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Old 07-29-2012, 08:46 PM   #31
Princess Olivia
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What a way to end the night!

Our reservation was at 7:00. We waited for about 20 minutes before we were seated.

I was really excited to eat here since I never have before. I was especially excited for dessert, which I should have read about before we booked it for dinner.

I’m a terrible Diser and did not take any pictures. I’m sorry.

My mom made a comment about dessert and we were unfortunately told that they only serve the “Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake” at lunch. Now being on the boards as much as I am and looking at the food pages as much as I do, you think I would have known this. Or that I would have at least looked at the menu before booking our reservation but nope. Oh well. It’s an excuse to eat here when we come back in April.

Other than my disappointing news about dessert, everything else was really yummy! They had a few different kinds of meats and really yummy mashed potatoes (I’m an Irish girl who loves mashed potatoes!)They also had macaroni and cheese which Madi ate most of and some vegetables. Dessert was some cherry thing which we were not really fans of so we ate the ice cream and decided we would get Mickey bars later. You can’t go wrong with a Mickey bar!

We did a few other things before going and getting a spot for the MSEP. We were going to be here Friday for EMH and would see it then so we were not really worried about finding a good spot for it now. We just wanted a good spot in the Hub for the Magic, the Memories and You and Wishes.

It had not rained since the parade and the Castle was as beautiful as ever!

I don’t think you can ever have too many pictures of the Castle. It’s just so photogenic!

When I went with my family in October we had been at MK all day and were prepared to stay for Wishes but it dropped what seemed to be like 50 degrees. It got SO cold! Seriously it felt like we were home in New England! We went up and watched them from the Top of the World at Bay Lake. We tried to go outside but we couldn’t stay out for more than 5 minutes without shivering. It was crazy! So finally we were going to get to see the Magic the Memories and You! It was awesome!! Everyone loved it! Of course Wishes was spectacular as usual!

Then there was the mad dash out of the park. We followed the crowd making our way out of the park. We were really tired and still had to check into POR. It was a big day tomorrow!! We got a taxi and were off to our new home for the next 4 nights…or were we?

We got to POR late and checked into the empty lobby. Me and Madi were starting to get delirious!

The lady at the front desk showed mom where our room was and it was SO far! We probably sound like spoiled girls who can’t walk to their room but I don’t know of anyone who would mind walking that distance to get to their room. We got our luggage and a man named Ricardo offered to drive us to our room. Ricardo ended up being one of our favorite people ever! He was so funny and so nice. The ride over there seemed long and the farther we went the more upset my mom got.

It was quiet and all you could hear were these weird bugs making noises. Until a blood curdling scream comes from no other then my wonderful mother. Poor Ricardo stopped and I was worried he had a heart attack. Mom claimed something ran across her feet. So…I screamed. I was sitting next to her and I have a terrible fear of snakes. Ew! She said it felt like a snake or a lizard! Madi and Colleen were hysterical because Madi thought she had fallen out!

Ohh my….

We finally got to our building. We were staying in Alligator Bayou. Ricardo gave us directions on how to get to our room and said he would be up with our luggage. Poor Ricardo needed to breathe after my mom scared him half to death!

We walked up the stairs and took a turn then walked down a hallway and took another turn then walked down a hallway and took another turn then walked down a hallway and took another turn. It was CRAZY! By now we were all exhausted and just wanted to be in our room and mom was getting mad. Our room was the farthest from everything! We got in and Ricardo came up and explained that we were supposed to be in New Orleans and that there aren’t really any lizards…..okay Ricardo. POR is a really nice resort but it’s not what we’re used to, especially when we had just been at the Boardwalk. Mom asked Ricardo if he knew if there were any ways to change rooms. He told mom to call the front desk and that they should change our room. Ricardo was awesome.

We were delirious and getting super silly outside thinking about the lizard situation and the location of our room when the door next to us opened!


It was Chris!!!!! Chris was next to us asking what was so funny. We talked with her for a while before getting told to hit the hay because we had to dance the next day.

We got situated and mom called the front desk. The lady at the desk told her that there were a ton of people scheduled to be leaving tomorrow so there should be plenty of rooms open if she called tomorrow morning.

So that was our game plan. We were going to call in the morning and see if there was another room closer to everything.

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Old 07-30-2012, 10:17 PM   #32
Princess Olivia
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We're dancing IN Disney!!

I woke up to the sound of construction being done on the room below us (at 8am) and to my mom talking to the front desk on the phone. We didn’t end up going to bed until around 1am so we were all still really tried.

Today the lady working the front desk was not as nice as the lady working it the night before. Eventually everything was settled and someone was coming by our room around 8:30 to pick up our things. We moved to Acadian House. It was much closer to everything and easier to get to. We originally had breakfast reservations at Kona for nine but there was no way we were making those so mom and Colleen got ready to head to DTD while me and Madi called our friend Bri to go get breakfast.

We got to the lobby and saw so many of our friends. We had been waiting to be here all together for so long and we finally were! It was an awesome feeling. We got breakfast and called our moms telling them we were going to pick up our costumes from our dance teacher. We got lost finding her room but eventually found it. We had some time to waste before we were supposed to come pick them up so we ran our dance a few times.

