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Old 01-18-2013, 01:37 PM   #721
Reaching New Horizons
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Originally Posted by Disneyfreak508 View Post
Then we walked around Hollywood Studios and tried to decide what to do. Being the theatre majors that we are, we decided on Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage! We were just in time for the 11:30 am show!

The girl who played Belle sounded just like the one from the movie. It was a good show! I just hate watching it because I wish I were up on stage so bad!

I can just picture you in that show, Jess! I'd bet you'd look absolutely stunning in one of those pink dresses the dancers wear in the finale!
Whenever I'm in trouble, I turn to the Disney Bouncing Heads.
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Old 01-19-2013, 05:49 PM   #722
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So excited for you to embark on your Disney adventure! Please keep us updated! Did I miss any announcement about how you're going to document your experience? Will you be writing a blog or posting here? Or just on twitter? Or something else?
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Old 01-19-2013, 10:56 PM   #723
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Originally Posted by Disneyfreak508 View Post

Aww thank you so much! That's really cool! Do you know what attraction he's working?

I will do something and update as much as possible!

Bahaha thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Unfortunately I don't know what he's doing, hasn't been on tumblr since he left so I can imagine it'd be a busy time getting settled in and all. And today I just found out a girl the year below me at my school is also doing the ICP and started a few weeks ago! How crazy, especially given so few people from Australia know about the program, so I'm going to be asking her a million questions haha.
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Old 01-20-2013, 11:13 AM   #724
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Good luck! I believe today is the big day I hope everything goes well, you totally deserve this!
PTR 2014
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Old 01-20-2013, 11:41 AM   #725
Frumpy Princess ♥

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Update #24: Leaving the Most Magical Place on Earth.
May 19th, 2012

Sadly this was our last day. I got up at about 7:35 am and got ready to go. I took a shower and Mom finished up packing. I ran to get us some breakfast, which was a delicious mickey waffle for me and grits for Mom. We ate those and then went down to the main building.

We brought our luggage down so we could check in for our flights and check the bags. We were going to check two bags for me, but checking an extra cost another $45. So we decided to carry it on.

Once we were all set, we went to the bus stop and thankfully a bus was there for Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

We rode to the park and arrived! It was a Star Wars weekend day again so it was PACKED! But that didn’t bother us! It was around 9:40 am when we got there.

We walked in and we were gonna go straight to Toy Story, but we stopped and got TOT fastpasses first.

THEN we went and rode Toy Story Mania with our fastpasses from Dennis!

While I was in the queue line I saw him working inside of the line and he gave us a big wave! He seriously is so precious.

We rode the ride and I broke 200,000 again! 203,700 to be exact! My goal on my next trip is to break 210,000!

We got off the ride and we saw Dennis coming over to see us. He was so happy that we were able to go over there, and he was sad that we were leaving already. But he was like “well, I’ll see you in…about 5 months? I’ll be here!” Haha he just knows. We thanked him profusely for our Toy Story Mania fastpasses, he really is a fantastic cast member.

Then we had about 10 minutes until our Tower of Terror time, so we did a little shopping! I grabbed Nat the Toy Story towel that I already bought for myself, as well as the Toy Story cups. I figure I can use one for her graduation present and one for her birthday present.

Then after much contemplation, I bought Kristen a mini monorail for her birthday! I'm surprised she didn't own one already.

I also bought Preston a Walt Disney World shirt and a Star Wars pin that I think he will find hilarious. It’s “Judge me by my size” with Yoda being denied from a Disney attraction for being too short. Too funny!

Then we went on the Tower of Terror! My Mom actually loves this ride, which is fantastic. She hadn’t been on it yet this trip! When it was beginning, she was like “okay tell me when it’s goi-“ and then we DROPPED! Hahaha it was hilarious.

After that we got off and had some lunch. I was in Hollywood studios and I had to try this delicious concoction I found on the food pictures thread – a hot dog with MAC AND CHEESE. Like… hello!? Like I needed any more mac and cheese on this trip. But It was SO GOOD!

They are sold at Fairfaxe fair. The CM working there was absolutely adorable and she was from Australia. She asked us about where we were from and she said that she always wanted to visit up there. She said that she wanted to visit in October, “which would be the spring, right?” Haha Australians seasons are flip flopped with ours. She was such an angel, and she saw that it was my birthday. So she gave me A FREE CHOCOLATE CAKE. Omg. I was so happy.

I got my hot dog minus the bacon and truffle oil, and my Mom just got her’s minus the bacon. (Yes, BACON comes with these hot dogs. Talk about a heart attack on a bun!! At least it would be worth it.)

We sat and ate these beautiful things and I did not regret it one bit! That mac and cheese was DELICIOUS.

At that point it was around 11:20 and I had some very special people to meet!

I don’t know if any of you listen to WDW Radio, but back in October 2011 on WDW’s 40th Anniversary, the WDW Radio crew did a 40 hour broadcast live from the parks. Kristen and I watched that thing for two days and we absolutely loved it! We immediately became huge fans of Lou Mongello and Michael Beckerman who were working on the show.

