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Old 01-13-2013, 07:44 PM   #76
Earning My Ears
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Seriously I love the vest idea! And by the time we get hitched ill be skiny and tone so it will look badass.

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Part Two! You all know how long winded I tend to get…

Okay Ceremony Board !

As we know, ceremony has been moved to the Italy Pavilion. In my last post I covered ceremony music…
But I have come up with so many exciting additions! Now that we aren’t spending a boatload of money on the MK ceremony, it allows us more room for different kinds of awesomeness.

Lets start small, with the chairs. Two really adorable chair décor ideas:


I think I like the ribbons more, I can picture them fluttering in the breeze and adding such an airy feel… Plus it will look awesome in..

A painting!!! Painted as the ceremony occurs!! Such lovely entertainment for our guests as they wait, and an amazing keepsake. I can see this as something that we hang on our wall and enjoy even more often and with more love than even our album. We will of course still have photographers … but I think splurging on this is a completely worthwhile investment ! I am still waiting to hear back from our sales consultant about this specifically, and if Disney will provide someone or if we will be allowed to hire an outside vendor. Ah! So excited!!!

The next addition to our ceremony is another thing I am endlessly excited for.
We have always planned to do a sand ceremony. I was looking for just the right set, something that would make a lovely keepsake and would also be easy to use during the ceremony. I didn’t want separate layers of sand, I want them to visually blend together like in this photo:

I couldn’t find anything that was attractive as a keepsake that would also allow this pretty styling of the sands mixing together.

This was the closest I was getting – but still am not a fan of just displaying a plain vase of sand.

I know there are photo frame ones, and those are nice but still not quite right..

And then .. out of nowhere … something AMAZING happened!!! Drumroll please…

TA DA!!!
It’s perfect. Too too perfect. Here is how it works. You buy the whole package up front. Choose 2-8 colors, and they send you the glass crystals in those colors. You use the crystals in the symbolic sand ceremony style (your own sand ceremony set, just use the glass crystals in place of sand). After the wedding, ship the glass crystals back in the included postage paid package. They make the sculpture in the style pictured and ship that back to you at home!

It is pricey ... but it so perfectly hits that something more I was looking for. I talked to Katie about it and she said YES! Lets do it! One bonus will cover the cost of that easily. BEST. FIANCE. EVER !!!! I can’t describe how excited I am, how lovely it will be at the ceremony (Painter, ribbon chairs, stairs to lovely platform, crystal sand, gorgeous glass slipper holding the rings…!) – it’s going to be so special. And my Daddy is going to walk me down the aisle and I am going to cry SO much. I honestly never even dreamed I would be able to plan a wedding like this.

Ahh. Okay, a couple more ceremony things. I am not sure if I posted this, but as I mentioned above we have that beautiful limited edition glass slipper (250 made) to use for holding our rings, like so:

And this past Christmas my Grandma (on the Sandlin side, same side discussed in previous post) had wall hangings made for all of the kids and grandkids made out of all of Grandpa’s ties. It’s a lovely remembrance, the one I received just happened to be blue and it will make the perfect setting for the glass slipper at the ceremony. Love.

One last thing, I found these graphics that offer the perfect jump start on our vows. I love the part where it says adventure, because Katie and I are always going on adventures – and we call them that! Uh oh .. we are lost and took a wrong turn .. its an adventure!!! Gotta go to the store but don’t really feel like it … LETS GO ON AN ADVENTURE!! Something crazy just happened … it's life. Life is an adventure.

Our vows are going to be fed line by line from our officiant like traditional vows ( you know, “Alison repeat after me…”). I know Katie (and probably me too) would get stressed about reading them from a page, and I think it will be prettier to have them fed line by line, we can look at each other and not have to glace at a notecard.
We are going to use the same vows for the first part (very much like the image above) then we are each adding in our own personal vows in addition. So we will take the same vows, and enhance them specifically for each of us. Love.

