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Old 08-18-2012, 11:26 AM   #241
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Originally Posted by marDgreen88 View Post
I'm glad you caught up! Hahha, I'm glad you understand now. I don't even remember what I said on there! Hahah but yes, the excitement was definitely justified!

It was awesome! We absolutely loved that villa... it was literally perfect for us in every single way! Aw, I hope yall end up with that kind of view as well! You would just LOVE IT.

Thank you so much! If only I had Franklin as my photographer.

Oh my gosh, YES. That gets on my nerves! Disney would not have a non-Disney hotel, it just wouldn't make sense! I wish those people would actually take the time to LOOK. I mean, how much more Disney can you get than having a MONORAIL... INSIDE? I don't get it... sigh. Oh well. They can just stay somewhere else and I can live there, it's fine.

Haha, seriously though! And yes, we do fly out of Richmond! That's where we're from. Why, do you fly out of there too?

I lucked out with having the love of my life also be the best Disney photographer a girl could ever ask for!

I'm with you about being perfectly happy to live at CR, I seriously love that resort.

We're in Northern Va. We used to fly out of Dulles (which is about 7 minutes from our house). But JetBlue has now moved every single one of their flights to Florida to Reagan National, so we'll schlep into town to get to the airport.
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Old 08-18-2012, 11:47 AM   #242
Mrs. Ciz
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Wow, I just figured out that you are from Richmond! I live in Richmond...well Glen Allen actually. Hi neighbor!!
Grew up a Disneyland Girl!
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Old 08-18-2012, 01:30 PM   #243
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Originally Posted by smile4stamps View Post
Joining in!! And holy Pixie Dust by the boatload!! Your room looks amazing!!

Can't wait to read more!!
Hooray! Welcome, I'm so glad you're here! Hahaha, seriously! It was unbelievable.

More coming right away! Thanks for joining in!

Originally Posted by Self_resqing_princz View Post
seriously, Tom Cruise & Suri were in the World while you were there?! Of course they would stay in the castle... like they're THAT important!
Yeah, hahah. The only reason I knew is because one of Anna's friends texted her and told her. I honestly didn't care one lick. I only found out they stayed in the castle suite after I got back, there was an article about it on the front page of Yahoo one day. I guess if you've got the money, might as well go for it... I mean he's way too important to stay in a normal resort with all the commoners.

Originally Posted by MEK View Post
So I am finally all caught up because I went back and read the beginning of your TR. What an awesome upgrade. Seriously, you really did get deluged with the pixie dust. A - MAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 2BR villa is gorgeous. I've only stayed studio, so it is simply outstanding.

Oh, and I almost forgot - I have a thing for black cats since I also have one named Max. I hope Sammy didn't miss you too much!
Yay, glad you're caught up! DELUGED is a good way to describe it! Seriously though! That 2-bedroom was massive and just wonderful!

YES! Black cats are the best! I think he missed us a lot, poor baby! We had someone come and give him his 'special' food and keep him company for a little while every day while we were gone, so hopefully he didn't get too lonely. All I know is that when I went to bed the first night we were back, there was a Sammy shaped impression on the bedspread.

Originally Posted by Missyrose View Post
I lucked out with having the love of my life also be the best Disney photographer a girl could ever ask for!

I'm with you about being perfectly happy to live at CR, I seriously love that resort.

We're in Northern Va. We used to fly out of Dulles (which is about 7 minutes from our house). But JetBlue has now moved every single one of their flights to Florida to Reagan National, so we'll schlep into town to get to the airport.
Awww, how precious.

Exactly! It's the best. The way the 2-bedroom villas are set up, they're basically just perfect apartments. I bet the 1-bedrooms are the same way! AHHH. That would literally be the best apartment EVER.

Ohhh gotcha. Yeah, JetBlue's been doing some changes lately! That must be annoying. We're lucky to be really close to RIC. We don't fly too often anyway, but it's nice to be so close. It's a little airport but it gets the job done!

Originally Posted by Mrs. Ciz View Post
Wow, I just figured out that you are from Richmond! I live in Richmond...well Glen Allen actually. Hi neighbor!!
HELLO!!! Hahha that's awesome! I don't live in the city of Richmond, but the 'suburb' area. Very close to Glen Allen! How awesome! I love meeting fellow DISers in my area! There aren't too many, it seems.
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Old 08-18-2012, 01:55 PM   #244
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The One With A Splashin' Celebration

The One With A Splashin' Celebration

July 29, 2012

What’s the most logical place to go when you’re at the Contemporary and have to be back there in just a few hours?!?!?!

