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Old 01-07-2013, 08:32 PM   #1
Frumpy Princess ♥

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Cool If the Yacht Club was a Person, I Would Marry It. ♥ NYE TRIP 2012-2013! UPDATE 1/20

"To all that come to this happy place, welcome!"
It's Trip Reporting Time!

Hello everyone! Welcome to yet another Jess trip report! I believe this is already number nine - can you believe it!?

If you have been following along with me before, THANK YOU for reading once again! If you're new here, are you READY for a Disney filled adventure!?

My name is Jess. This is a picture of me and the love of my life, the YaCHt Club (please pronounce the CH), in the background.

The best way to describe me is that I am OBSESSED with Disney. I sometimes still think I'm 5 years old. I also like to think that I am a Disney princess. Disney is the biggest part of my life and it makes me happier than anything else on this planet, to put it simply.

That explanation does not do my passion a justice, but if you're on disboards in the first place, you probably understand that Disney spark. Am I right?

I also am a frump, which can be defined as many things. The way I like to look at it is that I get very excited over little things, I like to frump around the Disney parks, and I say and do some crazy stuff. Being frumpy is the best way to live, in my opinion.

I have been to WDW about 25 times over the course of my life. Whenever I'm not there, I'm listening to Disney music and researching about the parks. I am about to start my Disney College Program on January 22nd, 2013 and I could not be MORE EXCITED!!!!!!!!! (You'll hear more about that soon!)

This is my family - Mom, Dad, Jonathan, and Me:

These were my travel companions on this trip! My Mom and I are head over heels in love with Disney. The boys usually just end up coming along for the ride, but I think they really had a nice time on this trip. It was a special one! Even though my brother and I are getting older, our family trips are still just as spectacular as they were when we were young! (if not better!)

Like I mentioned, I am starting my Disney College Program! I was accepted for the Concierge Role for Spring Advantage 2013! So I will be living in Walt Disney World from January until August!!!!! IT'S MY DREAM COME TRUE! I have been dreaming about doing my DCP since I was 9 years old, and now it is FINALLY becoming a reality! It's about time! I can't wait to see how my first experience as a cast member is! I have a feeling that this is going to be the beginning of something SPECTACULAR.

Because my program is so soon, this trip report is going to be posted in a VERY speedy fashion. I want to finish most of it (if not all of it? Is that possible?) before I leave. So read at your own pace, but I will be posting lots of updates in a very short period of time!

A huge reason we took this trip was so that we could bring my car down to WDW for my program! I have heard horror stories about the DCP bus system and I knew that I definitely wanted to bring my car down for the sake of my sanity.

My family took a little (20+ hour) road trip down to Florida together and then we flew back home. My car is waiting for me when I fly back into MCO in 13 days!!

We left for our trip on December 26th, 2012. We arrived in WDW on December 28th and stayed at THE BEACH CLUB for two nights! This was my first time staying at that resort and I had been dreaming staying there since I was in middle school! It DEFINITELY lived up to my exponentially high expectations!

On December 30th, we moved over to the Yacht Club and stayed there until January 4th, 2013. I seriously have a crush on the Yacht Club. I'm not kidding. I'm in love with it. I think it is the most BEAUTIFUL resort on this entire planet.

I also have some incredible memories from that place from The Bathrobe Princesses Trip back in January 2011. I was beside myself when I found out I was going to stay there again. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!

So I hope you will join me on this wonderful adventure! This was OFFICIALLY my last trip to Walt Disney World as merely a guest. So it was a vacation I will never forget!


Continued in Next Post

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Frumpy Princess ♥

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Table of Contents

December 26th-28th, 2012
Chapter 1: Brooke's "Harrowing" Adventure to Florida!
Chapter 2: WELCOME TO THE BEACH CLUB! (Part 1)
Chapter 3: WELCOME TO THE BEACH CLUB! (Part 2)

December 29th, 2012
Chapter 4: Epcot Morning & Cape May Breakfast!
Chapter 5: Epcot & Yachtsman Steakhouse
Chapter 6: Seeing the Osborne Lights!

