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Old 06-08-2013, 09:09 PM   #16
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I'm so sorry you were sick on your vacation, but this post is so interesting to me because I told my family when we returned home that of all the vacations we've ever taken, our Fantasy Eastern 5/18-25 is the one vacation I wish we could do over. No one was sick--not physically, anyway. But DD (20) had just broken up with her boyfriend of 2 years, and she just wasn't herself on this trip. The whole break up thing was like a dark cloud hanging over our whole trip. I know I sound ungrateful about taking such a wonderful vacation, and I don't mean to, but if I could do it over again (with the boyfriend behind us), I surely would.
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Old 06-08-2013, 09:09 PM   #17
I don't have a short attention span, I just.....OH look a kitty! Cats are like potato chips you can't have just one! Chihauhuas, Shih Tzus and Pugs! Oh My!
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We were also on the May 25. Except for the rain in Costa Maya everything was great up till after we did the beach at Conzumel and then my daughter and I got severe sunburns even with putting sunscreen on. So dinner on Cozumel day was horrible. Our pirate photos are horrible. I missed the last show because all I wanted to do is lay in bed.

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Cruises sailed: 12/08 Magic - Western, 09/10 Wonder - DVC Member, 10/11 Dream - Bahamas, 05/13 Fantasy - Western, 03/14 -RC Brilliance of the Seas - STEELERS cruise! 10/14 - Wonder Double Dip
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Old 06-08-2013, 10:00 PM   #18
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YES!! And we booked one!! We went on the dream and made the mistake of going with a group, NEVER AGAIN it was us ( 2 adults , 3 kids) a friend , her dd6 , my dh brother ( that i cant stand and WAS dating the friend) 2 other childless friends and BOTH MILs! Lol that pretty much says it all... We will never ever travel with anyone else.
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Old 06-08-2013, 10:44 PM   #19
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Originally Posted by livie1205
YES!! And we booked one!! We went on the dream and made the mistake of going with a group, NEVER AGAIN it was us ( 2 adults , 3 kids) a friend , her dd6 , my dh brother ( that i cant stand and WAS dating the friend) 2 other childless friends and BOTH MILs! Lol that pretty much says it all... We will never ever travel with anyone else.
I have a VERY long standing no-one-else-comes-on-our-vacation-with-us-EVER rule that is strictly enforced, with some (not all) nieces/nephews being an exception since my son is an only child and sometimes it works out better for him to have someone with him. I love my family. I love my vacations. Most importantly, I love them separately.
*1980* *1995* *2005 2x offsite* *2006 AKL* *2007 2x @ AKL* *2008 AKL and CR* *2009 CR*
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"Nobody on his deathbed ever said, "I wish I had spent more time at the office." - Paul Tsongas
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Old 06-08-2013, 10:55 PM   #20
Blame it on the plastic cow I mentioned on another board
That's right.... I sucked a plastic cow
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Originally Posted by jenbeloco View Post
I am convinced that the ice cream machines are to blame. No one there is handing out the wipes before you use it. We were on the Fantasy in April 2012 on the 2nd sailing and about 11 of the kids got norovirus.
I agree! I was very surprised that people were just grabbing cones and touching the machines without sanitizing. I also noticed (several times) that people were filling up personal drink bottles at the drink stations without using the disposable cups. I even saw someone fill a cup with water, drink it, and refill it without leaving the line. There were no CMs near any of the machines that I can remember.

(BTW- I was also on the May 25 Fantasy. Thankfully, other than a touch of seasickness on Pirate Night, none of us were ill.)
Me (37) DH (40) DD (14)

2006- WDW CR (DD's 1st trip & my parents came) 2007- WDW SSR (1st trip 'home' & suprise trip for DD) 2008- WDW SSR (surprised DD w/her aunt) 2009- WDW SSR (inlaws) 2010- Our 1st ABD (Spirit of America) 2011- WDW SSR & BLT and our 1st Cruise (Disney Dream) 2012- WDW BLT (DD's surprise birthday trip); ABD Southwest Splendors 2013- DL GCV (Our 1st DL trip); Disney's Vero Beach; Disney Fantasy 2014- ABD Costa Rica
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Old 06-08-2013, 11:44 PM   #21
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i'm doing a do over in October.....actually its a b2b but the first week may be a bust so i'm prepared and already have the second week ready!
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Old 06-09-2013, 06:29 PM   #22
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I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who's had an "off" cruise, needed or been on a do-over! Our first ever cruise was a 3-night on the Dream. I was so overwhelmed and unsure I felt like I left a ton of things undone. Last September for our anniversary we did another short Dream cruise and I felt like we made that one right. The Fantasy had so many to-do's I wanted to hit but didn't get to much at all. I hate feeling like I left so much on the table. I want to go back and do all those things I feel like we missed out on.

