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Old 10-25-2012, 10:02 PM   #136
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Wow I loved your BC pictures!! They were great and that sky was gorgeous!! We may be at ESPN Sunday night for the Saints game...that's the plan but I never know if Keith will be in a football mood! He tends to over stress where the Saints are concerned and has learned to distance himself during the games that make him
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Old 10-25-2012, 10:24 PM   #137
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I love your pictures!! Very pretty!! Yay pool time!

I can't wait to hear about your race tomorrow!!
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Old 10-26-2012, 12:08 PM   #138
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Originally Posted by TinksThree View Post
Wow I loved your BC pictures!! They were great and that sky was gorgeous!! We may be at ESPN Sunday night for the Saints game...that's the plan but I never know if Keith will be in a football mood! He tends to over stress where the Saints are concerned and has learned to distance himself during the games that make him
Thank you!! The food at ESPN definitely isn't bad, we just found it okay. But, I would go there if there was a game I really wanted to watch.

I think the Saints are making lots of people stress this year!

Originally Posted by emma212010 View Post
I love your pictures!! Very pretty!! Yay pool time!

I can't wait to hear about your race tomorrow!!

I have the next update ready to go. I'll try to post after I pick up Reid from school and afte we've had lunch.
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Old 10-26-2012, 02:57 PM   #139
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Saturday, September 29th - Part 1

Sometime around 2 am I heard a noise in our room. I woke up startled to see Reid climbing out of his “cool” daybed. I was hoping I would get a bed to myself at least 1 or 2 nights on this trip. But, alas, it would not be this night. I got him settled into the bed with me. However, I had not put a bedrail on either side of my bed. I then continued to wake up every hour or so in order to straighten him up & keep him from falling off the bed. That boy can be one crazy sleeper!

Before I knew it, it was 5 am and my alarm was going off. I, quite reluctantly, got out of bed and began to get ready for my 5K race that morning. There’s really not much prepping one needs to do in order to go outside, run 3.11 miles & sweat up a storm. So, within in 20 minutes I was ready to go. Ed got up to walk me to the door, tell me bye & put on the upper lock. And I was on my way down those long halls to the elevator.

Okay, I have to take a moment to tell y’all my feelings about these halls at Beach Club. I’m sure most of you have already deduced that I was not a fan of how long the hallways are. But, my real problem is that they kind of creeped me out. Why? The walls are very light and the carpet is dark and every time we were walking down them all I could think of was The Shining. You know in the movie - the long light hallway and the ghosts of the twin girls (“Come play with us.”) Yeah.....creeeepppyyy!!! Needless to say, I was extra creeped out walking down them that early in the morning by myself & with it being extra quiet.

Anyway, luckily, no ghostly creepy twin girls showed up and I made it safely down to the Beach Club lobby and was on my way to the bus stop. There were a few people already there but not too many. We didn’t have to wait long before a bus came along. It was a normal Disney transportation bus, it was a nice Mears bus (like Magical Express buses). Instead of cartoons they were playing videos regarding the events that weekend for the Tower of Terror race. We made one stop at Boardwalk and were at Wide World of Sports by 5:45 am.

I made my way down to where the corals were for the runners. There were already lots of people there. I noticed one VERY long line of people and went to see what was so interesting over there. They were all waiting to meet Scarecrow Mickey. He was so cute! I wish I could have gotten a picture of him from far away. But, with the darkness and the poor zoom on my point & shoot it just wasn’t happening. I walked around for a bit and then decided just to go to where the runners go to enter the corals. This is a picture standing way behind the corals:

Fascinating, I know.

In our final race instructions, Disney stated that we needed to be on a bus no later than 6 am. I really should have waited until 6:15 am to get on a bus. Once at the corals, all I did was stand around. And wait. And wait. And wait some more. I tried drinking some water to make sure I was hydrated. I was already worrying that my stomach bug might affect my run since I hadn’t been able to run in the week prior to leaving and I knew I was at least a little dehydrated from it as well. Also, there was a DJ there playing music and trying to get the crowd pumped up.

The runners in Coral A were supposed to start at 7 am. Around 6:50 am, everyone was starting to get excited. The sun was starting to rise and it was starting to get lighter outside. 7 am comes and....the race doesn’t start. They wouldn’t let the first racers go until the sun was completely up. Since we were running on trails, they wanted to make sure everyone could see very well. That’s nice and all but I was ready to go! Finally, they called for my Coral to go line up at the start line.....where we waited some more. I took a couple of pictures to pass some time...like a whole 5 seconds.

Here is the DJ & the guy talking was really funny. He played the part of a stupid redneck...he was entertaining:

And the mark of the start line:

My coral finally got the signal to start close to 7:30 am. Can I just tell y’all, by that time the sun was coming out in full force and it was H-O-T! But, I got to running! I was doing ok at the beginning. We ran for a little distance before we were immersed onto the trail in the woods.

