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Old 10-19-2012, 01:55 PM   #211
that's nice
DDC #330

Maybe the entire internet is slowing down because of this thread
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Originally Posted by Woth2982 View Post
I cannot believe how un-Disneylike the OKW staff was for you! I have had the same issue where they claim to have texted me that my room was ready and I never got it. I hope your week got better in the morning! Things always seem better in the morning!
Maybe they need to hire some teenagers to send out the room ready text messages.
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Old 10-19-2012, 02:45 PM   #212
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very nice picture...is that a larry dotson print?
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Blessed by the Best
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Old 10-19-2012, 03:05 PM   #213
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Love that print! That's a mighty special friend you've got there
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Old 10-19-2012, 03:54 PM   #214
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What a wonderful friend! Not that I need to tell you! And that print is adorable!
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Old 10-19-2012, 08:35 PM   #216
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Originally Posted by that's nice View Post
Maybe they need to hire some teenagers to send out the room ready text messages.
Haha right! I totally had my cousins teach me how to use my iPhone when I first got it a few years ago. Heck they could have 7 year olds send out the text messages and it would probably be more likely to be done right lol. My friends 5 year old can use my phone better than me!
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Old 10-19-2012, 10:33 PM   #217
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Originally Posted by englishrose47 View Post
Love the new Ticker Kathy !!! I am with Mark I just want a phone to make calls !! I am dreading having to get one of those new ones
Thanks, Rosie. Yes, my husband is very old fashioned when it comes to his phone.

Originally Posted by emmysmommy View Post
Hey there Kathy! You are really making good use of those APs!!! So your next trip will be during the Flower & Garden time?? What a great time of the year! Although I suppose anytime is actually a great time to go now that I think about it!
Next trip is Christmas, then June (I don't know if Flower & Garden is still there...never been at that time) and then August.

Originally Posted by shan23877 View Post
Oh NO! I'm so sorry that you didn't enjoy Cape May! We've always had a great meal there. The little snow crab legs are a lot of work, but Bryan's really really quick at it so maybe that's why it doesn't bother me?

So sorry that you had to wait so long to get into your room and that they were rude to you about it. Definitely not a magical start.

Love the Funny Hat Pictures though! Keep 'em coming!
The wait for the room really upset me. I sent an email to Guest Servicces when I got home.

Lots more pictures coming up.

Originally Posted by Minnie&Nana View Post
That is a long wait for a room! We had a similar experience at VWL - no text, called and finally went back to the resort after hours at DTD - I made the trip too soon after major surgery, so was more than ready to have a room.

I've never waited that long for a room.

It looks like you hit the jackpot with room location and view! OKW is such a pretty resort, but I've been hesitant to try it since we rarely rent a car. How did you like the bus - did it feel like a long ride to everywhere?

The room location was perfect...an easy three or four minute walk to the Hospitality House.

Oh, how an AP draws one back....and back...and back. I had one for 4 years and made good use of that AP! Know you're going to enjoy putting it to good use as well! Annual December trip?

That's what I'm afraid of...I better start saving my pennies now to buy a new one in August.

Fingers crossed that the Girls Trip comes together!

Dates have been talked about; just have to clear with Mark and Alisha and work; resort has been decided on too, I think.

DIS Meets are the best!!

Yes they are...and it was so fun meeting Tracy and Kathy.

(p.s. great photo of you and your lovely Alisha. Pretty ladies!)
Thank you...she is a beautiful girl.

Originally Posted by LuvvsMickey View Post
Agree with you on the crab legs. My Mark was not a happy man. Gimme Fulton's anytime! I do love their other offerings, though. The view from your room was beautiful. Glad you were in a nice area. Boo on the cast member. I don't get it. We had the best luck with anyone we had to speak with. Thus, the DVC purchase. LOL

I hope the rest of your trip was magical. Yay on the girls trip! I'm planning a solo soon!
I have crab legs every time I go to a seafood place and these were near the top in the most difficult to crack open.

The view was nice...just wish we could have enjoyed it (the balcony was filthy).

A solo trip? When?

Originally Posted by Captain_Oblivious View Post
Looks like a fairly pleasant evening. So glad you could meet up with Tarzanskat! You were rocking the DIS meets on the very first day.

Sorry the food wasn't spectacular. I've always steered clear of Cape May just because I don't really go for seafood. But having great company helps every meal.

Sorry the desk at OKW wasn't a good experience. The room looks pretty sweet, though.
Unfortunately, that was the end of DIS meets this trip (I realized Mark really needed some "alone" time this trip with his mom, etc.

I love seafood and that is why I was disappointed.

The rooms at OKW are really nice.

Originally Posted by PhoenixStrength View Post
Boo on the bad crab legs and rude CM.

On the other hand your room looks gorgeous! I like the pictures of The Boardwalk, as I've never been there. It's on my list to visit next trip though!
We hadn't been to the Boardwalk since the kids were probably 8 and 10, so it was nice to get back and walk around.