Downtown Disney… of course.


If you really don’t know, I'm gonna be honest, I'm real disappointed in you and I’ll just have to keep you guessing a little longer.

To get to the monorail from the Contempo Café, what you basically have to do is walk ‘behind’ the mural. There you’ll find the Fantasia and BVG (Bay View Gifts) stores. You’ll also find an area with public restrooms, an elevator, and an escalator. There’s only one thing the escalator leads to, and that’s…


Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!!

OH MY GOSH. Okay yall, there is something you should know. I am completely in love with the monorail. It is my absolute favorite form of transportation. EVER.

It’s just so awesome! Come on, now. A highway… in the sky. IN THE SKY. COME ON! That alone makes it awesome, but you add in the different colored trains, the scenery from the windows, and the fact that the safety warnings are in Spanish, and I am one happy (okay… giddy) camper.

There was in fact a monorail waiting for us: THE AVENGERAIL!!! Okay, I know a lot of people are against this and yada yada yada, but I could care less. Sometimes I feel like people are just looking for something to gripe about.

Like that one shirt I’ve seen in a lot of stores around Disney says, “You gots to chill.”

I really like the Avengers (especially THOR… be still, my heart) so I thought riding in the Avengerail was awesome. I mean, OF COURSE everyone is entitled to their own opinion! It’s just my opinion that it isn’t such a big deal, especially since it isn’t permanent. Okay, the end of that!!!

I was so excited!

Then I heard new monorail voice guy. Let’s just say, new doesn’t always mean improved.

Old monorail voice guy must have been sick that day and someone’s husband had to step in. “Okay, I’ll do it, but I’m not going to get into it. What’s the monorail?” He clearly wasn’t up for the job… and he clearly forgot to drink his coffee that morning.

The good news for me is that I mainly just gawk/stare awkwardly out the window the entire time and therefore I am basically immune to any and all sounds/voices around me. EXCEPT for the Spanish safety warnings and the monorail chime. I stop gawking and LISTEN for those.

After a few stops at some beautiful resorts, we arrived at the one, the only, the MAGICAL MAGIC KINGDOM!

No one is surprised.

One of the most exciting moments of every trip to Disney is the first moment you walk into the Magic Kingdom. Walking under the train station and rounding the corner from Town Square holds so much anticipation! I’m always holding my breath, and then as soon as the castle comes into plain sight for the first time, I just let it all out. I ALWAYS cry. Every single time. It’s such a mix of happiness and disbelief for me. Even when the castle is right in front of my face, I have to take a moment to just let it hit me and sink in. After that happens, all bets are off. You never know what will happen. I either start dancing to the fabulous Main Street music, singing a song, or a combination of the two.

THIS particular time, however, I didn’t do either of those things (at least not right away).

Why, you ask?


The Main Street Philharmonic!

Have you ever seen them before? It’s VERY rare that I hear about them on these boards… in fact, I’m not even sure that I ever have.

We saw them on our first family trip (my first trip ever) on our last day when we were heading out of the Magic Kingdom for the last time. They were playing “I Wanna Be Like You” from The Jungle Book.

This time?

They were playing “I Wanna Be Like You” from The Jungle Book.

It must be their customary closing number! I wasn’t complaining though, because I think that song is awesome, and if it’s possible, it might be that much more awesome when there is a marching band playing it.

We were getting down and getting funky right there on Main Street. (By ‘we’ I mean my brother and I. The rest of the family takes a while to warm up to the NO SHAME rule. Me? It’s like the main rule of my life… and Jacob doesn’t even know what shame is. Precious.)

They finished their set by marching away to… you guessed it, “The Mickey Mouse March.” HOW APPROPRIATE! How literal. How awesome.

As soon as they finished their set, we took off towards the castle. I always have to take some time and just stand near it and stare at it. (Have you noticed a pattern here? I really like to stare at Disney. But not at people, because that would be creepy.)

Getting closer…

Does anyone remember the sound that Doug Funnie would hear in his head every time he saw Patty Mayonnaise? Yeah, that’s basically the sound I make when something is worthy of it. That’s the sound I made when I stood in front of the castle.