The owner of our studio is my mom’s best friend. I know it seems like she too has a lot of “best” friends but KathyJo really is. She has known her the longest (since they were kids) and she’s really close to her so I don’t think KJ was that upset when we showed up early to pick up our costumes. Of course when we got there we forgot our park tickets to get into Epcot and MK so we ran back to our room and went back to get our costumes after we had everything.

Our costumes had been in bags for almost 2 weeks since we had shipped them down prior so they were a bit wrinkly. Mom and Colleen did the best they could with the wrinkles then made sure we were alright and headed to DTD to shop before the performance. The parents were not allowed to travel with the kids.

Me and Madi started to get ready shortly after they went. Before we knew it, Bri was knocking at our door. She was coming over to get ready with us. Everyone was ready and out the door five minutes before we had to be at KJ’s room but somehow we still managed to be the last ones to show up.
KJ took us into this little area to talk to us and tell us what was happening. We got into our lines that we had been put in prior to coming and got onto the bus. Before we go to the actual stage we have a rehearsal in costume in an area next to DTD. It is a gated off area with the Disney Performing Arts logo on the front of the building. Inside it is just an empty dance room with a mirror running against the wall. It looks just like a dance studio. We were not allowed to bring any cameras anywhere. We only had about 20 minutes to go over lines before we were being put back on the bus.

We then got to DTD. Disney is really strict about being professional, so we had to stay in single file and were not allowed to talk to anyone while walking to the stage. We turned a corner to see the stage and the seating area was PACKED! It was the best feeling! There were a lot of performers but our families alone could not crowd the whole seating area how it was. It was a great to think that people were stopping to watch us. You could not help but smile and get butterflies in your stomach. As soon as our families saw us, they were cheering!

Backstage is very narrow and there is barely anywhere to move. You are packed in like sardines. Luckily we were told about this prior and prepared for it. We were put in groups based on our dances and when they were. After you go backstage you have 10 minutes to put your things down and get into formation.

The guy that ran it was really nice and was backstage telling us how excited he was that we were here and to get ready because we were going to be starting shortly. I’ve been performing since I was two years old and I still get so nervous before going on stage. I get the nervous feeling in my stomach and the only thing that makes it feel better is stretching. So I stretched, and stretched some more, but there wasn’t really a lot of room so balancing in coupe had to suffice.

Our first dance was “It’s a Small World.” Everyone that came to Disney was in the opening and closing. In ‘Small World,’ everyone was from a different country. I was from France!

We were lined up and ready to go! They announced our studio and before I could get more nervous, the music had started and I was on stage! Once I’m on stage, I never want to leave. It’s the best feeling being up there and performing.

It was a super quick change into our competition dance “Alice in
Wonderland.” Originally for this dance we had costumes that matched our characters. I’m Alice, my friend Alyssa is the Queen of Hearts and our friend Victoria (I’ve called her V since we were babies) was the White Rabbit. We also had Stephen who was our Mad Hatter but he could not join us in Disney so Bri filled in. Our dance did really well this year. It’s such a fun dance and we are hopefully bringing it back to other events. Disney does not allow anyone to wear a licensed Disney character’s costume on stage. Ours is more of Tim Burton’s version then Disney’s version so we sent in a picture but it was still a no. So instead we used our costumes from our tap number from this year. The same went for Caseley’s team. They were each different Disney princesses. They got new costumes that arrived just in time for rehearsals before we left.

We were ready!


Off with my head!

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Old 07-30-2012, 10:27 PM   #33
Princess Olivia
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We're dancing IN Disney!! (Part 2)

Next was another favorite, Tiki Room! KathyJo’s daughter Kaylee is in this dance so that’s who’s in the majority of the pictures.

There were other dances but mom didn’t get any pictures of them. Once everyone had finished their group pieces, it was time for our finale.

The crowd was great! There were so many people!! We went backstage, got our things and started to make our way back to the bus. I handed my garment bag to my mom and got on. Once we were all back on the bus the man who put it all together came on. I feel really bad I forget his name but I was still on the high of performing that I half-listened. I did hear that he was very impressed and that we had the biggest crowd he’s seen in a while. He also gave KJ a Disney Performance trophy which was really cool!

Our next stop was the Magic Kingdom for pictures in the Rose Garden. We got off the bus and all had to find a younger kid as a “buddy.” Kaylee was my buddy and her sister Emily who was too young to perform but joined us on the bus and for pictures.

We were running late so we hurried to the Rose Garden and were put in different lines to take the picture. It was so hot! The sun was beating right down on us. After our big group picture we each took our individual group pictures based on our dances. It seemed like it took forever! Finally we were finished. We had to get on the monorail to the Ticket and Transportation Center where we would transfer to the Epcot monorail. Everyone was crammed into the two cars. Finally once inside the monorail headed to Epcot we had time to talk and have some fun. We recorded the whole studio reenacting the Harvard “Call Me Maybe” video. Then KJ said to sing “What Makes You Beautiful” which had us all laughing. It was a lot of fun!

Finally we were at Epcot and now was the long walk to Italy. It was still hot but there was a breeze. We had a private dinner scheduled for the performers and their families in the section in front of Italy to watch Illuminations. This was probably one of my favorite nights of the trip. It was so awesome how everything was put together.

I walked with Emily who asked every 5 minutes “how much longer.” Her little legs were tired. Once we got to Germany I let her get on my back and carried her the rest of the way.

