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Old 05-28-2012, 03:43 PM   #76
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The final scene of the show involved the hero red car again and was the shortest of all that we saw as it basically involved the car jumping over the water as explosians and pirotechnics went off all over the place. They then show you the flimed footage cut into a movie trailer on the big screen as if they just finished making the film you just watched be made. At the end of the show all the cars, stunt men, and vehicles come out and the show is over.

I really liked the show and i'm glad we were able to see at least part of it. Yes i'm sad we missed the opening scene but when your traveling to the park with an Infant or baby there needs take priority. I'm glad we got to at least see something. I'd have to say this is one of the better stunt shows i've seen as I thought it was really well done and is possibly one of the only "studio" aspects of the Studio theme the park has left. There is another Stunt show located in this same park a the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. We didn't watch it this day (although I did see it back in 93) so I can't compare the two honestly. But if you like cars and explosions then this show should be for your. Plus many little boys will love the Cars 2 portion of the show.

After the show we headed back into the Streets of America. As well as all of the 5000 people the show holds. However sitting where we did we got out of the stadium much quicker then everyone else. We now took some time walking around the streets of America as well as down the San Fransisco Streets and ended up at 2 meet and greet locations that we wanted to take Daniel to (ok they both were probably for me too).

The first Meet and Greet that we came to was the Cars meet and greet with Lightning McQueen and Mater. The wait to meet them was short (only about 5 minutes) however I wish they did more then they do. They litterally just sit there. There are engine noises but thats all. And obviously Daniel didn't know what or who they were so he didn't care much lol. Hopefully with what the Disneyland Resort is doing with there Cars Characters for the debut of Carsland and there meet and greets there they will carry it over to the Studios in Florida. The characters there will move there eyes and speak in real time to the guests like Crush does at Turtle Talk.

The next Meet and Greet was the Phenias and Ferb on located just outside the Muppet Vision exit. This wait was a bit longer and took nearly 20 minutes. But I really wanted to take Daniel to see them. I won't lie I absolutly love there show on the Disney Channel. Yes I have it set to record all new episodes on the DVR as I think the show is very funny. I also think its one of the best shows on tv right now. So we had to see them lol. Daniel of course as with all characters loved them and I think he even recognized them unlike other characters that he still loved. I guess this Meet and Greet can be one of the buisest in the park so if you want to meet Phinias and Ferb be prepaired to wait or go early in the day.

With the meet and greets done now we went back into the Streets of America one last time before going to the last attraction that we wanted to see before it closed for the day. Daniel started to show that he was tired as you can see in some of the photos and he would eventually crash out for a nap. The Streets of America do look cool and really do give off that "backlot" vibe. I just wish there was more to them or that there was more to do back here other then Lights Motor Action and the Muppets. However I would love to see them during Christmas time when the Osborn dancing lights are taking place as I'm sure the Streets of America are very magical during Christmas time with those millions of lights up everywhere.

Alright that concludes this update. Again please feel free to ask any questions or comments you might have and i'd be happy to answer them. Only one update left for our Hollywood Studios day. Thanks everyone.
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Old 05-29-2012, 12:31 PM   #77
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My DH & DS are getting really into Phineas & Ferb so their meet & greet will definitely have to be on the list for next trip.

I absolutely adore Muppetvision 3-D but unfortunately, it just didn't hold DS's attention last time, so it will probably be awhile before we attempt it again. He doesn't have a very long attention span! I have always loved the comedy of the Muppets and Bean Bunny has long been a favorite, so I'm always excited to see this show that showcases his character!

DH and I were big fans of the Star Tours update also! I have seen all the movies, but I'm not all that big on Star Wars in general. But the updated attraction is really amazing, and so cool how it is really a whole new ride every time. I have gotten Darth Vader a few times in the opening scene and DH is so jealous because he has always gotten the Stormtroopers! They really did a great job with the update!
Me DH DS (3)
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Old 05-29-2012, 09:47 PM   #78
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Joining in..LOTS of catchin up to do
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Old 05-30-2012, 06:34 AM   #79
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Aw so glad your DHS day was so great!! Question for ya - I thought I read in some TR that in order for their baby to meet characters they had to be wearing shoes (despite being too young to walk). I noticed Danny is barefooted in your pics - did you ever have to put shoes on him??? We never put shoes on Aria and I was worried about having to always have her feet toasty in shoes just to meet characters.

Anyway, also good to hear how great the baby care center - awesome the stroller is allowed, too. I love the idea of private rooms, you said they were also private at AK right? Can you bring the stroller in there too?

As for the FP/ rider swap, I don't see a problem. We planned to do that, or get 1 FP for 1 attraction, and 1 FP for another one, and then get rider swaps (depends if we want to ride that particular ride more than once each). It IS a nice way to beat the FP return time rule though - I love that! LOL. Why oh why did they have to change that policy!

Looking forward to more!
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Old 05-30-2012, 04:12 PM   #80
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Originally Posted by khertz View Post
My DH & DS are getting really into Phineas & Ferb so their meet & greet will definitely have to be on the list for next trip.

I absolutely adore Muppetvision 3-D but unfortunately, it just didn't hold DS's attention last time, so it will probably be awhile before we attempt it again. He doesn't have a very long attention span! I have always loved the comedy of the Muppets and Bean Bunny has long been a favorite, so I'm always excited to see this show that showcases his character!

DH and I were big fans of the Star Tours update also! I have seen all the movies, but I'm not all that big on Star Wars in general. But the updated attraction is really amazing, and so cool how it is really a whole new ride every time. I have gotten Darth Vader a few times in the opening scene and DH is so jealous because he has always gotten the Stormtroopers! They really did a great job with the update!
Yes I love Star Wars. And the never version of the ride is great. Although I do miss the old one as well it was really showing its age. I don't know what kind of condition the Hollywood Studios version was in as the last time we rode the original version was at Disneyland in 2008. On that ride the simulator was very rough and the film was looking pretty beat up. So glad to see the attraction get some love and be great once again. If Disney really wants to combat the Wizarding World then a full Star Wars land could do it.