Do you know what else I love?


Walt Disney was beyond incredible, yall. HE is the genius behind this place. HE is the reason I obsess over land in Florida. He’s the person behind this place we all love and adore! He IS Disney. AHHHH. Seriously. I get so sad whenever I remember that he’s no longer living. I just want to TALK to him. I want to pick his brain.

(OHHH… okay. So I might have forgotten what I was even talking about for a while. Look everyone, it’s my very first tangent for this TR!!!! What a special moment.)

Anyways, I just love that statue because of everything it represents. It makes me so happy.

I could have just stood in that spot for the entire afternoon, but I had to get my head on straight. We had SEVEN free fastpasses that we could use literally anywhere in the park. We had to use them up too, because we weren’t planning on being back at MK until after they expired!

Let’s get moving!

Where did we head to first??? Where did we use our fastpasses?

The Country Bear Jamboree.

NO NO NO. I’m kidding. Breathe in… now breathe out again.

We DID go there first. We did NOT use our fastpasses there. (I’m willing to bet that they would have laughed in our faces if we’d wanted to use them.)

It wasn’t exactly intentional. I’m sure you can imagine where we were heading when we saw Country Bears and decided to take it for a spin. We’d never seen it before, and the next show was starting almost immediately. We literally walked in, and they opened the doors into the theater.

I won’t lie to yall. I really, really love the Country Bears movie. Did you even know there was such a movie? I’m willing to bet you didn’t, or else you blocked it from your memory. I’m also willing to bet that I’m the only person over the age of… any age… to admit that I’m a fan. BUT I AM. I really am. I think it’s such a fun movie! AND. It was on Fox the other night, and for a split second I considered watching it instead of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.

Why did I even admit that? No shame is in full force over here, yall.

(Never fear. I watched the ceremonies. I saw the Spice Girls. I had flashbacks to fourth grade and going to CeCe’s and being sneaky about getting Spice Girl stickers from the prize machines. It was great.)

OKAY. SO the Country Bear Jamboree! (Please forgive me. It’s late/early when I’m writing this so all my rational thoughts have gone to sleep.)

I liked it enough. I mean, I like to see and do everything at Disney, and it was something I had not yet seen and done. So I saw and did. I will admit that I got a little bit distracted because I was trying to fix my hair and I dropped my elastic. I had to basically feel my way around the floor in the darkness of the theater until I found it, but thankfully I did.

Look at them fellers getting’ down.

My only complaint would be that the show just wasn’t loud enough! We could barely hear a lot of the dialogue and forget about the lyrics. The only song I really heard was the song the three bears sang. “All the guys that turn me on turn me down.”

Well, ladies, yall just tell it like it is, huh?

Also, during the very exciting closing number, the one guy (Big Al???) had temporary memory loss and clearly forgot that he already sang his song… so he sang it again, on top of the other guys singing the finale. COME ON, BIG AL! I want to hear the finale! Sigh. All in all, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the wonder that is Country Bear Jamboree. My dad said that if he’d seen the attraction first, he wouldn’t have seen the movie. (Not a fan?)

I hear that the Country Bears are getting a little face lift soon, so I’ll give it another chance, see if I can actually hear the lyrics and dialogue after the refurb. I haven’t given up hope on the good old country rhythm quite yet!

Anyways, when that was over it was time to head to the real reason we were going to Frontierland!

OH YEAH, BABY!!!!! Splash Mountain is my favorite favorite favorite! I just love it so incredibly much. I will explain this love in a (muuuuch) later chapter, because this wasn’t the only time we rode it on this trip. Hooray!!!

With those super awesome magical and FREE fastpasses, we literally walked right to the loading dock. I just kept my gaze downward to avoid all the angry glares from the people in the 90 minute standby line.

Coulda had a fastpass. (Hits head. DOY.)

Like I said, we basically just walked through the quay way (shout out to those of you who remember that from my first TR!!!) and got right on the ride! Jacob and I rode in the front row! YES.

Jacob and I had so much fun! Every time there was even the tiniest of hills, I would pretend I was really scared, and he would just laugh his head off. It was awesome. We ended up getting REALLY wet! Like, I’d never gotten that wet on that ride before! It was awesome. I noticed that everyone getting off the ride was pretty soaked too! I’m a fan.

