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Old 04-10-2013, 01:15 PM   #1
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Wait for me, I like ruckus - A mother/daughter Spring Break 2013 Trip *COMPLETE 5/10*

Here we go again. I’ve decided to give it another go at this trip report thing. I’m determined to finish it this time too. Wish me luck.

If you’ve made it through that, why not just keep reading

Hello again

My name is Margaret

According to what I wrote on Twitter; I’m a teacher, hockey fan, football fan, insomniac, salsa snob, caffeine addict, Disney fanatic, and a smiley face enthusiast. Seems accurate

This is my mom Laura. (She isn’t a fan of getting her picture taken so I’m not sure how many times she will show up)

My Mom is probably one of my best friends. She still loves to call me every morning and wishes me a good day. Shes also an amateur picture taker. As you will see later.

So we’ve made it through the who now when and where?

We escaped real life from March 16th – March 22nd

We called the Art of Animation home for the time being.

Here is a small snippet of the ruckus that ensued on this trip

-Me falling up the stairs at the Magic Kingdom
-My Mom getting lost at the hotel
-Me getting pooped on by a bird
-Me starting a bus load of people singing “The Wheels on the Bus”

Hope you decide to tag along

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T-minus 1 day- March 15th – The longest day ever

Be warned there might only be 2 pictures in this post…

Everyone knows that the day before a Disney trip is always the longest day ever. Today was no different. Especially since it was the last day of school before spring break (I teach pre-k, so 4 and 5 year olds) and everyone was restless and ready for a break.

Yes, I'm being attacked my a 5 year old and getting hit by maracas. I do love my job really

We have had baby chicks in our class all week so between children talking and yelling just because they are small and want to; we had constant chirping. Then on top of that we had a super important person who works for the state education department come to visit us. Is it time to go home yet?

At 3:30 I finally ended up leaving school and going home to pack. This is crazy to think of because I’m the type of person who ends up starting to pack a week before I go anywhere. I blame it on my OCD but I don’t know if it’s because of that or I’m always just really excited to go somewhere.
So I ended up having coffee with a friend at Barnes and Noble. I grabbed a magazine and a Disney World travelling book while I waited.

(I sent my Dad this picture to show him what I was reading)
I couldn’t help but get excited and smile a little. Yes I was a crazy person smiling at myself for no reason, hey at least I wasn’t talking to myself, like I normally do. So after coffee, I grabbed some dinner and went home to pack. It’s only 7:30 I have loads of time.
So, I had bought a new suitcase, which is super exciting for me because I have had the same suitcase for about 3 years. But now I have a 29 inch suitcase…. Imagine all of the things that I could fit in that suitcase… (Yes this is a form of foreshadowing)
All my things were packed and I still had enough room for another week’s worth of clothes and it only weighed 38 pounds.

So I crammed a few more shirts in there and apparently 2 extra shirts were enough to make it weigh 42 pounds now.

So I was packed and ready to go and it was only 9:00 at night.

So I decided to call my Mom and see how her packing process was coming along… She hadn’t packed anything yet. We talked for a while why she attempted to pack. Then she starts laughing and telling be that she found her poncho from last time and had already packed it, or so she thought. She looked at it again and noticed it was a shower curtain. Clearly my mother should not pack her suitcase at the last minute.
So I told her good luck and I hope she actually packs what she needs for this trip and no more shower curtains.
I caught up on Grimm that I had DVR’d earlier in the evening and called it a night about midnight.

Up next: getting felt up by a stranger and finally arriving
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Old 04-10-2013, 01:40 PM   #4
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Day 1 – March 16th

Day 1 – March 16th

So I woke up to this wonderful sight on my phone

After pushing my snooze button a few more times, I finally ended up getting up and around about 8:00.
I wandered around the house cleaning up a bit and making sure there wasn’t anything random that my cat my try and eat over the next week. Around 9 I decided it was time for breakfast. So I headed off to Chick-fil-A. (decided it was time to get started on food porn here )

Yummy! I love their breakfast but never stop by to get one, if only there was one closer to my school….hmmm that gives me an idea.
I went back home and decided to call my Mom and see what she was doing. When I called her she said she had just finished walking through security and was on her way to her gate.

