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Old 09-03-2011, 08:42 AM   #106
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Looks like you had am amazing time in bermuda

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Loves to ride the riverboats
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Finally caught up! Great pics. Loving it so far
"Nothing says 'Obey me' Like a bloody head on a fence post"- Stewie Griffin
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I must've been distracted by the Cafe Press Logo Thong talk!
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Wow...I could just leave my post as "Bermuda looks so amazing, awesome, and gorgeous!"- that would sum it all up nicely...(but it's not my style to be so brief..LOL!)
Originally Posted by podsnel View Post
So....we were finally in Bermuda! We went down to get off the ship- and realized we should have gotten beach towels the nigt before on Deck 11 for today- RCI makes you check the (crappy, stained, gross) towels out everyday and if you don't give them back, you get charged $20 (because doesn't everyone want to bring home a souvenir of someone else's body fluid/food stain on an RCI towel?).
We actually ended up with an extra towel on our last one- Ron was like "Do ya wanna keep it?" and all I had to do was give him the shifty "eww" eyeball. We did occasionally see a non-stained one but none of them were very absorbent. They all had that I've been washed 4 million times with lots of suntan oil strange texture.

So no handing them out as you're getting off the ship. Pods was a nice hubby and ran up to Deck 11 to get 4, while the 3 of us got off the ship and were molested by the dolphins trying to get a pic with you. Sorry, dude- you're no Mickey, and I am not buying the picture.
Yeah for real. Those "Port People" they have out there for you to pose with are the strangest thing. In St. M we had a pirate who was waaay not Jack Sparrow (kinda along the lines of Drea's creepy dining room Pirate). And in St. T a...flamenco dancer.... Mmmmmmm, we'll pass, thanks!

My boys need a ball. Or else they are B.O.R.E.D. ANd the night before we left for the cruise, they informed me they had lost the Waboba. Pods told them to put a tennis ball in the beach bag. Two guesses how THAT turned out. So...no ball.

Click to play

The vids are hilarious!!!! Tweens/Teens. Sigh.
The rain passed, and we went for a walk- I had read that if you keep going left, there are fabulous volcanic rock formations on the beach that are beautiful. I have to say, that little piece of information was spot on.
Really gorgeous!!!! It's on my bucket list now!!!

He went up Grumpy....

He came down....

Aw, finally!!

And the sand is pink- it really is. Not neon pink, but a very gentle, pale pink-

I know it's hard to see (not only because of the water blob on my lens) but all the little dots on the sand are little, little pieces of that pink.
Our awesome cab driver on the way back explained it to us- there is pink coral off the coast of southern Bermuda. And when the coral sheds, it sheds...pink....that washes up on the beaches.
I love the beach, and I love pink, so it's the place for me!!!!

We had been sitting next to a big volleyball tournament all day, and finally a ball came our way so the boys could attempt to play. Notice I said ATTEMPT. It went like this-
Heynow, that's how I serve too!

Originally Posted by podsnel View Post
We grabbed one of the many taxis waiting right outside the beach entrance. We really felt we did well with our driver- he was extremely polite, well spoken, and was actually someone who did tours in the morning- then came to do this in the afternoons. Anyway, he dropped us at the Swizzle Inn South, and told us to just tell the server to call him (he gave us a card) and he would come back to get us and bring us to the ship. Riding in his taxi was great, because as soon as I asked a couple of questions, he then just started talking about the island, so it was not just a cab ride, it was also a private tour. After a quick 10 minute cab ride we were at-
That's terrific!!!

We sat outside on the porch, and ordered lunch, including a half pitcher of Rum Swizzles-

From the menu-
The Rum Swizzle
Bermuda's national drink originated here and is a delicious combination of rums including Black Seal, orange, lemon and pineapple juices, falernum (local sweet syrup) and a few extra secret ingredients! From a pitcher, strained into cocktail glasses, this island favourite is not too sweet and definitely not too weak. Served island wide from east end to west, Swizzle Inn's Rum Swizzle is voted the best!

