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Old 04-21-2013, 11:14 PM   #736
well, all that's left now is the happy ending.
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OCTOBER 25, 2012
Day 5, Part 9 In Which There Is A Flailing Chicken And Other Things I Don't Understand

The next section of Boo To You was Frontierland themed! I LOVED that so much of this parade was a tribute to the most popular Magic Kingdom attractions. I felt bad for Lee-Anne, cause she had no idea what was going on in this section. She said something like, "What is this? It's so random!" But of course, it wasn't. Things in Disney are rarely random.

It's kind of like Disney winking to those of us who are big fans and come all the time, like, THIS IS FOR YOU GUYS. She kept being like, "This doesn't make sense!" and I was like OH BUT IT DOES! It's Frontierland!! That's Brer Fox and Brer Bear!!!! I was just in Disney fan heaven.

Though, it is true that Frontierland isn't really Halloweeny. If anything, it fits in more with the fall theme. I wouldn't be mad if they replaced it with a Nightmare Before Christmas section. Now THAT would make my whole entire life.

My favorite part of this was the beginning. The best looking guys in the whole damn park (besides Eugene, not that I knew due to NOT SEEING HIM) came by dressed as cowboys in very tight outfits. They are carrying rope, and do a dance with it much like the pirates with their flags. At one point, the cowboys hold hands in pairs and one supports the other as he JUMPS THROUGH THE AIR.

I don't. Even know.

I don't have any pictures because I was fanning myself in a stunned silence.

They were just all so hot, and they were in the air. It was remarkable.

I really just wanted to ask them all out on a collective date, but I fear I was not their type.

So then the Country Bears came dancing by...

These dancers were so adorable (I know the girl looks slightly nuts here due to the glowing eyes, but I promise, they were super cute!).

Then this barn floated by, and then there was a tower with a flailing chicken in it. Which was perfect, basically. This confused Lee-Anne, and to tell you the truth I wasn't quite sure what the flailing chicken was about either, but I enjoyed it. SO funny.


Ooohh.. "IT'S GOOD TO BE BAD!" This skeleton band plays as the soundtrack changes a bit so it's like they're singing about how good it feels to be bad. Oooh, it's delightfully devilish.

WHEW. *Fanning myself* Why must I always go for the bad boys? It's like, if you don't know how to apply skeleton make-up correctly, we're not going to work as a couple.


More screaming. OMG. I swear, this parade is for the Disney diehards. Hercules is another way underused Disney movie, and I was SO happy to see Pain and Panic there! omg! Now, if only they could figure out a way to bring Hades to life, I would die happy. The Evil Queen was there too, but who cares about her when you have CHARACTERS FROM HERCULES? Really.

Then, a random assortment of Villians came out and danced around. I booed at them with glee and clapped along as they sung about how fun it is to be evil!

Aaaand one of my skeleton boyfriends was just chillin.

TDKJFALKDHJFALKDJFHKAJDHF THE HYENEAS FROM THE LION KING!!! AM I DREAMING?? WHAT IS THIS MAGIC??????????? I honestly didn't even know this was a thing. Like I did not know the hyenas were ever seen in Disney. So I was just like in awe and screaming.

The finale of the parade is Goofy's Candy Company (notice the Goof Year tire) coming through and delivering tons of Mickey lollipops. You open your treat bag and CMs come by and drop the pops in your bag as they dance merrily along and Goofy rides by on a giant gumball machine.

Sigh, it was heaven.

Overall, like I said, this parade is just absolutely spectacular. I can not even explain how much I LOVE it. It's one of my favorite things Disney has ever done and I want to see it over and over and over AND OVER AND OVER UNTIL I DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

In general, the parades at the American Disney Parks are just not as good as the ones overseas, for some bizarre reason I can't understand (seriously, check them out on Youtube if you don't believe me - it's kind of shocking). However, Boo To You is a cut above.

