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Old 11-03-2012, 10:22 PM   #16
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Lol i lied to my lil brother about a ride called the demon told him it was slow & didnt go upside down. I also bribed him that morning that if he got on a roller coaster i would buy him a power ranger megazord. After the ride was over after the initial shock he was proud he faced his fears called my mom everyone else to tell them & yes he got his megazord
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Old 11-04-2012, 09:05 AM   #17
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We told our kids...

"You know how your favorite rides, ________ and ________ seem WAY TOO SHORT, and you're always wishing the rides were longer? Well, all rides are pretty short. If you don't like it, close your eyes and hang on, it will be over in a couple of minutes."


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Old 11-04-2012, 09:10 AM   #18
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Originally Posted by 4NWDW
Ha! I had to lie to my wife to get her to go on Rock N' Roller Coaster! She kept asking if it goes upside down, I knew she would like it but she wouldn't ride it if she knew it went upside down. So she screamed while we were on the ride and as soon as we got off the ride she was ready to get in line for it again. Sometimes you have to tell little white lies to your loved ones to get them to relax and enjoy themselves, but it's all in good fun
Haha this made me laugh. Same thing happened to me on our honeymoon - they eluded to it in the cue and I asked my husband again and he told me its just a roller coaster. My husband is lucky I didn't get an annulment!! However, now even though I get anxious I can ride RnR over and over
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Old 11-04-2012, 07:52 PM   #19
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Not about the rides, but have convinced DS that the rate information on the back of the doors are Mickey's hotel rules. It's been working since he was two but now he reads well enough that it will no longer work. There are rules about kids under 5 having to take a nap every day, that you have to eat breakfast before you can ride the bus to the parks, you have to get dressed as fast as you can so you will not be late etc. Not big on lying to kids ever, but this little trick has saved soooo many melt-downs that I don't feel toooo bad.
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Old 11-06-2012, 09:41 AM   #20
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The only fib I told my daughter was that there were no rollercoasters at AK. She's 3 and 41" so I didn't want to deal with explaining to her how she wouldn't be able to get on.

She loved Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. She understood the concept of a rollercoaster so we had no trouble getting her to try it out. Of course, then we had trouble getting her on other rides since they didn't go fast (she hated Small World & Peter Pan).
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Old 11-06-2012, 10:16 AM   #21
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Originally Posted by *Seanaci* View Post
You know...with YouTube being so prevalent, I'm surprised that parents would fib to their kids about a ride.

We have been watching YouTube ride through videos of all the rides my son is tall enough to go on come our December trip. We've also been watching a Disney Special on Netflix every week so he sees (some of) the rides and is prepared for when we get to Disneyland to say "yeah, I'll ride it" or "no...I remember this one from netflix/youtube and I'm not ready for it". Now, do I expect him to ride the few things he's told me he WANTS to ride based on seeing it on Netflix or YouTube...nope. I'm prepared to be cool with his decision and I won't push him to go on something he doesn't want to go on. Nothing worse (in my opinion) than scaring the crap out of your kid and having a miserable trip because they won't get on anything other than Dumbo or Pooh.

We do this too. DS was excited to be tall enough to ride some of the rides, but after seeing some of the videos he has decided to wait a little longer to ride them.
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Old 11-07-2012, 01:22 AM   #22
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I'm sure I haven't lied to my niece's when I took them on rides. I may have left out a few things like I have never called it Snow White's Scary Adventures, just Snow White.

The oldest niece is scared of most rides-I'm sure that has something to do with her dad. Still remember the first time I took her on Winnie the Pooh. You would have thought I was trying to get her on ToT or something. Calmed her down and told her a bit about the ride and she then went on it and loved it at 4 yrs old. At 5 yrs I did force her on the Jungle Cruise as I insisted she try one new ride this trip. Well guess what she liked it, but we had no time for a second ride as we waited till the last possible moment to get that new ride in.

The youngest niece was terrified of Spaceship Earth. I don't know what her older sister told her but she was convinced that it was too scary. I knew she would like it so I made her ride it, she liked it a lot and then told me that her sister told her it was a scary ride. I had her ride KRR and she liked it, just didn't like getting wet (I packed her a change of clothes so she wasn't wet for long). On her second trip I did make her try Splash and she said the drop was scary. I reminded her it is sometimes fun to get a bit scared and that I wouldn't take her on anything that I didn't think she could handle. I wanted her to see the fun inside part of the ride.

Neither one have been on ToT, Space Mtn., EE, Dinosaur and of course RnRC (height requirement).

I think lying will cause them to not trust you. Some children need a bit of a push to try new things.

Next year we are going to DL so I hope I can get them on some new rides.
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Old 11-07-2012, 09:29 AM   #23
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Sometimes you don't know unless you go. Many kids don't understand that there are degrees to things. It's not simply a matter of 'scary' or 'not scary'...and not everyone finds the same types of things scary. Helping kids to learn to let their knowledge and experiences guide their decision-making instead of their fears (what they know as opposed to what they think they know) is not a bad thing.

Kids are a heck of a lot more resilient than some people give them credit for. They aren't going to be scarred for life if Mom/Dad fibs to get them to try something they might otherwise be hesitant to try (unless the kid has some underlying issues which obviously should be handled differently).

