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Old 01-18-2013, 12:38 PM   #151
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Originally Posted by tinkgurl View Post
I'm so jealous!

Originally Posted by Jenna319 View Post
I am going to have to add grand Floridian cafe to my to-do list for our next trip. I AK a huge fan of the pineapple macadamian pancakes at kona so the citrus pancakes would be right up my alley! I just love reading your reports..... I wish you would have looked me up on new years- I would have totally walked over to DHS for EMH! Afte reading your updates, I really need to start planning my next visit. Ive only been home a week and a half and I'm getting depressed with no upcoming disney trip planned!!
Yes you would LOVE the Citrus pancakes then! They're SO good! Oh I know that feeling - I always need to have a trip planned or I go crazy!

Originally Posted by WEDWDW View Post
Great update 508!

Your TRs provide so much detailed info!I did not know that Grand Floridian has a Balloon Drop on NYE and that EACH Country has their own fireworks in WS on NYE!

Awesome attention to detail 508-JUST LIKE THE IMAGINEERS!

I am SO glad you loved Mermaid!So many Guests are saying it is not "complex" enough-it isn't supposed to be!

It is carrying on the tradition of CLASSIC Fantasyland dark rides!

You were a great Mrs. FrumPotts!

That show is so much fun-I loved getting the Bookmark and the one of a kind Photopass card!

Thank you! I'm glad they're helpful.
No I think the Little Mermaid ride is perfect! I don't know how a dark ride is supposed to be complex. It's simple but it's carrying on the tradition of Fantasyland dark rides.
Thanks! It was a great experience!

Originally Posted by merbobear View Post
I have never been on the Liberty Belle either! I am hoping that it's not being refurbed when we go this year, the past 2 years it has been closed every day of our vacation! Not that it's the biggest draw to the parks, but it looks like a nice ride

& I got to see the Dapper Dans this past year and they are AMAZING. So entertaining and so talented. I love all of the streetmosphere going on in WDW, it is part of what sets it so far apart from other "theme parks" (using the term loosely, since most have hardly any theming!).
Hopefully it'll be open for you!
Aren't they great? I love them too!

Originally Posted by JessM View Post
I'm loving this TR! It sounds like you had a fabulous time and a good last trip before becoming a CM!

I also love love love the Yacht Club! Unfortunately it hasn't been in the budget for a few years but I think we are going to try renting points for the BWV next December so I'm at least closer to my goal!

I'm jazzed for your to start your CP! Its the one thing I truly regret doing and I'm sure you are going to have the time of your life!

PS I also hope Preston gets to come visit you while you are there for your CP. I went for the first time with my DBF in Dec and it was truly magical, I hope you get a trip with him soon!
Thank you so much! I really did!
The BWV are awesome!! That's a great alternative!
Thank you! Only 2 days until I leave!!!!!!
He is supposed to come down in March over spring break We don't have his flights booked yet but we are working on it! I'm looking forward to it more than anything!!!
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Old 01-18-2013, 12:39 PM   #152
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Chapter 16: MY NEW HIGH SCORE!
January 2nd, 2013

Alright everyone! I'm leaving for Florida in 2 DAYS! On Sunday, my friend Mark and I are moving to FLORIDA!!!! So I here are a bunch more updates. I will post the last one tomorrow along with the information for my DCP report! So stay tuned and enjoy the rest of the story! (:


This morning I woke up at 7:40 am. Mom, Dad, and I drove to Hollywood Studios and grabbed fastpasses for TOY STORY MANIA! I got the passes at 9:14 am and they were already for 1:20-2:20 pm! The park opened at 9 am but they always let people in early during the holidays. The crowds still had not died down yet!

While I got the fastpasses, Mom and Dad got coffee from Starring Rolls. I met back up with them and then we headed out of the park!

We drove over to the Polynesian for our breakfast at Kona! This has become a family favorite and MUST-DO, if you all havent noticed already!

Mom and Dad both ordered the Macadamia Pineapple Pancakes. You can NOT go wrong with those. They blow me away every time. They just taste so good! Dad was so happy to be reunited with his favorite pancakes! (Although the Citrus Pancakes from Grand Floridian Cafe have proved themselves to be quite the competition...)