Hollywood Studios just pulled their Pixar Pals parade, and I hope it's replaced with something that just elevates the quality of all the parades going forward. Now, I'm not saying I'm not a fan of the current parades, cause I COMPLETELY am, but Boo To You is on another level creatively and I hope to see more of that in the future!

I just.

Love it.


BOOK YOUR TRIPS NOW, PEOPLE. Do not miss this. If you are a big enough Disney fan that you are reading my trip report right now, you need to see it. NEED TO. At least 7 times in your life. SERIOUSLY.

@babybritney: I want to see the Boo To You Parade 400 more times.

@babybritney: Seriously, if you're a big Disney fan, and you haven't been to the party, the parade is worth the price alone. AHH I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

So my friend Jess and I had been texting back and forth. She has a CM friend who is a character attendant so she texted him to ask what was up regarding the whole Eugene incident. He told her to tell me that Rapunzel and Eugene would definitely be greeting until like 11:15, so we made a plan to book it back to the Town Square theater after the parade ended.

The problem was, the parade had ended in Liberty Square, but it still took a lot of time to get down Main Street and be fully over. We were able to get as far as the area ACROSS from the Town Square Theater, but couldn't get across the street. I was a bit frustrated, but I was happy to see the end of Boo To You again in a different location, so there were a lot of mixed emotions going on!

So exciting to see PAIN and PANIC again!!!

Dr. Facillier was AMAZING. I was seriously so impressed by him.

Notice the giant bat-like wings behind the Evil Queen are from that giant demon from Fantasia!!! CRAZY SHIZNIT GOING ON AT MNSSHP YOU GUYS. Hide yo kids hide yo wife.

Finally, the parade REALLY ends, and we make our way across the street. I start to walk in and Lee-Anne is like, "I'm not waiting in that line again."

Ah, the trouble of going with someone who is not as die hard as you. I'd wait in that line 15 times over to meet Eugene, honestly, I just HAD to.

I was like, "Oh come on, it's not going to be long like that again, it's late and that was a weird incident last time." But she was just like no way, and said that her back was hurting. I felt bad that she was in pain, but I just wished she would have come in with me. If the line was long again she could have sat down and relaxed. But she was just not up for it.

I wasn't mad at her, just frustrated that we were on different wavelengths here. But I was kind of upset. Who wants to separate from their friend and go meet characters alone? Really.

She said she would sit on a bench outside and wait for me. And in comes my guilt. UGH. Like, I just wish I cared about people less sometimes b/c as soon as she said that I *knew* I wasn't going to be able to go meet the man of my dreams in good conscience.

The party was nearing the end, and I was gonna let my friend sit alone on a bench? I don't think so.

I was conflicted b/c it WAS her choice to do so, so I kind of felt like I was in between a rock and a hard place. I wished she would just come in, but at the same time I didn't want to do something I've been excited about doing for months with someone who didn't even want to do it.


On the other hand I thought, who knows, maybe Eugene IS there now and the line is super short, and I can be in and out in 15 minutes and it'll be good for Lee-Anne to get that bit of rest waiting outside on the bench. But what if he's not there? What if I wait a long time, and he and Rapunzel still aren't there, and again our precious MNSSHP time is wasted?

I contemplated all this for a minute after I got on line and it barely moved. I got pretty nervous that the same thing would happen again. So I walked back to the entrance and asked the CMs there the same things I had been asking CMs all night: WERE RAPUNZEL AND EUGENE IN THAT ROOM?

No idea. Couldn't give me an answer. Either of them. The best one guy could do was "I know Rapunzel was in there before, but I don't know if she is now." WELL WHAT CHANGED? I said, "Oh, well would you be able to find out please? My friend and I really wanted to meet Rapunzel and Flynn Rider before, and we waited like 45 minutes, and they weren't there, so I just don't want to spend another 45 minutes in line if I don't know they're going to be in there" The CMs were just kind of like "Ohhhh yeah, we don't really know."

