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Old 12-26-2011, 07:06 PM   #1
Uh oh, this conversation isn't going as planned
All of you are welcome to come along
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Reviews You can't use! Review #15, The Angry Rude Planet!

A while ago, Pumba invited me over here to do a dining review, but I really don't do food. However, I was relating
our experience dining at Saana in my trip report, and thought maybe I should share that with you.

Since posting that, some of you,,,,ok, both of you said you'd like to read other dining reviews, so rather than start new threads all the time, I thought it might work better if once in a while I'd just add a chapter here for the next review, therefore the ambiguous title.

No, these are not recent, but unless San Angel Inn starts serving Chinese food I think our experiences still mainly apply, who knows, maybe in the older reviews you can see how a restaurant has come along since then, besides, these are really just posted here for fun,
Emeril I am not.
I kind of got the idea to do this from reading All Ears, when they do the flashback almost every week to a past year and say what was going on then, that's why the title, "Reviews you can't Use."

I thought it might be fun to lift these from old trip reports and touch them up a bit and see how they
compare with how things are today, but it turned out more often than not, strange and weird things
happened to us that made the "review of the restaurant" part of the chapter more of a "what happened to us at the restaurant " an interesting read, I hope you agree.

As far as what I know about cooking and fine dining, like I said, Emeril I am not.

Ok, I'm not even Ronald McDonald.

But I do know what tastes good.

So let's have some fun and fire up the time machine and see what DisneyWorld had to offer in the ways of escaping Pecos Bills and the Electric Umbrella counter service meals and check out their variety of table service restaurants.

Be warned though, this is not just about food, but our whole experience going to dinner, in chapter one it's at Saana, with us coming from our room at the Jambo House, and I do tend to get sidetracked.
I will also try to make sure that each "review" is properly dated from when it took place to make sure nobody is mislead on any certain restaurant.

I guess a Table of Contents would help to know what restaurants have been covered so far:

Review 1. Saana, at Animal Kingdom Villas, Kidani side September, 2011 pg.1

Review 2. Cap'n Jack's, Downtown Disney September, 2006,,, part one, teamed with part two next up....pg.2.

Review 3. Teppanyaki, World Showcase September, 2006,,, part two of this tandem. pg.2

Review 4. Coral Reef, Epcot plus Candlelight Processional, May, 2007 pg.3.

Review 5. Boma, AKl, May, 2007,,,, lotsa silly

Review 6. Shutters Mini Review, Caribbean Beach May, 2007 pg. 4

Review 7. Ohana's, Poly resort, July, 2010 pg. 5.

Review 8.Biergarten, German Pavillion, World Showcase,
February, 2009, pg.6

Review 9.San Angel Inn, Mexico, World Showcase, September, 2006, pg. 7

Review 10. T-Rex, Downtown Disney, February, 2009, pg.7

Review 11. Rose and Crown, Epcot, December, 2007, pg.8

Review 12. Teppanedo, revisited, Epcot, December, 2010, pg.9

Review 13. Flame Tree Barbeque, Animal Kingdom, September, 2011

Review 14. Prime Time, Disney Hollywood Studios,
September, 2011

Review 15. Planet Hollywood, Downtown Disney, Sept. 2011

Great, let's get started:

September, 2011

"I Don't Wanna do Saana!"

And I didn't.
That was at least my attitude, but I ended up being over-ruled and lost out in the popular vote, you know, the majority won and I wasn't in the majority.
Not quite sure how exactly that happened 'cuz the only other voter was my wife, Smidgy, but never-the- less, Saana won out.

I must have had a hanging chad or something.

Out in front of the "Lobby of Darkness", we got lucky and the shuttle service had just pulled up.

This is really an extended Caravan type van, she and I
climbed in the back. Then another couple climbed in and sat up front.

Two other couples got in, I think it held 8, and we were ready to leave for Kidani Village.

Did anybody ever see John Cusack's best movie, "The Sure Thing"?
It was like Tim Robbins himself was in the van with us,
discussing with his girlfriend about what Disney song we should sing on the way over to Kidani.

I almost busted up laughing which would not have gone over well, but was saved when one of
the other mystery women said,,, "Oh that's allright, we'd rather hear what the driver has to say about the resort."

