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Old 06-22-2013, 07:29 PM   #76
part of your world!
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Oh oh oh I have one!

My first day back in Disney in May had been rough- we were celebrating my birthday, but between fighting with the DBF over trivial things (we were tired, hungry, a little put out between the flight) and everything else, I was having a horrible day.

We stopped at MK for the evening, planning on seeing some of the end hurrah after walking through a few shops. Almost every single one was empty; everyone was outside ready for the night to kick into gear. A CM in one of the shops spotted me with my birthday button, tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Someone in on the phone for you."

At first I was dumbfounded. I wondered if somehow my Dad managed to find where I was in the parks and call, or my Mom, or someone else. Me and my silly imagination.

I went over to the phone and picked up the receiver, and nervously asked, "Hello?"

The CM grinned the entire time as Goofy sang Happy Birthday to me on the other line. Of course I cried. It was the perfect way to remind me to enjoy my time, and to forget the little things. I still regret not hugging him, but made sure to say thank you a million times over before we left for our hotel for the night.

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Old 06-22-2013, 07:35 PM   #77
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Originally Posted by bushdianee View Post
I just had a very pleasant experience today with one of the Photo Pass phone reps. I just returned from WDW with 7 family members. We had pre-purchased Photo Pass Plus on my recommendation. We had taken my 2 nieces ages 3 & 7 to BBB and did the photo shoot afterwards. Each girl was done alone and then together. When we got home and I pulled up the pictures none of the ones from the photo shoot were there
I filled out the form online for missing pictures and waited the 48 hours with no response (the form states that there will be a response in 24-48 hours). I filled out a second form and still no response. This morning, 48 hours after the 2nd email I called and was helped by a very patient and friendly woman. She found the missing pictures in a short amount of time and loaded them my account (there were about 50 pics)talking to me through what she was doing and commenting on how nice the pictures were. As soon as I hung up I logged on and there were our missing pictures!
I'm so glad that worked out for you! I'm having problems with some missing pictures myself, and I'm planning to call Monday. Here's hoping I get someone as nice as you did. And I'm sure the pictures were beautiful.
All you need is faith and trust...oh, and something I forgot. Dust....a little bit of pixie dust.

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Old 06-22-2013, 08:40 PM   #78
Have fun storming the castle...
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We were at HS and decided to buy popcorn. The couple ahead of us were on the dining plan and after their purchase, the cm told them how many snacks they had left (lots!). I (quietly, I thought) said to my sister "They can pay for our popcorn for us...". We placed our order and the CM told us "No charge today. This one's on Mickey!"

Pixie dust is so nice!
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Old 06-22-2013, 09:21 PM   #79
That sounds like a cat poster, but it's true
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Love threads like this!!!

On our first trip we had Cape May on our last night. After dinner while we tried to figure out how to get back to WL my daughter said she was feeling sick. I think she had sun poisoning from being in the heat all day. We had no idea that we could take a cab......we were going to take a bus to one of the parks then catch the WL bus. We were the only ones on the bus to MK and when the driver realized what we were trying to do, he made a quick call to get permission to drive us straight tot the WL. My husband tried to give him a tip but he wouldn't accept it, told us to spend it on the kids instead. We barely made it back to the room before my daughter got very, very sick. There is no way she would have made it to another bus in time. I wish I had gotten that kind man's name, I am still so grateful for his help.
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Old 06-22-2013, 09:28 PM   #80
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I'm so glad someone started this thread. I saw the other thread and thought...well CM's are human too.

Mine's a really simple one. I visited in November and took my mom who hadn't visited in 20+ years. A lovely CM granted us access to the New Fantasyland during the previews. It was probably not a big deal since it was pretty empty. But it meant so much to my mom, that little bit a magic is my favorite memory from the trip.
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Old 06-22-2013, 09:58 PM   #81
Earning My Ears
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In December hubby and I went to Disney for 5 nights. This was before I knew about ADR and such. One night, we went to go check out some hotels and grab a bite to eat. We walked into Ohana and the hostess said no seating available. So we sat at the bar and had some drinks. I saw the floor manager walking by and asked him "is there room for two more in this fun place?" He smiled and within five minutes had a table set up for us.
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Old 06-23-2013, 10:57 AM   #82
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Galen in the Magic Kingdom pin store and Jarred the tour guide for kttk in Magic Kingdom are two of the best CMs I have ever encountered. And Heidi in Magic Kingdom. All wonderful.
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Old 06-23-2013, 08:02 PM   #83
Captain Hook Wannabe
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Love the thread. I'm going to mention a CM who works at the Contemporary gift shop on the 4th floor. I never got his name, but you can't miss him. He wears Goofy ears and a rainbow mohawk while he works. He is just full of Disney spirit. When my two sons pin traded with him last summer, he was just so engaging. After my sons gave him a sticker to show their appreciation for trading, he said he would put a picture of the sticker on his facebook page. My kids thought that was awesome.

I wrote an email to the proper place, but because I never got his name, I wonder if it did any good. My kids already talk about pin trading with him again in August.
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Old 06-23-2013, 08:56 PM   #84
Join Date: Nov 2010
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These stories are all so sweet! I have tears in my eyes from some of them... the doll maker...the CM who arranged a private play at California Adventure ... (although I found the adults talking about how easy it would be to beat a child at a game, to be thoroughly repulsive).

