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Old 03-27-2013, 03:26 PM   #421
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Chapter Eighteen: Karma can be a reaaaall good thing!
Day 3: January 19th, 2013

As we were debating as to whether or not we wanted to do another 45 minute wait, a woman came up to me and asked if I wanted 4 FPs for Expedition Everest... HECK YES!

Amy and I both enthusiastically said yes and I thanked her profusely... AWESOME SURPRISE!

But then...

Just as we were about to walk away, I heard Matt talking to a man behind us... and the guy gave Matt 5 MORE FAST PASSES.



I really couldn't believe it. Here we were, about to get in another 45 minute long line, and we were given enough Fast Passes to ride EE 3 times with no line.

I like to think it was good karma after we gave away TSMM FPs earlier in the day or something... Thinking back, I still can't believe it worked out so perfectly for us, with it being 9 FPs for the 3 of us...

After we mentioned how we felt really bad for Bruce not being there, we did make a small joke that it meant we got to ride EE 3 times, all 3 of us, haha. But we really did feel bad he was missing out.

Anyway, after I nearly hugged these strangers for their kindness, we immediately hopped into the FP line and proceeded to ride it 3 more times!

But there was a slight hiccup in between trips.

After our second trip, I went to get our photos put onto our PP+ card. After waiting in line for what seemed to be forever (more people in front of me trying to understand PhotoPass/having it explained to them, blergh), I approached the girl at the counter who looked at my PP+ card and almost refused to put the photos on it.

I asked her what was wrong, where she told me that apparently my PP+ card should have been hole-punched for the date that we got it.

On the PP+ cards, there is a little area for the year, month, and date on it. I remember noticing this at one point, but didn't think much of it.

Weellll, remember how when we picked up our PP+ card in Epcot and I mentioned how a non-PhotoPass CM came over to help? Yeah well, the guy never hole-punched my card, so the lady had no proof as to when I'd bought it and was NOT supposed to accept my card because it could mean I stole it or something.

Ugh, I explained to her what had happened, and she said it needed to be hole-punched because your PP+ card is only good for 2 weeks after you first pick it up... after that, it expires.

This makes sense so it prevent people from just re-using their PP+ card on future trips.

So here I am, with an unpunched card, and the CM basically told me she wasn't supposed to accept my card... buuut after some convincing that I was telling the truth, she said she would do me a favor and hole punch it for me.

It took way longer than I wanted it to, but I thanked her for helping me out and was on my way.

So moral of the story: If you do PP+, when you pick it up at the Photo Center in whatever park you decide to go to, MAKE SURE THEY HOLE-PUNCH IT FOR YOU.

Anyway, on our final ride on EE, Amy and I sat together again, while Matt somehow got stuck a few rows behind us with some random family.

All I remember was hearing Matt at the very end laughing up a storm behind me, so Amy and I thought he was just having the time of his life back there and made a new friend.

After we got off, we asked Matt what that was all about and asked if he'd made a new BFF.

Matt said that was not the case, but rather the guy he was sitting next to was this crazy Canadian who was making the WORST jokes, so Matt did his awkward fake laugh.

Matt's fake laugh is pretty believable, because he's pro at forcing this really huge laugh when he has to, hahaha. Amy and I were dying because it was Matt's worst nightmare.

We got our PP+ photo, and Amy and I went with a "SENIOR PICTURE!" pose:

But I was laughing so hard, because we also got Matt's PP+ photo so you can all see Matt's new awkward Canadian BFF!

LOOK AT THAT MAN'S FACE! Hahahaha, he was just having the time of his life with his new best friend Matt!

After our final ride on EE, we waved goodbye and I was just still so happy we'd been able to ride it FOUR times that night. Expedition Everest is even MORE amazing at night with the mountain all lit up, and definitely way scarier. We had the BEST time riding it.

Alas, we had another place to head off to, so we slowly made our way out of AK, mainly so I could get some photos and video!

This area with all of the lights is seriously my favorite in AK! It's just so perfect. We actually have very similar strings of lights outside on our deck here at home around our hot tub, and it always reminds me of AK at night now!

I HAD to stop for photos of EE lit up. I took SO many photos because it was absolutely stunning. I had always wanted to see EE lit up at night like this, and it was amazingly gorgeous.

