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Old 08-14-2013, 05:54 AM   #1
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First WDW Trip & First Trip Report! {Finally...!}

Hello All...

So firstly I should have done this when we first got back in MAY!! However I just kept forgetting or got caught up in something else (Mainly trying to convince my BF another trip next year is a MUST!)

So firstly, let me start at the beginning.

Back in early last year my BF started talking about how amazing Animal Kingdom sounded, now you may thing this is strange, but as a couple we tend to do alot of animal friendly things! We're a regular at zoo's, safari parks, birds of prey displays, petting zoo's & all sorts. All he could talk about for ages was Animal Kingdom, so I started to do a little research and it all started there....

Now I knew my BF was in the process of paying off debt so we could look to save for a mortgage to move into our next 'family' house, so I thought why don't I book this for both of us for his 30th Birthday. So thats exactly what I did!

So in June last year I booked 8 nights at SSR in a studio apartment, with the free DDP. Then in December I booked our flights with United, tying in 4 nights in NYC to see a friend, then flying down to Orlando!

He found out on his 30th Birthday in March as his present, I made him his own travel brochure to open (I wish I'd taken a picture but I forgot...!). I paid for the holiday but he needed to bring his own spends, which considering we had the DDP we didn't need all that much for Disney.

So here we are, the cast as I notice it is called on Dis!

Arrianne - 26
Dave - 30

This was taken by Photopass and I love it of us both. As you can see he was wearing his Birthday Badge even though it technically wasn't his birthday then, it was his Birthday Present so I think it was OK to wear it

Now I hope that worked, so I can start with Day 1!
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Old 08-14-2013, 06:18 AM   #2
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So we left my friend apartment in Jersey City early Wednesday Morning on the 1st May, about 10am to head to Newark Airport! (We had a lovely time in NYC but I won't tell you about it here as this is the Dis forum!). Safe to say however it built up our walking requirement ready for Disney.....

So we got to Newark in plenty of time, and the baggage man had our suitcases out of the taxi and was checking us in before we had time to protest! A few $'s later in tips and we had our boarding cards....

A quick lunch at Ruby's Diner & some sweets for the plane and we were waiting to board. I first noticed anything 'Disney' when I saw many children with their Disney teddies excitedly dragging them around waiting to go! I was a little bit jealous I hadn't brought my Tigger with me!

The journey was un-eventuful, and we landed into rain! Never mind, we we're too bothered we were here. We'd already cleared immigration in New York so off to get our luggage and find our way to the Magical Express!

A quick (rainy!) journey & we had arrived!

Our ME was only half full with one family departing at OKW, and only us departing at SSR, I assume the rest were booked into POR/POFQ (Which was where I nearly booked!). I had checked us in online, so we were directed to a lovely lady in the online check in who gave us our KTTW & set up our pin numbers & of course she gave Dave his birthday badge!

We were given room 2020 or something similar, Im sorry I can't remember. It was in the Congress Park section and about as close to the DTD walkway as you can get which was exactly what I had asked for! Great Start I've just realised I didn't take any room pictures! It was their normal Studio room, a little kitchenette which was perfect for us, lovely closet/dressing area, bathroom and the bed/living room with a small balcony that looked onto some trees.

View from our Building;

We got to our room I think around tea time, and it was still raining outside. So we unpacked, showed and headed to DTD. Whilst there I realised 2 things.... Don't wear new plastic shoes to walk in when it raining (Cue Blister on my big toe) and secondly take an umbrella with you! We went through 4 different shops to finally get one as they'd all been sold! $12.95 later Im hiding under a black disney parks umbrella but a small sparkly Mickey Bracelet from my lovely BF turned my frown upside down!

We loved walking around DTD, it was our first real 'Disney' Experience and I couldn't get over how perfect it was. We stopped through all the shops, and had a drink at the pub (Sorry for the life of me I can't remember the name!). I was ID'd and felt a little proud about that, I don't get asked over here anymore!