Just completely not helpful. Now I was mad.


Seriously, I was so disappointed in Disney. I walked out feeling really dejected. If it was me alone I would have taken the chance and just got in the freaking line, but I felt too guilty with Lee-Anne sitting outside. So at that point I knew it was over.

No Eugene.

I was just super down at this point. Call me silly, but I thought I was leaving a couple days later and that my one shot at MNSSHP was blown. My one chance of meeting Eugene... gone.

I actually started crying a little. I know I'm ridiculous but I was SO incredibly disappointed. Years of anticipation built up to this night. Meeting Mickey & Minnie and seeing HalloWishes and Boo To You had been incredible, but the rest of the it went completely wrong. Everything from the rain making us late, to wasting all that time in line only to not meet Eugene at the end, having to rush around, not getting to trick or treat, hardly meeting any characters in general, Lee-Anne not going back in the Town Square with me, and ALL of the CMs there just being generally incompetent just got to me. And now the party was almost over, and all the character lines would start to be cut off. I was just so upset.

We heard the last Villains Show start, and Lee-Anne started walking really fast up toward the castle to catch it. I honestly did not care at that point. I had really wanted to see it, but my dreams were basically crushed, so I didn't feel like speed walking.

When I did finally get up to the castle, I was so confused by what the Villains show was. I don't think it has a plot or anything, it's just some of the Villains acting crazy and dancing? At the end, the Queen of Hearts dances solo to Heads Will Roll by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and it was SO WEIRD because when have you ever heard a non-Disney song in a show at Disney World? I was confused and crying, it was not a good look.

After the show, the Villains come down from the stage for M&Gs. Originally I had planned to do this, but I was so upset that I really didn't feel like interacting with them at that moment. Also I just have to mention that I don't know why people think meeting the Villains is so cool anyway. Oh wow, you met Jafar? He tried to kill Aladdin and Jasmine repeatedly so good for you. LOL. I TAKE THIS STUFF SERIOUSLY, OK?

The one villain I really wanted to meet was Gaston, because I just thought the interaction would be hilarious, but I didn't see him anywhere.

I suggested we go to Adventureland, since Lee-Anne still hadn't gotten to go there and had been asking me about it all night.

As we walked up to it, I dried my eyes and decided to pull myself together. Yeah, I was UPSET, but I was also at the Magic Kingdom. I had about 30 precious minutes of MNSSHP left and I was NOT going to waste them! No matter what happened... I was still in Disney World, so everything could go wrong... and it would still be okay. Cause it's Disney.

As we came up on POTC, I said, "I think we should go on Pirates!"

I was very excited to go on - I don't think I've ever been on Day 6 of a trip having not been on POTC yet. The very thought of finally riding it cheered me up!

Once we got to the queue, Lee-Anne said, "I don't wanna go on." I thought it was because she thought it was a thrill ride, so I quickly explained that it wasn't.

She said, "Yeah, but I don't wanna go on any more rides."

I explained that this was not just ANY ride. It was PIRATES OF THE FREAKIN' CARIBBEAN! A classic. Something Walt Disney himself worked on. It would be worth it to fly to Florida, ride Pirates of the Caribbean, and then immediately fly home. IT'S PIRATES! Anyone going to Disney World can not miss this ride.

It was a firm no. There was NO WAY she was riding that puppy. Cue my jaw dropping to the ground and hitting the concrete with a big SLAM! noise much like in a cartoon.

It wasn't just that I wanted to go on - I genuinely felt like letting Lee-Anne skip this ride would be doing a disservice to her. Like as a friend, I could not let her miss this. I mean, HOW can you go to Disney and not ride PIRATES?!?! But she just wouldn't go. And I gave up. I just couldn't believe I was trying to talk someone into riding Pirates of the Caribbean. I mean, I love Lee-Anne, but I don't know what was happening there. A person at Disney World who didn't want to go on rides? I was utterly confused.

