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Old 07-07-2012, 09:27 PM   #196
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I agree with the pre show from the Tiki room. I just love AKL. It is just so unique. I only got to stay there one time, but would love to stay there again one day. Can't wait to read more about your trip.
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Old 07-08-2012, 07:32 AM   #197
Sometimes I'd rather live in VMK than in real life!
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Originally Posted by shan23877 View Post
Yay for your first Magical Express ride! I get soooo excited on that bus! I'm just like you (and all the little kids) grinning from ear to ear. The ride there is definitely better than the one from the resort though. I'm glad that you didn't get lost, I do every time even though I take care to try to memorize the directions.

I'm going to guess Epcot for that one, I'm thinking Italy or France. I'll go with France for my final answer.

And for the bonus round, well I guess I should have read your previous TRs!! I'll just guess the sweet and sour chicken for you (because of the sauce) and pork chop for Howard (because people really, really seem to love it).

Can't wait to hear how you liked AKL, though it seems you were pretty happy there already!
Exactly! There was no way NOT to grin from ear to ear! The ride going there with the whole vacation ahead of us was just so exciting!

Thanks for guessing for both games!

Very much so! We LOVED Animal Kingdom Lodge! The resort itself felt like such a vacation as opposed to just a place to shower and sleep.

Originally Posted by NeverlandClub23 View Post
Ooooooo! Oooooooo! I think I actually know this one! Is it the pre-show area to the Enchanted Tiki Room show?

I'm SO excited for you just reading this update! I've rented points three times (including this December's stay at OKW). I was nervous at first and extememly cautious, but have gotten such great deals because of it. It still requires a little leap of faith, though (unless you know the people, personally). I did a solo trip in 2010 to do the Wine and Dine half marathon and rented points to stay at Kidani. I LOVED it! There's just something so peaceful about coming back there in the evenings after a long day.

Ok, enough of my break . I do legal transcription work part time from home at nights and sometimes on weekends and I have the World's Longest Audio file and just wanted a break. Thanks for providing a little relief!
Ding ding ding! You got a weak sauce point!

Yeah, renting points requires a leap of faith, but thankfully, I "know" Joanna from DIS. There was just no way we could've done it without her!

Ooo, legal transcription? How'd you get into that? I could totally sit here and transcribe since I'm at the computer almost all day in the summer anyway!

Originally Posted by wdwgirl03 View Post
Yay for the Magical Express! So now you finally know what everyone is always talking about. Just watching the videos made me want to be there right now. I love it!

I didn't realize you rented points from Joanna. That's awesome.

I also guess the Enchanted Tiki Room for the picture.
Haha, yeah, now I can nod my head when I read other people's TRs about the bus ride!

Correct guess for the game!

Originally Posted by marDgreen88 View Post
Is the picture from the outside of the Enchanted Tiki Room? That's really all that's coming to mind!

I'm so glad you finally got to do Magical Express! It's such a fun experience and I feel like everyone should get to do it at least once!
Yup, you're right!

It was so easy just going to Magical Express instead of having to deal with renting a car. Big fan!

Originally Posted by jane2073 View Post
I agree with the others that the picture is right outside the Tiki Room.

Our family jokes that Hobby Lobby is more 'lobby' and less 'hobby'. I don't find them having the craft selection that Jo-Anne's and Michael's have.
Yup, it is the Tiki Room!

Ooo, if that's the case, I'm very happy I have the other craft stores!

Originally Posted by lovegrumpy View Post
Already on page 13 thats what I get for moving and going on vaction. Can't wait to hear more.
Haha, I have the links all posted in the first update if it helps you to catch up! Hope you had a great vacation and an easy move!

Originally Posted by mermaid764 View Post
Yay for finally arriving at AKL..how awesome that you were able to rent points and able to stay deluxe for your honeymoon!

I'm going to guess the photo is taken in the pre show area for the tiki room and for sunshine seasons i'm going to guess you had the chicken from the Asian section, and that Howard had the rotisserie chicken with rice dish.

Can't wait for more
Seriously, there was no way we'd be able to stay Deluxe! Especially not after spending so much money on our wedding!

Yup, the Tiki Room is correct! The food choices aren't right, but I give a hint down below if you want to guess again!

Originally Posted by livsmom04 View Post
Round 5 Character Scramble is Edmund
Yup, it was Edmund!

Originally Posted by Eight View Post
First, congratulations on your marriage! Your wedding pictures are beautiful!

Second, yes, SkyMall is amazing. It has the weirdest things in it. I am so intrigued by the Orbitwheels, they look deadly, like, I'm not even sure how that guy is standing up because I feel like he should be falling.

Yay for actual ME buses! Somehow they just seem more fun than the regular Mears buses.

