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Old 03-21-2013, 10:45 PM   #346
I make lists about my lists
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Originally Posted by nebo View Post
we have had a room only reservation in front of a package. make sure you call ahead of time, and "connect them" . tell them you want it to be a "cintinuing reservation". it isn'e a guarantee, but they will look at that when they assign you your room.

ah! herein lies the rub! would you rather have the same, not so good room for the WHOLE trip, or one room the first night and a great room for the rest of the trip?

no one really knows for sure how it all works (even thought they say they do). and we all have our own "philosophy", if you will.
we have enver done online check in. (maybe it's better, don't know.) I am big on putting in my requests early, and then count on beig really nice (and a mite persuasive) during the chheck in process. did I mention being really nice?
we (as youknow) don't have kids in our party, so we would rather wait for the better room for the entire trip, than take a room that's ready right now, but not what we wanted.
so I guess I would rather switch rooms after one night,(just don't unpack much) than be in a crappy room for the whole trip. but if you call and tell them "continuing reservation" and mention it at check in, that might not be necessary.
and, unfortunately, tyou will have to come down to the check in desk to re check in the 2nd day. no way to avoid this. does everyone have to be there? they say you all do, if you have the dining plan. ask them when you check in the first time. and ask them if you can wait another hour after official checkout, if you have to move. (it's not until 11, anyway. (but watch out for rogue maids!!! looking to clean you room ASAP! lol
Thank you so much for the help Smidgy! I knew you'd done this a time two. I am going to have them mark me down as 'continuing' when I call and make my final payment. Do you think I should make my room requests at the same time? I don't know if I'll do online check in this time (we usually do) since we won't get in until late in the evening. I figure that at that time the lines will be pretty short anyway.

I suppose that even if we do have to switch, it's still better than flying at 6 am right?

Thanks so much again for the help!

Originally Posted by 1000HappyWishes View Post
My votes for the next round:

Artist's Point
Cinderella's Royal Table
Sunshine Seasons
Rose and Crown

That Lilo dress and that Jessie outfit are so kawaii 0__0
Thanks for voting, and thanks for the kind words!

Originally Posted by merbobear View Post
Oooh Carissa's new dress is beautiful! Do you sell your creations? If not, you should (well, time permitting, of course) I need to go through my fabrics...Adison has a ton of Disney tees, and I have to try some on her to be sure, but I suspect that a lot of them would fit her except they are going to be belly shirts..she is so tall. I had an idea the other day though, of taking her tees and adding a simple skirt to them to make them into empire waist dresses. So I have to look through my fabrics and see what will coordinate with her shirts...have you ever sewn this type of dress before? I am thinking it would be a simple cut and stitch, but of course things that I feel would be simple often leaving me up cursing myself in the middle of the night!
I haven't really considered selling my stuff until I started making things for other DISers. I've honesty had such confidence building responses that I'm thinking about opening an Etsy shop. Once I get done with the Lilo dresses I'm going to make a few things that I think might sell well and try it out!

I haven't really tried doing that, but it does sound simple, and really really cute! I'm with you on the middle of the night cursing too My DH and I were just talking about how all of his 'great ideas' for improving things always make more work for me. One thing that I have done a bunch of is modifying best loved winter PJs that likely won't fit another season into summer PJs and that's really easy.

Originally Posted by Stringbean&Wingnut View Post
My votes are for

Artist's Point
Chefs de France
Sunshine Seasons
Rose and Crown
Thanks for playing Sara!

Originally Posted by cheshirecatattack View Post
I vote for:
artist point
Chefs des France
Sunshine seasons
Rose and crown

For your day two ADRs:
Hollywood and vine breakfast
Mama melroses for dinner
Thanks for voting and playing!