I ended up getting Tonga Toast since they both got my other option. It was REALLY delicious. Tonga Toast and the strawberry compote is such a magical combination. I love it so much.

After we finished up eating, we left and went to Walgreens. We had to get Jonathan some Mucinex, tissues, chapstick, and other things to get that boy better! He missed out on the whole trip, poor thing.

We got back to the Yacht Club and I went down to Stormalong Bay. I laid out for about an hour and a half. It was really nice out again, but it was cloudier than the other day. Which isnt a bad thing because I KEPT SEEING MICKEY SHAPES IN THE CLOUDS. I swear, Disney is the most incredibly magical place in the world. I couldnt even believe it. If that isn't a sign for a Disney-filled future, I don't know what it is.

After laying out for a bit, I went upstairs and took a quick shower. I got changed and then it was time to use up the TOY STORY MANIA FASTPASSES!!!

No one wanted to go with me, (I was shocked at those people) so I ended up walking over to Hollywood Studios by myself. I was not mad. It was another one of those spiritually enhancing moments where I was on a solo trip and I just felt happy and free. AHH life was so good.

I FOUND MY FIRST SURVEY MARKER! I forgot what the significance of those things were... but I know they're fun to find. I'm glad I finally noticed one! It was on my walk near the Boardwalk to DHS!

Here is the view behind me:

And where I was heading:


I arrived at the park and fought my way through the crowds. I arrived to Pixar Place and only had about half an hour to use up 3 Toy Story Mania FPs. The crowds were super heavy&. WAS I ABLE TO DO IT?

Well ask yourself. Am I a frump or am I a frump??? IT WAS GO TIME.

I got in line for my first ride. There was a little family of four behind me and I could hear the Mom talking to the kids. She was like weve all had a great time in Disney, right? and the kids were like yeah! So then she was like Mommy and Daddy are going to take us back to Disney, right? and they were like yeah!! And then she proceeded to say, well, were not going to have time to go on this ride today. We will have to do it next time. THEY HAD TO LEAVE TO GO TO THE AIRPORT. The little girl just started BAWLING. It absolutely broke my heart I wanted to cry with her! Leaving Disney is the absolute worst. Ive had my fair share of cries over the years.

So the family left, I handed in my fastpasses, and rode the ride. I only got a 169,000 and I was very disappointed with myself. My Toy Story arm was HURTIN.

Then I went on again and some random guy sat with me. That added some competition to the game. During the practice round our vehicle wasnt catching on the track. It was so weird! Thankfully it fixed itself, but that was super weird!

I ended up getting 201,500 on that next round which was MUCH better!! (and I kicked that guy's butt!)

When I got off of the ride it was 2:26 pm. My fastpass time ended at 2:20 pm, but I thought I would try to get on again anyway! The cast member looked at it and was hesitant to let me in, but I was like isnt it okay to come within 10 minutes? And she was like eh okay go ahead. YEAH YEAH!

Good thing she let me in too because this was a MONUMENTAL GAME.

The cast member at the loading dock was like you must really like this ride, you just keep coming back! Hahaha I LOVE when the Toy Story Mania CMs recognize me. Its like my favorite thing.

I was in Row 5, I had a yellow shooter, (aka the left) and the game began. I WAS READY TO GO.

I dont know what it was but I was ROCKING that game. I was just getting all of the targets I had to get. I was on FIRE!!

I knew I was going to break 200,000 at the rate I was going, but by how much!?

So what was the final score?


I was so incredibly excited!! It was sad because I was by myself and I didnt have anyone to celebrate with& so I had a little ME PARTY! WOOHOO!!!

I posted on twitter:
I'm probably the only person in this entire park who got to go on Toy Story Mania 3 times in a row today. Waking up early is worth it.

I escaped the crowd and grabbed a TOT fastpass, which I actually never got to use.

While walking up Sunset Boulevard I found a D Ticket pin, which was the last one of my set! I was SUPER excited! It was a very productive little trip to Hollywood Studios on this lovely day.

I left the park and went back to the Yacht Club. I could just stare at this view all day:

See why I'm in love with this place?

I went to the gift shop and traded for some pins, and then I went back up to the room. My family was watching Everybody Loves Raymond and Friends. Talk about LAZY. I caught up on my trip journal and laid on my beautiful couch bed.