Ahh. I know that guests like to just skip through the ceremony and get to the party … but this is so absolutely special, especially after all we have been through to get to this point... and to have our families involved. I have always wanted a traditional wedding, I love traditions and the way they tie a culture and society together.

Okay okay. Sappiness aside – lets move on to the reception!!

We are still in love with The Attic for or reception.
We are planning to line the walls just outside and heading in with pictures of us throughout our ten years together, and tell our own love story. I haven’t started working on this yet … so I’m not sure how long it will be … I’m thinking maybe an image or two from each season? Not sure. But it will be lovely, and I found this great DIY project to go with it:

Okay. Centerpieces. Of all the weird things, this is what Katie and I have fought the most about. I’m not kidding – yelling at each other in front of friends and family and everything! Stupid centerpieces!!!
As a refresher, this is a mock-up of what I had thought of (excuse the netting and way too many blue beads, I did this at the craft store to try it out)

So it wasn’t that Katie didn’t like the idea (or maybe she didn't but wouldn’t say so?) – she thought we didn’t need centerpieces at all! AUGH!!! So we finally yelled enough and Katie didn’t actually admit that she thought we should have centerpieces … .. but she did start suggesting a few different things. WIN FOR ALISON!! Ahem. So.

Katie thought it was dumb that I wanted a square of fabric or something to set the centerpieces on. I patiently listened to her while she described using a mirror or a park map before I told her I hated both those ideas (The Attic is so BRIGHT and it will be early morning, so the mirrors would just look too harsh, they are better at night. Park maps … … there was more to that idea that is cute, but for the centerpieces it’s terrible).

While I was searching through centerpiece ideas I found something to solve ALL our problems!!

A slice of wood!!! It’s perfect! Hahaha.. I’m sure you are wondering why. Katie and I have decided that we are going to style our home around a storybook enchanted forest theme (yes, we are highly influenced by Once Upon a Time … if you haven’t seen it yet geton Netflix and marathon it! It is AMAZING!).

So I searched for more pictures and ideas, and we settled on a wood/moss base:

Tree style “vases” to hold garden roses (cheaper and even prettier than peonies)

And on the wood, we could carve our intitals:

On each table, we could include a picture or a tidbit about us… Katie wanted to point out special things that have happened around Disney, like proposing at Disney Land .. something. Maybe. I haven’t really sorted through this much yet.

Katie loves it, I love it – horray!!! Now I just wonder if Disney can provide something like this, or if I should DIY it? I think I’d rather go through Disney or a vendor of some sort, that is a lot of stuff to drag all the way to Florida.

I also LOVE these napkin bows! It might pretty up the table to have one at each seat where a plate would normally go, since it will be a buffet. A little extra pretty that is also functional :D Cause we already need napkins, right!

Did I show you the crown cake topper yet? I don’t think I have.

Crown cake topper!! I love it, it’s adorable. And it will go with our monogram. The monogram is two entwined hearts with a crown, so the cake topper can be the crown part and then on the top tier we can have the hearts and C part of the monogram.
Though we still also like the lanterns cake. I think we could probably work it both out… It would be pretty.

And garden roses. First I wanted peonies and wide open roses. Then I found these gorgeous flowers … so pretty!

Everyone wants to hear about food, right!? Food is next!

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Mmm food post!

First we bounced around what we wanted for our brunch. I love breakfast foods, Katie wanted to weigh more in on the “unch” part of Brunch. We decided a ham was best for both, great for breakfast and also a good lunch style food too. I want Mickey waffles and a hashbrown bar. And we both agree that we def need fresh fruit. I thought a yogurt parfeit would be nice, maybe with plates of toppings. It’s very important to serve feel-good light healthy foods. It is so easy to get swept up in bad food choices at Disney! There is always a healthy food option if you look for it through. I want to send our guests with good food in their tummies for their day at the parks ☺
With these things in mind, I went to take a look through the sample menus they sent us … and found the perfect one!!! Okay, the perfect one to alter to our specifications. I looked through the rest of the menus and picked things that we would enjoy to sub in.

