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Old 10-20-2011, 10:37 AM   #91
Lady Lallie
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Oh no! I hate that you weren't feeling well. That is such an awful feeling at Disney because you just want to enjoy every single minute that you have there! I really hope being in the AC makes you feel better!
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Checking in! I'm sorry I'm so late! I am so behind! I'll catch up though! I'm so excited to hear about your trip! Not going this year was SO hard for me! I sound like a spoiled brat but I don't care! I really missed it!
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I'm just a big Disney Freak! :-)
I will throw a party the day I get a tag!!!
I am pretty wimpy when it comes to thrill rides
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Yum, Earl of Sandwich! Love that place!

Ugh, that stinks you had a headache. That happens to me sometimes too. Maybe it's just the change in weather. Whatever it is, it's not fun!

That's cool the booths were open for the F&WF!
I *HEART* WALT DISNEY WORLD!! been there, done that, GOING BACK!
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OK so I'm all caught up and I'm replying to everything in one post lol
And my work computer blocks your pics so I'll have to wait until I get home to look at them. Although since you have an awesome new camera, I'm sure they're amazing!

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
I actually started before, but I deleted everything I wrote, it was just way too much detail about arriving at the airport!
It's funny because the trip to the airport SHOULD be uneventful...but we always have something go awry....

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
There is no better feeling than waking up and knowing you are going to Disney World that day! Even at 2:30 in the morning, after you have only slept a few hours.
Sooo true! I could sleep for half an hour and wake up like I just downed 4 Red Bulls! It's even easier for me though when I know that everything is packed and all we have to do is literally get dressed and walk out the door. If I have a lot to do before we leave, it makes me never want to get up because I know I'll be rushed and stressed!

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
We had to make a quick stop at 7-11 for gum and cough drops (I was getting over bronchitis and still had a horrible cough, and didn't want to annoy everyone on the plane!)
You know, I always complain when we get to Disney that I don't have any gum and I NEVER once thought to stop on the way to the airport. DUH!!

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
(If you are a baseball fan, you will remember that the night before, the Red Sox and Tampa Bay Devil Rays were in a tie for the Wild Card to get into the playoffs. The Sox needed to win and the Rays needed to lose...well, the opposite happened, and Brandon, and all of Red Sox Nation, was NOT happy, to say the least. At least the Yankees ended up getting knocked out in the first round of the Division Series, though. )
I'm not a baseball person...I find it exceptionally boring...but my whole family (except my 90 year old grandfather who is also a Sox fan) is rabid Mets fans so on their behalf, I feel your pain..... I prefer football.

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
but Brandon had powder in his carry on that they thought was suspicious, I guess. They pulled him aside and ran all these tests. When they realized that it was, in fact, just powder, we were on our merry way!
This is SOOO something that would happen to us. In 2007, my brother tried to get on a plane with his zippo lighter.... and in 2008, my BIL tried to get on a plane with a carry on full of kitchen knives.... He's a chef and he was actually going to WORK at WDW in the CP...they told him he had to bring all his own stuff but apparently he didn't think getting on a plane with 7 or so knives, was going to be an issue.

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
I silently freaked out about the upcoming plane ride...
Ok, not so silently:
Me-"I'm afraid of the plane."
Brandon-"You're fine"
Me-"I know I'm fine, but I'm afraid. What if the landing gear doesn't work? What if I get a blood clot? What if-"
Brandon-"You're insane. It's fine."
I'm sure that wasn't the exact conversation, but that was the basic idea. We have the same one every single time we fly. I'm not afraid of flying exactly, but I hate taking off. And turbulence. And landing.

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
We arrived in Orlando about 20 minutes early, and hopped on the mini monorail. I LOVE this little monorail, just one of those little things that reminds me that I'm almost in Disney World!!!!
I love the "Mini-Rail" too! And YAY for arriving early!!