December 30th, 2012
Chapter 8: Moving to the Yacht Club and Me Falling in Love All Over Again.
Chapter 9: Flying Fish and New Fantasyland
Chapter 10: Fantasy in the Sky!

December 31st, 2012
Chapter 11: Stormalong Bay and Cape May Cafe! (THEY RHYME!)
Chapter 12: New Year's Eve Fireworks at Epcot!

January 1st, 2013
Chapter 13: NEW FANTASYLAND! (Part 1)
Chapter 14: NEW FANTASYLAND (Part 2)
Chapter 15: La Hacienda and Being Mrs. Potts in Enchanted Tales with Belle!

January 2nd, 2013
Chapter 16: MY NEW HIGH SCORE!
Chapter 17: Via Napoli and Fantasmic!

January 3rd, 2013
Chapter 18: Last Day Activities
Chapter 19: Dinner at Ohana with the Cousins!

January 4th, 2013
Chapter 20: Spending Our Last Moments at Epcot

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Frumpy Princess ♥

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Chapter 1: Brooke's "Harrowing" Adventure to Florida!
December 26th - 28th, 2012

December 26th, 2012

The day after Christmas was our first travel day of Brooke's grand adventure to Florida! Brooke is my car. Yes, I am a frump and I named my car. Are we surprised? No.

(Actually, let me edit this. KRISTEN named my car. Sorry for the inaccurate information. )

From where we live, the drive to Disney was about 20 hours, and we were about to embark on quite a journey!

I woke up at 8:30 am, showered, finished packing, and had some Special K for breakfast. Dad and Jonathan loaded up the car while we made sure everything was set.

We left the house at 11:05 am. It was about an hour later than we hoped, but we were ready to set off on the road. When we left our house, it was just cold outside and there was no rain or snow.

I posted on twitter:
Good thing Brooke has a big trunk! Let's hope she makes it to Florida! LET THE ROAD TRIP BEGIN!

So Mom drove for the first hour. During that time, it was completely clear and the ride went smoothly. I was just sleeping and listening to Disney music. It was a great place to be.

I was doing quite a lot of tweeting during this time:
so much excitement. oh my God. I'm not gonna be in Disney for 2 days but STILL!!!!!!

"Believe and all you wish will come to you - Celebrate a dream come true!" #disneybound #disneylife

"Celebrate with all your heart, and your tummy too, of course." #poohunderstandsme

I was listening to Celebrate a Dream Come True and SpectroMagic. Disney parades/entertainment just make me SO HAPPY.

We got gas around 12:20 and Dad started driving. We got to Pennsylvania and a blizzard just HIT. There were white-out conditions and the roads were super slippery. Thankfully we are from a very snowy area so my Dad is good at driving in the snow. But it was still REALLY terrifying.

I posted on twitter:
oh crap, snow. #roadtripproblems

It's doesn't snow all year and then the day we drive to Disney, there's a freaking blizzard. #prayerswouldbeappreciated #cursethenorth

There were so many people who were getting out of their cars to brush off the snow. On the I-79 (the MAIN highway in Pennsylvania) there was this lady IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TWO LANE HIGHWAY just wiping off her car!!! RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE. Everyone had to slide around her and I couldnt believe there wasnt an accident already! It was incredible. I just hope she made it out of there alive. That was the most dangerous thing I have ever seen.

I posted on twitter:

There were about 15-20 cars that we saw in the ditches on our way through Pennsylvania. It was so scary! I am SO thankful that my Dad was able to get us through that drive. I didn't know if we were going to make it out of there alive! It was SUCH a stressful and terrifying situation.

I tweeted:
Desperate times call for Beatles music.

I mean I already knew this, but this road trip solidifies that I'm moving to Florida. #ihatesnow

We got stuck at a standstill for a while, the snow got lighter, and then it was just very icy. After getting through the worst of it, we stopped at a gas station and Jon and I got peanut butter crackers to tide us over. We hadnt eaten since we left the house that morning!

It was a VERY long day.

