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Old 10-21-2012, 10:07 PM   #166
Disney World Lover
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Oh my goodness! The Pirate's League looks like such a completely adorable experience! Your girls looked like they were having the time of their lives. Everything turned out PERFECT! You've convinced me that I need to book a time for my son in February.

The photo shoot of the girls all made up outside is my favorite! They are totally in character I love the fact that Brynn SWAM everywhere!

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Old 10-21-2012, 11:50 PM   #167
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Originally Posted by Fantasyland Mom View Post
The truth hurts sometimes, and this is one of those times. I’m about to be really honest…

No one likes the trip down update.
Just joining in and I wanted to say that I LOVE the trip down update, especially when people drive to WDW.

When I was younger, when always drove to Disney (we fly now) and hearing about the drive down always brings back that excited start-of-vacation feeling in me. It's pure nostalgia on my part (because long car rides are not fun), but know that at least one person enjoyed the first installation of your trip report
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Old 10-22-2012, 12:22 AM   #168
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Originally Posted by Fantasyland Mom View Post
Real life update time!

This year we decided not to carve our pumpkins, but paint them instead. I have pretty much zero artistic ability, but gave it a shot nonetheless. Care to guess what the kids chose??


Marty, Mike, and Sully!!
Your pumpkins are super cute! And your DH is great with the camera! Can't to read more!
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Old 10-22-2012, 09:11 AM   #169
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I just have to say that I am really loving this TR! As a mommy, when I saw the beautiful photos your husband took of your girls all decked out, I got choked up!!! Sitting at my desk. At work. Trying not to cry. *sigh* That looks like such a fun experience and all 3 of our kids would be so into it!

I also have to say, I feel your pain on the messed up shirt. About 11 years ago I went with my sister and her family to WDW and we took a Universal day during that trip. While at Universal we went through the walkthrough attraction about Poseidon(I can't remember the name of it). I was holding my oldest niece who was 3 at the time. There was fire. There was water. There were explosions. It was very loud and intmidating for me, so imagine how a 3 year-old felt. Needless to say, it literally scared the poop out of her...and onto me. My sister felt awful and I got a cute Olive Oyl t-shirt out of it. LOL

I look forward to reading more...especially the 1st haircut! I have no doubt that I'll be fighting back tears on that one, too.
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Old 10-22-2012, 10:10 AM   #170
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What a great update! The girls are precious in their pirate/mermaid costumes, and I love the look on Sawyer's face when he pulled his arm out of the cannon...sorta like, "Wow...it's still there!"

The Barnstormer photos are priceless perfection...I could totally see them on Disney's website!
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Old 10-22-2012, 11:09 AM   #171
Please stand up before exiting...bye bye
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Love your trip repoirt and the pictures are AMAZING!!!
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Old 10-22-2012, 01:19 PM   #172
Fantasyland Mom
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First of all, guys, I have to say that you all have me so emotional! I did write one trip report before this and it had a few followers that were all super-nice, but really it wasn't huge. I am absolutely blown away by the number of people reading along this time, and also by how nice all of you are! I just want to hug each and every one of you! So, .

Originally Posted by LifeIsDis View Post
Oh my goodness, Brynn looks so cute when she is getting transformed into a mermaid. I seriously LOVE the makeup they do for the mermaid. It’s probably really sad that I want to go to Pirate’s League but sadly, I am too old for it.

Julia looks so pretty! I love all of the sparkles.

The pictures Brandon took for the photo shoot are just incredible. The ones of Brynn are so cute, especially the ones where she is “swimming.”

I just love the girls faces on the Barnstormer! Julia looks so excited.
I don't think you're too old for it! There were several adults in there when we were there, both men and women, and they looked great and were having a wonderful time! I'd really love to do the mermaid one myself. You should totally do it.

Originally Posted by jedijill View Post
I love the makeovers. I hadn't seen the mermaid but I love it and love that Brynn got totally into character. Those pics are awesome.

Jill in CO
She was totally committed to being a mermaid. She made those bubble lips all day! HAHA!