Our dinner reservations were at Portobello that night, and even though the rain was relentless it was a lovely meal. I ordered a bottle of Champagne to celebrate our first night. (Apologises no pictures I can never remember at meal times!). Afterwards we leisurely strolled back to SSR, and had an early night ready for AK the next morning!
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Old 08-14-2013, 06:43 AM   #3
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Day 1 - Animal Kingdom!

Well Im working off memory here and a few hazy notes so bare with me.

We were up fairly early on Thursday 2nd May ready for our first 'full' day, we decided to do AK first as this was the reason we were here. We woke up to a light drizzle so the umbrella was packed in Dave's rucksack and we set off to catch the bus!

The park opened at 9, and we were at the bus stop at 8.15am and a bus came a few minutes later. We were the only ones on there, a quick 'happy birthday' from the bus driver followed by a happy birthday song made our morning! It those little things isn't it? Dave being the big kid wore his birthday badge most of the holiday.....

We had no idea what to expect really this was our first Florida/WDW trip but I was armed with a fountain of knowledge from the Dis Boards anyway! So as we are 'strolling' along from the bus to the entrance the heavens opened, and when I say opened, I went from dry to wet in less then a second. We dashed into the first souvenir shop & purchased 2 poncho's which were soon to be a lifesaver!

Anyway... We got to the entrance a few minutes after 9am, went straight through with our KTTW cards (BF very impressed with the technology!) and obtained a map for the day. As this was his holiday I let him do all the choosing so it Expedition Everest first! (After a coffee was picked up en route!).

You can just see it in the background, the clouds were very low at this point so quality not great!

We pretty much walked on to EE, and rode it again straight after, it was a great ride although not 'thrill' like BF would have hoped for! We got a fast pass for this for later on and decided to get some breakfast (He'd had last night dessert before we left SSR and I wont eat anything until mid morning) So we found ourselves getting a CS meal from Pizzafari which we shared & another black coffee for me. I think he had the breakfast platter from memory.

After brunch, we headed over for the Kilimanjaro Safari. Which was a small wait I think, anyway it was great. My favourite picture from the safari (I took loads but won't bore you!)

After the Safari, we had a walk around the other animal bit (Again memory fails me here!) Saw the tigers who didn't seem to impressed with the weather either.

We then got chatting to one of the cast members who was very informative and talked to us for ages about these Chinese Ducks & the Cranes we could see. She really was something special, answered all our questions and told us all about her history working at Disney. She used to work at WDW in the summer break when she was a teacher in Connecticut and when she retired she moved to Florida and still works at WDW part time she enjoys it that much. I love learning about animals and their behaviour so it was nice to have this little 1-2-1 with her.

The Chinese Duck

We then saw this very fancy pigeon! Dave was very taken with it....

After a walk around the Gorilla's we came across this chap, it made me laugh. I think he had a small hangover from his expression....

After a walk around all the animals and birds, we decided to Rafiki's Island, so off we headed. En route we saw a young boy feeding one of those long beaked birds his turkey leg! Nothing like a little bit of cannibalism I suppose.

At rafiki's island we ran into the man himself (Apologises here I was still a bit wet!)

We loved AK, we did most of the other rides too Primeval Whirl, The Rapids etc. The finding Nemo show was excellent, although I think it more my thing then the BF's! We had a QS meal at Yak & Yeti for lunch and ended our AK visit with another go on EE. We then headed for the bus still soaking, and headed back to SSR to facetime my mum as it was her birthday. We then had a little snooze and got ready for dinner.

That night we had reservations at Jiko (I only took a picture of my gin cocktail which probably isn't that exciting!) But I can say it was probably the best meal we ate whilst at Disney. The server was excellent, and offered his advice and help with the menu, he choose our wine to complement the meal and it really was lovely. Although my lovely silk maxi dress got a little bit draggled in the rain.....! It was a perfect end to a perfect first day!
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Day 2 - Magic Kingdom!

Well our 2nd day start was much better, the Sun had put his hat on and he was out to play!