Pin update:

Dad said he was going to go down to the Ship Shape Health Club to work out, so on a whim I decided to join him. Crazy right!?

I went on the treadmill and did some abs/leg workout - Aka my typical princess routine. It actually felt really good! You would think my energy would be drained from going to the parks but I had a lot of energy from all of that sugar I had been consuming!

We went back to the room, I showered, (for the THIRD time that day. THAT IS UNHEARD OF!!!) and then we left for dinner!

Continued in Next Post

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Chapter 17: Via Napoli and Fantasmic!
January 2nd, 2013

We walked to Epcot and through the World Showcase. It felt SUPER dark out that day. I never realize how low lit the World Showcase is. I couldnt see where I was going!

Via Napoli was our restaurant of choice this night another family favorite! We were seated quickly and our table was on the right side of the restaurant in a little corner. It was right near where Nat and I sat two summers ago!

I posted on twitter:
They were playing "An Evening in Roma" in Via Napoli and it reminded me of the Lizzie McGuire movie.

This place is just too good.

Our waitress name was Frederica. She was very nice but I couldnt hear her over the noise at all.

We started off our meal with some delicious bread an olive oil. Ah I love being Italian.

Mom got a salad which she LOVED. She's obsessed with the salads at Via Napoli.

Dad and I split the spaghetti and meatballs because we were really in the mood for that. It was so good. The sauce is REALLY fresh.

Not to mention, the most attractive waiter in the whole restaurant made a solitary trip to our table to deliver my spaghetti and definitely looked back and checked me out as he was leaving. LOL

Then we all split a huge pepperoni pizza. The pepperoni at Via Napoli is SO GOOD. It's like... real. And the dough is thin but fluffy. I love it. Some of the ends were burnt but the majority of the pizza was great. I WISH I COULD EAT THAT PIZZA EVERY DAY.

Then for dessert Mom and I both got pistachio gelato. YUM. It was so cool, refreshing, and had a great flavor!

Dad and Jon left right after we ate our pizza and went back to the room. Mom and I finished up, went back to the room to get the keys, and drove over to Hollywood Studios!

We found a spot in the Stage parking lot and went inside. We met up with my friend Miranda (you probably remember her from the October trip!) and her Mom right by Hollywood Scoops! They had gotten ice cream and they were talking to Miranda's friend from the other night who thought I could be a princess.

We said our hellos and went in to get seats for Fantasmic's 10 o'clock show! We ended up finding an AWESOME spot right in the front row. It was lovely! I have a talent for finding great seats at Fantasmic, I have to say.

Mom and Miranda's Mom instantly became best friends and chatted all about our CP's and their daughters leaving them. They had a lot to bond over!

The show began at 10 and it was FANTASTICALLY FANTASMIC! Obviously. At first the wind was blowing at us so all of the mist was getting us all wet! Thankfully it got better as the show went on.


It was really great as usual and I was dancing along with the whole thing! I just enjoyed every second. I just have such a great appreciation for this show lately and I don't know why.

LET'S JUST ADMIRE THE FINALE BOAT OF PERFECTION. (Minus Rapunzel and Flynn. Like, why aren't they on there yet!?)

You know... I could TOTALLY be Meg. It really is a shame that she only exists in Fantasmic.

I posted on twitter:
IM SO IN LOVE, IM SO IN LOVE, IM SO IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! ddddd #fantasmic



"Some imagination, huh?"

"Hu-huh!" (Mickey laugh)


We lingered around once it ended and then started heading out of the park. But first we stopped at looked in the stores! It was Miranda's last night with her CM pass from her DCP. So she wanted to use that 40% holiday discount!

She got her friend a Christmas gift and I got Christmas gifts, too! I bought Vickie a Minnie Mouse tank top, some earrings for Nat, and some Mickey socks for myself!

After we finished shopping, it was time to leave. We chatted all the way out of the park and said our goodbyes. I had so much fun! However, the first thing we realized once we left was that we forgot to take a picture!! Darn it. Disney regrets.

We drive back to the Yacht Club and actually got back before 12! It was an early night! I was sound asleep before 1 am.

Continued in Next Post
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Chapter 18: Last Day Activities
January 3rd, 2013

It was our last full day. ALREADY. Time just flies at Disney.

