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Old 07-30-2012, 02:24 PM   #1
Earning My Ears
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Napping in the parks. Please say it can be done!

I know everyone (mostly) says to take a mid-day break for naps, and then go back to the parks in the evening. Sounds great! But, based on several experiences we've had this summer, I foresee my children passing out on the way to the hotel, and then waking upon arriving and not going back to sleep.

So if we get them to take a nap at the park (and, hoo boy, they still need naps. Trust me.) then we can avoid the stress of trying to get overtired children to take a nap in a hotel. We may possibly be able to get them to stroller nap, if we can find a non-stimulating part of the park (does that even exist?) to walk them in circles.

But a boring mode of transportation could really knock them out. Is it feasible to take a monorail ride (if we're at a monorail park) for a nap? Do they make you get off the monorail at the stations, or can you just ride around and around and around?
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Old 07-30-2012, 02:27 PM   #2
DIS Veteran
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The rides aren't long enough for a nap. They could theoretically nap in strollers, I see kids doing that all the time. But unless you are going in the winter, I wouldn't recommend it because it's so hot out that I don't think it's really fair. Though you could walk around stores and such while they nap.

But honestly, YOU will probably want a break too. After 8 hours at the park, we are pooped with very sore feet. I'd would suggest to go back to your hotel/resort. If the kids have already woken up, go swimming or relax a bit.

So technically yes, but it's not a very good idea imo.
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Old 07-30-2012, 02:38 PM   #3
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Monorail - there is no you have to get off during daylight hours (unless they are turning it off - I'm thinking I read about it closing for work on GF)

I think the train at MK might work too - it stops but you don't have to get off but no strollers - kids would have to be in a seat

really it will depend on your kids - would they sleep in the strollers??
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Old 07-30-2012, 03:46 PM   #4
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You can ride the monorail until your heart is content. Another option is to get off the monorail at one of the monorail resorts and hang out in the lobby. There are comfy sofas and tv's with cartoons, less hectic counter service restaurants and shops in the monorail resort lobbies as well.

As for Epcot, you could ride Ellen's Energy Adventure - long and boring. Could put me right to sleep (and air conditioned). Or again, you could go to the Beach Club, Yacht Club Boardwalk, Swan or Dolphin Hotel and hang out in the lobby there. You can also easily get to these resorts from DHS as well via the boat.

In Epcot, you can also find some seating in Innoventions, but it is not quite as relaxing in there to me as it would be to go to a hotel lobby.

I don't know of a great place to relax in AK. For us AK is a 1/2 day park. When we are hot and tired and need a break from AK, it is time to head back to the hotel.
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Old 07-30-2012, 04:40 PM   #5
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It can absolutely be done! We have been on 7 trips with our little kids (they are now 5, 3, and 7 months but we've been going since our first was 7 months) and we have never gone back to the hotel for a nap. They have napped every day, too, even last year when our oldest was a week away from turning 5!

We usually try the "nap in the stroller" technique. After lunch, I pull out their lightweight blankies, recline the strollers, and say it's naptime. DH and I then walk around on the sidewalks (or sometimes pull up to an out of the way bench). They have nothing really to look at because they are reclined, they are super tired from a morning of pure bliss, full from lunch, and it's their normal naptime, so they usually pass right out.

We have also done the "boring transportation" trick. You can definitely ride the monorail indefinitely! Also, the Disney World Railroad (as someone else mentioned) at Magic Kingdom is another winner!
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Old 07-30-2012, 04:44 PM   #6
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We did it.

Monorail is good, just ride the loop over and over. The mk train isnt bad, nor is the people over in Epcot. Or the steamboat.

In Epcot, in addition to energy, spaceship earth usually takes long enough to get in a small nap

Hollywood studios..don't know of a great spot, we never spent that much time there when the kids were little.

At ak, we would stroll them through the trails....they often fell asleep.

