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Old 01-14-2013, 07:53 PM   #241
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Originally Posted by amazingact21 View Post
The Osbourne Lights are amazing, and I think it's totally worth a 30 minute walk to DHS and back to see them. But wow, I didn't realize it took that long to get from one park to the other. I knew it took about 25 via boat, but I just figured walking would be quicker. Now I know...

I know exactly what you mean about having other adults to talk to about Disney. It gives you this instant connection. When Alex discovered his coworker was a huge Disney fan, he got so excited. Even now, that's all they talk about at work.

That chocolate martini looks amazing! That plus the chedder cheese soup makes me want to eat at that restaurant so bad! But wow, not leaving the restaurant until 10:30. Must have been a little different walking out and seeing Epcot so empty...
Haha, yeah, that's why we didn't bother with the boat, because I knew it would take just as long to walk, and I figured I'd get too antsy on a boat! At least we had the option to walk fast, on a boat, all you can do is sit and wait!

I had ONE coworker who liked Disney almost as much as I did, but she quit last year, so now I'm all alone. It's so annoying, I don't know anyone who likes Disney, most people we know are those "you guys are going to Disney AGAIN" types.

I love the chocolate martini in Disney, it's on all the drink menus so you can get one anywhere! The cheddar cheese soup is so good, even if Le Cellier went to 3 credits, I'd probably just go for the soup and pretzel bread! I love leaving Epcot when it's late and no one is there, it's like you have the park all to yourself. If we weren't so tired, I would have suggested going the long way around World Showcase, we did that on a different trip and it was amazing! Just strolling around WS with no one there, listening to Epcot music!

Originally Posted by khertz View Post
Osborne Lights. I hate how they make you walk all past it getting glimpses here and there and make you come in on the other side now too. I remember our first year, walking up to it and coming down past the Writer's Stop, and BAM there it all was in front of you! Now it's like you're getting spoilers as they wave those little light up wands at you and make you walk past it!

Glad you made it back in time for your dinner. Someday, I'll get to eat at Le Cellier. Someday!
Yeah, that's what we did our first year too! And now it's different, I don't like it! I think when we went during magic hours a different day, they didn't herd everyone to the back, they just let you enter wherever you wanted, but that first night was annoying! Still, you can't get to mad, once you get in the middle of the Lights, all is forgotten! They are so amazing!!!

You have to go to Le Cellier, it's wonderful! Just for the soup and pretzel bread! Yum!!!

Originally Posted by jenseib View Post
I loved the Osborne lights. And pictures just can't even show how amazing it is. So glad you got to see it on opening night!!!
I think we were there that day, but had an ADR to get to, so we missed it by about 20 minutes that night.
No, pictures definitely do not show the amazingness of the Osborne Lights! They just consume you with Christmas, I love it! It was nice seeing them the first night, but wow, it was crowded!

Originally Posted by Stringbean&Wingnut View Post
You're making me regret passing up the cheese fondue at F&W!!! It looks really good!!

Yay for getting to see the Lights! The walk from Epcot to DHS doesn't sound too bad, sounds like it's about the same timing as the boat, really!

Hahaha of COURSE you went to Le Cellier!! Your martini looks awesome!!
Haha, it was SO good, I loved it!

It's pretty much exactly the same timing as the boat, which is why we didn't bother waiting. Sure it would have been nice to sit and just get transported there, but neither one of us have the patience for slow moving boats! And I've always wanted to do the walk, just to see how bad it is, so now I know! It's really not that bad!

Of course we went to Le Cellier! Like we'd go anywhere else? It was a great way to end the night!

Originally Posted by RachelNinja View Post
I don't think I'll ever be able to make it to Food and Wine because of my teacher schedule, but I really do love the idea of getting to try a little bit from each booth. I can't eat that much in one sitting because of my health anyway, so it just seems perfect for me! Eat a little, explore a little, eat a little, explore a little!

Oh wow, I didn't know they were making Le Cellier 2 credits for lunch too! Disney sure knows how to make their money! I had to Google image search lobster mac and cheese because I was so curious to see it. Yum, sounds delicious!
I wish you could go to Food and Wine someday! You could always take some personal days and go for a long weekend! I love sampling things from each booth, you don't even need an ADR in Epcot when you go during F&W, because you can just try things from the booths, it's great!