I posted on twitter:
How is it already my last full day?! This vacation has been so wonderful and I'm coming back in only 19 DAYS!!!! #yaylife

I got up at 8:30 am and impulsively decided to go to Animal Kingdom with Mom. We drove there and it was CROWDED. Yuck.

We took the tram to the park and entered. I went ahead to go ride Everest.

Mom went to get a chai tea latte while she waited. Thats like& her favorite part about Animal Kingdom.

I hopped in the 10 minute single rider line. (vs. the 45 minute standby line. Ew.) I was in the middle of the train sitting next to a little boy. His Mom and little brother were sitting in front of us. The Mom was really nice and she chatted with me!

YETI TIME was fantastic as usual. I had a blast!

I met up with Mom and we started heading towards DinoLand. On our way, a CM was standing outside of the Winnie the Pooh Meet and Greet and told us that there was no line! So we decided to go meet some of our favorite friends!

Notice how I am just cuddling with all of them. I LOVE TO CUDDLE AND THEY'RE SO SOFT AND CUTE.

Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

What a nice little treat!

Then we went over to Dinosaur. The line said 20 minutes but it was definitely only 10 or 15. There was this HUGE group of foreigners (similar to Brazilian tour groups minus the matching t-shirts and the flag) and they were SO loud and their kids were running everywhere. UGH the crowds were so annoying.

We got on the ride and I got to sit in the scary front row seat closest to the dinosaur. I roared right back at him. IM NOT SCARED!

After that we left Animal Kingdom. We were going to go to Magic Kingdom and try to get into Be Our Guest for lunch, but my friend texted me and told me that the line to get in was 2.5 hours long. Soooo no.

Instead we decided to go to Beaches and Cream again! You cant go wrong with that choice. We got a table and Dad and Jon joined us about 5-10 minutes later.

I posted on twitter:
I'm destined to be in love with the Beach Club. They play 50's/Beach Boys music all the time. #perfect

I started off with a strawberry milkshake and it was literally perfect. YUMMY BREAKFAST. Jon got a chocolate milkshake and Dad also got a strawberry one.

For my meal I got a regular grilled cheese and onion rings. SO MUCH YUM.

Mom got the veggie sandwich again with onion rings. She ordered this sandwich twice in one trip so clearly she enjoyed it.

Dad got the burger and fries again. He said that Beaches and Cream had really good burgers and he was really looking forward it all morning.

Jonathan also got the regular grilled cheese and the tomato bisque. I had some bisque and it was really good! It had a kick to it.

Once we finished our meal, we went to the arcade and played for a while. We played ski-ball, basketball, and a bunch of other games. I also went over to the Beach Club and did a little pin trading.

Then we decided to go to Stormalong Bay! It was our last day so we just had to!!

We found spots by the sand area. Jon and I went down the slide and it was AWESOME. Its really huge! The slide starts over across the sidewalk in the giant pirate ship and then it shoots you really fast all the way to the pool! I loved it.

We went in the hot tub to warm up after going down the slide. It was a little chillier that day because it was cloudy. We only laid out for a little bit and then Mom and I headed back up to the room. Dad and Jonathan stayed down there and played some pool.

This is probably one of my favorite things about the Yacht Club right here. During they day they had this water in the lobby and it was THE BEST WATER EVER. There was lemon and limes in it and it was always freezing cold. I can't even tell you how many cups I got. It was really refreshing AND I MISS IT SO!!!!

Housekeeping was cleaning our room when we got there so Mom and I went out on the porch and wrote in our journals. When they were finished, I went inside and took a shower.

Mom found some trivia game on her iPhone and was entertained while I was getting ready. Dad brought my car to get vacuumed and got me new windshield wipers. He is such a wonderful person. THANKS DAD! Brooke is gonna be all set for her Disney adventure!

Once I was done getting ready, Mom, Jon, and I started walking over to Hollywood Studios.

Good thing I took this picture because the next day the poinsettias were GONE!

We had a little YaCHt Club photoshoot on the way.


We finally made it to Hollywood! Woohoo!

I'm obsessed with this picture. I love the colors and the balloons and LKSDHFLDJAHFLAJDFHASDF I CAN'T WAIT TO LIVE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Continued in Next Post
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Chapter 19: Dinner at Ohana with the Cousins!
January 3rd, 2013

Let's go!

