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Old 07-27-2012, 07:18 PM   #1
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No Questions! EXPERIENCE!! Four teenage girls go to Disney - June 2012 UPDATE 5/8 x2

Hello Everyone!!!! Welcome to one crazy trip report!!! As the title says, this summer I went on a trip to Disney World with three other teenage girls... yea... anyone who knows anything about teenage girls will probably guess that there was a lot of laughter but also a lot of "I really want to rip their heads off" moments... and you would be right This trip certainly had its ups and downs but I will always remember it as one of the best vacations of my life and it was amazing to share Disney World with my best friends!

When? - June 11- June 17
Where? - Carribean Beach Resort
Who? - Find out below
Why? - Do we really need a reason??? It's DISNEY WORLD!!!

Now on to the cast!


(I just love this picture, and it is my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profile pics haha! I found that tiara in the Mexico pavilion and almost bought it for no reason...)

HELLO! My name is Jamee and I am 17 years old (16 at the time of this trip)! I'm going to be a senior in high school and I am VERY excited for my final year! I was the resident Disney Addict on this trip... like most people on these boards I am absolutely obsessed with Disney World! Also, this year I was a very proud Annual Pass Holder! Last summer my sisters' moved to Tampa, FL so whenever I would go visit we went to Disney! My AP expires in December and I HOPE to get one more trip in My favorite park is always a toss up between Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. On this trip I led the group around and impressed them with my bottomless source of Disney knowledge!

This is one of my best friends, Taylor! She is the reason we went on this trip, as you continue to read you'll see that it was really a trip with her family and she invited me! When she asked me to come I was so excited!!! I think she knew that I liked Disney but I don't think she was prepared for my absolute OBSESSION! Taylor has been to Disney quite a few times but before this trip she hadn't gone in 6 years. She was very excited to go back! Taylor is also 17 and will be a senior in high school. Her favorite park is Epcot. She loves Disney World but not to the point of commando touring... which (SPOILER ALERT) may be the reason for some of the tension on the trip...

This is another one of my best friends, Jackie! Jackie is also 17 and a soon to be senior! Before this trip, Jackie had never been to Disney before!!! It was so amazing to get to see the parks through her eyes as she saw them for the first time!! I loved getting to share the magic with her! Her favorite park is the Magic Kingdom. Jackie was either really high or really low during this trip... she either was right with me enjoying and really appreciating everything, but sometimes she would get this attitude and I'm still not sure why... anyway, those things will come up as the report goes on.

This is Andrea, Taylor's younger sister! She is thirteen and will be in eighth grade this year! She, like Taylor, has been to Disney many times but hadn't been for six years before this trip. Andrea was like a little sister to me and Jackie during this trip and we all got along great! (For the most par you'll have to wait and see!) Her favorite parks were Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

Finally, the last member of this trip was Taylor's dad! (I couldn't find any individual pictures of him, but you'll see him pop up) Before the trip I thought he would be annoyed with the four girls or wouldn't join us or wouldn't enjoy the parks... but I was wrong! He was great! He really did enjoy the parks and definitely could keep up with me!

The whole crew...

This was taken on the last night... you could see how tired we look!!! HAHA!!!

I'm think some of you are probably wondering about the title of the TR... well, the line "No Questions!" was used many times throughout the trip. One day Jackie, Taylor, and Andrea (who were too young to remember the rides or had never gone on them before) would constantly be asking "Now what happens on this ride" and other similar questions to Taylor's dad and I. So one day Taylor's dad was getting annoyed with all the questions and told everyone they just had to experience everything! I'm not sure why but it stuck for the whole trip, whenever any questions would be asked someone would always reply "NO QUESTIONS! EXPERIENCE!" and so it became one of our catchphrases of the trip!

In case you were wondering (which you probably weren't...) our other catchphrase and runner up to the title of this TR was "Law of Averages" because we either had really long bus waits, or extremely short ones. Whenever we would have a couple long ones in a row we would say "Well the Law of Averages says that the next wait will be short..." We really don't know if this "Law" is a real thing... I'm guessing not

That's where I'll leave you for now... I'll update tomorrow with our first day

But for now, I am an absolute Olympics junkie so I will be watching the opening ceremonies... you should all go watch

I'm so obsessed that I even made cupcakes!