She then said that she didn't want to go to the breakfast we had planned at Crystal Palace the next morning either. That bummed me out even more, since I had started to get really excited about it. She didn't want to go to the MK that morning at all, actually, and again I was just so shocked.

Her reason was that she didn't want to rush to make it back in time for Magical Express. I hate rushing, so I understood, but we could have just arrived at Crystal Palace early and made it back in time for her ME pickup time as long as we didn't stay at breakfast too long. I mean, it was totally doable. But she didn't think so.

I asked what she wanted to do the next morning then and she said she didn't want to go anywhere or do anything before her ME pickup time. She said that she was just burned out, and that made me really sad. It was just so off putting because it was like she was suddenly done with Disney World. I mean, her ME pick-up time was not until 12:05 PM, so I was really surprised she wanted to waste the whole morning. Even if I was really tired, I'd get up early, hit a park, and pass out on the plane, you know? I guess people just have their limits and she hit hers in that moment in front of POTC, which was super unfortunate.

Being the huge Disney freak that I am, I was completely confused by this. Being burned out on Disney does not compute. On my last night in Disney, and my last morning, I would never even consider not doing anything or going anywhere. In my opinion, you gotta squeeze whatever you can out of your trip before you have to leave! So I still don't understand why she suddenly didn't want to do anything.

So, since she didn't want to go on any rides, I asked what she wanted to do. She said she just wanted to walk around.

I was confused again because if she was burned out and tired and her back hurt, it would have been better to go on Pirates and sit down for awhile, not walk around. But I didn't argue. I think I was just so puzzled by the whole thing that I was just like whatever at that point.

I don't want it to come off like I'm saying bad stuff about Lee-Anne or anything, because like I said, I wasn't mad at her. I didn't take it personal. I was just fully annoyed that we weren't on the same page, and I didn't understand why she felt the way she did. Overall Lee-Anne is a really understanding and kind friend so I tried to be that for her too even though inside I was screaming to do something else.

Now... walking around the Magic Kingdom aimlessly is one of my favorite things to do in life.... BUT NOT AT MNSSHP!!! There's candy to be had! Rarely seen characters to meet! Rides to be ridden with no lines! Dance parties! ETC ETC ETC.

It was VERY HARD for me to go along with this. I'm not saying I deserve a medal or anything but oh my God I was just like WHAT ARE WE DOING RIGHT NOW. We started walking and she wanted to stop and look around in the Pirates gift shop.

Of all the things that you can do at MNSSHP... we were in the (completely deserted) Pirates store. When I say that my head was spinning.... you don't even know. I just did not understand. Do you understand? Because I do not.

As midnight (closing time) approached, I really started to get upset. Again. I couldn't believe I was spending my last MNSSHP moments in the Pirates store, of all places.

I mean, I have no Disney limit, but if I did have a limit, it certainly wouldn't kick in at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Dudes, you don't even get it - I wanted to suck the marrow out of the bone of this party. And we were wandering around a store.

I started crying again. AGAIN, I know it's silly, but just couldn't help it! In the moment, I was just devastated over how the night had gone. I walked away from Lee-Anne so she didn't see because I didn't want it to turn into a whole thing. I knew if she saw me she'd ask if I was okay, and I'd start talking about it and cry more, and then it would turn into a whole full fledged crying at MNSSHP scene and I REALLY didn't want that.

I think the problem here (which I didn't realize until afterward) is that I had told Lee-Anne during the whole trip that since it was her first time in Disney in 17 years, we could do whatever she wanted to do. I did this because I've gotten to go so many times, so I thought it was only right. Even though I hated skipping my favorite thrill rides and sometimes didn't wanna do the things she did, I was OK with it in the end because I knew I had two solo days after she left to do all that. BUT - and here's the big difference - I had never been to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party before and had dreamed of going for YEARS. It wasn't like normal Disney World that I've seen so many times and could see more of after Lee-Anne left. So I really wasn't okay with doing whatever she wanted to do. I had to have a say this time, and I had a distinct plan that I had made myself b/c she didn't want to be involved in the planning. And I really WAS NOT okay with the other mishaps of the evening. For all I knew, it could be years until my next MNSSHP. (Thank goodness it wasn't. Oh my God.)

