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Old 06-03-2012, 03:26 PM   #31
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Kona Cafe

Since today was our MK day we planned to eat at Kona Cafe. None of the restaurants in MK really appeal to us, so that why we went with Kona. We've ate here twice already and have enjoyed the food both times.

We arrived very early about 20+ minutes early for our ADR and were seated right around our ADR time. As usual we were walked by the desserts then seated.

It took a while to get settle in. Our server was busy with someone who was having trouble with a receipt they had lost. Not her fault at all, but it took a while for her to get our drink orders and our food orders taken. Of course she brought us out a loaf of bread to nibble on while we waited for our food.

Bread with Macadamia Nut Butter

This is the bread but we ate 90% of it before I remembered my pic. I took a picture of the mostly eaten loaf to post but our server brought us out another one for us to devour,I meant to post a picture of that but picked the wrong pic. To me the bread is just OK. what makes it great is the macadamia nut butter. It's slightly sweet, but not too much, with some nuts in it. Love it.

We all just went with food we had before, even though I debated trying something else.

Pan Asian Noodles with Shrimp

DS has got this several times and liked it. Our server talked him into getting it with Terriyaki sauce instead of the ginger-garlic sauce. He said he honestly couldn't tell the difference, it tasted the same to him. There is a decent amount of shrimp, not huge shrimp like in the Jambalaya from Boatwrights but decent sized shrimp. The only thing he didn't like about, there was some broccolini stalks in it. He just picked those out and went on.

Teriyaki Style New York Strip

DH said the steak was very good and cooked just as he requested. He likes the the slightly sweet of the teriyaki and the pineapple on the steak. It comes with sticky rice and broccolini, both of which he said were fine. The broccolini may have been a little too done for some people but was fine for us.

Shrimp and Scallops

I ordered the shrimp and scallops, again. I debated about getting something else but I rarely get the chance to eat good scallops so I went with this. The scallops didn't disappoint. They had a nice sear on top and bottom and were perfect in the middle. Delicious. They almost melted in my mouth. I'm not a huge fan of fried shrimp, I prefer grilled or really anything over fried. But these are pretty good. The panko breading they use isn't as heavy or greasy as traditional breading. It doesn't look like much meat, a couple of scallops and three shrimp, but they are all big and it's a lot of meat. It came with sticky rice. I didn't think mine was as good as DH's, I thought it was a little hard or stale like it had been sitting a while. They have changed this a little since last time, it no longer comes with the wasabi sauce. I always mixed a little of that with my rice to give it some flavor (I'm not a huge rice eater, especially plain). So to me the rice was bland. It also came with a chopped vegetable salad with coconut-lime leaf dressing. I didn't care for this at all. It seemed like it was mostly broccolini stalks and the dressing had an odd whang to it (I guess this shows my food critic inexperience, the best I could come up with was it had a whang to it ) There was some spice in it that I didn't care for. DH tried it and didn't like it either. I still liked the dish overall, the shrimp and scallops was worth it. I think if I get it again I will request some soy sauce for my rice though and possibly a different side that the veggie salad.

Now on to the good stuff.

Kona Kone

DS got this. Nothing out of the ordinary, just some ice cream in a cone with cotton candy at the bottom. I keep thinking I will get this but something else always catches my eye.

Banana Creme Brulee

Dh enjoyed this. You can't see it in the picture but on the bottom of the creme brulee there is a thin layer of chocolate sauce. He said it was too thin to even be called a layer, more like just a smear or something.

Kona Panna Cotta

The picture is wrong, I took it from the back side and not the front. So you are looking at it from behind. I ordered this. I have been online trying to find the official name but I can't find it anywhere. I even went on Disney's site and looked at their updated menus but it wasn't on there or anywhere else I have found. The name is close though. It was supposed a be a coffee flavorted chocolate panna cotta. I was expecting a mild coffe flavor, like a mocha or something. I was wrong. I took one bite and it nearly took my head off it was so strong coffee flavored. It was STRONG. I occasionally eat chocolate covered coffee beans and it is the EXACT same taste as a the chocolate coffee beans. I don't know how they got that much strong coffee flavor in a dessert dish. I had never had panna cotta, though I have seen them on TV . It had a nice texture, it was smooth and creamy, but the taste was just out there. I would only advise anyone to order this if they really love super strong coffee flavored stuff.

