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Old 02-13-2013, 11:14 PM   #106
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Hi! I'm late to the party but I'm in! I've read your other TR's which are hilarious, btw. And yes, I have a nasty habit of lurking. Your daughter is so cute and just about my son's age! Okay, here's my attempt at your game:

1. 50's Prime Time
2. Play & Dine @ Hollywood & Vine
3. Be Our Guest
4. Cinderella's Royal Table
5. Akershus (B)
6. Akershus (L/D)
7. Les Chefs de France
8. Tusker House
9. Raglin Road
10. O'hana
11. Cape May
12. Via Napoli
13. Yachtsman
14. Yak & Yeti
15. Chef Mickey
16. Cali Grill
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Old 02-14-2013, 01:17 AM   #107
I make lists about my lists
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Originally Posted by RunningthruDisney View Post
Glad you are going back!!!
Thanks! We're so excited! Even Bryan!

Originally Posted by 1000HappyWishes View Post
You're going to be staying at AoA! Is it a bad thing that AoA is like, my dream resort? I'll have to think about the ADR's...I'm tempted to make a guess.
Well, we were...

I think that AoA looks incredible. I know that we'll stay there some day.

I hope you'll join in the game-I think it could be fun!

Originally Posted by RGirl View Post
I'm finally here and super-excited for you to stay at AoA!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

But I hate waiting to know important stuff like ADRs - I want you to tell me EVERYTHING NOW!
Well you know that you're disqualified from the game now right?

Originally Posted by Stringbean&Wingnut View Post
How exciting that you'll be staying at AoA!!! I'm sure Maddie will love it there!

That's so cool that you'll be in Disney for your birthday! (Actually, you'll be in Disney on my birthday too! )

Okay...I'll attempt my (honestly, pretty random!) guesses now!

1. 1900 Park Faire
2. Be Our Guest
3. Cinderella's Royal Table
4. Via Napoli
5. Via Napoli (x 2)
6. Ohana (breakfast)
7. Crystal Palace
8. 50's Prime Time Cafe
9. Tusker House
10. Akershus
11. Chef Mickey's
12. Le Cellier
13. Cape May Cafe
14. Sci-Fi Dine In
15. Chef Mickey's
16. T-REX

Counter Service:

1. Sunshine Seasons
2. Be Our Guest
3. Landscape of Flavors
We were excited about it! I'm sure we'll get there eventually.

I didn't know our birthdays were so close together! That must be why I like you-us Cancer/Leo cuspers must stick together. I'm excited to celebrate my birthday at WDW. I know that Maddie will love it if I get any birthday attention.

Your guesses are noted in my official spreadsheet!

Originally Posted by KristinAnne View Post
Here are my updated guesses. My problem is that I'm not terribly aware of how many credits you get per visit w/ the DDP or DxDP. But we'll see how I've done.

1. Cinderella's Royal Table
2. Akershus
3. Chef Mickey's
4. Narcoosees
5. 1900 Park Fare
6. Crystal Palace
7. 50s Prime Time
8. Ohana
9. Ohana
10. Mickey's Backyard BBQ
11. Tusker House
12. Cape May Cafe
13. Mama Melrose
14. Garden Grill
15. Hollywood & Vine
16. Be Our Guest

1. Landscape of Flavors
2. Be Our Guest
3. Earl of Sandwich
Thanks for playing!

Originally Posted by KatMark View Post
I can't believe you went from Beach Club to Art of Animation.

But I guess we have to please the hubby and let him get in a little golf.

I will come back later with my guess for ADR's...I want to think about this for a day or two.
Take your time, now I have to take the time to update about why we switched!

Originally Posted by cheshirecatattack View Post
I love this game!

1. CRT
2. Akershus
3. 1900 Park Fare
4. Be Our Guest
5. Ohana (B)
6. Ohana (B) x 2
7. Ohana (D)
8. Crystal Palace
9. Chef Mickeys
10. Cape May
11. T-REX
12. Via Napoli
13. Le Cellier
14. California Grill
15. Hollywood and Vine
16. Yak and Yeti

counter service:
1. Be Our Guest
2. Sunshine Seasons
3. Landscape of Flavours
I'm so happy that so many want to play! I think it'll be fun!

Originally Posted by marDgreen88 View Post
Oh man... a Disney birthday is a huge dream of mine. How lucky!!! That will be awesome.