Originally Posted by mandas08 View Post
Joining in..LOTS of catchin up to do
Thank you for joining in. Yes I know theres a lot to read but I hope its worth it

Originally Posted by Imagineer5 View Post
Aw so glad your DHS day was so great!! Question for ya - I thought I read in some TR that in order for their baby to meet characters they had to be wearing shoes (despite being too young to walk). I noticed Danny is barefooted in your pics - did you ever have to put shoes on him??? We never put shoes on Aria and I was worried about having to always have her feet toasty in shoes just to meet characters.

Anyway, also good to hear how great the baby care center - awesome the stroller is allowed, too. I love the idea of private rooms, you said they were also private at AK right? Can you bring the stroller in there too?

As for the FP/ rider swap, I don't see a problem. We planned to do that, or get 1 FP for 1 attraction, and 1 FP for another one, and then get rider swaps (depends if we want to ride that particular ride more than once each). It IS a nice way to beat the FP return time rule though - I love that! LOL. Why oh why did they have to change that policy!

Looking forward to more!
Having the Infant wear shoes is news to me. Of the dozens of charaters we met over the span of the trip we never were told Daniel had to have shoes on to meet the characters. I honestly don't see how that could be a problem unless the characters were holding the child. So its something I wouldn't worry about.

Yes the stroller was also allowed in the Baby Care Center and private rooms of the Animal Kingdom as well. However both the Magic Kingdom and Epcot had stroller parking areas outside the doors as Strollers were not allowed in ether of them.

Our original plan was to do that. Hold a fastpass for 2 attractions at a time and utilize rider swap with them. However we found this idea to be more of a hastle as many of the rides that we could do this on were spread so far apart. Thats why we found grabbing 2 fastpasses and 2 rider swap cards worked out better for us as it allowed for more rides on a single attraction. And we never found ourselves having to skip something else. We were still able to see and do all the major attractions multipule times using the 2 fastpass/2 rider swap for 1 attraction then holding 1 fastpass for multipule attractions.
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Old 05-31-2012, 01:25 AM   #81
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Day 6: Hollywood Studios Part 3

The next attraction that we would be doing is the Backlot Tour. I know this isn't popular amoung many people but we figured we would give it a try. Keep in mind that this attraction is fairly long as it takes around 35 minutes not counting the wait in line. I know this ride typically has a short wait but it was really busy at this time. We waited for about 15 mintues before we were finally in the group to start the tour.

The first portion of the Backlot Tour is a special effects presentation about a harbor attack. I honestly didn't take too many pictures here as I thought there was gonna be more to it as i've seen people who become a part of this portion of the tour but there was nothing of the sort on our visit. It was just the 2 hosts talking about how they accomplish the scenes and then they were demonstrated without actors. It was pretty neat to see none the less though although the water tanker scene wasn't as exciting without an actor.

The next portion takes you into the "prop" warehouse. After passing the chicken coup thing from the Hanna Montana movie you enter a building filled with whats suppose to be hundreds of props from different movies and TV shows. I don't know if everything in there was used in front of a camera at some point or not but it is pretty cool to look around and see everything to see if you can recognize something. This is also the waiting area for the tram portion of the tour.

We however had no wait at all. We walked strait thru the warehouse and were able to make it on the Tram that was loading at the time. Although we barely made the cut as we were placed on the very last row of the tram. Not the most ideal location for the Catestroph Canyon portion of the tour but it wasn't bad for everything else.

The first portion of the tour is said to give you the best views of the actual former Icon of the Hollywood Studios the Earful Tower. This Mickey themed Water tower though was kind of hard to get a photo of based on the placement of the sun at this time of day. You also pass some older cars and planes that were used in the movie Pearl Harbor.

You then enter a building and pass the Wardrob department where the tour claims costumes are designed and made for movies. However since no movie production takes place at Hollywood Studios I believe I heard they produce the Cast Member costumes for the resort here. They also have more famous costumed lining the tunnel you go thru but I was never able to get a decent picture of any of them.

After exiting the building you pass the first of a set of vehicles that were used in movies such as the Nascar Herby used in the the movie Herby fully loaded. Theres not to many vehicles in this portion of the tour though as its just a brief drive by as you make your way to the primary portion of the Backlot Tour. Catestroph Canyon.

I don't recall going thru the canyon or the back lot tour at all when we came here when I was younger. Kiera didn't remember much of the tour itself however she did remember seeing Catestroph Canyon. This is suppose to be a movie set that takes place in a canyon when disaster strikes. It is very cool to see and hands down the best portion of the Back Lot Tour. However being on the last row of the last car in the Tram you don't exactly get the best viewing of the canyon disaster. You see the rain and the flash flood as well as some of the fire effects but thats about it. Although the Canyon is good and the highlight of the tour you can't help but ask yourself if the land the canyon and entire tour takes up could be put to better use for the the Theme Park.

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Old 05-31-2012, 01:26 AM   #82
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As you exit the Canyon you will pass the Light, Motor, Action arena and get a good look into and behind it. You will also pass the Private plane that was used by Walt Disney himself and other Disney executives as they traveled from California to view the progress on the "Florida Project".

The final portion of the tour takes you past more movie cars. However the highlights of these vehicles for me were the 2 that were used in the Star Wars films.

As I said earlier I didn't think the tour itself was bad. However it continues to pretend that Hollywood Studios is a working Movie Studio when thats no longer the case. The Backlot tour is worth seeing once but after that you could skip it on future trips as it does take up alot of time. I also think that the land could be used better for the theme parks and hopefully a large expansion will take place here soon.

