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Old 12-23-2011, 03:21 PM   #1
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*Mommy & Me & the Mouse! Our Christmas in the Tiki Room!!* PIC HEAVY

Hi'ya folks! This Christmas time Mommy & Me TR is about 7 months overdue so we'll get right to it. For the charming back story and my PTR please check out *Mommy & Me & the Mouse! A Christmas Time PTR!!*

ME (Mommy) 31
DD (Lily) 3

What: A Christmas celebration of our very first EVER Mommy & Me trip anywhere and DD's first trip to WDW

When: Dec 7 - 15, 2010

Where: Saratoga Springs Resort - The Paddock area (and no, the pool was not yet finished with construction)



DAY ONE - Travel & DTD
The Beginning
Day One Souvenirs & Fun In The Room

Day Two Begins
Third Tiki's the Charm...or is it the fourth?
Dream Along With...Lily
Will We Ever Leave This Spot?
Mommy Rides
End of Day

Hey you, buzz off!
They Have Exit Signs In Space?!
You're Killing Me, Crush!
Imagineers and Their "Scents" of Humor

Now since this was so long ago, I will be going off memory, my old FB posts from during the trip and using the aid of LOTS of pictures.

The Wee Hours of the Morning Before. Bags packed. DD alseep in bed.

We live in Southern California in North San Diego County. Our flight was at 9:45 (if memory serves) out of LAX. My mom and dad drove DD and I to the airport at the butt crack of dawn. Since I would be traveling alone with my (then) three year old, I decided on a non-stop flight cross country. And although DD started to get a little irritated with the flight about 2 hours into it, thanks to the help of a portable dvd player and an iPod Touch she did very well. She insists that we drive next time though. I have yet to get it through to her that there is no way that would be a shorter journey.

The week before I packed for our trip, it was 80 degrees in Florida. And thank the Lord that I am a procrastinator. Because the entire week we were in Florida the temps were in the 30's-40's. WHAT?? That had some interesting results. Planters throughout the parks were often covered with tarps to protect the plants from freezing.

Anyway. I cannot say enough about DME and how much of a BLESSING they are to the traveling single mother. Especially if you have a little one. You all know this but I love them so much that I'll break it down anyway. We did curbside check in at LAX. I gave them everything except a backpack for me, small roller suitcase for DD and the stroller. That was the last time I had to deal with our giant bags at all. We each put on our little backpacks and I strolled her through the airport with ease. Thankfully, DD was fully potty trained by this point and that makes SUCH A DIFFERENCE in the load you have to carry.

We land at MCO and get in line for the DME. I think we were in line for all of 2 minutes before we were loaded on to a bus and sped away. For some reason we were on a MEARS bus, which was a little disappointing. Especially while we were parked next to a DCL bus. ("wait for us!!!") When we got to SSR it was already dark outside. We checked in and they handed us some "I'm Celebrating" and "My 1st Visit" buttons. The lobby was decorated for the holidays. I was near elation. We were directed outside where a CM with a very large golf cart loaded us and our stuff and drove us to our building. Our luggage would not arrive for another 2 hours so we hung out in the room and watched some tv.

DD's favorite part of Disney Hotels. Watching the little tv in the lobby with all the little chairs.

Now we were waiting in our room because (again, if memory serves) I was a bonehead and had packed away some essential warm clothing item whilst at the airport. So when our luggage finally arrived, we changed and headed out to DTD via boat ride.

We wandered around for a few hours. DD found the playground outside of the Lego store and I let her loose. Poor girl had been contained in either a car seat, an airplane seat or a stroller since 6am.

Some adorable snowpeople in DTD. They had snow blowing around in the area too. DD ran around in that for a while too. She was already having a ball and we hadn't even been to a park yet.