WOW- that cocktail packs a PUNCH!! I was expecting some kind of fruity rum drink....but this is more like a rum martini! Me likey!

Our taxi driver had told us the local specialty was rockfish, so I decided to give that a try- Rock Fish Bermuda Style
Pan-fried filet with grilled bananas and toasted almonds in a lemon butter sauce.

I thought it was excellent, but Pods & tyler thought it was weird!
It sounds delish but I admit it looks kindof strange.

Pods had Bailey's Bay Fish Sandwich (the original)
Huge grilled sandwich on bread with battered fish, tomato, melted cheddar and tartar sauce.

Tyler continued his quesadilla kick with Steak and Mushrooms Quesadilla

And young Timothy went waaay outside the box and ordered Chicken Fingers
Hot, crisp and golden. Sweet n sour or BBQ sauce.

We all enjoyed our lunch-
Delicious food porn! It all looks SO GOOD, especially Pods' sammie. I guess it's lunchtime around here!

He was a native Bermudian- he had moved off, going to college in Atlanta, met and married a Georgia peach, had some kids, and made the decision to move back a few years ago. But he COULD do that because he was born there.

I kept thinking that this was the most articulate, well educated taxi driver I have ever met- although most of my taxi experiences involve near-death in NYC, Mexico or Rome, so......

We were suddenly pretty tired....
Sounds like an amazing experience. We've had some ...odd and rather daredevilish....taxi drivers as well!

He dropped us off in from of the glassworks, not only had he suggested this area to shop, but I had been planning to visit there all along.

Unfortunately....we were on VERY limited funds. Pods had underestimated how much $$ we would need for the day, we forgot to pull a credit card out of the safe, and cash is king in Bermuda, so I had to shop very carefully! While we were there, we watched a vase being blown-

I ended up with a small globe ornament (I have them from Niagara Falls & Disney, too) for myself (but mine is turquoise)

and a tiny, VERY cute Honeymoon Hog for Sheree (because she loves pigs)
Beautiful ornament and adorable piggies! I love handblown glass too!!!

We walked back and I made the boys pose for pics (they were REALLY happy about THAT!)

Gee, what's THIS thing for????
Duh, mom, it's from EPCOT!

Hello, 911? I'd like to report some child abuse....

And what island, even Bermuda, would be complete without feral chickens-
Without them Timmy would be a very unhappy boy at mealtimes. LOL.

I was so sad to leave our day in Bermuda- it was even more impressive than I had hoped, and i completely understand why so many people are in love with it here. But we had more places to see, and before long we were cruising past-

And saying goodbye to-

Up next- some fun on the open sea!
Like I said at the beginning- an amazing day...dare I say perfect??? I'm looking forward to your upcoming dinner segment. If I am thinking right it is the "Italian" menu and we just changed our plans to be in the MDR that night. I'm actually nto crazy about that menu at all (last time I pulled a Timmy and ordered -kid you not-chicken tenders!!!) so I'm looking forward to your opinion, and pics, of course!

Originally Posted by podsnel

OMG- last year all I could think was you were a SAINT to have done that- Pods would have KILLED me!
Oh, Ron wanted to. Especially since he ended up carrying it.

Explorer was the same pricing- D1 cabin, same price as all the D1s down the hall with a teeny balcony. We did have to book a D1, tho, to put 4 in a cabin- the other balconies didn't have that capability.
Hmm, I do wish RCCL had more consistency from ship to ship as far as categories and pricing. DCL is so easy that way- even with the newer categories! The first time I looked at all the room categories on RCCL my eyes crossed!

On Explorer you can get it from Room Service, too- that might be fleet wide.

That view is kind of like, "There it is again" to us. I feel so jaded and New Yawkish!

No-not that I saw- the only characters were a couple of abusive dolphins hangin by the gangway in Bermuda!
Abusive!!! hahahaha!!!