Originally Posted by Cinderella909 View Post
I'd put the Perfectly Princess Tea right up there with dining at CRT. It was so much fun for both DGD and myself. She remembered the sign language story and enjoyed the parading. She wore her Merida dress and looked so cute. Briar Rose is delightful and does such a wonderful job entertaining the princesses. I even made autograph cards for the PPT (Aurora, Briar Rose and The Baron). If you are interested, just PM and I'll email them to you. If the PPT wasn't a once experiencem, I'd love to repeat when DGD isn't exhausted from the day before. We almost didn't make it, she was so difficult to wake up. But, once up and there, she had a wonderful time. Do hope you'll go, as they are little for such short time.

Love the belle dress for AG!!! Too cute!

Enjoy Karen
Oh you are really making me question the decision to skip it this trip! You are absolutely right that this age will pass too quickly. I wonder if she'd still love it next year? I just don't know where we'd fit it this year.

Originally Posted by Avery&Todd View Post
My votes:

Signature/Celebrity Chef
Artist's Point - we LOVE some WL!!!

Character/Dinner Show
Cinderella's Royal Table - how can you miss the Princesses???

Counter Service
Cap't Cook's

Table Service
Rose and Crown - one of our FAVORITE meals on our last trip!!
Thanks for playing, and I love that you're giving reasons too! I really want the tournament to help people make some dining choices in addition to being fun!

Originally Posted by danielle79 View Post
Ok so my guesses for the for the brackets are Artists Point, Le Chefs de France( I want to go there and see Remy) Sunshine Seasons and Biergarten. And my guesses for your only full DHS day are Hollywood and Vine breakfast and Mama Melrose for dinner. The Belle dress for the AGD came out really nice! I have to pick on you a little bit now, I read that the last update had sewing and shopping and was all excited to see the cute things you bought for Maddie or yourself and/or from the Disney store online and much to my dissappointment there is one picture of men's shoes!
I can see where you'd be disappointed. Would it help if I shared a pic of Bryan wearing the shoes?

Originally Posted by afwdwfan View Post
Ok, first of all and most importantly, your Illini better beat IU for the second time this year this afternoon.

I was looking over one of my brackets this afternoon (I filled out three) and realized I had 3 Big Ten teams in the Final Four on one of them. Pretty sure that's not going to happen. Taught Maddie the ILL-INI cheer this week though!

I'm sorry for you difficulties with booking the flight, but I'm glad you got some good customer service from SW and got it worked out.

It was a really nice surprise to have such great customer service from them!

If you're not there the first hour the park is open, I don't think it will make any difference. Don't want to be a downer, but no point rushing there if you're passing on shorter lines for other things.

Ugghh. I was afraid of that. If by some chance we get there pretty close to rope drop we'll head right there, but otherwise we should just plan to wait in line for a while huh?

Your Maddie??????

Crazy isn't it?

Well, I'm glad that she's excited about experiencing more rides. Hopefully she doesn't lose that desire and will actually follow through with it, and enjoy them.

I really hope so too. She's so excited about it right now.

You'll probably prove me wrong here, but I guess I'll go ahead and lock it in...

Hollywood & Vine - Breakfast

Mama Melrose - Dinner

Now for the tournament:

Artist Point - just because it is in the WL and everything about the WL is pure awesomeness

CRT - Never been there, but even as a 31 year old guy, I kind of want to eat in the castle. Yes, I just admitted that.

I think more highly of you for having admitted it.

Capt. Cooks - I just don't like Sunshine Seasons as much as most people, and Capt. Cooks has self serve Dole Whip.

Biergarten - Haven't tried either one, and want to try both. I think I'd really like the ambience of Biergarten though, so I guess that's my vote.
Thanks for playing and commenting!

Originally Posted by KatMark View Post
I love the Belle dress for the American Girl doll.