After she ran wild, I put her back into the stroller so we could go find something to drink and maybe check out some shops now. We went first into the Christmas shop and DD spotted a purple Minnie as the sugarplum fairy ornament and decided that she needed it. I told her that we would come back and get it on the last day of the trip. Neither one of us can be trusted around breakables, so I figured the less time it was in my care, the better. As I walked through the store I noticed the stroller seemed a little quiet. I look down and DD is passed out! SO I quick rush over to World of Disney and check some things out.

I decide I need it all, but it wont fit in our luggage. I pick out a little purse/carrier and outfit for a stuffed kitten that DD has brought along with her on our trip, and we head back to our resort again via boat.

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Old 12-23-2011, 03:22 PM   #2
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My spoils from World of Disney...

outfit for her kitty...

Little pet carrier purse for kitty...

Somewhere in that time DD wakes up. We're starving and I'm anxious to try out our Quick Service Disney Dining Plan. So we head to The Artist's Palette, load up, bring it back to our room and party til we pass out.

Playing Peekaboo On the Couch


DD grabs the Mickey towel off the bed, throws it around herself and goes "Look I'm Santa Claus. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas"

All tucked in for the night.

NEXT UP: DAY 2 - First IN PARK day. MK, Is there a record for number of Tiki Room visits in one day?

(first TR. How'm I doin' so far?)

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Old 12-23-2011, 03:23 PM   #3
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Mickey has left a present for Lily Belle while we slept. Today it is a Big Baby Vinylmation.

MK for our first in park day. One thing my DD loves at Disneyland is to ride the Main Street horse trolley. She loves horses, and black ones are her favorite. In preparing for our trip, we had been watching Samantha Browns WDW Christmas episode. The first shot of the show is Main Street and a black horse pulling the trolley. So we walk through the gates and DD can't wait to see if he's there.

DD waiting patiently for the trolley to appear.


The trolley shows up and unfortunately the black horse was not working today, but it mattered not. We happily jumped on the trolley along with the Dapper Dans who serenaded us all the way down to the end of Main Street.

And now we were off to our first "official" ride of Walt Disney World.

About a year before our trip, we were at home watching Aladdin. DD looked at me and said "I want to ride a magic carpet." I said "I know a place..."

We were both so ecstatic as we flew through the air in Adventureland that we both yelled out, Rapunzel style, "BEST! DAY! EVER!"

When our Magic Carpet ride was over. We notice a line starting to form in front of some exotic looking doors. We went over to see what was going on. As it turns out, the line was for either Aladdin or Jasmine. We quickly jumped in.


As we got in line (about 3 from the front) DD gasped loudly and said "Mommy! My sign book!" (autograph book) Aww crap! I realize that I have left the autograph book in the backpack, in the stroller, halfway across Adventureland. I don't want to get out of line and lose our place, and I am also NOT about to leave DD in line by herself. So I convince her that we'll have to come and get the autograph again another time. She was okay with this. *whew*

Well a few more minutes of waiting, when what to our wandering eyes should appear! but Aladdin AND Jasmine!!!

They were wonderful and so nice and adorable. Jasmine told DD that the letters GAP on her jacket stood for "Genie. Aladdin. Princess Jasmine."

As we're walking away to go get our stroller, I look in my purse for my phone and what do I find? The stinking autograph book. We never did get those signatures.

Over here in California, a Disneyland favorite of ours is Tiki Room. So I told DD that here they have a new Tiki Room and that we should check it out.

Waiting for the first time to see this new Tiki Room that mommy speaks of.

What can I say? My DD LOVED this new version. She loved it so much in fact, that we immediately got back in line to watch it again. When it was over, she wanted to get in line again but I convinced her to come try another new ride that I knew she would love. The Country Bear Jamboree. Contented to leave Tiki on the promise of coming back later, we headed into Bear Hall.

As a child, Country Bears was one of my all time favorites. I was heart broken when they took it away from us out here on the west coast. But I was elated at the fact that it still exists in Florida and now I was sharing it with my dd. She loved it. Danced and clapped along. A few hours into day one and we were already having the time of our lives.