Originally Posted by inkedupmomma View Post
awe, what a great update jenn! Brynn did WONDERFUL and now I want to go to PL! I may actually look into it as a surprise for the kids! Maybe a wedding gift for them too lol! I didn't do it in years past because of the September heat.. Jack walks out and is instawet!

LOVE the action shot, well all the shots, bravo brandon!

Btw, no lie, your pics are awesome too! So pat yourself on the back!

and to back track a bit, awesome pumpkins! We/re going this weekend! Our farm does painted pumpkins every year, and had Monsters Inc the past few years, so it always makes me smile!

Looking forward to more~!
Brynn did way better than I expected. I was so proud! We were all very sweaty all day, but the makeup didn't really budge. It stayed on better than the regular face-painting makeup.

Originally Posted by Mrs. Gumdrop View Post

First of all, Title Shout out! Highly Inappropriate! Secondly, I adore how committed both girls were to their roles. The photo shoot DH did was so much better than anything the Disney photographers could have captured. That was some serious memory making. Personally, I would be delighted to see a little mermaid "swimming" her way through Fantasyland. Imagination is what Disney is all about. Perfect!
She did get lots of "awwwws" as we walked around. Everybody at Disney appreciates magic, I think!

Originally Posted by mxkris View Post
Best TR i've ever read!!! The pictures are just GREAT!!! I love the girls at Pirates League and on the Barnstormer, OMG it seriously just captured their emotions perfect!!! I'm so sad I didn't get to meet you guys!!! I knew that was you guys at Epcot that day I just was too shy to say Hi!! I dunno how I missed you guys I on this day since the girls were all done up.. I certainly looked for you, but never saw you! Oh well! Next time! Maybe we can meet up locally sometime even!!
You sure know how to make a girl's day! I wish you would have said something, too, but I can't blame you--I saw Megan at Epcot and didn't go up to her! I'm always near the mall, so maybe so! I hear there's a group in our area that meets up sometimes.

Originally Posted by ronnmel View Post
The transformations seem to fit the girls perfectly! Julia really has spunks and attitude as a little pirate and Brynn looks so ethereal as a mermaid. Love it! In fact, don't say it too loud, but I think I prefer the mermaid make-over to the princess one. Shhh!

I have to agree with you. Those barnstormer pictures are totally commercial-worthy and should be used on the Disney website!
You just hit the nail on the head! Those are the words I've been looking for to describe them, not just on this day, but ALWAYS! I totally prefer the mermaid to the princess one. I do not care for the princess hair-do at all. I let them choose, and they chose this one!

Originally Posted by Holly324 View Post
Wow!!!! The pictures are just amazing!!! It makes me just want to be there. Pirate's League was a winner...we loved it on our trip! I love how they totally immerse you in everything pirate-y. The Barnstomer looks like fun! I love how the picture captured the emotions and feelings. And I agree....they TOTALLY should use that pic for their new ads!
Originally Posted by disneychic33 View Post
The pictures he took are amazing and so are yours Kudos to you. The girls look they are having a great time! You have two special characters there, this will be a special memory for years to come.The mermaid make up was great. I like the way they did used it around the eyes.
I will never forget the memories we made that day. Their happiness and magic will last for years to come.

Originally Posted by merbobear View Post
I'm subscribing! I know I am going to love your TR because I am obsessed with pictures (I'm the one behind the camera in our family, though) and we too spent hundreds on a shiny new video camera so that I could make an amazing vacation video. I have hours of video, but no editing done yet (and we went in May this year..oops). Are you editing the videos yourself or is dh doing it? What editing software are you/he using?

Anyway, the kids are adorable! I love your family's coordinating attire (we do that too..or is it everyone at WDW that does matchy matchy outfits? ). Oh and the annoying smoking men at the MK entrance..I had to laugh, because when I saw their backs in the Ferry sign, I was kind of like "Hmm..." Something was just 'off' about them in that picture to me, and then lo & behold they are smoking in a non designated area! UGH! I don't hate on smokers either, but just keep it in its place!
We haven't started editing yet, either. I'll help with choosing clips, but all the rest of the editing will be up to dh. I have no idea what software he's using, but he's pushing for a better computer.
Yeah, those guys definitely stood out even before the smoking incident. It was just a vibe.