I'm not in the official contest, but here are my thoughts on your latest entries:

1) Not picking a signature because we've not eaten at either one so no idea

2) For character meal, we've never done Cinderella's Royal Table, but we fell in love with Chef's deFrance in December so I'm picking that

3) Captain Cooks if it is lunch or dinner (not a fan of Sunshine Seasons except for breakfast)

4) DEFINITELY Rose & Crown; we ate at Biergarten back in 2010 and it used to be a favorite. The food had declined so much in our opinion.
Thanks Kathy! And, there are no official entries for the Tournament of Food-just opinions! I hope we'll get as many votes as possible so that we can get a real feel for what people like!
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Old 03-21-2013, 11:04 PM   #347
I make lists about my lists
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Originally Posted by Li Li View Post
My husband and I went to Bluezoo last September. I loved it; my husband was more meh about it but I think he was just being stubborn because he had been "dreading" it because he thought he wouldn't find anything to eat because he doesn't like fish. He likes shellfish and there are non-fish options, but I think he just decided to be a big baby about it!

Anyway, we went at night and it struck me as
Very dark and very full of adults probably because Dolphin always has conventions going on. But the food was great as far as I was concerned!
Thanks so much for sharing that! It sounds like somewhere that we'd like to try on an adult's only trip (am I remembering correctly that children aren't welcome there?)

It sounds great-I'm glad that you enjoyed it even if your DH was being a big baby.

Originally Posted by Izzieheartscindy View Post
Make sure you check out the POR resort thread if you haven't already. They have some amazing info on the resort and rooms an how to send in your room request fax 3-5 days prior to check in. I followed their advice and it worked! Also portorleans.org is an amazing site. Having just returned from an 8 night stay I have to say the royal guest rooms are amazing!! Best themed room in Disney and so worth the bus hassle!!!

Love the AG dress!!!
I have subbed over there. Andre and Venom seem really helpful. For now I'm just soaking in the info, as we get closer to the trip I may have some questions for them.

I'm so glad to hear that you loved your stay there! Thanks for saying that! We're really excited to try it out.

Bus hassle? Oh no...

Originally Posted by aras4007 View Post
You are so talented! Love all the dresses!

My picks for this round-
I've done neither, but if I had to pick one, it would be Artist Point
Sunshine Seasons- my favorite!
Rose and Crown
Thank you! and Thanks for voting!

Originally Posted by Avery&Todd View Post
OK, for the Guess My ADR Game at HS, I'll say...

Holywood & Vine
50's Prime Time - our family fav!!
Mama Melrose's

Good luck to me!!
Good luck to you indeed!

Originally Posted by marDgreen88 View Post
Your plans for the first day sound great! I don't even remember what I guessed, but it's so funny that only one person got it right! Good job Daisy.

Wow, look at Maddie being all big and bad! She's a riding machine!

My ADR guesses for day two are... Hollywood and Vine, Mama Melrose, and Yachtsman.

My votes for the next round are for Artist Point, Cinderella's Royal Table, Sunshine Seasons, and Biergarten.

AMAZING job on the doll dress! Love it!
Thanks Marissa! She intends to be a riding machine! We may be in the parks from open to close if she insists on riding everything and meeting every character though. We'll need a vacation after our vacation!

Originally Posted by lvcourtneyy View Post
Hmm my guesses are for

Hollywood and Vine breakfast
Mama Melrose for lunch
Yachtsman for Dinner!

I vote for
Artist point
Captain cooks
Rose and Crown

ooh how exciting that Maddie wants to go on more rides! Does this mean you won't beat your princess record this trip? Lolol

Aww the Belle dress looks so adorable!

Hahaha I love that your husband requested new shoes too !
Thanks Courtney! We may not break our record. I think we'll still meet plenty of characters though.

Originally Posted by KristinAnne View Post
For the bracket I'm voting:
Artist's Point
Cinderella's Table
Sunshine Seasons

And for your ADRs
Breakfast: Hollywood and Vine
Lunch: Mama Melrose
Dinner: Fulton's Crab House
Thanks for voting!

