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Old 08-18-2012, 09:15 PM   #151

There's never enough vacation time
I'm always thinking about it
I can't imagine being in it alone
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Enjoy your date.
me DH DD17 DD15 DS13 Lily Guinness

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Old 08-19-2012, 09:52 AM   #152
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Wow! What a busy day! I'm tired now just reading about everything you had to do!!

Sorry about all the annoying passengers. Glad the kids were able to get some sleep. Too funny about chocolate! I guess it does make a great pillow!!

Yay for arriving! Nothing better than seeing the Walt Disney World sign.
Angie (me) DH DS14 DS12
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Old 08-19-2012, 11:21 AM   #153
I'm with Beast
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Originally Posted by rentayenta View Post
Enjoy your date.
Thanks, I did! Dinner and a movie, finally saw Dark Knight Rises. Really fun night complete with some nice chatting and agreeing/planning for future trips lol!

Originally Posted by Angies1274 View Post
Wow! What a busy day! I'm tired now just reading about everything you had to do!!
The good thing about departure day is you are running on adrenaline so honestly I felt fine. My only 2 real stress moments were getting the cats dropped off and to the chiro in time and then when Evan wanted to peruse at the Library. LOL!

Originally Posted by Angies1274 View Post
Sorry about all the annoying passengers. Glad the kids were able to get some sleep. Too funny about chocolate! I guess it does make a great pillow!!
Ah to be small enough that you can lean over and use a tray table for a pillow. Lucky little men. I was bummed that neither of the outbound flights had the wings on the headrests, those help a lot at night.

Originally Posted by Angies1274 View Post
Yay for arriving! Nothing better than seeing the Walt Disney World sign.
There really isn't anything better than that sight is there!
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Old 08-19-2012, 12:00 PM   #154
Left my heart in Tomorrowland
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I'm here! That is QUITE the travel day! I feel like you always think you have more time free to get things done..........till all of a sudden you have two hours and NOT enough time at all.

Can't wait to see some more!

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Old 08-19-2012, 12:05 PM   #155
I'm with Beast
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My supreme awesomeness

I have to share a funny story before I start this update. I did actually take trip notes but forgot to even look at them for the first few chapters. A funny story about our departure day. As I'm sure most of you do, we try to clean out the fridge before a trip. The kids know this and we ate accordingly for the last few days, which made for some creative meals. Apparently, after Evan had been at the lake all day swimming and boating with his cronies on a very sunny and hot day (and didn’t eat or drink much apparently other than frozen yogurt) he thought it would be a GRAND idea to eat up all the bacon we had left as a “snack”. He hadn't eaten much since breakfast and all that activity understandably made him hungry. Sometimes I will buy the party pack of pre-cooked bacon at Costco. It is great for breakfast sandwiches, BLT's and other things and easy for the kids to make. However it is not like it would have gone bad. Using it up was not even on my radar. As I went to make dinner (grilled ham and cheese) Evan informed me he wasn't hungry. Which surprised me, he loves grilled ham and cheese. Upon asking he said he'd had some bacon before they went swimming and that's why he wasn't very hungry. Then he told me he didn’t feel well.

How much bacon did you eat?

About 12 pieces.
I wanted to use it up.

Brilliant. Just brilliant. And then he'd gone swimming again for an hour after that. I gave him some tums and told him if he threw up he'd get no sympathy from me. Nice mom aren't I. I also made him drink water, which he didn't want but the kid was pink. Evan, Mr. “I don’t burn” had not reapplied during the day and was definitely pink. My guess is it was as much dehydration as it was the bacon but I can tell you, for much of the trip he had bacon phobia. Thankfully the tums worked and the crises was averted and the pink turned to brown by the next day.

Another funny story. Unlike the first flight with the crackler, the fouler and the tapper, we had the mean mom behind us. Not really. A mom and her 2 kids on their way to WDW.

“I will take a picture of you on vacation if I want to”. As she snapped in flight pictures of them
“Suck it up, I'm taking pictures, get used to it, we are not starting our vacation out this way”.

I loved this woman even if she didn’t know it. They were headed to Orlando and were playing a board game on the plane, clearly having fun. I can't recall what game but somehow we started chatting. They had decided they weren't "park people" and I think were on their way to a cruise, but not a Disney one.

Ok. Now for an update.

Due to my supreme awesomeness, Old Key West was the first stop on the Magical Express! I don’t even remember what other stops the bus was going to I was so excited! This would be our first trip “home”. My first view actually, of a villa. True, I'd stayed DVC with MEK on our Flower and Garden trip, but that was a studio. Definitely a bit bigger with a couple more amenities than a regular room but still, a studio. I had never seen even a model room of a villa and did buy sight unseen. Unless of course you count the hundreds of photos, and floor plans, I'd looked at! We have rented a lot of condos over the years and stayed in several other time shares so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. Heck, we've lived in condos. LOL. We walked into the lobby and I sent the kids over to relax while I got us checked in. My pictures show we went by the sign at 12:42 so I’m guessing I was at the desk by 1 at the latest. Given our flight had run a good 30 minutes late and the fact that we’d gotten on DME about 12:30, pretty darn good!

