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Old 03-14-2014, 03:58 AM   #1876
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Originally Posted by dtr_angel View Post
Your meal at CRT looks and sounds amazing! Sorry you had so much trouble getting there. I don't know why CRT has never made our short list before but I think you talked me into eating there in December! (luckily I will have a TiW card!) eating during Wishes can't be topped. Your BLT room looks really nice.

I ended up with a blister yesterday and thought of you
Thanks Melissa! Definitely that TiW card takes a good chunk out of the bill. When you use TiW for CRT they don't discount the entire cost since they portion out the photo package that is not subject to the discount. It still works out to about a 15% discount or so. I hope that makes sense.

Oh no! You need some Mickey band-aids for your blister! That's funny that you remembered my little blister episode.

Originally Posted by natebenma View Post
Phew! I haven't really had time to DIS this week, but I'm glad to see I didn't get too far behind.

for missing the rain!

The Contemporary has never done much for me, but I really love the location and décor in the BLT. HUGE rooms and so many great views!

Sometimes being late for a dining reservation is unavoidable. We found that out on our way to La Hacienda when that pesky Spaceship Earth got in the way!

I need to go back and read your review of dinner at CRT- we have never been.

After your meal did you ask if you could go up to "your suite"?

************************************************** *************

ETA: Just read your dining review of CRT. We have never been for breakfast or dinner.

Usually I am mesmerized by food porn, but this time, I was drooling over the view from your table. WOWSA!!!

I love the picture of the carousel all lit up and of the fireworks. That first shot is gorgeous!

But I did manage to pull myself away from your window long enough to check out your food.

I'm sorry your salad was disappointing. I read the description and I would have been tempted. Until I saw the menu listing for the strawberry salad. YUM!

I'm glad to hear you were both happy with your entrees.

Too funny about the dessert. I'm glad you were able to get something to your liking.

I'll never forget your little SE detour for La Hacienda. That's classic Dee.

Ha ha! Yes, we should have said we're ready to be taken to our DS now. That or you can send our dinner bill to Cindy! We were her guests after all.

We were lucky with the fantastic view at our table. It was a great perspective for the fireworks. Dinner was pretty good despite my blah salad. I was glad that Em was in a sharing mood since her strawberry/feta salad was delish!

As long as dessert is not chocolate I'm pretty good so go figure why I tried hers. The cupcake ended up being perfect!

Thanks for catching up! I must do the same if you've updated in the last week or two.

Originally Posted by Miss Potts View Post
Loved the photos of your room at BLT! We stayed in a studio... Which was nice, BUT I like the 1 bedroom much better!

I love the Mickey magnet that you have for your schedule! Did you print out schedules for each leg of your trip?! Bc by day 2 my schedule usually starts looking pretty crumpled! Despite my best efforts to keep it neat!
Oh man, the 1 bedroom just feel so luxurious because of all that space. Two people really don't need that much room but we book with discounts so what the heck!

I got a three pack of magnets before our trip at the Disney Store so they were perfect.

I actually print a couple copies of the "master schedule" since the one I carry around is completely destroyed in my bag. I keep the fresh copy on the fridge. I should share a photo of the schedule by day 12. Yikes!

Originally Posted by teekathepony View Post
Safe travels Brenda!
Thanks Wendy! I can say that I was a good driver since I made it back in one piece!

Originally Posted by micandminforever View Post
Traveling Mercies.
Thanks so much! Mercies were extended!

Originally Posted by Leshaface View Post
What a fabulous room! Way more spacious than our little studio at BLT.

Glad you made it to CRT somewhat on time! I hate being late too, so I know the feeling.

Safe travels this week
There's a big difference between the space for a studio vs 1 bedroom but not a huge difference in cost. We'll be in a studio at BLT in May.

That was a big relief to finally check in a few minutes late and not be scolded for being tardy! Whew!

Thanks sweetie!

Originally Posted by PlutosRHM55 View Post
All caught up!

Wow, you were having quite the trip. Sunrise Safari, four different resorts... I didn't realize! Love all the videos by the way! You guys always look like you are having so much fun. I love the one when you were taking the "Which Character Are You" quiz, will definitely have to stop by the Animation Building when I go.

Love your photos of the Dream Suite! That was so awesome of your former CM friend to do that for you. Such a nice guy. I can only dream ( ) that I would ever get the chance to see the Cinderella Dream Suite. You and Emmy were so lucky!