The Briar Rose Brunch Buffet:

This is the menu as provided. Here is the menu with our requests:
Cocktail Hour:
Yogurt parfait, cheese display with grapes, crakers, and baguette (might sub out one or both of these)
Strawberry/Brie/Balsamic crostini (subbed in for tomato, mozzarella, basil)
Salmon with goat cheese (upgraded from white fish, we love salmon!)
(Pasta removed from menu, it just seems like a filler item)
Brown Sugar baked ham (!)
Hashbrown bar (subbed in for potato gratin, though Katie might want both)
Seasonal vegetables with citrus oil (LOTS of veggies please!)
Hardwood smoked bacon
Egg cookery Station
Mickey Waffles (subbed in for fancy French toast)
Cinnamon rolls, danish, croissants (might push this to cocktail hour)
Juices, coffee, hot/iced tea

Add in – Bubbly bar!

We will have prosecco (Italian sparkleing wine .. heehee) with 3-5 mix options. If you have any creative ideas please let me know!
Right now, this is the list of juices/flavorings we are going to pick from:
Strawberry (banana)
Lavendar lemon
Mixed Berry (blu,black,rasp)
Extra special: Chambord

I think this will be a fun way to have different cocktails without adding too much to the bill in alcohol. Also, it’s a brunch, no one needs to be drinking that much!

Mmmm food and bubbly beverages. Now I’m hungry…

Might as well keep with the same theme – we are starting to pick what we might want for our dessert party. We scavenged some sample menus and took what looked good from those, as well as our own favorite treats.
We have 7 must have items (Which is probably plenty? How many different choices would be standard?)

French macaroons. The first time I ever tried (and fell head over heels in love with) French macaroons was at the Princess lunch Katie treated me to when she proposed. She even flagged down a server and asked for one of each flavor so I could try them all! Such a sweet Katie ☺

The caramel filled chocolate cookie from the Karamel Haus in Epcot’s Germany pavilion. If you have not had this cookie, make it a top priority !!! This is the most delicious thing I have ever eaten. So, so perfectly good.

Caramel apples. This is Katie’s pick. We might have to serve them already sliced I think.

Mickey Rice Krispy treats!!! These are my favorite park treat (outside of that cookie).

Fruit salad, again with a light option. Everyone loves fruit.

Éclairs. Katie’s Nana used to make éclairs and it’s one of her fondest memories of her.

Mickey ice cream bars! These are Katie’s favorite park treat.

Other things we are considering in partial order:
Goofy Sour Balls (Katie loves these)
Warm Chocolate banana torte with rum sauce (this sounds AMAZING, we will have to request it for our tasting)
Fruit tarts
Mango shooters (this sounds intriguing … again will have to taste)
Pistachio crème brulee
Banana crème tart

Obviously we aren’t going to try to have ALL of these things. Lots of them we want to try (need to get reservations for the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party!). Still plently of time to edit this list though ☺

Oh, and milk is an absolute must as well. Mmm milk and caramel chocolate cookie….

Now that we have had lots of foodpicspam … let’s talk about pictures!

Just a sampling of some “must have” pictures I’ve collected from everywhere. . Wedding Portrait inspiration.

Let’s start with one of my favorites:

Wedding dress + Minnie ears ! Ah too cute!!!

The Kiss picture from the other perspective, with friends and family in the background!

Like time has stopped

So sweet.

This is such fun!

Guests enjoying Illuminations

Of course lots of fireworks pictures!

Super wide angle – I hate it when the top of the castle is chopped off!

There are more on the portrait link above. These are just some of my favorites. I will need to sort them out into categories: Magic Kingdom, Ceremony, Formal, Reception, Dessert Party… We also still plan to do our first look in the Magic Kingdom. Ah so fun!

And last but never ever the least, a collection of wedding keepsake ideas.

Take a piece of your dress and put into a necklace. Or use a piece of Mom’s gown to wear to the wedding (really want to do this)

Bind wedding cards together like a book – so you can keep them but not just shove them in a box!