Originally Posted by Fantasyland Mom View Post
I am SOOOOOOO excited for these Lilo dresses!
I'm not letting the girls see the AGD princess dress because they will be demanding them! BEAUTIFUL! Great job!
I love that Maddie is wanting to ride some things this go-round. My girls actually seem to be getting MORE scared of things. They've done HM in the past, but seem to be shying away from it when we discuss it. We'll see how that will play out.
And here are my restaurant choices for this round:

Signature/Celebrity Chef

Todd English's Bluzoo--I like seafood, and I hear this is a great, classy seafood place.

Character/Dinner Show

Les Chefs de France--Remember the CATASTROPHE from my TR?! Can't vote for CRT after that one .

Counter Service

Sunshine Seasons--I love sitting here while waiting for baby swap at Soarin'. Plus, I actually kind of hate Captain Cook's. You'll hear about that later in the TR once we swap resorts.

Table Service

Rose and Crown--Three summers spent in London enjoying the pubs. This is familiar.

I am enjoying this game so much! I love seeing how well-organized it is! You know me and my organization!
Jenn your dresses should be ready to ship by Monday or Tuesday!

I love that you commented on the organization, I was feeling a little disorganized. You know you're my organizing soul sister.

I didn't think CRT would get your vote this time around... Can't wait to hear the drama at Captain Cooks!

Originally Posted by cheshirecatattack View Post
I already guessed H&V breakfast and mama melroses, I want to add Yachtsmen dinner since you have three ADRs.
Thanks! Sorry for the confusion!

Originally Posted by katt789 View Post
Love the dress! I may have to solicite (imma pretend thats the right word, lawl) you to make me costumes! Bahaha!!

Im so glad you went with le cellier!! Is that a new one for you??

I vote
-CRT (durp, youre in the castle, and princesses, and a wishing ceremony!)
-sunshine seasons (amazing fruit &chs plates!)
- rose & crown (great food! Lovethe yorkshire pudding! Be careful to chew your food properly though,. Lol)
I would love to help you out Katt! I do have to tell you that I've never really made stuff for anyone with (how shall I say this delicately?) breasts before, but I'd be happy to try!

Originally Posted by katt789 View Post
Also my dhs adrs are:

-hollywood& vine
-50's pt
-sci fi drive in
Thanks for playing!

Originally Posted by michael's mom View Post
Artist Point because I've never heard of the other
Cinderella's Royal Table ~ can't wait to go back in 4 weeks
Sunshine Seasons
Rose and Crown ~ most likely to try this over Biergarten

As for checking in/checking out. We had to do that in 09. There were at least 3 families that I was with that had to do this, maybe 4 and we all stayed in the room we first occupied. If my memory serves me correctly, they told me upon initial check-in that I wouldn't be moving so at least you'll know ahead of time and if you do have to check out, you can let Maddie and Bryan sleep a little bit before doing the check out/check in. I've never quite understood why they'd make you switch rooms anyway. Why can't the new guests just have the room you were supposed to get on Saturday, rather than have you switch? My guess is they don't guarantee it because they pretty much don't guarantee anything really...except a GREAT TIME!
Thanks for sharing your experience with the check in/out thing! It would be amazing if they'd tell us at initial check in if we'd have to move! You're right- we'll have a great time even if we have to switch rooms 12 times!

Originally Posted by ronnmel View Post
That would be so nice of you! I can NOT sew, not even just a straight line. The sewing section of Home Economics is the only thing I ever came close to failing in high school, and the only reasons I didn't fail is my friend did half the work and my teacher must have taken pity of me.

Artist's Point
Cinderella's Royal Table
Sunshine Seasons
Rose & Crown

Day 2 ADRs:
Hollywood & Vine
Mama Melrose
Yachtsman Steakhouse

ETA. In my tiredness I forgot to say that you might want to keep an eye out for wait times for Enchanted Tales With Belle and Merida. From what I've read lately, wait times for ETWB juped really high less than 30 minutes after park opening, while Merida wait time is more reasonable than in the past. If it were me I would wait to do ETWB until you can be there at Rope Drop. Even more so since you'll be there in July and a big part of the line is outside in the blazing sun.
I can't wait to make pretty little things for Peanut! I couldn't sew a stitch when I was younger. I was in 4H and my mom finally did my sewing project for me becasue I wasn't going to finish it. I didn't really start sewing until a few years ago. You never know-you might be able to do it!