I think Art of Animation looks amazing! I mean, if she grows up to be anything like me, she will appreciate it at any age () but I totally agree that full appreciation of the Beach Club will definitely come at an older age. I think it will be great for yall!

Okay... DANG, you just took the ADR game to a whole new level of awesome! I'm gonna take some time to mull over my guesses and come back later!
I think it'll be great to celebrate my birthday there! I tend to try to ignore them as I get older, but Maddie really loves birthdays so it'll be fun for her if my birthday is recognized.

Oh AoA, we'll get there I promise!

Yay! I'm so glad that you approve!

Originally Posted by Aurora1972 View Post
Oh my! LOL! From Beach Club to AOA..... I'm in love with Beach Club and have never been a big fan of the Mermaid rooms. However, my DD's would have loved it, especially at that age I'll have to come back later with ADR guesses. I'll have to think about that some and do some research.
That was quite a jump huh? and now we're more in the middle. We'll stay there some time.
I hope you'll join in the game!

Originally Posted by lvcourtneyy View Post
Ohh AoA looks gorgeous yay! Your husband is probably right with his logic too. Maddie will love AoA now and appreciate beach club more later! I can't wait to see your pictures of it. Little mermaid is my favorite Disney movie! When I was little it was pre-DVD era and my parents recorded the movie over and over again on the same VHS tape so they wouldn't have to rewind it for me as often!

Here are my ADR guesses:

1. Chef Mickeys
2. Be Our Guest
3. Akerhaus
4. Crystal palace
5. 1900 park fare
6. Ohana breakfast
7. Cape may cafe breakfast
8. Cape may cafe dinner
9. Hollywood and vine
10. Cinderellas royal table
11. Garden grill
12. Tusker house
13. Le cellier
14. Kona
15. Hoop de doo revue
16. California grill

Counter service
1. Be our guest
2. Cosmic rays
3. Earl of sandwich
His logic was sound. We'll stay at AoA sometime I'm sure, and the Beach Club, and the Poly, and the CR, and CSR---well now I'm just dreaming!

Thanks for playing!

Originally Posted by mickeystoontown View Post
Wow! Talk about making a big decision change! Maddie is going to go complete posing nuts with all of the big icons at the AoA.
We're going to stay there eventually I think. Maddie would love it, but she seems really happy with this choice too.

Originally Posted by Marsheliz View Post
You are going to absolutely love AOA! We stayed there for 3 nights back in September! I didnt think it would be my first choice bc we had booked POFQ and then had to move to AOA when our room wasnt big enough ( dont know what I was thinking, 3 adults, a four year old and a toddler)...

My 4 year went nuts at AOA and my husband says we have to stay there again just for him! I'll stay any ding dang where as long as we get to go!
I feel the same way-just take me and I'll sleep on a cot! We'll get to AoA eventually I hope

Originally Posted by Cinderella909 View Post
Yeah! If we go it looks like we will just be missing you! As we will most likely leave on the 13th! Celebrating a birthday is magical for you!

And, I too am looking into a Little Mermaid room... if we go! I'm beginning to really start thinking about going ahead and booking a few things... if we go.

Bryan is right! Maddie will love the Little Mermaid room.

Glad that's one decision checked off the list for you! Karen
I sure hope that you guys get to make the trip. I've done exactly what you're doing-make the ADR, checked the resorts, etc. in hopes that a trip will happen. I hope that it works out. I'd love to hear about it.
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Old 02-14-2013, 01:42 AM   #108
I make lists about my lists
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Originally Posted by Aurora1972 View Post
Oh my gee!! You've changed again! However, I the Royal Rooms. They are my fav! I heartily appove of Maddi's choice![/SIZE][/SIZE]
Yup! I've never been much of a changer (ADR or resorts), but I guess I am now!

The rooms look really great! We're excited!

Originally Posted by lvcourtneyy View Post
I love that you leave so many decisions up to Maddie! Definitely the correct way to take kids to Disney that I often feel is lost on parents lol. I haven't heard or seen too much about the Royal rooms at POR so I can't wait to see your pictures of it and hear how you feel about it.
Thanks Courtney! She was dazzled by that headboard! I'll post some pictures in the next update!

Originally Posted by ronnmel View Post
Those darn pin codes. The Little Mermaid rooms are way too popular, they'll never have a good discount released for them.

I understand the reasoning. Plus, there's always a next time.
Just this week Bryan and I were discussing the next 3 year's trips, so I think it's safe to say that we'll be back. Hopefully we'll stay at AoA next time. It looks outstanding, and I'd love to check it out.