Looking forward to more!
Thank you! I absolutely love being married!

Haha, yeah, I felt the same way about Orbitwheels! This is the video I watched when I got home.

I would've been upset had we gotten a Mears bus especially after that delay!

Originally Posted by Cinderella16 View Post
You made it!!! I cannot wait to hear all about your experience at AKL! We cannot wait to stay there one day!
AKL was definitely a great place to stay! We loved how different it felt than any other random hotel off of I-95 from our drives, haha.

Originally Posted by MeMom View Post
Funny that you remembered the B side from B for Brooklynn.

I can sense your excitement as you arrived. No matter how much we go, we are always excited to see that ME video start and to go through the arches.

So glad you got to see Pop in person. Art of Animation is very nice.

We loved our stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge, and we visit there every trip. We definitely have plans to stay there again.
Haha, it helped so much just knowing that we had to go to B! And I told Howard how I remembered it too. Even though he's not on DIS that often, he still knew who I was referring to when I said Brooklynn and MeMom!

I'm so happy that I got to experience staying on property for our Disneymoon. I never thought we'd be able to do so because of the cost, but our DIS friend Joanna really made it possible with those DVC points! It just made it extra special. I still think staying at Art of Animation would be fantastic though! This trip, we took it easy because we were recovering from the wedding, but in the future, staying at a value makes sense since we'll be on the go and in the parks!

Originally Posted by SnoopyDancer View Post
I'm going to guess Enchanted Tiki Room too.

I'm glad you enjoyed your first Magical Express journey and that you didn't have a long line to wait in.
Yup, it's the Tiki Room!

At that point, I would've been really antsy had we had to wait for ME! We had already delayed it by eating, haha.

Originally Posted by Sunstar View Post
I saw the word Disneymoon and I just had to check out your TR. My husband and I went on ours last August and I'm obsessed with reading about other people's now. Your wedding was gorgeous and I loved the location! Some of your photos looked liked ones from a wedding planning magazine.
Haha, that's so funny because I actually started readings yours! I just didn't comment on it yet. I read your intro about how you and your DH are geeks, and I was like, OMG, that's so cool! Haha, my DH is a geek. I'm a nerd, so it's a little different, but still ... I love it when people proudly claim that they're one or the other and truly are!

Originally Posted by HuskerFaninIL View Post
Yesterday I was watching How I Met your Mother and the gang was at a wedding and kid you not they had your chairs! I even rewound it and pulled up your picture and sure enough they were your chairs. So clearly you have Hollywood taste!
HAHA, I would never think that I had Hollywood taste! I just really love those chairs!

Originally Posted by JolllyHoliday View Post
I agree with the pre show from the Tiki room. I just love AKL. It is just so unique. I only got to stay there one time, but would love to stay there again one day. Can't wait to read more about your trip.
Yup, it's the pre-show! It really is such a unique resort. I loved being able to feel like I was in Disney even when we weren't actually in a park.


Weak Sauce Points Scoreboard

Round 7: Cropped was the PRE-SHOW of THE ENCHANTED TIKI ROOM - yay to NeverlandClub23!

Round 8 is still up for grabs! As a hint, it was something that was very refreshing considering the grossly hot weather! If you guessed already, you may guess again!

shan23877 - 2
NeverlandClub23 - 1
therussells08 - 1
Curiouser&curiouser! - 1
jane2073 - 1
wdwgirl03 - 1
Happy Duck - 1

And since I don't have my next update ready (and I'm almost out the door on my way to church), I'll just post the next round.

Round 9: Cropped

Where was this picture taken? Remember, only guess per person, and no editing posts! Good luck!
Always the Weird to my Ninja

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Old 07-08-2012, 07:48 AM   #198
DIS Veteran
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My guess for Cropped is inside of the Mexico pavilion at Epcot?

My December 2012 Trip Report via my Scrapbook: http://www.disboards.com/showthread....5#post49171745
My Almost a Grand Gathering, 10th Anniversary Trip Report: http://www.disboards.com/showthread....2#post34138322
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Old 07-08-2012, 08:32 AM   #199
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Originally Posted by RachelNinja View Post

Alas, Big Bang Theory is not on Netflix, which is where I watch my TV shows (that and Hulu if I'm caught up to date). Hopefully, they'll have it there soon!