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A Tale of Two Flights - Part 1

Welcome everyone! Let's get this TR on the road!!!

Some of you may be wondering about the title of this update. The "two flights" does not refer to connecting flights. There were two flights because for various reasons, I did not fly down with the rest of the group. So I'm going to start with my flight.

On this day... I spent a lot of time waiting in two separate airports... But I was going to Disney so it was ok!

My flight was scheduled to leave at 1:20. My dad was also flying out of the same airport that day so I just went with him. However, his flight left at 11:50 so I had a couple hours to wait once we arrived. I got a Starbucks and a snack and went to the gate. I watched TV episodes on my phone and made a few playlists for the plane ride and before I knew it, it was time to board.

This actually isn't my plane... this was taken from my seat on the plane of the one next to mine, but my plane looked exactly the same!

We took off very quickly and soon I looked out my window and saw this...

I think the view from a plane is one of the coolest pictures ever.

It was a very uneventful plane ride (which I suppose is a very good thing). I was extremely restless though! I was so excited to get to Florida that I just wanted to be off that plane already!!! Normally I am very good on planes and I can listen to music and take a nap or read a book for the whole time, but this time my book couldn't keep my attention and my eyes wouldn't stay closed. So I just put my Disney playlist on repeat and watched these nifty screens over the seats.

They would show a map, and I would watch the plane inch closer to central FL!

And then they would show the time and ETA and I would watch the minutes tick by!

Finally we landed!!!! ORLANDO AIRPORT I LOVE YOU!!! The first thing I did when I got off the plane was check everyone else's flight. They were a little delayed so I had about two hours to wait.

I was starving so I searched out for the food court that for some reason I had never been to in all my trips to Orlando! I got some food from Chick-fil-a and sat down.

In case anyone would ever need to know this, the Chick-fil-a in MCO does not serve milkshakes!!!! I went to order one because I LOVE me my Chick-fil-a milkshakes and the girl was like "We don't serve milkshakes" WHAT!?!?!?!

So sad... but its ok, I would be eating DISNEY FOOD soon enough!

Speaking of which, I loved my Chick-fil-a and it was delicious as always but I just couldn't eat it knowing the amazing food that was coming that week!!!

After lunch I still had plenty of time so I did a little shopping!

Where you ask??

Yes I know, I was going to be there in a few hours! But I had a few things to pick up...

My Trip Journal!!! (which is missing at the moment, oh yea, this is coming all from memory)

My Birthday present to myself! I didn't want to worry about carrying cash around so I just bought a Disney gift card!

I also bought a pair of Mickey earrings because I had lost mine, but I can't find the picture of them...

After making my purchases, I went to sit down where everyone else would come out and started writing in my journal while I waited. I wouldn't have to wait very long and soon I would meet up with them and the vacation would begin!!!
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It all started with a mouse!
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Joining in! I can't wait to hear more about your trip!
Trip Reports!

Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age, and dreams are forever
Wonderful feeling, Wonderful Day!
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Some imagination, huh?
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Waiting in the airport all by yourself is the worst! At least you were surrounded by Disney though!
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Originally Posted by MickeyLuvrLauren View Post
Joining in! I can't wait to hear more about your trip!
Thanks for joining in! Can't wait to share the rest!

Originally Posted by Bell<3Disney View Post
Waiting in the airport all by yourself is the worst! At least you were surrounded by Disney though!
That really was the worst! It was just so lonely and I was so excited to get to Disney already! But if I had to pick an airport to wait in, it would definitely be Orlando!
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A Tale of Two Flights - Part 2

I'm going to do my best to fill in what was going on in the second flight. This is going to be a short update because obviously I wasn't there... But I promise by the end of the update we will all be together!!!

Everyone else was flying out of our small local airport so they didn't have to leave until later in the afternoon.

This is them in the car on the way to the airport

They arrived at the airport, went through security no problem and were at the gate in less than five minutes... yea, it's a REALLY small airport! It's nice to fly out of because it's hassle free but there is really NOTHING to do!

