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Old 06-21-2013, 08:05 AM   #1
"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
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Arrow Mum and moi take Orlando: the never-ending trip report (aka we are nuts) NEW 12/23x12

On August 2, 2013, we moved to the Sunshine State from good ol' Massachusetts.

It had always been a dream of mine to move to Florida, but I never thought I would be doing that until I could do the College Program. But, we made the move, and now we are living about thirty minutes from Walt Disney World.

Now, let me introduce you to me and my partner in crime.

I am Meg.

Disney is my home and that is one of the only things in this world that make me feel happy. I mean, A LOT of things make moi feel happy. Ex: concerts, Disney merch, hanging with Mum, food porn… and a lot more. But Disney is at the top of that list. I really want to work for the company one day. I’m not sure doing what yet, but something that includes Main Street and balloons and I’ll be all set. I might be living at home for the rest of my life, but who cares, really now. I mean, maybe Mum, but she loves me. So it will work out.
Some other things about moi include:
- I am a very sarcastic person.
- I go off on rants. A. Lot. You have been warned.
- I am in LOVE with Disney details.
- I will possibly flip out if you say Animal Kingdom is a half day park. And by possibly, I mean I will.
- I call myself a disnerd because of reasons. (you’re welcome).
-I am extremely into photography and I take pictures all the time.
-I have a twin. Even though I am an only child. I can only imagine what lurkers/readers are thinking right now…
- Some of my other interests include music, playing the guitar, cooking, baking, tweeting, and obsessing over chocolate croissants. And chicken. I’m not kidding around here.
- And last but CERTAINLY—I could talk about myself for hours—not least, I am an awarding winning writer of two other TRs here on the DIS. You can check my first one out here and my second one (which includes way too much ranting that it is ridiculous) here. If you haven’t read them, we can’t be friends.

Next is the wonderful, Mum.

She is my wonderful mother who has taken this crazy journey with me.
Mum does everything for moi and I can’t thank her enough for all she does. I may or may not be a little spoiled because of her, but that’s another story…
She is the one who pretty much got me into Disney and invested in DVC cause she is pretty cool. I have introduced her to all of the little details in the parks and I think she appreciates the parks more now. GOOD THING. I am happy that she loves Disney as much as I do, but I probably love it a little more, cause let’s be real.
And Mum puts up with me, so that is another good thing. I don’t know how she does it. Seriously.
Some other stuff about Mum include:
- She is a crafter and we have an etsy shop called MouseMaps! CHECK IT OUT!
- She likes to bake.
- Mum likes to read books. She hasn’t gotten into Disney books yet, sadly. Except one I made her read. She loved it. You’re welcome, Mum.
-She also likes to travel and has been all over the world including places like Mexico to Canada. Aka World Showcase.

And I can’t think of anything else about her. It’s not like I spend every minute of every single day with her or anything….


This trip report is to document all of our time spent at WDW, and I will talk about life in FL every so often. But let's be real now. All I talk about is Disney. Duh.

I hope you will follow along with our insane adventures around the World! You really should though. I live the #dislife hard and I don't mess around.


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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
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Join Date: May 2012
Location: Where dreams come true ♥
Posts: 1,897

June 30th (part 1): Getting to FL
June 30th (part 2): Shopping and eating aka my two favorite things
June 30th (part 5): EVEN MORE villas and waiting for a bus. Thrilling, I know.
June 30th (part 6): The monorail crawl: food and pin trading style
June 30th (part 7): The monorail crawl: food and pin trading style PART TWO and THE TWILIGHT ZONE

JULY 2013!
July 1st (part 1): House hunting and CHICKEN
July 1st (part 2): Meeting my favorite princesss and Starsucks
July 1st (part 3): In which the rain gets a little ridiculous
July 1st (part 4): Main Street perfection
July 1st (part 5): A bunch of pictures with an upside down iPad thrown in
July 1st (part 7): The worst parade in the history of parades
July 1st (part 8): CELEBRATE AMERICA!!!!
July 2nd (part 1): Our lovely stroll through Epcot
July 2nd (part 2): Our amazing breakfast in France and my 3rd fave princess
July 2nd (part 3): "This is what heaven smells like!"
July 2nd (part 4): Rain, ducks, and fishes
July 2nd (part 5): MONORAIL SPAM!
July 2nd (part 6): More food, goodbye Epcot, and I get felt up. YAY!
July 9 - 11th: House hunting take TWO
Like the rest of July: A LOT of NEWS
July 30th and 31st: Pre-Florida ridiculousness