I really like buffalo sauce stuff too because it works so well with bleu cheese (one of my favorite things, the moldier the better!). Unfortunately, I have something called Barrett's Esophagus along with acid reflux, so I'm supposed to stay away from spicy things.
Depending on who your tv service provider is, you can watch full episodes of Big Bang online through TBS

I LOVE LOVE LOVE blue cheese!! In fact, when you mentioned the salad at Outback, I thought I might have to go there sometime to get that!! I made burgers stuffed with blue cheese the other day and started nibbling on the cheese out of the container and had a hard time stopping

I totally remember which side of MCO to find magical express by MeMom's comment about B for Brooklynn too

How exciting you got to stay at AKL! We rented points once and stayed at OKW and if we don't get a great deal for our next vacation (free dining is too good to pass up!) I would definitely consider renting points again

OK, since you didn't say entrees, I'm going to guess desserts for your Sunshine Seasons dishes...I'll say the Key Lime Tart for you (my personal fave, and since I don't see any blue cheese on the menu ) and the Strawberry Shortcake or whatever that is that everyone raves about for Howard
Me (Katie) DH (Greg) DS12 (Patrick) DS9 (Daniel)

June 2008, WDW with the entire family, May 2010, Girls only...woohoo!
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Old 07-08-2012, 08:51 AM   #200
I make lists about my lists
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I'd say the picture is from Mexico, but I can't for the life of me narrow it down.
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Old 07-08-2012, 09:05 AM   #201
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I'm finally caught up! I haven't had much DIS time lately, and every time I do come here, you put up another update!

(I'm going to try to jump in with the games sooner or later, but now I'm too late for all of them!)

I love all of your airport adventures! Yum, Chick Fil A! Isn't it so annoying that they don't have them in the Northeast?

I love the fake monorail and the moving floors at MCO! The airport I fly out of, Bradley, isn't big enough for moving floors. So anytime I get to hop on one of those, I'm happy! (Doesn't take much to amuse me )

OMG your videos on the ME are making me cry! I'm missing Disney SO much right now! And I've never even been on the ME! Just hearing your driver talk about how long it will take to get to the resorts, and then seeing the Disney arch...ugh, I can't handle it!

(Was that you that said "woo hoo" when he mentioned AKL by the way? )

Can't wait to see your room at AKL! I really have to stay there someday, it is SO beautiful!

NEW December 2013 TR, In Progress!

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Old 07-08-2012, 09:37 AM   #202
I'm just a big Disney Freak! :-)
I will throw a party the day I get a tag!!!
I am pretty wimpy when it comes to thrill rides
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Dang, I'm too slow...again, I agree with the Mexico pavilion for the picture. Is it in the queue for the Gran Fiesta Tour?
I *HEART* WALT DISNEY WORLD!! been there, done that, GOING BACK!
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Old 07-08-2012, 09:53 AM   #203
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Dang, I didn't realize you had to be the first to guess. I don't look at other people's answers, I swear! Haha it's okay though.

Completed Trip Reports:
December 2011 * July/August 2012 * May/June 2013
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Old 07-08-2012, 03:49 PM   #204
Disney-Lovin' Teacher
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I am late, but joining in! You wedding was gorgeous and I ADORE your invitations!

* Me * Dad * Brother * Sister-in-law * Niece *
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Hello Rae!

I've never read one of your trip reports before... but I'm subbing now.
I'll introduce myself- Rebecca, from Indiana, been on the dis for about 4 years, I think... I'm also married... our 4 year anniversary is in September... Man how time flies!

A few comments: 1) love all the pictures... especially the ones from the wedding!
2) I love that you call your brother brodo- I call my youngest brother brobro.... idk.. I just started calling him that and it kinda stuck
3) I love that you're craft... I like to pretend to be... but I don't have much time for crafting anymore... I mean I do.. I just don't devote much time to it. I like to make jewelry and it's now gotten to be occasionally that I make greeting cards-- I take pictures and use them as the cover to the picture and then I calligraphy a note inside. I mainly only give them out to family members... but I take pictures of my dog (sometimes I dress him up for the pics) and then use that as the front of the card. So I'm happy to find someone else on the DIS that is into card crafts too...
4) I'm on the part where you are boarding the plane... but I had to write you now.

I haven't read any of the other response to the game because I just click on the chapter titles and read the chapters... not any of the chatter.
The answer to the character scramble is: Flick from Pochantas.
I thought that was alot of fun... I had no idea what the character was... I originally thought I had gotten one of the answers wrong.

So nice to have met you Rae! I think our humor is somewhat alike... but I do have a question..
What is HSM3? I can't figure it out.
Also-- HairPain! Did you get that from J&K+8?
Just wondering! I'm going back to catch up!
DH DP(Puppy) Me

2007/2010 WL
2013- split stay POR(RS) & WL

Current PTR/TR September 2013: Doing Disney by the book... or rather- list. Marking off our Disney Bucket Lists!
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Old 07-08-2012, 06:28 PM   #207
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ALSO- just saw your picture from the last chapter as I was scrolling up to return to the chapter I'm on.