Overall Thoughts and Opinions Overall our meal was good. Service was fine though it did feel a little rushed. Bread, food, desserts....bam, bam, bam. Usually I'm fine with this but it was a little quick even for me. The food was good, the only downers was a little stale rice and the coffee dessert that I didn't care for. This had become a regular stop for us and I guess it will continue to be.
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Old 06-03-2012, 04:34 PM   #32
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Originally Posted by disfencer View Post
Hey, great reviews! Your pictures are great.

Btw, we're neighbors, hello from Knoxville (campus area). Hope you all are enjoying the nice weather this weekend--I'm stuck inside studying, haha.
Hey!! I live in the Tri-Cities region, about 90 miles northeast of K-Ville. Go Vols!!

Originally Posted by iloveeeyore View Post
Your reviews are great and the pics are perfectly fine!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

We had a terribly disappointing experience at Pecos Bill's last trip (and the one before that, come to think of it). We also experienced an exceedingly loooong wait for food, items missing from the fixin's bar, and mediocre at best food. And all of this was shortly after opening when you'd expect they'd be at their best! We will stick with Cosmic Rays when we want burgers in MK until PB's seems to get their act back together. Sorry your experience was similar.
Yes I hop Pecos Bill does get their act together. We have always enjoyed them. I'm not a huge burger fan and for some reason I prefer their non burger option better than Cosmic Ray.

Originally Posted by charliesmom86 View Post
We were in Disney World during 5/21-5/29! We too ate at Pecos Bills and thought the food was so-so. Cold buns for us too..odd. Ah well, I'll be following to see what you thought of the rest of your dining experiences!

I wonder if it was the same day. It is odd about the buns being cold. DH and I used to both work and McDonalds. The buns come in frozen and they set them out the night before and thaw them. DH said it the temperature was like they had thawed out totally, not frozen, but were still very, very cold. Liked they grabbed one and didn't even toast it. I'm not sure if Pecos Bill normally toasts or heats up there buns at all though.
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Old 06-03-2012, 05:13 PM   #33
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Sunshine Seasons

Today was Epcot day. We knew we were eating at La Hacienda that night so we went with Sunshine Seasons at the Land. I want to thank the Disboards, had it not been for all the great Dissers I never would've thought to eat here. Now it's become one of our Epcot must does.

We had a Fastpass for Soarin and knew that we were going to grab lunch right after. We had a few minutes to kill before we our passes kicked in so we browsed thru SS deciding what we wanted. DH stopped at the The Grill and asked them about substituting sides. They said it would be no problem. Then of course we checked out the desserts. Some favorites were gone but some new favorites took their place.

So we went ahead and rode Soarin and headed to get our lunch.

Slow Roasted Pork Chop

After much debate DH went with the pork chop. When we first found SS we all liked getting the Asian meal with two meats and two sides. They keep cutting it back so he wanted to do something different. He debated between the chicken and pork chop before finally deciding on the chop. It was supposed to come with cheddar mashed potatoes but they allowed substitute season rice with no problem. He like his pork chop. He said it was not quite as big or as good as the one he had at Boatwrights but he still liked it. The sauce on it is a BBQ sauce. The rice was fine, just seasoned rice, good but nothing special.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

As I was saying above, we have watched the Asian place cut and cut and cut. First you got two meats and two sides. Then one meat and two sides. Now it's one meat and one side. Each meat has a set side, I think the sweet and sour chicken has jasmine rice. But he was allowed to substitute sides. I'm not sure if that's white rice he got or jasmine rice, I'm not even sure I know what jasmine rice is. It looks like white sticky rice to me. Even though he only gets one side it looks like you get a double serving of the one side. He liked it.

Seared Tuna Noodle Salad

I got the tuna noodle salad. There are so many things here I was in the mood for something different. I usually will get one of the sandwiches but we just had a similar sandwich at Starring Rolls two days before. So I finally decided on this. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. It was cold noodles that seemed to be lightly tossed in some kind of vinagrette, with onion, peppers, and carrots. Then they added the seared tuna on the top. I thought tuna might be warm but it was cold too. The tuna was a little fishier than I expected but there was a lot of tuna on the plate. I was glad I got it and would consider getting it again.

Now my favorite part of the meal........Dessert.