You exit the trams and tour and enter the American Film Institute exhibit. I don't know if they regularly roatate out this exhibit but at this time it was featuring Villans from movie history. As you walk in the first thing you notice is the Star Wars display featuring the Sith Lords themselves Darth Vader and Darth Maul. Seeing the actual Vader costume really puts into perspective how tall Vader is suppose to be.

As you continue thru the exhibit you will recognize the Red Queen costume from the latest Alice and Wonderland Movie as well as a full size Alien from the Alien series of movies.

Another Disney Display is that from the Pirates of the Caribbean films featuring the Orgin used by Davy Jones and Captain Barbossas costume.

Another Disney film feature is from Enchanted where the Evil Queens costumes are shown. After checking out the exhibit you exit into the Backlot Tour store which carried much of what you'd find elsewhere in the park so we didn't stay here long.

By the time we finished with the Backlot Tour and Villans Exhibit we were hungry. We figured we would just grab dinner at the Backlot express which is located just outside the exit to the Backlot tour but we were suprised to find that it was already closed up for the day. So we decided to walk down Mickey Ave to see if we could find somewhere else to eat.

At the end of Mickey Ave you once again come to Pixar Place. I didn't realize earlier how close Pixar place was to the back of the park. I guess thats because of the odd shape and layout the Studios has as one point only a small portion was open to guests and the theme park. Over the years as Disney shut down actual movie and tv productions in the studios the Theme park slowly moved into those sections now creating the odd layout you see.

After passing thru Pixar Place we found ourselves back out in front of the Sorcerers hat at the end of Hollywood Blvd. We were very hungry now and then I remembered that we were nearby the ABC Commissary. This Counter Service restaurant should have something that we would like to eat for Dinner. Since its located right next to the Great Movie ride it was a short walk from where we were at.

We walked in to the ABC Commissary and were happy to find a very short wait for food. For dinner tonight I decided to get the Angus Cheeseburger and Fried Shrimp while Kiera deciced to do something different and ordered Turkey Sandwich off the kids menu. You might be asking that isn't the Kids menu for kids? Well technically yes but they never questioned anything when I ordered it. It was still a fairly large portion and was plenty of food to fill Kiera up. I also thought the Cheeseburger was very good. The condiment table here also had lots of different options for sauces.

After dinner we made our way back to Sunset Blvd as this would be the area we'd be spending the rest of our night in. We still had 2 Rider Swap cards for the Tower of Terror so that was where we were heading next. It was also now nearing Daniels feeding time again so Kiera would be heading into the Hollywood Tower Hotel first. Plus since she had only rode once today it was just natural that she should go first. She returned fairly quickly and loved the ride once again. Since Daniel was hungry and not enough time to go to the Baby Care Center she decided to go strait to the Hollywood Hills Ampitheater to find us spots and try to feed Daniel there.

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It was now my turn for the Tower of Terror again. My now 3rd ride of the day. I entered the Fastpass line using our final Rider Swap card only to find it wouldn't have done me any good ether way. There was litterally NO wait at all in the standby line. I walked strait into the preshow room with no wait and had there been anyone riding standby then they would have done the same thing. After the preshow there was a very short wait in the Boiler room as I probably only waited for 1 elevator before it was my turn to load. This ride turned out to be the best ride I had on the tower all day. The drop sequence I had on this ride seemed longer then the other 2 and it even briefly stopped where the ghosts of the guests appear again before launching back to the top fo the tower. It was the best ride of the night and if I wasn't getting pressed for time I would have ether rode the Tower again or ran back to Star Tours to use the final riderswap card (Kiera never got the chance to ride again) but we had one last thing to do tonight before the park closed. Something that was on our must see list.

That final thing was the show Fantasmic! When I exited the Tower of Terror the show was only 15 minutes away from starting. Kiera had already gone in to find us seats and to try and feed Daniel and she was really easy to find once I got inside the theater as she was sitting strait ahead at the top of the section. However the was much more packed then we expected it to be so she didn't get a chance to feed him until the show started and it was dark. Although he was a little fussy for being hungry there was a little girl sitting next to us that seemed more then happy to entertain Daniel as she loved making him giggle and laugh.

The skys (suprisingly) got dark quickly and the show soon began. This show is suppose to be one of Mickey Mouses dreams that thanks to some of the Disney villains quickly turns into a nightmare. The show stage and arena look top notch. And the show starts off great with Mickey bringing the Water fountains and screens to life with the help of some additional pyrotechnics.

The water screens help transition the show into the next scene that features many Neon colored animals roaming around the mountainous island. It also features some characters from the Lion King. This transitions again into the waterscreen where it seemed like hundreds of bubbles with scenes from Disney's most popular movies float by. The waterscreens are a very neat effect but from where we were sitting they were kind of difficult to see what was on them. I don't know if this is because of how the Screens are designed or if it was just our vantage point of the show.

As the screens go out there now a battle that seems to be taking place on the Island from the movie Pocahontas. This battle is then covered by the waterscreens as some familiar Disney Princesses with there Princes float by dancing the night away on some boats. Those featured here are Ariel and Eric, Belle and the Beast, and Snow White with her Prince.

Mickeys dream up until this point has been happy and exciting but its about to take a turn for the worst. The Evil Queen from Snow White appears and is very upset by the magic mirror (in the waterscreens) tell her that all 3 princes are fairer then her and in Mickeys imagination Love is whats important. Angered by this she creates a spell and brings about Disney's most Vile of Villains. Jafar then sends Mickey into the cave where Mickey battles Jafar in the form of the Snake. Upon finding a Magic Lamp it gets worse for Mickey as now he is face to face with Maleficent in her Dragon form.