Now, remember how it rained for like 2 hours the night before? Yeah, that created some nice thick mud in the woods. Yay. This is where I ran into trouble. Before I hit the mud, I could tell this run was affecting me more than runs normally do. I was exhausted and I could tell that I was indeed very dehydrated....much more than I had figured. Darn you stomach bug!! When I would get to the muddy parts, I would have to use a little more effort in getting through it. After a little while of that, I was just done. I had never felt like that on a run before and I was beyond disappointed in myself. I continued to walk through the woods and attempted running a time or two more.

Eventually, I committed myself to a fast walk pace and made it through the woods! There were a few characters in the woods but I really don’t remember who they had. I think the Big Bad Wolf and maybe Br’er Bear. There was also a pirate ship scene where you could take pictures but no characters. I know there was 1 or 2 more character stops but truly don’t remember who it was. I was kind of surprised there weren’t more. And the woods were supposed to be “spooky”. Well, they did have some spooky sounds playing and there were these bugs hanging up in one section:

Once we were out of the woods, it was onto the track at Wide World of Sports. They had a meet & greet here with some of the Graveyard Diggers from the Haunted Mansion. That was a pretty neat stop. But, I was back to running, so I kept going!

We ran around the track and then back towards where they had us lined up in our corals. By now, the sun was beaming down brutally on us. I took a few quick walk breaks but mainly tried to run the rest of the way. Between the heat and my dehydration, I thought for sure Death was going to show up next to me and tell me to take a break.

Once I had the finish line in view, I was committed to finishing the race running. And I did. I looked worse than a zombie when I crossed the finish line. But, I crossed it nonetheless. And this was my reward:

While I’m glad I was able to finish the race, I am still very disappointed in my performance. At home, I had been running my 5Ks in about 35 minutes. I know, not very fast, but not terrible for me since I’ve always hated running. My goal for the race was to finish it within 35 to 40 minutes. Well, that just didn’t happen. I finished it at 52 minutes. Just awful. And even though my illness in the days leading up to the race really had a huge impact on my running that day, I was (am) still disappointed and embarrassed.

Will I continue to run? Yes. I still don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. I’ll be honest, we’ve been so busy since this vacation that neither of us have ran. But, I will rectify that next week when I start back up!

Once I had that medal around my neck, I grabbed a bottle of Powerade, a bottle of water and started making my way out of WWoS. All I wanted to do was to get out of the heat and sit down. I made my way out of the complex and was trying to find where the buses had dropped us off. Remember, it was dark when I got off the bus that morning. Well, there were absolutely no signs anywhere. So, being completely exhausted and mindless, I followed the other runners leaving. Yeah, they all were going to their cars. UGH! I asked a CM working traffic and he pointed me in the complete opposite direction.

I finally made it to where the buses and....thank the heavens....there was a bus already there for Beach Club. Can I get an Amen?!? I slumped into a seat on the bus and started downing the bottle of water (I had already downed the Powerade). And I texted Ed that I was finally on my way back.

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Old 10-26-2012, 02:58 PM   #140
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Saturday, September 29th - Part 2

When I got back to our room at Beach Club, the guys were up and Reid was finishing up breakfast. I sat around for a little while talking with them just trying to recoup. Once I felt a little rested, I went and showered and got ready for the day.

The guys got ready after me and then we had to decide what to do that day. When I was planning this trip, my thought was that I would take Reid to Stormalong Bay while Ed rested for his race that night. But, it was already getting close to lunchtime and I really had no desire to go to the pool. Ed made a suggestion that everyone liked so we headed to the car and soon found ourselves here:

He knew I had really wanted to eat at Earl of Sandwich last year but it just didn’t work out.....thanks to a temper tantrum by Reid (on Mother’s Day no less). We parked and made our way straight to Earl of Sandwich. The line was already quite long inside but we were determined to eat there. Ed stood line while I took Reid for a potty break. Surprisingly, by the time we got back, it was almost our turn to order.

We ordered, paid, and found a table relatively quick. And our buzzer went off right away. Ed got our food and drinks and we were ready to chow down! This is one of the very few meals where I got pictures, but they aren’t too good.

Reid had the peanut butter & jelly sandwich:

I have to say that they put A LOT of peanut butter on that sandwich. Reid ate a few bites but didn’t love it. I also split a thing of grapes with him - he got the purple ones and I got the green ones. They were very good and fresh!

Ed had the Original (minus the horseradish):

He loved this sandwich! In fact, he raved about it for the rest of the day.

And I chose the All-American (minus the lettuce):

This has turkey, cheese, tomatoes, ranch dressing and cranberries. Sounds kind of yucky, right? I was a little scared but it was soooo yummy!!

With our bellies full, we slowly made our way out of EoS.