Key Lime Pie

DS went with the key lime pie. DS liked it and DH tasted it and liked it too. I didn't try it because I don't care for key lime.

Pinapple Coconut Cupcake

Wow. Totally wonderful. It was just a white cupcake but it had pineapple cream cheese icing on top, at least that's what it tasted like to me. The only coconut I tasted was the toasted coconut sprinkled on top. I'd like to go back right now and get another one of these. I regret not eating there again just to get one.

Carrot Cupcake

DH had this. He said it was good, way better than any of the prepackaged cakes in a plastic cup at most CSs. It tasted like carrot cake and not like spice cake.

Overall Thoughts and Opinions Sunshine Seasons is a must do for us. We like the variety and have always had good food here. We were not disappointed this time round. I give them

Up next La Hacienda.........

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Old 06-03-2012, 06:32 PM   #34
karen l
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Great reviews! Thanks for taking the time to post - we may have to check out Sunshine Seasons. We tried Boatwrights a couple of years ago & also had a good dinner there. Can't wait to read more of your reviews.
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Old 06-03-2012, 08:56 PM   #35
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La Hacienda

On our trip last June we tried La Hacienda, everyone loved it so of course we had to try it again

We arrived 15 minutes or so before our ADR time and the hostess at check in told us to walk in and we would be seated. So we walked in and were almost immediately taken to our table.

Our server was great. I can't remember his name for sure it was either Mano or Emmano, not sure about the spelling, but he was from Mexico. He was joking with us because he forgot his name tag and had one on that said he was Chris from Orlando.

So on with the food.

We placed our drink orders and DH ordered a Margarita for us to share.


This is a picture after we had taken a few sips each. The red around the rim is chili powder they mix with the salt. It was a good Margarita.

Along with the Margarita came our drinks and chips and salsa.

Chips and Salsa

There are two different kinds of salsa, red and green. The red is hot and the green is mild. We mostly ate the red but I occasionally dipped into the green. I'm not sure exactly what the green is made of, I'm sure it's some kind of pepper but it's not at all hot or spicy. It's actually kind of cool.


Basically flank steak with mixed veggies. DH and DS split the La Hacienda last time but he decided he liked the steak best so he wanted just the steak. He said it was good.

I should add here there were bowls of black beans and seasoned rice for the table. I didn't take pictures of it, but it was there. Also there was tortillas. I'm not used to any authentic Mexican cuisine, so to me the tortillas had an odd texture. I'm used to either flour or corn tortillas. Think Taco Bell or any of the mass produced stuff you get at the grocery store. I'm not sure if I liked the tortillas or not. They had a unique texture and taste. They were kind of thicker than I'm used to and maybe leathery. They tasted kind of a combo between a flour and corn tortilla, like you had blended both together.

I had admired the La Hacienda last time so I ordered it with DH.

La Hacienda

Sorry for the crappy picture. When I didn't use flash it was too dark and when I forced it to flash the back is dark and the front has an odd look. Anyway. The dish consisted of flank steak, chicken, chorizo sausages, corn, and the grilled mixed veggies. I should've added on DS's review the mixed veggies are just grilled zucchini, squash, and onion. The chicken was very moist and I really liked the sweet glaze on the outside. The steak was tender and cooked to order and we enjoyed the sausages too. The veggies were good but the corn was excellent. I'm not sure what the white stuff on top of the corn is, maybe cheese, but it gave it a bunch of flavor plus it seems there was onion and peppers in the corn too.

Empanada de Manzana

Apple Empanada. DH and DS both ordered this. It was basically an apple turnover with caramel sauce and ice cream. Both said it was just OK, the complaint was there was very little apple or apple goo inside the empanada.

Crema de Chocolate "Abuelita"

Basically some kind of chocolate cream. I liked it, it had a unique texture. It was like a very heavy cream, or almost like ice cream but not frozen like ice cream. Kind of like pudding but a much smoother creamier texture. It seemed there was some cinnamon in there with the chocolate. The best part is the fried strips on top, they were lightly drizzled with I think honey and a little cinnamon.