Once we got to Italy, everyone was already there and the cheers began again. It was really cool. We each had purple wristbands that showed that we were allowed into the dinner.

My mom is Emily’s Godmother so Emily hung around with us for a while before going into the dinner part with her Nana.

Everyone was so happy!

The dinner was a buffet. We had different types of pastas, bread, fruit salad; all sorts of yummy things. It was all set up really nice and we had the most perfect view for Illuminations.


We had finished our dinner and the yummy desserts they had for us and had time to spare before Illuminations. Now the only other time we had been to Epcot was in the “end of the world” weather. Epcot is so much prettier when it’s not raining so I wanted to see it! Anddd we had not gotten the chance to visit England so that was a must do. Me, Madi, Bri and V all ventured out to explore before Illuminations at nine.
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Old 07-30-2012, 10:38 PM   #34
Princess Olivia
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What do you get when you put a bunch of dancers in Disney?

We were in Italy so why not take a few pictures with the famous statue! Mom came with us to Italy because she’s a picture freak and she says we make her laugh.



Mom left and told us to behave. Finally, she was willingly sending me to England! I knew she would come around……

Madi danced her way there.

After dancing/running, we finally made it.


While we were in there, Bri bought a shirt for her boyfriend and I of course needed to get a shirt for myself! The guy who helped us was named Matt and he is one of our favorite people (better then Ricardo). I went to buy my shirt and he just looked at us and said “you’re a dancer?” We all said yes and he was like “well we do not just walk up, you have to DANCE up to the register “(all being said in his amazing accent). That made us laugh so we all started to dance and V mentioned something about a dance that One Direction does and Matt was like “No! No! No One Direction!” He was really funny!! So we danced, but it was not good enough so since I was buying the shirt I needed to do something else. So everyone moved back and I did a hitch kick up to the register. Matt was impressed and let me check out. He followed us and made sure we danced out of the store. When we thought we were good we heard “I’m still watching!” Then Bri realized we needed a picture with Matt so we ran back in and he made us do a pose. After our photo session with the brilliant Matt we left, but of course he made sure we danced our way out. He really made our night! He was awesome!

By now we were getting phone calls telling us to hurry because KJ was handing out things and Illuminations was starting in 10 minutes. We made it race. Me and V won! KJ was giving out backpacks that had the Disney Performing Arts logo on it and an “Ears for the Arts” pin.

Everyone loved my shirt!

Then we gathered for a “best friends and their daughters” picture. It was Me, mom, Chris, Casesley, KJ, Kaylee and Emily.

Woohoo for being in Disney with our best friends!

Everyone was blown away by Illuminations. It was incredible and to be able
to have the perfect spot for watching it was even better.

After Illuminations, people started to clear out. Some were going to MK because it was open until midnight. We made plans with Bri to go back to POR and go to the pool for a bit. At this time, Bri and her mom Kathy asked if they could join our plans because they wanted to see everything and knew that we knew what we were doing. We were so happy they were joining us!
We made our way out of Epcot, but not without some pictures. Again we were over tired and getting silly especially with Bri around who is crazy.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

Once we got back to POR we went to get a milkshake and then hit a wall. We were exhausted. We told Bri what the game plan was for the next day and she said she would text me once they got to the park which was going to be Animal Kingdom!

We got in our room, wiped off the makeup caked on our faces and were asleep before the lights were turned off.

I forgot to add in that while mom and Colleen were dropping off our costumes they took a few pictures of POR. Alsoooo there was no rain today! In fact, it didn’t rain ONCE the rest of the trip! It was sunny and beautiful!

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Old 08-06-2012, 11:31 PM   #35
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Glad that the horrible weather at least allowed you to ride Forbidden Journey twice! I'd love to see everything in the castle, but I know the ride itself is not something I can handle.

Kona is so yummy! My husband and I just went there and LOVED the bread, the wings, and the scallops! Delicious! It looks like such a small, unassuming restaurant.

Pin trading is so much fun! I end up looking at all the CM's lanyards too.

Haha, I can't imagine what Ricardo was thinking when you guys screamed during the ride!

It's interesting to hear that Disney is so professional about having to stay in a single file and not talking to anyone. We saw a band walk by when we were in DTD, and it makes sense how they were so organized and quiet!

What an experience getting to dance in Disney! It would be so much fun if you had videos too. The costumes are awesome. The IASW one looks very creative too! And what a view of IllumiNations! I always wonder what those private gatherings are for when they're not for weddings and such.
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Earning My Ears
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This is a great trip report! I danced all the way through high school and looking at the pictures of your performances is making me nostalgic! How did the pictures in the rose garden come out? Guido was super cute - I would have drank a lot of water too

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Princess Olivia
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Get ready Animal Kingdom...We're coming for ya!

Waking up on Thursday was bittersweet. We knew that the thing we had been looking forward to all year was finally over. But at the same time, we were still in Disney and there was still so much to do and see! Our trip was not even close to over!

This morning we had breakfast reservations at Tusker House for 8:30. We got ready, met Chris and Caseley in the lobby and were soon headed to Animal Kingdom!

The cast members gave us Mickey Mouse stickers on the way out. Such simple things like handing out stickers make me smile.
I love early breakfast reservations before the park is open. It feels like you have it all to yourself!