I wanted to stop in a couple of shops that I knew the guys could care less about. So, we decided that Ed would take Reid to the carousel while I went shopping. I stopped in the Christmas store, Goofy’s Candy Co, and the kitchen store (I always forget the actual names of the some of these stores) but nothing was screaming, “Take me home! NOW!” So, I made way to the last store I wanted to go to: Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories. They have at least a little bit of scrapbooking stuff and I’ve bought albums here in the past.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any cool scrapbooking stuff this time around. But, I did leave with one of those nice wooden photo frames that say Walt Disney World. And I bought a new camera strap for my DSLR.

Happy with my new treasures, I went off to find the guys. I had a feeling I knew where they’d be and I was right!

He was so happy to be the conductor! After his train ride, I made good on a promise I had made earlier with him. I had promised that if he was good at lunch, I would take him to Once Upon a Toy. Well, he was good so that is where we went next!

Even though this was only our 2nd day in Disney, I caved and told him he could pick out a souvenir. He carefully studied every single boy toy in that store, not wanting to commit to one item too early. He thought these were funny:

And him and Ed stopped to play video games for a moment....of course.

What did he finally decide on? The Toy Story race cars that he had thrown a fit for the day before at Beach Club. So, in the end, I guess he got his way after all.

Souvenirs in hand, we headed out of DTD and headed back to Beach Club. On our way in, Reid wanted one more photo op. And Ed wanted in on it, too:

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Old 10-26-2012, 03:09 PM   #141
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Oh Amanda it sounds like you were a real trooper for that race...for what it's worth I am proud of you! I remember how nerve wracking doing a race can be. Good for you for finishing, and being there all by yourself!

I loved Earl of Sandwich too, it was so yummy. There is just something about that bread they use...
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Old 10-26-2012, 03:09 PM   #142
They'll NEVER be replaced
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So interesting ...I've never heard much about the races!

Sorry you didn't do as well as you could have...but I'm glad you were able to finish!
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Old 10-26-2012, 03:12 PM   #143
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Great updates, Amanda.

I'm sorry you were disappointed in your time for the race. But you had been sick and that leads to dehydration and then the heat on top of it. Look at it this way, you did better than most of us reading your TR because we didn't even do it.

I'm so happy you finally got to Earl of Sandwich and that you and Ed enjoyed it so much. It's a great place and at a great price.

Love the pictures of Reid, as always. The one with the "feet/paws" is adorable.
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Old 10-26-2012, 04:00 PM   #144
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I'm sorry the race experience was less than specatacular, but with everything you'd been through leading up to it, I don't think you should be too disappointed in yourself. After battling illness, and then traveling and then getting up ridiculously early, sometimes the body just won't respond like you want it to. I guess that just means you'll have to go back and do it again so that you can enjoy the experience a little more and beat that time.

I'm really glad to see that you were able to work in your meal at EoS and that it was relatively uneventful.

Originally Posted by amandaw View Post
I wanted to stop in a couple of shops that I knew the guys could care less about. So, we decided that Ed would take Reid to the carousel while I went shopping. I stopped in the Christmas store, Goofy’s Candy Co, and the kitchen store
Ok, I think that is nice that Ed and Reid didn't have to tag along for all the shopping, but I'm pretty sure I'd pick Goofy's Candy Co. over a carousel.
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Old 10-26-2012, 09:46 PM   #146
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Hi Amanda! I’m back!

I LOVE that first pic of Reid at the top of the slide - so crazy-cute!!!!

I take that back - ALL of the pics of Reid on the slide are crazy-cute! Oh my!

You got some absolutely beautiful pictures of my favorite place on the planet.

Hmm, I do NOT like The Shining aspect of BC!!!

I’m sorry that the run was not what you were hoping - it is impossible for something like that to go as well as you would like when you have been that sick right up until the race. I do, however, love that there were characters in the woods - that is just so weird to me! But in a good way!

EoS food always sounds and looks so good! Makes me wish I could eat bread!!!!
What a nice time at DTD. We have to get there someday!
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Old 10-27-2012, 12:18 AM   #147
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Amanda I'm so sorry that the race wasn't what you'd hoped. As for your time-you'd been sick! You can't beat yourself up over that.

BC has creepy hallways? Not sure that I want to hear that.

Yay for EoS!!! I'm so glad that you got to go and that you enjoyed it! Sounds like your brain wasn't in the mood to shop that day. I'm sure that Ed appreciated it.
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Old 10-27-2012, 10:46 AM   #148
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Hi! I'm a little late but I'm subbing now!
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Old 10-27-2012, 12:46 PM   #149
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Well I'm suddenly really glad that I've never seen the Shining because... no thanks!

Aww, I'm sorry you didn't do as well as you hoped. I do think the illness played a big part in that though! Those kinds of sicknesses can just drain you. Do you think you'll ever try another Disney run?

I'm glad you finally got to try Earl of Sandwich!!
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Old 10-27-2012, 02:13 PM   #150
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I'm sorry the race didn't go well for you but you should still be very proud of yourself. I'm sure between your illness traveling and having less than a stellar nights sleep would get to anyone at race time.

Hahn for creepy hallways!! Yay of EoS! That is one of our favorites too. Love the Thanksgiving sandwich!
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