Now, from what I could tell, said driver was probably from
Peru or Bolivia or Milwaukee, some place that doesn't speak English,
because I never heard him say a word the whole time.

Either that or he was born without vocal chords.
Either way it was a pretty quiet trip over there.

Thankfully, we pulled up soon and went inside. It was too
early to punch in yet, plus still got almost a full fuzzy cup,
so we went out back to the savannah viewing area.

I have tried to remember what time our reservation was for then,, ,, the best I can come up with was about 7 o'clock. I'm close, give or take 3 hours.

It's just after six thirty now I think, and there is almost nobody but us out here, two teenage girls and us, that's about it.

At least nobody in the way for picture taking:

With the young girls still in earshot, I loudly said;
"Hard to believe that's where Zebra Domes come from."

I heard one of the young girls say to the other, "That's not right is it?
They don't really come from actual zebras do they?"

Off in the distance I saw a few giraffes hanging out together, each one trying to bend over and be lower than the other ones in case a thunderstorm popped up: with
giraffe out here, stunted growth is a virtue.

I was hoping for a little better picture, so I called one of them over to us.
Yes, I speak giraffe.

Finishing up killing time out here, we went in and registered.
Diane gave our name and asked how long it would be for a window seat to look out on the savannah, the girl looked at her chart and said twenty minutes probably, so since we were early anyway, Diane told her we'd wait for that, and the girl gave us a buzzer.

Of course we realized that just about everybody is going to request a window seat,
but it wasn't crowded and mostly it was only window tables that were being used now.

Outside we found some seats and just sat and talked.
And we kept doing that. Sometimes we talked and sat.

25 minutes later we went back in to see what was going on.

Of course, then it had to get strange!

"Hi, we are waiting for a window table?" Diane said to the girl questionably. hmm, maybe questioningly works better,
there was no question, it was definately a girl.

"Oh, you wish to wait for a window table? That will be about 20 minutes."

It was like she didn't remember talking to us at all.

"Hold it," I said, I felt like we were dealing with Dory, "You already told us that a half hour ago, even gave us a buzzer," and I held it up.
She was totally dazed and confused, and there was no reason for this because it wasn't crowded at all, she wasn;t that harried, like at Ohana.

She then re-iterated that it will be 20 minutes till we get an outer edge table. I started to say we did this already,,,
when I remembered the Einstein line of "Insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results",
so we just asked then for any old table, besides, by now it was almost ten to dark anyway.

Ok, fine, I didn't care, I've seen enough animals, but it wasn't over yet.

A few minutes after being seated, a strange man came up to our table.

After introducing himself as the manager, he said he understands
that we are unhappy.

Once again tonight, I had to stifle myself from either laughing or a sarcastic statement, like,,,

"No, if you wanted to see unhappy, you should have been with us back on I-24 in the tropical storm, or when we got the news from home,,,then there was that little matter from the Car Care Collectors......."

(Sigh) So once again we have to explain how we had made reservations a few months ago, came here early tonight and requested a window table,,,,,,

wash, rinse, repeat.

When finished he told us that he'd like to make it up to us, would we care for a fancy cocktail on the house?

After looking at each other and saying this isn't necessary, we turned back to him and politely told him,

"Yeah BABY, we'll each have a Margarita!"

Well, maybe it didn't come out quite like that, but the end result was the same.

This was very welcome, since the Fuzzy Cups were given a decent burial in
a deep, dark hole over a half hour ago.

Drinks came, then we ordered.

This is where most people would expect me to give a coherent food review on this report.
This is really where most readers of this, or any of my reports know better than to expect something sensible like that.

Smidgy had heard from many people, "Gotta have the Naan bread,
gotta have the Naan bread," so we ordered the Naan bread for an appetizer.
Of course I had to ask as you knew I would, " If we are having non-bread, then what are we exactly having?" but she didn't care.

But asking for Naan bread is the easy part, then you have to pick 3 different dipping sauces from a choice of 132 dipping sauces.

Whoops, sorry there, little typo, actually, it was 131 sauces.

