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Old 05-08-2012, 10:09 PM   #16
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Habe a great trip!!

Kaitlin: Lover of 5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction, Jonas, and Concerts
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Old 05-11-2012, 03:53 AM   #17
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Quick Update as I sit on my computer in the Magic Castle Hotel.

Saw a major celebrity tonight (got to walk right behind him!). Any gueses?

Also had a private magic show from...well, lets not mince words, the man is a mathematical/card genius. I just looked him up online, and wow. And by private...I mean myself and Brian. The man took us down to the basement of the Magic Castle and we sat in a dark theater, the only light was a small spotlight pointed at the card table. Amaaazing.

All the details and more after the conclusion of my trip!! Stay tuned!
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Old 05-17-2012, 11:10 PM   #18
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I'm back We got back home at about 3 am (our connecting flight from Phoenix was a little delayed). Today I drove to PA to pick up the dog and cat, and I spent a lot of time getting my pics on the computer and going through them. Hopefully I will get started soon!
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Old 05-20-2012, 05:57 PM   #19
haley's mom
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Cannot wait to begin to read yout TR. My family too visited WDW on a yearly basis (if not more) since 2005. We took our first trip to DL in 2010 and will be returning in 2012. In 2010 we visited during the Halloween season, next year's trip will be in May. Looking to hear about weather and crowds.
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Old 05-22-2012, 01:06 PM   #20
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I hope to have the first day up on Wednesday night. I am writing the text of the report at work (yes, I am bad). Then when I get home I am going to add in the pictures then post it. Only problem is last night I had free tickets to MIB3, and tonight is bowling league. So after Wednesday night I think I should be posting updates pretty regularly.
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Old 05-24-2012, 09:33 PM   #21
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Day 1: Travel and Downtown Disney

Hi everyone! I am a day late, but hopefully my first installment won't be a dollar short

Hope you enjoy!

The weekend before we left was super busy (isn't that always the case?) Saturday I was trying to get everything packed, and I think I succeeded for the most part. Brian's half of the suitcase was, not surprisingly, empty. This freaked me out quite a bit but he assured me it would be done and we wouldn't be late. We then went to bed early so that we could wake up
at 5 am on Sunday to head out to Akron for my little sister's college graduation. While in Akron, we handed the pets off to my parents to babysit (my parents are their grand paws, ahhaha I love terrible jokes).

Love that pic of Toulouse as a kitten!

Sirius is probably the best dog ever, and he came from the shelter

Then we headed back to Columbus, where once again Brian did very little packing and I was running around frantically printing off documents and buying last second tickets (to places like Madame Tussaud's and the Paramount Studio tour). We finally went to bed.

First day of the trip dawned pretty early for me...not that I had to be up early, our flight was at 1:40 pm, but I could not sleep so I was
up at 6 am. This also happened on Saturday...I was like the little kid in the old Disney commercial, too excited to sleep, so I was up at 7 am on Saturday all excited.

Anyway, I was a little ticked I was up so early because I wanted to be rested, but what are you gonna do. I spent the day leisurely making sure I had everything, while Brian packed like a maniac. Before we knew it, it was time to meet our friend at his house.

(sidebar): I had just bought a new Challenger, and I do live in a nice little condo place in a not so bad neightborhood, but I was worried
about leaving Roary the Challenger unattended for so many days, so we decided to leave him in our friend's parking lot at his apartment.
It's very secluded and that way at least we knew he would be able to check up on the car (make sure it's not stolen) every day. (end sidebar)

So after shoving all of our luggage in his very small car (we had two carry on bags, a garmet bag, a giant black suitcase, and a filled to bursting
oversized duffle) we were off on the 10 mintue drive to the airport.

Everything went smoothly through check in (giant black suitcase=46 pounds for the win!). So now we are at the gate with like, an hour and a half
before boarding. This is where MISTAKE #1 of the trip occurred. Eating at the airport Chili's. $60 and some mediocre food later...I was a bit cranky for having spent that much right away. But oh well, can't stay cranky on vacation!