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
When we stepped off the monorail, I turned to Brandon and said "It smells like Disney World!" I love the way Florida smells, I don't know what it is, but if I could bottle that and bring that home with me, I'd be a happy girl.
It DOES have a smell! I agree! Funnily enough, when I first read this I thought "Yankee Candle should make a Florida scent!" And then I saw this:

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
I wish I could find a candle at Yankee Candle that smelled like Florida...maybe I should write to them and suggest that? You know every Disney freak in the country would buy one!
Great minds think alike!

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
he picked a white Hyundai Sonata, which we both really loved.
I seriously think our next car will be a Hyundai. They have come a long way over the last several years and the Sonata is REALLY nice!

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
We loaded our bags into the car, cranked up the AC (it was unbelievably HOT that day already, and it was maybe 10 am!) and we were off to Disney World!
It was in the upper 90s when were there in 2009 and the low 90s last year... Crazy hot!

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
So we made a little detour to Downtown Disney. If we had to stop to eat, it had to be Earl of Sandwich. Mmmmm, Earl of Sandwich. I crave those amazing sandwiches through the entire year, so of course, it had to be the first Disney thing I ate! We got our sandwiches and I was in heaven...unfortunately, I don't have any pictures, I just wasn't in food picture taking mode yet, but I do know that I had my favorite, the tuna melt and iced tea, and Brandon had the Original and a soda.
Mmmmm the tuna melt

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
Brandon-"Can you please get out of your mood?"
Me-"I'm not in a mood, I'm hot, I'm tired, and I have a headache."
Brandon-"Well try not to let it ruin the rest of the day."
Me-"I won't, I'll be fine once I shower and sleep a little, and when we get to Epcot."

Although I denied it, Brandon was right, I was in a mood, but I didn't want to be in a bad mood in Disney, so I tried to push it aside and look forward to the day we had planned!
Yup...I'm pretty sure we've had that EXACT conversation at some point on all of our Disney trips. I think the excitement of being there is just too much to process all at once!

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
We drove over to CSR and went in to check in, and I was praying to the Disney Gods that our room was ready! Luckily, it was! And I got my request, to be in the Casitas section! I could not wait to see our room, and it did not disappoint, it was beautiful!
Yay! Another reason I LOVE CSR! Our room is ALWAYS ready when we get there.

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
Me-"You know what will make me feel a lot better? A margarita in Mexico. Let's go!"
OMG I love margaritas but the one I tried a couple years ago in the Mexico pavilion was SO STRONG I couldn't drink it! I'll have to give it another whirl on our next trip...

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
Once we finished up in Club Cool, I was on a mission. Anyone who read my PTR can guess where we were headed: My beloved Soarin'! Ohhh, how I love Soarin' so...I was counting on Soarin' to cure me of my headache and my overall blah feeling from the heat, but unfortunately, the stand by line was really long. So we got FP's for later and headed over to the World Showcase!
I love Soarin' too! But the standby line is always SO LONG! I always wondered how many "theaters" they have in there. It seems like they only have 2 running at any given time but I feel like there are more that they don't ever use...

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
Even though the Food and Wine festival didn't officially start until the next day, the booths were open!

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
Brandon wanted to check out the new Hawaii booth and decided to get the pork slider
I heard a LOT of good things about this...did he like it?? All Ears said it was one of the top rated food items so far...

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
I'm not a big drinker, but I was cursing my headache at that point, because his beer just looked so cold and yummy and I really wanted one. But I figured since it just wasn't going away, my best bet was to take some more Excedrin and chug some water. Alcohol would definitely not be helping the situation.
I don't know if you like these or not...but for some reason, strawberry-banana smoothies always help me feel better! I don't know if it's the fruit or that it's cold, but headaches and nausea are always cured when I have one (or 2) of those!

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
We got to Mexico and there was actually a wait for Gran Fiesta Tour! I couldn't believe it, that's always a walk on! Never mind a walk on, that's the kind of ride you expect your own private boat on!

