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Old 09-10-2013, 09:21 AM   #136
kbarrett's Avatar
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Of course choose the coffee cake :-) sad to have to throw away such adorable luggage they must really get rough with it! I love the drop off at the curb pic, adorable!
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Old 09-10-2013, 09:37 AM   #137
It's been you all along
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You girls are so stylish, I love it! I love Em's hair. I have long hair like hers was before her cut and she's making me want to cut mine. We are going to WDW in 30 days so I may just end up doing it!
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Old 09-10-2013, 10:10 AM   #138
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wow, I can see that I am going to have a hard time keeping up with this thing , but I will cause you have me and the other 200 people up here hooked!
DH thinks I'm crazy, me (raina) a new disney addict, DD (8)sweetpea and DD (4)evie had their 1st trip and LOVED it!
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Old 09-10-2013, 10:55 AM   #139
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Originally Posted by emmysmommy View Post
ATTENTION, ATTENTION: I’m sure more than a few people were too polite to call me out on the incorrect name that I ascribed to the Liberty Belle at MK. I called it the River Belle which is totally wrong. To Disney fans everywhere, my apologies. Now back to sharing tales from our Walter Disneyland World TR! ;-)

You are too funny! And Mark loved your "out of office voice mail message".

Day 1: August 16, 2013 - Part 1

My Disney vacation ticker was now at ZERO!!!! Finally! We did the usual last minute packing and getting our butts out the door routine. Although my DH wasn’t nearly as delighted as us to be on the road before dawn, he kept it together with nary a tear during the short drive to our local airport. He even offered to take our “dropping the girls off at the curb” photo which has become a first photo of the trip tradition. (Now that I think about it we don’t end our trips with a photo of us looking all tired and messed up from flying 6 hrs back home.)

He's a good DH!

We flew SW Airlines for the first time to Orlando and I have to say that I’m a huge fan of bags flying free! We checked our aforementioned 4 bags at the curb.

Gotta love that about Southwest.

See my Mickey bag? It barely made it back from our trip intact. In fact, it went right into the garbage once the zipper fell off and the back seam completely came apart. Insert PSA: Here’s where you need good luggage if you are going to resort hop and use the luggage transfer option. We stored and retrieved our bags between check-out/check-in three separate times not including the airline’s handling of our bags. It’s unfortunate that this didn’t last longer since we purchased the bag last summer in WDW. Waaaa! (I was told by one of the bell service dudes that I should go back to Bay View Gifts at the Contemporary and let them know the bag was falling apart after only 3 trips but I just let that one go since it had been a year and I wasn’t going to demand that they remedy my bag issue.)

Well that really stinks. You might recall the new Tinkerbell one that Andy bought me. One use and they scratched it all to he** and back.

Security, yep we complied with that. They made us pose like we were on a roller coaster with our hands up so I had to let out a little weeeeee!!! Apparently the sequins on my dress were a security concern because they had to pat them down. I think the gal was just trying to look at the tag and see where I had purchased it.

All I will say is sure.

Says we're on time

Always good to be on time.

Next on the list, breakfast. Starbucks has become our default airport breakfast choice since it is in a convenient location adjacent to security. What to choose? A bagel or coffee cake? Coffee cake please. And don’t think I chose it because it was 50 calories less than the bagel, that would just be silly. (Including cream cheese it would be 120 calories less but who’s counting?)


Or This?

The winner!

You can't beat starting the day with Starbucks.

Em awaiting the flight

Hi, Em.

We boarded with group A and headed to the back of the plane and pre-selected the seats that we knew would be smack dab in the middle of the travel party with the wildest kids. Just wait, you know it’s coming! And there they are….At least it was a short flight since we had a connection in Vegas. I can take an hour of madness. And let’s not forget that we’re on our way to WDW!!!

Continued Next Post

We had horrid travelers on the way back. I don't want to spoil my TR, but it's a good thing they weren't directly in front of me or behind me.