So they just sat at the gate and waited for their flight!

Let me just say that I am so thankful I wasn't on this flight! Andrea and Taylor are scared of flying and they were so nervous about the flight for weeks before hand. Also, this was Jackie's first time EVER on a plane so she had no idea what to expect. But I asked them how it went and they said it was fine... THANK GOD! Had there been turbulence or anyone got sick I'm sure I would've heard about it all week!

So now we'll try and piece together what happened during the flight with pictures I took from Taylor's camera

Them waiting for the flight to take off!

The necessary sky from outside the window picture

I'm guessing Taylor and Andrea passed some time taking pictures, because there are about fifteen pictures of them on Taylor's camera in various poses...

And then they decided to take some with sleeping Jackie... haha! I just love this picture!!

One more window picture... They were flying over water of some sort apparently

FINALLY!! They made it!!! Andrea and Jackie in the airport!!

So once they get off the plane they text me and I tell them I am waiting right by the exit of the faux-monorail for their gate. Then ten minutes later and they say they don't see me and they are near a Starbucks. I look around and the only Starbucks is on the other side of the--- oh wait, I was at the wrong exit, just brilliant Jamee! So I tell them to stay where you are and I was coming, but they moved anyway. Lovely. So then I had to chase Jackie and Andrea around the room going "GUYS!!! TURN AROUND!!!" This must have all been comical to see. Once I caught up with them we lost Taylor and her dad... oh my!

But soon enough we all found each other and took the first group photo of the trip!! (Don't ask me why Andrea is holding Mickey's nose, because I honestly have no idea...)

We were then off the find the Magical Express! We were very excited at this point!

Now this is the first time I've stayed on property (I know right! I was sooooo excited for that!!!) so I wasn't sure where to go. I've heard stories on the DIS of how many people get lost trying to find ME... and we were one of them. We were on the opposite side.

Us searching for the Magical Express that we would never find on that side no matter how far we walked

But eventually we asked someone and then directed us and we were on our way, hopefully we would find it soon!!!

By the way, I'm sorry my photos are so big! I resized them on photobucket but they are still showing up huge!
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Earning My Ears
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Four teenagers at disney, I remember when my two best friends and I went to Busch Gardens all the time... miss those days.... can not wait for another update

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Old 07-29-2012, 11:57 AM   #9
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Originally Posted by BouyeaFam View Post
Four teenagers at disney, I remember when my two best friends and I went to Busch Gardens all the time... miss those days.... can not wait for another update
It was really amazing to be at my favorite place with my best friends! Glad you're enjoying it so far!
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The Magical Express!

When we left off we were lost in the airport trying to find the Magical Express. Thankfully, after a little more walking we came across this lovely site!

We had a bit of a problem at the ME desk. For some reason, AAA had only given us four transfers, probably because I wasn't on the flight that everyone else had booked through AAA. But they had no problem giving us one more, we just had to wait a minute while they printed it out.

After that we went straight through the line right on to a waiting bus! I didn't even have time to snap a picture of any of the signs! I was able to get this one while we waited for them to take our luggage. And we had a real bus! I was so happy for my first ME ride I didn't have to take the fake buses everyone on hear talks about

We quickly filed on to the bus and found our seats. There was still plenty of seats open so we had a bit of a wait. We passed the time by catching up on each other's flights and of course, taking pictures!

Me and Taylor!

Taylor's dad with Jackie and Andrea in the background!

Soon we were off and the lovely movie was starting! That movie really gets you excited for everything that is about to come! I kept looking back at Jackie who was just wonder struck and I could tell how excited she was to be at Disney for the first time!

On our way we passed another Magical Express bus! I quickly took a picture before I realized... that's a sad bus, those people are leaving Disney Sorry people!!

Unfortunately we were sitting to far back to get a good picture of the ARCHWAY!!! But we all saw it and knew that the vacation had officially begun! I then snapped this shot of Jackie taking in the first sites of Disney World!

I can't believe how quickly that bus ride goes by! I mean, we all know it's a fairly decent drive from the airport to WDW but it really didn't seem long at all. Caribbean Beach Resort was the first stop on this route so before we knew it we were passing this!


