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Old 07-09-2013, 12:32 AM   #31
DIS Veteran
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Historic Downtown Phoenix
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Back in the room… having some snacks, and changing to go swimming… The main waterslide is down today.. technicians were inspecting it while we were in the pool. They had the small one going for the really young kids. First time in 3 visits that we used the pools… Would love some more time and a working waterslide.

Dinner at Golden Horseshoe while we figure out the rest of the evening. While A took the kids in, I sprinted over and back to Splash Mountain, only to find out they had exhausted their Fast Passes… Oh well… back to dinner..the Fish & Chips were GREAT and the chicken nuggets were pretty good too.

We find ourselves waiting for the Mark Twain. I really wanted to knock out a Pilot House Ride, so asked the CM when she showed up as it was pulling up to the dock. Doh… already booked up for the day… inquiries as to how to get said booking were simply responded with “be in the right place at the right time”. Guess this trip won’t make it happen unless we get extremely lucky tomorrow. There was a small group of the Main Street Elite Disney fan club standing at the dock, and I’ll let you guess who ended up in the pilot house that trip. It was a good trip around the rivers of America, albeit cold. Never realized it is roughly a 30 minute unload/board/trip around the island type of ride.

Half way through the Jungle Cruise queue (definitely wasn’t going to miss it, one of my favorite rides in the park). CEW manages to fall and hurt herself right as a sweeper was coming through the queue. He gave her a sticker, which seemed to help after a bit. I wonder if the reason he was coming through the queue itself was the HORRIBLE state of garbage just strewn on the props/ground/etc. Seems a lot of people really are lazy. I was always taught pack it in, pack it out. More should follow suit and make it a better experience for us all.
In the Tiki Room queue getting Dole whip. Boy am I in trouble. The whip jerk (I just made up that title, like soda jerk) took off on break, leaving one gal who was training a newbie CM. It was a slow line for both sides being open and a whopping two CMs running the hut. At any rate, got some good pics of the 40% of our party who wore Dole Whip/Adventureland shirts into the park that day. Got a pin for VEW too, for her first Dole Whip experience (she’s a fan). Tiki room was awesome as usual, and CEW was singing up a storm in queue with the birds. She loves the Tiki room song.

A took CEW and VEW over to Nemo as CEW LOVES, and I mean LOVES Nemo. KEW and I headed to Splash Mountain. It was walk-on. First trip through I caught a rogue wave after the main drop and my left side was soaked. Now I’m not sure if you’ve seen the previous trip reports, but KEW is a Splash FEIND!!! I mean like 12 times in a row one night addicted, so we’ve got a tradition of getting a pic each time we come. First pic, she had her eyes closed when the flash hit (she does this with flash photography for some reason). So we managed a second run thankfully… very close to closing… this time… PERFECTION!! Arms up, Cheshire Cat ears on, eyes open. It was a great end to a wonderful day. Met up with the rest of the girls at the hub, and made the way back to the hotel. Back in the room by 21:30. Hitting the sack now… last day in park tomorrow… going to be a rough one…

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Old 07-11-2013, 12:43 PM   #32
DIS Veteran
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Historic Downtown Phoenix
Posts: 1,438

In line at DCA with KEW. A and the little girls weren’t quite ready with the final packing and such, so KEW and I forged ahead as she was the only one of the girls who could do RSR. 12 people in line in front of me at the gate I’m at. Bag check was practically nonexistent. I think the anomaly from yesterday was due to DL getting Magic Morning people AND EMH people vs. DCA being only EMH. The first party at the front of my line were refused entry (they were probably Magic Morningers), and promptly stomped off spouting “Well that’s stupid”. The Disney spirit did not find them this fine morning. It was gray again (starting to see a theme here), and looked even more like rain. The park opened for us, and we got up to the rope at Carthay, and were promptly told that RSR was down, and would not be up until park open at 9am. Darn…. Change of plans….

After a quick jaunt to the Pier, we jumped on Toy Story Midway Mania… it was literally walk on. I took VEW, and A took CEW/KEW. I did pretty good against VEW… I smoked her with 111,000 to her zero…

After TSMM, A took KEW on Screamin’, while CEW/VEW and I rode Triton’s Carousel. KEW refused to go on Screamin’ with me because she was anxious, but she had no problems doing it with A. After we got off, I see them coming off, and KEW says…. AGAIN!!! A monster was born. I knew she’d love it as she’s a thrill junkie, but the first time on stuff she has a hard time overcoming. KEW and I jumped on and did it three times in a row. A took CEW/VEW on TSMM 3 times, and then headed over to Car’s Land and jumped in line for RSR.