Originally Posted by jecskc View Post
Love the pumpkins and your DD's mermaid makeover. Her eyes looked so big and beautiful and brown. Your Barnstormer photos are really good, too. Lookinf forward to reading more.
Her eyes really are the window to her innocent soul. Sometimes when she can't voice what she wants to say, her big brown eyes say it all.

Originally Posted by starann View Post
LOVED the picts of the roller coaster....Brynn looked like she was having a blast, Julia, not so much!!!! LOL!

And it seems as if Brynn has the mermaid lips down pat! The one picture of her by herself, she really looks like a beautiful undersea mermaid!

RAther pee then #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!
What's funny is that after the ride, Julia was the one who wanted to go on it again and again, and Brynn said NEVER AGAIN!
Brynn would live in the sea if we let her, and I think she'd fit right in!

Originally Posted by FaithTrustPixieDust5 View Post
I'm reading!

This is such a great TR! Your pictures are amazing. Definitely borrowing a fancier camera from my family for my upcoming trip! The pictures on the Barnstormer are definitely disney website worthy.

I wasn't crazy about Pirate's League from what I'd heard, mostly because it seemed like BBB had all the magic. But after reading that update, I wish I wasn't too old to participate! By the way, the girls had those pirate/mermaid poses down!

Can't wait for more!
You're never too old! We did BBB last year, but I think this was just as magical, and I actually think the girls had more fun!

Originally Posted by GrimGrinningStitch View Post
A September 2013 trip is a very real possibility at this point!

I love this update. The Pirates League looks like tons of fun, and I LOVE that Brynn stayed in character the entire time. It's a shame the "wench" wasn't too friendly, but I'm glad the makeover artists were better.

Yay for the first ride of the trip! Those are some great pictures.
I was really glad at that point that Brynn sort of misses social cues sometimes. I don't think it registered with her that the wench was being a wench, but my dagger eyes totally let the wench know that her mom knew full well.
I am keeping my fingers crossed for yall to go in Sept 2013. I feel like we're IRL friends already and that we'd just feel like we've known each other forever. We'd have so much fun!

Originally Posted by shan23877 View Post
Fantastic Pirates League photos! Brandon is a very talented guy.

I'm so glad that the girls loved it. Maddie is beginning to think that pirates are okay (and you're right-it's because of Jake), but I don't think she'll ever actually jump sides. They do an amazing job with the makeup there-I love the detail on Brynn's mermaid makeup.

Great Barnstormer pics! That's Maddie's new favorite ride. Poor you- I think I may have bought a new shirt. I'm very sensitive to smells and a little crazy, so I'd have been smelling that little souvenir all day.
Luckily, the spot was not big at all (spoiler alert...THIS time) and didn't smell. If it had, I wouldn't have been able to take that. It wasn't even as bad as my sweaty body at this point! LOL!
You might be surprised at her; I NEVER would have thought my girls would ask for this instead of BBB, but things change!

Originally Posted by Kbendig View Post
What an amazing first few hours!!

I'm sorry that wench was such a wench, as if no other kids decide they need a page to write their names? I love that they stayed in character all day, their pics were priceless. That really is a lot of make up, but I guess they need to make sure it stays on. At least the face pain doesn't seem so...grown up.

Last time we went we brought a pack of diapers, which all leaked. I don't know why I didn't go buy a new pack, I think I thought of it the last day. Anyway, I walked around covered in pee most days. I assumed people would think I was wet from a ride or spilled my drink. At least I hoped so!! So I feel ya, been there (and I'd imagine most moms have as well).
I HATED how dark Julia's lips were, but she made me wipe it off before lunch! She just wasn't so sure about it, either!
See, we use cloth diapers at home, so I really am not sure what brands are good and bad. This was not the last time this happened, and even in past years we've had diaper problems on WDW trips. Last year, Sawyer's just kept on falling off because they wouldn't stay closed! I thought getting a different brand would help. Obviously not! Still, not much bothers me that comes out of babies at this point!
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Old 10-22-2012, 02:17 PM   #173
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Just wanted to pop in and say hi! I have been reading along, just not commenting a lot. LOVE the pics from the Pirates League. It looks like the girls had a lot of fun. I'm sure Madison would love to go there, but I don't know for how much longer. Since she just turned 10, she thinks she's so grown up. I'm happy we did BBB on our 2010 trip! The good thing is, I still have my little Cole to take to the Pirates League someday.
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Old 10-22-2012, 03:18 PM   #174
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OH LORD. What IS that statue boy? Seriously, I'm scared.