After that, we followed Michael Beckerman on twitter, and I had been in contact with him for a while. We planned to meet up at some point throughout my trip but our plans kept falling through. The night before he told me that he was going to be in DHS for one of Lou’s live meets and finding out that I could meet BOTH OF THEM at one time was so exciting! So I had to be there!

The meet was at the Backlot Express, which is actually NOT located near the Backlot Tour. (as I learned) It’s very close to Star Tours. I should have known... Star Wars Weekends and all.

I arrived there and went inside. I saw Beckerman standing outside so I called him over and said hello! We chatted a little while I waited in line to meet Lou!

He was very busy doing his live broadcast and talking with tons of other fans. His daughter was there, too, and she was a trip! I loved her. She had so much energy and kept telling everyone that she picked out all of the prizes that they were given!

I finally met Lou and I told him that I was a huge fan and it was so great to meet him! I asked if he could sign an autograph for me and one for Kristen.

And we also took a picture together. He was so excited that I was such a big fan. He is SUCH a nice guy!

For those of you who don’t know, Lou used to be a lawyer, but he gave it up so he could dedicate his life and time to his true passion, which is Disney. He moved his family down to Florida and he is the head of WDW Radio, wrote WDW trivia books, and gives personal tours around the parks! He’s awesome and I really look up to him a lot! I would love to dedicate my life to Disney just like he did, so he is a great inspiration to someone like me!

We had a nice conversation and I was on the actual podcast. IT WAS SUCH AN HONOR! And not only that, but he also asked me “do you want a star wars prize or a mystery?” Since I’m not big into Star Wars, I said mystery! And he pulled out a 40th Anniversary VINYLMATION! Ahhh what an angel!! I thanked him so much – that was SO kind of him! I couldn’t get over how nice he was!

We had to run back to the resort, but we thanked him so much for everything! He asked when we were leaving Disney, and I said I had to go back to the hotel to catch the Magical Express right after this. So he was like “oh, go go! I don’t want you to be late!” I really enjoyed meeting Lou and it was an absolutely wonderful opportunity! I hope I’ll have the chance to meet him again someday!

It was also a pleasure meeting Beckerman, he was very nice! He used to work over at the Friendship Boats at Epcot and now he's on his professional internship working Guest Relations at Animal Kingdom! He just moved to Orlando full time! He did the DCP his Junior year and has been with Disney for over two years now! How lucky!

We said goodbye and then it was time to head out of the park! There was a POFQ bus waiting for us at the bus stop so we took it back to the resort.

We went in the gift shop and I traded for a Mr. Potato head pin! I also bought a Port Orleans pin! I just wish they had French Quarter and Riverside specific pins though.

We got our carry on bags out of storage and went to sit down. I noticed that I had a ton of liquids packed in my one suitcase that we were originally going to check, so we realized we had to check it and pay the extra money. Ugh. Darn it.

We sat on the benches and I wrote as much as I possibly could in my trip journal. There was a CM handing out mardi gras beads and he gave me a purple and green one!

At 1:30 pm the Magical Express bus arrived and we got on. I WAS SO SAD.

Once we started moving I ZONKED out. I don’t even remember the movie starting, leaving Disney property, or even getting to the airport! Next thing I knew we were unloading the bus! I was absolutely exhausted!!

We got into the airport, checked that extra bag for the extra charge, which actually ended up being $50 since they changed the policy. UGHH.

Then we were gonna go to our gate, but we figured we should probably eat or else we would have to wait until we got home.

So I spotted a Mexican place and we grabbed a table. Mom ordered a chicken dish and I ordered Chicken and Cheese quesadillas. Okay, for not being Disney food, this was REALLY good. We both ate our entire meals. I guess it *sort of* made up for not being able to get a San Angel reservation the night before. Okay, not really but kind of. I just love quesadillas.

After that, we went to our gate which was #6. I was typing out the rest of my trip journal on my laptop and my mom was talking to my Dad on the phone, and at about 4:10 pm we realized that we were sitting at the gate to go to Bogoda, Columbia. Uhhhh… what!?

Our gate got changed to #8… but we didn’t know because we were eating. What frumps. Our flight was at 4:35 pm so good thing we noticed when we did!!

We went over to the correct gate and then boarded the plane. We took Jet Blue home Flight #662. Since my Mom and I booked our plane tickets at different times, I was sitting in Row 8 Seat D, and my Mom was in the Emergency aisle, I think it’s either 10 or 11.

I sat with this Mom and her little boy, who looked like he was about 6.

Once I got on the plane, I fell asleep AGAIN! I was just resting my head on my hand and I was out. It wasn’t until I felt some neck pain that I woke up about 30-40 minutes later. I didn’t even realize we took off already! Geez, I was tired.

So then I typed up some more of the trip journal on my computer, but I didn’t even finish it! I got to about the end of the last full day.

The plane landed and we were home! We went downstairs and grabbed our luggage. We were talking to these people who just got back from their honeymoon and we were talking about all of the rides that got broken down when they were on them. Like Buzz Lightyear, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, etc.