KEW and I hoofed it over double time, but had a delay as we were refused entry to Cars Land through the Wharf under the arch… ended up having to enter by Filmore’s. They really need to do this better with the RSR queue overflow, they shouldn’t block off entry points.
RSR was apparently over an hour by this point, so with A and the little girls in line, KEW and I quickly jumped on Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. It was more high speed than I was expecting, and whipped you around pretty good. Guess I understand the height thing for it whereas before I had ridden it, I was like what the heck, a height limit on something equivalent to the tea cups?

A gave up on RSR line, and went over to the Fast Pass line instead with VEW (sleeping nicely by now). I took KEW and CEW, and jumped on Flick’s Flyers. I’ve never been on this, and it wasn’t bad. Did a quick FP return time check for Tower of Terror and decided the time wasn’t quite right yet to grab them.

In queue for Chew Chew Train. Practically walk on. I remember waiting FOREVER to ride this 2 trips back, and THAT was not worth it at all. The girls sat up front, and me behind. Nice diversion, and CEW likes it. By now, A/VEW was back with our RSR Fast Passes.

A took CEW on the tuck and roll bumper cars while KEW, VEW, and I waited…CEW was loving it. It really is a shame there’s so little she can ride being under 40”. Next time (and Big thunder will be open to boot… Yay). The rides she could ride, she loved the heck out of… Afterwards, KEW and I decided to grab TOT FP for a 10:30-11:30 return time.. should work perfect.

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Old 07-11-2013, 12:44 PM   #33
DIS Veteran
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Historic Downtown Phoenix
Posts: 1,438

The wait for TOT was posted as 15 minutes and KEW was nervous about TOT (which is weird because she LOVED it back in 2010. Didn’t make it on last trip. Turns out it wasn’t the drops (she loves those), but the ghost aspect of it which had her worrying. Must be the realization of death at the age she’s at. At any rate, it wasn’t a good experience for her, and she was practically in tears on exit. Nix using those FP…A did grab a stroller pass though, and that would come in handy later in the day for me. We trekked back to the hotel for a break and to finalize the checkout, finish the bags, and get them down into storage. I took 10 minutes afterward to run around getting hotel pics as I had no time this trip until now. Got some good ones, I REALLY love the craftsman style.

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Old 07-11-2013, 12:45 PM   #34
DIS Veteran
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Historic Downtown Phoenix
Posts: 1,438

Trekked over to Redwood Creek Challenge trail and started to do the challenge for the merit badge. We couldn’t find Kevin’s foot prints for some reason. Headed around, did the howling slides, played in the hollow logs, started to do the totem pole deciphering, and the rock slides and mystic cave. Only KEW was tall enough for the rock climb, but she was awesome at it (kid is a monkey as it is). Ran into Doug. CEW was TERRIFIED of him, and by the time KEW got near, he had to exit out the cast member exit, but did give her some nice waves which she returned and was happy about. By this time, time was running short, so we abandoned the challenge, hoping to get back later in the day and finish, but that wasn’t in the cards. KEW and I have a Girl Scout Survival Camp in June for Father’s day, so a little bit of real world scouting challenge will have to suffice.

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Old 07-11-2013, 12:46 PM   #35
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Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Historic Downtown Phoenix
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Checked in Ariel’s Grotto for the girl’s 12:00 lunch and M&G. Went downstairs with them, shot off some pics, went out to the water side seating area they were eating at which jutted out into the lagoon, got them settled, and then took off for some Daddy time. First stop for me… Cove bar. Two Tower 10 IPAs were calling my name to cut the heat, help a little bit with the pain of walking 50 miles per day, and do some general people watching and enjoying the ambiance. Really like cove bar, it’s an adult oasis in DCA for sure. Contemplated some of the snack type meals they offer, but decided I’d rather go grab a hot dog/chips, and ride Screamin’, so off I went.

I rode Screamin’ OVER and OVER and OVER… there was no wait, just walk out the exit, in the entrance, and back on. I got in 6 loops on it (I’d text the girls and let them know what color train and what car I was in and wave to them at Ariel’s as I rocketed past post-launch.) They saw me 3 or 4 times. After they got out, KEW was itching to go, so she and I looped on it 5 MORE times together, and got a GREAT photo, which I used my free photo coupon for. While KEW and I were looping, A and the small girls went and rode Ariel’s undersea adventure, got the free lanyards over at Blue Sky Cellar, got some popcorn in an Adventureland bucket (yay, Adventureland!) and then over to Cars land to select pins from Tin Lizzy’s shop. By 2:30, our FP for RSR had matured, so started heading over to Car’s Land with a stop for some barley soda for me on the wharf.

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Old 07-11-2013, 12:47 PM   #36
DIS Veteran
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Historic Downtown Phoenix
Posts: 1,438

KEW and I are boarding RSR (yay for FP, pretty much walk-on). On the way in, I grabbed a stroller swap pass. We had a Red car, went the paint booth (I still haven’t gone the new tires route), and we WON! Was an awesome ride. Got out, and swapped with A. She got the new tires, and their car did NOT win. The tractors were all broken this time around. Wonder what’s up with that. Doesn’t seem like they are a particularly complex piece of Imagineering. Hmm.

