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Old 10-15-2012, 12:52 PM   #541
Frumpy Princess ♥

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Originally Posted by Disneydude97 View Post
Jess, I didn't say I didn't like Figment. I do like him! It's just that I hate the ride. The original one with Figment and Dreamfinder was better than this Imagination Institute stuff.

Originally Posted by frankieeyre View Post
Sorry I've been totally absent from this TR for a while!!

Amazing update! Love love love reading about Epcot! Such an amazing place!

I'm one of those muppets that never realised you didn't have to return between the times on the fast pass so it made no real impact on my strategy! But I could imagine it was amazing to be able to collect lots!

Figment!! Love him so much! He is such a big memory of my childhood! They can never take him away!!!
That's totally okay! Sorry we haven't been updating super frequently - both me and Kristen's lives are exploding! I'm glad you liked what we posted, though!

Hahaha that ended up helping you out in the long run! Yeah, we used to hoard fastpasses and then just go on a ton of stuff in a row. It was great.

I love him too!!

Originally Posted by __disneygirl View Post

Oh my God, how did you resist that Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake at Sunshine Seasons?! They look so good! I'll have to put that on my list. Yet another thing I have to eat. hahahaha.

That sea turtle is amazing! I've been in there 2939983 times and never saw him, I wonder if he is a new addition. I hope he's there when I go visit Our Frogfish Friend Paul in a few weeks! AHH!

Lmao. You guys WOULD find a stuffed animal that matches Kristen's nail. Like, that's just too perfectly hilarious.

Soarin is fine, but it features no trolls. Maelstrom does. Maelstrom, 1. Soarin, 0.
Haha we need to post another one soon!

I don't know! I didn't really realize their existence until I looked back at the picture. I kind of need to go back and have one.

He was BEAUTIFUL. Oh my goodness, I miss the Seas so much right now. When I'm on my DCP I kind of just want to go hang out there for a couple hours. It's amazing and makes me so happy.

Hahaha frump life to the max.


Originally Posted by IheartDDuck View Post
How cute that they hand out roses on Mother's Day. That's pretty awesome.

The new fastpass window messes with a lot of peoples strategy. I normally always return in my window, but dangit I want the option not to!

*drool* Sunshine Seasons strawberry shortcake. So so yummy. Totally okay for breakfast food btw.

Oooh, croissant berry pudding? I'm going to have to remember that.

Scary light bulb fish hasn't worked for me the last few times either. I was totally prepared to have my niece have a freak out moment, and I was all ready for it, had my hands ready to shoot around her to hang on for dear life lest she jump out of the clammobile....and nothing.

That looks like the real life Crush that ate with us at Coral Reef. Literally parked himself in the aquarium right next to our table.
I know! We couldn't get over how cute that was.

Haha right, though!? It makes the day so much less stressful.

Strawberry Shortcake from Sunshine Seasons is kind of my life. The amount of that food I am going to consume on my DCP is going to be unhealthy. And I don't even care.

YES you have to remember that! It's SO SO SO good. People don't know it exists and I need to spread the word!!

Haha it was back on when I was there in october! It's so temperamental.

That's INCREDIBLE. I would pretty much not know what to do with myself.

Originally Posted by flyergrad09 View Post
That's so sweet that they give out carnations to the moms!

UGH, I know what you mean about the new FastPass rule. My trip in May was the first trip with the new rule in place and it totally messed up my thinking at first, but I got used to it eventually.

I need to remember to get breakfast at Sunshine Seasons sometime. It looks amazing and it's one of my favorite places for lunch, so I'm sure the breakfast tastes as good as it looks.

I have that Muppets shirt that's on the right! I think it's *technically* a guy's shirt, but it was so adorable (and comfy!) I just had to have it.
I know! I love it!

Yeah, I'm used to it now. But only because I barely go on any rides anyways. I only get them for like TSM and Soarin' and Peter Pan.

You definitely should! It's pretty much the only place to get breakfast in Epcot so it's good to know that they have some yummy options!

Hahaha I was just telling my boyfriend how I wish I would have bought that for him! (and myself. )

Originally Posted by marDgreen88 View Post
Oh man, the chocolate raspberry cupcakes look so good! I don't even like raspberries but I want one.

OMG, I came so close to getting the Epcot center shirt in August and then I DIDN'T. Rookie mistake.

Ahhhh the flower and frump festival is the most beautiful thing!!!!
Haha I KNOW. I want.