We went right to the Great Movie Ride! I had been craving it so much because I listen to the soundtrack CONSTANTLY at home. I needed to ride! It had about a 25 minute wait but I didn't care.

We got to sit in the front row and I was right next to the driver! I always get stuck in the back so I was super excited. We got the gangster and unfortunately he was not very good at all. Our main guy was alright. I pretty much spent the entire ride obsessing over the fact that I think Preston would be PERFECT for this job. He would have way too much fun with it. He has both of the accents down for the cowboy and the gangster and he would be a great tour guide because he "loves the movies!" GAHH.

Afterwards we went to see the Osborne Spectacle of Lights. Mom didn’t make it over there the other day so we needed to make sure she saw them before we left!

We got to watch the lights dance! They was super pretty.

It was REALLY crowded and cold though so we didn’t stay long. We had to go to dinner!

Bye Osborne Lights!

We caught the bus to the Polynesian! We were getting VERY close to our ADR time but we made it, thank goodness!

I went upstairs to check in for our 7:10 pm reservation at 7:07 pm. They said the wait would be about 20-30 minutes from the reservation time.

We were called 37 minutes later. But it was worth it.

I posted on twitter:

We were seated at a smaller 4-person table this time (as opposed to a huge round table) which we really liked. Our waiter was WONDERFUL. His name escapes me but it started with an M. He had such a relaxed voice – perfect for the Hawaiian setting! The two people helping him were great, too! My Dad had a fun time joking with them being like “hey cuz!” Our waiter told us, “I can see you have a fun Daddy.” He’s somethin’ alright! hahaha

They started us off with the bread that is so good that you don’t even need butter.

The salad was next and the dressing was delicious! As well as the dipping sauces... but I can never remember which one is which.

Then the fantastic chicken wings and pot stickers came out. I could make an entire meal out of those.

The YUMMY NOODLES were next. Those were so good. I definitely ate WAY too many. They’re my favorite. I couldn't resist!

Then the meat started coming to the table! The best tonight was definitely the steak. It was VERY flavorful.

Then they brought us the YUMMY SHRIMP, the chicken, and the pork. They were all hot, fresh, and delicious!

I was anticipating dessert like there was no tomorrow. FINALLY the beautiful bread pudding arrived!

Dad said that he didn’t remember it being that good!! AHH it just tasted PERFECT! We ate the entire thing and we still wanted more!

So we ordered a 2nd one! While we were waiting for it to come to the table, Wishes started out the window! HOW MAGICAL.

I posted on twitter:

We got the 2nd dessert and ate the whole thing AGAIN. Ask me how... I don’t know.

It was definitely a little excessive and I was borderline nauseous by the end but I mean… it was WORTH IT!

We said goodbye and thanked our cousins! They really made the experience so pleasant! It was the perfect meal to go to on our last night!

I posted on twitter:
Well now I'm done eating for the next week.

I lied about that one. But who's surprised?

We waddled out of there and went to our car. We drove it back to the Yacht Club and went up to our room. I had to put my fat clothes on because I felt like I was EXPLODING.

I posted on twitter:
I've been sitting here for the past 20 minutes just staring at all of my pins. #addicted

But that's probably because I cannot physically move due to Ohana. #fatclothes #SOFAT

Here's my pin intake for the day:

I literally laid down and went to sleep at 10:30 pm. I haven’t fallen asleep that early in months! Oh Ohana, you do crazy things to me.

Continued in Next Post

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We were at the Beach club from jan 2-10! And I am guessing just by the football wear you're a fellow WNY'er Beach Club is definitely my family's new favorite resort. I sure wish I didn't see your Yachtsman pictures though, we cancelled that reservation and I really regret it.
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I'm so glad I've found your TR!! I think I've now caught up on all 9! You and Kristen are soooo awesome and I'm soooo envious
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We went to all the same places on January 2nd, just at different times of the day! We started our day at Epcot, went to Stormalong Bay in the afternoon, were around the Fantasmic area eating dinner around 8pm, then finished our evening watching the Osborne Lights.

You made a good decision not going to MK on the 3rd. It was MADNESS!!! So packed we could barely move.