Originally Posted by danielle79 View Post
Ok I think I get the rules!
My list:
1. 'Ohana
2. Boma
3. Be Our Guest
4. Cinderella's Royal Table
5. San Angel Inn
6. Via Napoli
7. La Cellier
8. Akershus Royal Banquet (lunch)
9. Akershus Royal Banquet (dinner)
10. Chefs de France
11. Coral Reef
12. Brown Derby
13. Sci-Fi Dine-In
14. 50's Prime Time Cafe
15. Yak and Yeti
16. Cooke's of Dublin
counter service guesses
1. Pizza Planet
2. Sunshine Seasons
3. Pecos Bill
Thanks for playing!

Originally Posted by RunningthruDisney View Post
Fine tuning my list!! Will get it to you tonight!
Take your time! I think the deadline will get pushed back to next week!
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Old 02-14-2013, 01:43 AM   #109
I make lists about my lists
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Originally Posted by smidgy View Post
I was just going to post that I thought you made a great choice, staying at AOA.. little mermaid room.. than you changed!!

I'm sure you will be very happy with either!!! (although I do think, the younger the child, the more you should go with the over the top decor.) (which is why Nebo loves the value resorts so much! )

as far as the ADR game.. sounds like fun, but we dont' put that much thougth into our own dinner reservations.! (aren't your empty nester friends annoying)
I think we will enjoy either, you're right!

And now I have a fantastic mental image of Nebo and Maddie running amok through POP and AoA!

You ARE NOT annoying! You're great!

Originally Posted by disneygirl520 View Post
1. 1900 Park Fare
2. 50's Prime Time Cafe
3. Akershus
4. Be our Guest
5. Cape May cafe
6. California Grill
7. Chef Mickey's
8. Chef Mickey's (2)
9. Cinderella's Royal Table
10. Coral Reef
11. The Crystal Palace
12. The Garden Grill
13. Hollywood & Vine
14. 'Ohana
15. Via Napoli
16. Tony's

Counter Service
1.Columbia Harbor House
2. Earl of Sandwich
3. Pinocchio Village Haus

These are my ADR guesses!!
Thanks for playing along!

Originally Posted by mickeystoontown View Post
Congrats on getting a pin code for July! I'm sure that ya'll will love the royal rooms at POR especially since your little princess is the one who chose it.
I'll explain that pin code thing...

Maddie is really excited about that room! I don't blame her-they look positively royal!

Originally Posted by smidgy View Post
please dont get mad at me... but, for the price difference, i would go with the little mermaid room.

although I have seen the royal room pictures, .. it's like no big deal, to me.. and the resort is still no difference.

I WILL NOT get mad at you I honestly felt the same way about the rooms until very recently. I'd seen the pictures and thought that the rooms were kind of underwhelming for being a special theme. I recently read a TR in which the rooms were explained and more detailed pictures were shared, and I was converted.

but I think maddie would get SUCH a THRILL out of the nemo pool and the LM pool,.,

unless a slide is a big part of her enjoyment, I think the POR theming is not such a big deal, esp. for little kids.l
most of the theming at POR is a lot more laid back.. pretty boring for kids. look again at the pictures
Maddie would love AoA, I'm sure of it, but I think she'll like this too. Unfortunately the pool is of little consequence because she's not a very strong swimmer (that's why the BC was ultimately vetoed).

I agree that the resort overall seems very underwhelming. I do hope that we won't be disappointed, but there's always next time! I do think we'll stay there eventually (and who knows what will happen in the next 5 months )

I really value your opinion Smidgy (I wouldn't ask for it so dang often if I didn't!), and I will never get upset with you for being honest. Thank you friend!

Originally Posted by afwdwfan View Post
So you announce a resort and about a day later a resort change... So how is this going to affect the ADR point assignments when you start flip flopping ADR's like that???

I know right? People are going to think I'm such a flake.

It's probably a good call to do the Royal Room while she's as into the princesses as she is.

We're excited! It should be great!

I guess I'll go ahead and throw my list out there...