Aww that's okay! There's always next time!

Originally Posted by cindianne320 View Post
I love Figment!

DS and I went to see Finding Nemo today- that glow fish scared him in the theater- he probably will pee himself on the ride. LOL
Me too!

Aww poor thing. He scares me in the movie too!!

Originally Posted by mike the canuck View Post
I love that queue too. I have the music loop on my iPod. It's awesome music to listen to when I nap. So ambient.
I do the same exact thing!!! It puts me to sleep and I love it.

Originally Posted by msmandapanda View Post
I've really grown to like the queue at Nemo. The music is just relaxing and precious, and I really like the progression from the beach to underwater. As far as the scary fish scene is concerned, maybe he will be broken for good? I know he was broken when I went in March and I was so relieved too because it's just creepy. Like, my sister Shannon and I were bracing ourselves because we hate that part. Although it was still just the tiniest bit scary because even though he wasn't working, I remember that it was dark and he was just sitting there staring at you.

Also, I have that Epcot shirt and I love it! I made sure to wear it yesterday for Epcot's 30th anniversary!
I agree with you 100%! I need to take some more time in there just to look around because I love it! It's always just so cold in there!

He was back up in October when I was there! He must just have some random issues.

Aww I wore my Epcot sweatshirt for the 30th too! Perfect!

Originally Posted by princess_momma View Post
That just melts my heart that they were giving out roses to the mom's on Mother's Day. I would have been overwhelmed with joy!

That croissant berry pudding looks so delish. Disney is just so smart when it comes to food!

Ahhh I love Figment. I really don't get why people don't! Always makes me smile when my son plays with his Figment plush!

Also, I very much hate the enforcement of fp windows too. Talk about cramping our style! I have yet to experience Disney in this new strict manner but that is the one part that I am NOT looking forward to. I feel like everyone should write to Disney and complain lol. CHANGE IT BACK!
I know! I LOVED that! I'm so glad that they did something like that for the moms - you all deserve it!

Seriously!! Like... that is pure brilliance.

Me too! Figment is adorable.

It's so annoying haha. I mean, maybe it'll help the rides run more efficiently... but whatever! I want to have a little wiggle room!

Originally Posted by petals View Post
luvin the updates. I love the Vinylmations!

Originally Posted by PlutosRHM55 View Post
YAY! All caught up! Sorry I haven't commented on this in awhile. Life got a bit out-of-hand for awhile there, but NOW I have time so I can comment. Looks like this trip definitely seemed to get better! I'm so excited to hear about more.
That's okay! I completely understand being busy... haha. I'm glad you got caught up and are here for the next installment!
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Old 10-19-2012, 01:10 AM   #542
Frumpy Princess ♥

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Update #12: Bring on the MEAT!

May 13th, 2012

It was getting to be time for our lunch ADR at Le Cellier, so we checked in at the outdoor kiosk.

We moseyed on through the beautiful Canadian gardens.



Those gardens are seriously some of the most beautiful grounds at WDW. They were done up so nicely for Flower & Garden!

We waited about 10 minutes to be seated. Sheena was our waitress and she gave us the spiel for British Columbia, which included "Once Upon a Time," because that's where the show is filmed!

I LOVE that show. Seriously. Mini rant: for those of you who religiously watch it...does anyone else find Aurora just a teensy bit annoying? LOVING the addition of Mulan though. And all of the crazy twists are just so crazy! I have a weird obsession with the Belle/Rumpelstiltskin relationship as well.

Ahem. Rant's over! We decided to order strawberry and mango smoothies to drink. And by "we" I mean Mike, Katie and I. They were so delish! I love the smoothies at Le Cellier! We also ordered a bowl of Canadian Cheddar Cheese Heaven...I mean soup...to share with the table. Sorry if I hogged it, guys. I just can't control myself with that stuff.

Frump photo!

We're real precious. And pasty. ICK.

Soon our bread and soup came, and we CHOWED. No food left behind!


We thoroughly enjoyed those, and most likely asked for more pretzel bread at least once. Pretty soon our entrees arrived!

Dave, Mike and Katie all went with the New York Strip with cream cheese mashed potatoes. They all loved their steaks and those potatoes are just to die for. SOO good.

Yeah when Mike tasted the filet, he was like "THIS CAN'T EVEN BE REAL! WHAT DO THEY DO TO IT!? It's so GOOD!!" The magic of Disney, folks.