Soon we boarded the plane and the flight went relatively smoothly, we had a layover in Phoenix so I think our flight was about 4 hours. We had a smooth layover as well, then we boarded the plane and ended up sitting right in front of a couple with about 6 kids under 6. They were awfully loud while we sat on the tarmac (that is the nicest way I could phrase that) and we thought we were in for a loooong one hour flight. Musta been some early pixie dust though, because once the plane went into the air (all the kids chanted, as if on cue, Off to Neverland!) we did not hear another peep out of them for the rest of the flight. Phew.

So there we were in San Diego at about exactly 5:05 pm, which had been our time of arrival from the start, not bad, huh? Lets keep in mind this
translates into 8 pm for our bodies/minds. So we drag all our luggage across the airport to the little bus that will take us to Avis.

I think I am generally going to include prices for things like rentals/tickets etc. (maybe it will help someone out in the future). I got our rental car off Priceline, I was able to get it for 10 days, the smallest size car, for $177 (including tax). I felt this was a pretty good price as I'd been checking online for months and hadn't been able to find anything below $212. I had to go through the whole sales spiel at the counter (no sir, I do not think
our luggage will have trouble fitting into the car, I will just come back to see you again if it doesn't). So we went out and found our little Kia Rio, our luggage all fit perfectly into the trunk (didn't even need to use the backseat).

Then we went to check out at the security booth and made
MISTAKE #2. I couldn't find out rental papers right away, so I had handed my license to the security guy and he had walked away with it to talk
to another employee, he comes back, I hand over the papers, he gives the papers back and we are on our way. A minute down the San Diego street I realized I did not have my license. We did a frantic search of the car (well, Brian did) and eventually pulled a U Turn to head back to get my license. The guy had it in his pocket not too pleased with him, not too pleased with myself.

So we were finally on our way to LA, I was delighted at the low flying planes as we headed out of the city (doesn't take much I guess). The drive seemed to fly by as I looked at all the new scenery (remember, Brian had lived in San Diego for a time and I'd never been in California). There was a picture of a pretty hot air balloon taking off.

There really was no traffic at all and we soon reached Anaheim. I started to take pictures of signs...wooo road exit signs!

Then we were off our exit and hunting for our hotel. I'd reserved 3 nights at the Super 8 on Katella for $55 a night, plus free parking and
free wifi and a free breakfast.

Seriously people, that is an awesome price. I was expecting a run down dump, especially when I went into the lobby to check in. I found a free spirited hippy running the counter that was decorated with advertisements that looked like they'd been put up in the 80s. Anyway we checked in and drove to our room, there was plenty of parking available that day and all
the other days. We had a second floor room and...surprise! The room was actually pretty awesome. The beds were super comfy, the carpet, while kind of old looking, was not dirty at all, the bathroom was clean, the internet was not super slow and the tv even had HBO!

That is where the lobby is, the nice little sitting area above the lobby looked nice but we never had time to go up and investigate.

The pool, it was little but seemed clean. Once again, sleeping at nights/breaks sounded better than pool time, so never used it.

View from the room, we were always able to park right underneath.

Beds were soooo comfy!

Loved the showerhead!

I think that was a total score for $55 a night.

The schedule had Yamashiro listed for dinner tonight, I had made a reservation for 9 and we were getting ready to go in the room at 8 and
we were feeling pretty tired. We both agreed that neither of us was up for driving that far tonight (about an hour each way with no traffic), so I called and cancelled the reservation in the hopes of rescheduling later, and we hopped into the car (well, I suppose we didn't literally hop, but I was pretty bouncy since I had just arrived at DISNEYLAND!), and decided to have dinner at DD.

I had looked through all the restaurants and menus beforehand (I am a good DIS'er) and tops on my list was Jazz Kitchen. We found the free parking lot for DD (I believe it was free because we were planning to stay for 3 hours or less). I was mesmerized by the Rainforest Cafe facade, that thing is freakin amazing!

Amazing! Amazingly bad picture!