Thanks for the advice on ETWB/Merida. I guess I just assumed that Merida's line would be as bad as Rapunzel's has always been. We'll make a point to get to ETWB at rope drop then. Sounds so funny for that to be our rope drop attraction, but I guess you do what you gotta do right?
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Old 03-21-2013, 11:15 PM   #348
I make lists about my lists
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Originally Posted by wiigirl View Post
Great TR! Just caught up.
Thank you! and thanks for joining in!

Originally Posted by cutejellybeen View Post
Loving the PTR!!

Maddies dresses and outfits are amazing!!!! you're very talented!!

thats awesome that Maddie is so willing to at least think about trying all the new rides this trip!
Thank you so very much!

She's a little apprehensive about some (EE) but in the end I think that the excitement will will out!

Originally Posted by merbobear View Post
I saw comments mentioning a Jessie outfit..so I had to go back and look. Somehow I had missed it!
O..M...G..It came out adorable! I absolutely LOVE it. It is actually a lot cuter than the "official" Jessie costume from the Disney Store! Like..MILES cuter. You have outdone yourself. The matching bow is the perfect touch too.
Thank you sooooo much! You are too kind.

Originally Posted by TinksThree View Post
First...the dolls dress is so great!!

I am going to jump in here on the tournament game!

Signature/Celebrity Chef:
Artist's Point

Character/Dinner Show:
Les Chefs de France

Counter Service:
Sunshine Seasons

Table Service:
Biergarten vs. Rose and Crown (I never said this would be easy people)

This one really is hard but since I just ate at both on back-to-back nights...I am going with...oh it is so hard....but I will choose Biergarten.

Thanks! and thanks for voting!

Originally Posted by TruLovesKiss View Post
Your plans for Day One sound great!! That's exciting that Maddie is looking forward to the rides this trip! Our first day will be in MK as well and I've been trying to get my kiddos to decide on their "first ride" They are so excited for them all that they can't seem to pick!

Here are my votes for the next round of the Tournament of Food:

Signature- Artist Point

Character/Dinner- CRT of course!!!

Counter- Cap't Cook's

Table Service- Biergarten

And my guesses for you ADR game:
Hollywood & Vine
Mama Melrose
Yachtsman Steakhouse
Thanks for voting and playing!

I am excited that Maddie wants to do more rides this trip. It definitely gives her more to look forward to. She's torn about what to do first as well! She changes her mind 10x a day!

Originally Posted by disneygirl520 View Post
Putting in my votes
Artist's point
Sunshine Seasons

I think you will eat at
Hollywood and Vine (breakfast)
Mama Melrose (lunch)
Yachtsman steakhouse (dinner)
Thanks for playing!

Originally Posted by LilAnn View Post
HI Shannon!!

Not to hijack your thread, but we got the dress and love it, love it, love it! Fits perfectly too! Like I promised, here's the pic. You did such an amazing job!

She had to pose for your photo with her "too small" Jessie boots on. She made sure I sent that one to you as opposed to the one where she was barefoot. I may need to go buy some new boots for the trip. Thanks again!!!!!
I'm so glad that you shared the photo Ann! I'm going to 'reshare' it in the next update too. Everyone needs to see how cute your DD looks. Please tell her that I think the boots are the perfect finishing touch, and that I LOVED her thank you note.

It was such fun to make for her. I loved being able to 'redesign' the outfit and knowing how much she loves Jessie really made me want for it to be extra special.

Thanks for the kind words. If I start an Etsy shop I'll need your testimonial you know

Originally Posted by danielle79 View Post
Ok, so my new updated guesses are Hollywood and Vine breakfast, Mama Melrose lunch and Fultons for dinner! I really love the Jessie outfit, turned out great!
Sorry about the confusion!