1. Chef Mickey
2. Ohana
3. Ohana
4. Cinderella's Royal Table
5. Be Our Guest
6. 1900 Park Fare
7. Akershus
8. Via Napoli
9. Tusker House
10. Crystal Palace
11. Yak & Yeti
12. Cape May
13. Whispering Canyon
14. Garden Grill
15. 50's Prime Time
16. Yachtsman

1. Be Our Guest
2. Wolfgang Puck Express
3. Flame Tree
Thanks for playing!

Originally Posted by ronnmel View Post
Yes, show her all my pictures. And tell her she can hear music and possibly fish talking UNDERWATER!!
maybe I should mention that Maddie is really not a strong swimmer and at this point does everything she can to avoid going underwater.

Originally Posted by daisy8869 View Post
Joining in!

I loved your last TR and will try my hand at the ADR game!

My guesses:

1. Cinderella's royal table
2. Akserhus (sp?) royal banquet hall
3. Crystal Palace
4. Cape May
5. Be our Guest
6. Via Napoli
7. Tusker House
8. 1900 Park Fair
9. Mama Melrose
10. 50's Prime Time Cafe
11. Liberty Tree Tavern
12. Chef Mickey's
13. Crystal Palace (2nd visit)
14. Rainforest Cafe
15. San Angel Inn
16. Yachtsman Steakhouse

1. Be our Guest
2. POR Dining Hall
3. Yak and Yeti QS
Welcome! Thanks so much! and Thanks for playing!

Originally Posted by AvasMommy526 View Post
I am gonna play along too! I followed along on your awesome TR, though I admit I am more of a lurker than a poster lol!! This is a great way to have some fun in a PTR!
I think AoA looks absolutely amazing, I have to go with Maddie though, I am in LOVE with the princess royal rooms!!! I adore Port Orleans Riverside, we are staying at BLT in May but I told my dear family when we go back we are definitely considering POR

My guesses for the ADR game are

1.Ohana (B)
2.Ohana (D)
3. Be Our Guest
4. Via Napoli
5. Hollywood and Vine
6. Cinderella's Royal Table
7. Chef Mickeys
8. Akershus
9. 1900 Park Fare
10. California Grill
11. Tusker House
12. Crystal Palace
13. Sci Fi Drive In
14. Cape May
15. Kona
16. Raglan Road

Counter Service

1. Be Our Guest
2. Flame Tree Barbeque
3. Casey's Corner
Thanks for joining in! I don't mind if you lurk, but we'd love to have you speak up now and then too.

Thanks for playing along!

Originally Posted by TruLovesKiss View Post
Love this idea for an ADR game! OK here are my picks (crossing my fingers for some luck )

1. 1900 Park Fare
2. Tusker House
3. Yak & Yeti
4. Ohana
5. Ohana (breakfast)
6. Hollywood & Vine
7. Cape May Cafe
8. Chef Mickey's
9. Cinderella's Royal Table
10. Be Our Guest
11. Akershus
12. Tutto Italia
13. Hoop-dee-Doo Review
14. Artist Point
15. Coral Reef
16. Hollywood Brown Derby

Counter Service
1. Tortuga Tavern
2. Earl of Sandwich
3. Be Our Guest
Thanks for playing!

Originally Posted by KatMark View Post
You really need to hit the resort changers saga thread.

Maddie is going to love the Princess rooms and what a better choice for such a princess.
I'm usually so decisive about the resort and ADR choices! Maybe I'd better go join them...

I think she'll go crazy when she's in that room! I already asked Bryan how many times per night we'll be enjoying fireworks on our headboard.

Originally Posted by JoshAndEvsMom View Post
Hi! I'm late to the party but I'm in! I've read your other TR's which are hilarious, btw. And yes, I have a nasty habit of lurking. Your daughter is so cute and just about my son's age! Okay, here's my attempt at your game:

1. 50's Prime Time
2. Play & Dine @ Hollywood & Vine
3. Be Our Guest
4. Cinderella's Royal Table
5. Akershus (B)
6. Akershus (L/D)
7. Les Chefs de France
8. Tusker House
9. Raglin Road
10. O'hana
11. Cape May
12. Via Napoli
13. Yachtsman
14. Yak & Yeti
15. Chef Mickey
16. Cali Grill
You're not late at all! Thanks for the kind words! Yours is my favorite post of the day!

Thanks for joining us and playing along! Don't be a stranger!
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I make lists about my lists
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The One With the Explaination

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey guys! It's going to be a busy weekend for me, so I'm going to push the ADR game deadline back to next Thursday! Take your time and join us! It's going to be fun!

I also wanted to update to explain a little how this resort change came about.