AUGUST 2013!
August 1-3rd: GETTING TO FL and stupid ice cream
August 4th (part 1): That one time that I died because of REASONS
August 4th (part 2): Lunch time and MK
August 4th (part 3): A very monumental moment for moi
August 4th (part 4): Exploring like 3 lands in one chapter
August 4th (part 5): Moi is reunited with heaven and like a lot of pics
August 4th (part 6): Desserts, fireworks, and a COCKROACH
August 5th (part 1): VIEW spam and leaving property
August 5th (part 2): Splitsville! And the rain came down.
August 5th (part 3): Who has swag?! Moi has swag!
August 6th (part 1): THE TEARS THO
August 6th (part 2): MERMAID TIME!!!!
August 6th (part 3): Lunch at Liberty Tree and SO MANY FEELS
August 6th (part 5): Illuminations part 1
August 6th (part 6): Illuminations part 2 and Y U HAVE NO GOOD CROISSANTS, FRANCE?!
August 7th (part 1): The chapter my twin will die over
August 7th (part 2): Meeting like almost the whole Cinderella family and strolling around Fantasyland
August 7th (part 3): Welcome Home Wednesday at the Boardwalk
August 7th (part 4): Cause you can never have too many pictures of the Epcot resort area. And bunnies. And the Wilderness Lodge.
August 7th (part 5): The epic food coma of the trip
August 8th (part 1): Having lunch with a rat. Normal stuff here, people.
August 8th (part 3): THE MU HOMECOMING!
August 8th (part 4): "WHY IS EVERYTHING CLOSED?!"
August 9th (part 1): Wild by Design!
August 9th (part 2): In which I can just imagine the feels coming from New York...
August 9th (part 3): That one time that I kind of looked like Miley Cyrus
August 9th (part 4): Be Our Guest! ♥
August 9th (part 5): Trying to meet a Frump in MK is very hard. Especially when WWE is going on.
August 10th (part 2): FOTLK and leaving WDW. For now.
August 16th: Cause after you have a bad day, you go to DTD.
August 24th: DTD, WL, the Poly, CR, and two disney outlets aka welcome to our life
August 25th (part 1): That time Mum was a wizard and I ranted about Test Track
August 25th (part 2): Like a lot of characters and such
August 25th (part 3): EPCOT SPAM!
August 30th: DISmeet at Fort Wilderness!

September 1st (part 1): Best. Safari. Like. Ever.
September 1st (part 2): Acting like a freak and going with the flow
September 1st (part 3): An afternoon with regular and flying dinos
September 1st (part 4): HALLOWEEN FEELS
September 1st (part 5): A rainy night at the Magic Kingdom
September 1st (part 6): Yes. MORE firework pictures.
September 5th (part 1): A relaxing morning at MK and that time I couldn't go pee
September 5th (part 2): Lunch in the West Wing and character time!
September 5th (part 3): Rainbows help an afternoon at First Aid
September 8th (part 2): Chillin' with yetis, dinos, and idiots
September 12th (part 1): Remember that one time that I MET MARTY SKLAR
September 12th (part 2): Fangirling with random people that I just met and yes, I went into Starbucks
September 13th (part 1): Checking into AKL!
Septmeber 13th (part 2): Off to MK for like the best night EVER!!!
September 13th (part 3): "VIPS COMING THROUGH!"
September 13th (part 4): More princesses, dancing with Mike and Sulley, and HALLOWISHES!!!
September 13th (part 5): Even more HALLOWISHES and some of the best parade EVER.
September 13th (part 6): Part two of the BOO TO YOU PARADE!
September 14th (part 1): No animals and lunch at BOG!
September 14th (part 2): POLY FEELS!
September 14th (part 3): Even more POLY FEELS and marshmallows!
September 27th (part 1): Back to MNSSHP!
September 27th (part 2): My two favorite things ever
September 27th (part 3): That one time that I ran into my twin (no, not the one from NY)
September 28th (part 1): FINALLY FOOD AND WINE TIME!!
September 28th (part 2): An exciting chapter with food, drunkies, falling, and weird children

