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Old 04-21-2013, 02:32 PM   #1
disney david
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Positive disney bus driver stories to help disers nerovus about using an ecv

I thought it be nice if you disers who been to Disney world and use an ecv or wheelchair to hear good stories about boarding a bus and the drivers. Their a lot of threads about the bad which is good but I thought after reading threads recently of diser or their family their traveling nervous about using the bus when they have every right to use them. I know most of it comes from other guest that have nothing better to do then try to ruin another person vacation. I just want every one to know no matter what the reason you need the ecv wheelchair it dose not matter all that matters is you have fun and get a safe ride to and from the park just like anyone else. Wheatear you or someone traveling with you loads it fine what ever makes you happy their nothing wrong with that. You have very right to enjoy your vacation if that means renting an ecv that what it means.

So pleas share if you want positive stories or words of encouragement to other disers that might need or thinking of using one on the vacation.

Bring back Walter on the podcast we miss him
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Old 04-21-2013, 02:43 PM   #2
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I have used an ECV the last 3 trips and have had great experiences...esp with the drivers. Most time I have been able to park myself but that first year I had a driver help once or twice. I don't worry what others think and I don't look around to see if they make faces...I am with my family on a great vacation and no-one has the right to ruin that for me. Most people on buses and in the parks are polite to me. It is the only way I am able to go and enjoy watching my grandsons having so much fun.
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Old 04-21-2013, 02:55 PM   #3
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We just went at Easter. I was really nervous, but it was fine! The drivers (except one) were great. Most would park it for me. The one who wouldn't talked me through it. They don't have to ride it to park it. They release the wheels and maneuver it that way.

Don't worry about other riders, either. The couple of times I got on a fairly full bus, the driver just told them to stay out of the way until my scooter was parked. We had drivers tell us as we got off to never, EVER worry about the time it takes. They are there to help.

Do some riding around on it around the resort before you try the bus. Back up, park, etc. Figure out the controls. It's surprising how little pressure it takes to make it go. I would quite often forget to turn the speed down before going up the ramp onto the bus.. that's a key thing.

Remember to have a great trip! It IS fun. I read all the negative reports too. This is a great idea.
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Old 04-21-2013, 04:20 PM   #4
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I have two good stories from my trip last November.

First, I was leaving AK to return to AllStars Sports. When I got to the bus stop I was the only ECV. As the bus pulled up, two more ECVs came and they were a couple traveling together. The driver got out, came over to where we were lined up by the back of the bus and said, "I am sorry, I only have 2 tie downs so I can only take the first two of you." I immediately said, take the other couple, I am alone and no one is waiting for me anywhere. The driver asked me if I was sure, as did the other couple but I insisted and they went ahead. The driver told me, "I will call and get another bus to come for you as soon as possible."

After a very short wait, another bus comes. By this time there are again people waiting in the regular boarding line but I am the only one at the back in the boarding with assistance spot. The driver, a woman comes over and says to me, "I heard the call that you had given up your spot. I was getting ready to go on break but I asked and was told it was okay to come and get you first." I thanked her and she got me boarded and settled quickly. Then she let the people in the regular line on.

After everyone was on, the driver closed the door, got out of her seat, stood at the front of the bus and shouted, "I want you folks to know that I was sent to pick up the lady in the ECV but that lady insisted that I take the rest of you also. So you can thank her for your ride." There was this stunned silence, then the people in bus began applauding. It was an incredible moment.

Same trip but different day, I went to the bus stop at AllStar Sports to go to Epcot. It was about 35 minutes before park opening and I was the first one at the stop. While waiting for the bus a lot of other people came until the line was full but when the bus came I was still the only ECV.

The bus driver comes to the back door, opens it and tries to lower the ramp. The ramp comes down oddly and does not line up correctly with the sidewalk. The driver gets out of the bus and shouts to the people in line, "I am having trouble with my ramp but just be patient, I am going to tinker with it and then reposition the bus and see if that works." I immediately said, no, no. Please just load the bus with the other people and I will get the next bus, please. The driver asked if I was sure and when I told him absolutely sure, he then went and loaded the other waiting people through the redgular front doors.

As the line of people snaked unto the bus, one family stopped at the door, turned towards where I was waiting on my ECV at the back of the bus and shouted "THANK YOU" and cheered. It was an amazing thing because I did not even realize that anyone had seen or understood what happened.
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Old 04-22-2013, 08:40 AM   #5
DIS Veteran
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I don't have any particular stories that stand out - the drivers were uniformly helpful, friendly, and just generally awesome. Whatever they're paid, they deserve a big raise!
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Old 04-22-2013, 02:36 PM   #6
disney david
DIS Veteran
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Location: Hartsdale, ny
Posts: 3,549

Thanks to all that have shared so far I am sure your stories will help others and glad to hear great stories about the drivers they do work hard and yes their a couple hat are not great and Disney will get todos them if they know about them.

Just a couple things Disney has a policy that the drivers not touch the guest ECV or wheelchair so they not really allowed to help with parking it not will because they rather out the guest safety and happiness before policy. But if a driver dose not park it for you please keep that in mind it my not be because their rude or bad driver it just might've they don't want to get in trouble But they should always offer verbal help and tips to make it easier to park it.

