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Old 10-18-2012, 06:34 PM   #1
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Don't You Give Me the Silent Treatment, Sheila! - A Not-So-Scary October TR

Welcome, everyone!

Were back! And we had one of the most magical trips ever, filled with new places, magical moments, and even an unauthorized backstage tour! (whoops! more on that later)

For those of you who dont know me, Im Emmy Kate!

This is my second trip report here on the Disboards, (to read the first, click here). Im a long time Disney enthusiast and I have big news: I have been accepted into the Disney College Program and will be working there starting this January!

But enough about me, lets talk about the rest of the crew! Those of you who read my last report will remember my mom, Teri.

Shes about the best mom a girl could ask for, and shes the mastermind behind most of the planning in these trips.

Next, we have the COG (my dad).

One day I received an email from him signed, The Crotchety Old Guy, COG for short and weve called him the COG ever since.

Finally, we have my beloved brother, David.

Handsome mug he's got, right? But sorry, ladies. He's taken

His motto for this trip was just float onHe knew my mom and I had done plenty of planning, so he was content to go with the flow.

Now that introductions are over, well get on to the really important stuff.

This trip was a surprise for me, so it seems to me like the logical place to start would be the big reveal!

Lets turn back the clock to the end of finals week last August, shall we?

It was finally hereSummer. Id just finished my last final and I was grabbing lunch in my schools dining hall when I got a text from one of my friends.

Hey, I have letters from your brother for you.

My brother and I go to the same college, where we share a mailbox, so I assumed that David had grabbed some of my mail by mistake. I told my friend Id be right over and he met me outside of his hall with a stack of envelopes.

These were not random letters that David had pawned off on him. On each, there was a sticker that read:

Whoever had sent these letters had gone to great lengths to keep their identity a secretthe stickers were a nice touch (no handwriting analysis), but the evil(?) genius had slipped:

Aha! The realization that I needed to have the letters numbered (so I could tell when I had them all) was her downfall.

I recognized my moms handwriting right away and called her.

She, of course, played dumb and pulled the someone is writing my daughter secret letters? Scandalous! card.

But I was not fooled.




The hunt was on. I tracked down my friends all over campus and asked each of them if they had letters for me. Each friend had roughly four or five envelopes, and by my calculations I had two more friends to track down. My first stop?

Blackwatch. (a guys hall on campus). The guys of Blackwatch are some of my best friends at school, and I texted one of them to ask about the letter (at my school, girls arent allowed on guys halls and vice versa except for a few hours a week on the weekends, so I had to wait outside). He shot back that he had letters 13-16 and 38-42. And would meet me outside his hall.


Or so I thought&

I waited expectantly until he emerged from the hall&

Holding one lonely envelope.

You get the rest after I finish my final, cause I want to help you unscramble them. Ok, have fun, bye!

And with that, he ran off to take a two hour long new testament final.

I was ready to murder him.

---two hours later---

When he got back from his final, he gave me the rest of the envelopes and joined me in my quest for the missing few. We called, texted, or flagged down anyone we could think of, but no one knew anything about the missing missives.

Finally, I tracked down my brother and asked him for a hint, which led us to my RDs apartment.

Now, you might not know it, but I can be painfully shy in certain situations. This was one of them. I knew my RD slightly, but not well enough that I wanted to barge into his apartment and ask if he had any letters for me.

So I sat in the lobby trying to screw up the courage to go in.

For a long time.

Finally, my RA came in and figured out what I was doing. She grabbed me by the arm and dragged me inside, where she demanded the letters while I stood behind her mumbling incoherent apologies for our intrusion and turning bright red.

I was mortified, but...

The long awaited envelopes were MINE!

We dashed out into the lobby, where we set about descrambling the message.

Inside of each envelope was a single letter, and I immediately set about making the first thing that came to my mind out of them


Haha. Im so funny. But what could the real message be?

Heres what we came up with:

So I texted my mom to let her know I was going to find a man with a cat and a nice booty to take me to Disney World.

She told me to keep trying.

Second try:

(ATM and the COG are nicknames my parents gave themselvesATM=Atilla the Mum and as you know, the COG is the Crotchety Old Guy)

By this point, wed garnered quite a gathering of people who were helping us unscramble the message. One of them looked at me and solemnly said,

you have the coolest mom ever.

Yeah. Yeah I do.

So I was going to Walt Disney World! My mom sent me her tentative schedule and I found out that we were going to MNSSHP on our first full day there.