October 5th: In which there is big news, animals, and dole whips
October 6th (part 1): A fun filled Sunday with food and pigs
October 6th (part 2): In which soda is annoying
October 12th (part 1): A relaxing afternoon in Disney
October 12th (part 2): A wagon ride at the Fort!
October 13th (part 1): "Is this the line for Splash Mountain?"
October 13th (part 2): That one time that I met the CHEWY CARAMEL BAR!
October 15th: GLOW WITH THE SHOW!/October 18th (part 1): Rants, rants, and even more Fantasmic
October 18th (part 2): Hallowishes from the Poly beach
October 20th: "ADAM!" and heavenly beignets
October 26th (part 1): Chip and Dave, a programmed mouse, and I get my haircut in the Magic Kingdom
October 26th (part 2): LETS GO RED SOX!

November 2nd (part 1): Making the most out of a rainy day at AK
November 2nd (part 2): Jammin' in the jungle and HOLY CRAP LIONS
November 2nd (part 3): LONG EXPOSURE TIME!
November 3rd: Our last day at F&W aka THE TEARS
November 5th: The first castle lighting of the year!
November 8th (part 1): Checking into SSR and the not so great Jingle Cruise
November 8th (part 2): Gettin' jingly with it at MVMCP
November 8th (part 3): "BALLS EVERYWHERE!"
November 8th (part 4): Chillin' with our toy soldier boyfriends
November 9th (part 1): A Christmasy lunch at Be Our Guest
November 9th (part 2): That time MUM WENT ON TOT and the OSBORNE LIGHTS!
November 9th (part 3): "Mommy, some weird lady was talking to me!"
November 16th (part 1): A GIRAFFIC JAM!
November 16th (part 2): Christmastime at the Camp
November 16th (part 3): "This cookie tastes like sh**!"
November 23rd: A quick trip to my Kingdom, CHRISTMAS, and a movie
November 30th (part 1): Checking into the Boardwalk
November 30th (part 2): Holidays around the World
November 30th (part 3): "You know you have a monorail on your head right?"

December 1st (part 1): Epcot resort area decorations and CMs that smell good
December 1st (part 2): The end of the candy hunt and in which I LET IT GO
December 6th: DISAPALOOZA!
December 14th: Of course it rains at the worst park but LONG EXPOSURE!
December 21st (part 1): Cupcakes, comedy, and chicken (...and meatloaf)
December 21st (part 2): Cause I can't get enough of my lights
December 24th: Our Christmas Eve at the Fort
December 25th (part 1): "I was dreaming of a ball filled Christmas..."
December 25th (part 2): That time that I found out that being pushed up against a construction wall is not very fun
December 28th: Cronuts and characters and cranky CMs

January 1st: Why did I want to go visit my Mansion again?!
January 4th (part 1): Animals galore!
January 12th: The tale of stoned mice, Feeling Goofy, kouzzis, and random people
January 16th/January 17th (part 1): The start of the twin filled AK day!
January 17th (part 2): Livin' it up at Animal Kingdom
January 17th (part 3): #YOLOdisney-ing it up
January 18th: STELLLLLLAAA! and
January 25th (part 1): That time I almost died at Disney
January 25th (part 2): In which everyone is stoned

February 1st: Italian food for days
February 8th: A rainy morning featuring pancakes and other things
February 14th (part 1): The Swank, the chicken, and the fireworks
February 14th (part 2): Car crashes and feels everywhere
February 15th (part 1): Breakfast at Garden Grove
February 15th (part 2): "I smell better than that reindeer guy."
February 15th (part 3): The things I do for fireworks...
February 21st: Time to get our Irish onnnn