I was so excited that I forgot to take pictures of the resort while driving in. Don't worry, more pictures are coming later! As we pulled in I took this picture from the bus right before we got off.

We waited less than five minutes for our luggage to come off the bus and then we went inside the Custom House to check in!

There was absolutely no line at check in so we walked right up to the desk! We automatically were given our room assignment and our KTTW cards! Our building was Barbados 12 which ended up being perfect! We literally had a two minute walk to the bus stop and probably a five to ten minute walk to Old Port Royale. Barbados was also a very quiet area which we enjoyed a lot. The only bad thing about out room was that it was on the second floor, but that really wasn't that bad, just a little inconvenient. At first we thought there was only one staircase and we'd have to go through a maze of corners to get to our room. But later that night we found that there was a smaller staircase right around the corner of our room that led to the main walkway to the bus stop and OPR, so that was great!

After getting our cards the lady asked if we were celebrating anything and we were given our buttons.

I got a birthday button!

Jackie got a first visit button (and a birthday button but I'm not sure where that is in this picture).

Andrea also got a birthday button but I didn't get a picture of that.

After that we were pointed on our way and we were off. Another great thing about our room location is that most people need to wait for a bus from Custom House but Barbados was right across the street and we were able to just walk on over.

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Disney Or Bust
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I'm in Great start to your trip! Can't wait to read more

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It's a Mickey Towel!!!

We arrived at our room and started taking pictures of all the decor before the luggage cluttered up the room (and trust me, by the end of the week, the room would be very messy haha! That's what happens with four girls!).

I love all the little details that just remind you that you're in Disney!

A picture of the room including Taylor taking a picture and I'm not sure what Jackie was doing...

The bathroom areas:

The room was not too big but it was plenty big enough for four girls. If everyone was going to unpack their suitcases drawer space would have been tight but it still would have worked. Taylor and Andrea ended up just living out of their suitcase for the week so Jackie and I had plenty of room to unpack. There was a chest that was the perfect size to keep Taylor and Andrea's suitcase on that also had a drawer where they put dirty clothes. I really liked the table right when you came in the door because it was an easy place to dump our park bags and other random things. This helped for two reasons, one, it cut down on the clutter in the rest of the room. And two, we never had to look around for things because everything was on that table.

After getting our stuff in the room we were ready to go. We decided to go to Old Port Royale to pick up our refillable mugs and grab a quick snack.

Some pictures of the (short) walk to OPR.

We arrived at OPR and I thought I had more pictures of this area, maybe they come later. We got our mugs and everyone else used a snack credit but I wasn't hungry considering my snack at the airport.

We all got our refillable mugs. These were really great, especially combined with the short walk to OPR. Whenever we needed a drink you could just pop right over. The only complaint was we wish there were more colors so we could differentiate between them, but it ended up being fine.

Jackie and I got pink and Taylor and Andrea got blue. Which, if we are being honest, probably would have happened even if they had every color under the rainbow. I don't think either myself or Jackie would have let the other have pink! Haha! Such girls!

After this we returned to our room to drop off our mugs, it was great that our room was right between OPR and the bus stop, I absolutely hate backtracking, and went over to the bus stop. Where we waited for a little bit, and then took some pictures to pass the time.

And then we waited some more, and more, and more.... the rest of the buses had come by but we still waited. FYI, this was really the only time we had an awful wait the entire trip. And really it wasn't horrible, I think it was maybe half an hour, maybe a little more. Sooner or later a bus came that said...


MY FAVORITE PARK.... beside Magic Kingdom of course, but that's a given!

And we were off! The bus ride to HS from CBR was less than five minutes! It took way longer to stop at all the different islands (Barbados was right in the middle of the bus stops) than to drive to the park. I think you pulled out of the hotel, made a left and then went through one stoplight, turned left at the next intersection and BAM! You saw that lovely blue sign with red writing that said, Disney's Hollywood Studios!

Jackie was very excited to be on her FIRST EVER DISNEY BUS!!! I wonder if it lived up to her expectations... OF COURSE IT DID! That voice... I can just hear it in my head... WHEN CAN I GO BACK?!?!?!