Well, we didn't get our own boat, we had to share with some really obnoxious women sitting behind us. All they talked about was when they went to the real Mexico and how stupid this ride was. And they were not quiet. It kind of ruined it for me, I mean, I don't expect people to not talk on rides, but at least try to lower your voice, you know?
Wow, a wait? We always end up sharing a boat with someone (which is fine) but we NEVER wait. Interesting. And how rude of those women! If the REAL Mexico was better then abandon ship now and go back there. Let me enjoy the ride!

Originally Posted by Nermel9 View Post
While we were walking, I was really starting to feel terrible. My head was pounding, I was feeling nauseous, and I almost felt like I might pass out. I was trying to stay calm, but I knew it was the heat...I also knew that I had not eaten since our lunch at EoS and I wasn't drinking enough water. I thought maybe I should eat something and rest for a while, so we stopped in Italy. I found a spot to sit and Brandon went to the Italy booth to get me some ravioli, which I loved last year.

After eating, I felt a little better, but I just wanted to sit. So we sat and people watched, which was fun, but I was still so hot. I had to get out of the heat and into AC so as much as I didn't want to walk, we went to Japan and I sought refuge in Mitsukoshi...
Ugh I feel so bad for you...I totally know what you were feeling! I hope you started to feel better!
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Old 10-22-2011, 10:08 AM   #95
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Originally Posted by kcandbella View Post
Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well! It was very hot that day. Hope you managed to feel better and enjoy yourself quickly!
Thanks, I just don't do well with the heat! You would think I would be prepared by now, but I guess I wasn't expecting it to be as hot as it was!

Originally Posted by Lady Lallie View Post
Oh no! I hate that you weren't feeling well. That is such an awful feeling at Disney because you just want to enjoy every single minute that you have there! I really hope being in the AC makes you feel better!
LOL, I hate that I wasn't feeling well either! I was waiting for this day for almost a year, and it almost got totally ruined!

Originally Posted by Simba22 View Post
Checking in! I'm sorry I'm so late! I am so behind! I'll catch up though! I'm so excited to hear about your trip! Not going this year was SO hard for me! I sound like a spoiled brat but I don't care! I really missed it!
Yay, glad you're finally here!

I can't even imagine not going to Disney for a year...seriously, I might have a nervous breakdown or something!

I read all of your comments! It will take me a month to reply to each one, but I can't believe your BIL thought he could bring a whole set of knives on a plane with no problem! That's so funny! I wonder how much weird stuff the TSA people see when they're going through bags! And I SO wish they made a Florida Yankee Candle!!

Originally Posted by wdwgirl03 View Post
Yum, Earl of Sandwich! Love that place!

Ugh, that stinks you had a headache. That happens to me sometimes too. Maybe it's just the change in weather. Whatever it is, it's not fun!

That's cool the booths were open for the F&WF!
There an EoS in New York City now, I'm so tempted to go into the city and get a sandwich and come home! I LOVE that place!

I definitely think the weather change causes me to get headaches whenever I go to FL, it seems to always happen the first night, but this time was especially horrible! Ugh! Really hope that doesn't happen again!

I was so happy the booths were open, but of course, me feeling the way I did, I didn't get to enjoy any of it really!

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Old 10-22-2011, 11:30 AM   #96
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I Want to go Hoooome!!!

Thursday, 9/29

So we left off with us heading to Mitsukoshi so I could just hang out in the AC for a while. I just walked around slowly and looked at everything...I've been in there before, but this is the first time I really noticed what a cool little store it is! I love all of the Hello Kitty stuff that they have!

We walked by Pick a Pearl and I stopped to watch for a little while, and Brandon asked me what they were doing (I guess he's never noticed this before) and I told him what it was.

Brandon-"What do they do with the oysters when they're done, do they let people eat them?"

Me-"You can't eat those oysters, that's gross."