In the moment, I thought... these are my last minutes of MNSSHP and we're not even doing anything! And I was truly angry and very upset. Like I said, I had dreamed of doing MNSSHP for years and I thought this was my only chance.

So we walked through Adventureland, to Liberty Square and into Fantasyland. As we approached Peter Pan's Flight, I remembered Lee-Anne saying she wanted to ride that again before we left, so I suggested it just so we could do SOMETHING. She said she wanted to go on. I was just like baffled because this was something she had already done and she was fine with riding and yet she totally refused to go on Pirates, a classic attraction she had never been on. At this point I just wanted to get through the night without losing it so I didn't question it, I just tried to enjoy the ride.

I honestly don't remember much else about the night except sadness! Womp womp. If I only knew in that moment that I would get to do TWO more Halloween parties, I would have been fine, but at the time I was just so sad.

Thank God for Boo Too You, HalloWishes, and that awesome Mickey & Minnie M&G, because besides that, the night had been a pretty big bust. I couldn't help but wish I could come back and have a do-over.

I had two more nights in Disney (Remember - at the time I didn't know that my flight on Oct 28 would be canceled and I'd be #StuckInDisney12), so I checked the party dates on Allears.net to see there was a party on either the 26th or the 27th. I saw that there in fact was another party the following night (the 26th), but I didn't know if I wanted to go. I mean, I've done the parks solo plenty, but the Halloween party? I was worried I'd be super lonely and just feel weird meeting characters by myself, and getting candy, and the whole deal. Plus... with a pricetag of $70, MNSSHP is not cheap, especially when you've already paid to go once. So I was leaning toward no.

Like I said, I had been texting with Jess. I knew she would understand all my frustrations being that it is also impossible to burn her out on Disney. She totally understood and was so comforting to me!

Jess told me over and over that I HAD to do the party again. It even wasn't like she was suggesting it, or saying "I really think you should go." She was just like "DO IT. Trust me Lia. This way you won't have any regrets and you can do whatever you want." I'm SO HAPPY that I talked to her about it, because she really did convince me. She really changed my mind from being not so sure if I should go to the party again to being like 100% sure that I obviously had to do the party again. So THANK YOU JESS!!!

Honestly, I'm happy that things were not so great at my first Not So Scary, because if the night had gone perfectly, I might not have decided to go a 2nd and then 3rd time, and I would have missed out on two of the most FUN NIGHTS OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. Oh my God, I can't even wait til you guys hear about my other party experiences. I can't even describe how much I love MNSSHP and how special all of this was to me, but I will try anyway!!!

Up next: Bidding farewell to Lee-Anne, checking into ALL STAR MOVIES, hanging out at Downtown Disney and getting lots of FOOD, MY 2ND AND BEST MNSSHP IN WHICH I GET TO VISIT NEW FANTASYLAND AND HAVE BASICALLY THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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OMG I would have been incredibly frustrated, too!!!!! It sounds like she hit a wall and just stopped! LOL That can't happen in Disney!!! I can't wait to hear about the next party night, though!
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I need to go to that party like yesterday!! I am alllllll about parades and that one seems totally amazing!