I have to think that Allure is going to be great! Our friends all loved it in April, but their kids don't use the clubs (because they travel in a self-sufficient group).
Oh yes, I am really getting stoked. I wish all the hard work preparing did itself though.

Yea- Allure how HOW many restaurants?? I would be SO excited!
26 I think. We are doing Specialty Dining more than we will be in the MDR. And I wish I could talk Ron into 150 Central Park (the tasting menu restaurant somewhat similar to Remy) but he thinks it's too hoity-toity for him. (no, he has no interest in Remy either). We are doing Rita's Fiesta- (dinner and 3 margaritas for $20!!), Samba Brazilian Steakhouse, Chops, and Giovanni's Table. Maybe Izumi for lunch though with a cover charge PLUS a la carte pricing it is really pretty expensive..and Ron is the big sushi eater in the family as I will only eat cooked rolls. We don't plan on being in the WJ much!!!!

(yes, VERY excited canyatell????)

Good luck trying to become an AMATEUR- remember you don't need EVERYTHING!!
Thanks, I haven't accomplished much this week. Have 2 bags mostly packed but that's it.....

Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas 9/2011- NEW! TRIP REPORT! - Disney Magic 7 Night Western 10/2010: Trip Report - Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas 1/2010: Trip Report and Videos - Disney Magic 7 Night Western Double Dip 09/08: Trip Report - Disney Wonder 3 Night Bahamas 10/07: Trip Report - Disney Wonder 4 Night Bahamas 03/07: Trip Report
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just skippin' around, amusing myself...
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Originally Posted by Beth D View Post
Finally back for the end of the week catch up! I'm gonna have to start checking in on lunch hour from work, or i'll be way behind!

Seriously!! It's all about priorities!!

The pics of the beach are just gorgeous. We just hit the 6 month mark for our eastern, and I am ready for some sand and fun!


The one pic where you go down the little tunnel reminds me of the beach scene at the beginning of Grease when Sandy & Danny are rolling around (although i know ithat was filmed in CA) but still awesome!

It was beautiful- wish I had my other camera-

That drink looks delish. You had me at rum! my only problem for our cruise this fall is how to get all the booze back to OH without breaking!

That was a big difference for us this trip, traveling without the plane- no worries about bringing back alcohol.

OhMari - that lady would have driven me nuts too! You're right, save a few more bucks, wait a few, and enjoy!

Originally Posted by 15isto2 View Post
Looks like you had am amazing time in bermuda
Loved it- can't wait to go again!

Originally Posted by Grog View Post
Finally caught up! Great pics. Loving it so far
I'm so glad!
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Twelve plus trips and counting
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Originally Posted by podsnel View Post
Yea...so, not so much, huh?
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just skippin' around, amusing myself...
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Back out to Sea

The boys RAN back to Optix once we were onboard, and Pods and I grabbed our books and went to sit by the Solarium pool. I got a DotD-

ANd watched the run of shame of latecomers back to the ship. Not that they were running- more like a stroll of shame, COMPLETELY shameless!!

I was really tired, and decided I would go back to the cabin for a little snooze, after I watched us pull out to sea...Going...



I took a little nap- soooooo nice to recharge after a busy day in port....Pods came in after a while with a couple of sammies for me (AWWWWW....)and I ordered a pot of coffee from Room Service.

I just LOVE room service!

We showered up and soon it was 8:30, time for dinner! Tyler showed up just in time- he had gone to the show with his friends- it was Brad Cummings, a comedy ventriloquist. He said the guy was hilarious- which I assume means that there was some adult humor involved.

I am having trouble locating a menu for this night, so bare with my descriptions...I think Tyler had some potato & leek soup which he thought was great-

I personally was not very hungry, so I was going to skip an appetizer, but Fan brought out some dumplings for Timmy and I to share-

They were SOOOOO good, she asked us if we would like more- and we both said yea! Bring it on! This was great, I thought, because Timmy has never had these before (I love them) and I love it when he tries new things. When we finished those, she asked if we wanted another!! But we turned her down-only so many gyoza I can eat, no matter how yummy they are! Pods had a crab cake-

It was ok, not great. The dumplings (which were tecnically an entree) were MUCH better!