We kept driving and ended up in Morgantown, West Virginia around 5 pm. We couldnt drive any longer. We had to take a break for the night. The only way that Mom could explain the whole day was that it was a "harrowing" drive. HARROWING, HARROWING, HARROWING! What a frumpy word choice.

We ate at Red Lobster for dinner because we all deserved some sustenance! The biscuits at Red Lobster are my FAVORITE. They were so fresh and delicious.

I got grilled salmon, broccoli, and a baked potato for dinner. It was wonderful and warm and just what I needed after that harrowing drive!

Our waiter was really awesome. He had this radio announcer type of voice.

I posted on twitter:
My waiter at Red Lobster could have legitimately been a monorail voice guy. #talented

We went to Target after and got me some Advil Sinus & Cold for my headache/stuffed up sinuses. Being in the car all day made my cold worse.

Then we checked in at the Fairfield Marriott.

Jon and I had a room all to ourselves and Mom and Dad did too! Jon and I watched the lifeguard episode of Spongebob, and then I fell asleep from 8-10 pm. I was so tired! The whole car ride I was paying attention to the road from the back seat and making sure that we werent gonna die so I was just EXHAUSTED at this point!

I woke up and watched Big Bang Theory and 4 episodes of Friends. They were the ones where Ross had his London wedding and where Chandler and Monica were getting together.

I posted on twitter:

We kept seeing this commercial for some nerd show called... King of the Nerds? And this is THE STRANGEST COMMERCIAL I HAVE EVER SEEN. We both tried watching it all the way through without laughing but halfway through I LOST IT. I just don't even know.

My sinuses were AWFUL on this night and I couldnt breathe out of my nose. On top of that, I was overheated. Needless to say, I had a lot of trouble falling asleep that night. I was going INSANE.

I posted on twitter:
Jon: "How many of those drugs did you take?!?" Me: "I DIDN'T TAKE ANY YET!!!" #crazyperson


I haven't had this much energy in so long and I just feel like bouncing off the walls BUT I CAN'T BECAUSE IT'S THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT

No like really, I can't sleep. And I can't breathe out of my nose. And it just needs to be Friday already. #merp #derp

Finally at 3:30 am I was out. I had another whole day and a half of driving ahead of me!

December 27th, 2012

I posted on twitter:
Road trippin' day 2!

This morning I got up at 8:40 am and we left the hotel. We went to Target and I stocked up on medicine. I NEEDED to get better for Disney! I got Nyquill, Vicks tissues, etc.

We drove for a while and then stopped for breakfast at IHOP! I got strawberry banana pancakes and they were DELICIOUS! I need to make those at home.

The roads were SO much better this day. We drove for a while and I worked on the frump movie from May! Im still not done with it!!

We stopped at a nice rest stop and there was a QUIZNOS! I wasnt even super hungry yet but Jonathan and I had to get subs!! It is the fast food restaurant of our childhood and they all closed down near us!

We got back in the car, I called Preston and talked to him for a bit. Then I wrote his letter and worked on his Christmas present!

After more driving, we went to diner at Chick-Fil-A! YUM! IT WAS SO GOOD! I got a chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and a strawberry milkshake! Everything just tasted so wonderful. THE NORTHERNERS HIT CHICK-FIL-A. YEEE-HAW.

We drove 40 more minutes and got to our hotel in Orangeburg, SC. It was another Fairfield Marriott. I really liked those hotels! They were nice, clean, and the staff was hospitable.

We watched Big Bang Theory, Full House, and Friends. We only had about 6 more hours of driving to do until we got to DISNEY WORLD!

December 28th, 2012

This morning I was up at 7:15 am! I showered, got ready, and Mom and I went downstairs to get our complementary breakfast! I had some Raisin Bran.

The staff was so friendly and kind to us. They must have learned from the Disney ways!

We were on the road by 8:30 am! GO US!

I posted on twitter:

I looked at my DCP countdown and realized I only had 25 DAYS TO GO. Holy cow!!!