Once we got to Tusker House, the line to take a picture with Donald was outrageously long. We opted to not take the picture and go get breakfast so that we would be done once Animal Kingdom officially opened.
Tusker House is one of my favorite breakfasts. It’s just yummy and the characters are always awesome. It’s the restaurant that my whole family looks forward to when we go.

Shortly after we sat down, the parade with the instruments began. Caseley wanted to do it, but wanted Madi to go with her. Madi was a good sport and paraded around the restaurant with Caseley.

The characters started to come shortly after. First was everyone’s favorite mouse…Mickey!

Kisses for Mickey!

After came Daisy…..

Then Goofy!

Once Goofy came, we were ready to leave. Bri had been texting me telling me that her and her mom were in the park. Mom sent us off to go get fastpasses for Everest, where we told Bri we would meet her.

We got the fastpasses then went to go meet everyone else at It’s Tough to be a Bug! Of course, not without getting sidetracked….

Our favorite Wilderness Explorers!

Back to It’s Tough to be a Bug!

Lemur face!

I don’t know about anyone else but I LOVE the posters once you get inside.

They are too funny!

Seems about right…

It’s Tough to be a Bug!

I love that show, but I can see where it may be frightening to little kids.

Hopper and his bugs are quite nasty!

I’m just going to do the same thing that I did with Magic Kingdom and point out our highs and lows of our day.

Okay so I know that so many people LOVE DiVine. Don’t get me wrong, she is definitely cool but I don’t know…there is something about her that creeps me out….

However, she is very photogenic!

I think around about 11, our friend Vinny called saying he was also in the park and wanted to meet up. Of course we were happy to have him with us but it was hard because we had fastpasses for Kali River Rapids and Kilimanjaro Safaris. We told him we would meet him at Dinosaur.

I had just reapplied sunscreen….

We got a car all to ourselves which was fun! I love that ride!!

Then we passed my weakness…Mickey bars, A.K.A. one of the most delicious things in the world! I needed to get one! By now it was almost noon and we just had a few more things to do before we were going to leave. My ice cream melted faster than I could eat it.

Yumm!! I want one now!

Next was Kali River!! It was really hot so we were very excited for this refreshing ride!

I mentioned this before but Kathy (Bri’s mom) was such a good sport throughout the trip! She of course was the one (along with myself ) to go down backwards on Kali and get soaked!!

Vinny stayed and waited for us while his mom and aunt went to go see Finding Nemo. He got hot so he bought himself a hat…it made us laugh!

Next we headed over to Kilimanjaro Safaris which we have always done in the morning but the line was crazy and the fastpasses were not until later anyway.

We went through one of the trails to see the tigers.

They were sleeping.

They are such cool animals!

We still had fastpasses but it was getting so hot and the crowds were growing that we decided it would be better to go back and swim. Chris, Caseley, Bri and Kathy wanted to do the safari then head back so we gave one of our fastpasses to Vinny and told him to give the others away to a family in line.

We wanted to cool off a bit before we headed over to Hollywood Studios that night.
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Princess Olivia
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Hollywood is calling our names!

We got back to POR, put on our bathing suits and were practically running to the pool. It felt so refreshing.

We hung out at the pool for a bit when we were joined by Chris, Caseley and Bri. Once they came we took a break and went to get lunch. I get the same thing every time, chicken fingers and french fries…

Before we knew it we needed to go back and get ready to leave for Hollywood Studios!

I was really excited to be going here. I love it so much! It’s so different and fun! Our main reason for coming on this night was that Fantasmic was going to be playing and we love that show so much; we couldn’t not see it!

We again met everyone in the lobby, except for Kathy who was coming later.
Once we got there a boy came up to me and Bri and gave us two fastpasses for Tower of Terror. Random act of kindness from a cute boy was a major plus!

We had time before Fantasmic started. Most would go to Toy Story Mania to check out the wait times…no thanks, in fact TSMM was not even a must-do for this trip but more about that later….

We wanted some Rock N’ Roll baby! Yesss Rock N’ Roller-coaster, we were coming for ya! Unfortunately the line was super long so everyone except Chris went to do single rider while me and Bri used our TOT fastpasses.

This was actually both our first times on TOT. No one will ever go on with me when I go with my family and I never want to go by myself so I was very excited to finally have a riding partner!

It. Was. Awesome!!! We loved it so much!!! We went back over to see that Kathy had come and that they were still not off the ride yet! What?! They came out soon after and Miss Caseley was vert proud of herself! It had been her first time and she too loved it!

Classic first-timer…..

Everyone went to go get seats which were already totally filled!! Luckily (and trust me, I know how much people HATE other people for this) but our friends mom was saving us seats. Me and mom went to go get some candy since we are candy junkies. I got a caramel Mickey Mouse apple which was so yummy! I had it cut into four pieces so everyone could have some. While we were waiting for Fantasmic to start my phone started buzzing with texts! Yes people…..One Direction was in Orlando and they were spotted at what looked like Kali River Rapids!! Turns out they were actually at Universal. My friend Lindsey who is crazy about them was all over it. She was really funny.

She gets mad when I say it but she is a total fangirl.

My mom gets Madi going and they feed off each other. It’s really funny.

That’s my best friend for you.

Chocolate fingers!

Fantasmic really is such an AWESOME show! I was really excited we were able to see it!

On our way out a song that we danced to the year before came on, so of course we stopped and danced!