We also ordered a red wine, and a bottle of champagne (which I LOVED doing- I would have a glass or two with dinner, they would keep it for me, and then I could have a glass with lunch on sea days, a glass for dinner the next night, or share it with friends- good stuff!). Although it says it is Korbel on the RCI website, I was happy to find it was Chateau St Michelle, which I think is a BIG improvement over Korbel.

Timmy ordered the steak from the everynight menu-

Both Pods and tyler got beef stronganoff-

Which looked nothing like any beef stroganoff I have ever had....

Then Pods & I shared stuffed shells that Fan recommended-

Pods really liked them, I had a few bites. I also had whatever the Indian veggie thing was that night-

And it was really tasty once again- nice and spicy, with yummy basmati rice- delicious!

For dessert, the boys had their usual-

And we had-

And (I think this was raspberry tiramisu)-

And Fan also brought-

AT the end of our meal, the boys ran out to go to Optix. Pods & I told our servers that we would be at Portofino's the next night. The head server seemed to think we should pick another night if we could- because the next night was Italian night, and she said that was one of their better menus. Not to mention all the servers would be singing to us- and of course we did not want to miss THAT! She actually brought over a book to show us what all the menus were for the rest of the cruise so that we could see what we wouldn't mind missing. I thought that was VERY nice and very helpful- which, I have to say once again, was what we always seemed to encounter on Explorer- a friendly and helpful crew.

Up next- another fun night aboard the Explorer!

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just skippin' around, amusing myself...
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Night 3 cont'd

Back in the cabin, we were greeted by the usual crime scene-

So, so nice, huh? We went back down to Deck 5, Pods had brought a glass of wine with him, I was in search of another cocktail.....

We ended up in the Champagne Bar- on my last RCI cruise (which was my first cruise) my friend, Cathy, and I had spent a LOT of time in that bar! I was hoping to have a coffee martini, but sadly, they didn't make them. So I went for a Pomegranate Tini instead-

At 11:30 it was time for late night adult comedy with Adam Ace. It was REALLY funny!! LOTS of audience participation (although not from us. They always seemed to choose BIG, muscled men on this ship for everything).

Oh- see the woman sitting on the left by the stage? She was the deaf interpreter on the ship- and I thought she looked just like Carla from Top Chef. I ran into her one night, and told her she looked just like Carla from Top Chef, and she said, "Yea- that's because she's my sister!" How cool was that?

Actually, before the show even began, there was a passsenger who ran up on the stage much to the joy and delight of a large group of women sitting over on the side of the theatre. He got called back up at the end of the show (so shy that guy!!) for further humiliation. More about him in a minute-

We were always glad to catch the shows that involved comedy. They were always fun! After the show, as we were walking back to the cabin, we saw a friendly face- Nicole, the daughter of one of Pods' employees (who we adore). She was on a cruise with her dad and his family- and we were so glad to run into her on the cruise-

She said "Did ya see that guy at the end of the show? That was my uncle and this is my Aunt, his wife!"

We offered our deepest sympathies...

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Great update and pics! The Promenade looks great, and what is it with teenage boys (yes I have one!)
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That crab cake did look nasty! But thanks anyway for the food porn I lost 3.4lbs this week at WW.
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I just showed your picture of the Promenade to my dh, and said "don't you want to be on the Explorer again??", and he answered yes (of course!). I'm thinking of looking at a January cruise. Loved sailing away from winter in NY... it was truly magical. Your tr is really giving me the itch!
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Sigh, thank you for sharing your cruise trip with us.
My dh convinced me to use our vacation to paint the whole upstairs.
Never. Again.
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God Bless America, Land of the Free, Because of the Brave. Godspeed and thanks to our troops and their families for their sacrifices.
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Just finding your trip report podsnel and am caught up ! Enjoying your review and all your photos. Your family formal photos are lovely and looks like you're all having a wonderful time.