After we made it back to the Briar Patch safe and sound, we didn’t quite know what to do next. We were wet, and had only a couple of hours until our dinner ADR. We thought it would be a good idea to head back to the villa for a little while before dinner so we could get cleaned up a little bit.

As we were walking away from Splash Mountain, we happened to notice some CMs putting up a rope… which could only mean one thing: PARADE TIME! Now, I absolutely love that parade, and my family had never seen it before, so we decided to stay and watch! It was quite hot standing there waiting for the parade, and some CMs came by with those glorious spray fans and started spraying everyone. What a tease! I made a vow that I would be getting one of those at some point that week.

Living in Virginia, I’m used to heat. I’m used to humidity. In fact, for most of the summer before the trip, we had temperatures above 100. One day it even got to 109. So, I was prepared for the heat. Plus, I’d done Disney in the summer before. At that moment though, we were just standing right in the sun and yall, it was HOT! But if you know anything about me, it’s that I drink water like a fish swims in it, and water is helpful!

Before too long, we finally heard the parade music! Hooray!

“Clap along everybody!”

(I won’t lie: I started listening to the parade soundtrack as inspiration and I could just picture us standing there watching it and I started crying a little. It’s fine.)

THAT GUY, YALL. Honest John scared the bajunk out of us! He literally just came out of nowhere and DID THAT. None of us even saw it coming and we all literally screamed. It was hilarious!!! I don’t even know how I got that picture due to the fact that I was terrified.

“My wish was to become a REAL boy! And my dream came true, didn’t it, Jiminy?”

“It sure did, Pinoke! So never stop believing in your dreams.”



“Princess Jasmine thinks I’m the brightest star in the sky. Now THAT’S a dream come true!”

I’ve come to realize that the dancers REALLY like it when you take THEIR picture for once. Aww. (Excuse the Jacob arm.)

I was SO excited about the royalty float, because not only had I heard that Rapunzel and Eugene had been added, but I had actually seen photographic evidence!!! AND, all the pictures I’d seen had been of the Eugene that I met, AKA the best one. I was so excited to be reunited with him.

(Ariel, girl, you're covering Eric's face. Stop it.)

So there are two of my favorites… but where are the other two?

Oh yeah, they weren’t there.

COME ON!!!! Are you kidding me? Like, they must have been sick that day or something. Talk about a major bummer!

Hopefully next time I go to Disney they will have their meet and greet like I have been hearing for months… then everything will be just fine.

After the parade, we decided to head back over to the monorail to go back to the room for a bit before dinner.

On our way out, we saw BIRDS.

For some reason, we were really fascinated with them.

THEN!!! We saw the Dapper Dans! We were getting some high quality Main Street entertainment on this day!

They were singing a song that I actually didn’t recognize! It was great though. I just love the Dapper Dans! They’re so pleasant and they have such a special, old-timey feel to them. So great! They finished their set, and we headed out.

Goodbye, Roy and Minnie! We’ll see you real soon! (That’s something you miss in December-the huge Christmas tree is always right there in Town Square and Roy and Minnie get moved! I was so happy to see them again.)

We headed out of the park and up the monorail ramp to the Resort Loop. As we were walking up to the station, there was a really nice breeze blowing, and we were hearing an instrumental version of “When You Wish Upon A Star” and it was just one of those perfect, happy moments. I couldn’t believe what an awesome day we’d had so far, and it was only the beginning!!!


Continued in Next Update

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Splash Mountain with no wait? Amazing!

That first entrance into MK of each trip is the greatest. It's like, "Yes! This is FINALLY here, what I've been waiting for! Castle, where have you been these past months of my life???"

I have never seen that parade before, but I love the classic look to it. Might have to check it out one day.

I love that you got both the Walt and Mickey AND Roy and Minnie statues in one post. That's great, because both are just so wonderful. It is a shame they have to move Roy during the holiday, though.
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We watched the Country Bears movie last week! And....it was on again today! Kadence loved it, so now we'll have to mosey over and catch the show. Maybe when we need a few minutes off our feet.

I always feel a slight twinge of guilt walking through the FP line, but then I think hey, you could have gotten one too!

We will be doing Splash Mountain for the first time in Nov, but I hope we don't get too soaked. I'm so excited.