While KEW/A were doing RSR, CEW really wanted to go do Monsters Inc., so I trekked the little girls up there. On the way, I stopped at Carthay, and made some measurements of a project I want to do. CEW, VEW, and I ended up riding it 4 times with an average of 11 minutes per round.

A showed up with some much needed food/drink. She had stopped at the Cozy cone, picked up some pretzel balls for the kids/her, and a chili con carne cone for me. The chili was alright (chili like pizza is good even when its bad), but the cone itself wasn’t terribly tasty. I bet most people just pitch the cone when they’ve consumed the filling. Given the relatively low volume of food, KEW and I were still hungry, so I got a chili cheese dog for me, and a hot dog for her from Wiener’s.

After dining, and getting the girls bathroom breaked, and cleaned up, I had that parent swap pass for TOT from before, so A said go run it. I hustled over. They were asking for single riders down in the boiler room, so I got on a good 3 cars earlier than I would have otherwise. This is the first time I’ve seen the ride clearly (I wore glasses the previous times and was afraid of losing them), but this time I had some daily wear contact lens samples, so I got to see the show in the elevator and out over the park in detail. I remembered the ride itself being longer, it’s like they cut out a full cycle of up/down, but maybe it’s just perspective looking back. All told, I was walking out 15 minutes after I walked through the entrance. I did get a “Happy anniversary, you picked a great hotel to stay at” from one of the CMs which gave me a good laugh. I really love the set dressing in the Hollywood Tower of Terror. Art Deco is one of my “things”. They pull it of superbly.
While I was doing TOT, A took all the girls on Monsters one last time… then we made our way through the Buena Vista Street shops giving the girls a chance to pick out one thing each. Some really neat stuff, and I was half tempted to get the mini sculpture of Walt and Mickey from the circle out front of Eligah’s, but just couldn’t justify it.

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Old 07-11-2013, 12:49 PM   #37
DIS Veteran
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Historic Downtown Phoenix
Posts: 1,438

Left the hotel… with much sadness. Noticed that the valet was not charged to my room, nor was it collected at vehicle pickup. I wonder if they are going to charge me after all. Upon loading up, there’s not a free spot for anything anywhere…. If we do any longer of a trip, we’ll need to move up to a full-size SUV vs. the midsize we have. The LA metro traffic was HORRIBLE. Leaving in the afternoon on a weekday was a poor decision. Not any better options available though unless you give up park time. We all make our choices…

Kids are all asleep. After spending too much time in grid lock, it FINALLY opened up, and I was making phenomenal time until I had to stop for fuel somewhere out by Indio. $4.59/gallon for the premium the V8 Volvo SUV we were driving drinks. Holy smokes. It’s a good 60 cents cheaper right across the border in AZ for the same grade. Swapped drivers now that we are pretty much out of Cali. Let the wife drive while I catch up on the trip report.

Crossed back into friendly territory… aka AZ. Made a pit stop as KEW and VEW are up. KEW wants French fries and VEW needs some mommy time. While there, there was a family parked next to us doing the same thing. Mentioned we were coming back from Disney, and they said they were going to Disney. What are the odds? Wished them safe travels, have fun, and God speed.

Back on the road…. Easily an hour and a half left to go…They should put in a high speed train directly from Down Town Phoenix to Disneyland… I’d ride it.

Switched with A somewhere at a rest stop roughly 60 miles from Phoenix. She was starting to drift between the lane edges. I stepped it up a bit to get home, and pulled into the driveway at 23:13. Thirty minutes of unpacking the vehicle into the garage and necessities/perishables into the house, and its bed time….
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Old 07-13-2013, 06:34 PM   #38
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Location: Historic Downtown Phoenix
Posts: 1,438

KEW's first ride on Radiator Springs Racers.

My Edited Video - YouTube

KEW and I on Dumbo

DSCN1861 - YouTube

KEW and I on Goofy's Sky School

DSCN1854 - YouTube

KEW's first ride with me on California Screamin'

She had her eyes barely open... that would change by the next time...

KEWs California Adventure. - YouTube

Shame the time I decided to do a POV on Screaming I had a long haired person in front of me. Oh well... I'll do the front car next time I do one (and use a real camera vs. the P&S)

POV on California Screamin - YouTube

Our last ride on RSR before heading back to AZ.


KEWs California Adventure - YouTube

A few pics that Lindsey took. The Girls with Aladdin.

The Girls getting Crazy in the Pirates Queue

CEW and Reese with Tigger

CEW and Reese with Eeyore

CEW and Reese with Cinderella's Fairy Godmother

KEW and I on Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

KEW riding Maters Junkyard Jamboree - YouTube

There may be a few straggler pictures (will go through everything this week and post any I missed), but this likely concludes the trip report.
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