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Old 05-14-2012, 02:29 PM   #61
Earning My Ears
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Joining in on the fun - GREAT trip report/TR/whatever so far!
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Old 05-14-2012, 04:04 PM   #62
Geaux Saints!
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Just joining - great read so far!

Can't imagine how you guys must've felt when the first night's events (kids screamings in the distance)??!! Holy Hell, that would've killed me and then I would've killed them!

Hurry and finish up, please?!

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Old 05-14-2012, 06:37 PM   #63
DIS Veteran
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Just found you and will read it all but just wanted to comment that it's amusing that nobody's favorite ride is in their favorite park. Just an observation. Really enjoying it and looking forward to the rest.

Oh yeah. I have a trip report too if you get bored. Just sayin'.
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Old 05-14-2012, 11:27 PM   #64
The sky is falling!
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Originally Posted by MEK View Post
Swedish fish vodka? Do explain.
I think Pinnacle makes it, but I don't remember the name. It has a picture of a Swedish fish on it. And it tastes like a Swedish fish. The candy, not an actual fish from Sweden

Originally Posted by MEK View Post
So Bethlehem Brew Works has good fish tacos? Every since Kristin mentioned that I have to figure out how to fit in a visit there pre-flight. I've got to figure out what time to leave here to go see Denny's mom and then make a stop there. I definitely want to check it out.
Open invite!

Originally Posted by teekathepony View Post
Hello! A newbie to your TRs here, all caught up and joining in.
Enjoy! And welcome!

Originally Posted by Disneymom77 View Post
Loving it so far! The beginning of May seems like a great time to be there!
That time is perfect. Unfortunately, with Dylan going to middle school next year, we're going to have to adjust.

Originally Posted by TriniandBre View Post
Awww man!!! I was enjoying reading and I can't wait until your next update. I love the Ziploc bag thing with the clothes. I am going to have to try that with my kids clothes for our next Disney trip (which will be next year ) My oldest daughter is loving your pictures.
Kristin has great packing ideas. Glad you're enjoying this TR!

Originally Posted by kate14 View Post
Joining in on the fun - GREAT trip report/TR/whatever so far!
Thanks! More updates are coming, after a few more replies.

Originally Posted by jwgm2012 View Post
Can't imagine how you guys must've felt when the first night's events (kids screamings in the distance)??!! Holy Hell, that would've killed me and then I would've killed them!
It was awful! I felt a bit guilty, too. Not a great way to start the trip!

Originally Posted by yourMaire83 View Post
Loving your TR so far!
I hope you love the rest of it!

Originally Posted by laura74 View Post
Just found you and will read it all but just wanted to comment that it's amusing that nobody's favorite ride is in their favorite park. Just an observation.
Interesting! I never noticed that. Favorite rides and parks could change, though, by the end of this trip report

Originally Posted by laura74 View Post
Oh yeah. I have a trip report too if you get bored. Just sayin'.
I may just take you up on that. But for now, we close out Day 2...
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Old 05-14-2012, 11:27 PM   #65
The sky is falling!
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After meeting the not-scared-and-or-not-watching-a-kid-who-is-scared crew post-ride, we figured we had time to see the Beauty and the Beast show. Dylan isn't interested, though Emily is. In fact, after learning that Test Track was going to be down during our trip, she did not want to make this trip. The B&B show, in part, got her interested in it again. Kristin and I want to see this again, too, since we passed on it last trip.

PhotoPass CM is inside, though she took this with our camera:

While waiting for the show to begin, my phone started to ring. Who would be calling us?

It was Kristin's mom, who was home alone with Inky, at her house. She said that Inky had thrown up several times that day, but didn't seem very lethargic. She called the vet, and they said she should bring her in. She wasn't sure, though - the dog active, but she just kept vomiting. I asked if there were any leaves or plants in it.


"Was there anything unusual in it?"

"Wood chips."

Ok, that might explain things a bit. This dog will eat just about anything, so accidental poisoning is always a concern. We tell her to sit tight, if she can, and we'll call to check in in a bit.

While putting my phone back in my pocket, I notice a section of my shorts that does not look like the rest of them. Oh, crap...I ripped my pants! It's a very small rip, and in a very inconspicuous place, but I only brought 5 pairs of shorts for the 10 full days were here. Wearing shorts twice is efficient packing. Wearing them three times? Now that's just disgusting

Alright, we'll worry about that later. I'll just keep my legs close together and try to assume the best for the puppy, because it's showtime!