We were up bright and early, to get to MK for opening, again we decided to get something to eat when we got to MK as neither of us were hungry after our HUGE meal at Jiko last night.

I was so excited about today, this was it! Years of wistfully wishing I was there and I was on my way We got our first photopass picture here and I wished I'd made of an effort whilst at AK to get this sorted. Some of the pictures are fab! So we missed rope drop but it was still quite when we arrived. In fact to note it was pleasantly ok throughout our whole visit for crowd levels and I would definitely return again early May.

Our first port of call was FP for Mickey & Minnie & the Princesses ( we were able to get both at the same time but not sure why!). Then we headed over to Peter Pan's flight whilst it was 5 minutes wait (We joined all the kids in the line and feeling like kids ourselves had a sing along!)

We then did a few rides there, before heading into Frontier Land to hit Splash Mountain & Big Thunder which were both great with very little waits for either. On our way to both not only did we bump into Chip & Dale (Ill post those pics from photopass on the next post), an old ish lady with a group of 10-12 children stopped Dave and wished him Happy Birthday! She explained that they were from a Tampa Music School and they'd like to sing Dave Happy Birthday, so they did! It was lovely.

On our walk over to tomorrowland, we stopped off to take a photo for a couple in front of the castle and they returned the favour.

We stopped and grabbed breakfast on the way, and then headed to Space Mountain! Which I have to say ended up being our favourite Disney Ride in the end! We rode it so many times! We did most of tomorrowland apart from the carousel of progress which BF didn't fancy. We had a little sit down and refilled our bottle of water at the fountains. The heat had really started to pick up at this point. We wandered over to see the new Beauty & the Beast Castle! Wow, everywhere we went in MK i was getting more and more impressed each time!!

A quick stop at Gaston's....!

Before heading off to Prince Charming's Carousel (I think that's what it was called, again Memory might be failing me!)

After those rides we did a quick spin on Winnie the Pooh and watched the shows. It really was hot by this point!

We then headed to meet the Princesses & Mickey Mouse! Those photos were all taken with photopass so I'll put them on the next post

Our dinner reservations were at Crystal Palace that night as Dave wanted to eat with WTP guys. I wasn't impressed at all but then I suppose it was a buffet meal, I was a bit tired and cranky and it took 20 minutes to get 2 cokes! The food was OK, but it wasn't anything special.

Dave met all the gang though!

We timed our reservation to then watch the parade afterwards but the heavens then decided it was time again to open and an almighty storm opened up around us!! I've never seen anything like it so we decided to miss the Parade that night and catch it another time and head back to SSR. Well even with Poncho's by the time we'd got to the bus queue we were soaked but got chatting to a lovely couple from New Jersey whilst waiting for the bus. We waited at least 30 minutes for a bus which was our longest wait and I can only assume it was down to the weather. Anyway we hopped on and I promptly fell asleep on Dave all the way back!

I thought NY walking might have prepared us for Disney. Absolutely NOT! Because we didn't have kids and wanted to do everything, we zig zagged across the park alot which meant we walked miles. Literally miles, my little feet were very tired every day (Thank god for Dr Scholl Trainers, my lifesavers!)

Photopass photos next!
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Our Photopass Pictures from MK.

Firstly meeting Mickey Mouse!

This was one of the best interactions (After Donald!) we had, Mickey spent ages with us as he'd spotted Dave's Birthday Badge. Making him do all sorts of identical poses with him, it was lovely!

When I met Mickey (A little Awed!)

Then it was time for the Princesses! This really was just for me to live out a little bit of my childhood. My parents could never have afforded to take us to Disney as kids, so i really wanted to do it still even as a grown up.

As we had FP from earlier we skipped the 75 min line and I almost felt a tiny bit guilty for all those little children waiting.... Almost!