This is the sweetest thing! I LOVE the mermaid makeover. Where was this when I was younger? Although I never went to Disney when I was younger so I guess it doesn't matter.

Those Barnstormer pics are seriously great. I love how the faces change.
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Old 10-22-2012, 08:58 PM   #175
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Hi! I'm a Georgia girl myself and I am LOVING your trip report! I just finished reading all the updates and can't wait for more.
P.S. The Laugh Floor is my absolute favorite and I think your pumpkins are too cute!
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Old 10-22-2012, 10:49 PM   #176
Earning My Ears
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Red face I'm late, I'm late!

But better late than never, right? I have a little catching up to do, but I can't wait to read all about it and see these spectacular pictures!
DD (3)
DS (1)

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Old 10-22-2012, 11:48 PM   #177
Earning My Ears
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Thumbs up Caught up!

Okay, so I've gotten all caught up. Wow - the pics are so great. You must have a hard time choosing which ones to use in the TR or to print/display. It doesn't hurt that you guys have pretty cute subjects, too! The Pirate's League looks so cool. I think Faith would like to do it. I may have to see if we can work something out for our trip. I had to lol when I read about the diaper leakage (sorry!). On our last trip Faith was almost two and I can't tell you how many times she leaked, and she was wearing the same diapers she did at home. The best was the plane ride home. She was a lap child and she leaked on me not once, but twice. I had a change of clothes for her, but not for me. As our trip had not been the most magical, I was just done at that point and I totally cried. I laugh now, but at the time...yikes.

Looking forward to more!
DD (3)
DS (1)

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Old 10-23-2012, 12:42 AM   #178
A Swinging Wake
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Originally Posted by Fantasyland Mom View Post
I was really glad at that point that Brynn sort of misses social cues sometimes. I don't think it registered with her that the wench was being a wench, but my dagger eyes totally let the wench know that her mom knew full well.
I am keeping my fingers crossed for yall to go in Sept 2013. I feel like we're IRL friends already and that we'd just feel like we've known each other forever. We'd have so much fun!
Aww, yay! We feel the exact same way! I'm really hoping it will all work out. It would be so much fun, and so great to meet you!
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Old 10-23-2012, 10:24 AM   #179
Fantasyland Mom
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Originally Posted by Queenofallthings View Post
Fell a little behind again

Love the pumpkins and the family shot on the tractor! Fall is our favourite too...hoodies, pumpkin spice lattes, stews, soups, it just doesn't get any better than that!

The Pirate League pictures are adorable....I have to show Shanleigh Brynn's mermaid makeup....so adorable! All the kids looked like they were having a ball as I'm sure you were too watching them!
What?!?! You and a good latte!?!?! I never would have though it.
We all had so much fun that day; I'm not sure who had the most fun, in fact!

Originally Posted by MeMom View Post
I like this family picture with Pirate Goofy.

We haven't done the Pirate League with the girls, but our little boy cousins have, and they loved it!
It was a wonderful experience. I love that family picture, too, though the Photopass photographer wasn't used to our camera and it came out a little blurry. Not his fault, though!

Originally Posted by CandleontheWater View Post
I'm glad the pirate's league was such an enjoyable experience. With two boys, I'm sure we'll make it over there at some point. I have to agree with an earlier poster, that mermaid makeup is awesome and really does look amazing!