If I had to describe this show in one phrase, it would be "right up Emily's alley". Singing. Dancing. Fancy Dresses. Oh, and a Princess.

There seemed to be some sort of stunt mishap during the performance we saw, because the guy playing the Beast must've slipped and fell onto the guy playing Gaston's blade.

You could tell the guy playing Gaston was concerned, and the guy playing the Beast was in pain, but they were true professionals and pulled it through, never breaking character. Of course, all was ok when it was revealed that the man playing the Beast was none other than movie star Prince Adam.

No, not the guy who played He-Man on the Masters of the Universe show. The one from that Disney movie. And they lived happily ever after.

I would love for a Disney Princess movie to end with, "and the lived happily for a while, until Belle started to think she missed out on the "bad boy" Gaston, and Prince Adam started seeing Teela behind Belle's back. Probably not a good chance of that happening, though.

Anyway, we all loved the show (though for Dylan, "tolerated" may have been more accurate), but it was time to move on.
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Old 05-14-2012, 11:28 PM   #66
The sky is falling!
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Join Date: May 2008
Location: Bethlehem, PA
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With a sick puppy on our minds, it's off to dinner. We'll call Kristin's Mom after we eat. Since we're in Hollywood Studios, we're OBVIOUSLY eating at Mama Melrose. It seems to be the only place we ever have dinner at DHS. It's well worth it, though.

Before we head over, though, Emily makes a purchase:

The role of George Clinton will now be played by Emily. Meanwhile, there's that dinosaur I do not know the significance of:

Hey, check out that CM! She is ROCKIN' that hula hoop!

If I could list my favorite attraction at WDW, it would probably be "random crap". And speaking of random crap, check out the ducklings!


The family pauses to meet Betty White!

And Cosby!

You can almost hear him saying, "and then the child went to Walt Disney World...and I said, 'child, why.....did you go to Walt Disney World? And he said, 'father'...". Almost. I have an Epcot shirt on, in support of my preference to wear shirts in parks other than the one they are advertising.

Look, it's that place where we usually eat lunch.

We grab Star Tours FPs, then approach Mama Melose. The antique store on the corner, which actually looks like a real store, is closing. That seems early. Now, we see the 9th Wonder of the World, the backside of Muppets:

Ok, enough snaps - let's eat!

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Old 05-14-2012, 11:29 PM   #67
The sky is falling!
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I usually have a tough time getting excited over Italian food out, because Kristin can make it as good as any restaurant, IMO, but Mama Melrose is great. I get the first official overpriced drink of the trip with a Moretti, while Kristin goes dry with a Pomegranite Lemonade. Huh?

For apps, Kristin and Dylan get the mozarella...

...and I get the clams.

The clams were fantastic. They were covering a piece of bread, which was completely saturated in clammy goodness by the time I finished the mollusks. Kristin orders a white sangria. For dinner, I got the Chicken Campanelle. Soooo good!

Kristin got the Charred Strip Steak...

...and Dylan got the Chicken Parm:

Whoa. That's HUGE. And this kid doesn't eat. He's also inept with a knife and fork. He realizes there's no way he'll be able to eat all of it, and doesn't look like he really wants to try.

Kristin predicts that she will not be getting the white sangria she ordered. For dessert, they bring out this insanity:

I'm pretty stuffed by now, but I'll have to eat it. The white sangria has, sure enough, not arrived, but the check has. She stopped wanting it about 15 minutes ago, so no worries.

Very good dinner. It's not my favorite layout for a WDW restaurant, but the food is good enough. It comes with somewhat "reserved" Fantasmic seating, too, though it's not busy here today. Thank you, Disney, for upping the number of Fantasmic shows each week!

We still have time to do a few more things before the show, though.
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Old 05-14-2012, 11:30 PM   #68
The sky is falling!
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Join Date: May 2008
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Posts: 1,216

Kristin calls her Mom to check on the dog...no answer. Ok, that's odd. Did she go to the vet? I would think she'd call us first.

We hit Toy Story again, and I win this time. We're tied 1-1. We hit Star Tours again (Tattooine and Naboo), then headed over to Fantasmic.

I was underwhelmed by this show last time, and I'm not sure why. It looks like it SHOULD be cool enough.

Kristin tries her Mom again, and again, no answer. We're a little concerned now. Kristin asks what we'll do if it's something really bad, and I tell her I'm not going to think of that until we have to. Of course, I've already decided I'd fly home if I needed to, and let Kristin and the kids stay. That's last resort, of course.