MARCH 2014!
March 1st (part 1): Chicken burgers and birds
March 8th (part 1): Flower and Garden time!
March 8th (part 2): Topiary Central
March 8th (part 3): Even more topiaries and bacon cupcakes ruin everything
March 8th (part 4): More flowers cause duh and Illuminations!
March 9th (part 1): FESTIVAL OF FANTASY PART 1!
March 9th (part 2): FESTIVAL OF FANTASY PART 2!
March 9th (part 3): FESTIVAL OF FANTASY PART 3!
March 9th (part 4): FESTIVAL OF FANTASY PART 4!
March 14th (part 1): CRUISE TIME WHOOP WHOOP
March 14th (part 2): Our stateroom and BCF heaven
March 14th (part 3): Bahamas, here we come! and hey stuffed animals
March 14th (part 4): Dancing with dogs and dinner in South America
March 15th (part 1): Our first morning on da Magic
March 15th (part 2): The best selfie of all time
March 15th (part 3): What's for dinner? SNAIL!
March 15th (part 4): PIRATES IN THE CARIBBEAN = moi falling apart
March 16th (part 1): CASTAWAY CAY TIME! FINALLY!
March 16th (part 2): THE BEST PICS OF ALL TIME
March 16th (part 3): Livin' that tropical life
March 16th (part 4): All crabs should be named Justin
March 16th (part 5): That one time that I was on a game show with Ryan Tedder
March 16th (part 6): Tears everywhere for many reasons
March 17th (part 1): Goodbye DCL, hello G Flo!
March 17th (part 2): Being "fancy" at the G Flo
March 18th (part 1): Lunch at BOG and IT'S A FESTIVAL OF FANTASY PART UNO!
March 21st (part 1): FoF with da Frump part one
March 21st (part 2): FoF with da Frump part two
March 22nd: FOOD COMA TIME
March 29th (part 1): Caught in a "tornado" at Epcot
March 29th (part 2): That time I fainted in the Magic Kingdom

APRIL 2014!
April 5th (part 1): Idk what to name this because FoF part 1
April 5th (part 2): Idk what to name this because FoF part 2
April 5th (part 3): Relaxing in the Kingdom
April 5th (part 4): The Easter egg display at the G Flo
April 12th (part 1): Animals and parades aka my life
April 12th (part 2): The obsession is real
April 13th (part 1): Didn't I just see this parade the day before...
April 13th (part 2): An afternoon with small people and ghosts
April 19th (part 1): Podcast at the Fish and I get to be five
April 19th (part 2): In which I earn my egg hunt gold medal and WHERE ARE MY DOLE WHIPS
April 20th (part 1): "Did she just call me fat?"
April 20th (part 3): A short but sweet FoF chapter
April 20th (part 4): Pizza for holiday dinners is how we roll
April 25th (part 1): The obsession with 7DMT is real
April 25th (part 2): YOU'RE GONNA GET WET!
April 25th (part 3): The cool kids use long exposure
April 26th (part 1): #monoraildisaster2014 and the #megmegminetrainwatch
April 26th (part 2): In which I go photo crazy on Main St

MAY 2014!
May 1st: MGM25 fireworks!
May 3rd (part 1): The same old things
May 3rd (part 2): I like fancy bubblahs
May 3rd (part 3): GET YO (plastic) JEWELS, KIDS
May 10th (part 1): Alien Flynn, god awfulness, and rants
May 11th: Squishy yeti poop
May 17th (part 1): VELCOME TO NORVAY
May 17th (part 2): That time that I used a $600 lens that wasn't mine
May 24th: Our first time at Typhoon Lagoon!
May 25th (part 1): THE SEVEN DWARFS MINE TRAIN!!!
May 25th (part 2): My (belated) birthday dinner!
May 25th (part 3): IT'S OFF TO WORK WE GO!
May 30th: Star Wars fireworks FTW
May 31st (part 1): The #StupidGuest Chronicles
May 31st (part 2): Training for the #pooh5k at Heaven
May 31st (part 3): Running CMs over. It's casual.