The waters are now on fire as Mickey battles the huge Dragon. This portion of the show is pretty amazing and really well done. In an uphill battle against the Villains and a powerful dragon Mickey calls upon his greatest wepon of all to defeat the Villains. His Imagination. He creates a wall of fire and extinguses the flames and then kills the dragon with a sword.

In the Finale a Steamboat comes out being drivin by the Black and White Mickey from the 30's. The Steamboat is packed with all sorts of different Disney Characters and Heros from the film history.

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The celebration of Mickey triumphing over Evil concludes amungst a large Display of Pyrotechnics, fireworks, and use of the Fountains. Mickey appears at the highest point of the mountain in his Sorcerers Aprentance outfit amoung the many fireworks going off. Then Poof Mickey vanishes and reapears at the stage level in his regular outfit. He then vanishes again and the show concludes.

I was really impressed with the show. In fact it would end up being my favorite nighttime show out of all the different ones we saw on this trip. I really liked the fact that they mixed in character actors with the fountains and pyro as it really added a new element that none of the other shows had. I now understand why the show is so popular and on so many must see lists. I recommend this show to anyone wanting nighttime entertainment at Disney World. Now I really wanna see the Original Disneylands version as I hear its better then the Hollywood Studios version. Dispite the fact that viewing the show isn't as good.

As the show finished everybody would attempt to leave the theater and park at the same time. To avoid this we decided to wait a little bit longer until the theater was nearly empty before we left. We weren't a big hurry and we'd rather be waiting in the park instead of being stuck in the parking lot or waiting for the tram.

We finally felt the theater had emptied enough and after retrieving the stroller we made our way back to Sunset Blvd. It was much quiter this late at night with the streets much more empty and no sounds of screams coming from the Tower of Terror. Sunset and Hollywood Blvd really look great at night and the Tower of Terror looks especially creepy at night as there really isn't much light illuminated on it.

On the way to the park exit many of the Sunset and Hollywood Blvd shops are still open so we decided to look around some of them before leaving. In the Planet Hollywood Store they actually have multipule props from different movies including the Pink and Yellow Rangers suits from Power Rangers the Movie, a Gremlin, and the Terminators clothing.

As we exited Sunset Blvd and walked on to Hollywood Blvd we decided to stop and get some night photos with the Sorcerers Hat before leaving. Disney of course had multipule Photopass photographers set up. This was the first and only time we saw a Disney CM get snotty with us. I asked if we could get our photo taken and he directed us where to stand. I then handed him our Camera and asked if he would take a photo with that as well. His reply was "Theres now way a photo on your camera is gonna turn out good when its this dark". I told him to take it anyways as my camera does pretty well with night photos. He took the picture looked at it and replyed "Told you it wouldn't turn out good". I took the camera and we made our way to a different Photopass CM. I honestly didn't think the picture was horrible at all. I don't know why the guy seemed so awnery about it.

Before we left the park we took one last look in the main store located at the enterance. Although you get back to the hotel much later we don't mind waiting and spending a little extra time in the parks as it sure beats having to deal with the crowds. Plus the parks look great at night. Its a look that you don't get to spend much time in during this time of year.

We exited the park nearly an hour after it closed for the night. And we were able to catch a tram right away with no wait. The CM speaking to us on the way out to the parking lot was very funny as well as she would say stuff to the people walking and even reminded us that we were on the most popular ride in the park as the majority of everyone will ride it twice (something I would learn to be very true at the Animal Kingdom later in the week). We arrived back at the car and got everything loaded and strapped in and once agian "Crazy Girl" was playing on the radio.

As we exited the parking lot our day at Hollywood Studios was over. I really enjoyed our day here and I think Hollywood Studios might be my favorite park as I found many of my favorite Disney attractions are located within that park. I know it gets a bad rep for there not being much to do or for there not being many child or family rides. But as we proved it is easily a full day park and we still didn't do everything that the park had to offer as we still missed the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, the One Mans Dream exhibit, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Disney Jr. on Stage, and possibly the biggest thing we missed the entire Animation building. This park is every bit as fun as the larger Disney parks. Yes theres many shows compared to rides but thats part of the fun. Disney isn't just about rides. Although the lack of many rides doesn't make it very repeatable. The Magic Kingdom and Epcot are diffenitly more suited for multipule visits during your vacation (dispite Hollywood Studios being a more favorite park). Those other parks are just so much larger that theres even more you miss out on in a 1 day visit. However I think this park is very good and shouldn't be missed if your pressed for days. It will be interesting to see if that opinion changes when Daniels older and we go there.

Back at the Hotel Daniel crashed out fairly quickly and I did as well while I was in the process of sorting thru pictures lol. We had another busy day ahead of us tomorrow. With 2 Disney parks done we now only had 2 left to go on this trip. Where would we end up next? You'll just have to wait and see.

And that conclude Day 6. As always comments and questions are welcomed and a big thanks to all of you still following this review.
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Day 7: Magic Kingdom Part 1

As I begin my next installment in this trip report let me first preface that this "Day" might be the longest recap that I do. It will have the most photos shared of a single park and will include a ton of writing as we got alot done in this day. If you havn't read the title yet you could probably guess then that today we will be at the Magic Kingdom. The flagship park at the Walt Disney World Resort. Because this will be the longest recap yet with the most pictures i've decided to spread this day over 4 updates instead of the past 2 or 3 updates seen in my previous recaps. With that said lets move on to the actual recap of Day 7.

This day would once again be an early one. Although we weren't in a rush to be at the park prior to rope drop like we tired for the previous day at Hollywood Studios we still wanted to get to the park as early as we could before the popular rides got major lines. We were up and ready and after grabbing breakfast at the Hotel today we were in the car and on our way to our 3rd Disney park of the trip by 8:45am.