This one though, is my favorite, with EE reflecting off of the water.

On our way out, I was absolutely blown away with how gorgeous the Tree of Life is all lit up! It's even more breath-taking at night.

You can see there were a LOT of people still there, too. I couldn't get over how busy it was that night!

Anyway, we made our way out of the park, I got one last photo of the AK sign, then we headed over to a Beach Club bus.

So I have to just say this... If you ever have a chance to go to Animal Kingdom at night during a trip, YOU HAVE TO DO IT. Even if you're not an EE fan, just seeing that park lit up at night is unreal. It becomes a completely different park at night. And if you're an EE fan, riding at night is even cooler than you'd ever imagine.

We rode back to Beach Club because Amy wanted to check in on Bruce and see how he was doing. Can I mention how much I love the Villas at night?

Bruce was sleeping pretty soundly, so the 3 of us headed off to Epcot because we were starving! We needed dinner and were hoping we'd make it to World Showcase before the park closed at 9 that night!

We hoofed it over relatively quickly and arrived at 8:15 to one of my favorite quick service restaurants... La Cantina!

As we approached, it was pretty busy in terms of seating. We made a plan that Amy and Matt would go get the food, and I would stand and wait to get us a table.

EVERY table was taken because of course, people wanted to watch IllumiNations from that area. I noticed a family that seemed like they might be finishing their food soon, so I waited nearby.

Finally the kids at this table started getting their stuff to throw away, when a couple of teenagers came over, looked at me, then proceeded to stand right next to me.

As soon as the kids moved out, I started approaching the table, as did the teenage girls.

The game, was clearly ON like Donkey Kong as to who was going to silently beat the other to the table.

Sure enough, I threw my bag down on it the table before either of those girls could get there, and I got a look from them, before their Mom came over to see if they'd found a table.

I'm sorry, but those tables are like GOLD at that time of night and I"d been waiting WAY longer for this specific table, the girls SAW me standing there waiting, so I didn't feel bad about sniping it like I did.

I know I got a glare from their Mom, but whatever lady.

You can imagine me dancing like this around the table (in my mind anyway):

A few minutes later, Matt and Amy made their way to the table and I told them about the family staring me down, hahaha.

Anyway, I believe we all went with the Nachos. Or well, I know Matt and I did. Amy, now that I think about it, went with the cheese empenadas.

But I only took a photo of my glorious nachos.

Of course Matt and I also went with the churros, because CHURROS ARE DELICIOUS!

Amy decided to get a popsicle so she could try to bring it back to Bruce. By the time we finished, half of her popsicle had melted. WOMPWOMP.

It was kind of sad, yet hilarious, hahaha.

The food was delicious like it always is, and we finished up at around 8:50. We were tempted to stay for IllumiNations but decided to head back because we wanted to be with Bruce when we saw it.

I did snap one quick photo on my iPhone as we walked back to Beach Club though!

Once back at the resort, we said goodnight to Amy and told her to let Bruce know that we missed him that day and hoped he felt better.

We decided to just relax in the room for the night because we were totally WIPED. Beyond exhausted, we laid around and watched Stacey.

Also, as great as the Crocs had been for most of the day, unfortunately by night time the little prickly things on the sole started to really bother the bottom of my feet.. so by the time we got back, so my feet weren't in the best shape.

BUT! My savior for my feet problems was found when I brought along Johnson's Foot Soap.

The stuff is NOT pleasant smelling, but if you put it into the tub of warm water and stick your feet in for like, 15 minutes, it does WONDERS.

Seriously. I'm so glad I'd heard about it before our trip because it ended up being something that helped my feet beyond belief. But again, be warned, it really stinks and when you put it in the tub, make sure not to breathe in the powder.

Anyway, after my little foot bath, I got up to get us our Carrot Cake Cookies out of the fridge (we'd totally forgotten about them but knew we had to eat them!), we both started laughing uncontrollably at how slow I was moving towards the fridge.

Like, so hard I couldn't breathe and had tears streaming down my face.

I don't know if this ever happens to you guys, but we were SO beyond tired and in pain, that everything just seemed ten times funnier than it should.

We both opened up out beautiful Carrot Cake Cookies and started to eat them. Good Lord, I always forget how MASSIVE the cookies are!