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What do you mean Pizza Planet is CLOSED!

I don't know if it was the excitement of first getting into the park or what but out of three cameras, none of us got a clear picture of the hat!!! I know! WHAT?!?! So instead you get a slightly blurry picture... SORRY!

Instead of racing straight to Toy Story Mania and waiting in a two hour line (my obsession with this ride and everything Toy Story will come in to play later in the trip, I promise) our first order of business was FOOD! After waiting for the bus, we were all very hungry! I had planned on us eating at PIZZA PLANENT but stupidly I had never checked the hours... We had gotten to the park at ten past nine walked over to Pizza Planet and found out that they had closed at nine! WAHHHHHHHH!!!! I really wanted my Pizza Planet! Would I get my Pizza Planet fix by the end of the trip... or any of that delicious Disney pizza??? Wait and see

We were so hungry so we just started to walk and decided to eat at the first place we saw open... which was...

The ABC Commissary! I know a lot of people dislike this restaurant and say the food is bad, but I have never had a problem with the food and I love the theme! As a HUGE television fan, I love the posters and previews of all of my favorite ABC shows! Modern Family, check. Once Upon a Time, check. Grey's Anatomy, check... the list goes on and on.

We got there at the perfect time, there was not a long line at all but by the time we sat down to eat the line was out the door... I'm guessing Fantasmic had just been let out.

For dinner, I got the Fried Fish and French Fries, Chocolate Mousse, and a bottle of water... YUMM!!! It was lovely, fried, unhealthy goodness! I've always gotten this meal because it used to be named after the show LOST, aka the best show ever! Haha!

Everyone else said they enjoyed their meal too! We didn't take too long to eat and we were off. By this time I was really itching to get on a ride, so where did we find ourselves... STAR TOURS! Taylor decided not to go on with us, she's not a big rider to begin with so a motion simulator right after dinner... not up her alley.

For some reason I've never seen the Star Wars movies. Even though my dad and sister are huge fans! But even though I don't get all the references I love this line and the ride itself!

I love this picture, I think it's so cute!

Unfortunately, I did not reach my goal of being the rebel spy on this ride, that was my main goal of the trip, would I get it?? We all really enjoyed this ride... For some reason Andrea could not stop laughing during the ride... I really have no clue why haha! But I think that meant she was enjoying herself...

We found Taylor on the way out and then made our way over to...

Only Jackie and Andrea wanted to ride. Yea I know. I call myself a Disney fan and I don't like Tower of Terror?!?! Yea, I rode it once a couple years ago and it's just not my cup of tea... so Taylor and I went to look in some of the gift shops along Sunset Boulevard while they rode. It was barely fifteen minutes later before they called us and said they had finished. They both enjoyed the ride. Jackie said the scariest part was the beginning, not the dropping part. They both said the view from the top was even cooler at night!

Even though there were EMH that night, we were all tired from our long day of traveling... such a bad DISer, leaving only one hour into EMH, at least we got two rides in. We thought maybe we would try to get one more in. I had checked the wait for RnRC on the Mobile Magic app and it was only 20 minutes so we went to check it out, but apparently so did everyone else. The line extended halfway through the courtyard. We were all tired so we just decided to end our night.

We walked out through the gift shops and started thinking about what to buy, but that wouldn't come until later. I did take this cute pic of me with the Lotso pillow pet I wanted. Yes, I know Lotso was the bad guy but he's so cute and he smells like STRAWBERRIES! I just wanted to cuddle with him!! Yes, I really wanted a stuffed animal... I promise, I am 17, I just don't act like it Would I get the Lotso pillow pet by the end of the trip? He would have to fight a few other stuffed animals so we would see (I told myself only ONE stuffed animal on my 17th birthday trip!)

