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Closed Thread
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Old 10-30-2012, 01:19 PM   #616
Earning My Ears
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I have followed this board for a while now, but just joined so that I could post- this forum has been very helpful in planning our cruise. My family and I were on the 10/20 Fantasy, it was our very first cruise so we had nothing to compare.

My husband and I were standing on our Veranda in St.Thomas when we first heard about the hurricane, we had no idea that one had developed until the announcement was made about the reroute and not going to Castaway Cay.

I had asked my travel agent what would happen if there was a hurricane and she told me that the captain would simply go to another island or go around it and that we would never be in danger if one should happen. So I never even thought we would be in danger. Thursday was kind of rough and there was more rocking than before, and Friday all day was rough, we were bumping into things a bit and sometimes it was hard to walk, by Friday evening it was noticeably worse, at dinner we kept hearing glass break and you could feel some major rocking, lots and lots of people were feeling ill, including my husband.

We decided to stay in our stateroom following dinner and looked at the ocean from the closed veranda door, the waves were huge and it was tough to move around. It was overnight that the nightmare began and I seriously knew that we were in a horrible situation, things were flying around the room and we could not stand, the ship pitched so far that I was sure we would tip all the way over, I was screaming at my husband in panic and my teen boys telling them not to open the veranda door, we were terrified for our 19 month old and protected him in the pack &play, thankfully he slept.

I called guest services and my husband went down to get info, we were told that this was not as bad as she had been through and not to worry....we had no idea what was going on and I remember thinking "thank God" when we heard an announcement was coming, but there was not any information except for us to stay in our staterooms and then another one that the ship was ok....I personally would have felt much more relieved if there was some information about what was happening. We made it through the night in complete terror and I constantly expected to hear instructions for evacuations and putting on our life jackets etc...

Later they made announcements about getting to PC late and if you had a morning flight to call the airline, our flight was at 2:40pm so. We thought we would be ok, they told us we could go to breakfast, which we did even though we were sick in our stomachs, I tripped a few times it was still pretty rough but not like the middle of the night. After breakfast we went to our stateroom and stayed there, they informed us that security would be going through the ship as we docked and that it could take some time...

That is the last info that we received, by 11:30 we thought we should go to guest services to see what we should do, we could not even get there, there were wall to wall people everywhere, went back to the room and called GS to get advise, she told me we might make our 2:40 flight but it would be close....after another half hour we called again and she suggested that we call the airline to reschedule our flight, I told her that we had no cell service and she told us to call from our room but it would cost 6.95 per minute or we could come to GS to use their phone... We went down and it took us a LONG time to get to the desk, I called our travel agent and could barely speak since I was so upset and nervous, not sure what to do... Our travel agent was able to reschedule our 2:40 flight to a 8:15pm flight.... It took a very long time to get off of the ship, there was no direction and people everywhere and it was very hard for our family to stay together... We finally got to the airport around 3:00pm and waited for our 8:15pm flight, not easy task with a 19 month old, but thankful to be off of the ship and safe! None of us had slept the night before and were exhausted and sick to our stomach, I was having some severe rocking sensations and had some trouble walking.... During our flight there was some turbulence and it terrified me more than usual....we got home at 3:15am on the 28th

I am still having some rocking sensations on and off and I'm not sure how I feel about our experience.... I know that it was the most terrifying night of my life personally and feeling the ship pitch as severely as it did, I thought for sure that we were goners... I asked a lot about hurricane season and believed what I was told and never thought that we would go into a hurricane... I do wish that there was more information- I wish we had known there was a hurricane brewing sooner, I wish that there was some sort of weather information posted every few hours and I certainly wish that there was more information posted or announced Friday night and Saturday morning about what was happening, not knowing was horrible...and I really wish the disembarking was not as awful with the crowds and lack of info and instruction. Seeing the damage on the ship made us heartsick, we were so impressed with the beauty and wonder of the ship during our trip.

The people on this post saying things about whining and this is what you get when you sail during hurricane season are just plain cruel, no one has any idea how bad it was unless you lived through it personally and as a parent it was so much worse than maybe for some others because I was watching my children panic and fear for their lives and that is the worst experience ever! It's shameful the way that some of you are speaking and very disappointing...

We will go again on a DCL vacation, our experience before Thursday was fabulous and we loved every second, I will never go during hurricane season again, nor do I completely trust my TA, which may not be her fault, but I had asked so many questions and was completely reassured...I will ALWAYS book on my own and book everything through Disney, since the airline issues were a nightmare since we booked through the TA and not Disney...I am extremely thankful that we did the Disney Transfers.... We had also signed up for the pre-check-in for our flight through Disney but it got canceled and that made things a bit more confusing for us regarding our luggage and what to do etc...

Please be kind! Please do not judge others unless you have walked in their shoes! It's a sad world when people can not talk about their bad experience and horrifying night without being judged and called names for it! I have written 2 e-mails to DCL only asking a few questions about what happened, but so far have not heard anything back....
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Old 10-30-2012, 01:20 PM   #617
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The craziest thing about this whole thread is that initially it started as a passenger sharing their experience the last night of the cruise. That particular passenger considered the experience terrifying, as did several others. Other passengers apparently felt it was unpleasant but not as terrifying. Its all relative to that specific person and nobody's opinion is right or wrong. Allow them their opinion for crying out loud!