As we sat and ate, I looked at Matt who was mindlessly eating his cookie, staring off into space, and looking quite exhausted.

Out of the blue, he mentioned how the cookie was probably going to make him sick... and I proceeded to laugh for seriously 10 minutes straight, again.

We both did! Tears and having a hard time breathing, AGAIN.

I was only able to eat half of my cookie, so I put the other half away for breakfast the next morning, then got into bed where we sat and laughed in hysterics over the DUMBEST stuff you could ever imagine.

But it was a night I don't forget because of how silly we were and how much we laughed together.

I couldn't tell you what exactly was so funny, but I can tell you that I was reminded of how much I love my husband and the fun we do have together in life.

After our laughing fit, Matt read and I finished writing in my journal before we both headed to bed.

It was a long and exhausting but VERY fun day. We were looking forward to a much more laidback day tomorrow!


1. Going on Tower of Terror with Bruce and Amy
2. Being recognized from the DIS
3. Giving away TSMM Fast Passes to a DISer
4. Meeting Matt's Disney twin/Making new friends on the Friendship boat
5. Eating at Raglan Road and getting my Bread Pudding fix
6. Seeing Animal Kingdom lit up at night
7. Being given 9 Fast Passes for Expedition Everest
8. Laughing so hard with Matt over stupid things


1. Bruce getting really sick
2. EMH at HS was really busy
3. The crowds being WAY busier than I anticipated at AK for the night
4. Having to wait 45 minutes for EE
5. My feet/body were HURTIN'!

Continued in next post

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Old 03-27-2013, 04:40 PM   #422
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9 Fastpasses!! I probably would have passed out. Don't you love being married to a man that you can laugh hysterically with Brian finds the most random things funny and then gets me going until I'm pretty sure I'm gonna pass out from lack of oxygen.
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Old 03-27-2013, 05:23 PM   #423
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UGH! Those birds are terrifying! Thanks for collecting them all in one picture for me.

Aahahahahahaa I apologize, I am that person who jumps and rings the bell in the EE queue, prompting every child to want to do it to. I did it one day while jumping and smacked it a little too hard right by my friends ear….not so great…

9 fp for EE?!?! AWESOME!! Awesome ride photos! Too bad about the cm thinking you hadn’t paid for it, ugh! AK at night is so pretty!! I’m so jealous you guys got to see it, I can’t wait until a day comes that I’ll get to see everything all lit up!

Bahahah, good gif usage there….glad you got a table! Aw man, those laughing fits are the greatest! Paige and I had one when we found Perry the Platypus whoopee cushions in a gift shop, like, he’s derpy enough as is, add in the hilarious farts, and it’s just priceless at the end of a long day at Disney!

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Old 03-27-2013, 06:33 PM   #424
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Wow, NINE FPs! That's amazing! The most I've ever been given is 7... which is obviously a whole lot but NINE! Crazy!

OMG, in yall's Everest senior picture, HOW are both of the kids with their parents doing the exact same pose as each other?! What are the chances?

LOOOOVE all the AK at night pictures! SO freaking gorgeous. It's open till 7 and 8 most of the nights I'll be there in May/June, but I know it stays light later in the day at that time of year. I'm hopeful that it'll be darker though so I can finally see it at night in person!!

HAHAHAHAH that little 'haters gonna hate' picture is too funny. I'm so glad you got the table. I mean, come on. If they KNEW you'd been waiting all that time, it was lame of them to even try to take it.

I love laughing fits like that. SO much fun.
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Old 03-27-2013, 07:09 PM   #425
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Speaking of carrot cake cookies...I happen to have one in my fridge right now! I chickened out at the opportunity to ride EE this trip...once again. I swear, next trip, I AM riding it no matter what!

Your nachos and churros look delicioso!

Oh, and can we talk about school bread for a second? While at the YES program workshop with my students, I had my husband go over to Norway and get us some school bread. Oh.My.Word. That was the BEST thing I had ever eaten in my entire life. I wish I had one right now, so good! It was all because of your TR that I even tried it, so thank you!

Tell me more about this foot soap. I've never heard of it! This trip was probably the trip with the least amount of foot problems. I rotated Sanuk flip flops, Sanuk sandals, and Nikes. My feet didn't hurt at all coming home, and I walked away with ZERO blisters. I think Sanuk flip flops are probably the best flip I've ever owned!