Now it was my turn to get to the airport. Luckily, I live only 10 minutes from a regional airport (thank you Wal-Mart corporate office) which over the last 3 years has expanded. They went from 2 gates to 12 and from 1 metal detector to 3 and an x-ray machine. Ballin’
I uneventfully checked in and head through security. Apparently my 3 hairclips in my hair was enough to warrant a ‘special’ pat down. The lady asked me where I was going and when I told her “Disney World” she told me to have a great time and to buy her something. Ok, strange lady who just had her hand in a slightly inappropriate place I will do that

When I booked my flight I scheduled it so I would meet my Mom in Dallas and we would fly together to Orlando. Simple enough right? Well the one drawback to flying out of a regional airport is there are usually only 3 flights flying out that day so it is a first come first serve on getting on a plane. So I picked a flight that would get me to Dallas with an hour and a half to spare. No problem.
While I’m facebooking and tweeting telling my friends what I’m doing and hoping I’m making them jealous.

About 12:30,I notice that it says ‘delayed’ on the flight status. Well it was only a 15 minute delay no problem.
Then 15 turns to 20 then 30 then before you know it, the flight is about 45 minutes delayed. Which means there is no way I would make my connecting flight. So I and about 50 some other people have to go back to the check-in booth to figure out what to do. Well long story short I was put on the later flight to Orlando. No biggie. But what about my Mom?? Uh oh, she was in flight so there was really nothing that she could do. So between my Dad and I we manage to pull some strings and get her on the same plane as me.
My flight was originally scheduled for 1:10pm.
Well at 1:43 pm we start boarding. Well everyone just hovered by the gate until they called their ‘group’.

After an uneventful 47 minute flight. I get to Dallas and find my Mom. We eat dinner and wait by our gate.

We heard a bunch of yelling and talking. At first I was having flashbacks to the tour groups and fearing the worse. Nope just some teenagers. Thank goodness.
Our new 5:30 flight boards and we sit in the exit row.

Love it here! My new favorite row!
I also took 1 other picture before sleeping for a bit.

I really have no idea where this is. Could be any state between Texas and Florida.

We landed about 9:00pm in Disney and made our way to the Magical Express.

I again. Made it there without getting lost! Whoo hoo.

Our bus driver was a nice lady who was hysterical. She told us the movie started with pixie dust and this little boy said ‘nah uh’ and she said watch it. Then the movie ‘magically’ turned on and he was so excited. Adorable!
We dropped off at the Caribbean Beach first then Pop Century. Then was AofA.
We checked in with no problem and made our trek with our suitcases and stuff to our Little Mermaid Room.

Which was of course in Building 8 and top floor. The first time we made the walk, I thought it took forever, over the week it became easier and easier.
We drop off our bags and then walk back to the food court to eat. Even though it was 11 at night, we were hungry.

We head back to the room after eating and get ready for tomorrow.

Next up… Bird poop and jazz hands
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Day 2 – March 17th – Part 1

Day 2 – March 17th

We woke up to yes an annoying alarm but when I unenthusiastically stumbled to my phone. I saw this

All was well again. See in real life, I’m the person who sets 4 alarms to make sure I wake up and go to work. In Disney however, I was up the minute I heard a noise.

Living in Arkansas now for 3 years, I seem to have lost some of my tan. (When its 113 it’s too hot to lie in the sun, or even move for that matter.) I was hoping I would leave with a bit of a tan from this trip. So I applied some SPF 60 sunscreen to my face and some friction stick on my feet, my Mom her birthday button (a few weeks early for it though) and we were out the door by 7:56am. I had to stop and take this picture. Disney morning 1.