So once we were collected from the FP line we joined a small queue through some doors with the other families waiting. Then when it was our turn Cinderella wandered round and I had to explain it was only me as I think she was looking for our children! After a brief moment she took my hand and led me away! She told me all about her mice and asked if my mice had made my necklace! Then got me stand like her and I got my picture, I was like a 5 year old. I actually forgot how to talk....

Next up Sleeping Beauty, who again was perfect in Character, Asked me if Dave was Romantic, and said we could go ball gown shopping when our princes were off dragon hunting! Brilliant!

Rapunzel was also there but she was being mopped by a lot of rowdy 5 year olds so we left the actually kids to it.

We'd bumped into Chip & Dale in Frontier Land and there were very good with their cheeky manner! They are Dave's favourite characters so he was very pleased.

I love this one of us!

Mandatory Castle photo!

All in all some great pictures I think!
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Claire Bear
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Oh wow! I'm loving reading this, your photos are amazing. Glad you had such an amazing time
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Old 08-14-2013, 09:35 AM   #7
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Great pics!
For the love of Disney...
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Old 08-14-2013, 10:01 AM   #8
Magic Megadegs
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This is fab, thank you x

Dec / Jan 1990/1991 Villa Xmas, August 1993 I Drive, November 2001 I Drive, August 2003 I Drive Honeymoon , Dec / Jan 2010/2011 Reunion Resort Xmas, August 2013 Caribe Royale & Old Key West Resort , February 2014 Holiday Inn Resort LBV
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Day 3 - Epcot!

So here we are Saturday the 4th May!

We decided on a lazy morning for Epcot, and got there for about 10am after a small lie in. As you can see the sun had taken his hat off this morning and the clouds were back!

They did however clear off and the sun was back out late morning

I loved Epcot, particularly the WS but as we'd gotten there a little later then everyone else practically all the FP were for much later in the day So we headed over to Soarin' and got our FP and decided to get some breakfast. We went on Mission Space, and Captain EO for the BF (He remembered is from DisneyLand Paris as a kid? No idea I've never been. I thought it was awful but I think its a little out of my era, and im not quite young enough to consider it retro). I loved Mission Space but we did 'Orange' and I felt queasy for hours afterwards Maybe I should have stuck with green....

Anyway after doing the rides with minimal wait times we decide to have a 'drink' in every country.... This is where my memory gets a little hazy! By no means were we drunk and rowdy but we were certainly merry & even merrier as we were at WDW. It was a lovely afternoon after I'd calmed down from my initial stress over rides/FP issue!

We walked through all the lovely gardens on our to WS and the butterfly house, but I loved the cars guys! So clever!

As you can see it had brightened up considerably once we had settled on WS for the afternoon! DBF did the obligatory 'We're in the UK!' Fake excitement! He amused himself greatly pretending to post a letter and make a phone call in our traditional red pillar box/phone booths!

We then joined the short queue for Mary Poppins, who was fabulous. There were a couple of unruly children in front of me and they kept talking to their parents instead of getting in the photo with Mary, all of sudden she had her hands on her hips and 'Spit Spot Children' was out of her mouth! Honestly I think even i stood up a little straighter when meeting her!

After England & Canada which were Fab we stopped for a few 'romantic' poses on the bridge to France. These Photopass guys really are excellent, I'll save the cheesy kissing posed one for our album though

Once we got to france the sun was really hot, so we settled on a baguette sandwich for lunch and 2 glasses of Champagne! Pink of course, which was a nice treat in the afternoon. France was lovely but so busy, Both Aurora and Belle were out at the same times and the queues were frankly ridiculous I would have loved to have met Belle for a picture but the queue was well over an hour and it was far too hot to sit and bake in it.

After France we continued around the world, I loved Morocco and the little market stalls they had in the 'houses'. Very tempted to buy a huge bowl I saw until BF pointed out the obvious luggage weight restrictions. I honestly can't remember what drink we settled on in Morrocco but in this picture I still have my pink Champagne!

I do remember us drinking Beer in Italy, Saki in Japan, Margarita's in Mexico, Wine in Germany & something else in America but Im lost to memory at this point!