Mine is a pretty simple one. The CM that impressed me the most was Vidia the fairy. She really got involved in her role. My daughter wanted to meet Tinkerbell but Vidia truly stole the show. My son was hanging back as he didn't want to meet the fairies, but Vidia marched right up to him and shook his hand and engaged him in some small talk, and then took his hand and led him back over to the main area and talked to both of my kids about posing for pictures. They both loved that interaction.
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Old 06-23-2013, 09:35 PM   #85
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Comedy Night

Back in 2005, we took our daughter to Disney for the first time. We had taken advantage of the Extra Magic Hours, and we were headed back to All-Star Movies Resort. The bus was full of people who were running on fumes. The driver was trying to lighten the mood by telling some corny little jokes. Somehow, our five year-old found her second wind and started yelling out the punchlines before the driver could. Once some guests got off at the next stop, he called her up to sit right behind him. He handed her the microphone, and let her have at it. They heckled each other back and forth for the duration of the ride. Then, when we were about to get off at our resort, he handed her a junior driver's license.

We still laugh about that night and how gracious he was to let a 5 year old steal his thunder.

"Some of my best memories are Disney memories."

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Old 06-23-2013, 09:49 PM   #86
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Location: Louisiana
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In 2008, our last trip to WDW, my youngest daughter was almost 6. We went into Main Street Bakery and she was a little rambunctious...jumping around and just being a 5 year old at WALT DISNEY WORLD!!! Well in her excitement she spilled her chocolate milk. We have always taught our girls to clean up after themselves, so without even having to be told, she got some paper towels and cleaned up the spill. We were proud of her and told her thank you. As we were leaving, one of the CMs, seems like she was dressed like a granny...not sure about this but seems like I remember that....anyway she came up and told DD how much she appreciated her help in taking care of the bakery and presented her with a huge Micky Choco chip cookie! DD was so proud of her cookie; her prize for being such a good helper! Will never forget that as long as I live! She still talks about it to this day

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Old 06-23-2013, 10:07 PM   #87
Earning My Ears
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I will just cut and paste the email to and from guest relations.

Dear Mr. *****,

Thank you for writing to us about your visit to the Walt Disney World®

I am very glad you had such an enjoyable experience and truly appreciate
the time you took to share your compliments for Melanie, a Cast Member
at the Jedi Training Academy. Your email reinforces how our Cast
Members can make a tremendous difference with each Guest. It is
heartwarming to know that Cast Members such as Melanie exemplified Walt
Disney's dream to create happy and memorable experiences for all of our
Guests. Please be assured your comments will be shared with the
appropriate leadership so she can be commended for the great service she
provided you.

Mr. *******, thank you again for writing to us. We look forward to
future opportunities to entertain you.

Best Regards,

M***n T***r
Guest Experience Services
Walt Disney World Resort


Original Message Follows: ------------------------

I am sure the majority of emails you receive are complaints about "less
than magical" interactions with your cast members. However, I wanted to
write and let you know about a wonderful experience we had with Melanie
(I hope that is her name, it may have been Melodie?) who works in the
Jedi Training Academy at Hollywood Studios. On Friday February 8th, our
4 year old son signed up for Jedi Training, but he was pretty nervous
about it. Melanie was very sweet to him and took him under her wing and
made sure he felt as comfortable as possible. Despite Melanie's best
efforts, our son began crying when Darth Vader made his appearance.
Melanie took him down from the stage and comforted him in a very caring
way. Then, and this is what really makes her special, she gave our son
her own personal light saber for him to keep. He was so happy with the
light saber and it became the highlight of his trip. Instead of talking
about how scary Darth Vader was, he only remembers how nice Melanie was
and how she gave him a light saber of his very own. He still plays with
it and remembers what a great day that was for him.

I wanted to make sure that you knew that you have a very special
employee working in the Jedi Training area who definitely understands
what makes Disney a magical place.

Thanks for your time,
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Old 06-23-2013, 10:16 PM   #88
Earning My Ears
EPCOTfantasyland's Avatar
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When: February 2007

Where: in front of Test track

Who: me and my then 4 year old son

What: my son was sitting on the curb pouting, crying, maybe yelling a little, harrumphing, etc. He looked like he was abandoned, I was over across the walk way because he was just very very angry he couldn't ride test track, and he was refusing to sit by me to wait for his dear dad to get back from the ride ( it was one of 2 rides he took for himself in a whole week. He is a great dad) this was 1 of maybe 2 bad moments in a 7 day trip, and DS4 hated strollers so he walked the parks by choice. I love my boy!

Enter super cast member, she comes over and goes to my DS4 so I walk over and explain so she doesn't think he's lost, she says hold on just a moment, in like 1 minute she presents him with one of the ultimate WDW treasures.......drum roll, please.........

A MICKEY ICE CREAM BAR! I love happy endings. End of tantrum, we resumed the Disney magic.

disney cast members are ~~~ AWESOME~~

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Old 06-25-2013, 06:48 AM   #89
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On my May trip celebrating my birthday I was greeted by cast member Santos at French quarter. He wished me a happy birthday and gave me a big hand shake. He gave me a free dessert and he treated me like family. He was great and I wrote a letter to Disney in regards to him. He is what Disney is all about.
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Old 06-25-2013, 07:18 AM   #90
DIS Veteran
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Last fall was the very first time I had stayed on property. I was purchasing some items at the Island Mercantile at Animal Kingdom. I asked to have them sent back to the hotel where I was staying. I didn't know how it worked and the kindly explained to me how it worked,=.
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