And YIKES at some of those nightmare stories others have had! Let's all pool our good vibes together and make our next voyages that much better for our paying-of-the-dues!

Originally Posted by jenf22 View Post
So sorry Kelly! We're on the 14-Sep Western. Come with us!

What excursions did you guys do?
Challenge accepted! LOL! We were planning on the 14-Sep Western!

Excursions! Grand Cayman we did a 3-hour private charter to Stingray City, starfish and coral gardens snorkel. Incredible. Glad I stuck it out. I felt like it was a good deal for our combined family group of 7 to split the cost. $300 each including tip. Very doable when considering the cost for our individual out-of-pocket for a big group tour. Costa Maya we hit up a beach club/bar in Mahahual and prepaid an hour of standup paddleboarding. The weather was nasty but we got the SUPing in. The lady who does the SUPing is an ex-pat from Texas. Awesome chick. I'd go back just to hang out with her and drink some cervesas on the beach. Hopefully I'll be well enough to do that next time. Cozumel we did Xrails to Jade Caverns booked on our own so our licensed teens could drive. Wild. Fun. Muddy. Amazing. Glad I did it. Would not do again just because it wasn't so fun afterwards when we had to return to the ship with mud in places we didn't know existed. Still, we drove crazy xrails thru the freakin' jungle and swam in a cave/cenote full of bats. Not something we can do every day. KWIM??? Think we may do the secret river if anything in Cozumel. We may just not do anything planned and see where the day takes us.

Originally Posted by iloverags2 View Post
I think you guys just might see each other again!
Come with, Cindy!!! Our Magic group was the best cruise group ever! Let's do it again!!!!
Disney Adventures: 1/04 POP, 1/05 POP, 2/06 POP, 1/07 POP, 12/07 CR, 5/08 POFQ sans kids, 1/09 CR, 5/09 Poly w/o the family, 1/10 AKL, 11/10 POFQ, 9/11 WL+DCL Dream+YC, 5/12 DCL Magic, 9/12 DCL Dream sans kids, 1/13 DCL Magic, 5/13 DCL Fantasy, 9/13 DCL Dream w/friends, 9/13 DCL Fantasy sans kids, 4/14 DLH/Disneyland, 9/14 DCL Dream w/friends, 9/14 DCL Wonder DD, 10/14 DCL Wonder DD

Other Adventures:
11/13 RCI Allure of the Seas

Future Adventures:
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9/15 DCL Dream w/friends
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Old 06-09-2013, 06:48 PM   #23
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Did the do-over and was so glad! Our first cruise was a 4-night on the Dream, with my parents, brother, SIL and their kids(1, 2 and 4). It was a constant lot of waiting for everyone, trying to keep the little ones happy and dealing with their grumpiness (SIL did not make them nap). We did almost nothing, no shows, activities, adult area, movies, etc. Booked again for a 7-night Fantasy alone and it was awesome!!! So much to see and do, fit in what we wanted and still had time to relax and enjoy...
Dream May 2012, Fantasy November 2012, Fantasy March 8, 2014, waiting to try out the "new" Magic!

I've been BOO'ED by SallySkelington!!!
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Old 06-09-2013, 08:34 PM   #24
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Originally Posted by wehavesix View Post
Not for a cruise but on a trip to wdw. On the second day of our trip, I fell down the outside steps in the Mexico part of the world showcase. Shattered my tib/fib and spent the next 3 days in FL hospital having 2 rods and screws put in my leg. It was a nightmare! We did a do over trip about 7 months later.

I'm sorry you had such rotten luck on your cruise. I hope y'all can get a do over soon!
OMG. Owie, owie owie. I read that and just shuddered. Owie. I'm so sorry, that sounds like a bad bad injury.

I need a do over. So last cruise, after I take my dad (and my dad's a great travel partner. He's mellow, easy going, we both like to read on vacation. We both read 5-7 books each.) on the Western Caribbean on the Fantasy, I came home (after hearing my dog was whining the entire time.... ), and told my mom "I couldn't find you a souvenir, so I got you a cruise." We had decided to book her birthday week of the next year. I pay for it all. On paper this sounds amazing. Then somehow my uncle, her brother, who I don't get along with at all comes with us at like the last possible minute for him to sign up. Mind you I'm a CNA/LPN (long story) going to school to become a RN, I paid for this vacation for my mom and I. I paid for the flights, the hotel, the cruise. And this uncle barges in. It's my mom's birthday, I try to be perky. The man is 65 years old, but it's like he is a 5 year old kid with ADHD given mounds of sugar. The whole trip was stressful with him. I had to hold my tongue. He would say "Jolyn let's go do....." and not include me. He was loud, not gentlemanly at all, just rude.... Like I was trying to be nice but I was so stressed. Going to ports he was like "let's stop here and have lunch!" and we'd be like "dude I found the place and it's top rated." "But this is closer...." The kicker was the last day. Not even the last day, the last night of the cruise.