We looked at the menu outside Jazz Kitchen, Brian thought it was a bit too expensive but I convinced him to go for it (I was paying for it
anyway, so not too much skin off his back). We easily got a table (inside, it was a bit chilly for me outside). He had the Pasta Jambalaya and
I ordered the Cajun Corn Bread side and the Coconut Crusted Shrimp app, yep, I am not a conventional restaurant orderer.

Brian loved his pasta, I had a taste it was real good.

I, of course, was also in love with my meal, since coconut shrimp and corn bread are two of my favorite things. By the way, whatever dipping sauce the corn bread had....that was incredible.

The piano player came in about halfway through our meal and he was real good. Added a lot to the atmosphere, I really wanted to request
Rhapsody in Blue, but I had no clue if he took requests.

We were all dressed up for our Yamashiro dinner hahaha.

We finished our meal and walked around DD a bit. I saw D Street and was in love (that seemed to be happening quite a bit to me tonight, doesn't it?), we went inside and looked around and I vowed I would be back later.

We walked around a bit more, but I was very cold and we were both pretty tired and knew we had to be up for MMH. We headed back to the car,
took the short drive to the hotel and were probably asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

UP NEXT: will we wake up in time for MMH? DL in the morning, then Conan O'Brien tickets for the afternoon.

QUOTEABLE QUOTES: 'off to neverland!'

LOWLIGHTS OF DAY 1: definitely the big Chili's bill. Also driving off while the security guard had my license in his pocket (see what I did there?
I am not just blaming he or I, we are both to blame...I guess...well maybe he has 51% and I have 49%).

HIGHLIGHTS OF DAY 1: seeing all the different architecture/landscape of California ,driving down Katella at nighttime and seeing all the palm trees and hotels lit up. I love nighttime, and this area was so sweet looking in the dark.

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Old 05-25-2012, 03:12 PM   #22
Earning My Ears
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Wow I love this tr! What a great post - I can't wait to hear more! I especially love the "Off to Neverland" oh be still my heart - what cute kids <3
Next trip: Sept 2013
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Old 05-25-2012, 04:10 PM   #23
Can't wait for more!
I love mexican food, sooo Much!
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I love a couple of things about your trip report... first you super cute dog, and that you stayed at my very first Disney trip motel! It was once the Westward Ho! Of course that was in 1976, lol!
Love to hear more!

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Old 05-25-2012, 10:48 PM   #24
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Originally Posted by Khiori View Post
Wow I love this tr! What a great post - I can't wait to hear more! I especially love the "Off to Neverland" oh be still my heart - what cute kids <3
Thank you Yeah, the kids on the plane was such a funny/weird moment. We went from feeling annoyed and afraid that the kids would be screaming the whole flight (one of the younger girls was doing that 'I'm going to do an ear piercing scream as loud as I can because it is funny to me' scream, and she was doing it over and over. To feeling awww, 'yes kids, we are off to Neverland'.

Originally Posted by kylie71 View Post
I love a couple of things about your trip report... first you super cute dog, and that you stayed at my very first Disney trip motel! It was once the Westward Ho! Of course that was in 1976, lol!
Love to hear more!

Aww don't forget the super cute cat! He was cuddling with a penguin!! How much cuter can you get? lol. I think I like the sound of Westward Ho! better than Super 8. Was it western themed?

I don't think my next update will be until Sunday or Monday. My little sister is having her college graduation party tomorrow, so that'll take up my whole Saturday. Luckily, I already uploaded the pics for the next day (it took foreeeever, that is why my first installment was a day late, I didn't realize how long it would take to upload). All right its way past my bedtime, thanks for reading!!!
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Old 05-26-2012, 01:01 AM   #25
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Hiya! We stayed at the Super 8 on our very first trip to DL. We liked it also and would have stayed again except for the walk. The pool was great when we were there.

Can't wait to hear more!
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Old 05-29-2012, 10:48 AM   #26
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Day 2: Disneyland

I had my alarm set for 6 am today. Yeah yeah, Magic Morning Hours does not let you enter until 8 am, but, seeing as this was my first EVER day at DL, I wanted to be ready and waiting at the turn styles at 7:30. I also had no idea how long it would take to walk from the hotel. So better safe than sorry, right?