Today upon turning onto World Drive and entering the Disney World Property we would be following it to the nearly the very end of the road. Yes thats right. Today we would be going to the flagship park. The most famous and popular Theme park in the world. The Magic Kingdom.

The roadways around the Disney Property can be pretty confusing. But none more so I don't think then those around the Magic Kingdom area as we've been lost here during past visits as some roads lead to the Theme Park parking lots while other roads lead to the Resorts situated around the Lagoon. However this time when we were actually trying to park at the theme park parking lot we found there to be many signs directing us to where we needed to go.

After passing Disneys Race Track (where the Richard Petty Driving School and Exotic Car Experiance take place. I wish I could have done ether) we pulled into the Heros parking lot. The Magic Kingdom pretty much has two Large lots. Heros and Villains. Its then divided into sub lots from there. Having never parked in the Villans lot though I couldn't tell you which was better to park in. Both were open. We just went followed the signs to the Hero lot.

Once we parked our car and got everything we would need for the day we quickly made our way to the Tram. At the Magic Kingdom the tram will be pretty much a required ride if you drive your own vehicle as the parking lot is located a ways away from the Ticket and Transportation Center. The tram ride takes less the 5 minutes so its not a long ride. The tram operator will also give you a run down of important info about the park that day. You are also reminded that the trams will only run for 1 1/2 hours AFTER park close. So keep that in mind. They also make sure you know to return to the correct tram area once the park closes as the different trams run to the different parking areas.

As we already had our park tickets we would walk right thru the nemorous ticket booths. If you didn't have your tickets yet this is where you could buy them if you were going to only the Magic Kingdom or if you were going there first. Unlike all other Theme Parks though once you pass the ticket booths you are not at the enterance to the park. Infact its still off in the distance.

Your now presented with 2 oppertunities with how to get to the park. You can take the Monorail. Or you could take the Ferry boat. The monorail is the faster way to get there (most the time) however we decided at this time to take the Ferry as we figured it would make for a more exciting approach to the park. Plus the views of the park and surround resorts our excellent from the Ferry. We figured that we would ride the Monorail back once the park closed later that day.

We had a short wait as the Ferry was just about to dock as we walked up to the waiting zone. Before long we were on the boat and we made our way to there very front to watch as we approached the Magic Kingdom. Not only was this our first trip together on the Ferry as a family but it would also be the first time that Daniel ever went on a real boat. To the left hand side you could see Disney's Polynesian and Grand Floridian Resorts. The last time we saw Cinderella Castle was acutally from the beach of the Polynesian back in 2009 as we watched the Fireworks and Water Light parade from it prior to our cruise. Before that though it was 93 for me when I saw the Castle. And Kiera had never really seen the castle as it would be today as when she went in 97 it was decorated as a giant birthday cake.

As we glided across the Lagoon we would soon be passing Disneys Contemporary Resort which I always thought was SO cool as a kid since the Monorail travels thru the center of the Hotel. Not long after that you had a clear view of Space Mountain as well as Cinderella Castle towering over the Magic Kingdom train station. Now if you don't recall Disneyland is considered myself and Kieras "Home" Disney park. I had gone countless times as a child and still enjoy it as an adult. But the parks Icon, Sleeping Beauty Castle, tends to get alot of grief from WDW veterens for the castle being so Small compared to Cinderella Castle. As we approched the park though this was an instance where I prefered the smaller size of Sleeping Beauty Castle. And thats because I hated how you could see Cinderella Castle outside the Park. At Disneyland all you see is the train station. No indication of what lies beyond the Berm. The magic unfolds before you as you walk thru the tunnels on to main street and see the charming castle at the end. Although the approch to the Magic Kingdom is still magical it just didn't have that since of excitment and wonder that the Disneyland park has by not seeing inside the park until you walk thru the tunnels.

We soon disembarked the Ferry and in a few short minutes we would be walking thru the gates to the Happiest Place on Earth (ok maybe the 2nd happiest behind Disneyland). Overhead though on the Monorail tracks something was about to pass that I was really hoping i'd be able to see. The Avengerail. I know its been critized what not if these movie wraps should continue being done or not but I thought it was pretty cool. Of course I'm a geek at heart and love superhero movies so Kiera may have been embaressed to be seen with me as the Avengerail went pass. (By the way the Movie was AMAZING and if you havn't seen it yet you need to).

As we finally walked thru the main gate we found ourselves in a familiar yet different setting. We were in front of the Magic Kingdom train station about to begin our exciting day. Its interesting how similar the Magic Kingdom is with Disneyland however different at the same time. Its kinda like the Disneyland of the Twilight Zone. Its familiar but somethings off. Its a feeling i'm sure those who are most familiar with the Magic Kingdom feels when going to Disneyland for the first time. We had to get a photo first though before heading thru the tunnels and onto main street. I mean how better can we "let the Memories begin" then a photo of our Sons first trip to Disney. We asked another family to take the photo though as there was a long line for the photopass photographer. Although we really liked how the picture turned out there was one problem. She only took the photo of Kiera and I. She didn't put Daniel in the picture. If you ever get stopped to take a photo please be take a photo of the whole family. They will appreciate it much more. Or take multipule pictures even.

On the other side of the tunnel we entered that Magical world of Disney. We were on Main street in the most popular theme park in the world. It was once again a familiar but different feeling as the Magic Kingdoms Main Street seemed much larger and more grand then Disneylands. However I think there was a certain charm about Disneylands Main Street that was missing from the Magic Kingdoms. At the end of Main Street was that once again familiar but different Castle. This time the much taller and more magnificent Cinderella Castle.