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Old 12-23-2011, 03:25 PM   #4
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By the end of Country Bears we were starving. Anxious to learn the ropes of my QS DDP, I whipped out my iTouch and went to my WDW Dining app to look at nearby restaurants and what they served. This app would prove to be such a blessing. Don't leave home without it. I don't have an iPhone, so I didn't have internet in the parks, but I didn't need it with this app.

We decided on Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square. For those of you who have never tried it, here is what our receipt looked like using Disney Dining Plan credits.

We got chicken nuggets, fries, mac and cheese, a cookie, a chocolate cake, a bottle of water and an apple juice...for 2 prepaid credits. I LOVE THE DDP!!!

Mmm mmm mmm. You will come to see by the end of this thread that my DD and I are not "foodies". We are perfectly content with things like PB&J, spaghetti, chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and the like. I'm not a wine drinker, so I don't have any reviews like that. But for those of you who like their food off the microwave menu like us, this thread is for you.

After lunch with bellies full, we noticed Haunted Mansion was nearby. DD loves that one out here in Cali, so we headed over. It was interesting. The line wasn't long, but the ride went down three times while we were in line and twice while we were on it. Darn those playful spooks!



I concidered planning out every moment of our trip before we left. But I came to the conclusion that that would never work for us. We were quite content to run rampant on this trip. I had read one mother/daughter TR in which the mom and the daughter BOTH hit a wall on about day 4 that landed them in bed early and getting very ill for the rest of the night. No way did I want that to happen on this trip. So I decided to just go slow. At whatever pace we could keep up with. It worked out great for us. This was my first major trip with just DD and no one else, so I didn't want anything to get too out of hand. We were very blessed with good health and a marvelous time for the entire week.

Even with no definite plan, I had a list of "must do's" in my mind when we set off on this adventure. One of those must do's was Mickey's PhilharMagic. So we made a hard left into Fantasyland and picked up some "opera glasses".

Love, love, LOVE this attraction. We both loved this one. DD is still talking about it. This would not be the last time we would be visiting PhilharMagic.

After the show, keeping with our only plan being no plan, I asked DD what she would like to see next. "I wanna see Tiki Room again!"

Alas, right before we enter the TR, they made an announcement that some of the birds had escaped, and it would take a while for them to round everyone up and get them back in their places. (I love how Disney themes everything. Even break downs) The news of the Tiki Birds escape about sent DD over the edge. "What? What mommy? How did they get out? Are they gonna catch them? How come they got out?" (8 months later, this great bird escape is still a discussion with anyone who asks about our trip to WDW)

To ward off tears, I suggest we check out another favorite of DD's, Pirates. I love the queue for Pirates in Florida. Love that it's like being in an old castle and the skeleton prisoners. I will be eternally marveled by all things Disney.

DD checking out the details of the Pirates queue.

As we were exiting Pirates, we could hear the Tiki pre-show starting. <--DD So we quickly ran over to get in line for a second attempt at a third viewing. And when it was over? You guessed it. Back in line again.

I saved and planned for 8 months, flew non stop across the whole country...to watch the Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management 4 times on our first day. I guess she likes it? Boy is she gonna be ticked when we get back home to the old school tikis. Most of you know that about a week or two after our trip to WDW there was a fire in TRUNM, which has since lead to the removal of the "new management" and the upcoming opening of a show more like the original one shown in California. I haven't had the heart yet to tell DD about the removing of this beloved attraction.

Our first day at Disney is nowhere near over, but it's time I call it a night. Hope you have enjoyed the 1st in park day so far. Stick around because there's plenty more stories, pictures (and tiki's) to come!
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It has honestly been many months since I started this TR, but the other thread got closed down so I couldn't add anything to it. So I need to get my TRing mojo back. I'll do my best to pick up where I left off...