Being myself, I was awake before 6 and could not fall back asleep (if you are beginning to wonder just exactly how many hours of sleep I got on this trip...I think the answer would be in the ballpark of 'not much').

We were up and ready and out the door at almost 7 am on the nose. We stopped by to grab some free breakfast, which I think consisted of cardboard sugar donuts and cereal. We each grabbed a CSD to eat on the walk over. Here is where my craziness paid off, we walked up to the security tables at 7:15 am and we were definitely the first ones in line. How do ya like that?! Very first ones! I was pretty excited with myself.


Oh Pumba....

They opened up the security lines a little bit later and we were allowed to pick a turn style to stand in front of. Where I was, the crowd had made two lines and a CM informed us we needed to have just one line where we were. Brian and I moved over to the designated spot. A little boy behind us with his grandparents promptly begin to whine that he had been first in line at DL and he was confused about why he wasn't anymore. I kind of rolled my eyes at his complaint (I was quite sure we were first in line at DL that day), but being at DL and all, I offered to let him be in front of us so that he could be first.

We struck up a conversation with his grandparents and chatted about what we were going to do that day. They had never been before and didn't know where they were going first. I suggested they might want to head for PP first and then knock out the rest of FL (which was our plan). The grandmother said in a joking way that they would just follow us around, to which I responded 'you can, but I'm not really sure where I'm headed since I've never been here'. I kind of got a weird look for that, since I'd just told them in great detail what they should be doing first, but I didn't really feel like explaining about spending most of my free time for the last 2 months researching on the internet. I just kinda smiled and right then a CM walked up and asked the little boy if he wanted to open DL. Of course he did, so he and his family got pins and were let into the park. I am going to admit, I was a little miffedthat I gave up my spot to the little boy who got to open the park and I got nothing (hey, I like special pins and experiences too ). Oh well, I was over it in a few minutes and I was appropriately happy for the little boy (I also realized I wouldn't have been picked to open the park anyway), but, I'm just bein honest about how I felt at the time.

I did get some sweet empty pics of the train station while waiting for my new friends to open the park.

I'm supposed to be looking excited and happy to be starting the day...I honestly don't know why I ask for my photo to be taken.

Anyway, the park opened and we were off! Literally, cue Oh Fortuna here people and fire the cannons. It was like the gates had just sprung open on the Kentucky Derby.

Brian and I were walking fast (not running) but still had time to make plenty of funny/sad? observations. There was a mom practically sprinting down Main Street, her kids were splayed out in a crooked line behind her trying their darndest to keep pace, for all the world looking like a line of baby ducklings trying to keep up with startled/fleeing mama duck.

This....except imagine the mama duck going full out like there is some crazy predator behind her and the babies are pelting along behind

Her husband (I assume his name was Tim) wanted nothing to do with her headlong flight down Main Street. I know this because she kept throwing looks over her shoulder and shouting 'Tim!' 'Tim!!Come on!' Looking behind me in the general direction that she was, I thought I had Tim pinpointed. I am not sure but the middle aged man with the slightly red expression and eyes looking everywhere but straight ahead was probably said Tim.

(Tim not pictured, just a general crowd shot)

We had made it about halfway down Main Street when a little boy stopped and knelt to tie his shoe. His mom realized he had dropped back and turned around to yell at him to keep up, and that he didn't need to tie his shoe. He said 'but Mom I just tripped' and she yelled 'Leave it! Come on!' and grabbed him by the arm and carted him away.

Meanwhile, we were now at the Castle, I think I took a few in motion shots.

A security guard asked a running family to slow down, so they stopped running for literally 2 steps and started up again. We were now emerging from the Castle path into FL and another family flew by, a younger girl shouted 'Wheres Jimmy?' and the mother replied 'Leave him! He'll find us eventually!'.

And it was time for our first ride!!

Continued in next post....

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Day 2: Disneyland

We entered the queue for PP, gave a cheerful wave to our 'opening the parks' friends from earlier in the day, who were just ahead of us in the queue (I hope they ended up havinga good trip, that was the last time we saw them, I was happy to see they got on PP first thing). We had about a 3 minute wait for PP and then we were off!