Note that buses can be good, but are often rerouted, so it's kind of roulette on where you'll eventually get off. A bus that you get on at the studios heading to mk may get to mk, your kid may still be sleeping, but instead of going back to the studios, you can find your kids waking up when you pull into animal kingdom lodge.
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Old 07-30-2012, 07:28 PM   #7
DIS Veteran
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I am one to say that napping in the parks is certainly possible. We have taken our boys 5 times since they were 18 months old (they are 2.5 now). We have found that trying to nap at the resort very rarely works for us. Our boys are usually wound up and then trying to get them to sleep in an unfamiliar environment created more trouble than it was worth. They will nap in their stroller. If you do not have a good quality double that has a good recline and good sunshades then I would rent a citi mini from an offsite company. Also, they make fans that clip on the stroller shades that we have found helpful (about $10-15) on amazon. We have 2. We do take breaks from the parks some but it is often after they nap and we enjoy swimming and eating at the resort.

As for rides that are good for naps, MK is the easiest. We have spent many hours on the people mover. Very rarely will they not let you ride again. We once rode 10 times in a row while the twins napped. As a pp said, the train works well. You never have to get off of it. And the monorail is another possibility. Places that haven't worked for us were carousel of progress and the hall of presidents. At Epcot we sometimes walk around the world showcase, walking through innovations (if it isn't too busy) and there is another indoor area that is never crowded where the big character meet and greet is. We don't spend much time in either AK or DHS. Our boys don't have too much interest there. And I find both those parks to be hot.
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Old 07-30-2012, 07:29 PM   #8
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Well, I will retract my previous statement. I don't think it would have worked with us, but cool. Do ya'll not get tired yourselves?
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Old 07-30-2012, 08:15 PM   #9
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Our best trips were when the kids were that age.
We always rented a double City Mini Stroller.
The kids would always fall asleep.
DH and I would walk around and get to see things we would usually miss.
We really miss those days!
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Old 07-30-2012, 10:54 PM   #10
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Originally Posted by Bonniec View Post
Well, I will retract my previous statement. I don't think it would have worked with us, but cool. Do ya'll not get tired yourselves?
Generally, no. If its really hot or if I've been ill recently, yes..but if I'm healthy walking all day at Disney in less than 90 degree weather is easy.
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Old 07-30-2012, 10:57 PM   #11
DIS Veteran
mykidslovesdisney's Avatar
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My kids always slept in the strollers. We have gone aleast 10 trips with them (ages 13-5). I would nap them after lunch. take their shoes off and get comfy with a light weight blanket or favorite animal. Pull down the sun shade and recline the stroller and just walk. After they fall asleep you can check out the shops in the park your at. Last year DS4 asked for his stroller after riding BTMR 3 times in a row. He wanted to go to sleep!! He took his sandels off and promptly fell asleep. We are bringing our stroller again this time. He never uses it except for WDW and the zoo.

We always felt the mid day break was a waste of time- they would sleep on the bus and be recharged by the time we got to the resort. WHen we just had the 2 oldest they both napped and we shopped. As the others came along one of us would ride rides with the older ones while the little ones sleep.

We have the Citi mini and once he is asleep I open the back cover and it has a mesh opening to let the air in. He never seems to be over heated and we go every August.

Enjoy your trip!
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Old 07-30-2012, 11:03 PM   #12
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Another one for napping in the strollers. We have never taken them back to the room for a nap.
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Old 07-31-2012, 02:42 AM   #13
If you knew her you would be shocked!

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Mine will nap in the stroller, too. We just look for signs that they are getting sleepy (mine are VERY cranky when sleepy) we will pull over the stroller for a "snack." We will give them a little snack and while they are sitting quietly with less stimulation, they will usually fall asleep. We drape a towel over the sunshade to block out even more sunlight.

This also gives my older kids time to run off and enjoy the big rides.
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Old 07-31-2012, 06:45 AM   #14
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Absolutely you can have them nap in the stroller. We bring our large stroller just for this. I know the girls will sleep for a couple hours in the as opposed to an umbrella. I did a quiet area, lay them back and rock for a couple minutes.
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Old 07-31-2012, 07:01 AM   #15
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it's definitely possible to nap in the stroller. If you are in the Magic Kingdom you could also try riding the TTA (is that what it is still called?) we did that with my daughter and my niece. It is usually not a busy ride so they don't normally have a problem letting you just sit and relax. I've seen others doing htis as well.
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