Me and Bri got very silly on the way out. There was this boy in front of us and Bri started to laugh and he turned around because he thought we were laughing at him. Then he kept looking back at us the whole walk out of Hollywood Studios which just made us laugh harder. We were so over tired. Madi, approached him and said hi and then bye and he waved goodbye to all of us. He seemed very nice. Ohhh Bri….

We were all tired but we were in Disney and we were not going to bed anytime soon.

We got back to the hotel and went to the pool to see if KJ and her girls were there since she had texted mom saying that they were and to come say hi. Of course they were not there. Madi and Caseley decided to stick their feet in what we call the “peepee pool.” The pool for babies that they all pee in, that’s the one!

Miss Madison at her finest!

We said our goodbyes to our friends who were headed back to their room and told them what time to meet in the lobby the next morning.

We decided that it was a good time to go take lots of pictures because let’s face it, pictures are always more fun when you are sleep deprived and acting silly.

Strike a pose from my favorite movie….Titanic!

Now on the stairs!

We were tired. We went to our room where our moms fell asleep in record time while we watched Dance Moms. Goodnight POR….
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Great pictures of the performance. It was probably some of the best times up on stage. Can't wait to see how the trip ends!!
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Princess Olivia
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Good Morning Hollywood! Did you miss us?

Wake up! We’re going to Hollywood Studios! We were all up and ready to go. We met everyone in the lobby and got there soon after it opened.

So, usually people run straight to TSMM but we decided to go for Rock N’ Roller-coaster. We got out fastpasses then got in the short stand-by line. My mom and I were totally okay with not doing Toy Story Mania since we have been on that ride at least 30 plus times. We shot the commercial for it in 2008 and were some of the first people ever to ride it! I know it’s a favorite to many but if you rode it for five hours straight then you too would be okay with not riding it on this trip. We encouraged everyone else to try it but they didn’t want to wait in the line and already the fastpass return time wasn’t until later in the afternoon when we planned to be leaving.

Okay, can I just say how much I love how they play all of Aerosmith’s songs while you are line. I know it’s silly but I can’t help but sing along!

Can we please just take a moment to appreciate Kathy’s face….What a perfect photo.

After we rocked out with Aerosmith, me and Bri practically forced everyone on TOT. We loved it so much and wanted everyone else to at least try it. My mom almost backed out last minute, but she stuck in there.

It was surely an adventure!

Our dance studio is not JUST a dance studio. We are home of the “triple threat”- dance, acting and voice. I started out dancing when I was two and as I got older I added on acting and voice. Madi and Bri both did the same. Madi had felt better but she was not feeling well enough to sing. My throat had started to feel sore the night before so I had been taking these vitamin C drops A.K.A.- I wasn’t going to be singing today. Madi and I, being who we are, begged Bri to try out for American Idol since she was the only one who felt well. Bri said she would think about it while we went to go get breakfast. Our designated breakfast area was of course…Starring Rolls!

We got a delicious chocolate croissant

An even more delicious cheese Danish

And we were in Disney so why not eat a cupcake for breakfast?!

I’ve heard such good things about this red velvet cupcake but sadly, it was really dry. I haven’t given up on this cupcake and will make sure to try it again when we go in April.

After breakfast we met up with our friend Ashlee who was coming on Rock N’ Roller-coaster with us!

They’re always braiding my hair…..

Duck face! (what an ugly face to make...)

I love that ride……

Well we finally broke Bri down and got her to audition anddd………she made it through the first round! Yay Bri! We texted back and force and she said that if she made it through the second round then we would have to come and shoot a clip for an audition tape just like they do at American Idol!

Well we had time to spare so why not sit in Hollywood Studios and listen to all the music that I grew up with? We had too much fun!

Mom decided to play with her camera

After the fun sing-along ended, we got bored just waiting for a response. We were in Hollywood Studios! We needed to see things! We went on Star Tours and Muppet Vision 3D which are certainly two favorites! While in Muppet Vision 3D, I got a phone call from Bri saying that she made it and that we needed to meet them back at the American Idol building and that a cast member would let us in.

We went straight there and met Bri who was glowing with excitement! I’m sure most have seen American Idol and know what I’m talking about, but they followed Bri throughout her audition process and put little clips together that they would show when she sang in front of the live audience. We were there so that when she came out with her “golden ticket” we could jump around and be super excited (which we were) like she was really going to Hollywood.

They even got us dancing!

Vote for Bri!

We were faced with a dilemma….We were going to EMH at MK that night and had dinner reservations at O’hana for 5:45. I had been really looking forward to eating here since it’s one of my favorites. Our choices were to go back to POR early and get ready for dinner and the rest of the night or stay and cheer on Bri. Well how many times does your best friend get the opportunity to do something like this? We had to stay!

Bri had to go back to POR and get ready for her big debut. We had obviously not planned for this or for staying this long so we had to find something for lunch. We checked to see if we could get in anywhere for lunch but we had no luck. We ended up just getting a quick service lunch. I of course had chicken fingers and french fries which never seem to get old.

Caseley and Chris stayed for lunch but little miss Caseley was tired and wanted to swim. I find it so funny that little kids could be in Disney-“the happiest place on earth” and they cannot wait to go back to the pool to swim. After lunch Chris and Caseley went back to POR to swim and relax before EMH that night.