Im not gonna even pretend I was coherent on any of the phone calls home after that. My mind was racing so fast it sounded like someone put all of Walt Disney World in a blender and I was the messed up result:

And, Daddy Im going to show you the Raglan Road and the headless horseman rides down main street and Mom, I love you so much and when hinges creak in doorless chambers the tiki room birds and oh my goodness Im gonna be in DISNEY!

And so, our journey begins. I hope youre as excited as I am, in which casecalm down. I can only type so fast

And if youre not? Get pumped. Because its gonna be a wild ride.



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We made it!

Table of Contents:
Day 0 | We Made It!
Day 1: Part 1 | For Zurg!
Day 1: Part 2 | Magical Moments in the Magic Kingdom
Day 1: Part 3 |It's Really Not so Scary

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Old 10-18-2012, 10:09 PM   #3
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A whole summer of Disney dreaming came and went, and soon the day came: October 11th. I had a full day of classes ahead of me, and we were leaving for the airport after my last one. My parents had already flown down that morning and were tormenting me with updates.

We had been blessed enough to be able to make reservations at my dream resort: the Beach Club! Just before I went into Statistics, my mom texted me a picture of the view from our room:


From Stats, I made my way across campus to my Doctrine class, only to find that our prof had decided to have class outside! I booked it outside and found a spot in the sun with a bog rock to lean on. If you've got to have class before Disney, having that class on a sunny hill, barefoot in the grass, well, all I'm saying is it's not a bad way to do it.

After taking copious notes on Inerrancy, I met up with David. We tossed our bags in the car and hit the road.

Last time we went to Disney, my mom and I dropped David at the airport early so he could catch his flight to Jordan for a May-term course abroad. On the way there, he realized hed forgotten his sunglasses, so we had to run to Kmart to get him a pair.

Ironically enough, we got a text from my Mom as we were making our way to the airport saying shed forgotten her sunglasses, and would we please pick her up a pair at Bi-Lo. We stopped to grab them (and dinner while we were at it) on our way, but we were only successful in the sunglasses. Bi-Lo is good for many things, but dinner for the road isnt one of them.

Plan B was the Wendys down the street. We ran in and ordered quickly. Unfortunately, there was some mix up with the order, because it took about twenty minutes for us to get our food. We booked it to the car and jumped inside. In the rear view mirror, I caught a glimpse of the cashier chasing us into the parking lot.

Theyd messed up our order and had hastily re-done it.

With the extra time spent in Bi-lo and Wendy's, we were running dangerously late, so we were flying down the highway when David handed me my burger...

my cheeseburger.

Now, with most of my food preferences, if I'm served whatever food I don't especially care for, I can just gut it out and eat it anyway, but with cheese... I just can't. No idea why, but cheese just makes my skin crawl.

But they'd said that they had messed up the order, right? David reached in the other bag and unwrapped...

another cheeseburger--with lettuce!

I decided to just skip the burger. Soon I'd be eating Disney food anyway

Even though we hit traffic on the way, we just made it to the airport in time for our flight. When we checked in, they told us our flight had been delayed for an hour, and we would miss our connecting flight. However, they did get us on a later flight that left at 10:00 PM that night.

I pulled out my kindle and curled up with one of my all time favorites, The Blue Castle by L. M. Montgomery. David watched The Weather Channel's, "Twist of Fate," which was playing on the airport television.

From what I picked up of the show, they recreated people in life-or-death situations (or maybe just people getting stuck in cars during snowstorms, we saw a lot of that) and counted down the minutes and hours until they were rescued.

Soon enough, we had lift off! We landed in Charlotte and I went straight for Starbucks. The AC on the plane was turned way up and I was a popsicle! Caramel Apple Spice in hand, I returned to our gate to find that I had killed my poor phone.

My iphone's lock button had been broken for about a week, and I hadn't considered the fact that you need the lock button to turn the phone back on when I turned it off for the flight. I tried every combination of buttons and toggles and switches, but it was dead as dirt.

Failing that, I decided to plow on through The Blue Castle while David watched the news until our flight left at 10:00.

We pulled up in front of the Beach Club at 1:00 AM totally exhausted. As we walked into the lobby, I breathed deeplythe smell of the lobby was supposed to be legendary.

And it was&.


I tried all week, but I couldnt smell a thing. Sorry folks!

After wandering through a maze of hallways, we made it to our room. My mom sat up in bed and gave a wave before collapsing back into her pillow.