We decided since we had a while to walk we weren’t going to huff it and just take it semi-slow. When we were walking, I notice a lot of people wearing green. I asked myself “self, why is everyone wearing green?” oh yeah St. Patrick’s Day. The lady walking in front of us turned around and pinched me. After I got pinched we kept walking and by 8:09 we got to the bus stop. While we were sitting I told my Mom let’s take a picture and send to my Dad. Since my parents own their own business it’s really difficult for both of them to get away so my Dad ended up staying at home, but his rules were send 10 pictures to him a day. By the end of the trip I’m pretty sure he regretted that rule

So where are we headed on this beautiful day? It was about 65 this morning. I loved it!

While we were waiting for the bus, a young pretty attractive, keep that in mind it makes the rest of this even funnier, transportation CM was walking around. He saw my Mom and I and walked over to say hi. When he saw my Mom’s birthday button and wished her a happy birthday. She said thank you, then he proceeded to flirt harmlessly with my Mom. He jokingly asked to take her to go get a drink and when she said yes he added “It would have to be a soda, since I’m not 21” ha ha

We get on the bus at 8:20 and off we went. My Mom decided to text my Aunt and let her know about her new ‘guy’.

We get to Animal Kingdom and get in line with everyone else.

Since I had the Photopass+ I needed to get in and get that. So at 8:50 they rope drop and I kept telling my Mom “Go that way” pointing to the picture booth place. But going against traffic was posing to be quite the issue. Finally we get to the photo place and get our Photopass+ card and off we go. First thing first. To get our first picture of the trip!

Rope drop part 2 and off we go!

We get to Expedition Everest and walk on.

I checked our picture. Ahh really lady, she blocked me.

So I told my Mom “Let’s go again!” So we Fastpass it

and we head over to ride Dinosaur. Ok some back story. My parents took me to see Jurassic Park when it first came out, I was 5, and it gave me nightmares for weeks. I kept thinking there was a triceratops in my room. Then we rode Dinosaur when I was 10 and even in the picture, I’m clearly terrified. I tell them that the movie and the ride scared me for life. A tad overdramatic, it wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t. So last year, even though I was 25, I was hesitant. We had a Fastpass for EE and it was to crowded so we skipped it. It was a mixed emotion of sad and secretly happy.
This time however, I’m doing it!

Even though my anxiety was a little though the roof.

We walked into the briefing room and I told my Mom to look for Hodges. She was clearly confused. We are CSI fans but she still didn’t know what was going on. The video turned on and she pointed at it and said “Look Hodges” a few people look at us like we have no idea what we are talking about. Come on people. Google it if you need to.

We made it down the stairs without falling, yay me. Then we got on our time rover and off we go. The man next to me couldn’t find his seatbelt. So he looks at me and naturally I’m the one who took it. I stood up to prove him wrong and then he figures out where it is. The people in front of us were terrified before we even starting moving. They kept saying “why did you make me do this? I’m never talking to you again” and I thought I was overdramatic.
We made it through the ride. Yay me.
The picture is hysterical if you ask me..

We get to the gift shop and spend some time walking around. We still had about 30 minutes until EE the fastpass window opened.

Should have bought this shirt.

Yeah lady from this morning.

We make it back to EE and use our fastpasses. We told the CM “2” and she put us in row 1. And I didn’t even have to ask her.

Riding it in the front was pretty cool. Now the picture is funny.

I wanted to put my hands up but I didn’t want to do to the person behind me like the lady did in the morning. So I did a mix of both. Which in the picture makes it look like I have jazz hands.

We finished this side of the park so we decided to head over to Kilimanjaro Safari.

(Hello little crowds)

Stopped for Photpass pictures

To be continued...

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Day 2 – March 17th – Part 2

So we make it over to Kilimanjaro Safari

The wait was 30 minutes. Not to bad for 10:30am. So we got in line.

The wait was really only about 20.

After returning from our safari, we decided to take a break. We planted ourselves and got breakfast.
So I told my Mom I would walk to Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery while she waited. As I was walking, I felt something wet hit my shirt. I figured it was rain but looking up, there were no clouds. Hmmm? So I looked down and noticed that a bird pooped on me. Really? So I ordered my Mom her cherry Danish and water but also got an ice water for me so I could drink it but also clean poop off my shirt now, eww. While sitting my Mom told me she wanted to ride KJS again so I walked over and got some fastpasses.
But first she wanted a picture "Smile, a bird pooped on you. And its funny"

With about an hour or so to spare. We decided to do some people watching, walking, and shopping.

