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Old 06-04-2012, 09:19 AM   #496
DIS Veteran
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* Wow, you are crazy... but super impressive! I can't believe you did the race with your broken foot, that is truly amazing!
* I can't wait to find out what your surprise honeymoon is!
* So cool that you'll be in the Little Mermaid rooms the day they open! Can't wait to hear how Art of Animation is!
* And congrats on deciding to go for your MLS! I hope you enjoy it and if you ever have any questions let me know!!
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Old 06-12-2012, 04:04 AM   #497
Earning My Ears
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Your entire thread is EXTREMELY helpful, I'm getting married 12/16/12 and I can't wait to get more info/updates! Love it, and congrats!
Soon to be Croft............

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Old 06-12-2012, 09:28 PM   #498
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Hi Faith! It's been a while since I joined in, but I'm back and I've caught up! You've done so much and your wedding is so close! I think the aqua and white is going to be really beautiful and the red could work too. I have something (can't think of what right now) that has an aqua blue background with a red piece of coral and it is very chic. lol You are so brave to do that Everest run in your cast! I can't imagine. You and Max are so cute together. I love reading your updates!
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Old 06-21-2012, 10:36 AM   #499
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6 Month Mark Update!!

Holy Gucamole, girls! It's 6 months for me {tomorrow}!! I cannot believe how quickly time is going by. I'm so excited!

I figured it was time for an update so here we go!

First, I've been starting to accumulate DIY materials. So far I know I'm making...
1. A newsletter {it's actually done and sent- pics later!}
2. A cardbox
3. A "Thank You" sign to hold up for pictures
4. Programs
5. Welcome bag stuff

and I think that's it. For now...

I slaved away over my stupid newsletter. It started out as a 5 page newsletter and then I managed to cut it down to a brochure. Here it is!:

The problem? On the first page I forgot to add the word "outside". So, we have a sentence that says something along the lines of "Please be sure to bring a sweater as our reception will be held"

I was FURIOUS when I saw the mistake {after I printed 60 on the laser printer} and just chose to send them regardless. A few of our snarky friends have pointed out the mistake. Surprisingly, I don't care too terribly much

Next up is the Bridal Shower! My amazing MOH is really busy so my mom and I have been doing a bit of the planning. Honestly, it's been REALLY fun. I love having a wedding planner but it's fun to get a little more hands-on with the shower.

Here are the printed invites. We had them printed at Staples and when we went to pick them up we got them fo' free, y'all! I asked why and the lady said it was because they weren't finished in the time they told me. Funny thing is, they never told me when they'd be ready so yeaahh..

So, the newsletter and the shower invites were sent out together. We've gotten a couple RSVPs and the majority of them are "no"s. I figured we'd have a small turn out since the majority of our guests are OOTs. No biggie!

We went to the florist and decided on 5 topiaries for the shower. They'll be similar to this picture but they'll have 3 balls (? lol) instead of two:

The top will be pink lillies, the middle will be these green fuzzy things, and the bottom will be a mix of flowers that are pink, lime green, orange, and purple. I didn't specify the type of flower I wanted because I honestly don't care. I told the florist I just wanted something "fun, happy, and bright". Whatevs.

We just have to decide on games and then the shower is pretty much planned! YAY!

Next, I decided to ditch my old sand ceremony vase and get something BETTER. I saw this really cute idea of filling a shadow box with sand so I immediately ran my little (flattering myself) butt off to Michaels to pick a top-loading shadow box up. Here it is:

{I also broke a HUGE picture frame when I was at Michaels. OOPS.}

I figure we will put a picture in there and fill the sand a little less than half way up. Max is worried about how long we'll be pouring so I think we'll practice.

We can't decide if we want aqua and red sand or aqua and white sand. Such a crisis.

While I was at Michaels I picked up these goodies:

Organza bags for our Sprinkle toss!:

Aqua Ribbon for our ceremony lanterns:

Red Ribbon for decorating le Card Box/Fabric (from JoAnns):

Vases for the sand:

The Card Box:

I plan on starting the card box when my mom gets home from California next Friday. I don't think I could do it without her, lol! After she returns home from Cali, we are going to attempt the "Thank You" sign as well. I'm also printing my invites this summer just so I don't have to do it while I'm student teaching. Printing stuff stresses me out. All other wedding DIYs will probably have to wait until the Fall when we have things more finalized.