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Seems like you had a great time, can't wait to read more especially knowing that with 4 girls in one room for more then a few days there will probably be some crazyness coming up!!
July 2008 FIRST EVER VISIT (POP), July 2010 (POP), Sep/Oct 2012 (POP), Dec 2012 (POFQ) !!!
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Hey everyone!!! Sorry I've been so MIA from the DIS lately! My life suddenly got really busy again with work, but I guess I can't complain about that considering I'm trying to save money for a possible future trip to DISNEY! No real plans... just some random ideas. Then last week cheering started so that took over my life. I'm also trying to finish up my summer work for school. NINE DAYS until the beginning of the end... AKA the start of my senior year! So excited!!!! So yea, I've had a long two weeks so this is my day to relax, catch up on the DIS, and watch the Princess Diaries movies on ABC Family.... sounds like a perfect day to me.

Hopefully you stuck around through that boring life update to get to the real update....

Rude Awakening

Seeing as this was the start of our first day in Disney I assumed everyone would be like me and want to get up early and get to the parks! So the night before I asked everyone if I could set a wake up call, everyone agreed... however, the next morning we would get all get a rude awakening.

When Mickey called at 7:45 that morning I jumped right out of bed and into the shower. But when I got out NO ONE HAD MOVED!!!! WHAT!?!?!? This was how our week was going to go??? I was not a happy camper! I wanted to go to the parks!

Somehow I got Jackie to get up and showered, but Taylor and Andrea had rolled over and gone back to bed! Jackie and I volunteered to walk to OPR to get breakfast and fill up our mugs as long as they promised to be ready by the time we got back. We went and picked everything up and as we were walking back I was praying that they had kept to their promise... Thankfully they did!! We all sat down to eat breakfast before leaving.

My chocolate croissant!!! I had seen these all over the DIS but had never had one! It was delicious! Buttery and chocolatey!!! These became by obsession and I would eat three or four more over the next week!

After we finished breakfast we had a few last things to get ready and we were out of the door a little after ten... not great by any means, but not horrible... I guess.

Walking up to the bus stop we saw that there was a bus waiting so we did what any normal person would do and RAN!!! We hoped it was our bus and it was! And so begins our good luck with buses!!! And which bus was it... MAGIC KINGDOM OF COURSE!!!! Where else do you go on your first morning in Disney!?!?

On the bus we decided to pass the time by taking pictures like usual... this time we decided to post the pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc... you know, just to make everyone jealous that we were on our way to the MAGIC KINGDOM IN DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Along the way we passed the best street sign ever!!! How much do you wish this was your address??

Very shortly we were passing under this amazing archway!

We got off the bus and made our way to the entrance! Of course there were crowds but I was in the Magic Kingdom with my best friends! I wasn't going to let a few people ruin this moment for me!

We made our way into the park... Oh wait... I just realized what I just typed... WE WERE IN THE MAGIC KINGDOM!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now at this point, Taylor's dad turns around and asks me whether the castle is right around that corner... I wasn't sure where he was going with this but I said yes, of course. He proceeded to cover Jackie's eyes and then I finally caught on... None of us told her what was going on but we positioned her right in the middle of Main Street and got our cameras ready to capture the moment she first saw the castle!


To me, this moment was a defining moment of our trip. As amazing as the rides and other aspects are, these are the things that make Disney World special. I don't think anyone could tell me there was no magic in that moment! In was just perfect and I'm so happy Taylor's dad thought of it! I know Jackie loved it and I think we all enjoyed getting to see in for the first time again through Jackie's eyes! And it didn't matter that there was construction on Main Street that partially blocked our view or anything like that... nothing was going to take away from the perfection of this magical moment.

Now, the traditional onslaught of Castle pictures!!!!


Our first stop was not a ride unfortunately, instead we went into the Emporium... This would become a theme of the trip, Taylor really like shopping. Not that I mind shopping, I mean, I love it just as much as any other teenage girl (trust me, I've been to the mall three times this week!), but at 10:30 in the morning I would have rather been running towards a ride. Also, the merchandise is pretty much similar in the major shops but it was fine, we still got everything done.

This morning however I was fine with shopping because Taylor and Andrea had something very important to buy. What was so important you say???


(And although this reference isn't very Disney-friendly, I'm sure there are some other teenage girls reading this that know what we're talking about when I say that it became a running joke to say "I'm a mouse, DUH!" whenever one of us would wear ears! MEAN GIRLS FTW!)

Coming up next... will we ever get on a ride???
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