So now it's time to check out Dream Along With Mickey in front of Cinderella's Castle. One of our favorite Disney treats is their nummy popcorn, which my DD lovingly mispronounces "kaa corn".

DD in line for some beloved kaakorn

When I get up to the front to pay, I about drop dead from all the cuteness awaiting me...

$9.50 and I don't care. I need it. It will be mine. Oh little Mickey snowman bucket...you will be mine.

MINE! Mickey bucket waiting on D.A.W.M..

With popcorn (and adorable bucket) in hand we patiently wait for Dream Along With Mickey to begin. As showtime nears I notice the seat next to me has gotten very quiet.

D'oh! Poor little thing was having such a good time that just 5 minutes of stillness has caused her tired body to finally collapse. I decided to take advantage of her nap during the show to get some nice pictures.

I LOVE pictures when I can get all the frilly skirts flying around.

May I have this dance?

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Old 12-23-2011, 03:57 PM   #6
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After the wonderful show, which always makes me cry, DD was still sound asleep so I decided to get some window shopping and sight seeing done. I eventually wound up in Mickey's Toontown Fair.

Minnie's house decorated for Christmas

Mickey's house decorated for Christmas

OMG look at this hat!

While I was shopping, suddenly DD awoke and sprang up from her spot in the stroller. "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SHOW?" Last she remembers we were sitting in front of the castle waiting to see Mickey. "Oh, okay! Um...let's go see if it's starting now."

I take off like a bat out of hell sprinting over to the castle because I know there is ONE more showing of Dream Along today. As luck would have it, we made it JUST in time for the show to start. Our spot was now farther back than our original one, so I quickly threw her up on my shoulders.

Then we realized that in just a few minutes, Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party was about to begin. So we decided to just turn around right where we were standing and wait for the parade. Out here in California at the time, we had the same-ish parade. Different floats and filler music. But the beginning and end were the same. I LOVE it out in Cali. It's called "Celebrate! A Street Party". I get goosebumps every time I hear acapella voices in perfect harmony begin "Heeeeeey. Get uuuuuuup. Get looooooooooud." Even as I type this, I am completely covered in goosebumps.

When the parade is over, I notice that they are about to have the whole little show in front of the castle that will end with them turning on all the beautiful lights. So, once again...we stay where we are and turn around to face the castle and wait for that show to begin. Boy are we saving our poor walking feet here or what? Disney planned this perfectly in my opinion. Ha!


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After all the standing and being entertained in one spot, we headed towards Tomorrowland. Two of my most favorite attractions (for sentimental reasons) are the People Mover/TTA (pick a name) and the Carousel of Progress. I wasn't sure how my action loving three year old would react to these suggestions, so I put it to her this way. She was asking what we should ride next and I said "How about can we please do 2 mommy rides?" She cheerfully says "Okay. What are they?" I may have briefly described them as we made our way over to People Mover, but I just don't remember. I may have said "Here, I'll show you."

So she takes her first spin on People Mover. A very kind CM took our picture.

Space Mountain. The lights are on but nobody is home...

To Be Continued......

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Side note:

I've got a pic of the 2011 prices for the Mickey Snowman Popcorn Bucket....

From $9.50 to $12 in one year. Can we say inflation!?!?!?!?!?!
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Well much to my delight, she loved People Mover. The next "mommy ride" I tried on her was The Carousel of Progress. And wouldn't you know, she loved that one too! She even put in her own requests for these rides a few days later.

Her favorite part of the show is when the dad accidentally burns the Christmas turkey. Hence, for the duration of our trip COP was referred to as "the one where he burns the turkey". As in, "Mommy, want to ride the one where he burns the turkey again?"

After my successful attraction suggestions we went to do a little shopping.

I never wanted a Snuggie...until I spotted one with Disney print!