I had made a rather detailed room request for our villa. A few weeks before the trip I’d found out that our booking, which was in the Hospitality House area which had seemed perfect, actually wasn't so perfect. It only had one way into the bathroom. Through the master bedroom! That wasn't going to work. So I rebooked, this time Non- HH and sent in the following request.

Buildings 30 or higher to ensure the 2nd access door to the bathroom. Upper floor preferred. Preferred buildings (in order): 62, 63, 64, 45, 46, 55, 56, 37, 43, 44.

Overkill? Probably but hey, you don't get if you don't ask. And I did try to ask them in order of priority. LOL! As this was going to be a resort only stay, I really wanted to be able to enjoy the resort, our verandah, and not be a million miles away from HH. Once I realized I likely would be a million miles away (as 62,63,64 are HA buildings so my chances of those were close to zero) I focused on 2 things. Building that would have a water (versus golf course) view and were close to a quiet pool, walking path and/or bus stop. Overthinking. Definitely. What else is new? I studied those maps like no ones business!

There was no line as I approached the desk, score! I had a CM earning his ears. I don't recall his name but he was from Spain. Very very sweet but as expected a little (a lot) bit slow. No real clue what took so long as almost immediately he told me our villa was ready. 2nd score! Still, it took a good 10 minutes, maybe more it seemed, to complete the check in process. During which I heard from Jeff that he was on DME. As it was my first DVC check in, I'd assumed I would need my member card but all they wanted was my ID and of course a credit card for room charges. All of that settled, with charging privileges only to the adults we finally had our key cards and welcome home packet. Since it was my first one, of course I had to take a picture of it.

Well actually I took the pictures once I got home lol. It didn't really have anything different in it from a standard resort check in packet but still, it said “welcome home!” I could see him write on our key card packet. This is what I saw.

Now to me, that meant (I thought) building 55. Which I knew was on my wish list.

Imagine my surprise when he handed me the map and had circled building 53.

53 was nice and close to the bus stop but would most definitely be a golf course view. Still, I was pretty sure either he was wrong on the map based on the room number, or he'd gotten our room number wrong. I debated about asking him to clarify but figured we'd just head out there and see what we found. So I circled 55 just in case. LOL! It could be risky as if he had the numbers wrong, I really didn't want to go around and try every door but the poor guy was struggling as it was. I had never (obviously) been to OKW before and I admit, despite my map zeal, I hadn't really done any homework on the internal buses, other than knowing they existed.

For those that haven't been, the bus does a bit of an interesting route. If memory serves, it leaves Hospitality House, then goes to Millers Road, then backtracks, hit Peninsular Road, then South Point and then Turtle Pond. Getting off the bus it took me a minute to get my bearings. As I walked by building 53 it didn't appear that there actually was a room 5323 (which was the closest I could figure if he had the room # wrong) so we kept going to 55. As we approached 55 my hope grew. It was a wonderful location and upon finding 5523 it became very clear that the room would definitely have a canal view and very possible a quiet pool one as well.

Would the key work?

Why yes, yes it would!

I admit, I dropped stuff in the kitchen and went straight to the verandah

Is that pool I see?


Approaching watercraft?

Why yes, yes it was! To all three!!!!!!!!!

I could NOT believe my luck. My supreme awesomeness was confirmed over and over by the E's. They were pretty funny about it. I have to say that I love the fact with DVC you can email the room request in, versus doing it over the phone. For some reason doing it that way, getting an email back confirming receipt and it's been added, gives me greater comfort that the actual request as silly and detail oriented as mine was…will be in there.

Every single thing I'd asked for, had happened!


Pixie Dust

And one VERY happy mama!

I sent the E's off to swim, K wasn't really up for it (tired I think, just kind of crashed in the chair in the living room) and I called bell services to have our groceries delivered. I didn't know if the boys would need a key card for the pool or not but as it was literally next door it was hardly an issue. I went to take a couple of pictures of the villa and use the facilities.

I didn't get far! I swear the minute I hung up the phone, the groceries showed up. Fastest bell services in the west. Or east. Or anywhere I have ever seen. And he was tipped accordingly! At the same time, the head of housekeeping to see if we needed anything and if it was clean (a sticky island but that was all I'd seen though we had barely gotten there), and Jeff. I got to unpacking the food and to making lunch. While doing so, at first it appeared a couple of things were off. I booted up the computer to check my list to make sure. Nothing worse than complaining when you are the one who actually blew it!