Originally Posted by mickeystoontown View Post
Yay for yet another Dis Meet and you've only been in Disney for a day! It's too bad that the crab legs weren't worth the trouble. I've always thought the same thing. Too much trouble...just give me a plate full of shrimp instead.

Man, what was up with the check-in staff? It sounds like they were all having a bad day. They could have at least said "I'm sorry."
I love crab legs and don't mind the work, but these were really hard to crack. I do love shrimp though too.

I would have been happy with a "I'm sorry."
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Old 10-19-2012, 10:48 PM   #218
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Originally Posted by pas130 View Post
I'm here!!! Followed from Amanda's TR...only got to the intros. Beautiful family!!! I love the pics of DH, AND that he umps for WDW

Thank you for joining. He's a very good hubby.

Originally Posted by pas130 View Post
OK...lots of
speedreading to catch up

Oh it's not too bad....I've not even gotten to the first park day yet.

Sorry for the loss of Mark's Mom and your issues with your Mom That must be hard. We sometimes get people in from nursing homes when they become violent, and it breaks my heart. She must have been so frightened to lash out like that

Thank you for the thoughts for Mark's mom and mine. We found out that it was the medications she was on or should I say a combination of the 14 medicines she was on. She is doing much better now.

Yay for APs and DIS meets

Both fun and great things.

OKW looks lovely!!!

It really is a lovely resort and very peaceful too.

OK was the second CM a different grumpy CM???? That's insane! Why do people bring their bad days to work....

Yes, actually the second CM was a different one...so it seems a lot of members of the staff were having a bad day that first day.

and some more

Originally Posted by FauntleroyFAN07 View Post
have always wanted to try cape may, as there are many seafood dishes i have never had that they offer, but worried i wont like any of them and be a waste for me...but maybe sometime when we are on the dinning plan we will venture there.

yah for the ids meet...and the room looks really nice.
Dan, that was part of the problem...the cost and then the food wasn't worth it.

The room was very nice.

Originally Posted by mommy2mrb View Post
happy you got another DISmeet in, sounds like a nice evening! the food does look yummy, well other than the crab legs, not a seafood lover!

hope you let Guest Svcs know about the rude CM's, so unDisney and RUDE, the next day! you rooms looks great and love your view!
I was so tired that night and we had such an early morning the next day that I never did go to Guest Services, but I did write them when we got back.

Seafood is my favorite food.

Originally Posted by that's nice View Post
Ok Kathy... you have me scared to try out Cape May. It is one of our ADRs this trip. We are lucky to live in CT.. .we get great FRESH seafood. I really hope it is good.

How awesome you got to meet up with TK!!! Not even in Disney 1 day and you are already meeting up with a ton of DISers.

Your room looks wonderful! So sorry they were nasty to you at the desk.
Don't be scared...they could have just had an off night. A lot of people love it.

TK is absolutey as great as she sounds on here and FB. She was a doll and we talked as if we'd known each other forever.

Originally Posted by amandaw View Post
Sorry you didn't have the best meal at Cape May. But sounds like you at least had some great company with your DIS meet!

And that's beyond frustrating about the CM at OKW. Glad your room was ready but that attitude from the CM was unnecessary.
It was a fun DIS meet. I could have done without the attitude...an "I'm sorry" would have eased the aggravation.

Originally Posted by OneTreeHillAddict View Post
We've eaten at Cape May for breakfast a few times and enjoyed it. Never for dinner though, and I was looking forward to trying it next year. I love crab legs (the work doesn't bother me, no tools needed, I can shred those babies with my bare hands in a second). The whole no flavor has me worried though. I guess I could always splash lemon juice, salt, and pepper on them.
LOVE Cape May's breakfast (and we'll be eating there in December). I'm hoping as far as the flavor of the crab legs was just an "off night". I never thought to splash lemon juice on them.
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Old 10-19-2012, 11:07 PM   #219
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Originally Posted by afwdwfan View Post
That's great that you kept getting empty buses there. I don't think I've ever had that experience and that is why we almost always drive now.

Dinner looks like it was enjoyable with your company, even if the food wasn't great. I see a lot of chocolate in the dessert pictures though and it is pretty hard to have chocolate that is less than spectacular.

I'm sorry about the rude CM when you went back to check on the room. Obviously you didn't get the text or you wouldn't be asking.
We had so many empty buses it was unbelievable.

Dinner was fun...the company great.

I left all texts on my phone from throughout the day and it definitely wasn't there.

Originally Posted by dizneeat View Post
Great update! Love the pic of you and Alisha.

Wow! That was another very rude OKW castmember. Your experience was just like the one we had at the Coronado in Februar a year ago.
But your room looks pretty nice and walking distance to hospitality house is nice.

Your DISmeet sounds fun too!
We didn't like Cape May either and will not return any time soon, but on the other hand we love Yachtsman!
Alisha makes everyone around her look good.

I loved the walking distance...it was perfect.

I can't wait to try Yachtsman in December.

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
Yay, sounds like a great DIS meet with Kat! I'm sorry you weren't very impressed with Cape May, Brandon and I love it soooo much, but maybe they were having an off night or something! We do like to get there right at 5, when everything is fresh!