About two weeks ago I started pricing flights for the trip. I was shocked to find that the flights for the day we were going to leave were much higher than we've ever paid. Then I realized that we always fly out at the crack of dawn on a Sunday-not Saturday. I'm not the most seasoned traveler, but even I realized that prices might be better on Friday night than Saturday morning. I looked into it and found that the prices were significantly better Friday night. Having done that I called DH at work to discuss things with him, and we both agreed that a Friday arrival at WDW would work perfectly. Bryan would still be able to work a full day Friday, his boss could give us a ride to the airport (his boss is also his cousins husband), and we could leave our cars at Bryan's office. Even better-we'd be at WDW when we woke up on Saturday-our first park day!

So then I hit up Disneys website to check availability and prices for the night before our package begins. (I found out that even adding a nights lodging were still going to save $300 by flying on Friday!)

Fast forward to Monday of this week when I received an email from Disney. The email was one of those thanking me for my interest in the resort and encouraging me to call them and book the room. I've gotten those emails many times, but this time I noticed that underneath the Call Today! Icon was a line that read: be sure to mention package code XXX when you call.

I did what any good DISer would and contacted some DIS friends to see if they thought Id gotten a pin code. They agreed that I might have and encouraged me to call.

So, I called. I got a very pleasant CM on the phone and explained why I was calling. She seemed very confused from the start, but not wanting to be rude I stuck with her. For the next hour I sat in silence on the phone with her. We probably only spoke for 5 minutes total-the rest of the hour was silence. She just couldnt figure out why I'd have gotten a code for July since its a blackout for discounts, and said that there was simply nothing that I could do. I told her that I understand that were travelling during peak time, but I'd really like to know what the code was worth. I figured that if it was good code we could consider pushing the trip back by a few weeks. An hour later she never did tell me what the code was or what it was worth. She did say that she had done an over-ride, applied the code, and now my package cost $1 more than it was before.

Somehow that didnt really seem right, so I called back.

Now put yourselves in my shoes for a moment friends. You're on the phone with Disney for an hour with nothing to do but daydream about what that code could mean. If you're anything like me you've worked up a vision of a giant discount on your dream resort. I'd already mentally switched us to the Poly for the week!

The second phone call went much more smoothly. In less than 15 minutes a different CM had informed me that what I'd received was actually a Florida resident code (that I wasn't eligible to use) for dates that we wont be visiting. She went on to say that there will be no code that applies to AoAs LM rooms for the foreseeable future due to their extreme popularity. I did ask her why we received it since my address has been registered with Disney for some time now, and I've never claimed to live in Florida. She said it must have just been an error and wished me a good day.

By that time I was a little annoyed. I'd spent almost an hour and a half trying to track down why Disney had sent me this information, and had gotten 2 different answers. I was feeling that even if it had been an error, it was their error and I should at least be told what the darn code would be worth!

I sent out the Batsignal to some trusted DIS friends asking their opinion, and the consensus was that I should call back and ask to speak to a supervisor. They felt (and I did too) that since I had been sent this information, some resolution in my favor should come.

But, I didn't call back. You see friends; I had another trick up my sleeve. I had Bryan.

I cannot tell you how many hours I've logged with various customer service representatives trying to get some problem solved with no luck. Without exception every single time that I've sent Bryan in at the 11th hour he's gotten the job done. He's my clean up batter, my ace in the hole. (I think that he started being my back up man because he secretly feared for the well being of a poor customer service representative that pushed me too far). Bryan will get the job done EVERY SINGLE TIME. He literally never fails to get what he wants, and best of all hes always really nice about it.

When Bryan came home from work I explained what had been going on. I explained how the codes typically work-the sliding scale from value to deluxe, etc. Then I showed him the Royal Rooms at POR.

I'd just recently started reading a TR in which the writer had stayed in a Royal Room. I'd seen pictures of them, but wasn't too impressed until I stumbled upon this TR. It seems that the story of the room is that all of the princesses donated some items to help Tiana furnish the rooms, and there are lots and lots of cool touches all over the room if you know to look for them. And then I saw the fireworks in the headboard.

In the weeks since we made our reservation I'd also subscribed to the AoA FAQ thread. Lots and lots of people complained about he walk from LM to the bus stops, long waits at the bus stops, very crowded food court, and unpleasant CMs. Since this will be our first trip sans stroller, and we love using our resort mugs, the walk was starting to make me nervous.