Overall Thoughts and Opinions We had been looking forward to this meal since the last time we ate there a year before, and it didn't disappoint. The food and service was excellent. Our server "Chris" was outstanding, he seemed to be there whenever he was needed but didn't hover. The only slight disappointment was the empanadas but that was easily overlooked because everything else was so good.
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Your reviews are great. We will be staying at POR in August and have an adr for Boatwright's. This will be our 4th stay at POR and our first time dining here. We are looking forward to it and I found your review helpful. Before your review I would never have considered the Jambalaya, but your pictures might just have changed my mind!!!

Can't wait to read more....
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Great reviews!

Sunshine Seasons is one of our go to CS in Epcot. However, I do know what you mean about then cutting back. Last June, we were able to get two sides and one entree. Before that we could get two of each and our two most recent trips (March and May) we were only able to get one side and one entree.

The one thing that I can't remember is whether the actual amount of food has decreased or just the amount of options that you have. Do you remember? I got the same dish that your DS got in March but it looked like a lot less food than in the past.
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Originally Posted by gabzee View Post
Great reviews!

Sunshine Seasons is one of our go to CS in Epcot. However, I do know what you mean about then cutting back. Last June, we were able to get two sides and one entree. Before that we could get two of each and our two most recent trips (March and May) we were only able to get one side and one entree.

The one thing that I can't remember is whether the actual amount of food has decreased or just the amount of options that you have. Do you remember? I got the same dish that your DS got in March but it looked like a lot less food than in the past.
I thought it looked like the same amount of food as the last time we ate there when we were able to get one meat and two sides. It looked like he got two scoops of rice with his chicken. Before he would get his chicken, one scoop of rice, and then another side. I think they have changed the plate that it is served on so maybe that's why it looked like less, or maybe that's why I didn't notice it was less.

If they are going to give him double of one side, I wonder why they cut out giving two sides.
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Backlot Express

So today is another day at DHS. Star Wars Weekend .(Imagine the Imperial March going in the background). The park opened at eight this morning, we were at the turnstyles at 7:20 and there was already a good crowd.

For some reason I didn't take any pictures of snacks we ate. Every time we would get one DH would say, you want me to take a pic, and I'd say nah. Honestly though you aren't missing much because we didn't snack too much.

One of the few things we did get was the Churros at Darth Maul's mall. It came in a souvenier R2D2 plastic cup. I love churros but I have always thought Disney's were subpar compared to Universal. Yes one thing US does better that WDW is churros. These were actually pretty good. There were five or six churro halves in there with some caramel dipping sauce that is similar or most likely the same as La Hacienda. It was a very thin milky caramel. Tasty.

We had an early start but the churros helped tide us over until lunch time. We debated about where to eat. DHS doesn't have any real great choices. We did Starring Rolls just a few days before and the last time we ate at ABC Commissary it was terrible and will probably be the last time ever. We finally decided on Backlot Express. We've eaten here several times before and it's always been decent.

So when we got there DH looked at the menu before he went to scout a table. He noticed they had Darth Vadar cupcakes for a DDP snack credit. He said he wanted that for dessert and I said we couldn't get it on the DDP for dessert we'd have to use a snack. He told me to ask the lady, so reluctantly I did even though I knew that it wasn't allowed. To my surprise she said sure, no problem. Cupcakes all around then.

So onto our food.

1/3 lb Angus Onion Straw Cheeseburger

Not a great pic my big old thumb got in the way. So DH and I both got this. I rarely get a burger at WDW. I don't know why, I love burgers, I just rarely get one. This burger came with onion straws, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and some spread. It may have had bacon, I can't remember for sure. I think I see bacon in the picture but I'm not sure. DH ordered his without the spread because I'm sure he thought the spread had mayo in it, and without pickle. I just took mine as it came. It was a good burger, I really couldn't taste the house spread so I added some mayo to make up for that. I have always read a lot on here about the wheat bun and I was a little nervous about that. I don't like wheat bread much less wheat buns, but I really didn't notice it. The fries were fine. I do like that you can get refills here but I miss the topping bar.

Hot Dog

I guess DS was burgered out so he went with a hot dog. He said it was fine. It didn't look too good to me but I wasn't the one eating it.

Darth Vader Cupcakes

Well thanks to DH making me ask we all got DV cupcakes for dessert. I'd had a DV cupcake at Starring Rolls a couple of years before and didn't really like it. I thought it was too sweet, had too much icing, and had some fudgey stuff in the middle. I think WDW cupcakes are getting better. This was just chocolate cake with a peanut butter icing, some chocolate on top and a chocolate Vader on top. It wasn't too rich at all. The peanut butter icing wasn't too rich it was actually kinf of fluffy. Overall a tasty cupcake.