As we strolled down Main Street there citizens of Main Street were out performing and welcoming guests to the Park. The main street vehicles were moving by as we walked down this street of amazment. It was almost like walking into Disneyland for the first time all over again. Of course one of the blemishes in the parks on this trip was the giant box and tarp that is covering the Main Street Bakery right now as the fascade is getting a referbishment. Although it somewhat ruins the pictures and views down Main Street I understand that it needs to be done and this type of stuff need to happen before the summer crowds arrive. We took our photo with a Disney photopass person but the photo got this box/tarp in it. Good thing Disney has multipule photographers lining the street so we got a better photo with no tarp just a little further down the street.

We would be heading directly towards the castle as our first destination would lie behind it. That place is Fantasyland. The castle is obviously much different then the one we are use to seeing in California. Instead of small and charming the Castle here is Large and Magnificent. However it fits the park perfectly. Magic Kingdom is much larger then Disneyland and has a much larger Hub and Lands then its sister park. So the Castle here works perfect with the size of the park just like the the Castle at Disneyland worked out perfectly for its parks size. Of course first though we would pass by the "Partners" statue that features Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse. A symbol of this happy place that not only started with a Mouse. But also with that man who took chances when others said it was impossible. We then walked thru the center of the castle and entered a world of Fantasy.

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Upon reseaching this trip thru easywdw.com and other Disney World forums it is evident that you should head to Fantasyland first thing as it will get packed quick and stay packed all day long. Although we left for park at 8:45am by the time we walked into Fantasyland it was now nearly 10am. The park had been opened for an hour already and although there were crowds it was nowhere near bad yet (it never really got bad the whole day). The most popular rides in the land are Peter Pan's Flight, Winnie the Pooh, and Dumbo. So first thing we did was walk over to Peter Pan to pull 2 Fastpasses for the ride. Upon pulling the Fastpasses though we also got "Suprise Fastpasses" kicked out to us for Mickey's Philharmagic. Awesome we got Fastpasses for a show that doesn't need Fastpasses. Needless to say we never used these Suprise Fastpasses.

With Peter Pan Fastpasses in hand we made our way to what would be our first ride of the day and one of the other very popular Fantasyland attractions. Winnie the Pooh. We parked the stroller by Philharmagic and then decided to walk down to Winnie the Pooh where we would walk past a large part of the Fantasyland expansion thats currently being built. The first part of this expansion is already open in the Storybook Circus area of Fantasyland. The next phase will see the opening of the Little Mermaid Dark Ride and the Beauty and the Beast Restaurant. The final stage will be the opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster. The construction site is fairly massive and it will be pretty neat to see once its all completed in 2014. Although I don't think it will be the Potter beater they want it to be. Many of the Facades of the Fantasyland expansion are finished already including the Beasts castle off in the distance.

Of all the Fantasyland Rides i'd have to say Winnie the Pooh easily had the best facade. When the ride recieved its interactive que the facade was also redone (I believe) and the Tent fascade was gone. In its place was an actual wooded area look complete with the tree that use to be a part of the Winnie the Pooh playground before the area became the Fantasyland expansion. For the ride being a popular one the wait wasn't too bad yet with only a 20 minute wait listed. This would also be the first time we had experianced the Disney Nextgen Interactive ques that are being put in all over Disney World (we have only used the fastpass line at Soarin). I really liked how detailed the kids play area was in the que dispite us never going in the area. It looked like some kids were having fun playing while there parents waited in the section of que that passes the play area. We really liked the items you play with while moving in the que though like the Honeyscreens as Daniel had a blast touching and moving the Honey.

The wait only ended up taking about 15 minutes before we started the ride. This ride takes you on a short dark ride thru a Winnie the Pooh story that I belive is set up on the pages you pass in the que. I wasn't a big Winnie the Pooh fan while growing up but Kiera was. Dispite this I thought the ride was really cute and Daniel really liked looking around at everything. You will probably enjoy the ride much more if your a Winnie the Pooh fan but as for me I think I would have still prefered Mr. Todd who once upon a time occupied this location. However compared to Disneylands Winnie the Pooh ride I thought the Magic Kingdom version was MUCH better. The only exception being no matter how neat or fun the Interactive Que is I liked the outdoor que and loading area in California more.

With Winnie the Pooh out of the way and still time to kill before we could use the Peter Pan Fastpasses we next made our way to the ride located next to Winnie the Pooh. A ride that as of this writting has now been closed for 3 days. That ride was Snow Whites Scary Adventure. On May 31st the ride closed forever as it will be gutted and the space rethemed to be a Princess Meet and Greet Area. The posted wait was the longest we saw at this time in Fantasyland (with the exception of Peter Pan) at 25 minutes. However since we knew the ride would no longer be around next time we return we decided it would be worth the wait. Luck was in our favor though as the wait only was around 15 minutes. This ride difines Classic Disney Dark ride and compared to the Disneyland version is the more superior of the two. It isn't the best Dark ride in the Parks or even Fantasyland but its a ride that will be missed. Yes the ride would be a little redundent with the Mine Train Coaster across the walkway. However its too bad the space is being turned in to another meet and greet location instead of a newer dark ride. It will always be the first ride that Daniel rode that no longer exists.

When we exited Snow White we could tell that Daniel was getting hungry as it was just about his feeding time. However before heading to the Baby Care Center to feed we would be going to Peter Pans Flight. Our Fastpasses could finally be used so we made our way back to use them. Peter Pan is located directly across from Its a Small World and is possibly in the most congested area of the park. The walk way thru these two attractions are very tight and there are strollers parked everywhere.

