure out a way to get to The World in December 2015. Stay tuned!

Love and pixie dust,
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Old 03-30-2014, 09:42 AM   #2037
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I'm so jealous of your EMH experience! Any time we try to do pm EMH in the MK, the lines are ridiculously long! You guys got so much done!
I love, love, love the queue at Under the Sea. The way it looks, smells, the extra touches, everything. I know a lot of people aren't a fan of the ride itself, but I think it's an adorable dark ride. Certainly better than Snow Whites Scary Adventure!
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Old 03-30-2014, 09:56 AM   #2038
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"I was taking photos of the resort and the pool area while Em kept walking."

Nonetheless, the photos are simply gorgeous Brenda. Wow.

Poly Peach Wishes is still on my to do list, but as far as I'm concerned, you did that and plussed it. You had pretty much a Wishes cruise!

I'm with you. I so miss “To all that come to this happy place welcome” (brilliantly cut there since the next word was "Disneyland"). I often wonder how many people think he gave that speech at Magic Kingdom.

Oh yeah, Space Mountain in DLand is FAR superior in every way. Unless you're a fan of headaches, then WDW wins.

Yeah, it's sounding like a May opening of the Mine Train. I guarantee it'll be open for Memorial day weekend, so soft opening early May (if not sooner) are VERY likely you lucky duck.

Haha, I remember the soft serve hair backlash.

Oh I don't like that the doorway was open. That's kind of the best part.

I expect you will have a picture of "the door" each trip from now on. If not, you should.

OK... this is spooky. Like REALLY spooky. Here's a photo I took in December... Hello Twilight Zone.

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Old 03-30-2014, 10:00 AM   #2039
Wood Nymph
DIS Veteran
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We went to ETWB for the first time on our last trip. When you use a fp you miss that first room. Some day we'll have to go standby just so we can see it. We had a little girl in our show that was wearing the blue dress. She looked like a young Belle with her dark hair pulled back with a big blue bow. It was adorable and I think Belle needs to appear in her blue dress more often.

Fantasyland really empties out just before Wishes starts. We were able to walk on Barnstormer without a wait. There is no way I would wait in line for that 30 second ride.

I hope you get to ride the new mine train ride when you are there in late April. Maybe they will even have the fast pass system upgraded a little to give more fp's per day. there are rumors that Disney plans to make some changes once testing is over.
~ Sue

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Old 03-30-2014, 10:25 AM   #2040
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Once again I am loving the pictures. The Magic Kingdom at night is always filled with extra magic with the addition of the lights and your pictures really capture that magic.
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