Lotsa luck picking them though:
they are all these weird, really strange combinations of things
that I don't think should be combined.

"garlic and molasses"
"pureed goose with water chestnuts"
"incense and peppermint"
"parsley sage rosemary and thyme"

I have no idea what we ended up with, all I remember was that the one that sounded the least appetizing was the best tasting. I think it was horseradish and orangutan blood. But I do recommend the bread order, it definately is different, and was quite good.

Yes, I know you're thinking it, and no, I didn't, no way was I asking for butter. You know, the "When in Rome" thing.

Then came the main dinner.

I think I have this right, Diane got the lamb, and she liked it, she said it was done just right.

Gee, I hope I didn't go into too much depth describing her meal, I know I can get wordy at times. Oh wait,
actually I think it was Tandori Lamb, where it is baked mostly inside these weird Tandori bowls in these extrememly hot, Tanddori ovens.
(shoot, where the heck did that come from? gonna ruin my reputation)
I know that Tandori chicken is their real specialty here, though.

(stop it, and I mean it!)

I ordered from a different spot on the menu,

"What's this?" I asked our waitress, and I handed the menu back to her and pointed out the big spot in the middle, "is that chicken gravy? I'll have that with whatever."

Ok, what I ended up really ordering was from a "choose two" menu.

I chose beef short ribs, which I found out is NOT ribs, but a lot more like pot roast.
The other main item I chose was shrimp which I thought I could share with Diane, and once again I had to pic between a green curry sauce or a red. Since so far the more disgusting sounding things are tasting the best, I chose the green.

Bottom line, the shrimp was ok, not great but edible, I wouldn't go out of my way for though.
The beef short ribs though turned out to be much better than I expected.

You also had a choice for a side of either a Balsami rice or a Pilaf, I chose the Pilaf because I knew it would be easier to spell come trip report time, and it was pretty good. But not as good as the Pilaf Diane makes at home way down up here.

Go ahead, have fun, I know I couldn't possible have spelled that other rice right. Baslamic? Somethin like that.

I do know that I was full and left food behind, same with Smidgy.

No, I didn't leave Smidgy behind, man, you gotta be so careful with the dangling participle police hanging around every turn. Especially over the holidays, they're out everywhere.

When we paid we gave our Keys to the World card to the waiter, and when he came back he said he applied the DVC discount to our bill even though we didn't notify him of that, he read the "DVC" on the card.

Yes, not sure if I mentioned this earlier, think I did, but
at both B LT and Animal Kingdom, even though we are only renting points, all of our KTTW cards have had DVC Member printed on them.

We made sure to tip well that night, on the total before the discount. Would I come back again?
Definately! Both our meals were under 20 dollars, so if you want the atmosphere and don't want the hectic, EXPENSIVE, Boma atmosphere, this could be right up your alley.

Before we totally left the restaurant I finally rembered to take
at least one picture.

All in all, it turned out to be a nice experience after all.

Oh, and the shrimp were already peeled,,,HEY WHAT A CONCEPT? YA HEAR THAT OHANA'S?

no, we won't go into that again.

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Great review!

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Old 12-27-2011, 09:24 PM   #3
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You have to branch out into dining reviews!
Me DH DD12

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Confessions of a Disboard Dropout

Disney Nomads...3 Resorts in 8 Nights!
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Old 12-27-2011, 10:08 PM   #4
"Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever" Walt Disney
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Definately one of the most enjoyable dining reviews I have read. Great writing style
'89 & '90- Travelodge-Hotel Plaza Blvd,'92 & '93- POFQ,'94-YC,'95 & '96-WL,'97-CSR,'06-AKL,'07-Disneyland Hotel,'09-OKW,F&G '12-BWI,MVMCP '12-BWI,F&W '13-AKL