Now being the WDW vets that we are, I thought I'd include a little comparison between rides that DL and WDW both share. So its time to introduce the RIDE COMPARISON segment of my trip report *fanfare*

RIDE COMPARISON: PETER PAN. This is one of my favorites at WDW, I just love it. I definitely have to give the opening edge to WDW's PP, I am absolutely in love with the 'flying over London' scene at WDW, and I just think its better done there. However, the rest of the ride is leaps and bounds better at DL. Though the premise is basically the same, DL seems to have executed it better. Those stars around Neverland are just amazing. And I think the WDW ride is a bit run down and overuses the black light a bit much. WDW does get a few points for having FP, while DL does not.

EDGE: DL just barely squeaks by.

After PP we walked right onto Pinnochio.

...I feel the need to pause here. OMG, that ride was terrifying. Not to me so much (ok, maybe a little), but I have no idea how kids go on this and aren't traumatized.

Then we walked onto Mr. Toad (this one was a little scary too, and having never seen the movie it is based off the plotline was a little hard to follow).

We then waited about 10 minutes for Alice (is this more popular than the other FL rides, or is it just a slower loader?). I wasn't really impressed, I'm not a huge fan of the disney version of Alice, but Brian liked the ride

That is the absolute snootiest caterpillar I have ever seen in my life. My gosh, that guy is full of himself.

After Alice we glanced around and decided FL was getting a little crowded, so we headed for Future World.

Doesn't look crowded, does it? Not sure what we were thinking.

We lamented the closure of the Matterhorn, would have loved to ride this.

It was only about 8:30 am at this time, so we still had half an hour of our MMH.

We were able to walk straight onto SM...well...we did after our 10 minute foray into the SM queue. Whoa, walking that queue
took a long time and I wasn't even sure if I was still in California by the time we entered the ride building.

RIDE COMPARISON: SPACE MOUNTAIN. Holy kleenex Batman. Is the DL SM a different ride entirely?! I loooooved it. I really can only go on the WDW SM about once a trip. It kills my neck and I just don't enjoy it one bit. And I am most definitely a coaster fanatic, I grew up with yearly trips to Cedar Point and rode on everything as soon as my height allowed it. The DL one has music! And it is just soooo much fun.

EDGE: DL DL DL. May as well just demo WDW's cause it is not even the same ride.

We then walked right onto Buzz (I lost, but just barely).

RIDE COMPARISON: BUZZ LIGHTYEAR ASTRO BLASTERS. Meh, being able to pick up the gun is kind of cool, but I don't really think it added or took away from anything.

EDGE: Neither, I think the ride is pretty much the same at either park.

Then we walked onto ST. I think we got the Darth Vader opening, the pod race, Princess Leia and then Fett/Death Star.

RIDE COMPARISON: STAR TOURS. I had already been on the updated version in WDW, and the ride experience is the exact same.

EDGE: WDW (disclaimer: I am a huge SW nerd). Um...yeah, the WDW version has the Ewok village and a giant lifesize AT-AT out front. Plus the speeder bike photo op.

It was about 5 minutes to official park opening, so we headed over to wait for the opening of Adventureland. We thought there might be a tricky way to enter the land before the other park visitors, so we looked all over, but we didn't find any way so we stood behind the rope between FL and Frontierland (in hindsight, we shoulda waited with the crowds in the hub, we had a much longer walk this way).

We headed straight to IJ with the other multitudes and grabbed a FP for later then got in line with everyone else.

I think the wait was about 15-20 minutes. We had fun in the queue though because someone (not naming any names) had to go and collapse the ceiling. I loved the old timey ride instruction video and the entire queue was sweet. I thought the ride was very good (I'm also a huge IJ fans, spotting a trend here? I admit it, I'm just a nerd in general and I'm into nerdy stuff), but I am not really going to do a ride comparison between it and Dinosaur at WDW, while they both use the same track I don't really consider it to be the same ride at all.

I think we lost some time here where we kind of wandered around deciding what to do. We chose the HM and headed over to New Orleans Square. I thought the HM looked a lot like my Grandmother's house.