Take a ticket stub or plane ticket or invite or program (any nostalgic bit of paper) from your wedding/honeymoon to kinkos, have them blow it up, print it on a fabric transfer and make this pillow. Such a cute idea to keep forever, and work into our storybook décor. I think I will want to do several of these ☺

So that’s all!!! It’s fun for me to look through my first post on through to this one and see plans evolve. It’s so much fun to go through this process, to share it all with Katie, and make it completely personal and special. Weddings are some of the best dreams-come-true.

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Wow, you have so many amazing ideas! I love the invites you posted that look like a storybook, those are so cute and fun. The idea of having a painter at the ceremony is so cool!! Plus I think it would fit in perfectly with the vibe of Epcot and the Italy pavilion. And as you said, it would make an amazing keepsake.

Mmm, I love your food choices, they all sound great. And I also really like how you are trying to keep things on the healthier side. There are so many healthier options that taste delicious, you might as well go with them! I think 7 items is more than enough for a dessert party. If it helps I had the mango shooter at the Tomorrowland Terrace fireworks dessert party and it was good but nothing amazing.
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Old 01-14-2013, 09:24 AM   #80
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Can you please plan my wedding for me? It seems so lame compared to yours.
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Old 01-15-2013, 03:17 PM   #81
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Wow, I just read through your entire PJ and.....wow. I know I commented before, but catching up. You have so many great ideas. Everything is going to be gorgeous! You have done so much already....I feel like a total slacker! I can't wait to read more.

I'm so happy that your families are coming around too! It's always so nice to have that support.
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Old 02-02-2013, 01:21 AM   #82
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Originally Posted by librarygeek View Post
Wow, you have so many amazing ideas! I love the invites you posted that look like a storybook, those are so cute and fun. The idea of having a painter at the ceremony is so cool!! Plus I think it would fit in perfectly with the vibe of Epcot and the Italy pavilion. And as you said, it would make an amazing keepsake.

Mmm, I love your food choices, they all sound great. And I also really like how you are trying to keep things on the healthier side. There are so many healthier options that taste delicious, you might as well go with them! I think 7 items is more than enough for a dessert party. If it helps I had the mango shooter at the Tomorrowland Terrace fireworks dessert party and it was good but nothing amazing.
Thanks so much! I love the idea of everything being like a storybook romance, all soft colors and happy memories. I am so excited about the painter. To have the painter though, we will likely have to cut back pretty seriously on the photography package. Crunching those numbers is nooot fun!

Healthy food is feel good food, right :D. Yeah seven items is probably mooore than enough. We are probably looking at a pretty steep bill with all of those. Thanks for the opinion on the mango shooters, that really is a help!

Originally Posted by Cmdbuddy View Post
Can you please plan my wedding for me? It seems so lame compared to yours.
Okay, this is the best compliment EVER. Ah thank you so much, you are so sweet!! I cheat though, I have a degree in event planning and a pre-set obsession with weddings.

Originally Posted by charliegirl76 View Post
Wow, I just read through your entire PJ and.....wow. I know I commented before, but catching up. You have so many great ideas. Everything is going to be gorgeous! You have done so much already....I feel like a total slacker! I can't wait to read more.

I'm so happy that your families are coming around too! It's always so nice to have that support.
Oh you went through it all -- that's commendable! I get so long winded haha. There is no way you are a slacker! I am just super obsessed. All I need now are contracts and LOTS of money!

It will be really great to have our families involved. The whole country seems to be getting on the Love Not Hate bandwagon and I couldn't be happier about it!
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Hello Lovlies!! I hope you all are well today. I am doing good, finally over the flu and enjoying my first day off and flu free of the whole year!

Katie and I are in mututal super-planning mode! Yahhoo!! We watch toooonns of episodes of Four Weddings and get ideas and form opinions on things we love/dislike. It was so funny though because last week was my company holiday party (its an airline so it is more like a we survived the holidays! Party). We felt just like the people on Four Weddings --- This venue is too small! The buffets are set up wrong! This pasta is cold & but oh the potatoes are good. Seriously, did you ever notice how in Four Weddings the food usually sucks but the potatoes are always good? Its so funny! Same thing happened for us too.