Can't wait to hear about the rest of your night at the Magic Kingdom!

Oh and safe travels!
Wow! You really did get caught up!

That Character quiz is fun. I've been Tarzan, Jafar, and Ursula so far!

You just never know if you are in the right place at the right time, anything could happen.

Thanks for getting caught up and thanks!

Originally Posted by thornton0511 View Post
Hey Brenda! Just wanted to say that I am all caught up finally and still really enjoying your report! Cannot wait to hear more my dear!!
Yay!!! Glad you are caught up! I should be ready to share more this weekend.

Originally Posted by dtr_angel View Post
Safe travels Brenda!
Thanks Melissa!

Originally Posted by KatMark View Post
I'm back!!!

Hi, Brenda, I've missed you. Please say hi to Em and Michael for me.

How sweet of Em to pack for you.

I cannot believe you and Em had never gone to SAB. I'm not sure why I'm shocked knowing how you are at the parks and going to great restaurants. I'm glad you finally got a chance to try it out.

Lovely room at the BLT. I've never had a desire to stay there, but your room is gorgeous.

That parade is always getting in the way. Lovely photo of you and Em with Cinderella (although I have to say you two look much better than her.

Can't wait to read more.
Welcome back Kathy! I followed your FB posts so I have an idea of some of the fun that you had. (And the breakfast pics for Barry!) Between you being gone and me traveling for work I think we definitely missed each other.

SAB finally worked out. Now I don't know why we waited so long. We'll not be back at YC anytime in the near future so I'll have to try that clown slide at BW next month.

I'm a villas fan and BLT happens to be one of my favorites. Speaking of villas, I know you are doing Kidani. I'll be trying the Jamo AKV next month. I'm pretty excited about that.

Oh, you are so sweet, thanks for the kind comment. Cynthia remarked how tall that Cinderella was. You know how short we are so maybe she was average height!!

Talk soon my friend!

Originally Posted by scottny View Post
Glad you made it on before the rain.
Nice room. I keep saying a 1 br would be nice once but Vinny talks me out of it and says not to waste the points. I agree with him and book a studio. Also we never would cook so no need. I do like the laundry room in them though.
Beautiful room.
Nice views.
Glad you were only 5 minutes late. Darn parade.
Great updates and pics.
Hi Scott! We barely made it before that rain started.

I agree, it is a waste of points to book a 1 bedroom if you don't need the space. I keep thinking that one time I'll actually cook and make use of that kitchen. One day.... I may surprise myself. The laundry room was very nice.

Yeah.... if I'd of checked the schedule I could have avoided that little delay. Live and learn right?

take care and stay warm!
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Old 03-14-2014, 04:50 PM   #1877
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Good thing you missed the rain!! Those downpours can be a killer.

Bay Lake towers look sooooo nice. Perfectly decorated too. When can I move in?

I'm just enchanted by the electrical parade. I don't blame you for taking pictures on your way to visit Cinderella! She's a kind & patient princess, so she'll wait. I love the royal table. It's just the dream, to be able to dine in there. It's just one of the magical memories you keep in your heart always.
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Old 03-16-2014, 12:29 AM   #1878
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Originally Posted by peachmermaid View Post
Good thing you missed the rain!! Those downpours can be a killer.

Bay Lake towers look sooooo nice. Perfectly decorated too. When can I move in?

I'm just enchanted by the electrical parade. I don't blame you for taking pictures on your way to visit Cinderella! She's a kind & patient princess, so she'll wait. I love the royal table. It's just the dream, to be able to dine in there. It's just one of the magical memories you keep in your heart always.
I know, I just may melt if stuck in the rain! Or at the very least get poncho head from the hood.

Wouldn't BLT be a killer location to set up residence. That view! That park! Ahhh one can dream.

Speaking of MSEP.... next update in a few minutes may just have some more about that....
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Old 03-16-2014, 12:54 AM   #1879
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Saturday August 24, 2013: Day 9, Part 5

Following dinner, MSEP was reprising its performance so we stopped to watch from the top of the castle platform area overlooking the hub.

After the parade passed I looked behind us and saw a nearly deserted breezeway through the castle. It was a stark contrast to the crowds in front of us.

One of the security CMs offered to take our photo in front of the backlit castle. He must have had some amateur photographer in him since he decided to be creative and directed the angle of the camera to face sharply upwards. What resulted was an up-your-nose angle with the photo. However, he did a great job capturing the time of time on the clock!