Originally Posted by Cinderella909 View Post
This is getting harder
Artist Point (as it's in Wilderness Lodge) (Haven't eaten at either)
Cinderella Royal Table (No contest here - poor Remy, he is so cute)
Sunshine Seasons (difficult choice as I love Capt Cooks but like the variety at Sunshine Seasons)
Biergarten (Again tough and haven't eaten at either in such a long time but thinking the atmosphere at Biegarten would be more fun the the english pub)

That's my pick! Karen
Thanks for playing Karen!

Originally Posted by Cinderella909 View Post
Continuing on in my perpetual state of ADR game confusion... here are my choices for day 2 at DHS... and 3 ADRs

Hollywood and Vine
50s Prime Time Diner
Moma Melrose

Hangin in there, Karn
It's my fault. This time I really did not lay out the clue/options well. Next time I promise to do better. If you're still confused next time I'm just going to award you points anyway-I like you too much for you not be scoring.

Originally Posted by michael's mom View Post
Hmmm. Going with...

Hollywood and Vine for breakfast
Fulton's for lunch
And mama melroses fantasmic package for dinner.
Thanks for playing!

Originally Posted by merbobear View Post
As for your DHS day...

Breakfast: H&V
Lunch:Mama Melrose
Dinner: Yachtsman Steakhouse
Thanks for playing!

Originally Posted by LizJoy View Post
I love love love the Jessie outfit! It is so adorable! Okay, onto my favorite subject...food!

Tournament of Food
Artist's Point
Cinderella's Royal Table
Sunshine Seasons

ADR Game
Breakfast - Hollywood & Vine
Lunch - 50's Prime Time Cafe
Dinner - Mama Melrose's

Thanks for playing!
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I make lists about my lists
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The One With the Tournament of Food 4

Hey guys!

It's that time again! The voting for this round of the Tournament of Food is officially closed. The votes have been tallied, and we have our first upset!

Here are the results:

Signature/Celebrity Chef

no upsets here-3 Artist Point won by a landslide

Character/Dinner Show

again, the 3 seed pulled out a win. Cinderella's Royal Table was the clear winner

Counter Service

3 Sunshine Seasons defeated 14 Captain Cook's by a mile

Table Service

In a stunning upset 14 Rose and Crown defeated 3 Biergarten by a miniscule margin of victory. One vote decided the match!

Here's what the bracket looks like now:

This weeks match-ups are:

Signature/Celebrity Chef

4 Jiko vs. 13 Kouzina

Character/Dinner Show

4 Garden Grill vs. 13 Mickey's Backyard BBQ

Table Service

4 T Rex vs. 13 Coral Reef

Counter Service

4 Columbia Harbor House vs. 13 Pizza Planet

Vote for your favorite or the one you'd most like to try by next Thursday! I'll reveal the winners for this round at that time!
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I make lists about my lists
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The One With the Sappiness

Hey everyone! I don't have any sewing updates for you since I'm not quite finished with the last of the Lilo dresses (should be done this weekend though). I have done a bit of shopping for Easter but I thought I'd wait to share those goodies until after the holiday.

What I would like to say this week is this:

I've been lurking around the Rumors boards a bit this week 1. because I'm nosy and like rumors and 2. because the people over there are really, really serious about their Disney Rumors. There seems to be a lot of fighting and such which is fun in a 'watch the Real Housewives flip a table' kind of way, but nothing I really want to jump into the middle of. Some of the regular posters over there actually seem kind of angry and angry at WDW.

The angry people kind of got me thinking.

While my trips and the planning of them isn't always magical or perfect, I really love Disney. To me Disney and WDW kind of signify what's right with the world. A place of joy and innocence where families can spend time together. A place of pixie dust and fairies and princesses and pirates. A place where dreams really do come true.

I'm not naive. I know that Disney Corp is a business-a really successful and rich one at that. I suppose that I choose to focus on the experience versus the black and white dollars and cents aspect that seems to really infuriate some.