We're big barnstormer fans in this house too, and don't feel bad about taking the little one on it, I had DS on it as soon as he was tall enough too, he was just two years and three months. My reasoning was I wanted to get him on it early, so he'd get used to it, and not be scared. It seems to have worked, he loves all the kiddie coasters now.

Your pictures are amazing, I wish I had photography skills!
Well, that's definitely my reasoning! It might be working with Sawyer, but for Brynn it just sort of reaffirms that she will NEVER EVER AGAIN RIDE IT AGAIN NEVER EVER, MOM, DID YOU HEAR ME!?!?!

Originally Posted by Stringbean&Wingnut View Post
Julia and Brynn's pirate and mermaid makeovers are SO cute!!!! They definitely look like they were embracing their roles!!

Love your rollercoaster pictures! They definitely look like a Disney ad!!
They are most definitely some drama queens! What, my child?!?!

Originally Posted by CourtneykidOT View Post
Whew! I think I am finally caught up...with all the TR and PTR's! Lots of fun. I love reading ones that I have something in common with. We are on TN/GA border, so we are close, I think. I have a 6 yo and almost 3 yo. Also, I am a peds OT and I love reading about Brynn and her adventures through Disney! She is one COOL kiddo! Much luck to you with school system and her getting everything she needs!
Can't wait to
My parents are sort of one the border, too. They live in Rocky Face, if you know where that is; it's where I grew up. We spent most of our time in Chattanooga instead of being around our "boring" area, LOL!
That is awesome that you're an OT! I guess you pretty much understand all that I'm saying about her without me explaining it too much! Our meeting to find out about what OT the school system will offer us is November 5th--fingers crossed for us, okay? The OT eval we had done already says she needs it 1-2 times a week for at least a year minimum, but leaves the end date as on-going. It set out some really great goals for her. The school system has a copy of that eval, plus their own, so I'm hoping she'll be getting some good services. If you ever read something that has me not explaining what's going on with her well, feel free to clarify it for everyone.

Originally Posted by danimaroo View Post
Okay Jenn, I hope you're ready for an epic comment because I kind of fell behind over here and have THREE updates to chat about! I'll try to keep it short but I make no promises.

Oh and this is random, but I had to tell you this funny story. Whenever Matt and I talk about you to each other (not in a BAD way, but more like if we are just talking about one of your updates on the DIS or a FB status update), we always are like, "OH! Did you see what Fantasyland Mom said blahblahblah".. But it just dawned on me that like, hello, why do I not call you Jenn? BAHAHAHA, anyway, I think I will start calling you Jennifer when I talk to Matt about some funny thing that you mentioned one of the kids did or whatever. I feel like such a dork but it just cracked me up over here.

I'm fairly certain, based on your FB photos and such, that we went to the Pumpkin Patch at the same time! If only it were in the same state, hahaha. But I just adored your photos! And your pumpkins are fantastic! Another reason why I think we'd be good friends; you adore the same things about Fall/Halloween that I do!

Okay, this is the update I have been SUPER looking forward to because I can't wait to see how this whole Pirates League thing goes, eeee!


I love how Sawyer is looking at his arm like, "WAAAAIT A SECOND... I thought you were gone! So nice to see you again."

I LOVE this process for finding out Julia's name/the document they give you! Such a neat idea!

Um, that wench sounds like a wench. What the heck? What a poop. Brynn can sign her name as large as she wants, dangit.

Okay, Elizabeth is awesome in my book. Sounds like she knew exactly how to talk to Brynn which makes me a happy lady over here. AND I love how Brynn got cheers all around! I bet she was so happy!

Aww, I love Julia's transformation! She looks like a true pirate. And I love her version of the oath.

OH MY GOODNESS. THIS PHOTO SHOOT. There are no words! I love the dedication by both of the girls to their characters! I mean seriously, this is the best photo shoot ever.

HAAHA the look of fear on Julia's face in that one photo while Brynn's just got a smile on her face is kind of priceless.

Haha the is highly unfortunate that Sawyer peed on you. At least it dried quickly?!

AHHH YAY! The feeling of finally being caught up... and I can't wait to hear abotu the rest of your day! Talk about an awesome start, with so much more to look forward to, seriously!