The posted wait at Peter Pan was I believe 40 minutes so we were pretty happy we had grabbed Fastpasses earlier. In the Fastpass line we waited no longer then 5 minutes before we were boarding our Flying Pirate ship to Neverland. Peter Pan has been one of my Favorite Classic Dark rides since I was a child. I don't know if its the inverted track or what but its always been special to me. And that must be true for others as well as this ride constantly has long waits no matter what Coast your on. This ride was great as usual (perhaps better since we waited so little with Fastpass) however I do think the Disneyland version is better and more superior. Disneylands seems longer with additional scenes and effects. Plus its the original version. Still this ride is one that shouldn't be missed no matter what Magic Kingdom style park you visit. I recommend grabbing a fastpass in Florida so you don't have a long wait. At Disneyland get there early as there is no Fastpass offered there. It will be interested to see what Disney does to the Que here as its rumored to be getting and Interactive Que Makeover in the next few months.

With 2 of the busiest Fantasyland rides out of the way we it was now time for us to leave Fantasyland and go to the Baby Care Center so that Daniel could feed. We walked back thru the Castle and across the Hub to where the Baby Care Center is located. In the Magic Kingdom you will find it located in the Hub next to the Crystal Palace Restaurant. Just outside the Adventureland enterance. The Baby Care Center here in the Magic Kingdom was set up similar to Epcots as strollers are not allowed inside and the Nursing Room is one large room that is shared by multipule people so you will want to have a cover up here. Needless to say I wasn't allowed in the Nursing room though.

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Since I couldn't go in the feeding room with Kiera I decided to head over to Tomorrowland to grab us Fastpasses for Space Mountain while she feed. As I made my way thru the Hub though the Celebrate Street Party was going on. During this "Party" many different Disney Characters come out on floats and a dance party takes place in the Hub. Although there were alot of people around watching the party I was able to make my way thru the area fairly quickly. I was actually pretty surpised to See Mr. Incredible and Frozone on one of the Floats.

Although many of the lands in the Magic Kingdom had a familiar layout and vibe as the lands at Disneyland, the Magic Kingdoms Tomorrowland is very different then Disneylands. Although they have similar rides the look and layout of the lands are very, very different. Disneylands Tomorrowland gets critized pretty badly due to the Failure of the 98' Makeover. However I think I prefer it to the more Cartoon feel of the Magic Kingdoms Tomorrowland. Although one things for sure the Magic Kingdoms Tomorrowlands theme seemed to be more cohesive thruout the whole area compared to Disneylands mismash of themes. Plus the Peoplemover is still around here and the Astro Orbitor is up on the Platform where it belongs instead of on the ground blocking traffic flow.

I made my way to the back of the land where Space Mountain is located. It was clear right away how much Larger the Magic Kingdoms Space Mountain is being the original version compared to Disneylands Smaller version. However would it be better? I wouldn't know yet at this time as I was pulling 2 fastpasses for the ride that we would also get Rider Swap for. The ride at the time of pulling the Fastpasses only had a 15 minute wait and with Kiera still feeding I contemplated waiting in standby to ride while Kiera finished. However for some reason I decided against it at this time.

As I walked back to the enterance to Tomorrowland I came across the attraction that I could go on while waiting for Kiera to finish feeding. It was an attraction that I was hisitant about doing. Its an attraction that is widely Hated amoung the Disney fan community. However with it being an attraction that would require a rider swap anyways if we both wanted to do it I figured I would give it a try and judge the attraction for myself. And if it was any good Kiera could then do it later. That attraction would be none other the Stitches Great Escape.

There was literally no wait for the attraction so thats what swayed my direction in going on it. The show I guess takes place during the first movie before Stich escapes. After being directed that you are new prison guards you are sent into a chamber to guard Stich while he is transported. While your watching him he ends up breaking out and causing havoc all thruout the chamber your in before escaping. Well lets first talk about the good things going for the attraction. The Animatronics used in the preshow and Stitch himself are Incredible. Possibly some of most well done Animatronics i've seen in any of the parks. Unfortunatly thats where the good ends. I know this ride replaced the much scarier and adult themed Alien Encounter. Which my Father in Law still raves about and my wife still says it really scared her. Stitch tried to take that technology and make the show more funny instead of scary by using the technology. Unfortunatly it Just doesn't work though and I was bored out of my mind and happy the ride was over. Really you can just skip this ride. Don't bother with it. Spend your time on something more worth while. I'd like to see this technology put back to use for what its original intent was. To give us a scary experiance.

When I finally finished with Stitch Kiera had already finished feeding Daniel and had just entered Tomorrowland. I meet up with her at the enterance and told her that Stitch was something she diffenitly didn't need to do. While walking back into Tomorrowland though we found Push. Push is a trashcan that moves around on his own around Tomorrowland and can often times be hard to find. I thought it would stand out more in appearance but it really does look like a normal trash can that can move around on its own. A neat touch for the land.

Now that I was back in with my Wife and Son and time still to kill before our Space Mountain Fastpasses would be avalible we next went to the Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin attraction. This ride was the first Dark Rider shooter that Disney did. Not only is it here in the Magic Kingdom but theres also a verson of it called Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters in Disneyland. Leading up to our trip I saw that Buzz could get some longer waits. Heck its an attraction that offers Fastpass. However when we got in line the wait was posted at 5 minutes and thats exactly how long it took until we boarded. While in Line you pass and large Animatronic Buzz that Daniel absolutly went crazy for. I tried getting a photo of both of them in the shot but it Blured. Daniel loved him as i'm sure he thought it was just another character being lifesized and moving and talking.

On this omnimover you board your vehicle and then help Buzz and Space Command defeat the evil emporer Zerg. You have guns attached to your vehicle and shot at targets thruout the ride. Theres even a lever you can use to spin your vehicle around. Last time we went to Disneyland Kiera distroyed my score on this ride however i won this time around. To be fare though Kiera said it seemed her gun wasn't working too well. The ride is alot of fun and one that I wouldn't miss at the Magic Kingdom. I can't decide which version was better though. Although I prefered that the Disneyland version used hand held guns instead of ones attached to the vehicle, if I recall right Disneylands version does not allow you to spin the vehicle yourself. Also it seemed like Disneylands version was all "Cardboard" Cutouts where only some of the Magic Kingdoms were cutouts. Both are good though plus with the more Cartoonish Tomorrowland theme in Florida the ride fits the land much better.