We lurked on Main Street because we were on a mission. We have 3 or 4 wands and wishing stars from CRT so we wanted to find two little princesses to whom we could give our CRT swag. This is easier said than done. We had criteria. It had to be a family with only two little girls. It couldn’t be a girl and a boy since we didn’t want the boy to be left out. It couldn’t be a family with more than two little girls for obvious reasons. It could be 2 single girl families but those were hard to find believe it or not.

While posing for the above photo Em spied THE family that happened to be in the frame. The family had two small girls who were excited to have the wands and wishing stars. The parents were very thankful. No problem.

Shutting down Main Street

It was almost midnight!

Good deed done we walked back to BLT and called it a night.

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Old 03-16-2014, 01:05 AM   #1880
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I can't believe that was your first time to Stormalong Bay! I've heard such awesome things about that resorts pool! Thats probably as close as I will ever be to a hotel gym lol.

I've not dined at Sci-Fi.. I guess I love Fried Chicken more than corny film clips and so so burgers!

Thank goodness you missed that rain! It looks like it did in DL a few weeks ago!!

Your room at BLT looks really nice!

I've never dined at CRT.. Someday... maybe...
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Old 03-16-2014, 01:54 AM   #1881
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Sunday August 25, 2013: Day 10, Part 1

This was day 10 of 15 so you would think that those late nights would lend themselves to sleeping in at this point. Nope! My internal alarm clock went off before 7am. However, the advantage to waking up at 6:53am meant that I could watch the sunrise from the balcony. And a beautiful one it was. I think by now anyone reading my TRs know that my mornings usually start off with some time on the balcony and a sunrise.

Considering this was our first morning at Bay Lake Tower, it was a nice start to our stay to be able to view the quiet of the morning and the sun rising.

We had an early breakfast ADR at 8:15am. We were up and on the monorail by 8am. Our destination, Grand Floridian Café.

Apparently no one decided to join us in our train car. I love empty monorail cars since it is usually an excuse for me to act a little sillier than normal. I may have busted out singing 'It's a great big beautiful tomorrow...'

Grand Flo in her morning glory!

Since this is segueing into a dining review you can click here to see photos with our favorite GFC server and what new and less than exciting breakfast item Em ordered when she wished she would have stuck with an old favorite like me.

We were headed to Epcot for the day so we took the monorail to the TTC where we transferred to the Epcot-o-rail.

How often do you see a boat sailing over the road? I am fascinated with the man-made part of the lake and how they have the bridge for the boats to go over the roadway.

MBs worked. All's well!

We posed with our Disney princess tees in front of Earth.

We headed to the fast and exciting rides to the left. Securing FPs for Mission Space, which was a 30 minute stand-by wait, we then went to Ellen’s Universe of Energy.

A relic of days gone by. You're not going to see these any longer at WDW

We made it through the pre-show and saw that Judy was still a know it all, Einstein was still mute, and Ellen still had no clue how energy was formed in the universe. We entered the auditorium and followed everyone in front of us making a left turn right back out the doors. What? The ride had just gone down. Darn!

We were watching this.....

And next thing you know we were headed here....

We still had FP for Mission Space so that worked out ok. I was the Engineer and clearly had been trained well enough to put us into hyper sleep and extended the wings on cue. Who needs years of astronaut training when you have Gary Sinise telling you how to do it? And speaking of being the Engineer....I think I've been assigned the engineer position more than any other job. When can I be the commander??

Does anyone else randomly press different buttons and flip the switches during the mission? I make it a point to say 'firing torpedoes now! ' at least once during the mission. When Gary implores us to use the manual controls and shift left or right to navigate our out of control space ship for a successful landing I go the opposite. It's the rebel in me for sure!

My control station.

Em was Ms. Commander

Not sure I understood all the schematics. I must have missed that part of the instructions.

The spinny thingy

Someone please tell me what freeze-dried ice-cream tastes like. I just can't imagine. I should try it next time so I can report back.

Another curious food item that I may have to explore.

We decided to then go to WS and check out the Gran Fiesta Tour or better known as the small world of Mexico.

That was followed by a casual stroll over to Canada. We arrived early but those Canadians are so nice that they seated us nearly an hour early for our ADR. You can read my dining review here and see the hilarious but embarrassing moment when Em tumbled out of her chair because I was telling her to move out of the way of my photo. Mother of the year step forward! Not so fast Brenda! Em is still talking to me so I believe all is forgiven.