Whilst in Mexico we waited to meet Donald Duck, the queue was the longest we waited in for a character about 30 minutes but he was so worth it! The best character we met, there was a couple in front of a family then us and we had clear views of their interaction. The couple at the front went forward and Donald made the boy cover his eyes, then he kissed the girl on the cheek for the photopass which was so cute.

Once they had gone the family with kids went to the front, and the young boy (maybe 7/8) had a Pikachu teddy with him, he gave it to Donald to 'hold' whilst he got his autograph book ready. Well as you can imagine Donald was not happy so he took Pikachu and put him in the bushes! Then the CM had to tell the child it was because he didn't have a teddy of Donald. I was nearly crying with laughter, he was such a character!

It was then our turn, after a little dance with Donald... and a 'bum wiggle' as he does in his cartoons (I know I'd had one too many drinks here...!) We got this on our photopass!

I laughed for ages when I saw it when I got home, I didn't think they'd got the picture!

Dave then asks Donald if he's going to kiss me and Donald shakes his head and gives a cheeky body language move. So Donald makes Dave close his eye like the boy in front of us, and then instead of kissing me made me laugh at Dave with his eyes closed! Absolutely Brilliant.

We then went for dinner at Beirgarten, which was OK. I loved the beer and Cheese soup but I wasn't too fussed about the rest. Met some lovely american's sat on our table, a family from Boston and a family from Tampa. So it was lovely speaking with them.

After Dinner we just leisurely strolled around taking everything in and enjoying the cooler evening sun. I'd missed meeting Snow White earlier as she had been moved from her wishing well to the front of epcot for the day? Not sure why, and we'd missed her completely so I settled for the Topiary of her.

And then Dave pretended he was 'grumpy' which I think he did quite well...

I think by this point we'd settled down to listen to some music being played near the USA section of WS. Which was nice, before we watched the Illuminations! Wow, FABULOUS fireworks/laser display, though we nipped out 5 minutes before the end as I really struggle with lots of people bouncing off me so we thought we miss the 'surge' on the way out.

Before Illumninations

Being camera creative!

Also, Can anyone tell me who this chap is? I honestly can't place what film he is from and it is still driving me NUTS!

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Day 4 - Discovery Cove & Shopping!

So today was Discovery Cove day, this was BF's suggestion and it was such a lovely day. We were up early to get the lynx bus to seaworld and then use the free collection service.

I was very tired this morning, I never sleep that well after one glass of wine let alone the different selections we sampled in Epcot. So we got to Discovery Cove for just after 8am, and got checked in within 10minutes & got our passed & our photo taken on the way in.

We'd been put on the 1.20pm swim which seemed perfect for us as we hadn't planned to spend all day here but wanted to be there until about 3pm and then get our shopping in!

So we went and got our swim suits & towels, and dropped our stuff off in the lockers. Then settled down for a relax we picked a quiet corner over by the pool with the fish in which was perfect as no one else was there! Everyone had claimed their loungers by the dolphin pools and the lazy river. We didn't mind the wander though. We had a couple of soft drinks, then decided on breakfast. Now i know DC is all inclusive as it should be for the price but the food wasn't anything special and my tea was cold. Mind you I never consider breakfasts at these places to be great anyway.

Afterwards we went back to our loungers and laid down for a bit of a relax after a couple of busy days. I however promptly fell asleep so Dave left me too it and went snorkelling with the fish and his underwater camera.

He woke me up about 12 for some lunch before our swim so we had time to digest. The lunch was much better, lots of options, hot & cold and we had a llittle sampler of nearly everything!

The dolphin swim was great, we had Roxy otherwise known as Foxy Roxy, she was really good although I assume they all are whichever group you are in. I felt like we each got some time with her and as a group. We ended up buying the picture of me & Roxy as Dave didn't like any of his.