In the exit shop you can view your on ride photo and they have all other sorts of Toy Story merchandise. Theres also a photo spot where you can be captured with Zerg. If you want to meet Buzz Lightyear in the Magic Kingdom you can do so right outside the attraction. Daniel once again got very excited seeing him as we exited the ride. However since we saw Buzz already at Hollywood Studios we didn't wait in line to see him again.

The time was now ready for us to use our Space Mountain Fastpasses so thats the direction we went. We would utilize the same double fastpass/double rider swap plan that we used in Hollywood Studios here again today. Upon walking up to the attraction we asked for a Rider Swap card to use again later as I entered the Fastpass line for the ride. Wow the walk to the loading area is a long walk. I know that Space Mountain is technically located beyond the Berm so thats why the walk is pretty long. It almost reminded me of the long strait shot que of the Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland. There was no waiting in the Fastpass line as I walked almost strait to the loading area. However there also wasn't a very long line for the Standby riders too. At the split point for the 2 tracks I was sent to the Right (sorry i'm not sure which track is which).

Upon boarding the vehicles it was evident that this ride was gonna be very different then the Disneyland version. Instead of the side by side trains in Disneyland the Magic Kingdoms trains you sit front to back in a line like the Materhorn. The Magic Kingdom version also doesn't have onboard audio like Disneylands although there are multipule sound effects that you fly past. Although the jist of the rides are the same where your in small spaceships flying thru dark space thats where the simularities end. The 2 rides use completly different track layouts. It became clear too pretty much by the first turn that I was in for a very rough ride. Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom rattled me around more then any steel coaster i've been on. This thing is very rough and the small space in the train doesn't help at all. I almost couldn't focus on the effects because this thing was banging me around so badly. It really is that rough. However it did seem like it had some good drops and I did like how the track was laid out. The ride is also a pretty decent length. So is it better then Disneylands? Not in my opinion. Disneylands is much better and very smooth compared to the Magic Kingdoms. The ride is much funner in Disneyland as your not getting beaten up riding the thing and the onboard audio really sets the mood. The Magic Kingdom version is still a very good ride and should not be missed. Just be prepaired to get banged around. Theres not many coasters that I can say gave me a headache. However this one did it. Upon exiting the ride you have another long walk back to the park passing many diaramas on the way there.

When I returned to Kiera I told her that how rough the ride is and that I don't think it was one I would want to ride again immediatly. However I would want to ride again later in the day. Just not right now. Kiera braced herself and before entering the Fastpass line with the 2nd Fastpass we got we asked for another Rider Swap card giving us 2 Rider Swap passes now for Space Mountain that we could use again later in the day. While Kiera was in the ride Daniel and I walked around the Space Mountain area little and even Saw Stitch again out and about. Kiera soon returned and had the exact same reaction to the ride I did as she felt the ride was very rough and also now had a Headache. She still thought it was fun though and also went on the right hand side track. She just wouldn't be up for another major ride for a little while.

And that concludes my first Magic Kingdom update. As I said there will still be 3 more parts to come so stay tuned. As always thanks for following and your questions and comments are welcomed.
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So glad the MK report is finally here!!! We have 2 more days and we are off on our way to WDW with our 6 1/2 month old and his teen brothers for 13 days total. I have picked up so many useful tips so far. Hope MK is finished by then; because its our likely first stop. We just followed your lead and did Hotwire for a 2 br condo. we got one in Championsgate at exit 58. this will be my first time since I was 8 entering thru the "Main" entrance to world drive. How is the traffic headed that way in the am? it looks like we have to take I4 to exit 62 at least; so want to know how much time to leave if you happen to know.
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Originally Posted by Jfstorm View Post
So glad the MK report is finally here!!! We have 2 more days and we are off on our way to WDW with our 6 1/2 month old and his teen brothers for 13 days total. I have picked up so many useful tips so far. Hope MK is finished by then; because its our likely first stop. We just followed your lead and did Hotwire for a 2 br condo. we got one in Championsgate at exit 58. this will be my first time since I was 8 entering thru the "Main" entrance to world drive. How is the traffic headed that way in the am? it looks like we have to take I4 to exit 62 at least; so want to know how much time to leave if you happen to know.
Thanks. I'm glad somebody was looking forward to hearing about it. Unfortunatly with how much info I have to share I don't think the whole Magic Kingdom update will be completed before you start your vacation. However if you have any questions that I havn't answered yet then please feel free to ask. I'd be happy to give any advice of tackling the parks with an Infant that I can. Even if I havn't got to or finished that parks update yet.

We never encountered bad traffic on Disney Property. Exit 62 was the highway that lead to our Hotel and will also have a large intersection with World Drive before passing onto Disney Property. Once you get on World Drive though and pass thru the Disney World Gate you are looking at a 3-5 minute drive to Hollywood Studios, 7-10 Minute Drive to Epcot, 12-15 Minute Drive to Magic Kingdom. However I'm not sure how long the drive is to Animal Kingdom going that route as it was literally down the street from our hotel so we took a back road to get there.

Anyways I hope you have a wonderful vacation and that you find the parks as easy to handle with an Infant as we did. Please let me know if theres anything else you want to know.
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I am really enjoying reading your posts and have been geting some good ideas for you. We will be heading to DW in Feb. with a 6 month old as well as a 5 and 6 year old. I had no idea we could get fatspasses and then ask for Rider Swap passes. Did any of the CM's give you trouble getting one and then going into the Fastpass lane or askng for a second Rider Swap a little later on? This is such a great idea! Can't wait to read the rest of your MK updates!

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