EDIT: I just edited this because I realized I called you Jennifer and not Jenn, hahaha. I mean obv. that's your name but I know you go by Jenn, duh. What a goob I am.

And also, in response to your "Arrrr you ready?", I just suddenly got the urge to scream, "AYE AYE CAPTAIN.... AYE AYE CAPTAIN! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH... Wholivesinapineappleunderthesea? Sponge Bob Square Pants!" Yup, don't even mind me.
Okay, the Spongebob has to stop. Because, guess what? I DO THE SAME THING EVERY TIME I READ MY OWN TITLE! Geniuses over here, people!
It's good that you call me something other than my name when you're talking about me (I go by Jenn or Jennifer, either one...usually just too lazy to type Jennifer), because I call you "My Dis Friend Dani" when I'm talking about you to Brandon...but for some reason I just call Matt by his actual name?!? Explain that one to me.
Yeah, that wench definitely knew I was not happy. I was so glad that Brynn was oblivious to her mean-ness. That's the time I'm grateful she misses a lot of social cues. But guess what? Her mom does not...grrrrrr...and seriously, she didn't even explain to her that she should write it small, and how would a 4 year old know it was supposed to last all day if they weren't told?? Hmmm???

Originally Posted by burly View Post
Love your trip report so far, as i am a detail kinda girl!

looking forward to more...

So glad you're enjoying it!! All the little details make me be able to re-live it more, and I know if I don't write them all down soon I'll forget! I never want to forget this trip. Ever.

Originally Posted by DVCWDWMEMBER View Post
the pirate pictures of your girls are just awesome. When we had our family celebration last July we also surprised our grandson Joaquin with a pirate makeover. His dad Jason wanted his whole face done, unfortunately Joaquin was not happy about that and almost from the start wanted the "yuck" as he called it taken off his face.I believe my daughter IheartDduck posted a few of his pictures on her TR.

Love your detailed TR makes me feel like I am right there and experiencing it too.

Love your Monsters Inc pumpkins

Can't wait to hear more.
I couldn't believe Brynn didn't rub at it, especially because she usually rubs her eyes a lot! Julia couldn't stand the feel of the lipstick, though, so that was removed rather early in the day. I tried some of it they sent home with us, and it really is super-thick. "Yuck" is right!

Originally Posted by JDailey View Post
The girls look SO good! I loved all of the pictures and their great expressions in them.

You guys all look great at the pumpkin patch. That was such a cute idea to paint the pumpkins.
If we're telling the truth here, I painted because I STINK at carving!

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
Wow the Pirates League looks amazing! I didn't know they transformed little girls there, for some reason I thought it was for boys, since the girls have BBB! I love it! The girls look so adorable, I really love the mermaid make up!

Love the photoshoot, you have some amazing pictures to remember your trip by! I absolutely LOVE the shots on the Barnstormer, you're right, they definitely do look like they should be used on the Disney website!
I saw the mermaid makeover in an article, and then saw they did empress packages, as well. We were so into princesses in the past that anything pirate we didn't notice! But once Brynn saw a picture of a "real" mermaid, she had to be one!

Originally Posted by IheartDDuck View Post

Hahahahahahahaha. That's what I used to say to a co-worker all the time when he would say something stupid. I would just pet his arm and say "you're so pretty....."

Okay, that kid mannequin thing just scared the bejeezus out of me too! Thank you for providing me with what will be the source of my future nightmares.

I thought sticking your arm in a cannon was always wise? Clearly I've been misinformed.

Yes, wench seems to be an appropriate name for that girl.

Awwww, Brynn's makeover is so cool! I love the makeup they did. I'm glad that her transformer (robot) handled her very well.

Hahaha, "yeah, what she said!" Clever Julia.

They wanted to charge you for the photos? That must be new, because it was included in ours with my nephew last year. That's bizarre.

The girls are so absolutely adorable in those pictures! Talk about commitment!

You are a great Mom! Just like my great Mom used to do with us. "You're tall enough? Great! I'm not explaining a thing!" Seriously, it will only help them in the end, trust me!