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Old 11-07-2012, 09:32 AM   #24
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Only by accident.

We took our kids for the first time in 2005. DH and I had gone to DHS for one day in 1993, and I remembered liking The Great Movie Ride, in particular the Wizard of Oz scene.
I was looking forward to it.

My son, five at the time, asked if it was a scary ride.
I told him, with utter confidence, "No, it's alot like Peter Pan except you ride through grownup moves instead of a cartoon movie."

O-M-G, The kid was petrified.
He thought our tram driver was really kidnapped.
He thought the gangster had a real gun. And we were sitting in the front row, right next to him!!!

I totally forgot that part of the ride.

Then, just as I managed to pull his head out of my armpit and calm him down, "it's all fake, just actors, just part of the show...."

We hit the fog and flashing lights and I recognize the scene from Aliens. Bad Mom, Bad Mom, Bad Mom.

My poor baby didn't trust me for the rest of the week. He would ask Dad if the rides were scary, but not me.
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Old 11-07-2012, 01:38 PM   #25
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I don't have a child old enough to ask questions like this so I'm going to answer with what my dad did with me instead.

He would never lie. Ever. He said exactly what would happen on everything (as long as he knew himself). The thing was, he was always very calm, cool, and collected. He wasn't agitated, he wasn't nervous, he did't try to turn my questions around and he wasn't evasive. He was upbeat and happy to be going in the ride, but he wasn't overly enthusiastic acting like it was the best thing ever either. It was what it was. I think his demeanor and the way he presented himself did way more for me and easing my fears than what he said ever would have.

This is how I want to be with our children and something I'm working on with my husband. He gets motion sick on coasters (or he did, when he was 8, and he's still convinced he will now, despite doing just fine on things like Dinosaur). This translates to him saying things like, "I don't understand why you would get any pleasure out of torturing yourself." or "That's too intense. You're nuts." It's a downer for ME, a grown adult who can process my own feelings and thoughts just fine. I can't imagine how terribly that stuff is going to translate to our children.
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Old 11-07-2012, 01:53 PM   #26
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I'm okay with downplaying (lying) about a ride if i'm quite certain that my child would like it if they weren't so worried about it (DD9). Wouldn't do it to a child I knew is afraid of most rides and would hate it (DS7).
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Old 11-08-2012, 01:58 AM   #27
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I almost did this to my then 3yo daughter one year, lol. I hadn't been to Disneyland in a few years and I forgot how scary, dark, and fast Matterhorn was. I kept trying to convince her to go on it because she was tall enough, but in the end she insisted she didn't want to go, so we relented and did a child swap. (this was immediately after her trying Mr Toad and bursting into tears during the hell scene, then being even more traumatized by Snow White, lol, so we were trying to avoid the "indoor dark" rides)

I took her 5 yo brother and as soon as we got inside the mountain I was like OMG, I'm SOOOOOOOO glad she didn't listen to me, she would've FREAKED OUT! So I didn't really mean to lie to her, but thankfully she stuck to her guns and I didn't force her because I would've felt bad and probably ruined the rest of the day (if not trip) by traumatizing her even more.

So I'm very persuasive, but I won't force them to go if they really don't want to. We did the same thing to her at DCA last year to get on Mickey's Roller Coaster...bribed her with something she wanted (I think it was cotton candy?) and she went with us and LOVED it more than anyone. I was SO worried because again, I forgot how fast and scary it really was, and I couldn't even see her face over the bars during the ride. I was so sure she would be bawling when we got off, but she thought it was awesome. I was so thankful!!! :P So ya, I probably shouldn't trust my memory anymore, lol.
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Old 11-08-2012, 02:17 AM   #28
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So....these "little white lies" as everyone is calling them, are ok because it serves your purpose - but then when your children get older and begin to lie to you, you'll wonder why they lie so much??? I find it a bit frustrating that adults find it acceptable to lie to a child when it serves their purpose - to get to a theme park faster, to calm a child down - thereby insulting the child's intelligence. They WILL eventually see you lied, thus they learn from you.
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Old 11-08-2012, 05:35 AM   #29
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Originally Posted by midaroco
So....these "little white lies" as everyone is calling them, are ok because it serves your purpose - but then when your children get older and begin to lie to you, you'll wonder why they lie so much??? I find it a bit frustrating that adults find it acceptable to lie to a child when it serves their purpose - to get to a theme park faster, to calm a child down - thereby insulting the child's intelligence. They WILL eventually see you lied, thus they learn from you.
So you have never lied to your children?? Santa claus, the tooth fairy, how delicious vegetables are???

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Old 11-08-2012, 07:51 AM   #30
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Originally Posted by pascalstongue View Post
So you have never lied to your children?? Santa claus, the tooth fairy, how delicious vegetables are???
I don't think that the PP has children, based on another post of theirs that I've seen.

Back to the OP. I don't remember lying to any of the kids about an attraction. I did tell them that they wouldn't get wet in PoTC. My younger son was very quick to point out the droplet of water on his hand after a water cannon went off near our boat in the fort scene. Does that count as lying?
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