JUNE 2014!
June 1st (part 1): Exploring New Harambe!
June 1st (part 2): Festival of the Lion King!
June 1st (part 3): ANIMAL PARTAY!
June 6th: Adios cash part 1
June 7th: Adios cash part 2
June 14th (part 1): In which I am reunited with my twin, I am a derp, and there is "mulch" stuck in my foot
June 14th (part 2): "LETS LADY AND THE TRAMP IT!"
June 14th (part 3): Two cows at a trough
June 14th (part 4): We can't have nice things and THE DUFFY COIN PURSE
June 15th (part 1): "Let's go say hi to the lettuce."
June 15th (part 2): The #DuffyFangirls
June 15th (part 3): "...there is no bar inside!"
June 15th (part 4): #fillupwithchippies part uno
June 15th (part 5): #fillupwithchippies part dos/That one time that I threw up in a bubblah. At my lodge.
June 16th (part 1): The tale of the #barfsalad
June 16th (part 2): Back to the parks I go!
June 16th (part 3): My love, FOTLK
June 16th (part 4): #msephostagesituation2014/"I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!"
June 17th (part 1): We can't have nice things/"I FEEL A POOP COMING ON!"
June 17th (part 2): "How old are you?" "um, 15"
June 17th (part 3): #FOFfangirls
June 17th (part 4): "Reunited" with our "friend"
June 17th (part 5): Mandatory things and other things like fireworks and such
June 17th (part 6): The awesomeness that is MSEP and long exposure
June 18th (part 1): "I need to hide from the bus driver."
June 18th (part 2): Cause I love feeding Cinderella bananas
June 18th (part 3): ...and here come the tears
June 21st: Seafood and cupcakes
June 28th: A fake selfie is a real thing, guys

JULY 2014!
July 3rd: Celebrating July 4th early with like 100,000,000 other people
July 4th (part 1): #badChippyfan
July 4th (part 2): SHOO SHOO THIS IS AMERICA
July 4th (part 3): That time there were like so many fireworks
July 5th (part 1): Let the FROZEN FIESTA OF FUN BEGIN!
July 5th (part 2): Ya know, chillin' with my friend George
July 5th (part 3): That time that Elsa went insane and Olaf drove a car
July 5th (part 4): In which Elsa is God and Frozen is now a horror movie
July 11th (part 1): Kristoff and chocolate aka all of my conversation topics
July 11th (part 2): An empty park is da best park
July 12th (part 1): *dies from food*
July 12th (part 2): PONIES GALORE
July 19th (part 1): Beignet break
July 19th (part 2): Why do we try new places?
July 19th (part 3): The Land of No Theme
July 27th (part 1): Cause yelling at guests makes sense
July 27th (part 2): "Snow," sing alongs, and flying shoes

AUGUST 2014!
August 1st (part 1): Like, didn't I just see this parade ew
August 3rd (part 1): Let's take a visit to see da baes
August 3rd (part 2): That time I saw a lion smile
August 9th (part 1): But they aren't offering discounts
August 9th (part 2): SEND IN THE FLYING DUFFYS
August 10th: "I don't remember this part of Brave."
August 16th (part 1): Plants and other things like ladybugs
August 16th (part 2): Cupcakes and ranting aka my life
August 23rd (part 1): DA BABY GORILLA!
August 23rd (part 2): The Land of Walls
August 30th (part 1): Cuckoo for Kevin
August 30th (part 2): THIS IS HALLOWEEN!
August 30th (part 3): Dumbo and stuff idk
August 30th (part 4): CURSE THOSE TROLLEY TRACKS!
August 31st: In which the Poly is winning

September 6th (part 1): WE NEED KETCHUP!
September 6th (part 2): I Love the End of the TTA Car Fan Club
September 6th (part 3): STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE
September 6th (part 4): In which everyone loves Jesus
September 7th: Frozen Fiesta of Fun: On Ice
September 13th (part 1): It's casual. What else is new.
September 13th (part 2): OLAF IN FOOD FORM
September 14th (part 1): An omnibus full of tears
September 14th (part 2): In which our hair is flying
September 14th (part 3): Bow down, peasants
September 14th (part 4): That time Lotso's heart had to be thawed
September 14th (part 5): All da baes
September 14th (part 6): My loves rise from the dead
September 15th (part 1): Coloring our way around the world
September 15th (part 2): That time Meg flashed me because of candy
September 16th (part 1): The cone of shame
September 16th (part 2): Livin' dat peasant life though
September 28th (part 1): Only one blue dude
September 28th (part 2): Little baby snails