My dad was awake enough to give us both a hug before going back to bed, but we weren't complaining the lack of a welcoming party. We put our PJs on and gladly fell into bed.

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post, Ill make up for it later. For now, here are a few more pictures of the resort in the daytime.

The quiet pool (taken from our room, we had the best views!)

More of our view, thats the pirates ship water slide into the pool on the far right with the Yacht Club behind it. You can see the Dolphin farther on the left, and the Disney Boardwalk on the far left

A better view of the beach, the boardwalk, and the Swan Resort.


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I jumped out of bed bright eyed and bushy tailed (which was shocking to everyone) the next morning at 7:15. I was putting my makeup on after my shower when my Mom came over to the sink to ask me just what the heck I thought I was doing.

Rope Drop! I chirped, Gotta be there for the opening ceremony!

She informed me that it was Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom that day and that at this point, we would never make it on time.


Extra Magic Hours you say?


Since I was up anyway, I grabbed a bowl of cereal and geeked out about our view.

We were in room 4559, which, we decided, is officially the best room in all of the Beach Club.

Thats our room there, top right

We made it to the park around 9:30, and made a beeline for our familys all-time favorite ride:

Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin.

On the way there, we saw the Citizens of Main Street!

Someday, I will get one of those skirts. They're so pretty!

We also stopped for a few photopass pics

My Dad and I are serious about this ride.

While we were getting in line, there was a CM standing by the estimated wait time sign, minding his own business. Suddenly, another CM burst out from backstage with a blaster and took him captive For Zurg!

While slipping him his white slip.
Definitely the best shift changes Id seen

We rode three times. I got high score the first round, but David trounced us all the second two.

(in my trip report journal, Ive just found a little scribble here& David won!! Hes an ace!!!! I wonder who put that there&)

Next up was the Monsters Inc. Laugh floor, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. Sal and Ella were particularly on point.

There was a big section of the queue that was walled off, and if Im not mistaken, they moved the entrance slightly. Does anyone know what theyre doing with that area?

After Monsters Inc, I dragged my poor family on the WEDway Peoplemover (or Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover, if you must) Because Id read all of Walts schemes for his Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, we call it EP-COT in Walt and the Promise of Progress City.

After the Peoplemover, we split up so my Dad and I could go on Space Mountain, while my decidedly anti-thrill rides brother and mom went on the Astro Orbiter.

We promised to meet by the TTA sign and set off across Tomorrowland. Now, Id only been on Space Mountain once before, and, long story short, I was not a fan. It wasnt dark for some reason, so I could see how very close I was to having my head knocked off (or so it felt) and I felt pretty battered by the time I got off.

But, this was Disney, and I was willing to give it another shot.

We cruised through the line, stopping just long enough to blast some asteroids in the queue games, then boarded our spacecraft.

It was fantastic.

I finally get what everyone was raving about.

I still felt pretty bruised by the end (its not a gentle ride by any definition of the word) but it was totally worth it.

While we were being shot through the deepest reaches of Space, David and Mom had gone off to the Astro Orbiter and had been crammed into one tiny rocket.

Poor unfortunate souls; I forgot to warn them about that

After the ride, we were still nowhere in sight, so my Mom ran to get a diet coke. In the process, they saw PUSH, everyones favorite talking trash can.

I was insanely jealous. PUSH is my favorite, but I hadnt seen him in years.

Disappointed, but still on my Space Mountain high, we headed over to Caseys Corner for David's and my first official Disney food. (Mom and Dad had toured the Epcot F&W festival and gone to the Flying Fish to celebrate their anniversary the day before)

Mom and I decided to split a hot dog meal because we were expecting to get pretty full at dinner, and the boys each got their own.

Those fries are the stuff of dreams&.

Dad, being healthy, got apple slices



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I'm joining. Congratulations on getting accepted to the CP, you're going to have a great time!

Your Mom is pretty cool. I have a great relationship with mine, she's pretty awesome too.

Follow me on Instagram: @keep_calm_love_disney
Follow me on Twitter: @disney_voss

In progress TRs:
My Fork and I Are Friends - Nov 14 TR
They Don't Eat Hash Browns in Princessland - May 14 TR
Completed TRs:
Jan 14 TR July.13 Apr. 13
Nov.12 July.12 Jan.12 Nov. '11 July '11 Feb. '11 Nov. 10 and Jan. 11 Oct. '09.
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Magical Moments in the Magic Kingdom

Welcome, IheartDDuck! Glad to have you!