The lady that really loves prints

When our window opened, we headed back over to KJS.

Its not a true trip until you have a picture of an elephant butt

My Mom took a picture of the back of my head. Nice.

At this time it was 1:30. So we planned on doing It’s Tough to be a Bug then head out.

We saw Dug and Russell first though… hmmm change of plans. We got some pictures.

I love this picture. Granted its not the most attractive picture but it shows just how happy I am

Then went to see It’s Tough to be a Bug. The lady sitting next to me asked me if I had seen it before and when I told her yes and knew what to expect she said something to the nature of ‘that’s good because it’s always fun to see new peoples reactions’

We finished It’s Tough to be a Bug and stopped for some shopping and pictures then went back home.

We got on the bus and were heading back to the hotel at 2:40pm

Up next: boo-boo 1 and 2
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If I had a penny for everytime I wished to be in WDW I would be a millionare :-)
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Looks like your off to a great start. I would love to take a mother, daughter, and granddaughter trip - lol. Because of that, I would have to then take a mother and son trip. The more trips the better. Looking forward to reading more about your trip.
Shoot for the moon even if you miss you'll land among the stars - Les Brown

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Poor Unfortunate Soul
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Yay, a fellow hockey fan!

This is funny so far. I'm excited to see how your trip goes, especially the part where you all sing The Wheels on the Bus
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Originally Posted by tinawv View Post
Looks like your off to a great start. I would love to take a mother, daughter, and granddaughter trip - lol. Because of that, I would have to then take a mother and son trip. The more trips the better. Looking forward to reading more about your trip.
That's my motto. I have lots of cousins, why not a trip for every cousin.
Thanks for reading

Originally Posted by ginamarie716 View Post
Yay, a fellow hockey fan!

This is funny so far. I'm excited to see how your trip goes, especially the part where you all sing The Wheels on the Bus
Yay another hockey fan. We are few and far between I see
Sadly it was on our last day but it is hysterical
Thanks for reading
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I would love to do a mother-daughter trip! I'm entertained so far. Can't wait for more (but try to steer clear if that bird-rain!
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March 17th - Day 2 – Part 2

March 17th - Day 2 – Part 2
After a 2 hour break we headed back out at 3:20pm
Our plans for the evening were

We made it through bag check and were walking down main street by 4:30pm

Now I said that my Mom wasn't the best picture taker. Case in point...

Well at least she tried.

First thing on the list. New Fantasyland.

People talk about how much they love the floor. I love the roof too.

So my one of my 2 boo-boo’s from the trip. I don’t know if you can blame it on the crowds or my excitement but we got into a line. We waited for about 20 minutes then we turned the corner to this.

Opps, I really thought we were getting on the ride.
Oh well we got our picture and kept going.
Then we got on the actual ride.

No one really knew what happened besides me and my Mom, and now all of you.

We walked some more and took some more pictures.

And no I don't have to go bathroom ha ha, I just stand that way.

My Mom wanted to ride her second favorite ride…

Disclaimer, that's a picture from a few days later...
So we rode it. While riding it I sent a picture

to my Dad and asked him where we were
He knew right away.

We broke for dinner at Pinnocho’s Village Haus at 7:00

Did some more walking

Ended up here and decided “were standing here, might as well go”

Now when we were waiting to go in. There were a group of Asian teenagers/possibly tour group taking pictures of themselves, that’s ok, we all do it. Now we all know that the waiting room is huge and there is always more than enough room for people. But no they decided to stand right next to us to take pictures which is fine by me. Then it kept getting worse, the picture taker decided that instead of telling his friends to take two steps back he took two steps back and ended up standing between my Mom and me in the middle of a conversation. He stepped on my toe in the process then proceeded to look at me like it was my fault.

After the show we kept walking and picture taking. It was nice to not feel rushed because of crowds.