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Old 03-27-2013, 08:11 PM   #426
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WOAH. You have some seriously good karma! Nine EE FastPasses?!?

It's a good thing that CM was nice enough to punch your PP+ card for you! My parents are using PP+ in a couple of weeks, so I'm going to make they know to double check that their card gets punched!

Worst senior picture pose ever! I mean, who actually holds their hands/arms like that in real life? And the lady sitting in front of Amy looks like she fell asleep.

Holy cow AK at night is so beautiful! I rarely see pictures of it like that, but wow!

It's good to have a table-lurker in your group! In my family, it's my sister who stalks the tables for us in crowded restaurants. There's definitely an art to it, and it usually involves a bag throw-down!

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Old 03-27-2013, 09:25 PM   #427
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Joining in! A little late to the game, but I just read all your posts and I am loving your TR and all your pics!

It just occured to me after reading your latest update that I have never been in AK at night. Everest must have been even cooler in the dark! AK at night must now be added to my Disney bucket list.

Looking forward to more updates!
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Old 03-27-2013, 09:44 PM   #428
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Hi! Stumbled upon your trip report and I'm joining in. Looks like you guys had a great time and you're super funny. I especially loved how you "went Boston" on the mean lady by the peoplemover. I thought that was hilarious, especially since I'm from Boston and I don't know how we got the reputation for being all mean. I think we're nice, we just don't let people bully us.
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Just wanted to say hi!

I totally missed this trip report but I remember you commenting on mine before your trip/on the plane i think.

I gotta get caught up! Gonna start reading now. I am looking forward to it! I am like you with the camera. I have a DSLR but still don't know exactly what I am doing yet so some pictures are great some are horrible.

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Old 03-27-2013, 10:04 PM   #430
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9 fast passes?! Holy moly! What a haul!

I love how much fun you and Matt seem to have together. The laughing, the joking, it's really precious! Seriously, if I'm ever lucky enough to get married, I hope to have a silly, fun relationship... Just saying...

I love AK at night, it's so pretty! I feel like they put on a little show with the understated lights and just let the ambiance speak for itself!

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Old 03-27-2013, 10:20 PM   #431
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Bahahahahahaha.... LOVED your Haters Gonna Hate.gif I seriously laughed out loud. And this has been a sucky day ..... so thanks.

We have never been at AK in the dark before. Will have to try that. I love EE, it is my favorite coaster at WDW.

I hop Bruce was better the next day !!

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I just don't have words. Just...none.

I knew there was going to be an issue with that FP+! Glad she had the authority (or did she?) to punch it for you.

I don't know how there will ever be a possibility for us to see AK all lit up since we go in September. We may just have to go a different month in the future (but obviously not this year), because it is absolutely beautiful! You know, I haven't really seen pictures of it lit up, and I guess I sort of assumed they didn't have elaborate lighting, but I was SO WRONG! Gorgeous!

I totally get that laughing so hard at nothing thing, and that whole having a husband who is your best friend thing. TOTALLY! But then again, you're our west coast twinsies, so that shouldn't come as a surprise.

I remember that foot soap from when I was dancing and had blisters from pointe shoes! I have no idea how I haven't remembered it for Disney purposes!! I am so bringing it this year. I already have the "no breathing while pouring" thing down pat, so no worries there.

I hope Bruce felt better soon!
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Old 03-27-2013, 10:43 PM   #433
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9 Fast Passes! That is a lot of pixie dust! Amazing... Those Carrot Cake look so good. I think I would rather try one of those than one of the cupcakes at Starring Rolls. My DH and I have laughed like that before. So much fun being silly together for no reason. Hope Bruce is feeling better and makes it back out to the parks tomorrow.
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Old 03-28-2013, 02:32 AM   #434
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Seriously, your TR literally makes me laugh OUT LOUD, every single time! And that never happens! Usually if I "laugh", it's more like I blow more air outta my nose than usual LOL!
It's so refreshing!

Ps...I hope you don't mind all my comments, haha. I just NEED to share my love/appreciation for your TR!


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Old 03-28-2013, 08:20 AM   #435
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You all are utterly hilarious!!
The owl gif is the best!! I have totally been there!
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