Brandon seriously takes awesome pictures. I love the whole sequence on the Barnstormer.

You are absolutely correct. You guys would be so much better on WDW's website.

Poor you with the little reminder you had to wear for the day!
I have nightmares about that thing still. And what's worse, Brandon has our pictures on a slideshow as the screensaver for our AppleTV, so it randomly pops up during that and scares me all over again!
I didn't realize Sawyer had nearly lost an arm to a cannon because I was inside with the girls, and those pictures weren't on the good camera (it was inside with me), but on Julia's camera. And for some reason, Brandon failed to mention it to me...

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Originally Posted by katt789 View Post
Ah! Such a great update! the pirates league looks like such a great experience. I'm really glad they have something like that that's not princess themed. There's something for everyone! That photo shoot is incredible, amazing shots of everyone! Yay!

I definitely know the "small" feeling on the Barnstormer, that thing certainly is made for children, fitting 2 adults into a car just isn't fun most of the time haha.

We did the princess thing last year, and while it was great, the girls wanted something different. I think Julia's outgrowing the princess thing a bit, too.
I'm pretty sure the Barnstormer isn't made for even ONE adult!

Originally Posted by PracPerfPatricia View Post
Love, Love the Pirates League photos! I just love the Pirates League... so well done in there... took my kiddos in there 3 years ago... No mermaids at the time... but both did pirates... so much fun...

David unfortunately remembers too much make up and even though he doesn't have many sensory issues... before I knew it -he had a lot of makeup on... He looked great but I felt bad because I know he felt a bit uncomfortable... he really didn't like the feeling...

Both your girls look awesome and the make is very well done but not crazy heavy ... which is really nice...

I love the whole fall.pumpkin.cider.orange. awesome ness myself... we've already made the pumpkin/apple pilgrimage this year... but I don't have any great tractor photos...

BTW can you explain to this Northerner exactly what a boiled peanut is? I mean is it literally a peanut that is boiled? I saw trucks that had them in South Carolina... I didn't see any the time I was in Tennessee...but I was mainly in Nashville...are they more of a country thing or just a general Southern thing?
I was happy that Brynn's was just around the eyes and not all over her face. I'm not sure she would have liked that. This makeup seemed thicker than the kiosk face-painting paint. And I think Julia's may have mostly been glitter!
Okay, boiled peanuts...hmmmm...the description will sound gross, but trust me when I say they are delicious (and SO bad for you!). You can make them in either a crock pot or a huge metal pot, preferably outdoors. You just get raw peanuts in their shells, cover them in water, and pour in TONS of salt. Tons. Then you boil them for hours and hours (I know it's 24 in a crock pot). When ready to eat, you drain off the juice and put them in a cup, usually styrofoam. You stick the whole thing, shell and all, in your mouth, and lightly bite down on the shell. At that point, you suck out all the salty juiciness and pull it back out of your mouth (yes, hygienic, I know). It'll be cracked open, and you can eat the nuts, which are now soft. I kind of think the consistency is a little softer than a canned chickpea/garbanzo bean. They're just part of Fall around here, more so in rural areas than in cities! YUM!

Originally Posted by MagicShell View Post
Your pumpkins are so cute. What a great idea.

The photo shoot is amazing. How cool to have your very own photographer along with you.
I always joke around and ask him how much I owe him and if I have printing rights!

Originally Posted by 729tink View Post
Love this trip report so far! Your family is adorable!
Jennifer and Brandon, 2 Princesses and a PrinceSept. '09 (Pop), April/May '10 (Pop/CBR), Sept. '11 (Pop), Sept. '12 (CBR/Poly!), Sept. '13 (ASMo), Sept. '14 (POR/Beach Club)
TRIP VIDEO 2013! & TRIP VIDEO 2013-Mobile Friendly Version NEW VIDEOS!

***What Means "Ay, Caramba?"--Famous for Family of the Day, a Sept TR--IN PROGRESS!!

Disney World Family Vacation Video 2012-YouTube & Mobile Device-Friendly Disney World Family Vacation Video 2012-Vimeo Version
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