I can't believe it took so long to get your room, I would have been freaking out! That was a LONG day! Your room looks really nice though, and hopefully you rested up for the rest of your trip!
We had 5:30 ADR's and I was really surrpised at the "no flavor" of the crab. It will be a while before we go back, unfortunately, just like LeCellier; there's too many places we still want to try.

We got a great night's sleep that night.

Originally Posted by TinkerbellinNY6 View Post
I am here finally I haven't been on the boards to much lately because of work. But I am here and can't wait to follow along on your journey! It was so great meeting you and Mark, and I was really glad that I was able to take you pictuers
I'm so glad you are here. We were thrilled to meet you and I'm glad you got to take our pictures too and glad we found them.

Originally Posted by IheartDDuck View Post
Woo hoo, new ticker! That's always excellent.

I think that the Pluto hat definitely suits Mark the best.

I'm sorry Cape May was a disappointment. I always find crab legs to be too much work. I just give up after a while.

Ugh, snippy CM's are never good.
I've never had three trips in the works at the same time.

That was a great Pluto hat...it looked so good on him.

I don't mind the work if the crab is good.

Originally Posted by DMGeurts View Post
Loved all the hats on Mark - my fav is the Pluto one, I don't think I have ever seen that one before?

Such a bummer about Cape May, I hate to say it, but the girls and I had almost the same opinion about it from our March trip. Our favorite was the clam chowder. And we highly recommend "crab cracking lessons" before you go, being from MN - that is a skill we have never developed, and looked rather crazy in there trying to figure it out.

Glad you finally got into your room - but the rudeness was very unnecessary. I hope the rest of your stay is much better.

Mark just seems to have the perfect face for some of those hats.

The clam chowder was VERY good.

The rest of the stay had one more hiccup, but otherwise it was great.

Originally Posted by SoonerGirl View Post
I'm sorry you were disappointed in Cape May, we all really enjoyed it, but of course we are land locked where we live and probably don't get the best seafood, so not a lot to compare it to.

You are not the first person that I have read about who was told they were sent a text about a room that they never got. Obviously it is a system that Disney needs to fix and when mistakes happen the CMs need to at least be apologetic about it!
We have several good seafood places around here and I eat a lot of crab in Florida and this was just not very good.

Disney needs to do something about the texting problem.

Last edited by KatMark; 10-20-2012 at 09:15 PM.
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Hi Kathy!
I've just been catching up on your TR. Just wanted to comment that I am going through the same agony with my mother. She was diagnosed with dementia a little over 4 years ago. I am the only one of 5 siblings that are here to see to her needs and as a result I have been appointed her guardian. As hard as it was to see my dad die of cancer, this is harder....

We too have had long waits for our Vacation Club villas and have been told that they texted us hours earlier. UGH!!!
What's up with that?

So Mary mentioned that you were thinking of a girls trip. Do tell the dates!
We will be down in June and would love to meet you!

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Kathy I love that pix of Mickey on the Beach!!!!Alisha is a beautiful young lady !!! Mark is my inspiration for trying on hats !! Every time I try on one when with the Vacationers , they have to try one on too I have some awesome pix from our trip, even Carol got into it a bit !!!!Wow that girl is pole dancing and hat wearing , what a influnce the Dis is having on her !!!
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Never open texts with the "Hand Sewn Button" attachment!!!
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Originally Posted by KatMark View Post

I love, love, love this!!! How awesome that Nicki found this for you!

D~ <---- Who wishes they had a Donald/Daisy version.
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Originally Posted by KatMark View Post
I have crab legs every time I go to a seafood place and these were near the top in the most difficult to crack open.

The view was nice...just wish we could have enjoyed it (the balcony was filthy).

A solo trip? When?
I have to agree, those crab legs were a pain in the rear to dig through. Not worth my time. I was mad that they didn't have the clam strips out this time. They had them in August.

Our balcony was also filthy and there was some sort of "nest" growing on top of the window casing of the room next to us. No clue what it was, almost looked like an ant hill, but where I come from those are in the ground!

Ah, my solo trip. Well, that's a loaded question. I want to go asap to make sure I have good weather, but would probably have a meltdown during the food and wine. (too many people = major panic attack with my anxiety issues and not fun when I am alone) I was considering going after Thanksgiving, or the first part of December or even January (value season, bonus!), but that depends on what I can find for DVC availability and also messes with cold weather possibility. See? No simple answer to your question. LOL. I honestly don't know.

I just really really need to get away from all of this. It just never ends. I am at the end of my rope.
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Old 10-20-2012, 10:23 AM   #225
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Just found your trip report and can't wait to read more.

I am glad to hear that your mother is doing better. It seems like I have heard many stories like hers. My husband was told that his grandmother was going downhill quickly. At that time he lived in WI, and she lived in FL. He could not get away from work right away so he asked his Aunt to go see her. Luckily, his Aunt was a nurse and realized that it was a combination of the many medications she was on that made it seem like she was going downhill. They adjusted the medications and she was like her self again.

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