I will say that the presentation is a little lacking here, but I don't think anyone cared.

The real star of the show was Jess' and my entree. We ordered the mushroom filet, of course! I ordered mine with the risotto and Jess got hers with the cream cheese mashed potatoes. Both are SO incredibly delicious, but I'm a big sucker for some good risotto, and this stuff NEVER ceases to amaze me. It's perfect!

Mike kept stealing bites of my filet because it was just THAT good. YUM!



I actually have no recollection of who ordered what, but I know that Jess and I went with the classic Chocolate "Moose!"

I assume, knowing him, that Mike went with the seasonal sorbet, which I believe was lemon.

I am also pretty sure that Katie got the Maple Creme Brulee, which is always a winner!

And that would leave Dave with this beautiful cheesecake!

Our meals were all so delicious, but SO filling! I think I rolled right out of there. Sheena was an excellent server, and we all absolutely LOVED our lunch!

After we regained consciousness from our food coma, as well as cell phone service, we decided to venture over to the UK, also known as my favorite World Showcase pavilion!

While we were over there, we just HAD to pay a visit to the phone booths!

My homeland!

Okay, story time. The most magical/cutest thing ever happened at this point. I decided to call the other phone booth while inside the other one. I waited until there was a little girl in there, and when she answered and asked who it was, the first person who popped into my mind was Princess Aurora! She was SO excited at the idea that she was talking to a real princess on the phone, and I heard her say "Daddy, it's Princess Aurora!" She was SO cute and the whole thing just made my day.

Here I am, gabbing away:

Continued in Next Post

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Old 10-19-2012, 01:14 AM   #543
Frumpy Princess ♥

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Update #12: "We Have a Story For You..."

May 13th, 2012

We continued on our World Showcase adventure by browsing the shoppes in the UK.

We saw Steve Twining in the Twining's Tea Shoppe. There was some press-like event going on there.

As we made our way over to France, we saw Cinderella's and Aurora's topiaries on the bridge and we just HAD to stop for pictures. They were so beautiful!

It amazes me that they can actually make things grow into those shapes. My mind is blown.

Some French foliage and floral arrangements!

Next we saw the Beauty and the Beast topiaries!

These were so perfect, I couldn't believe them!

While we were over there, we saw that Aurora was out and that she had no line! We walked right up and we just HAD to tell her our story! I was all, "So, we have a story for you..." and although she seemed a little confused at first, she caught on quickly!

We told her about the little girl in the phone booth and she was so excited! She said that she hoped she met her later! We posed for a pic:

Mike and Katie decided to say hello as well!

Next up were the Cogsworth and Lumiere topiaries!

They were so great! I love those guys.

The lush gardens of France:

So gorgeous and regal.

Now is when you will all start salivating.

Dave is crazy.

He wanted YET ANOTHER dessert, even after the insanely fulling lunch we just had less than an hour beforehand.

So, we went into Boulangerie and took some pics while Dave ordered his croissant or whatever he ended up having. I was too full to watch him eat it.

Aaaanddd cue the drool!

Ohh the napoleons! And the strawberry tarts! SO HEAVENLY.

After that torturous experience (both then and now) we explored the gift shoppe adjacent to Boulangerie.

They had the cutest French Minnie Mouse plushes!

This is for Kara, Marie's biggest fan!

Mirror pic!

Berets for the win!

Our World Showcase adventure will continue! Stay tuned!

Continued in Next Post

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Old 10-19-2012, 08:19 AM   #544
well, all that's left now is the happy ending.
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YEAH an update!!

Oh my gosh, I was so blown away the first time I ate at Le Cellier and went back there and saw all the flowers! It's sooo beautiful!

I loooove Belle and Rumpelstiltskin together too AND I'm not crazy about Aurora, so we're in the same OUAT boat. I wouldn't say she's ANNOYING really... I'm just not that interested yet. It's hard to get into new characters when there are already SO MANY interesting ones in Storybrooke.

It is WAY too early for me to be looking at Le Cellier food pics. I may pass out, it's too good. TWO DAYS UNTIL I GET TO HAVE CHEDDAR CHEESE SOUP! THANK YOU GOD!

Awww... that little girl will probably never ever forget that Aurora called her at Epcot! How cute!!!!
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Old 10-19-2012, 12:57 PM   #545
DIS Veteran
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That filet looks delicious!