By the time we finished our lunch it was about 2:00 and we had an hour before Bri took the stage! We poked in a few shops and I got this awesome picture frame for my wall. I love it!!! We were cutting it close but there was a 2:45 showing of Beauty and the Beast.

It was such a cute little performance! Even though I am lucky enough to be able to also act and sing, my eyes always go to the dancers.

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This...Is American Idol!

*Ryan Seacrest voice*-

This……………………………..Is American Idol

*Cool music*


This whole experience was so fun for everyone. Since we had been with Bri from the beginning, we were given “VIP passes” which allowed us to go in beforehand and watch the three contestants practice before they sang for the live audience.

We got in there and were given our seats next to Kathy. Kathy was saying how nervous Bri was which kind of surprised me because Bri is never nervous about anything, especially performing. She was singing Battlefield.

The doors opened to let everyone in at 3:30. Before the show began they had a guy named Cameron come out and dance with people and just get everyone super excited for the show. It was really fun! Not long after the three contestants themselves came out!

Bri was second to go. The first girl was really good. She sang Bubbly and had a mini interview with the host before she sang. Next was our very own Bri!! They played her tape which was so fun to watch all put together. She was nervous at first but loosened up towards the middle and sounded fantastic! She killed it! We were so proud!

The last girl to go was amazing!!! She really was so talented. She was there for her second wedding anniversary. It came down to the results and the last girl won. It wasn’t really a surprise because she was so good.

We met our American Idol outside. She said she was excited to not have to worry about it anymore and she was really glad she did it because she had so much fun! She said one of her favorite parts was getting her makeup done. Obvious girl answer.

Someone even stopped Bri and asked if he could have a picture! He told her that she was incredible and he really thought she was going to go far. It was awesome!

Bri and the winner became quick friends throughout the experience!

It was around 5:00 when we finally started to leave. DHS seemed empty! We were very excited for our night to begin!! Our best friend Jenna was arriving today and was going out to dinner with Bri since she didn’t have tickets into the park. We made our way out and were stopped again by people telling Bri how they voted for her and how good her voice was. It was like she was a celebrity!

Goodbye DHS, see ya real soon!
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Everything is better at night!

We got back to POR and started to get ready for our last night with our friends. The package that was included was a stay a POR from Tuesday to Friday so most were leaving Saturday.

We got to MK which is really like a whole different place at night. It’s a whole new level of energy and fun. I still love all the glow-up accessories that they have when you first enter.

Since we had time before the MSEP started, we needed to take an obligatory picture with Mickey!!!

They’re the best!!

We got out just in time to find a spot on the sidewalk (and get the oh-so delicious cinnamon roll!!) for the MSEP. Even though they dim the Castle, I love to take a picture in front of it during this time. Most people are lined up on the sidewalk so you don’t get any photo bombers.

We had our glow bracelets and were ready!!

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the Magic Kingdom proudly presents-The Main Street Electrical Parade!”

Once it had ended everyone started to gather in the Hub for Wishes. I would have loved to stop and watch it again but there was so much to do and not enough time to do it all, so we stopped for a quick picture and were off to find our friends.

Right as we were leaving the Hub I got a text from Bri saying that Jenna took Kathy’s room key so she could come to EMH. They were stuck on Small World so we told them we would meet them at The Haunted Mansion.

We got to The Haunted Mansion and went to go get our room keys since they were checking them once you got in line. I always kept mine in my lanyard but of course the first time this whole trip, when I needed it, it wasn’t there. I emptied my whole back pack and there was still no room key. Just my luck! A cast member saw that me and my mom were frantically looking through my back pack trying to find it and started to talk to us. He was awesome. He was so funny and was just really cool. He gave me a fast pass and told me to use that instead. We talked to him a bit more while we were waiting for Bri but eventually just got in line since they were taking so long. Sorry guys!
Me and Madi went ahead and I got a text from my mom saying that Jenna and Bri were right behind them. Go figure.

I love going on Haunted Mansion at night. It’s extra spooky!!

We waited outside for our friends who came out shortly. It was so good to see Jenna!! I had missed her!!

Unfortunately we didn’t get to show Jenna around since she had to leave. It took about 45 minutes to get to their hotel and Jenna’s mom (also a Kathy) didn’t want to drive in an area that they were not familiar with so late at night.

We walked Jenna out and told her we would see her tomorrow. Jenna has a special talent where she can make friends with practically everyone. She made friends with a family who was taking the ferry back to the parking lot and followed them.

We were sad Jenna had to leave but we knew we would be seeing her soon.

We still had so much to do and our time was running out!

Practically every ride was a walk-on. We rode our favorites multiple times!
I have a weird obsession with riding Splash Mountain in the dark. I think it is the most fun thing! I love when you turn the corner and can see the Contemporary and Bay Lake and of course before the drop when you can see everything all lit up. It’s so pretty!

Our last ride of the night was Space Mountain. We met up with mom and Colleen who were also on their way over there. This was the longest line that we had to wait in but we made some friends. They were boys who liked my hand lotion….it was funny.

We waited in the store for our moms who came off the ride giggling like children. I think they too were overtired! The Castle looked extra beautiful tonight…..