Sorry for the long time between updates, schools been a little crazy

When we left off, we were all sitting down to a fantastic lunch at Caseys Corner.

Once we had finished our meal, my mom and I headed towards Frontierland to grab Fastpasses for Splash Mountain. Unfortunately, Splash was down, so we grabbed FPs for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad instead and met up with the boys in Adventureland.

We dropped by the Sunshine Tree terrace to visit a little friend who Id been dying to meet:

The Orange Bird character recently returned to Walt Disney World after several decades of absence. They found and restored the original Orange Bird figure, which was gorgeous. If youre unfamiliar with the Orange Bird, heres a link to the original record:

The Orange Bird Starring Anita Bryant

Our next stop was next door to the Orange Birds new digs, and was home to still more beloved feathered friends-The Enchanted Tiki Room.

This was my first experience with the original show, having only been subjected to the Iago abomination, and I loved it! My family thought it was a little slow and needed updating, but I disagree.

Anything is better than Iago.

After listening to the birds all sing and the flowers croon, we headed over to a place where dead men tell no tales.

That ride is the best smelling ride in all of Walt Disney World.

I was super excited because Id read about the updates that were being installed (hint: Mermaids!) and couldnt wait to see them. Sadly, the updates were put in place the day after we left The good news is, Ive seen video and they are fantastic.

Of course, while we were exiting through the gift shop, David simply had to have a Pirate themed hat fashion show

Our next stop took us deep into the darkest jungles, the driest deserts, and the corniest puns of all time. Thats right! The Jungle Cruise.

The Jungle Cruise is an all time family favorite, and we had a fantastic skipper. (I think his name was Kent? Ill see if I can tell when I upload the video)

He definitely threw himself into his role with gusto!

Gosh, I had such trouble with that Jeep earlier, but it looks like they got it to turn over.

Look! Its my friend the giraffes, and the zebras, and the& well& I dont know those fellows by the waterfront. They must be gnu.

Guys. I bring to you&


Its so beautiful *sniff*

Still in awe of the eighth wonder of the world, we headed over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to use our FPs. Since Mom and David arent big coaster fans, they went shopping to see if they could find a souvenir for David to take back for his girlfriend while my Dad and I went through the FP lane twice.

We still had a few minutes before our FP window opened, so we had an impromptu photo shoot

Thats one good-looking COG right there

This was my Dads first time in his memory riding BTMRR, and it was so much fun to watch him experience all of the twists and turns for the first time.

After the wildest ride in the wilderness, we texted the other two to see where they were. It was about 2:00 by this point, and we had to dress for our dinner reservations at 5:00, so we knew we had to leave the park pretty soon.

Mom and David had made their way to Main Street, so we decided to meet them there. I had some shopping of my own to do.

We met at the Chapeau, where I picked out a classic mickey ear hat. While I was waiting in line, a CM came up behind me and told me that there was another cash register in the other room with no line if Id like.

I thanked her and followed her though the doorway and handed the man my hat. I asked if he would embroider my name on it.

Before he could say a word, the CM who had lead me there put her hand on my shoulder.

Before you go any farther, she said to him, You should know that this young lady is having a Magical Moment. Embroider anything shed like on the ears, no charge.


A magical moment? Me? Gee Willikers, maam!

I decided to stick with just my name and thanked both of them profusely. I paid for the hat and collected my family, who had apparently been making good use of their time in my absence&

I was very proud of my purchase

We exited the park and made our way back to the hotel

The boys went to Stormalong Bay to swim for a bit before they got dressed for the evening. I went straight to the room to put my face on.

After all, you can't rush art. [>>NEXT>>]

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It's Really Not so Scary

When we arrived, we had one of the best towel animals Id ever seen hanging around:

So cute, right?

Now, you may be wondering why we had to dress for dinner so very early in the day. Well, take a look at our sick get ups and you may understand:

It was Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party time!

When we first breached the subject of MNSSHP to my Dad, he told me that he would absolutely go in costume& as a crotchety old guy.

I told him I could work with that.

He and my Mom were Carl and Ellie, and David and I were Russell and Kevin from Up.

Theyre such good sports.

By an almost unamimous vote (can you guess the dissenting vote?) I was shoved out of the hotel room first and forced to lead the charge into the lobby (we were still a little awkward in our get ups)

We made it to the lobby before my mom realized shed forgotten our MNSSHP tickets in the room, so she went off to grab them&

Leaving half the cast of Up standing awkwardly in the lobby.