In other Wedding Related News: thanks to your encouragement I bought these super cute heart shoe clips for my shoesies! BIIG thanks to Victoria for her magical photoshopping (she put them right onto my shoes!). These remind me of the heart meter in the Legend of Zelda series- my favorite- and I felt that we needed to show a little more of a our geeky side:

I think I'll wear them for my shower as well. I think they'd go nicely with my Alice in Wonderland theme.

Speaking of geeky, our engagement pictures were featured on When Geeks Wed which is one of my favorite wedding sites. I love so many of the ideas on there and wish I could have a wedding like that {I think my old people that are invited would probably keel over and DIE}. Click the link after this to see the pictures and learn how nerdy we really are: http://whengeekswed.com/blog1/2012/0...ndy-adventure/

I'm going to Teresa's wedding next week! Woohoo! As many of you know, I was asked to step in for one of her Bridesmaids and am very excited to be involved! I bought a new black dress (no pics, sorry!) and new shoes. After breaking my foot wearing heels is KILLER. I got wedges. They'll have to cooperate or I'm going barefoot.

Next Saturday, my mom and I are driving up really early to get to the rehearsal. After the rehearsal lunch we'll check into OKW and then head over to the Garden Grove {our reception site} to verify we're all good with our reservation, etc since we'll be a little under 6 months at that point. That night we have no plans! I really want to just relax by the pool.

Sunday is the wedding! Woohoo! Monday we drive home. POO.

I will certainly update that next week with pictures and wedding deets! Look for me in the pictures, ladies!

Also, we decided on our favors! I wanted to do something really cute and fun but I decided it'd just be easier to go buy a crap-ton of the chocolate bars from DTD. So that's what we're doing. Yay cheap and easy!

I'm also making progress with my Bridesmaid Gifts! I ordered them customized hangers, got them pashminas in case it's cold, and am getting them each a magazine subscription. I may throw in a few other things but I think that's what they're getting. Wish I could give more but it's not in the budget!

I don't think I have anything else too exciting to tell you that's WR.

Let's see.. Non-Wedding Related...

1. Max is taking off tomorrow (6.22) since it's our 6.5 year anniversary but mostly because he has PTO that he'll lose if he doesn't use, lol. We're going to see the first showing of Brave tomorrow! I CANNOT WAIT. He is also taking off Monday. Since my parents are out of town, we get to play house which is always fun!

2. Um. I really want to try the Red Velvet pancakes at IHOP.

Okay, yeah. That's pretty much it!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll be back after Teresa's wedding to say hi and re-cap her day!

Thanks for reading along ladies!
AP. DVC. FL Res.
Our Swan and Dolphin Wedding!
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Old 06-21-2012, 11:55 AM   #500
May the Force Be With You
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HOLY CRAP MY WEDDING IS SO CLOSE! Hahaha ok had to say that.

Ok I love the zelda shoe clips those are amazing

I would highly suggest trying to knock out your DIY projects as early as possible that is one thing that is haunting me right now.

Everything looks fabulous absolutely fabulous!

Have fun seeing brave we are waiting until after the wedding.

Ok I will see you soon!


Now a Florida Resident and Visiting as much as possible!
All 5 SWW 2014 Turkey Day '13 VWL, Labor Day '13, May '13/June '13-SWW 1,3 & 4 May '13-Disneyland, Nov '12-Pop, Oct '12 Swan, Jun/Jul '12 Disney World Wedding/Honeymoon, Dec '11 Wilderness Lodge, Oct '11 Poly, June '11-ASMo, June '10 ASMu, 2000 Offsite
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Old 06-21-2012, 01:03 PM   #501
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Just caught up on your PJ after falling very, very behind. Let's see. That is absolutely amazing that you completed the race with your broken foot, I'm totally amazed.

The plans for your bridal shower look fantastic, so many fun colours, flowers and of course the theme!

I'm looving all your DIY projects! I was feeling a little unmotivated with my own DIY ideas, but after seeing all those things you've picked up/are starting I kinda want to go make something now too.

I love Zelda too, so those shoe clips are totally fabulous! Weddings with "geek" touches (subtle or not so subtle) are my favourite! It is also so cool that your engagement photos were featured on a geek wedding site. I don't think I've ever seen that site, but it's now been bookmarked. Love it.