Have you seen the OUAT thread on the Community Board? It's pretty active.
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Old 10-19-2012, 01:27 PM   #546
Treguna, Makoidees, Trecorum, Sadis Dee!
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Great update girls!!

That's so cute you surprised the little girl in the phone booth.

I kind of regret cancelling my Le Cellier ADR now but its all good cause I get to go to Be Our Guest instead!!

Ahh,now I'm really craving a pastry

Don't worry about looking pasty. It's better to be pale so you won't get wrinkles from the sun.!
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Old 10-19-2012, 03:09 PM   #547
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I am just drooling right now over these Le Cellier pictures. The cheddar cheese soup is just SOOOOOOO heavenly.

I love how you called the little girl, Kristen! Talking to Aurora must have made her day!

I just LOVE the topiaries!

Dave IS crazy! I can’t believe he wanted something to eat after just going to Le Cellier.
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Old 10-19-2012, 04:46 PM   #548
Reaching New Horizons
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Originally Posted by Disneyfreak508 View Post
Okay, story time. The most magical/cutest thing ever happened at this point. I decided to call the other phone booth while inside the other one. I waited until there was a little girl in there, and when she answered and asked who it was, the first person who popped into my mind was Princess Aurora! She was SO excited at the idea that she was talking to a real princess on the phone, and I heard her say "Daddy, it's Princess Aurora!" She was SO cute and the whole thing just made my day.
Talk about making a little girl's dream come true. Do you think your voice really sounded like Aurora? Anyways, what an amazing bit of Disney magic you gave to a child. Can't wait for the next frump-date!
Whenever I'm in trouble, I turn to the Disney Bouncing Heads.
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Old 10-20-2012, 01:58 AM   #549
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I have a question for you frumps What tool do you use to make those designs on your nails? Do you just use the nail polish brush? Thanks!

AK CM '05-'07.
Thank god for DVC so I can get my WDW fix, unfortunatly not often enough!

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Old 10-20-2012, 11:54 AM   #550
Now residing in ONEderland!!
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Just finished your ultimate Christmas report and now over here. Subbing to catch the end of this one. Love your reports and am really enjoying commentary from both of you.
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Old 10-20-2012, 07:55 PM   #551
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Mmmm... all of the food at Le Cellier always looks so good! Even the steak, and I HATE steak, that's how amazing it looks!

That is such a sweet story with you and the girl in the other phone booth! I bet she'll remember the time that she talked to Aurora on the phone for a long time.

I love those topiaries! I can't keep plants alive to save my life, so the fact that they can shape them in such a detailed way is so impressive to me.

If there's ever a place to have two desserts, Disney is definitely it.

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Old 10-22-2012, 04:54 PM   #552
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Subbing in! I love how frumpy you girls are posing with the berets and the price tags hanging off the sides! LOL IT'S TOO MUCH!!!

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Old 10-22-2012, 05:59 PM   #553
Seeing the World through the eyes of my baby
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Enjoying another great trip report. I found some great sweatshirts on a UK website this evening which I think would suit the Frumps perfectly.

I have to figure out how to post the links.




and my personal favourite for Frumps:


Little Aloha's First Trip to Disney World May 2011
Little Aloha's Second Trip to Disney World July 2011
Little Aloha's Third Trip to Disney World Jan 2012
Little Aloha's Fourth Trip to Disney World June 2012
Little Aloha's Fifth Trip to Disney World Dec 2012
Little Aloha's Sixth Trip to Disney World April 2013
Little Aloha's Seventh Trip to Disney World Oct 2013
Little Aloha's First Trip to Disneyland Resort/Disney California Adventure Feb 2014
Little Aloha's Eighth Trip to Disney World May 2014

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Old 10-22-2012, 07:36 PM   #554
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Man I wish they didn't change Le Cellier to 2 lunch credits- I'd be there in a heartbeat! Now I need to find a time when DH and I can go without the kids.

Can't wait to hear where you went next!
DH Me DS (5) DD (2) and Baby #3 due in March!
My (very bare) Fall 2013 Pre-trip Report!
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Old 10-22-2012, 09:28 PM   #555
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WHAT? Nobody told me anything about Once Upon A Time when I went to Le Cellier! What gives?! Hahha but really...

That Aurora phone call is the cutest thing ever. I'm glad yall had to report back to her right away and fill her in.
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