We made our way to the busses and luckily did not have to wait long. Just as we thought we were ready to go, the bus opened their doors to let some more people in, as if it could fit more people! It just happened to be Chris, Caseley, KathyJo, Kaylee, Emily, KJ’s husband Geoff and Kay and Em’s Nana. We made room for our friends who we hadn’t gotten to see this whole trip! Emily practically fell asleep on my mom and Kaylee rested her head against my arm. It was a fun bus ride with lots of laughs. During our competition season, one of the competitions we go to has this thing called PowerPak. The completion picks dancers to train with them for a week with guest teachers and perform in their opening number for their nationals. Kaylee, Bri and I were asked to join. Me and Bri really wanted to do it but we would have had to stay in Florida another week which we couldn’t do because of my dad and brothers and the 4th of July coming up. Bri had the same problem but Kaylee was able to do it so they were all staying another week.

This was the first time we had taken the bus so we didn’t know where or when to get off. We wished Kaylee luck and hugged everyone goodbye. We got off at some random stop and of course got lost. It was 3:00 A.M., we were beyond tired and we were lost. We finally managed to find our room and quickly went to bed.

We were not too excited about the thought of waking up early to get our bags ready to switch hotels. We were going to Typhoon Lagoon the next day which would be new for all of us. Plus we had the concert to look forward to that night.
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Originally Posted by Princess Olivia View Post
We made our way to the busses and luckily did not have to wait long. Just as we thought we were ready to go, the bus opened their doors to let some more people in, as if it could fit more people! It just happened to be Chris, Caseley, KathyJo, Kaylee, Emily, KJ’s husband Geoff and Kay and Em’s Nana. We made room for our friends who we hadn’t gotten to see this whole trip! Emily practically fell asleep on my mom and Kaylee rested her head against my arm. It was a fun bus ride with lots of laughs. During our competition season, one of the competitions we go to has this thing called PowerPak. The completion picks dancers to train with them for a week with guest teachers and perform in their opening number for their nationals. Kaylee, Bri and I were asked to join. Me and Bri really wanted to do it but we would have had to stay in Florida another week which we couldn’t do because of my dad and brothers and the 4th of July coming up. Bri had the same problem but Kaylee was able to do it so they were all staying another week.
My studio would go to conventions every summer and the one we used to go to was Dance Caravan and they would audition for kids to join them for the summer as Caravan Kids. I auditioned once, but didn't get picked past the 3rd round of the audition process. We also had to worry about the cost for the whole thing, which was extremely expensive (at that time) and I had college costs to worry about. So I know what you are saying about having to choose between two things.
"Don't tell people how good you are, tell them how good they make you."
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We Can't Be Stuck on the Stairs Again TR

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Hang Loose Dude!

We did not end up going to bed the night before until around 3:30 A.M. It was Saturday which meant most of our friends were leaving us and we were leaving POR. Since we were also checking out we had to be up by at least 8:00. We were exhausted but there was no way that being tired was going to slow us down. Once we started to get up and get ready we were fine.

Today’s plan was to check out and head over to Typhoon Lagoon. Usually we are at parks right when they open and at first this was not going to be an exception but it ended up being one. We got up and made sure everything was packed and ready to go then put on our bathing suits. We wanted to go say goodbye to our friends so me and Madi went down to the food court while mom and Colleen waited for someone to come get our luggage.

We met Bri and sat with her. They were leaving that afternoon. We saw a few other people and wished them a safe flight home. Our moms came soon after and we hugged Bri goodbye telling her we would see soon.

Our luggage was all set which meant we were ready to head to Typhoon Lagoon.

Mom was stressing out since we were getting there later than we had originally planned. We had to calm her down and remind her that it was okay if we were not always on schedule.

We were very lucky to get there and see that it wasn’t as crowded as we had anticipated. We were even able to still rent a chair in one of those private-type of areas. It’s like a mini beach and you get two lounge chairs and a little table and an umbrella. It helped a lot to have a little area to ourselves.

Madi and I quickly went to go check out some of the slides. I liked the wave pool. I love water slides but everyone agreed that these seemed really short. They were still fun and refreshing which is all that matters.

After we went on a few slides we went back to the area where our moms were and they had gotten these mini donuts with frosting to dip them in….ummm…….THEY WERE DELICIOUS! They were warm mini donuts that came with a warm chocolate sauce that you could dip them in or a white chocolate sauce that you could dip them in.

We decided to take a break and soak up the warm Florida sun for a bit. I think I started to fall asleep but was woken up by my phone. I had been waiting for Jenna to text me since today was her big day! She was going to meet One Direction! Her texts made me smile because you could tell how excited she was. I couldn’t wait to hear all about her night!

There was one thing while we were here that I absolutely needed to try. Yes, it was none other than the Sand Pail from Happy Landings. Oh my… In case you don’t know, this is chocolate and vanilla soft serve in a sand bucket filled with practically every topping possible. It’s similar to the Kitchen Sink but not nearly as big and not nearly as severe.

Now get ready for the obnoxious amount of ice cream pictures:

We seemed to be enjoying it….

First bite…


It made us laugh just looking at it.

It was so worth it....

The water park was starting to get more crowded and I think the amount of sun we got during our week would be enough for quite a while. We packed up our things, excited to be going to Old Key West.

We looked in the stores to see if they had any cute cover-ups or bathing suits since summer was really just starting and finding cute bathing suits seems so hard. Madi got a few things while me and mom went outside to wait for them.