I told Bryan that depending on the code, the Royal Room might actually be cheaper than AoA. He looked over the pictures of the Royal Rooms, and listened to the story of them, and said "If I knew these rooms existed, wed have booked our stay there from the beginning."

He got on the phone, and after 1 ½ hours he was really no closer to a resolution. While (all 3 levels) of the CMs that he spoke to were really, really nice they all said the same thing: there would be no discounts on LM rooms for this July, or any time soon. We repeatedly asked what the code would be worth at a different time or a different resort, but no one could answer us. No one could tell us what the code was (FL resident or not), and most of them really just wanted us to get off the phone. The final person that Bryan talked to offered us a 10% room only discount-no sliding scale. Our final savings would be about $100.

While we were the ones who called them, and didn't give up easily we were really only after some information. At the end of the day all I really wanted to know was what that stupid code was supposed to be worth. By the time we were done with them though, I felt awful. I felt like they thought we had our hand out and were begging for a discount. I said to Bryan z"I hate this. I've never, ever been upset with Disney. I never complain about how much things cost there, I've never tried to cut corners for our trips. But, now I feel sad. I feel like Disney thinks I'm an Extreme Couponer and wants me to go away."

It wasnt a good feeling. I considered emailing customer service, but what would I say? You hurt my feelings?

After all was said and done we finally sat down to dinner. While we ate we got an idea. I opened up two windows in my computer; one with pictures of LM rooms at AoA and one with the Royal Rooms at POR. I showed both to Maddie and told her she could choose whichever room she wanted to stay in. She looked carefully at both (immediately noticing the details that I had overlooked), and took almost no time to choose the Royal Room at Port Orleans Riverside.

Once she'd made her choice I showed her the youtube virtual tour of the room. You should have seen her! She kept forgetting that she wasn't really there and trying to reach out and touch things. The fireworks in the headboard made her squeal with delight.

Our decision had been made.

For the fourth time that day our family called the WDW resort. I got the nicest CM ever on the phone, and he had us switched from AoA in no time. I went ahead and booked the room only reservation for July 12th, and he very sweetly suggested that I should talk to Disney dining about a reservation at CRT. Laughing I told him that I was way ahead of him there. He was a delight, and speaking to him went a long way toward making me feel better about my afternoon dealing with Disney.

That's the story of the resort change. Its not pretty, I still don't feel great about it, but I didn't want to mislead anyone. I figure that I've shared all the details good, bad, and ugly before so this PTR shouldn't be any different.

I'll leave you with some pictures of our new digs. . .

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How annoying about trying to figure out that PIN code!! I definitely do not blame you for calling back and attempting to see what it was - that's so frustrating!

I do think it's awesome that you let Maddie choose what resort you were going to stay at - the Royal Room sounds perfect for your little princess!!
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Originally Posted by shan23877 View Post

You will all love the Royal room! Do hope you asked for a garden/water view, as the standard view is in the back overlooking the parking lot. That said, it really didn't bother us as we kept the blinds mostly closed and loved walking through the resort.

Have to share our magic lamp story. When we got into the room, my DS was stretched out on the bed while I was checking out all the details of the room. I saw the sink, and here's our conversation:

Me: "Did you see the sink?"
DS: "No, why?"
Me: "The faucet is Aladin's magic lamp."
DS: "Really? How do you turn on the water?"
Me: "You have to rub it!"

So, he gets up to check it out!

Guess I'll just have to wait until July to hear Maddie's reaction to the room! Do be sure to have the camera ready!

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Originally Posted by shan23877 View Post
I went ahead and booked the room only reservation for July 12th, and he very sweetly suggested that I should talk to Disney dining about a reservation at the CRT. Laughing I told him that I was way ahead of him there.
I think I see another hint...

Congratulations on the new room, and by all means, share the story. Everything isn't always perfect, and that's part of it. I think if I were you, I would e-mail customer service. They sent you a pin code and basically told you to ask about it. Well, if a CM on the phone can't help, you're still entitlted to answers. You should basically copy and paste this update into an e-mail and send it to them. I don't know that it will make any difference, but somebody needs to know PIN codes are going out and then when people call in, CM's don't have answers. Wherever the problem might lie in that process, something needs to be fixed.
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OK, coming out of lurkdom to comment on your PTR!!

LOVE the pics of your new room!!!! I think Maddie will LOVE it - and I wouldnt be a fan of long wait times for busses either..my DH wont stay at a Value mainly b/c of the transportation options...

one trip we didnt step foot a on a bus the entire time!!