We didn't get many pictures at DC as I left the camera in the locker. But got a couple on our way out

We left DC about 3pm after a lazy river swim and my awful attempt at snorkelling! I just can't do it. We decided to take a taxi from DC to the premium outlet mall (Vinelands I think!) and we shopped away! I got 2 lovely new handbags from guess one for me and one for my mum for her birthday, great discount!

Then my lovely BF treated me to a pair of diamond studs for my Birthday was the weekend after we got back from this holiday! Very lucky!

After we'd shopped ourselves to death my arms hurt from all the bags, we got a taxi back to SSR. We dropped our stuff off and headed to DTD to get an Earl of Sandwich, Sandwich for tea. We were both tired and just wanted something close by that we could take back with us. So we ate that back at the apartment and watch disney TV.

Overall an excellent day!
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Day 5 - Hollywood Studios!

So after our busy day yesterday we had a lazy morning, with all alarms turned off! We woke up late and took our time getting ready this morning. We got a QS breakfast from the Artist's Palate at SSR and then got the bus to DHS. I think we arrived there around 11-11.30am. We didn't mind getting there late as it was EMH that night so we knew we'd be there later!

I loved the theming of DHS, it was great walking along sunset boulevard and all the other little streets!

Toy Story Mania had a 90 minute wait pretty much all day and not FP left when we arrived so we decided not to both wasting time in the queue and just see if it was quieter during EMH. So we headed for ToT stopping to get Rockin Rollercoaster FP on the way.

We loved ToT, I think we rode it 3 times during the day and then twice in EMH as it was a walk on both times!

We then went to do the Star Tours and stopped off and watched the Star Wars show going on with all the kids involved from the Jedi school! (Dave was very upset they didn't accept over 12's!)

Star Tours was great, I was the spy in the picture at the beginning!

After Star Tours & the Muppets 3d we did the stunt show, Lights camera action I think? That was really interesting to watch, I liked how they explained their stunts afterwards so it was very interesting!

We also saw the Indiana Jones stunt show, which I didn't care for too much (Not a fan of the films) but it was stilll enjoyable!

We had a wander around the streets of America also, and Dave was back to his pretending to post letters in other countries!

I managed to pick up one of these during the day too! A bit messy but a lovely treat! I could do with one now.....!

We only got the one photopass picture done at DHS, this was on our way to the cocktail bar at sci fi dine in (I think!)

We went and had a sit down and a few cocktails with light up ice cubes, 'Dad's electric lemonade' springs to memory!

One our way to Mama Melrose for Dinner we stopped in to see if TSM had got a lower queue... Nope! So we by passed it again but stopped for a quick picture with the army man!

We had a lovely dinner at Mama Melrose then headed over to watch Fantasmic. We had a little bit of an obstructed view but it was great none the less! I really really enjoyed the show which was surprising as I didn't think I would. I loved the mix of songs/clips in the water and kept having to remind Dave who each person was! Haha not the biggest disney fan he just likes watching them with me

After Fantasmic we rode ToT again, a complete walk on and the Rockin Rollercoaster one last time! Then we headed over to TSM with our fingers crossed, it was after 11pm at this point... I was hoping we could get it done! The screen said 40 minute wait time, as we knew we wouldn't be coming back we went in not really wanting to waste the hour EMH queuing but it was our only chance! Anyway, we pretty much walked on to the ride... Literally like it was 5 minutes I was gobsmacked! They must leave the long wait time to discourage people I suppose, so we rode it twice! I lost both times but it was an excellent ride!

So we ended our long day and strolled back to catch our bus to SSR!

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Originally Posted by Claire Bear View Post
Oh wow! I'm loving reading this, your photos are amazing. Glad you had such an amazing time
Thank you! It really was the best holiday I've ever been on, I can't wait to go back but nothing in the pipeline at the minute! It might not be until we have kids of our own.... Sigh, such a long way away!
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Originally Posted by wiigirl View Post
Great pics!
Thank you
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Originally Posted by Magic Megadegs View Post
This is fab, thank you x
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Great trip report.

I dont think that character is from a film, I think it is a troll from Norway, but I might be wrong?
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