That evening Lily decided she needed to have the musical Rapunzel hair brush. Since that was all she had asked for that day, I gave in. After a brief "shopping ride", we toured Mickey and Minnie's houses and then we spotted the playground in Mickey's Toontown Fair.

We were at the playground for about 30 seconds before we realized the park was closing and it was time for Wishes. Got a good spot for that with some GREAT pics of the castle.

Then bottle necked out of the Main Street mad house.

Once we got outside to the buses, my heart about stopped. Previous to the trip, a big concern of mine was what to do about getting on the buses late at night, when she's tired and I have to fold up the HEAVY stroller and carry it and possibly her sleeping self onto the bus and hold everyone/thing while standing up because there was no room. Well, when we walked outside I could see that my fears were about to become a reality. The line for our resorts bus was almost to the gate of the Magic Kingdom. Looking at it, I estimated that there was no way we would get on a bus in under 90-120 minutes. And did I mention it was in the 30's?

So, I did some quick thinking and decided to become adventurous. Frequenting Disneyland, I am no stranger to walking to my car at the end of the night. And really, in comparison to all the walking you've done all day...it's not such a big deal. So I look around and see that the Contemporary is a comfortable walking distance for me. Should I? I might as well!

I tell Lily we're going for a little walk. She doesn't mind. She's in a stroller at the Magic Kingdom. All is right with the world as far as she's concerned. So we make the walk over to the Contemporary. Takes no longer than 10 minutes. When I get there I quickly find their bus stop. AND...there are only 3 people waiting. WINNING!!! I walk up and settle in on the bench, happy to be sitting instead of standing for 2 hours waiting, when I hear "Mommy! I have to go potty!" Oh lawd! I jump up and dash her into the hotel lobby, locate the emergency pee pee facilities, get 'er done, and fly back outside JUST in time for the bus to pull up. YES! So, she jumps out of the stroller, I fold it up and we hop on.

My plan was to ride the bus to Downtown Disney and then hop on the DTD bus to Saratoga. OR even take a boat to Saratoga once we got there. Well, imagine my delight when we pull up and I hear the bus driver start to explain to someone who is now entering the bus "No no. This bus is going to head to Saratoga Springs now." WHAT?! Can this be? OMG how fortuitous. So I sat back down and settled in for the ride. I could not believe our luck! Who would have known? Well let me tell you, with the only exception being the night of Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, we took this route every night we visited Magic Kingdom. We were so blessed on this trip with help and ease of travel. Pixie dust indeed!

First day in the parks: Nailed it!
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Subbing!!! I am so glad you started your TR. I followed your PTR last year and I always wondered how your trip went. Your daughter is so precious!!!
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Originally Posted by mommytominnie View Post
Subbing!!! I am so glad you started your TR. I followed your PTR last year and I always wondered how your trip went. Your daughter is so precious!!!
Oh thank you so much. Yay! I've got a subscriber.
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I couldn't think of a better way to spend such a special occasion
He played along and actually had a good time
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Hello! I just found your trip report and have enjoyed reading along. I like looking at people's pictures and you took alot of good ones. Your little girl is very cute.
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Your daughter is beyond cute! She reminds me so much of my granddaughter who we're taking on her first trip in March! Your pictures are great too! Keep it going!
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Dreaming of Disney
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Subscribing. Looks like it was a great trip. Beautiful pictures of the castle and your daughter looks adorable. You and she have the same smile and look so happy.
1972 - 1987 -WDW semi-annual trips with parents & brother -offsite hotels, 10/2005 - Pregnant with DS - offsite rental home (DH's first trip), 3/2010 -DS's first visit for his 4th birthday - offsite rental home, First stay onsite -WL "]Better Late Than Never January 22-28, 2012, They Don't Make Pencils in PA? Feb/Mar 2013 TR, Why Do I Have To Ride By Myself? Feb/Mar 2014 TR
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Subscribing to your trip report. Reminds me of when I used to take my ds to Disneyland, just the two of us. Looking forward to more.
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