I don't think there was a wait, we walked right into the stretching room/elevator. I really tried to pay attention and see if I could tell it was a working elevator, but I don't think I could.

RIDE COMPARISON: HAUNTED MANSION. I know people disagree, but I like the facade of the WDW version better. I noticed that you walk through a couple scenes from the ride (at WDW) during the queue in DL, like the flashing portraits and the end scene with the bride saying 'hurry back'. Besides that the ride was almost the exact same, I think the WDW version has a few extra rooms (like the floating everyway staircases). DL does not have the hitchiking ghosts at the end.

EDGE: WDW. I like the facade better and it has the hitchhiking ghosts and the cool effects they do.

And here we come upon vacation MISTAKE #3: Not giving ourselves enough time. We made a huge mistake next, we decided to get into the POTC queue which said 10 minutes but looked huge, even though we had a BB lunch reservation at 11:30 and I think it was 11:10. I just wanted to hang out and be at BB exactly at 11:30 (I knew that was important if I wanted a water seat, and I most definitely wanted a water seat), but Brian was convinced we'd make it in time and I gave in. I have no clue why we thought we would make it, Brian later said he forgot to factor in the ride time.

This turned out to be an even bigger mistake because we ended up on the ride with about 3/4 of the occupants madly taking flash photos during the entire ride. There was an entire family group who looked like they were most likely from Greece or Italy. After about the first minute of constant blinding flashes, I politely asked if they could stop taking photos as it was really hurting my eyes, the small family behind me chimed in and said it was bothering them too. Our polite protestations fell on deaf ears, however, and we got to endure the rest of the ride with aching eyes. I am not
going to review POTC right now, between the strobe light effects of the pictures and the fact that we were missing our ADR time, POTC would get a review it did not deserve.

We quickly headed to BB (which wasn't hard since it is so close to the POTC exit. We were about 25 minutes late, and of course we could not have a water seat because they had all been taken already. After we were seated I went into major meltdown mode. I was not pleased that I had spent all that time planning and finding out how to sit by the water, only to have it ruined because Brian thought we could make it through POTC in time.

I will stop here and say that while Brian was the one who insisted we would have time, if I had really put my foot down and said no he would have gone along with me. So while I blamed him at the time, it is really my fault. One of my favorite restaurants at WDW is the place inside Mexico where you get to watch the boats from the ride. Here we were seated right next to the kitchens

I ordered the Monte Cristo that I'd heard so much about, I think Brian got some sort of Jambalaya again. The one good thing about this meal was the Pomegranate Lemonade, no other place in DL had any, and believe me, I asked. I really was not impressed with the sandwich. The potatoes were delicious, but I was disappointed with the Monte Cristo. For some reason I'd never heard it described as a deep fried sandwich (just amazing), so I was surprised when I saw it. I am not sure why I disliked it so strongly, could have been because I was already upset, because I hadn't been expecting a fried sandwich or just that I'd heard so many good things about it that the sandwich could never possibly live up to my expectations.

I am not really going to say anything more about the disappointing meal, I was nasty to Brian the whole time and he felt bad and it was just not a good time.

We also had to leave DL right after we were done eating, we had tickets for a Conan O'Brien taping and it was time to head back to the hotel to get the car and get going.

UP NEXT: Our Conan O'Brien tickets, and then we make it back to DL before closing.

QUOTEABLE QUOTES: 'No waffle maker!?? Hulk Smash!!!' this is from our discovery of the meager breakfast fare.

LOWLIGHTS OF DAY 1: Being late for our BB lunch, and me losing my cool because of it.

HIGHLIGHTS OF DAY 1: Seeing the park for the first time and the awesomeness that is SM.

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Enjoying your report, and feel for you over BB. I'd have lost it like that, too-late, stressed, and then after all that, you're paying huge money for BB food.
Sara : , married to David , Mom to Mary, age 17 , Else, 8 , and Cader, all of 4!
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I'm loving all of the great pictures!
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Great TR. I loved your description of the mad dash down mainstreet!
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