We had spent the day enjoy Castaway Cay. I got a massage on the beach, I ran and walked miles, rode the bike around, you name it.... And I also forgot to drink water. I'm really sensitive to the sun (upstate WA, NOC shifter, on a med that makes me extra photo-sensitive, on top of being Scottish/Irish/German. I'm a pale pasty white girl) and forget to drink water a lot. Get back on the boat. I try to be social, we have drinks before dinner. I had 1 drink, thought "I'm buzzed. This is weird." 2nd drink "I'm way drunker than 2 martinis would normally make me..." We get up to leave, I think the boat had to have moved, but I walked 10 steps and fell. I don't remember falling. I remember hearing a loud pop and thinking "oh that's not good." Then I jumped up like an Olympic gymnast. Mom and I went to the bathroom and when we came out (after we decided I should go to the health center), we couldn't find my uncle. My mom looks for him. Couldn't find him. We go to the health center, decide I will wait til I get home so I can get my ER docs (who are awesome.) to look at my ankle. I had a giant goose egg and could barely walk. We go to dinner. Richard, my uncle, is there. He told our table mates "Kim had too much fun." Nope, I was dehydrated, had sunstroke, and then was being "social and family time" and had 2 drinks... Somehow (relating my my uncle) my bra for the plane ride home gets packed, so the next morning I have no underpants! It's hot in Florida, it was totally uncomfy. My uncle through customs kept hitting my bad ankle with his suitcase, didn't offer to help, and was kinda' a jerk harassing me to call the shuttle the second we got out. Then we were waiting to check into our flight and he found a fancy comfy seat for my mom and him... none for me. We got up to check in, and I'm struggling with my 2 check in pieces, my duffel bag, and purse. Richard and my mom are ahead and Rich makes a big sigh "Hold on we have to wait for Kim. She's slow." At this point my mom lost it on her brother "she's not slow! She's really hurt! You should offer to take her bags!" She made a scene. I was too pissed at this point. Then later because Richard had slipped a card into my jeans pocket (the card to keep the cabin lights on), I begged TSA not to make me take off my shoe (it took me 20 minutes to put on this shoe.), had to go through the fancy security and they asked me after I had passed the X-ray scanner to empty my pockets. Crap, I had a card. They make me hold it up above my head and full body screen. I hear "we have an anomaly. Let's pat her down." I look over and it's a patch of yellow at my belly. At this point I was hot, pissed, hurting, and didn't care anymore. I lift up my top, to what I thought was my belly, and said "there's nothing there but fat rolls." And apparently the couple we had met on Serenity Bay, who was in front of us/putting on their shoes, said I looked so pissed and irked that I lifted up well past my belly.

Oh and it turns out my ankle? Got home at 0130, drove myself to the ER there by 0150... I had a "severe sprain." My foot was purple. The ER doc heard about the last day and was like "you're a lot tougher than I thought you were."

Can I get a do over? (Actually I am. I am going on the Panama Canal cruise next year.) Sorry for the long rant.... that vacation still makes me so mad on so many levels.
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Old 06-10-2013, 05:56 PM   #25
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Originally Posted by sweetpee_1993 View Post
Challenge accepted! LOL! We were planning on the 14-Sep Western!

Come with, Cindy!!! Our Magic group was the best cruise group ever! Let's do it again!!!!
There's one other family from our Magic cruise too. We could have a reunion! I'll watch for you on the meet board. We've also got a pretty chatty Facebook page.

Do you think they'll be Florida resident discounts or are you waiting for a *GT? My folks are coming too (getting married the day before we sail) and they're Florida residents.
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Old 06-10-2013, 06:43 PM   #26
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Originally Posted by kdeans1010 View Post

Oh and it turns out my ankle? Got home at 0130, drove myself to the ER there by 0150... I had a "severe sprain." My foot was purple. The ER doc heard about the last day and was like "you're a lot tougher than I thought you were."