Ugh, yeah, I'm not happy about the 2 credits, but I'm sure we'll still go, we will just pay OOP for it now! Whatever! As long as the menu doesn't change too much! I'm not a big lobster fan, so I didn't try the mac and cheese but Brandon loved it! He could live off lobster!
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Old 01-14-2013, 07:59 PM   #242
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Originally Posted by AGPrincess View Post
Just catching up! Mmmmm, that puffed french toast at Crystal Palace is the best. Also loved all the pics from the princess room at POR - we've never stayed in one of the new rooms, but with all those regal details I am dying to one day - so pretty!
I love that puffed french toast, I need to learn how to make it!

The princess rooms are really pretty, I'm glad we stayed in one! I hope you get to stay in one someday, I felt like I was in a fairytale!

Originally Posted by SoNotAPrincess View Post
Hello! Gosh, I'm late to the party. What with Christmas, our ten-day WDW trip, and the dreaded re-entry, I'm just now getting caught up on TRs!

I'm loving your photos...I really MUST do food and wine this year. Done deal! The POR royal rooms are awesome, and you have some great pictures!
Haha, I know, I don't have a lot of DIS time either, so I'm late with everyone's TR's! I saw that you started a new one, I have to sub!

Thanks! Yes, go to Food and Wine, it's amazing! Aren't the royal rooms so pretty? I loved staying there!

Originally Posted by Self_resqing_princz View Post
So you drank the cheese.... too funny.

Also, I've never really spent any time in Canada... but my husband's nickname since high school has been Moose... so we have TONS of moose stuff... I LOVE those pajama pants... I need to get me some of those! They are SUPER cute!
Haha...yeah...I'm not proud of myself but it had to be done!

I LOVE moose stuff! I would love to see a moose in real life, but I've heard they can be jerks so maybe I'll just admire them from afar...like on Disney merchandise in Canada! Those pj pants are adorable, aren't they? I love everything in that shop!

Originally Posted by Dugette View Post
All caught up! I was so far behind I just went back and read from the beginning. Even the gates to New Fantasyland look cool...can't wait to see more! I love your Epcot lagoon pictures--wish I was there! So much yummy food and drink! I was not aware of the Godiva Chocolate Martini. Where can I find that? Just Le Cellier or elsewhere? I didn't realize that lunch at Le Cellier is going to two credits too. That's a bummer; I don't know when we'll go back there. Anyway, enjoying the TR so far and looking forward to hearing more about your great trip!

I wish I was in Epcot right now too. I miss Food and Wine. I miss Christmas at Disney!

They have the chocolate martini at all of the restaurants I think, it's on the standard Disney drink menu that they give you! It's SO good, you have to try one!

Yeah, Le Cellier will be 2 credits all the time now. Sad. But I'm sure we'll still go, we love it too much to give it up!

Thank you!!
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Old 01-16-2013, 12:35 PM   #243
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Hooray for Hollywood!

Saturday, November 10

Hi everyone! I decided to give myself a snow day today, even though we only had a delay, I just stayed home, so why not do an update?

Well, sadly for Brandon, Saturday morning started with an early wake up. You figure he would be used to it by now, but he always has some nice words about waking up early on vacation. Sorry, but we had somewhere to be, and that somewhere would Hollywood Studios early magic hours!

I love going to the morning magic hour at DHS, you can get SO much done in that extra hour, and you can usually get a decent FP return time for Toy Story Mania, even if you don't get there in time for rope drop! I was hoping to get there a little early, so we would be in line for rope drop, but we parked at 7:50 and didn't get into the park until about 8:10. Not a big deal, because we walked quickly over to Toy Story Mania, while we watched people RUN by us at full speed and grabbed a fast pass with no problem for 9:45! Not bad!

I wanted to go on right away in the standby line, but Brandon gets freaked out when the line is out the door, even though I told him it won't really be THAT long, but I didn't want to force him since he was being pretty reasonable about me waking him up at 6:30 and forcing him out the door with no coffee or breakfast or anything!