I fell asleep once we started driving and didnt wake up until 12 pm. By that time, we were already in Savanna, Georgia. We were at this really sketchy gas station and they didnt even have any gas!! There were also stray cats everywhere and they had weird ceramic glass statues for sale. Plus the bathrooms were gross. It was an unpleasant experience.

So we drove and got gas somewhere else. I worked more on the May movie and we drove some more.

I posted on twitter:
WE HAVE REACHED FLORIDA! 3 hours till Disney world!!!

Then we got more gas and we were only about an hour away!! I called Preston because I could not sit still and I needed something to help pass the time. I woke him up and it was 2 in the afternoon! What a sleepy frump. He was also sick, though, so that could contribute to the excessive sleeping.

I saw New Fantasyland on the billboards in the hick town farms and I was SO EXCITED!!! ONLY ONE MORE HOUR!!!

We hit terrible traffic on the I-4. So I ate Raisinettes and waited patiently for my beloved DISNEY!!!!

I posted on twitter:
Listening to the Magical Express loop because I mean, I can't drive into Disney without it. #3oclockcomefaster




Finally we got there and went through the BEATUIFUL PERFECT PURPLE GATES. It was definitely a harrowing adventure but we finally made it!

I posted on twitter:
OH MY FREAKING GOD IM IN DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Continued in Next Post

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Chapter 2: WELCOME TO THE BEACH CLUB! (Part 1)
December 28th, 2012

Then something wonderful happened. We drove TO THE BEACH CLUB. MY DREAM RESORT, THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, AND THE BEST PLACE TO STAY ON DISNEY PROPERTY! Well actually, in that case, the Yacht and Beach club are interchangeable. AND WE WERE STAYING AT BOTH OF THEM ON THIS TRIP!!!!

I posted on twitter:
I wish I could explain to you how happy I am right now, but there are no words.

We parked the car and went to Beaches and Cream to check in for our lunch/dinner. There was a 30-45 minute wait so we just hung out. We sat at a table overlooking Stormalong bay and it was so relaxing. The weather was cloudy and 70 degrees! Not bad at all! MUCH better than that snow storm!

Jonathan doesn't like to take pictures.

Mom and Jon went to buy Jon a pair of swim trunks while we waited. Once they got back our buzzer went off!

We were seated at a table in the middle of the restaurant. Our waitress was Dolores and she was from Washington. She wasn't the cheeriest woman I've ever met but she got the job done!

This was my first time EVER at Beaches and Cream and I had been really looking forward to it!

I posted on twitter:
And the fact that they play 50's music makes me so incredibly happy. #imhome


The kitchen sink is definitely at the top of my DCP bucket list!

I decided to get a hot dog and onion rings for my meal. They both tasted AMAZING. I had been craving those Disney onion rings for so long and they did not disappoint!

Mom got the veggie sandwich with fruit. She absolutely loved it! But she said you definitely have to like goat cheese to enjoy this one, though! (thankfully she loves it!)

Dad and Jonathan both got burgers and fries. They were very satisfied with their meals!

Dad got a strawberry milkshake. It was really thick but WOW it was good. Disney sure does know how to make the best milkshakes!

For my dessert I got a banana split. It was HUGE. It was 6 scoops of ice cream and it tasted INCREDIBLE. The type of ice cream they use is just so good. It had vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream with hot fudge, strawberries, pineapple, and a cherry. PERFECT!

Then we left Beaches and Cream and went in the lobby! I looked at the Disney Vacation Club booth and I saw Pete! He is the CM that sold Kristens family their Disney Vacation Club! I went up to him and I was like, I dont know if you remember me, but I met you in May and Im friends with Kristen& you sold her family DVC! It took him a minute but he remembered that he ate pizza with her at the Boardwalk one day when they ran into each other and her family was at the parks.

I told him about my upcoming Disney College Program and he was VERY excited for me! He gave me his name and number if I ever needed him while I was down here! That was so sweet. He told me that the DCP is the best thing I can be doing for my future because having the Walt Disney Company on my resume will be fantastic no matter what direction Im going in!

We also talked about DVC for a little bit. Pete said that his family got DVC at Old Key West when his daughter was 2. Now she has a part time job waitressing at Olivias! It all came full circle!