Then we ended up at one of my favorite places. The Haunted Mansion.
We walked right up to the door waited 3 minutes then went in. March crowds are so much better then July crowds.
Now comes my next boo-boo. Thankfully they both happened on the same day. This time I blame it on the darkness. We got lost. I didn’t need a map last year and I went with the idea that I wouldn’t need a map this time. Big Mistake.

My Mom wanted to ride Pirates of the Caribbean. So we ventured off, well at this time it was about 8:00 and they had started roping off for the parade. (See where I’m going, well actually see where I’m not going) We turned right when we should have turned left and before we knew it we were nowhere near where we wanted to be. So I sucked up my pride and got a map. After grumbling to myself and calling myself some names. We made it.

But I got a pretty picture along the way

The CM told us and the family in front of us to go right because she just told everyone else to go left. So right we went, for all of 10 feet, when the family in front of us came to screeching halt because they thought they were lost and that the ‘worker lady’ told them to go the wrong way. I assured them to keep going and we would make it. Low and behold I was right. We see the boats in the distance, which causes the little boy from the family to tell his Mom “see Mom you don’t need to get all scared”

We got off the ride and kept venturing on to Frontierland all while still trying to avoid the parade crowd. We successfully made it to Liberty Square before again, we came to a screeching halt. This time by people stopping in the only single file way though the crowd, to take picture of the parade. Not only did I ran into the person in front of me but the guy behind my Mom decided to call all us names and no it wasn’t how we were all his new best friends.

Well we had come to a complete stop so I figured I can take one too...

Finally after some snaking around people and ducking under people trying to take pictures we made it to Fantasyland. We stopped to get something to drink because it seriously felt like I just got out of a mosh pit and I thought I had grown out of that phase. So we stopped and got a drink. Then after 5 minutes, we kept going.

We went to Peter Pan. The wait time said 25 minutes. So we said might as well.

Yay me.

All in all it was about 25 minutes. When we were done we kept venturing off.

Finally we made it to Tomorrowland. Space Mountian was a 120 minute so we decided to pass.
We did Buzz instead.

2 in one night. Whoo hoo.
While on the ride however. It stopped. Ohh a great time for a picture.

The scores reset and we were off and going again.
In the end I won.

To be continued..
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March 17th - Day 2 – Part 3

Then we got out and got this picture.

I love Penguins and I love Wheezy so it’s good.

By this time it was only 10:15 and we had done so much in one night but we needed a small rest.
Peoplemover here we come.

Everyone does the shoe picture.

My Mom decided she wanted to ride Buzz again since it broke earlier, (but really I think it was to see if she can beat me) So we went. And guess what. It broke again.

And I won again.

By now it was about 10:30 and boy were we tired.

So we decided to get some pictures taken and try and find a spot for the 11:00 parade.

I grabbed my first and sadly only Mickey Bar of the trip and waited.

While sitting, I bombarded my Dad with about 15 pictures

So while my Mom sat. I stood and took pictures.

Ok so this girl decided she wanted to hug every character that walked by. Well at least she tried. She would lean in and the character would just give her a high five. Ha fail.

After the parade we hung back for a bit so the crowd could thin a bit. We crossed the road and looked around the Emporium. But after seeing the crowd it there we exited through the next door.

The princesses were waving good night to everyone. Of course I couldn't get a picture...

We ended up heading out about 11:45, the plan was to stay until 1:00 but having really done everything we hoped we decided to head back.

We walked to the bus stop, waited all of 6 minutes until a bus showed up, and back home we go.

I ended up standing which to me is always kind of fun. I sway when the bus turns hoping not to fall on people and just enjoy it

We got back to the room by 12:14am and called it a night.

Next up: Holding hands with strangers and driving by the gangsters
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Love your report! So happy to have found it because we are planning to go the same week next year. I have been back and forth thinking it might be too busy - but it looks like you managed fine! Thanks for sharing - look forward to reading more....
MeDH DD(20) DD(19) DS(14)
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I'm joining in!! I love mom/daughter trip reports!
Mom/Daughter Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort:November 2014:http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3349510
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Joining in! Great pics!
For the love of Disney...
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