Seems like we were finally (almost) in the same place at the same time that evening. We had dinner at Kona. If you heard a baby cry while you were waiting for your Ohana ADR, that was probably mine. I can't believe I was so close to the famous Jess. :
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Sorry I'm a newbie I'm at home, snowed in, no power and my ipad was about to die so it wouldn't send my original response . Anyways I've become Disney obsessed and I'm so glad I've found DIS boards and your TR!! I had been 3 times as a child and decided to take my children for the first time in Jan '11 and absolutely fell in love and became obsessed!! DD was 20 months & DS was almost 5....it was the most magical trip ever!!

I loved it so much my mom & I went back in November for a girls weekend and my cousin and her daughter went with us ....it was their first trip to Disney EVER!! It was so much
fun, we were only there for 2 1/2 days but we hit all 4 parks and DTD and hit all the must-dos! My cousin (Jess too ) Fell in love as well so her mom wanted to take her back for her 21st birthday which was Jan. so I started planning our 3rd trip back for New Years !! I think you and I overlapped at least once during our vacation LOL!

We stayed at AoA this time! It was soooo perfect for our group (14 total....) my children absolutely loved it and headed to Epcot for dinner at Garden Grill and Candlelight Processional ( I thought I read in a prev report that you had reservations but I didn't see anything about it in your trip report....

Spent NYE in DHS which was fab! I wanted to see all the Christmas stuff (resort decor, fantasy in the sky) but it just didn't work out .....this just means I will need another trip back again for Christmas....

I think the biggest thing I've learned from your TR is that I need to slow down and enjoy all of Disney. We get caught up in the shows, parades, characters and rides that I miss a lot of the beauty and charm and apparently Fabulous little snack shops!!!

I almost commented in one if your reports last night but it was from 2011 I think but Kristen made a comment about y'all eating more at Disney and I thought how is this even possible y'all eat all the time!!!! And I love it and all the pics & reviews !!!!! I'm making a list of this to do and see and eat for by next trip which I'm hoping will be for Halloween!!! I absolutely loved your Halloween TR! You have got to be the luckiest girl in the world!!

I can't wait to read more!!! Sorry for my lengthy comment ....I'm just so excited to learn of others who share my passion!!
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SOOOO close!!!! I can't WAIT to hear about your DCP. When the day comes that I can finally do it, I am going to be the happiest person alive. You are going to be there until August 9th, right?

I swear I see Mickey clouds all the time too, and not just in Disney. It must be a Disney freak thing, I don’t know.

I LOVE finding survey markers. It is so much fun!

Oh my god, I feel so bad for that little girl at TSM. I could be crying too if I had to leave right then!

The pizza at Via Napoli is heaven on earth. I don’t think it can get any better than that.

Seriously, WHY AREN’T EUGENE AND RAPUNZEL IN FANTASMIC?! I don’t understand.

The Pooh characters are so cuddly. I just love them (:

Your face on Dinosaur


I love staring at all of my pins in my huge binder. Seriously, I sit there for like a half hour and flip through the pages. I JUST LOVE DISNEY PINS… I really do since I just did a math project on them…
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LOVE IT! Love how you notice all the small details!

I have never seen Fantasmic or the Osbourne Lights, Isn't that horrific? It looks wonderful! Definitely have to plan that in the future.

I too, love the Great Movie Ride!

How lucky you are to be going in two days! ))) Just a tad jealous
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October 2013 TR- http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3207813
June 2014 TR http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3293489
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I can't believe you are leaving for the dcp so soon! I also can't wait to read about all the fun you will surely have!

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I so enjoy your reports they are awsome. I wish you safe travels and a wonderful successful experience in the college program. All the best for you! Enjoy it and remember what your dad told you take it one day at a time and enjoy the experience.
I cant wait to read all about it.
All the best

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survey markers are used when they are surveying....does that explain it enough?

just teasing, but seriously, those markers are where they can start using there surveying equipment and based on that particular marker, it is associated with an exact point and has a certain elevation above sea level to it, that they then use to dial in there survey equipment...that is then what they use for projects to figure out current elevations of things around there or to determine what elevation new installations should be built at.

hope that helps i tried to explain it as simple as possible but if i confused you then a quick google search will make it a little more clear possibly.
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I love how basically Aladdin's looking right at you in Fantasmic.

What are you most looking forward to for your DCP?
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