Can I get a do over? (Actually I am. I am going on the Panama Canal cruise next year.) Sorry for the long rant.... that vacation still makes me so mad on so many levels.
Oh my! I would be livid at your uncle too! My mom can be rude as well, I know exactly what you are talking about. We are actually doing our Alaska cruise with her. She wanted us all to go to Europe but my DH refused to go there thinking she would be "the ugly American"! At least we know she is coming and can prepare ourselves! (She is paying for the cruise for a 70th birthday family celebration.)
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We are getting our do over in a few weeks. Last year on our Canada cruise we had terrible servers, I was severely seasick for the first night and day, and sat in maple syrup on one of our excursions! The rest of the family had a good time and no disaster befell them so that was good. We just look back on that cruise a laugh at the things that happened, what else can you do?
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And I too feel like I shouldn't complain. I did have a cruise at least.

But, It was an ALL girl cruise, My 2 DDs and my DDs friend

First we are set with table mates which I had asked to be set with people, I think it makes for great dinners and conversation. They were SO NO happy about this and made no effort to converse. Except to continually say how they didn't know they would be seated with another family.

My eldest DD was in some "battle" with a soon x boy friend and stayed on line constantly.....costing what ended up to be WAY more than I even realized when I got the bill!!!!

My eldest was sick and in bed more than up not sure if it was, seasick, miss my boyfriends sick or what, I was just continually concernd that could be, pregnant sick

My younger DD realized her BESTIE......shouldn't be her bestie, after being a nasty person the whole cruise. My DD refuse to ever take a friend again after that. She was bossy and rude and ungrateful.

One night I had to search and search for her and she was found by video camera........OH yes, they can see where you are just about anywhere, especially n the wee hours of the morning!!!

One of our excursions was rained out.

I had a terrible time on CC trying to get me and 2 youngest back to shore from snorkeling. I am by no means a strong swimmer and the 2 were exhausted and I had to pull them in.

THE UPSIDE......I spent about 4 days in the Adult Cove ........ ALONE!!!

If I knew it was going to be an alone cruise. might have ben different
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Old 06-10-2013, 09:41 PM   #29
Hi, I'm Carmen and I'm a Disneyholic.
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Definitely! Our Eastern on the Fantasy in March was 2+ years in the making. Both kids had birthdays that week, we kept it a surprise from them until the day before boarding and we meet up with friends we had met on our first cruise. We just knew it was going to be the best time ever. WRONG!

We made it through the first few days okay but on Wednesday night, our son started vomiting. We kept him in quarantined for over 24 hours past the last episode as per the ships' doctor and he was feeling great for CC. During the day, I started feeling bad but thought it was because I had ran the CC 5K earlier and wasn't well hydrated. I decided to skip dinner and thank goodness I did cause I lost everything I had eaten earlier while everyone else was at dinner. DH had to pack up the entire room. And during the night, DS started vomiting again, all over everything. Then DH got sick. Between him and DS, the clothes he had set aside for him to wear off the cruise we're now in no condition to be worn off. In fact, they went in the trash. I was at least not vomiting Anymore and was at guest services bawling cause I was exhausted (from not sleeping and being sick) and still felt terrible and begging for them to get our luggage back for us. The sweet officer on duty got us water, Gatorade and sent for our luggage! As soon as we got our luggage and got everyone cleaned up, we bolted out there. NEVER have been so glad to get off a ship! Then I realize on our way to pick up our car that I had left my makeup case with my medicine in the bathroom. We had to go back and wait. Thankfully I got it back and we hit the road for our 13 hour drive home. It was spring break and hard to find a hotel but we finally did and slept for 15 straight hours.

DD never got sick, nor did the other 8 people we were with. We call DS the hand washing police cause he is always washing his hands and making sure everyone else does do. I can't walk out of the restroom without him questioning me. And of course we are always washing hands, using hand sanitizers and wipes... Home and on cruise.

But 2 months later, DH and I went on the Magic and had the BEST time ever!!!!

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Old 06-11-2013, 02:10 AM   #30
United We Stand
Will ride anything with "roller coaster" in the name!
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My wanna do over is no way as bad as most of the ones I've read here. It was the 4 day Dream cruise we took last Sept.
DH, who usually is never bothered by the heat, got heat stroke on our snorkel tour in Nassau. We were taken off the tour boat & brought back to the ship. DH was checked at the medical center and sent back to our cabin. I didn't want to stray too far until he felt better, so I spent the rest of the day just hanging around trying not to bother him too much. Fortunately after some rest and rehydration, he felt fine He was just a little tired and a bit embarrassed because he'd gotten sick.
Our sea day wasn't very exciting, went to a DVC presentation and froze in the movie theater watching a movie. Could have done that at home.
Then the weather was really bad on the morning of our CC day. I was afraid we'd miss out on that, too, but it cleared up by early afternoon. Finally some snorkel time! Still not enough CC time, but better than no CC time. So much I still want to do there!
I'd still like a do-over on that Dream 4 day cruise, but this Sept we are doing a 7 day on the Fantasy instead. Hopefully, this one will be better.
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