Can't wait for the next update.
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Old 09-10-2013, 11:22 AM   #140
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Great update!
For the love of Disney...
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Old 09-10-2013, 11:33 AM   #141
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I'm in! Sounds like an awesome trip, I'd LOVE to stay at WDW that long!!! Love all the cute outfits you bought before you left!

I love your Mickey luggage, that's too bad that it was falling apart! I always think about buying some Disney luggage, but for some reason I don't, maybe now I won't even bother if it's not made that well!

I wish there was a Starbucks in my airport, we always go to McDonald's in the morning because we fly so early that nothing else is open!! Starbucks is a much better option!

Ugh, it doesn't seem to matter where we sit on SW flights either, we're always near the obnoxious family of the flight!

Can't wait to read more!

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Old 09-10-2013, 11:38 AM   #142
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"Walter Disneyland World" Love it.

Originally Posted by emmysmommy View Post
Oh, oh, I remembered one self-indulgent item that I actually felt stupid including but you were the impetus. Remember when I asked you about your Canon camera. I had some rewards points to burn so I used them to buy a Canon Elph 330 as my new purse camera since I loved your photos.
Haha, yes I am often the impetus for stupid things. Nonetheless, I hope the camera worked well for you.

Aww, of all the bags to fail it had to be the Mickey one.

We don't have SW Air in these parts. I would love to have their lower fares and free baggage, but I'm not sure I could handle the free-for-all seating.

That said... YAY we're on the way!!
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Old 09-10-2013, 12:34 PM   #143
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Your mickey bag is cute. Too bad you had to toss it.

I imagine we're going to be that family nobody wants to sit next to on the plane. I told Drew I wanted to pack some earplugs and candy to give to the lucky winners that get to sit next to us. Maybe I'll throw in a SW drink voucher too
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Old 09-10-2013, 12:38 PM   #144
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Originally Posted by emmysmommy View Post

Mr. MaxRebo!!! (What's that user name reference? Sorry if that's nosey.)
Thank you so much for joining and welcome! I've seen you around a number of TRs and enjoy your sense of humor!! I'm so glad you are here.

Now THAT voice mail message would fool me. I believe everything I hear.
Thanks! Happy to be here.

[geek alert]
... and The Max Rebo is a obtuse Star Wars reference. The house band inside Joba's palace in Return of the Jedi was The Max Rebo Band. Max Rebo was the blue elephant looking keyboardist.
[/geek alert]

ok, I'm done ... non-geeks, feel free to come back and read onward
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Old 09-10-2013, 12:42 PM   #145
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Originally Posted by MrsDrewsky View Post
I imagine we're going to be that family nobody wants to sit next to on the plane. I told Drew I wanted to pack some earplugs and candy to give to the lucky winners that get to sit next to us. Maybe I'll throw in a SW drink voucher too
That is a great idea! I am totally stealing that!!
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Old 09-10-2013, 01:48 PM   #146
Wood Nymph
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Originally Posted by emmysmommy View Post
I really only needed 1 set of magic bands but I didn't know that at the time. BUT... the different colors may have coordinated better with my cheap vacation clothes!
Now I can see that there is an advantage to a split stay with multiple bands.
~ Sue

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Old 09-10-2013, 01:59 PM   #147
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Just subscribed to this and your dining thread! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip
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Old 09-10-2013, 04:24 PM   #148
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Brenda, thank you for PM-ing me, I had completely missed that you would have a new TR started.

Love the title and am anxiously awaiting day 8 now!

Lovely haircuts, Em's really suits her and makes her look older, probably not what you want to hear.

Excited to read more.
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Old 09-10-2013, 04:41 PM   #149
If I had a penny for everytime I wished to be in WDW I would be a millionare :-)
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Great pre flight photos!!
Shoot for the moon even if you miss you'll land among the stars - Les Brown

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Old 09-10-2013, 04:41 PM   #150
Earning My Ears
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Subscribing!! Can't wait to read more!!
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