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Old 12-29-2011, 12:30 PM   #6
Uh oh, this conversation isn't going as planned
All of you are welcome to come along
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Originally Posted by Linda67 View Post
You must do more dining reviews - that's an order
Many thanks to you that commented on my review.
As you can probably see, it was done mostly just for fun,
My knowledge of food and cooking is very limited, but I do like to make people laugh. I could, maybe try to find older reviews from older trip reports and touch them up for here,
but finding them in the reports is the hard part, as you can see in my signature I've been doing the trip reports for a while now.
Feel free to join Smidgy and myself in a still ongoing report, P.O.T.C. , On Stranger Rides, I think the actual beginning starts on pg. 29, and boy oh boy, the beginning of the report was extremely harrowing when we had car trouble to start with and then got caught in Hurricane Lee driving down from Chicago. If you're the type to get anxious on a long drive down to Disney, you DON"T want to read that report, trust me, it won't help for the next time.
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Old 12-29-2011, 06:02 PM   #7
home is where the Yeti is!
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I would love to read reviews like this on ALL the disney restaurants.
B & C , Local AP/TiW holders & resort junkies!
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Ok, I'll do it....Basmati
I am most surprised we did not get a review of the Margaritas as I know you are well versed in that area.
If you can't find old reviews I think you should make some up, you are just too good to not share with the dining review readers.

Been bunches and bunches of times
First time Aug 1971 and all we saw was the welcome center.
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My husband KNOWS I'm a Disney Maniac
MM is the coolest!
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What, all this chatter isn't enough to encourage you to share your trip report writing goodness on the dining reviews board? You make me sorta want to go to Saana, except for the high prices and the waiting for a table part...

Mar '87 Offsite, Mar '89 Contemporary, Sept '91 CBR, Mar '92 Dolphin, Sept '97 Polynesian, Dec '00 CBR, May '03 CBR, Jan '04 WL, Oct '04 POFQ, Feb '05 WL, Dec '05 Contemporary, Feb '07 POFQ, Dec '07 CBR, June '08 Disneyland, Nov '08 Buena Vista Suites, Dec '09 CSR, Dec '10 POFQ, June '12 POFQ, Dec '13 Caribe Royale/POFQ, May '14 ASMusic
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Let me rephrase the dog stew remark
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Found you, thanks for the breadcrumbs!

PS: in keeping with the theme, the one you want to butter up is pumba, not Pumbaa (subtle differece, different people), but I guess buttering up any mod wouldnt hurt
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Happy 2 B Me
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Wonderful, wonderfuly well written report. You have a way with words that keep the reader wanting more. I WANT MORE -- MORE MORE MORE. . I will be watching for updates.

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Keep em coming Steve! The Dining board needs some spicing up!!

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Uh oh, this conversation isn't going as planned
All of you are welcome to come along
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Originally Posted by cp'ersmom View Post
Ok, I'll do it....Basmati
I am most surprised we did not get a review of the Margaritas as I know you are well versed in that area.
If you can't find old reviews I think you should make some up, you are just too good to not share with the dining review readers.
Did she say "make some up"?
GASP! That's not legal, is it? As if I would ever exaggerate. You'r right about the Margies though, these turned out to be quited good, i could actually taste some alcohol in them, you could tell these didn't come from a big plastic container behind the bar like at the Mexican stand or a pool bar.

Originally Posted by BlovesC View Post
I would love to read reviews like this on ALL the disney restaurants.
Hi Bloves, nice to meet you, we also have the same dream as you, to stay eventually at all the resorts, but Pop and the moderates ekeep getting most of our money.

Originally Posted by Backstage_Gal View Post
Found you, thanks for the breadcrumbs!

PS: in keeping with the theme, the one you want to butter up is pumba, not Pumbaa (subtle differece, different people), but I guess buttering up any mod wouldnt hurt
Eveybody here is named Pumba, in one manner or another, there's also a Pumbaa with a _ at the end,,,,I'm surprised I haven't seen a OHPumba yet,,,, I'm so confused!

Originally Posted by Happy 2 B Me View Post
. . I will be watching for updates.

HI Patty, I think we can have some fun here, no reason we can't.

Originally Posted by jakeybake View Post
Keep em coming Steve! The Dining board needs some spicing up!!

It's You.

great to see you Jay, I didn't know you hung out over here.
So to speak.

Originally Posted by jecskc View Post
Love seeing you over here on the dining boards to amuse us !! You always make me laugh !!
your name looks really familiar, I'm pretty sure I was reading a chipmunk story before. nice to meetcha again.
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