Brandon-"Yes you can, they should just let people eat them, they're wasting so many good oysters!"

He then watched an oyster get picked, and the girl basically rip apart the oyster inside to get to the pearl.

Brandon-"Oh, that's why they don't let people eat them, they destroy them."

He was pretty upset by this, he loves raw oysters...I think it's kinda gross and I'm glad they don't let people just walk around and slurp oysters all over that store, but he thinks it would be a good idea!

We continued walking to the back of the store, and it started to smell like incense, which was killing my head. I told Brandon if he wanted to go back there he could, but I had to get away from that area. Since my headache was now pretty much a full blown migraine, every little thing was aggravating it.

We went back to the front of the store and saw out the door that the Japanese drummers were out! I have been wanting to see them since, well, forever! Brandon knew this, so he tried to get me to go outside to watch, but they were SO loud, it was actually painful! So again, I told him he could watch if he wanted, but I was going to walk over to France and just find somewhere to sit, maybe check in for our ADR, even though it was still a little early, and he actually agreed with me that those drummers were way too loud! So we were off to France!

Once we arrived in France, we checked in at Les Chef's de France, not expecting to get seated right away since we were maybe 20 minutes early, but we did! I was so happy to be sitting in such a beautiful restaurant, with AC blasting!

I didn't know Remy was out for dinner, but he was, so I was excited to see him, since I finally watched Ratatouille a few days before our trip!

He was so cute, he definitely cheered me up when he stopped by our table!

We both ordered off of the 3 course menu, which I don't have any pictures of, since I felt so awful, I couldn't even be bothered. But Brandon got the lobster bisque, the macaroni and cheese, and the chocolate mousse cake and I had the french onion soup, which was AMAZING, the mac and cheese, and the creme brulee!

Everything was really good, I really liked Les Chef's, but I'd like to try it some other time without the migraine, I think I would have enjoyed it a little more!

Once we were finished, we walked around England for a little while

and made our way out of the World Showcase.

Once we reached Future World, Brandon asked me what I wanted to do.

Me-"Go on Soarin' and hope it cures me!"

So that's what we did, used our Soarin FP's and went on my favorite ride in Epcot! As horrible as I felt at that time, I still enjoyed Soarin! It didn't exactly cure my migraine, but it distracted me enough to not focus on it for a few minutes at least!

When we went back outside, it was getting dark, and the sky looked so beautiful, I had to take some pictures:

I love that one, with the monorail racing by!

We didn't really have a plan for what to do next, so we went to Mousegear for a little while. That's when my migraine really started to defeat me.

Me-"I really hate to say this, because you know how obsessed I am with Illuminations, but I think we might have to skip it tonight, I feel awful."

Brandon-"Fine with me, I'm tired anyway"

Sadly, we started the walk to the exit of Epcot and back to our car. I felt so awful, but I hated missing Illuminations, I felt like I was betraying Epcot and Disney World or something.

Epcot looked so lovely and peaceful, so the opposite of how I felt.

In one last pathetic attempt to salvage our first Disney night, I asked Brandon if he wanted to go on Spaceship Earth really quickly, and he said ok...but then I took it back and we just left. I felt so awful, I couldn't even deal with the idea of sitting on SE for 5 minutes.

We went back to CSR and I was absolutely miserable. I did manage to take one picture, because I thought it looked really pretty at night:

and that's it. I was ready to give up. Once we were in the room I changed and crawled under the covers. My head hurt SO bad, I felt so nauseous, and there was nothing I could do to make myself feel better. I asked Brandon to get me some Advil from the CSR store, since sometimes that works when Excedrin doesn't, so he went to do that, and get a few other things.

When he came back, he gave me some Powerade and a Minnie's bake shop cookie...but no Advil. That's the one thing he forgot! That's when I started crying. I couldn't help it, I was just so done. Being the wonderful husband he is, even though he was tired and worn out, he went back and got me my Advil. I quickly took 2 of them and drank some Powerade, and started crying again. Then I said something I don't think I have ever said in Disney World in my entire life.