So, what I'd really like to say in this update is Thank You.

Thanks to all of you who are a part of my kinder, gentler corner of the DIS. I love reading about your trips, your plans, hearing about your children, grandchildren, families. I love that with each TR or PTR I do I get to make wonderful new friends. You folks are the reason that I joined the DIS in the first place.

And, to that end I wanted to share a really wonderful surprise that Maddie and I got a few weeks ago from a fellow (kind and gentle magic loving) DISer.

Maddie and I were lucky enough to meet Katt789 during our last trip. Though we didn't have long to talk, we are friends on Facebook and keep up with one anothers TRs pretty consistently.

Well, a few weeks ago while I was waiting for Maddie to get out of school I opened up Facebook on my phone only to see that I'd been tagged in a video by Katt. Obviously I opened the video. Over the course of the day we received several more surprise videos like these .(click the links to see our awesome surprises!)

Maddie was over the moon. She thinks that the princesses called her up for some Facetime chatting since I showed her all the videos on my phone. Bryan and I have been worried that this might be the last year that she truly believes (in princesses, Santa, Tooth Fairy ), and these messages really went a long way toward preserving that magic and innocence for my baby girl. Katt did all of this as a surprise for both of us, and I am still a little overwhelmed by the fact that a person that we've only met once for a few minutes would have taken the time out of her vacation to ask the princesses to do this for my Maddie. Katt, I hope you know how much that meant to both of us.

And, one more fun thing is that LilAnn shared with me a picture of her DD-the recipient of the Jessie outfit in her new duds. How cute is this?????

Originally Posted by LilAnn View Post

So I guess that's it for it for this week. Thanks for being my unmet friends. You guys rock!
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Originally Posted by shan23877 View Post

I have subbed over there. Andre and Venom seem really helpful. For now I'm just soaking in the info, as we get closer to the trip I may have some questions for them.

I'm so glad to hear that you loved your stay there! Thanks for saying that! We're really excited to try it out.

Bus hassle? Oh no...

Well, we only had one real problem where we had to wait to wait for a fourth MK bus - but that was because the cheerleaders had descended upon us and they were all going to MK! I meant more of the fact of taking a bus in general vs being on the monorail or boat. But the price allowed us to stay for 8 nights on a year where we weren't supposed to be going to Disney! We keep saying we're going to take a year off... My logic was similar to yours in that I thought I wanted to make sure that DD5 had one last time of truly believing that the magic, princesses, etc. are real. That and DS1 was still "free" at Disney and a lap infant on the plane. Like how I worked that out??

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Your post made me teary! You are so right my friend...I, like you, love everything Disney stands for! I never loose sight of the fact that Disney Corp is a business and like any business, it's there to make money!

I love the friends I've met on here and I too love hearing about their lives and their trips! It makes my heart sing, especially after a long day at work. Only your Dis-friends truly "get" your obsession with this place and I love the fact that we never have to explain it to them!

You just made my morning my friend!
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Originally Posted by shan23877 View Post

Ugghh. I was afraid of that. If by some chance we get there pretty close to rope drop we'll head right there, but otherwise we should just plan to wait in line for a while huh?
Well, that was definitely the case when we were there. There's always a possibility that the newness and popularity could wear off by the time you're there, but I'd doubt it. I know I listened to a WDW Today podcast a couple of weeks ago and they talked about it. They basically called it "the new Dumbo" because it is so popular and has such a low capacity.

Now, to re-do my votes for your Hollywood Studios day, I'd said H&V breakfast and Mama Melrose dinner. I'm going to change it since you'll have 3 ADR's...

Hollywood & Vine - Breakfast
Mama Melrose - Lunch
Yachtsman - Dinner

And the current tournament...
Jiko vs. Kouzina is tough. Never done either one, but I'll go with Kouzina. Just because I like an underdog.

Garden Grill - Characters, food served family style and it is in the Land Pavilion. Nothing bad about this one.