My phone buzzes. It's not her Mom, but it's a text from a friend back home. The NFL draft is tonight, and I have three friends hitting me with up-to-the-minute texts. There's a lot of drama for the Vikings this year, but they haven't even picked yet.

Due to the timing of our trips, I believe the last time I watched the draft live was when they Vikings took Adrian Peterson in 2007. Minutes later, we headed to the airport

The phone buzzes again, and it's Kristin's Mom. She had been out to dinner. Before that, she had Inky outside for a while playing with the neighbors, and she looked fine. *Phew!*

The show is about to start now. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, the story revolves around Mickey Mouse and a spectator whose camera isn't good at taking night shots. Here are some of the highlights:

There's really a lot more than those pictures show, and it really is an amazing performance. I don't know why I was unimpressed last time. Lots of action, lots of big stuff, lots of water, and fireworks. Oh, and Mickey. Applause!

After Fantasmic, we grab the stroller (Which we didn't really use that much today) and head out of the park. But not until I try to take one last night shot:

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Old 05-14-2012, 11:31 PM   #69
The sky is falling!
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We arrive back at Coronado Springs, and the kids want to go swimming. Ok, no problem. The slide is closed, though, but that's ok. We'll hit that at some point.

Once again this year, I am equipped with my Virgin HealthMiles step counter, which converts steps into cold hard cash. I basically got this because of Disney. I had 18,000 steps the day before, and was at 18,935 now. I'm ready to swim, but no one else is, so I decide to put the step counter on my suit to get those last 65 steps to reach 19,000. I should pace enough before we go, so I'll definitely hit that mark.

The kids had a great time swimming, and Emily met friends (as always). Dylan is content to swim by himself. I think he has a lot of entertainment going on inside his head.

The water was perfect, and this was a nice ending to a great day at DHS. We met a guy who seemed to tour like we do. At this point in the trip, I like talking to people who have been here for a few days already.

While floating (or really standing - I sink) in the pool, I reached down and felt my step counter. Shoot. It's shot. No more steps. No more money! What do you expect me to do - walk for the exercise??

Speaking of exercise, we've all had about as much exercise as we can take for one day. We head back to our building, finding Dan and Jeanette on the benches once again. It's like clockwork!

We talk again, and Fulton's Crab House is being strongly endorsed. We're interested. Very interested. It costs a double credit on the dining plan, so we'd need to do some shuffling. Then again, shuffling up plans is sort of the theme of this trip, so maybe we should. Hmmm...

(next update)

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Old 05-15-2012, 12:30 AM   #70
Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust
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Awesome trip report! Can't wait to read some more!
TR: The 7 days of a 21st birthday celebration (May 18-24, 2011)
TR: "A Poor Student's Food and Wine Diary" or "Crashing My Parent's Vacation" (Nov 9-13 2012)

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Old 05-15-2012, 05:26 AM   #71
DIS Veteran
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Poor Inky!

Your meals at Mama Melrose look delish. I haven't eaten there in a long time, but now I want to.

Fultons is 2 TS credits? Why did I not know that.

Cute pictures of the kids. Not half bad pics of Fantasmic. Yeah for B&B. Guess I won't be going there this summer with 4 nephews.

The Empty Nester's Magical Mystery Tour I Told You Driving Was Bad for Your Health

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I'm joining in! Your touring style seems to be a lot like ours. Last year I dragged a 3 year old, 2year old and a husband through Disney on a commando touring plan. It actually worked really well! Even my husband thought so even though he laughed at me for months when I was working on the itinerary, and our kids did great. Our first trip to Disney in 2010 we went without a plan and missed sooo much.

We went to Mama Melrose last year and ordered those same dishes, very good!
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That food looks so good! Maybe I'll talk my boyfriend into dining there next visit! yum!
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Old 05-15-2012, 10:54 AM   #74
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Signing up.

I guess I don't really need to tell you that you right the best TR's around here but it looked like your ego needed a little boosting a couple of pages ago so there... you can gave it.

Cannot wait to read more.
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Old 05-15-2012, 10:58 AM   #75
DIS Veteran
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I'm joining in! This is the second TR recenty where I've started to notice how amazing Coronado Springs looks! We are trying our first moderate, POR in July...but Coronado Springs has me intrigued! We will try Pepper Market for sure...its looks great!

Looking forward to reading along!

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