I'm sorry Lee-Ann hit the wall. That would be crushing to me but not everyone is a disnerd unfortunately where they can go go go and not stop. I definitely think you handled it well. It stinks that there was so much disappointment but that probably made the next party that much better! (What was up with those cast members, come on!) Can't wait to hear about it!
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Great update!
For the love of Disney...
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Okay, now you really convinced me that I need to go to this party and see the parade! So that and the F&W Festival are on my to do list!
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That looks like such a great parade! Now I'm definitely going to have to go at Halloween. I haven't seen many of the American parades, but I do love Disneyland Paris's 20th anniversary parade. The song was in my head forever afterwords. I'm sorry Leanne was so burned out, but I'm not sure I understand not wanting to go on Pirates either. Oh well. Can't wait to hear about your next few days!
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Ah Hallowishes. I had seen Holiday Wishes previously, so the panoramic fireworks wasn't as new to me, but it's still always sooooo amazing and goose-bumpy.

Completely agree on the lack of Jack. I don't get it either. It just makes no sense!

Boo to You is EASILY the best parade Disney has done in my humble opinion. Can't lie though.. the cowboy part was kinda sorta lost on me.

I'm with you on squeezing out every last drop of Disney-ness before I leave while usually everyone else I'm with is done with it. So worry not... I completely get how you felt at MNSSHP. Like completely, as I'm sure everyone does as well.
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Great MNSSHP updates! Loved your costume, and Mickey and Minnie's reaction was SO ADORABLE. That is the best parade - and the music!! So fabulous!

Ugh, sad to hear the end of the night was a bummer. That line and the lack of Eugene was enough to give anyone a magical meltdown! How perfect though that you got a do-over!
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Oh hai!

I've been lurking FOR AGES and have just caught up on this trip report and your one from December 2011, so thought it was probably time to start actually posting on the DIS...


I completely agree with you about the boo to you parade (to the point where I can't think about the haunted mansion section much because it makes me too sad that I'm not a spade-wielding dancing disney dead person.) It is amazing x 8 at least.

But it's totally in need of more nightmare. They have an amazing horse drawn float in the Halloween parade at DLP, so I was a bit disappointed that it didn't feature in boo to you

WDW definitely deserves the Halloween makeover of haunted mansion! We should write a letter. In glitter. That would show them we mean business.
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You are the first person, I read, that gets the whole Fronteirland part of the parade. I always took it as a salute to harvest parties and such.

Love the parade!!
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Your costumes were both spectacular!

And, traveling with friends is both awesome and frustrating sometimes. I loved reading your honest feelings about the night. Thanks! T

I'm hoping desperately that we will see Eugene in your next post! Just finished watching it again with my DD (5). We LOVE the boat and lantern scene. (sigh).

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Now I am so excited for Boo to You!! I cannot even wait, especially after hearing your descriptions of the whole thing! I CANNOT WAIT FOR MNSSHP!!!!

Burned out on Disney, what is that?! Although I do feel like you are a great friend for understanding...I don't know that I would have such will power, even though I know I would do the same thing as you out of guilt!

When we go in October, my cousin and her hubby are joining us (non Disney folk)--so they decided to skip the Halloween party since it is an extra charge, so DH and I attending before they get there...after reading your update, I think that may be for the best...I have been looking forward to a Disney party forever...so I think I need to be with someone else who "gets" it--and that would be DH! When I was explaining MNSSHP to my cousin, I don't think she understood the appeal. And that is okay...I will slowly bring Disney into their lives. lol!

I seriously cannot wait for your other party updates!!
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*puts the boo to you music on* THIS SONG IS AWESOME. Now I will have it stuck in my head… Not complainin’ though.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN AND KANGA AND ROO AND RABBIT?!?!?! *leaves your TR for a second to go find plane tickets to MCO in October so I can see that awesomeness* OMG.

I just died over the Haunted Mansion part HOLY CRAP.

THE VILLIANS PAIN AND PANIC THAT SKELETON BAND. I don’t know how I will survive when I see this parade. At all.


I am sorry about the whole Eugene thing and feeling guilty about Lee-Anne. I would have been upset too about the whole thing. I mean, it is RIDICULOUS that CMs can’t give you an answer. Can’t they use a magical phone to magically call CMs that are in the M&G?!?!? That just stinks. Seriously.