With all the thinking and minor-planning, I think there must be something to put in here!

Liiiike & BRIDAL SHOWCASE NEXT WEEK!!! We are SO excited!!! My mom is coming, and Katies mom and dad are coming, but not going to the Showcase. They dont want to pay the money and say they would prefer to hear about it from us over the weekend.

I took screenshots of all my favorite parts of my wedding pinterest boards so I could store them all on my iPad (Katie got me an iPad for Christmas!!)  so I will have that with me and can take pictures, jot down notes, and show our inspiration to all the vendors at the showcase!

I am so very excited to meet Shelley from Impressions. I contacted her a long time ago, and she told me they were designing a Walt Disney World Brides exclusive invite --- and I have been on pins and needles excited to see it! They are inveiling it at the Showcase, and Shelley even said she would print it in ivory instead of white since that matches our color scheme! So sweet! So we will get to see that and show her the storybook style invites that we have been in love with.

Also, I am very much hoping there will be hairdressers there. I have naturally curly hair and am finding it hard to locate many ideas that would work with natural curls. I dont want to flat iron and then curl my hair, I want to showcase the texture and natural curls! So maybe if there are hair people there they can help me out.

Oh and, David Tutera! That will be soo cool to see him!!! If anyone has specific things you want to see pictures of, please let me know! I know for sure Katie will be on Facebook constantly, she loves uploading pictures as we are doing things. She might even be a guest tweeter on My Day In Disney again. That would be fun!!

I found this shirt, and remember seeing it at the parks last time we were there  Katie said I can have it so she is going to buy it for me!

And then these adorable Bridal party shirts:

This is also super-adorable. I see so many things with Mrs on it .. which is cute & but in my somewhat feminist mind I think that the history of the term Mrs is a little unpalatable. The whole idea of adding a man to your name (while his doesnt change at all) & anyway  either way if there is no R as in Mr. then it doesnt make sense to have a Mrs & & does that make sense to anyone but me? Back to the point  I found this image and its adorable and I want one!

If it isnt terribly expensive (And well & it probably will be so this likely wont happen) Katie and I would love to serve a pre-ceremony beverage.

Since it is a morning ceremony, we thought a yogurt drink like a lassi would be perfect! Refreshing and will a little sustenance to add and calm the early morning caffeine buzz  The only issue besides price is that lassi doesnt really make sense in Italy & & but maybe we can go with it anyway.

A few things we found for the reception/cake/beverages&
I finally found a place to buy the lovely crown cake topper I posted last time!

Now I just need to find out how big the top layer of our cake will be so that I know which size crown to order.

We bought some prosecco and juices and fruits to experiment with last week. The blend of berries ended up being awful, it was ugly and had a bad texture. Complete fail. Citrus fruits also were a no-go. I really liked the mango juice. Katie really liked the pomegranate juice. We were on a good path! &Then good got great when Katie added a splash of pomegranate juice to her mango/prosecco mix&

Look how pretty!!! Its amazingly delicious too!!! We decided this is too perfect, and it simply MUST be our signature drink. We decided to call it Happily Ever After, or just Ever After for short (Yes, I do adore a good cliché !) . Pretty and yummy and a combination of each of our favorite flavors. Looove.

I showed Katie this picture, and she was in love&

Blue mason jars :D She started talking about how she wants a lot of mason jars at the wedding & etc. Then I told her how very, very trendy mason jars are (along with burlap and lace and mustaches..) she was a little bummed. I laughed and told her that there is nothing wrong with trendy details. She really likes the blue mason jars for our centerpieces, so I think it will be garden roses in blue mason jars on a slice of wood. Maybe lace around the mason jars. Hm. Lots of options  its so fun!