It was such a disappointment to see this sign. Notice the lack of the word "pixie." Regular dust is just not as magical.

We grabbed our bags, I brushed my teeth in the airport because I REALLY needed to and I’m a frump, and then we went outside. It was actually like 80 degrees out which was really weird! I was a bit confused.

I insisted on walking to our car, even though it was really far down and we had a lot of bags to carry. But oh well! It burns calories.

We got in the car and drove home! I don’t really remember what happened when I got home. We pretty much said hi to Dad and Jonathan and unpacked all of our stuff.

I took pictures off all the souvenirs, I packed up Preston’s package that I was sending him, and ate my chocolate covered pretzel from Goofy’s!

Then I talked to Preston on the phone that night and I basically fell asleep immediately when we hung up. And that was the end of another beautiful Disney trip!

Thank you everyone for following on yet another frump adventure! Kristen and I both hope that you enjoyed hearing about our May 2012 trip! It is always a pleasure to have such wonderful readers following us along!

If you all didn't know, I am leaving for my Disney College Program TODAY. So I just started my DISNEY COLLEGE PROGRAM TRIP REPORT! I would love to have you join me over there!


Thank you again for reading! Have a magical day and keep on frumpin' on!
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Old 01-20-2013, 03:53 PM   #726
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So sad it's over, but yay for a new one! Good luck with your CP.
PTR 2014
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Old 01-20-2013, 04:29 PM   #727
Life is what happens in between trips to WDW
Those "flying cookies" flying through space can be seen
I'm hoping that the little guy likes them!
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Two things that are completely off topic to your TR..

1) I've decided you remind me of Lucy Hale. She is on Pretty Little Liars.

2) On PLL, she said the word frumpy, which reminded me of you. Coincidence? I think not!
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Old 01-20-2013, 06:35 PM   #728
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Dennis sounds like an amazing person. I need to meet this man!

That is so cool you got to meet Lou Mongello! That must have been an awesome experience!

I am very sad this TR is over, but YAY for your DCP one! Headed over now (:
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Old 01-20-2013, 07:49 PM   #729
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Ok, now you finished both reports??? You are on a roll! Its so sad getting on the bus to go home :-( Thats when the planning for my next trip always kicks in!
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Old 01-20-2013, 11:33 PM   #730
well, all that's left now is the happy ending.
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Bahhh the last update Kristen better get down there soon because I am going to need a new Frump TR!

Were all those people in line in front of the hat waiting to meet Darth Vader or something? I so have no idea what goes on at Star Wars weekends. One of these days I really have to sit down and watch all the movies... or at least the first one.

THAT IS SO THE BEST WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW THAT YOU'RE ABOUT TO DROP YET. The random ride sequences just make my life.

That's really funny about the hot dog with mac & cheese, TRUFFLE OIL, and bacon. I'm pretty sure truffle oil is expensive? Isn't it like a big deal? I don't know. But that's random that they have that at Fairfax Faire.

Yayyyy Lou Mongello! He's awesome. I haven't heard his podcast in awhile but that's so cool that you were on it! YAY FOR A FREE VINYLMATION! I've been buying them for next to nothing when they go on sale at the Disney Outlet near me and I CAN NOT WAIT TO TRADE THEM!!!!!

I would say it's sad that you had to leave.... but you know. YOU LIVE THERE NOW. So I think it all worked out for the Frump in the end. :D
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Old 01-21-2013, 03:46 AM   #731
Totes Mcgoats
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I love that I never have to be sad about your trip reports ending because you always have another one up your sleeve and now YOU LIVE THERE!!!

She said that she wanted to visit in October, “which would be the spring, right?” Haha Australians seasons are flip flopped with ours
Yeahhhh it's all backwards down here!!
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Sometimes I'd rather live in VMK than in real life!
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OMG, new VIDEO! I've shown some of your other videos to the hubby. He knows I'm super excited when I have DIS friends in Disney or part of DCP. He "knows" Alicia and now he "knows" you! I'm like, "Jess, the frump who's starting DCP ..." and I show him your pics. Anyway, I'm always entertained by how much you two can sound like Mickey, haha.

Absolutely loved the TR. I think that last big event of meeting Lou Mongello and Michael Beckerman was the perfect ending. I randomly bumped into Lou Mongello and Jim Korkis (Disney historian) around DHS and had a long conversation with them. Disney fans really are the absolute greatest!

Moving on to the DCP TR! So glad that Kristen will be visiting you! More frumpiness!
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Omg that's so cool that you met Lou. I listen to his podcasts as well Love the star wars pin. I don't like Star wars but I feel I need that pin lol
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Old 01-30-2013, 09:00 PM   #734
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We went in the gift shop and I traded for a Mr. Potato head pin! I also bought a Port Orleans pin! I just wish they had French Quarter and Riverside specific pins though.
They do have specific pins now We stayed at Riverside last week and they had them in their gift shop!
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Old 02-01-2013, 10:40 AM   #735
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I just caught up on this trip and WHAT?! You were on WDW Today podcast?! Which one?? I love that podcast!!!

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