Continued next post....

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Old 03-16-2014, 02:04 AM   #1882
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Originally Posted by smile4stamps View Post
I can't believe that was your first time to Stormalong Bay! I've heard such awesome things about that resorts pool! Thats probably as close as I will ever be to a hotel gym lol.

I've not dined at Sci-Fi.. I guess I love Fried Chicken more than corny film clips and so so burgers!

Thank goodness you missed that rain! It looks like it did in DL a few weeks ago!!

Your room at BLT looks really nice!

I've never dined at CRT.. Someday... maybe...
I have no good excuse for waiting so long to swim in SAB. It was a nice way to enjoy some time away from the parks.

I think you are probably making a better choice with 50's. At least the last time we ate there in December we entertained our server more than he did our group.

Other than the downpour that started once we got on the tram we were lucky that we missed most of the morning rain a few weeks back. I thought the park would be more deserted but we weren't that lucky.

I know CRT is not an option in April/May! Although the guys would have a lot of fun with their swords and the wishing star ceremony.
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Awwww that is so sweet that you gave some of your bling away. I'll bet those little princesses were thrilled

I love sunrises even more than sunsets. I've pulled my car over on my way into work more than once to try to get a good picture!

"The spinny thing" would be reason #1 that I have never even considered riding Mission: Space. I've had freeze-dried ice cream before. It tastes pretty good with a consistency that I would describe as being sort of like a much larger Lucky Charm marshmallow.
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Love and pixie dust,
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Old 03-16-2014, 07:48 AM   #1884
Wood Nymph
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I love your pictures of the MSEP from the castle. What a great way to view the parade! I would love to be able to walk through MK when it is as empty it was that night, but I just can't stay up that late anymore. Does the three hour time difference help?

I've been following your other posts and enjoying all your different restaurant reports. We are leaving for the BC this Wednesday and the number one restaurant food I am most looking forward to is the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake at LTT.

Have you ever taken the bus to Downtown Disney from the BC/YC? We are planning to check out DTD for the first time in about 15 years and we worried about the bus ride.
~ Sue

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Old 03-16-2014, 09:27 AM   #1885
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I love your pictures of the parade. Very neat perspective!

I also love the empty breezeway picture. Wow! An empty breezeway is definitely an anomaly. Glad you were able to capture it because it looks so cool!

Empty Main Street looks really cool!

You guys were up bright and early the next morning. Beautiful view from your room. And cute T's.

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I understand where you're coming from in terms of the difficulty in finding that "perfect family." Alex and I used to give away at least one set of FPs a day, and it always turned into a scavenger hunt through the park to find people meeting our criteria. You'd think with as many people that are in the parks that the job would be easier. It's as if Disney went, "They're looking for 2 little girls...everyone, scatter!"

Oh, that sunrise from the balcony looks and sounds divine! Can't start off your day much better than that.
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Old 03-16-2014, 12:01 PM   #1887
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Really neat view of MSEP ... especially the first one with the partners statue with the light floats behind it ...

... and then the less "classic" view in the next pic of someone's iPad capturing the parade

That was super nice of you to find the family with 2 little girls to give the wands too ... I am sure that is something they will remember for a long time!

Freeze Dried Ice Cream is pretty good ... it's kinda like dippin' dots except not cold and starts off feeling a bit, well, dry as the moisture in your mouth is used to turn it into a more creamy substance. Kinda hard to describe but definitely worth a try
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I think it is great you made two little girls nights by giving them you wands and wishing stars. The castle pictures were great.

I love sunrises at Disney World. It is fun at BLT to also watch the birds on the island in the middle of Bay Lake.
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I often say that there is just something so beautiful about Disney morning sunrises. The calmness...the wonderful scent of morning...I just love it. It's my absolute favorite part of my Disney vacation.

I've stayed at: Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge, Boardwalk Inn, Beach Club, Yacht Club and Port Orleans Riverside, Dolphin.
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awwww, I love it when people spread the magic around!!! that was a very sweet good deed. I'm sure you made their night......

while reading this my 4 yo was on my lap saying...."I WANT THAT!!!!" Soooooo, can you get those wands somewhere in the park or only at CRT? Maybe she will forget about it by September....
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