And I know there was more I was going to comment on but I am drawing a blank. Can't wait to read more!
Nicole DH
I walked with you once upon a dream || Disney Wedding PJ & TR
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Old 06-21-2012, 01:08 PM   #502
mike the canuck
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Following along
1990 Offsite (I think?) - 1992 Port Orleans - 1993 Dixie Landings - 1996 All-Star Sports - Nov 1999 Disney Institute - Nov 2001 Offsite (Sheraton Vistana) - June 2006 Grosvenor Resort - Christmas 2007 Regal Sun Resort - Sept 2010 Pop Century - Dec 2012 AOA
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Old 06-21-2012, 08:26 PM   #503
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~ I LOVE those bridal shower invites! Where did you get them again??
~I was just thinking today how I wish we had done the sand ceremony in the picture frame thing. We have our vase sitting out, but its just kinda there, ya know. The picture frame will be so pretty!
~I don't know anything about Zelda, but I do know that I LOVE those heart clips..so cute!
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Old 06-22-2012, 02:15 AM   #504
Earning My Ears
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Everything looks wonderful I am so excited for more updates, love the newsletter (most people are looking TOO hard for mistakes if they were to find that one!). Again, so excited to see another December bride, let's cross our fingers we get some good weather!
Soon to be Croft............

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Old 06-22-2012, 09:00 AM   #505
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First of all I LOVE the shoes, I think they are beyond adorable with the heart on it!!

I wish I could make the shower, it looks so fun!! the flowers are beautiful!

I like the idea of the shadow box for the sand, very cool!! I hope you ran from the frame you broke and blamed a small child

I didnt even notice the typo in the newsletter, I knew what you meant

I cannot wait to hear about your trip to Teresa's wedding! I am so sad I won't be there, but take tons of pictures!

you are SOOO lucky to go see Brave today, can't wait to hear what you think!
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Old 07-03-2012, 10:39 AM   #506
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Teresa's Wedding Recap & My Wedding Updates (favors, rehearsal, officiant, gifts+!)!

Good morning friends!

This past weekend I was a bridesmaid in Teresaís {icecoldpenguin} wedding! We had such a good time and her wedding was absolutely beautiful!

Iíll do a little TR of her day and then do some wedding updates at the end. Iíve already uploaded a bunch of pictures I took to FB {Iíll post a few here too} so here is the link to that- friend me if you need to!: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?s...0263440&type=1

My mom and I got up at 6, grabbed some breakfast, and hit the road at 7:40ish to make it to Disney in time for Teresaís rehearsal which was at 11. The trip up was pretty uneventful but we got there with plenty of time!

Teresa had sent me boxes so we unloaded those and then met up with everyone! It was so great to finally meet Teresa in person! Her family was really sweet and welcoming. I absolutely LOVED her MOH, Salina! We had fun together the whole weekend!

We headed out to Crescent Terrace for the rehearsal which went smoothly. I also met DISbride Michelle when I was there! Absolutely loved her!!:

After we rehearsed we headed over to Portobelloís for lunch! The food was delicious! We ordered these mozzarella cheese rice balls which were to die for! MMMM!! Wish I had food porn to share but I was too hungry to even think about it!

After, we all split up and my mom and I went to check into OKW. Iíll be honest. OKW does not thrill me. Iím not too impressed by the FL theming, I guess, since Iíve lived in Florida my whole life. PS. Key West is not nearly as nice as OKW makes it seem. Add in a bunch of drunken homeless people and cats and then youíve maybe got a better idea of what itís like.

That night my mom and I decided to hit the Boardwalk. We ate at Big River which we always like and then walked around until Jellyrolls opened at 7.
I confronted my fears and went to the Clown pool. We figured that I might as well go see it before I had to see it at the wedding. I think this picture sums up my feelings pretty well:

After I faced the demon we hit Jellyrolls. Honestly, we didnít have a great time. Maybe itís because it wasnít super busy or maybe it was just because we werenít feeling it? Either way, we left, got some dessert, and walked around until Atlantic Dance Hall opened. We LOVED it there!! Didnít stay too long because we had to be up at 6 the next morning.

Sunday- Wedding Day!:
We got up at 6 and started getting ready. In honor of Teresaís love for Star Wars, I decided to do a Leia/Padme inspired do:

We got to the S/D around 8:15 and headed up to the Sandpiper room. Beaute Speciale was already there {they were amazing, as usual} and the ball was already rolling!

We took pictures and hung out till about 10:15 when we went to get ready for the ceremony.

Honestly, the ceremony was just beautiful! Everything went smoothly {well, minus a few minor things but Teresa will tell you all about that, lol!}.
Hereís a few shots:

After the ceremony, we headed over to Fultonís! The room looked great and the food was fantastic!! We danced, took pictures, and pin traded! So fun!