He also told us how his daughters best friend auditioned for Disney on a whim and she got hired for the Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it parade! So now shes moving down to Disney and his daughter is very excited! She also will be a character performer when she wasnt dancing in the show.

After chatting for quite a while, we thanked him, took a picture, and said goodbye. I couldnt believe that we ran into him! That is just too funny!

I posted on twitter:
Cast Members are such wonderful people. I can't wait to join the family.

We went to our car and brought it around so we could actually check in! The bellhop was so excited that I was doing my DCP, too! He said that I really was going to enjoy it and that it was the best time that he ever had!

We checked in at the Beach Club and the Cast Member working the front desk was very pleasant. We talked about the DCP too! She said that Concierge was such a great role to have she was actually switching over to it soon!

We got our room keys and went over to the DVC building! We had a deluxe studio and our room was #561.

We were on the 5th floor and I thought the DVC building was SO cute. It was decorated like an old fashioned Beach house. I loved it!

We had a queen and a pull out (queen sized) bed in our room.

Ariel was on the comforter of the bed!

Mickey towel!

Continued in Next Post

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Chapter 3: WELCOME TO THE BEACH CLUB! (Part 2)
December 28th, 2012

More of the room:

In all honestly, the room was a little tight for the four of us but it was totally manageable! We definitely liked it and we had an INCREDIBLE view! We could see Spaceship Earth and the World Showcase from our porch!

I posted on twitter:
I can see Spaceship Earth from my balcony. WHAT?

I unpacked, found my pins, and Mom and I went for a walk. We went to the Beach Club gift shop and talked to two CP’s. They were so sweet and the one just got a professional internship for entertainment! She will organize the events for when the schools come down to perform. She has a music education degree so that will be a fantastic internship to have!

The girls were saying that my resort location may get moved around a bit because of my role, depending on where they need me. That would be cool if I got to work at a few different resorts! They also said that it’s REALLY good that I am bringing my car. The CP busses are a nightmare!

Then we went to the Yacht Club gift shop and looked around there. MY BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL YACHT CLUB.

We walked over to the Boardwalk next. We walked through and saw all of the shops, restaurants, etc. There was SO much new merchandise even since October! I love it so much!

I posted on twitter:
The 2013 merchandise is ADORABLE!

Back to the Beach Club!

We got back to the room, I relaxed in the room and watched Stacey. Her new segments are AWESOME!! I didn’t get to watch her nearly enough on this trip, though!

I posted on twitter:
@staceyjaswad's new fantasyland footage is fantastic! #twothumbsup!! #happytobehome

Mom and Dad went for another walk and came back soaking wet because it started pouring outside. Yuck I hate rain!

Jon and I went to the Beach Club Marketplace to get some food. I was wearing the FRUMPIEST outfit ever. My Christmas Mickey crewneck, my gray Mickey pajama shorts, my tan Mickey shoes, and Mickey earrings.

I posted on twitter:
Everything I'm wearing, aside from my under garments, have Mickey Mouse on them. Yet I'm in Disney so it's completely acceptable.

As far as food, Jon decided on a flatbread pizza. He said it was alright, not the best he’s had. I only had one piece... I thought it was pretty good! I agree with him though.

Then I went down to sit in the ADORABLE sitting area on the first floor of the DVC building.

This was my view across the room:

I wrote in my trip journal and face-timed Preston for a bit. Then Jonathan texted me saying that we could see IllumiNations from our balcony!! So I RAN (yes… RAN!) to our room and watched the show out on the porch. I kept Preston on Facetime too so he could see it, too! I was so excited to see the holiday ending again!

I posted on twitter:
Watched IllumiNations from my balcony with @PrestoVision on FaceTime. It is a magical night indeed! #imissyou #andwewishyoumagicaldreams

I ended up falling asleep at 12 am and was ready for our first full day in Disney!

Continued in Next Post

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Loved all of your tweets and Instagram pictures throughout your trip! Can't wait to read the report!!
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OMg I'm so pumped for this
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Saw your twitter announcement and booked it over here as fast as my computer can take me!