Here's my list:

1. 1900 Park Fare
2. Cape May cafe
3. Akershus
4. Be our Guest
5. 50's Prime Time Cafe
6. 'Ohana
7. 'Ohana (2)
8. Chef Mickey's
9. CRT
10. Coral Reef
11. Tusker House
12. The Garden Grill
13. Hollywood & Vine
14. Yachtsman
15. Via Napoli
16. Crystal Palace

Counter Service
1.Columbia Harbor House
2. Cosmic Rays
3. Be Our Guest

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Originally Posted by shan23877 View Post
maybe I should mention that Maddie is really not a strong swimmer and at this point does everything she can to avoid going underwater.
Otaku was afraid of swimming until recently. When we went to Disney when she was 10 I was shocked to discovered she didn't know how to swim (Ron and I had just met a year before). We tried our best to get her used to the water, then when we came back we enrolled her (against her will) in swimming class. It took about a month, but once she finally felt comfortable putting her head underwater, she took off! We realized she had no idea how to hold her breath. What we did to help her was start practicing outside of water, for example in the car, to hold her breath for 5, 10, 15 seconds. Then in the pool we had her put only her mouth underwater, then her nose, eyes, and eventually whole head. Now she LOVES swimming and we have a hard time getting her OUT of the pool. Hopefully, Maddie will get more confident with swimming over the years and discover the joy that it can bring.

As for your other issues, it's true that the walk from the LM rooms to the food court can be long, especially when you like to use your mugs a lot. I don't think it's much longer than going through Castaway Cay in Caribbean Beach though. And it's such a beautiful walk!!!! Plus, you have to pass by the food court on your to and from the bus. Speaking of, we had great bus service while we were there. Plus, if you see a POP bus at the park you can always hop on it and walk to your room from there. You don't need that info for this trip anymore, but maybe next time.

I think the Genie lamp faucet and the firework headboard are my two favorite things about the royal rooms.
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Wow! What an ordeal! I went through a very similar experience with Disney and it left a bitter taste in my mouth for quite a while. Then, I popped in a Disney peppermint and it was all good.

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We stayed at the POR Royal Rooms when we went in December and we really liked it. Make sure to request something in Parterre Place or Oak Manor that's close to the bridge, if you like using your mugs, it will put you closest to the food court. A fellow DISer runs this website and it's a JEWEL for all things POR:
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Wow, the Royal Rooms look amazing!

I dont blame you for being frustrated with being on the phone for that dang long.. GEEZ.

I feel like sometimes you get great customer service, and sometimes you don't. When we went back in Sept when I called the front desk crying ( I dont know if I mentioned that I thought 3 adults and 2 children could fit in a regular POFQ room) but anywho- my mom has stage 4 cancer and we wanted her to come with us on this last trip and I was being cheap... I am all upset and call the front desk about moving to another hotel and they hooked us up with a suite at AOA.

I was so very thankful for that and for the CM. We would have had a miserable trip being cramped in that room.

Cant wait to read more!
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I'm so sorry about the PIN debacle! I've personally never received a pin, so I don't know how it is supposed to work, but I know its supposed to be an easier/better experience than you guys had!

I am, however, pleased as punch to see that you booked POR and a royal room at that! I think you know by now that I LOVE POR, and I think you guys made an awesome choice. I havne't had the chance to stay at in a Royal room, but before the redo my favorite building was Parterre Place. Its a great location and a really easy walk to the food court. The mansions are so pretty to look at, the boat to DTD is awesome, and you have the added bonus of Yeeha Bob. Plus I think that the POR food court is one of the best for traffic flow and is a good size for the resort.

Ok, now to my ADR guesses (I'm usually terrible at this, but I'll give it a shot)

1. CRT
2. Ohana
3. Le Cellier
4. Rainforest Cafe
5. Tusker House
6. Sci Fi
7.Coral Reef
8.Via Napoli
9. Be Our Guest
10. Boma
11. Chef Mickeys
12. 1900 Park Faire
13. Artist point
14. Teppan Edo
15. Yachtsman Steakhouse
16. Mama Melrose
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Wow what a terrible Disney customer service experience. Even a simple "I'm sorry that pin code got to you by mistake" would've gone a long way more than all that nonsense!

Wow. The Royal Room looks awesome. I love the look of the LIttle Mermaid rooms but I am 100% with Maddie on this. The royal room is gorgeous and of course, fit for a princess!

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