Me-"I want to go hooooome."

Brandon-"No you don't, you're in Disney World and you have a headache, you will be fine tomorrow."

Me-"What if I'm not? I want to go hoooooome."

Yes, I might have been a bit whiney and dramatic, but that's seriously how I felt. I had no hope for the next day, I thought this migraine would last through the night and I'd be miserable again all day.

I finally fell asleep somehow and woke up around 8 and...my migraine was gone!!!! I was SO happy that I felt normal again! I was really looking forward to checking into the Wilderness Lodge, and then later, going to my first Halloween party! It was going to be a great day!

Up next...I'm finally home!


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Oh my god, I soooo feel your pain! Migraines are the absolute worst and even though you can try to find things to distract you from it for a while, they always stick with you until you go to sleep. Seriously, that's the ONLY cure for me. Even if it's like 7pm, if my migraine is bad enough, I try to go to sleep and I just tell myself, "If I can just fall asleep, I'll be okay!" When you have a migraine that bad, it's like you can't even remember what it's like to feel normal. And to have one like that in WDW is the worst! I get them all the time but luckily, never in WDW. BTW, forgetting the one thing you asked for is sooooo something Tom would do!
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Well, Jen, all I can say is I know exactly how you felt because I had that wicked migraine in May. I get headaches, but not migraines, so I can relate to the "I want to go home" feeling. It stinks. You did a heck of a lot more than I was capable of doing. So kudos to you. You certainly did your best!

Despite feeling like crap, I think you managed to get some nice pictures, especially the night time ones of the ski and the monorail and spaceship earth.

So glad you woke up feeling better.

Brandon - forgetting the advil - so something Denny would do!

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I feel so bad for you that your migrane didn't go away! What a bummer of a start to your vacation

I have the feeling it'll improve though...
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Love Disney!!
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I hate migraines. I used to get them all the time. I couldn't move and the only thing that would get rid of them was sleep. Since I had my daughter though I haven't gotten any. It cured me...haha What a way to start your vacation. I can only imagine how you felt. Love the pictures you took.
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Sorry you had to deal with that horrible migraine! Last year, during F&W, I had that happen a couple times (I think related to a spot cleaner being used in our room). This year, I had a couple minor ones (one while at Earl of Sandwich) and I think they were related to dehydration. Sleeping usually cures them, though, so I'm glad that worked for you! I hate that feeling of being at WDW, but not being able to really enjoy anything!

CSR looks really pretty, though! And that's cool that F&W was open early! Did Brandon like the Hawaii pork slider? That was one of our favorites. I'm glad you got to see Remy at dinner! Sorry you had to cut your night short, but so glad you felt normal again in the morning!
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Ugh migraines are awful, aren't they? I'm so glad that you woke up headache-less the next day!! Hopefully you were able to enjoy the rest of your vacation pain-free!
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UGH, I suffer from migraines, too... NO FUN. Sorry your first day was hindered by one.

So glad you got to see Remy! We loved our lunch at Les Chefs... I'd really like to go back, but not sure I can convince my kids to try it (even with the bonus of seeing Remy).

And talking about annoying people on rides... while on POTC, the lady in front of us kept taking pictures throughout the entire ride. WITH THE FLASH ON. I was *thisclose* to grabbing her camera and tossing it out of the boat!
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Joining in. I totally understand how you felt. Our honeymoon trip was in early October and the average temp was 95 the whole time. The heat was killer, we quickly changed our touring to RD at the park, afternoon swim and park again after dinner. Glad to hear your headache was gone the next morning.

Me(31) DH(30)DD (2)
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I found you!

How funny that you skipped out on Illuminations on the 29th... so did we! I had been up since 3:30 and I was just too tired. So far our park days are eerily similar... too bad we weren't looking for one another!

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