Coral Reef - I'd probably think T-Rex is pretty awesome myself, but I think our kids would probably not care for the noises.

Pizza Planet - This would be more like a 16 beating a 1 if Pizza Planet wins, but I really think it is underrated, and I just don't care for CHH as much as just about everyone else on the DIS.

As for your last post...

Well, I'm certainly not too shy about expressing my disappointment with Disney when it is called for, but you do make a good point. They are a business and I understand that. Also, I'm a stockholder, so from that aspect I want to see them operate in a manner that will generate a return on my investment. If I don't like what I'm seeing either in the parks or from a business decision standpoint, I'm not too shy about sharing my opinion. That said, I get where you're coming from. I rarely ever spend much time on the Disboards outside of TR's/PTR's and the Disdads areas. The last time I went to the Theme Parks Strategy board, I got into a little back and forth with someone, and I just wanted to reach through my computer, grab them by the neck and beat some sense into them.

Anyway, I'm glad that there is a corner of this community where you can come and experience the magic of Disney through others any day of the year. Even if you might not get to experience it in person for several months or even a year or 2.

My hat goes off to Katt789 for giving Maddie a little bit of that magic while she's at home.
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I am telling you that DIS friends are the BEST friends. What a sweet thing for a fellow DISer to do.

On the meals, my picks would be:

1) Jiko because I've heard wonderful things about it and want to try it so need to know what you thought

2) I'm going with Mickey's Backyard BBQ because I love bbq

3) Coral Reef; I have heard it's very loud in T-Rex and we really love Coral Reef

4) DEFINITELY Columbia Harbor House; we avoid Disney pizza at all costs

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I am a lot like you and just visit the Rumors boards every now and then. Those people over there can get quite testy and rude. Like you, I am very very thankful for the friends that I have met on the Disboards and that they are all kind gentle souls.

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Time for food voting:
-Backyard BBQ [seems like more fun]
-Coral Reef [cause I haven't eaten there lol]
-Pizza Planet [heck, even if I don't eat here I still always go in and look around! Love it! Also it's one of the few places in DHS with an atm...so I end up there a lot...]

I spent a bit of time on the rumours board and I have to agree, things have gotten snarky, I think it's just the amount of people that are "I'M RIGHT YOU'RE WRONG" I know a fair bit about entertainment now thanks to learning, listening, and there are quite a few people on tumblr who I follow who are friends with characters, and put out TRUE information, and I know things, lol, but on here, it's like "NOPE YOU ARE WRONG" kinda thing ugh. (ps, one of those secrets, Wendy is said to be appearing with Peter starting late May.....me thinks it'll be on the veranda where Ariel was...who knows about that part...]

ANYWAYS, Disney is magical and amazing and I thank you for thanking us! And no problem about the videos, I'm actually bummed I missed Tiana and Naveen, and the fairies haha. I'll do whatever I can to help spread the magic and make people happy! I have to say that my disboard friends are slowly taking over, I've made so many fantastic friends on here, of all ages, and I've had the amazing pleasure of meeting you, and Jess now, and a few others who I didn't know but approached me. It's really amazing to find out how many people on here support me and it makes me tear up thinking about all the "live your dream, I know you can do it" that I get from here, ya'll are amazing!

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May 2014 (24 hr day)

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I couldn't have put in it a better way. I love all of my DIS friends so much, because my DIS friends are just so kind, and they understand why I am so obsessed with Disney.
The other day at school I was in my iPod typing something on disboards when one my friends asked "what are you doing?" I replied "talking to my DIS friends." I have never gotten such a confused look in my life.
I will never stop believing in Disney magic.
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Voting Time!
Kouzina- It looks interesting
Garden Grill- My favorite!!
T-Rex- I've heard a lot of good things!
Columbia Harbour House- I don't like Disney pizza (I know, I know..I should be shunned!)

How awesome of Katt to do that for you and Maddie. Amazing!!
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i love the snow white video.
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Those videos are great. I bet Maddie was over the moon.
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