So excited for another report!


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I'm in Looking forward to hearing about new years take 2!!!!! I was following along with your tweets and it sounded like you had quite the interesting ride over there.
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Yay!! I read the title and was all “That sounds like something Jess would say…” and turns out it is! Yay!

I like that your hair bow, shirt and bowling ball all kinda match! Also, so excited to hear all about your CP experience! Good idea to bring your own car down!! I haven’t heard many stories about the bus system, but I know I’d much rather have the freedom of my own car in an area like that!

I would absolutely love to stay at Yacht or Beach club!! They’re both so amazingly beautiful, and so close to Epcot/DHS, they’re just wonderful! Hahaha, of course your car has a name!! Yes!

AH!!! How’d you get the Celebrate a Dream music?! Through like, listen to youtube style thing? I did that for the Move It Shake It, but don’t think it was working when I went back to do the others!

Oh my god, the no snow/cold thing is half the love of Florida, even if I don’t work at Disney, there’s still a pretty big cheer/dance community down there, and to be away from snow would just be so amazing!! I do not accept it! Glad you guys made it out of there okay!

Man that sucks about not being able to sleep!! I know the feeling and that mixed with anticipation of Disney, cray cray!

Oh goodness, those pancakes! Om nom! Yum! I appreciate that so many of these pictures are food…thank you…

WHERE DO YOU GET ALL OF THIS MUSIC?!?! I need to have all of this, it’s amazing! I’ve got the FOTLK, 4 Parks 1 World, and the MK Event cds, but you’ve got all the stuff I can’t find haha!

Dear god that hot dog & onion rings looks absolutely amazing! And you definitely have to get the kitchen sink!! I’m assuming you’ve seen a bunch of the DCP bucket list things on tumblr?! Okay…you take amazing food photos, also something I need to learn the ways of, everything looks so yummy!

UUUGGGHHH I cannot wait until I can get to another Disney audition, that’s so wonderful that her friend got in so quickly!! Yay! The room at beach club looks great, although I can tell where you get the cramped feeling from, it has a lot of stuff, but not a lot of surface area type thing…hahaha

Aww!! How great that you can see the Illuminations, and so cute that you guys kept face timing for it!! That’s awesome! You guys certainly had a very long trip into Disney, but you made it, and had a pretty dang awesome first half day! I’m excited to read more!!
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I'm new to your reports, but share your love for the Yacht & Beach Clubs. Wow, what a fantastic villa!!! AWESOME Views!

I'm in.

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I'm in!!!
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Hello, I'm here! My classes are about to start again, so I'm probably not going to comment as much as I'd like to, but I'll do my best to keep up with reading!

I named my car as well! My car is the Vice-Versa (because I drive a Versa and I'm clever like that).

"Celebrate with all your heart, and your tummy too, of course." <--- Total frump motto.

I totally missed this tweet: Desperate times call for Beatles music. But !!!!! YES! Alternate life motto!

I am so happy to read you're working on the frump trip movie! I wasn't sure if that had gotten put to the wayside because of how busy you'd been. I really can't wait to see (and gif) it!

Beach Club is perfection. I can never get over the resort rooms that have views of the Parks.
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[B]August Trip Report: Puns, a Fun Run and 1901 - Our first trip to Disneyland!

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Are we there yet?
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Ahhhhhh... another trip report. You always have the best time. I don't know how you do so much... we tried to follow your instructions in the "ultimate guide" for our trip in early December, but ALAS... after spending nine days there, we STILL didn't see (or eat) half the stuff we wanted to. Oh well... I'll continue to try to "learn" from you in preparation for our next trip lol. Carry on!
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Joining in (YET AGAIN)! So excited to hear all about it! It sounded like it was one fun trip from your tweets and photos (especially considering how there were a ton of other people on Instagram and Twitter posting from the World). And hopefully I won't fall back since you have less than a month to get this finished. I'll stick it out as long as I can

P.S. Could someone please start discussing again how awesome it is that there are Mickey Mouse bowling balls?!

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