Then, suddenly people who were not even on this cruise decided that they have the knowledge and the experience to say that this captain deliberately sailed this $900 million ship containing 4000 paying customers along with himself, into a deadly storm in the interest of making more money. That just doesnt add up. If Disney used that kind of logic they wouldnt be a multi billion dollar corporation with an impeccable reputation.

Then, several people suddenly became practicing lawyers and began talking lawsuits. Has anyone spoken with a lawyer? Has anyone spoken with Disney? Has anyone read the actual agreement that must be signed before embarkment? Are any of you people on here giving legal advice qualified to do so or are you just on her to antagonize the people who are already in a highly emotional state?

As Ive said prior, I cannot imagine what your experience was like. I do not doubt that your terror is real and I believe your anger is justified and DCL is the only tangible thing you can direct that anger towards. I can't say for sure why this happened as it did but It just doesnt make sense for the reasons to be as lecherous as some are suggesting. I do believe that DCL has extended compensation by way of a discount that even included WDW for those who do not want to cruise again. I understand that some still feel too angry to think of it this way and there is no wrong in that. But those of you who continue to fuel the fire are not helping anyone, you are just instigating.
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Old 10-30-2012, 01:21 PM   #618
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Originally Posted by chateau View Post
I am rich BECAUSE of the scary (hurtful, horrible, traumatic, etc.) things that happened in my life. They gave me wisdom and made me strong. I am old and happy.

Reading through, I know the topic is nothing to joke about, but sometime y'all make me laugh!!

Originally Posted by MrsScooby View Post
My experience with DCL has been that they always put the safety of their passengers first. There was nothing to be gained by putting everyone through such an ordeal
Obviously a mistake on the captain's part.
I am curious about the timing of the decisions made to proceed compared to the decisions of other cruiselines....
I am sure that DCL sent warnings out to other ships as soon as they realized how bad it was.
Did they all get the same weather reports?

Very unfortunate that this experience happened, but I am sure this will also make DCL much more cautious in the future.
I assume the captain of this ship was highly qualifiied, but this storm picked up speed several times, possibly a mis-judgement or slight calculated risk that backfired. imo there is absolutely no way 'corporate' would knowingly seriously endanger the ship.

I've booked storm season several times in the past and had no issue. Once during shoulder season early Dec. we hit tail end of a storm. It's a tradeoff for the decreased cruisefare but odds of rough weather are certainly increased

That said, imo it never hurts to ask (notice I didn't use the word demand) for compensation when travel goes awry. DCL was wise to rapidly announce what they were offering.
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Old 10-30-2012, 01:28 PM   #619
EDH Family
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I was recently on a flight back from Hawaii and we hit an air pocket and drop severval hundred feet, the captain came on and assured us everything was fine. A few people got hurt and a few drinks were spilled. Yes, it could've been considered a terrifying experience, but it happened. Not once did I want to call the airline demanding a refund, discount, etc because the pilot should've known about the air pocket. This is the risk we all have to think about when traveling. Always epect the unexpected. I said my peace and I'm done with this thread.

Oh, good luck with that Class Action lawsuit, should've read your contract.

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Old 10-30-2012, 01:29 PM   #620
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Originally Posted by EDH Family
Oh, good luck with that Class Action lawsuit, should've read your contract.

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Old 10-30-2012, 01:40 PM   #621
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The next cruise

I'm not sure about the fantasy sailing that left the same day you guys got back but I can only imagine how tired and worn out the crew must have been as you know they were all working hard to secure things on the ship and clean up. Imagine all the work that went into getting the ship ready for the next cruisers so that those boarding next would see as little of the chaos as possible so their journey would be "magical" as eveyone's is when they board. I would hope there would be some understanding for the crew as well as I'm sure they all went beyond their normal duties and pulled together.

I for one, would not board a boat with a captain/company that I don't trust. I'll be on my third DCL cruise next September (yes, I realize it's hurricane season, going anyway) We sailed the Dream last October for Halloween knowing the season.

I'm happy everyone made it safely and hope that you at least had a home to go back to. So many that didn't sail, have lost so much these past few days.
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Old 10-30-2012, 01:43 PM   #622
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Originally Posted by t_daniels View Post
Unless it turns out that dcl did in fact, do something ill advised by not altering course.
I think that is the issue here. If you look at this Carnival FAQ entry, you can see that they altered their schedule for many of their ships which were, or could have been, effected by Sandy.
Granted from the complaints I saw reposted here earlier, that still didn't make everyone happy (you rarely can), but it still shows that they likely didn't put "sticking to the schedule" ahead of the safety of their passengers.

For those saying that people who book during hurricane season should know better, that is true to a point. I think people who book during hurricane season do so with the realization that their itinerary may change and no particular port is guaranteed, but they also have the expectation that the cruise line will do their best to avoid bad weather and not make poor decisions just to stick to a schedule.

Norwalk virus is also a known risk when sailing on ANY cruise and if my family were to wind up getting sick because a cruise line didn't follow proper sanitary procedures, I would certainly expect compensation. Not much different than not following proper safety procedures (assuming they didn't) when it comes to weather.
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Old 10-30-2012, 01:58 PM   #623
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I am saddened to say that some people cannot respect others rights to an opinion. Other take any opportunity to hijack a thread for other off topic rants. Since I need to do my job (the one that pays the bills). and can't keep coming back here to check this post, it is time for it to be closed.

My condolences for anyone who experienced this cruise. I pray I am never in the position to determine if your opinions are valid or not.

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Closed Thread

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