October 4th: But what were we even doing
October 11th: Sass to the max
October 17th: Y u so perf, Hallowishes
October 25th (part 1): A dead silent and awkward mine (that sounds like a movie title)
October 25th (part 2): WHY HELLO THERE, CHRISTMAS

November 7th (part 1): #willrunforconcerts
November 7th (part 2): Yes, there are more
November 8th: Bokeh is bae
November 14th: Replace that w with a b, yo
November 15th (part 1): I SAID NO!
November 15th (part 2): THAT'S MY MAN!
November 27th (part 1): Well hello there, Four Seasons
November 27th (part 2): Exploring heaven on earth
November 27th (part 3): Home for the holidays
November 29th (part 1): "I KNOW THAT SIGN!"
November 29th (part 2): WHAT'S THIS?! THERE'S COLOR EVERYWHERE!

December 7th (part 1): "...the only thing in Disney that isn't frozen!"
December 7th (part 2): BOKEH BOKEH BOKEH, BABY
December 14th: "GET A MANAGER!"

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I didn't even read it yet but I HAD TO be the first to comment !! YAY SUBED
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I kinda forgot about the fact that you guys are DRIVING AGAIN X(
But I suppose that's ok because you don't have to turn around and do it again this time. The twin fact is perfection.


and living at home forever...a most probable GPOY lol #twins

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In for your TR!
For the love of Disney...
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Oh my gosh, you're moving to Orlando! That is so amazing. I'm so happy for you and your mom! I used to live in Altamante Springs, which is about 40 mins from Disney, and miss the area so much, but I'll be back next year for college. Feel free to contact me if you or your mom have any questions about the area.
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Originally Posted by leopardmickeyears View Post
I didn't even read it yet but I HAD TO be the first to comment !! YAY SUBED
Well of course you would be here first!!!

Originally Posted by leopardmickeyears View Post
I kinda forgot about the fact that you guys are DRIVING AGAIN X(

YEAH. With a cat. Should be fun…

But I suppose that's ok because you don't have to turn around and do it again this time. The twin fact is perfection.




and living at home forever...a most probable GPOY lol #twins

You could be a baker at Disney and I can work on Main Street. THE PERFECTION.


Originally Posted by wiigirl View Post
In for your TR!

Originally Posted by PanIsMine View Post
Oh my gosh, you're moving to Orlando! That is so amazing. I'm so happy for you and your mom! I used to live in Altamante Springs, which is about 40 mins from Disney, and miss the area so much, but I'll be back next year for college. Feel free to contact me if you or your mom have any questions about the area.
Yes, I can’t believe it!
OH MY GOD NO WAY! We are looking at Altamonte Springs!!!!!!!!! It seems like a really nice town! I will send you a PM!
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Yay! That's so exciting you are moving to FL! I don't know if I would ever be able to take that plunge (fellow New Englander here!) but I would love to be able to go to Disney whenever I wanted!
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wow Meg - that is very exciting. Glad you and your mom are getting to do something you always wanted to

best of luck with the move and finding schools, jobs, etc. .... you know, the usually thing everyone does in a months time
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Ooh-de-lally! A dining heavy October '13 Trip Report - A Trip Report: 10/11-10/18/13
Faint hearts never won fair lady - or got all the ADRs you wanted. - A Dining Review 10/8/11 - 10/15/11
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Definitely in! So excited to read!

@solonglibby from twitter!!!
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Earning My Ears
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I've read both of your others and I'm excited to read this one! It's soo awesome that you're moving there!
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Best of luck with your move! I used to live in Orlando and do miss being able to go to the parks whenever I wanted to. Thanksfully I'm only an 8 hour drive away now. I don't think I could handle a 24 hour drive
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OMG!! so happy for you!! Sounds sooo exciting and I'm glad you are documenting it all for us to live vicariously through you! Glad you didn't change your plans in August!!!
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"I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing-that it was all started by a mouse"
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Subscribing!! Can't wait to read all about ALL of your trips!

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wait ..... WHAT ??? Wow - that is crazy !! So happy for you !! Maybe you guys can come over and see us at Beach Club whne we come down in September. Would love to meet you guys. You should ask Kathy is she can get you a job with the Dis. An internship or something. Wow, that is sooo exciting, Can't wait to hear about it all.

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