A little girl kept staring at us and hiding behind her mom. After a while, her mom led her up and said that Up was her favorite movie, and could she maybe get her picture with us?

Why not?

She took the picture and played with my feather skirt for a second before running back to her mom.

Soon enough, Mom was back with the tickets.

Before we could get our party on, though, there was the small matter of dinner. We had decided to try out a restaurant that was a first for us this year, Ohana.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, the hostess asked us if we knew what Ohana meant.

Me! Me! Oooh, pick me!

Ohana means family! I said, and she and I finished in unison,

and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

The hostess loved it, but my family (none of whom have seen Lilo and Stitch since it came out) were more than a little weirded out&

Crazy Disney people&

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Ohana, its located in the Polynesian resort, and is an all-you-care-to eat restaurant with fantastically good food.

The waiters (your cousins) start you off with warm pineapple coconut bread (I got to carry it to the table because of my Disney knowledge).

All I can say is that there had better be a recipe for that bread somewhere. Its so good!

Before we knew it, a bowl of noodles with peanut sauce, broccoli, chicken drumettes, pork dumplings, and salad had appeared at our table

Our waiter came around periodically with skewers as long as my arm of grilled beef, pork, chicken, and shell-on shrimp, giving us a few pieces of each.

WARNING: Ohana is an incredibly deceiving restaurant. You have a little of this, a little of that, and suddenly you cant fit in your pants anymore. The food is incredible, and its very easy to eat twice your weight in pure meat.

But the most dangerous thing of all was still to come.


At Ohana, they finish up with a communal plate of Bread pudding with a homemade banana caramel and cinnamon ice cream.

I enjoy neither bread pudding or bananas, but I decided to take just one spoonful of the ice cream.

It was some of the best ice cream Id ever tasted.

So I tried some of the caramel (the banana chunks were big and easily avoided)

I thought Id died and gone to heaven.

Lets just say that I did my part in demolishing that little piece of goodness, and Im about to start drooling just thinking about it now.

We hopped the monorail and headed over to the Magic Kingdom. The entire way there, I sat on the other side of the car from my family (there werent very many seats available) and a little boy stared at me the whole time.

In his defense, I had on a multi-colored feather skirt, orange eyeshadow, and feathers in my hair. I must have looked nuts without my family.

When we made it to the park, we headed straight to the Princesses and their Princes, or, almost straight. Between the main gate and the City Hall, we were stopped four times for pictures.

I felt like a celebrity

David mysteriously disappeared when we got in line for the princesses, but the COG was into his role, striding purposefully through the line.

Mom and I were slightly more like five year old girls&

Snow Prince/Ferdinand was just about as sweet as could be.

Snow had all of her body language perfect!

To be continued...

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Just found your TR and it's great so far. Love, LOVE your family's costumes! Very well done, and you look beautiful!
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Thank you so much, MomtoPrincePhillip! That really means a lot.

The costumes were really time and labor intensive (I spent five solid hours hand sewing David's little pennant and I forgot to get one of Peter Pan's "kisses" first, so my poor little fingers were bleeding all over the place), but the reactions we got made everything worth it.
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My dear disboardians,

I havent forgotten you! Ive had two huge tests and an hour long presentation to attend to, but as of fifteen minutes ago, those are all taken care of, which means its UPDATE TIME!

When we last chatted, we had just rolled into Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party and we were chilling with royalty. Alas, our visit with the princes and princesses could not last forever, so we headed back out onto Main Street.

Now, due to my extensive research here on the Disboards, I was pretty spooked about the lines at MNSSHP. I had read that if you wanted a picture with Jack Sparrow or the Dwarfs, you pretty much had to plant yourself there from the minute the party opened or before.

David and I both thought it would be really cool if we could meet Captain Jack, but we also recognized that there was a lot more to the party, and we could miss it if we really had to. We wandered over towards Adventureland and got sidetracked by Disneys other dreadlocked dudeTarzan.

Tarzan was heaps of fun. He said that Jane had taught him that pushing buttons made things happen. He was very excited to see David in his sash and began immediately pushing buttons. David, ever the actor, obliged with a different action for every button, dancing, jumping, posing, and even singing opera at one point.

We continued on in our quest for Captain Jack, but before we made it over to Pirates of the Caribbean, we got sidetracked again. Tinkerbell and he sister Periwinkle only had a ten minute line (the shortest I saw the whole week) so we decided to take another detour.