I don’t really even know what Madison got? Anyway, on our way out we spotted one of our favorite girls. Lilo! Lilo and Stitch is such a good movie and the location just makes it even better. I’m trying to get my parents to book Aulani…it’s a slow process but I’m not giving up!

We had a really fun time at Typhoon Lagoon and thankfully (for the 4th day in a row) the weather was perfect!

We were now on our way to OKW where we would be staying that night. We were checking in earlier than 3:00 so almost expected that we would have to wait for our room. We were very surprised to be told our room was ready!

In the first hour that we were in Old Key West, I fell completely in love. The people were SO friendly and it was so laid back, just like the actual Key West. It’s also so beautiful. The colors and just the layout of everything is incredible. I don’t have enough good things to say about this hotel. As much as I love Bay Lake, this is a completely different place that I would love to stay at again.

Okay I’m starting to get off topic but this was one of those days where I could tell you everything that happened, every minute of the day.
After we got in our room (which we loved) we had almost three hours before the car was coming to pick us up for the concert. We hadn’t had lunch so why not go to Olivia’s!

We weren’t sure if we were dressed right (we were still in our bathing suits) or if we were even going to be able to get in. I really believe that some of the nicest people in all of Disney work at OKW. The restaurant was empty and the people laughed at us when we asked if we could wear what we had on. They told us that this restaurant is completely laid back and that the dress code is shorts and tee-shirts.

Since there was only one other couple there, we were seated and got our orders in right away.

They gave us coloring pages to keep us occupied…..we didn’t mind………

Our lunch came out before we could even finish our pictures!

I remember everything being really yummy. Again, it became one of my favorite places.

I don’t think Madi once ordered off of the regular menu.

She’s a gem……

We finished our lunch and sat there for a bit laughing about our vacation. Me and Madi left before the check came to go and start getting ready for the concert.

We got a few pictures of our room:

(Excuse the semi-mess starting to form; we were starting to rush)

After dancing around the room (we are never not dancing) and getting ready, we were finally done.

We were out the door and were greeted by our wonderful driver that drove us to Universal earlier in the week, Sam! Sam was great. He loved to talk which saved us from awkward silent car rides. We drove into the city and the Amway Center was right there.

I had been texting Jenna and by the time we got there she was just going in to meet the boys.

The Amway Center is HUGE! It is so big but it’s beautiful. It’s still so clean and feels still so new. We walked to our door when Jenna called. She said how cool the boys were and how they acted so nice and seemed really down to earth. I told her that we were going in and that we would see her in a few minutes.

I couldn’t believe how close we were. It was unreal.

We called Jenna who was in the fourth row on the other side. She told us everything that happened and showed us the book they signed. I was so happy for Jenna. She deserved something like this.

Jenna went back to her seat with her mom and they went out to the bar-like area with my mom and Colleen to get something to drink before the concert started.

People were in their seats and before we knew it, the first act was coming on!

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"I Wanna Stay Up All Night And Jump Around Until We See The Sun...."

Hi all!! Sorry for not updating lately. Today was my first day of school and I have just been really busy. Luckily we have a long weekend so hopefully I will be able to finish this trip report. Thanks again to everyone that has been reading along; you are all so awesome!

I love at concerts when the lights go down and you get that adrenaline rush because you know that someone is coming out. It’s even better right before the person (or people) you have been waiting to see come onstage and the crowd goes crazy. Everything about concerts is fun.

In this concert there was an opening act for the opening act which I have never seen done before. Her name was Manika. She was cool and I loved the skirt she had on. It was a pettiskirt with a million different layers and they were each a different color. She didn’t have many songs of her own to sing. I think she only sang two of her own songs and two songs by other artists. She was only on the stage for about thirty minutes. She was fun though and got the crowd excited for the next opening act.

The lights turned on and about fifteen minutes later they went back down and Mr. Olly Murs came out! Olly is also British. He is so fun! He plays with the crowd which I love. I have never been so close to notice before but the interaction with fans is so neat. They really connect.

I’m going to say it again but Olly was so fun. He sang a few of his songs and his audition song for when he auditioned for the X Factor. He was so good. I love his voice and wished he had been out longer but we knew that when he left the boys would be coming out shortly after.

I wish I was patient but at exciting times like this I get extra impatient. We watched the crew get the drums and the rest of the stage set up and texted Jenna who was two rows behind us but on the other side of the stage. About 10 minutes before the boys took the stage there was screaming from the first row. They were screaming to the boys head security which I thought was funny. Sure enough 10 minutes later the arena went completely black and the backdrop lit up with a countdown. Madi pointed out the boys walking backstage; you could see their feet and the outline of their clothes.

From where we were standing we could see the boys waiting backstage to come on. Once the countdown ended the boys came running out. It was kind of a simple entrance which I loved. It was crazy to be so close and really see them and for them to be able to see you.

Now I’m going to bombard you with pictures…….

Zayn was in front of us at the beginning….

Then Harry and Niall came over to our side a lot. I didn’t really get many pictures because I wanted to see the concert and not see it through my camera. I know if I kept it out I could have gotten really awesome pictures but I’m happy that I put it away because it let me actually get to see everything.

The pictures of Niall came out the best….

The boys put on an incredible show. They're very talented. I’m very lucky that I had the opportunity to go and see them. Now there is next year’s concert to look forward to…….
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