We decided to go to our favorite little place for breakfast in DHS, Writer's Stop!

I was horrified when I saw that they took out the little seating areas! All the tables in the back are gone, and the stools in the front. I loved sitting by that window and watching the people go by early in the morning! Please don't keep changing things, Disney!!!

I was hungry, but I wasn't really in the mood for anything sweet, which is kind of all they have at Writer's Stop! But since I was in Disney, and I love Disney danish, I figured I could just eat one even if I wasn't in the mood for it!

I got a danish and some tea and Brandon got a carrot cake cookie and some coffee and we went outside to find somewhere to sit. We ended up sitting at the tables near the ABC Commissary, which was a nice, quiet place to have breakfast in the morning. It just wasn't the same as sitting inside Writer's Stop!

Yum, I love Disney danish, but again, just like the one at Main Street Bakery the day before, this one just wasn't as good as it should have been! The cheese part was good, but the actual pastry seemed a little stale. I didn't even finish it because it wasn't that great. And anyway, I knew I wanted a snack in a few hours anyway, so I had to save room for that!

I was hoping to do the drawing class after we finished eating, but I didn't think they started that early, so we made our way down Sunset Boulevard to check out the wait times for 2 of my favorite rides!

Since Rock N Roller Coaster always seems to have obnoxious wait times anytime we are there, we checked there first. The wait wasn't too bad so we hopped in line!

We didn't get to go on this in May, so I was excited! It was just as fun as I remembered! It's just so short though! It should go on for at least another minute!

When we were finished there, we went right over to my love, the Tower of Terror.

Sadly, the wait time was crazy, so we just grabbed some FP's for later and made our way back down the boulevard. It was time to use our FP's for Toy Story Mania!! I'll be back for you later, Tower! Sigh. I just cannot explain my love for that ride.

We handed the CM's our FP's and went right in, with hardly any time to stop along the way so I could take pictures of the amazing queue area!

I love it in there SOOOO much, even if you have to wait a while to get on, at least there is a ton of stuff to look at! But we didn't have to wait at all, we just got right on!

I was thinking that maybe Brandon wouldn't do very well, since he needed to use his right arm and he had shoulder surgery a couple months before, I assumed I'd definitely beat him. But even with a bad shoulder, he still beat me, but only by a little!

Someday I'd like to get over 200,000!!! I just don't know how I can pull that string any faster than I already do! How people get 400,000 I'll never know!

I wanted to do the drawing class, so we went in the animation building...and we saw a HUGE group of people waiting to get in! I've never seen that many people waiting to get into the drawing class, it was insane! The CM there told us we might be able to get in, and if not, we would definitely get into the next one if we wanted to wait, but we didn't have time to wait, we had FP's that had to be used!

I was so excited to finally be going on my Tower of Terror for the first time on this trip! We walked by all the suckers waiting in the standby line and only had to wait a few minutes before we were boarding our elevator!

Best ride ever! Like I said, I cannot explain how much I love that ride. It's just perfection.

I was getting kind of hungry again, and since I didn't even finish my danish, I was ready for a snack. There is only one place to go when you want an amazing snack in Hollywood Studios...

Yep, Starring Roles, home of the most AMAZING cupcakes on earth! It's funny how I didn't want anything sweet in the morning, but a couple of hours later, I was ready for a cupcake!

I grabbed a table while Brandon went in to get everything, and he came out with these:

an eclair for him and a PEANUT BUTTER CUPCAKE for me.

Let's just take a closer look, shall we?

Oh God, it is just SO good. I know a lot of people like the red velvet one better, and trust me, I love that one too, but this peanut butter one is the best cupcake in the world. So much peanut butter and frosting and chocolate!! It's impossible to eat the whole thing, I tried, but I failed, luckily Brandon was happy to finish it for me. It's going to be tough in February, trying to decide which cupcakes to eat, between here and Karamell Kuche and the Contemporary Bakery, I'm probably going to be living off cupcakes in a few weeks!

Up next...will we ever get into the drawing class, or will we be shut out again??