I think that picture is from Epcot- inside of Mexico, in the Chichenitza temple, hanging from the ceiling in the little town- as you're going onto the Three Amigos ride. Am I close?
DH DP(Puppy) Me

2007/2010 WL
2013- split stay POR(RS) & WL

Current PTR/TR September 2013: Doing Disney by the book... or rather- list. Marking off our Disney Bucket Lists!
[URL="http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3151964"]Moose & Goose do Disney -or- The 5th anniversary is the Disney Trip anniversary

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Old 07-08-2012, 07:00 PM   #208
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Round 4: the answer is Jafar the villain from Aladdin
DH DP(Puppy) Me

2007/2010 WL
2013- split stay POR(RS) & WL

Current PTR/TR September 2013: Doing Disney by the book... or rather- list. Marking off our Disney Bucket Lists!
[URL="http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3151964"]Moose & Goose do Disney -or- The 5th anniversary is the Disney Trip anniversary

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Old 07-08-2012, 07:27 PM   #209
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did I miss something?

For some reason I have the answer for round 4- which I believe was Jafar... and then I don't have round 5 or 6- just round 7- which is the waterfall/statue thing that turns around while you're waiting in line and 8- I have no idea because I've never read any of your other trip reports.

Also, a few other things- I LOVE dipping sauces too-- there is a Chick-Fil-A literally like a block from my house, I could walk there (but I don't)... and I almost exclusively get the honey mustard sauce... but I have tried the BBQ and I do enjoy the orange sauce... I can't spell it.. starts with a P- just like McD's sweet & sour but with a bit more kick.
Also- for Christmas I'd just be happy if someone gave me a gallon jug of sweet & sour sauce from McD! I put that stuff on EVERYTHING-- who needs ketchup for fries? Give me more s&s!

Also, too much caffeine also sets off my heart, so I don't drink coffee or Mt. Dew.. but I still drink coke (even though I shouldn't).
And I'm also married to a geek. My husgeek (Moose) tells me a good way to find out what "level" of geek you are, is to see if you know of, have watched, or own Firefly. Do you- or Howard- know what Firefly is? If not- it's on Netflix (if you have it). It's a really good show!

I think that's it for now.
DH DP(Puppy) Me

2007/2010 WL
2013- split stay POR(RS) & WL

Current PTR/TR September 2013: Doing Disney by the book... or rather- list. Marking off our Disney Bucket Lists!
[URL="http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3151964"]Moose & Goose do Disney -or- The 5th anniversary is the Disney Trip anniversary

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Originally Posted by RachelNinja View Post

Welcome! Haha, I understand the competitive part. When another DISer had a game posted every Saturday, I was obsessively refreshing the page all day long until the round was up!

Thank you! I agree. The ceremony part is way too public for me. I feel like our vows had to be written to be personal but also in a way that would be fitting for the audience that was there.

Hmm, I think you're right about the changed recipe! It used to be different when I was a kid. The flakes were different then too, I think.

If I could edit, I'd like to edit all of the random videos to be one, but I don't know how to do that (nor do I have the creativity to do that). My next splurge in the future will be a video camera. I think the stabilization on a video camera will be better. Plus, my digi camera gets really hot after a while of filming, and it makes the battery blink and then it shuts down. This is when I record long things like Lights, Motor, Action.

Mmm, I JUST saw the special sauce on the website before, and I'm so curious as to what it is! Mmm, so many options. Now I'm really itching to go back! Haha, I like the free ice cream thing too except for the fact that my DH and I are both lactose intolerant (not severely like we can't have food that has dairy in it, but things like ice cream, yogurt, and cream cheese do me in although sometimes I sneak a little!).
Yes! I love the idea of personal vows, but I hate talking about my relationship in front of/to other people. It feels like a (weird) form of PDA.

I think of ratio of sparkle flakes to normal healthy flakes to bunches is different now. It just seems off!

A video camera would be so much fun. Even though I get so embarrassed watching myself talk/hearing myself talk and I'm so bad at video editing, I'm obsessed with them! My only video capable device is my iPhone and I don't think that counts! It's just such a fun medium to play around in and it's more personal than photography a lot of the time (plus it's harder to forget what/why you filmed when there's narration!).

Aw, no ice cream. You could keep the toy then (Chik-Fil-A has surprisingly decent kids' meal toys! Once I got a whole Little Golden Book of The Poky Little Puppy.) Special sauce is their honey mustard and BBQ sauce mixed together (I think) and it's really good! Especially on waffle fries.

Your luggage is so cute!

I love Animal Kingdom Lodge but can never remember the difference between the two (which one is first, etc.). I just know that Boma is in Jambo and Sanaa is in Kidani. That's all you really need to know, right?
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