I know its an unpopular opinion, but I actually like the new Tinkerbell movies. I recognize its not the bitter Tink we all grew up with, but Fairies only have room for one emotion at a time, and in the movies they show her being all happy, all scared, and yes, all mad. I havent gotten to see The Secret of the Wings yet, but I hope to soon.

While we were in line, we met a Cast Member who was in the Disney College Program and we talked about the dorms and his classes for a while.

Tink was very spunky, and immediately informed us that she was watching us on account of the fact that we looked awful grown up. I parried with but adults are only children grown up (a Walt Disney quote) and Tink smirked, said that, the bird knows her stuff, And put a big red smooch beneath her autograph.

Periwinkle seemed a lot shyer, and I dont remember our interaction very vividly, but that may have just been her character. She sure was adorable, though!

I know this might shock you, but after Tink and Periwinkle, we actually did make it to Captain Jack!

Whats more: the line wasnt obnoxious!

Meeting everyone's favorite pirate really was everything it was cracked up to be. He was so in character.

Jack, ever the pirate, commandeered my Moms hat

Before we left the area, we snagged one more photo Im especially fond of:

Only my brother.

We tried to continue around the park through Frontierland, but the Boo to You! parade had started, so the path was blocked. We decided to try to backtrack and make it across Main Street before the parade made it there (I had planned on seeing the later parade, where there would be fewer people, and, therefore more seating) and I didnt want to see it halfway through. We made it to Main Street, but the horseman had already ridden and the parade was making its way around the bend. We decided to stick it out there, and we actually had a fairly good spot.

Our photos from Boo to You! didnt turn out at all, but I have a solution. Heres the link to the Disboards video of the parade. Go watch it and itll be just like being there!


&Ah, Youtube. taking living vicariously through Trip Reports to whole new levels&

So now that the music is thoroughly stuck in your head, we can continue. I LOVED this parade. The Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride in the parks, and it was so cool to see so many of its classic elements (the ballroom dancers, hitchhiking ghosts, Madame Leota, the Grounds keeper) come to life in a new way, and the grave diggers are just too cool. The villains band is so fun to watch, the cowboys are so cheesy and cute, and who doesnt like the pirates? All around, its my new favorite parade.

After the parade, we were in a perfect spot to meet some of the villains who were hanging out around the Hub. First off? The Tremaines

My feathers got stuck in that tree so much&

Next up was Gaston. He was self-centered and brash, as usual, and just fantastic.

The Villains were fantastic, but I couldnt stand it one minute longer. All the spooky goodness in the parade had only whetted my appetite and I needed MORE!

So we headed over to a certain house that guaranteed bona fide, Grade A, grim, grinning, ghosts.

The Mansion looked great tonight with extra fog and awesome lighting.
Just take a second to drink that view in.

Of course, Madame Carlotta was sitting on the lawn

She told a little Spiderman who was in line in front of us to please control himself insidethe Mansion had plenty enough cobwebs as it was.

The Mansion delivered, as usual. I dont think I could ever get tired of listening to the ghost host.

Our next stop was to someone somewhere in Frontierland. We really had no clue who, but there was a character spot on our map, and by golly, we were all over it.

By this point, it was getting pretty late, and the boys were pretty tired, but they were up for one more character greeting. We made it to Frontierland and turned the corner to find the Seven Dwarfs! With hardly any line! We couldnt believe our luck (honestly, we had hardly any lines all night)

(as a side note: my Dad's face! That's a COG for you!)

The character handler told us to go stand wherever with the dwarfs. My dad, of course, went directly to his kindred spirit: Grumpy. My Mom, being a natural leader, went and stood with Doc. Bashful shyly offered me his arm, so I got to stand with him. David got to sit with his dwarf personality double too

The boys decided that it was probably time for them to head back to the Beach Club, but my mom and I were still going strong. We decided to see if Jane had come out back in Adventureland (she had just gone in when we saw Tarzan). She was, but Tarzan was headed in for the night. We got in line, and within minutes, A couple dressed as young Carl and Ellie jumped in line behind us. We said hi, and while we were talking about how we made this or that on the costumes, another couple from farther ahead in line called us over: they were kid Carl and Ellie! This was too good. I called my Dads cell and asked if He and David had made it out of the park yet. They were at the train station, but, like the good sports they are, they agreed to come back for one more picture.

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Great choices for your MNSSHP getups! I love that you went at Kevin. That's such a great idea.

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I'm loving your TR so far!
Your UP costumes are awesome! They look so fantastic!
And I love that you met young Carl and Ellie!

Congrats on you CP acceptance too! You will have the best time!
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