I had an incident just like you on a recent trip. I was there at Christmastime with my family and it was our first day and EVERYTHING was a mess and I sat on the steps of the Sorcerer Hat bawling my eyes out, while they went on the Great Movie Ride when THE OSBORNE LIGHTS WERE LIKE 100 FEET AWAY. I was annoyed and upset. I mean, I had NEVER seen the Osborne Lights before and they wanted me to wait for them and I just didn’t want to. Same thing happened at MVMCP and my family didn’t want to do anything AND LEFT AT 10PM… WHACKOS. I was upset at them and I tried to pull it together, so I can totally relate to your situation. It really stinks. A LOT. I am happy that Jess convinced you to go to the 2nd party! And it seems like you had a much better time (:
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Let me tell you, I've been there (both literally and figuratively).

My mom and I got to the party at 6:00 that night specifically so we could meet Flynn and Rapunzel without missing out on that much of the party. We were like 5th in line and let me tell you we were so annoyed. At 6:55 they were still letting non-party people in to meet the princess, and as I was impatiently waiting to be reunited with my love (I had gotten to meet Flynn at MVMCP the previous year), it was driving me nuts. Luckily by 7:05 they were letting us in - but like you there was a lot of suspicious whispering into phones taking place. As soon as we made it into the room I realized why, and I was crestfallen - there were only two couples and neither included Flynn. I spent the next 10 minutes anxiously hoping that Flynn would magically arrive, but he never did - and the CMs were less than helpful. It was rough because it really put a damper on the start of the party. After reading your report, I'm really glad we didn't get back in line later (which I had seriously considered). Luckily I got to see him the next night.

I can completely understand your frustration with LeAnn. In January 2011, I had gone to disney with my parents, my sisters and their boyfriends, and my other sister. Now normally I like to sleep in, but when I'm in Disney there are far more important things to do than sleep. Well on this trip my ENTIRE family thought it would be great to sleep until 9:30/10:00 every day. Add to that how long it takes for 8 people to get ready, and we weren't getting to the parks until noon. And then of course because its lunch time, the first thing we would do was eat. We were also on the dining plan and had dinners at TS restaurants planned, but because we booked 4 months in advance we ended up with really early dinner times (like 4:40 one day). We ended up eating 2 hour dinners and then because it was January, the parks were closing at 8:00 or 9:00 each night. By the end I started to lose it. We were only getting a good 5/6 hours of park time each day. Now you might ask well why didn't you just go into the park by yourself. Answer was simple - this was a "family" vacation and if I went off on my own I was ruining it. The breaking point came when we got in line for TSMM right before park close and then the ride broke down. It was the only day we had planned in HS and since we didn't get into the park until 11:30 and no sane person will wait 2 hours for a ride, closing was the only opportunity. I nearly started crying.

It was so frustrating that my family and I had completely different expectations when it came to the trip and I hated that I was upset in disney - it was just a really rough time. Looking back it still upsets a little. I felt like I was the only one compromising and it not like my family had never been to Disney before. Then again, maybe that's why they were taking such a relaxed approach.

Sorry to ramble on so much, but I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and I fully commiserate. I'm glad you enjoyed the rest of the party though. I agree that the Boo to You Parade is just AMAZING. Its now my favorite parade ever. Can't wait to hear about your second party!
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I'm sorry your first MNSSHP was kind of a bummer, but I am super happy for you that you got to go 2 more times! I want to go so bad, I'm hoping to go October, 2014 (probably mentioned that before) but DH isn't sure...he wants to try to find a new job early next year. We'll have to see.
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The third time’s the charm! A March 2013 10th anniversary pre-trip report! The 3rd time's the charm! Our 10th anniversary March 2013 TR!
The 3rd time's the charm! Our 10th anniversary 03-2013 Dining Report!
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