Nope, everything was there, I had asked for sourdough, not specifying sliced and she'd gotten us a lovely loaf that was whole. Slicing it seemed like a pain so I checked but I hadn't specified sliced and the reality was that this was probably better bread as a result. However, there was one MAJOR concern. We had ordered a pound of a very specific coffee. Which meant she'd had to get it at an actual Starbucks instead of the 12oz version they sell in the aisle at the grocery store. A 12 oz might not last us for all the days we needed for the overall trip and I knew a pound would. Unfortunately it was whole bean, not ground. The villas do not have a grinder. I checked my order and I had definitely specified ground. I emailed her about the issue. I heard back within about 30 minutes I think. She was so sorry, she had specifically asked for it to be ground when buying it but hadn't double checked after they gave it to her. She offered to replace it with a new pound or bring me a grinder to use. Whatever was easiest for her was good with me. I offered to take the whole bean to bell services so she could return it to Starbucks for a refund but she said to just keep it. To say that I was impressed with the service is an understatement. So I got busy making lunch.

Which we enjoyed on our verandah!

And I have to say that sourdough bread was SOOOOO yummy! Top notch quality as was the fresh deli meat she'd gotten. I've had the deli meat and cheese from Garden Grocer and it was definitely the standard thin cut stuff. This was all from Target and exactly what I'd asked for. Delicious!

I took this opportunity to give the kids their trip surprise. Which isn't so much a surprise anymore, they kind of expect the Souvenir Gods to give them some money but still, it's fun.

Eric agreed.

Evan liked his new pins!

Kendall too, though it doesn't really look like it in the picture

This is a sample of what each of them got, about 12 pins for the E's. Only 5 for K but she got a complete set which she loved (of cats lol). A "check" from the Souvenir gods for $$ to spend, that was to be held by the bank of mom on their behalf and a baggie with quarters and pennies to make pressed pennies with a little note explaining. I copied that idea from Julie (mousescrapper) and it was a huge hit and a new twist!

Jeff had a trip present for me too, from the airshow. Actually it was from his dad.

Lunch complete, happy bellies and supremely satisfied so far, it was time to head to the pool. The BIG pool! Off to the bus we went.

Did I mention I hadn't done my bus homework?

Donde esta el autobus?

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Old 08-19-2012, 12:54 PM   #156
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I love that bathroom!! So pretty!! It's so cute!

I think that grocery service sounds amazing even with the coffee mishap! How nice of them to correct the mistake!

I love your trip packages for the kids! That is so cute!
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Love OKW and agree that building 55 is fantastic! Impressive service from your grocery delivery service as well.

Jill in CO
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Old 08-19-2012, 12:59 PM   #158
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I'm very impressed with your supreme awesomeness! And even more impressed that it was recognized by the boys!

I think it's so funny that you were so detailed with your request. I often feel like I want to make such requests, but restrain myself. I'm impressed that you pulled it off! And I love that you can email it. I always feel like a bit of a pain when I have to give a detailed request over the phone.

By the way - what was the name of the grocery service? I've only ever used GG but it would be nice to have a second option.
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Can't help it~there is something about Ed...kinda like the Gary Sinise thing...
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As I bow down to your supreme awesomeness,
(sorry, no bowers, just jumpers) let me say how much I love your room.

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I was stuck in that position and ... It took 4 strapping young boys to hoist me back on my feet
Personally, I'm a popper! I love me some black heads.
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uhoh......you not doing bus homework sounds so not like you and a like it might make for some "fun" times ahead.

I hadn't realized how big OKW is! I'm glad all your planning paid off!
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Love the dining table on the verandah, how great is that?!

Sounds like you're off to a great start!
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You better have crackers
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Rough start there for the day but it seems to have gone your way. The room is really nice. I love the table and chairs outside.

The different flier classifications made me laugh.
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Old 08-19-2012, 02:21 PM   #163
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What good pixie dust and supreme awesomeness!!
It was ready at 1p.m.??? Never happens to us!

Is this a 1BR? I am pretty sure we booked HH so we will have the master BR bathroom entry. But that's okay. I like that the bathroom has places to put stuff!
You got some nice views there!

Who'd you get your groceries from? I'm sure you said back in your PTR, but I'm far to lazy to go back and look! Oh, and what was the coffeemaker in the room like? I might need to get filters.

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Old 08-19-2012, 03:16 PM   #164
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I probably would be glued to the side
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I love then Pixie dust happens.

I know the feeling with the room number- You are 99% sure you better and where to go but the CM steers you in a different place. Luckily you caught it and made the adjustment.

Grocer and lunch sound perfect.

Off to the pool. I hope you get there pretty easily but I have a feeling there is an adventure there.
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In awe of your supreme awesomeness! I don't think I had an opportunity to comment on the previous installment on your travel day. I think it safe to say you accomplished more in a day than I do in a week!

Looks like you got a great room location at OKW. Hanging my head in shame as an uninformed DVC owner but who do you email about your room request? Member services?

And could you remind me who you used for the grocery shopping? I know you mentioned it in the PTR and I had heard of the business but can't remember it right now. I have used and like Garden Grocer but the idea of being able to get more specific/directive is appealing...

Uh oh on the bus homework. Is that foreshadowing? I think the buses at OKW get a lot of negative buzz but I have to say that when we stayed there in ~2006 I had zero issues... but we may have just been plain lucky. We were blissfully unaware and made no requests but had a building adjacent to a quiet pool and very near a bus stop.

Looking forward to more!!

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animal kingdom villas, disney dream, old key west, vero beach resort

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