By the time the reception was over at 4, I was exhausted. I had been sick the whole week before the wedding and didnít sleep too well. We headed back to OKW where I basically laid either in bed or in the bathtub

We went to Panera for dinner and hit the outlet malls for about an hour. Then it was time for the DP at GF! I donít know what happened but I have no pictures of the DP. I did steal 6 Mickey Head Rice Krispie treats so maybe thatís what happenedÖ

We went with everyone to breakfast at Ohanaís! The food was delicious! Iím in love with that juice!

At 10 we said our goodbyes and made our way to the Garden Grove to do my own wedding stuff!

Overall, Teresaís day was absolutely wonderful and she looked gorgeous! I had a blast and loved meeting Michelle, Mandi, and Teresa in ďreal lifeĒ- such great girls! I love how the DIS brings us all together!

NowÖ onto my own wedding updates!
1. I ordered customized hangers for my bridesmaids and they came in yesterday! I absolutely love them! I ordered them from a friend of mine who does amazing work and has great prices! http://www.etsy.com/shop/EricaMayMade

Here is a crappy phone picture of mine:

2. I decided on favors! Well, actually, I stole Teresaís ideaÖ . She gave everyone two pins and a lanyard. Honestly, we had so much fun trading and talking about the pins that I decided Iíd just bit the bullet and do the same. I ordered a big bag of 100 off of Ebay last night! Now, we just need to order the lanyards. Iím so glad the favors are DONE. Theyíve been stressing me out!

3. We met with the restaurant manager of the Garden Grove, Simone, who was absolutely wonderful! She answered all our questions, reviewed our contract, and was just all around amazing. We wound up pushing back our reception time from 5:30 to 5:45 just to give ourselves some wiggle room from our 5pm ceremony start time.

4. We are changing our officiant! Teresa hired Teresa Knox to officiate and I was smitten. She did an AMAZING job and I immediately told my planner that I wanted either her or Kevin Knox to officiate our ceremony. I just emailed our planner to inquire if they have any dates available.

5. I *think* weíve decided on a rehearsal dinner plan! We are probably going to do the Wagon Ride at Ft. Wilderness at 9:30pm and have a pizza party before. Max and I wanted to keep it affordable for his parents while also offering our guests a new experience that they probably wouldnít have stumbled across on their own. Iím excited!

6. We decided to NOT go to Jellyrolls after the wedding. It felt a little too much like a college bar for my tastes. We instead are going to hit ADH! Even though we will have to wait longer, I think our guests will enjoy walking the Boardwalk!!

I think that's all I have for today! We are going to keep working on our DIYs but until then adieu adieu my friends!
AP. DVC. FL Res.
Our Swan and Dolphin Wedding!
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Old 07-03-2012, 12:01 PM   #507
If I had a world of my own...
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Teresa's wedding looks amazing! I especially love those flowers. She looked beautiful, you looked beautiful, it was all... well, beautiful!

You look great with Donald, by the way.

I absolutely love that hanger! By far the best "handwriting" I've seen available. I'll definitely be ordering from her, thanks!

Your rehearsal dinner sounds great. It's hard to have anything but a great time when there's pizza involved!
~ WDW Annual Passholders ~ JUST MARRIED at WDW Wedding Pavilion on 3/3/13 ~ Addicted to Disney ~

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Old 07-04-2012, 12:44 PM   #508
DIS Veteran
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Aww I love all your updates! (sorry it's been a while). Your sneak peak of Teresa's wedding was AWESOME! It makes me so excited!

And your craft projects are great!
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Old 07-04-2012, 10:55 PM   #509
DIS Veteran
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Wow, Teresa's wedding looks amazing! That is so awesome that you were able to go and be a part of it.

Your newsletter looks great. I just sent out my third one. So happy that another one is done. I contemplated sending another before we go, but highly doubtful that it will get done. It will be waiting for everyone when they get there

Love the Alice invites. Very cool! Hope you have a fabulous shower!
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Old 07-05-2012, 07:03 PM   #510
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Hi Faith!!
Just finished catching up on all your plans! You're going to have an amazing wedding. I love your venues--especially Garden Grove. Gorgeous!

It was so neat that you went to Teresa's wedding! How fun!! It looks like she had a beautiful day. Hehe, love your tribute to the theming with your Leia-esque hair

Your shower invites are SO cute!! I'm a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, so I adore your shower theme! Can't wait to see photos from it!

Oh, and thank you for posting your wedding dress hanger! It is definitely the prettiest one I've seen, so I'm placing an order with Erica as we speak.

Thanks for sharing your plans, and I look forward to following along!
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