The bus drivers the last time I checked are around the second highest paid hourly cms security cms make the most at around 12 an hour starting at rate then I think it bus drivers because they have to have a cdl license.

Bring back Walter on the podcast we miss him

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Old 04-26-2013, 02:38 PM   #7
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I rented a scooter for the first time on our November 2012 trip. After years of reading these boards, the only thing that scared me was the busses--getting on, getting off, getting dirty looks. The Disney bus drivers were incredible. Most of the time they offered to park it for me, and they couldn't have been nicer. I was scared and embarassed to park with people watching, but they always managed to make the whole thing bearable. I didn't have a single driver that wasn't compassionate and professional. And not one dirty look.
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Old 04-26-2013, 03:55 PM   #8
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DH uses an EVC. His best story relating to buses and EVCs has nothing to do with the driver.

We were going from OKW to MK and we had been waiting quite a while for a bus. The bus that pulled up was one of the older buses where the EVC lift folded out from the back stairs of the bus. Although DH's EVC fit the dimensions permitted, his just would not fit into the lift. We thanked the driver for trying and he said he would request that a bus with the newer lift come to assist us.

As we starting to sit down to wait for the next bus, a young girl in an electric wheelchair arrived at the bus stop. The bus driver attempted to board her, but her wheelchair wouldn't fit on the old style lift either.

The other guests on the bus had been waiting for a considerable amount of time while the bus driver tried and failed to load two people. Instead of grumbling, three college-aged men disemarked from the bus and picked up the young girl's wheelchair (with her mom's consent) and carried her chair and all onto the bus. After they loaded and secured her, they carried my husband's EVC onto the bus as well. (DH walks with a cane so he was able to board.)

When everyone was loaded on board, the bus driver called for a round of applause to thank the young men for their assistance.

It was truly a magical moment.
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Old 04-26-2013, 04:11 PM   #9
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I'm still at WDW. I have been using a rented ECV this past week. All of the drivers have been nice. Some have been wonderful. There are still a few of the lift buses out there. I have had the misfortune to have them three times. I say misfortune because I am not really comfortable with backing up onto the lift. And I am not a great parallel parker. I don't have to do it very often. Except for this week, I've been getting better. I would say the only time someone was less than TOTALLY nice was at Grand Floridian getting off the monorail. That's a tough station because they never seem to get the monorail in the exact position for getting off the portable ramp easily. The station attendant wasn't bad, but he seemed to be a little less patient with me. I've had worse.
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Old 04-26-2013, 04:24 PM   #10
I Love Pluto
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I wish I had gotten the bus driver's name who helped me last November. He was soooo nice - we couldn't believe it! I did call transportation to tell of this wonderful man - i believe they figured out who he was..

I was at MK when a stomach virus started, with lots of vomiting. My scooter battery was ready to roll over & play dead. Picture a 66 yr old woman & a 37 yr old daughter. I was vomiting while riding a scooter that was barely moving.

We finally got to POR's bus line. Everyone in that line told us to go in front of them. What nice people they were! (If anyone reading this was in that line - Thank You! )

The bus driver took the scooter up the ramp & put it on the bus for me. It didn't have enough battery power, so he neutralled it up the ramp & parked it. He then spoke calmly to us as my daughter helped me up the ramp- asking that if we need any further assistance, to please tell him.

Since I was actively vomiting, he made our stop the first one. He got the scooter down for us, helped my daughter & me down the ramp, and offered to go to the front desk for anything I needed. He was extremely kind.

This is how I know Disney's bus drivers - as kind people who appear to really like their job. I have never had an issue with any bus driver being rude at all. They are very patient with ECV drivers - making sure that you feel comfortable when entering, parking, & exiting. They are pleasant people!

Don't panic. ECVs & buses do mix Relax!
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Old 07-07-2013, 08:31 PM   #11
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Old 07-08-2013, 02:58 AM   #12
Earning My Ears
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We visited two years ago, I took the advice from here and hired a scooter. It was my first time and like most people was very anxious about getting on and off the buses.
However I found the drivers really helpful gave me time and helped me park when I needed help. I tended to leave before it got too busy, but that was my preference. We returning in October and can't wait, I will again get a scooter and hoping it works as well as last time.
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Old 07-08-2013, 08:38 PM   #13
Earning My Ears
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Always great!

No specific instances to share, but DH is in a wheelchair and one of the reasons we travel to Disney so frequently is the friendliness of staff. I can count on one hand the number of times we've had rude or impatient staff of any sort. Drivers have always been great with us, and on the few occasions there has been a problem loading DH's wheelchair, they've gone out of their way to help us. In fact the only time we've ever had an issue was with our (non-Disney) transportation from Orange County airport to DL - and you better believe we never booked that option again!
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Old 11-26-2013, 07:55 PM   #14
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I'm so happy to read these posts! I've seen nothing but negative on other ECV/Bus threads, and I was getting pretty anxious about how things would work when we finally get to WDW in 2016.

Thank you for sharing your stories!

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Old 11-26-2013, 08:27 PM   #15
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I am so glad I read this thread! I've only used an ECV going to Epcot and DHS from the BWV or BCV so far. We're staying at VWL in December and I will need to get off, on a bus. I just have to try! Thank you for posting your stories!


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