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That cupcake looks fantastic last trip was oct 2011 and went there an got a butterfinger cupcake. That thing was Hugh. Can't wait to get back there. ( going nov 10, 2013 POR for moms 70th b-day) I guess we will be arriving the last day of food and wine but when do the Osborne lights begin? We are staying till nov 16
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Old 01-16-2013, 01:02 PM   #245
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Great update, Jen. Not a bad time for your TSM fastpass considering you walked while all the goofs ran.

I was upset they had taken the seats out of Writers Shop too; Mark and I loved sitting in there and having our morning coffee while waiting for our fastpass use.

You and I definitely agree on TOT...love it. It is probably my favorite ride in all of Disney.

I love all the chocolate on top of your cupcake. I wouldn't be eating the cupcake itself as I don't like peanut butter, but I'd be eating that chocolate and giving Mark the cupcake.
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Mmm...I want a cupcake now!
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Old 01-16-2013, 02:57 PM   #247
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YUMMY cupcakes and that eclair looks HEAVENLY as well. Since my plan is to also do HS on an EE day next week, I think this will have to be our breakfast stop as well!

So glad you got so much done so quickly. That's the reason I know we just HAVE to make rope drop this time. I still can't believe we went to Disney in November and did not ride TSM. It seems so unreal!
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That cupcake looks heavenly. I've never actually had one. Whenever I grab a snack it's always a Mickey Head Icecream. There's always next time.

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Old 01-16-2013, 03:36 PM   #249
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Gotta love those TSM FP's! Writer's stop looks cute, I will have to try it out sometime! We just tried Starring Rolls for the first time in December, and I enjoyed it a lot. Once or twice I've had big line-ups for the animation class, but that one you had seems huge! People must be realizing how fun it is

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Okay, for some reason I feel like I heard that they took the tables out to help the crowd flow for the Osborne Lights. I thought it was temporary! So... maybe it is! Hahah I don't know.

AHHHHH TOY STORYYYYY. I know what you mean, I don't understand how people have gotten like 500,000 or whatever. I never could get that high of a score because I'm just so in awe every time I ride that thing that I'm like trying to get points but I still have to take everything in and forget about the game. OH WELL!!

Hahha yay for your ToT fix!

I'm so scared to try the PB cupcake from Starring Rolls because it looks like SO MUCH! I don't care what anyone says, Contempo has THE BEST CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for you to try one, seriously. And maybe you could send me one? I'm sure it would only cost a few hundred to ship.
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Old 01-16-2013, 06:49 PM   #251
I'm just a big Disney Freak! :-)
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Yay for TSM fastpasses! It always helps getting there early.

Tower of Terror and RNRC are both so awesome. I'm so glad I got over my fear of both of them because they are two of my absolute must-dos now on every trip!

Oooh, a peanut butter cupcake?! I didn't know they had that! It looks really good. I might have to try that in April!
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Mrs T 2009
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OMG!!!!! Makes me sad Writers Stop took out the seating!!!!!

Disney cupcakes are awesome!!! makes my mouth water!!!

Let me just say, I am JEALOUS of you going back to disney soon!!!! :P

You're going to have such a great time!!!
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My husband would absolutely love that peanut butter cupcake....Can't wait to be there. Just 43 LONG days left!!!
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That cupcake at Starring Rolls looks divine... but then again I am of the personal opinion that the combo of chocolate and peanut butter is the food of the gods... (There was quite a nice cake at Boardwalk Bakery that was really good and was peanut butter and chocolate too...) It seems like most of the baked items from Starring Rolls are winners and Boardwalk Bakery too... sorry about the cheese danish... that stinks when you are looking forward to something and its just not that great...

You know I didn't notice the missing tables and chairs but that's probably because I was so totally focused on getting a coffee to go... that's a shame...(I do need to try that carrot cake cookie though) ... they also used to have a larger selection of Disney books... and they have thinned that down a little which I think is also a shame...

Yay for your TSM fast passes and your ToT ones as well... see the early bird does catch the worm...(or fastpasses) I DO not understand the stampede thing... It's so unDisney... I understand moving quickly to get over there... but is it really worth getting hurt or hurting someone else? Some of the stuff I've seen...

Oh I hope you get into the drawing class...
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