I think that is all that is new for now. Hopefully I will have lots to share after the Bridal Showcase next week!! Hope to see many of your lovely faces there!
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Love the updates. I was just reading Rachel ray magazine (jan/feb issue) and they have "year of champagne cocktails" there are 12 champagne drinks, I can take pictures and email to you if you want, just PM me.
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Loving all your plans

Just found your PJ and I am loving everything. My DH and I were married in Epcot in Italy in November 2008, so this your PJ is so great to read.

It is so great that things have worked out with both your families, I am sure this makes life so much easier. Love your engagement story.

I was so excited when I saw that your changed your location to Italy - that was our first choice and both us and our guests loved it. We have 50 people attend our wedding. Everyone was picked up at their resort in the morning, brought to Epcot through the back way (everyone LOVED that) and then after the ceremony brought over to The Boardwalk for our reception at ADH (right next to The Attic).

It looks like you will be facing into Italy and I just wanted to show you a few photos of facing the other way (towards the lake). The thing I really wanted to do was to walk over the bridge. If you are facing the lake - my DH and his guys walked over the smaller bridge on the right side and me and my girls walked over the larger bridge on the left side. First all the guys and my DH walked over their bridge and then my girls walked over our bridge. My dad waited for me in the middle of my bridge and I met him on the bridge and then continued walked over. I do not have any photos in photobucked of this but here is a picture when our ceremony was over of the bridge.

Before the ceremony my DH and his guys took pictures.

Then they hid them in Germany (ok, that sounds strange) and my girls and I took pictures around Italy.

My favorite thing about Italy was all the arches. It made for some great photos.

After the ceremony - we did not see each other before the ceremony.

Ceremony location with all guests.

Gotta love Italy.

I love your idea of a Katuba - my DH is Jewish and I am Catholic and while we did not do a Katuba, we did something from each of our religions.

Candle lighting for me. I am sorry we did not do the sand ceremony - it was windy the morning of our wedding and we could not get the candles to stay. It was actually kind of funny but I am sorry we did not do the sand.

Breaking the glass for him. This is a picture of the picture frame I purchased after our wedding. It comes with a tube attached to put in some pieces of the broken glass. I love your idea with the glass that you will then have made into the unity glass.

The kiss.

I also love how you are thinking of decorating the chairs at your ceremony with those ribbons. They are just perfect.

We also had a brunch that was a big hit with everyone also.

Can't wait to read more.


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Have fun at the bridal showcase!! I will just be missing you, I visit Disney the next weekend. Be sure to come back and post all about it!
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I just got caught up on all your updates...so exciting!!

I think you guys made the best choice moving the ceremony to Italy...the stress related to the MK ceremony would make me a basket case!!! And since you are still doing a MK photo shoot you will still have those special magical moments in MK and with the castle...so really, a win-win!!

I am so happy to hear that your families are being more supportive; that will make the whole experience so much more special. I loved that you loved each other so much that it didn't matter in the beginning, but I'm so happy for you both that it will turn out even better than expected!

Love the centerpiece ideas...the piece of wood with the mason jars will be really pretty and organic I think... Loving your menu, too.

I can't wait to hear about the showcase. I so wish we could go. We just got engaged and haven't really started planning yet, but I would love to see everything and just absorb it all. Have a great time and take lots of pictures!!!

Can't wait for more updates!!

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Summer Daydream
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Hurrah for Katie agreeing to a centerpiece! I love garden roses and the blue mason jar will make the pink of the roses stand out. Your drink sounds delicious, and there is nothing wrong with calling it HEA. I think that is a name I would give something
Have the best time at the Bridal Showcase! I'm so jealous you get to meet David. Take lots of pictures!!!
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Earning My Ears
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Just caught back up on your PJ and everything looks amazing! Have fun at the showcase! Can't wait to hear all about it!
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Almost forgot.

Love, Love, Love the idea of having your ceremony painted while it is going on. That would be SO wonderful to hang in your home.

Also wanted to show you a photo of our IllumiNations DP. We had it in UK Lower and the spot was perfect. Although we love to watch IllumiNations from the Bridge in Italy - but we did not have a large enough group for that spot.

Have a great time at the Bridal Showcase. Looking forward to reading all about it.


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