Overall Thoughts and Opinions Overall the food was good. It's not the world's greatest burger but it was good enough. The menu is mostly burgers, nuggets, and dogs, nothing that really stands out. Normally I would just give it but since I got a tasty Vader cupcake on this day I will give it .

I'm going to take a break for the night and come back to my reviews tomorrow. Thanks again everyone for the comments, hope everyone is enjoying them.

Up next........ 50's Prime Time.

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Posted on the wrong thread. Great reviews though.
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Great review! Can't wait for more
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I love all of your reviews! You are giving me a lot to think about for our January trip!
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Great reviews! We have picked a lot of the same places to eat for our upcoming trip! Thanks for sharing!
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I'm really enjoying your reviews! I loved the DV Cupcakes! They look rich, deep and full of flavor...just like Darth's voice! Thanks for taking the time to share with us!
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50's Prime Time

We've ate at 50's a couple of times before and always enjoyed it. So when we were making our ADRs we had to do it again. It doesn't hurt that DHS doesn't have a lot of great TS along with not a lot of great CS.

We arrived about 20 minutes or so before our ADR, which was at 7:05, and we were seated about 15 minutes before our actual time, which was what we were hoping for. We were hoping to catch the Star Wars Hyper Space Hoopla at eight.

Our server was OK, she wasn't really into it, which was fine with me. She did scold me for looking at my iPhone instead of spending time with the family. It did make me feel bad so I put the phone up and only snuck it out to take food pics.

Aunt Liz's Golden Fried Chicken

I've had the chicken every visit to 50's and couldn't bring myself not to get it again. The last time I subbed out the mashed potatoes for some potato au grautin that went with the steak dinner, but the steak dinner is off the menu so I just went with the mashed. Usually this is some of the best chicken ever, but today it was just OK. It wasn't fresh and crispy, not all of it was soggy and a little greasy but my breast was. The rest that wasn't soggy just wasn't all that great. Good but not great. I'm not a fan of the taters with peel im them, I must be the only person on the face of the Earth who doesn't like it but I don't. Mashed Taters aren't supposed to have peel in them. Aunt Liz wouldn't have left any peel on her taters. OK, back on track. The taters weren't bad. I also one of the oddballs who likes the collard greens. They were excellent and IMHO the best part of the meal for me.

Grilled Boneless Pork Loin

DH debated around forever on what to get. The sampler, the chicken, or the pot roast. So when he saw the pork loin on the menu he went with it. It came with mashed potatoes and green beans but he asked if he could sub the beans because we are southern and don't like crunchy green beans. She said greens, corn, or extra potatoes. He went with the corn. He asked for it with no mushroom gravy (see first post about DH and shrooms). When his came out we were all like Wow. Like Wow in a bad way not a good way. Here I had a plate with four pieces of chicken and he had two little thin pieces of pork that didn't even look good. It was just OK at best. The loin was bland, but in all fairness may have been better with the gravy he didn't want because of the shrooms. The funny thing is there is a side of mushrooms on his plate. I love mushrooms so I got to eat them, but I ate one and didn't want any more. They were not good, they had an odd taste and had a very rubbery texture. Overall DH wished he had got something else. He said his food tasted like something he would've cooked at home. Just kind of meh.

Mom's Old Fashioned Pot Roast

DS got this and loved it. He ate every bite.

50's Boston Cream Parfait

I've had this before and like it. It was good this time too. Just some pound cake bits with some pudding or something pudding like. I was full from my meal so didn't eat too much. My one complaint was it didn't have a lot of cake in it. I would order it again though.


DS got these. He said they were good.

Apple Cobbler

DH went with the apple cobbler. He said it was good but he prefers a cobbler with a breaded top where this was an oatmeal top.

Overall Thoughts and Opinion This was our third time at 50's and probably out least enjoyable experience. Nothing was really bad but nothing was really good either. Just kind of a so-so experience. Service was fine but our server wasn't "into" the role. We didn't mind really, we went for the food not the antics. I wouldn't mark this off my list because of this one time but I don't think I will look forward to it again like I was looking forward to it this time.
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