I can't wait to see the parade again! Did you see it from Frontier Land? I'm going to try that this time, less crowded I hear.
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Awesome day

I laughed out loud when I read your bit about the Spice Girls. There is my childhood in one, I'm so proud of my little country for producing them! Haha. And the closing ceremony, I loved it! Although did you know there was an uproar here because Victoria Beckham aka posh spice didn't want to perform, they had to seriously persuade her!

Anyways, back on to topic (haha looks like you're not the only one who can go off on tangents!)

I always laugh when I walk past people in the standby queue when I have a fast past (not in a nasty way) but who would voluntarily stand in a 90minute line, in summer when FPs are available?! Always seems strange! But there we go!

Love love love that ride! I am always the loser with the poncho on though, I just don't seem to like getting my clothes wet, very bizarre considering I worked as a lifeguard when I was at school!

I can't wait to see that parade! It looks awesome! Gutted Rapunzel and Flynn weren't there though, I love them too!

I have missed the Main St entertainment so much! The Dapper Dans and the philharmonic are amazing! Ahhh just your pictures make me excited! :D

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Sounds like you were off to a great start! Yay for a quick ride on Splash!

I love the Jacob arms in the pictures, to me it just shows how excited he was to see the parade. And that's awesome.

OH NO! No Rapunzel and Eugene on the float? I'm so sorry!

Can't wait to hear what you did next!
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What a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours! I am extremely upset that my first park will likely be Epcot. I just love having MK first but we will have the 3D Dessert Party our first night so it is to Epcot we must go.

It must be SO nice to be SO close to MK that you can do such a short trip over there and be content when you have to leave so soon!
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OMG THIS IS SO PRECIOUS SO FAR! I'm getting all those same Disney feels just reading it! Lol the country bears. Oh man. I went on the ride ONCE. In 2002!!!! I can only imagine what it's like now....

This is getting so exciting!

Lover of all things Magical.
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And by went on the ride, I do mean saw the show. XD wow imagine if it were a whole ride.... Oh boy

Lover of all things Magical.
In hopes of becoming a part of the Disney Cast Member Family in the near future!

Working on my first Trip report (March 2012) right now!

"Charlie, Everybody's HOT" - March 2012 Mother/Daughter mini-trip

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I love your enthusiasm for all things Disney! It makes me extra excited to go back again!

Splash Mountain is the perfect first ride, imo. It's definitely one of my favorites.
Can't wait to read more!
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What an incredible update!!!!!

THE AVENGERAIL!!!!! I hope it's there when we go in October as I'm madly in love with The Avengers. And yes to Thor ... he's my favorite Avenger Hahaha~ I don't blame you there

I actually got chillls reading this update when you were describing walking down Main Street and seeing the castle in the distance - I know I stare as well, ha.

I LOVE The Country Bear Jamboree so so so so much!! I think it's hysterical, and yes it's a little outdated, but I find it's such a great way to sit back, relax and laugh~ Also, I know how you feel about losing your elastic, haha. I've lost money in there - and I feel like a fool crawling around on the floor, lol.

CELEBRATE A DREAM COME TRUE PARADE~ This is my all-time favorite parade - I just love the music and I love the interaction with the characters. There was a time my friend and I were watching the parade and Jafar came over and kissed my hand and then the Genie noticed that happened, so he came over after Jafar left, wiped my hand clean from Jafar's "germs" and kissed my hand. I just adore the interaction within the parade.

NO RAPUNZEL AND FLYNN? Unacceptable. I hope they'll be in the parade when we're there in October. *prays*

The Dapper Dans are phenomenal - I think they're such a delight to watch.

I love the last picture you posted - *gushes* Oh the monorail, how you warm my heart~

Sorry for commenting on basically everything lol. I felt like it Great update, btw~
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Oh, that first look at the castle! I love how it never stops being magical, no matter how many times I see it or how recently I saw it, it still stops my breath and engulfs me in pixie dust!

Splash Mountain ROCKS...Splash Mountain with no line rocks HARD!
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Wow, you really did have a magical day! I think somehow the lady who gave your family the FPs looked around and found the most "Disney" family there! I have to admit I quite like the Country Bears. I don't see them every time, but every time I can talk the family into it. Splash is definitely my fav ride. Once we were there during EMH back in the days when you had to pay to go. The park was almost empty and we rode it 3 or 4 times without getting off. I was in heaven!

I just love your enthusiasm and love of Disney, since I suffer from that myself and am really enjoying your trip report.

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