A few yrs back I surprised my DH with a BD trip - he had no clue where he was going until we reached the Baltimore port and boarded RCI headed for Bermuda . He was overjoyed!! Your photos of the pink sand and busses, Dockyard, Glassworks, Swizzle Inn, and beautiful Horseshoe Bay, brought back many fond memories.

I agree, variety is the spice of life, we have cruised Disney and several other lines and currently preparing for a fall 10 day Princess cruise to St Kitts, St Lucia, Antigua, and several other islands. If we had the funds we'd try them all ~ if plans work out there's talk of doing a family cruise to Bermuda for our 50th anniversary in 3 yrs.

I'm anxious to read and see exciting pix of the rest of your fun adventures!
Keep the faith ^i^ Sandie
~Mom of 4 ~ Nana of 13

Blessed with 4 loving kiddos & IL's, 13 sweet grands, 50 Golden Years & Anniv. cruise gift....PRICELESS!!

There are two lasting bequests we can give our children & grandchildren: 'One is roots, the other is wings'.
Life is a journey ~ love makes the trip worthwhile

Grandchildren are God's reward for being a parent

"For He shall give the angels charge over thee, to keep thee safe in all thy ways" Psalms 91:11

For my dear Mom in heaven

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Ive got nothing planned whats an OCVP to do?
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Originally Posted by podsnel View Post
Holy crap!!! We just had an earthquake while I was writing that!! SO WEIRD!!! I've never felt that before!!! All my chandeliers were swayying or else I would have thought I was NUTS!
aww man i totally forgot you had that earthquake and then irene... so whatcha think about the earth shaking...?

Originally Posted by JKSWonder View Post
I was at work (7th floor of a highrise building in NYC) and my office swayed. It felt just like when a cruise ship hits a rough patch and you get that rolling feeling. Actually, kind of worse because it made me feel sort of nauseous and I never get sea sick!
I love hearing people that arent used to quakes describe them.. lol.. Im one of those odd Cali ones.. I like them.. i know my my says im odd she prays for me daily LOL

Your cabin looks wonderful Ellen. Since we are on Long Island, it would not take anything at all for us to drive to Bayonne, which is why I'm considering RCI for sometime in our future.
i would love to leave from NY how patriotic I think. Kind of like a Coming to America/Eliss Island in reverse?

Originally Posted by nenner1 View Post
Slow down woman!

...are you trying to get this TR complete before the hurricane rolls in?

back with comments in a sec, have to figure out how I will quote about 10 pic filled posts!
right.. im still commenting on tiarras a Minnie Mouse haters... and next Ill have an Allure of a time to dive into

Originally Posted by OhMari View Post
Sigh, thank you for sharing your cruise trip with us.
My dh convinced me to use our vacation to paint the whole upstairs.
Never. Again.
So I take it next time DH convinces you of anything you will leave him home while you cruise??? lol

ok more of my comments sans quotes.. I got lazy so I just wrote mine down.. seriously i pulled out a pad cuz it just seemed easier. E walked by and asked if I was taking a DIS test.. I said not this time. But I did with Tammys San Fran trippy, I won too. His reply... Who, what, huh.. are you drinking?

So you cant bring any wine on like on Carny? Did ya sneak any...?

I think the Ice skating onboard is awesome.. how many others can say they were on ice while on a ship.. besides Kate and Leo on the Titanic.

Love the look of the new RC DOTD glasses so much cuter then just an anchor.

I would be in samich heaven with you too.. But have to say Goofy still has my heart with his panninis ()

We do ebay for our suits and ties too. Which will now double as E's "im interviewing for a civilian job cuz I dont think I should wear my dress blues at least not until the 2nd interview suit"

The formal pics on your aft look great with the sunset too. I love your dress.

Ok full on breakfast for room service.. HELLO I would never need to leave the cabin for breakfast agaiN! Umm but doesnt look like you had a breakfast of champions.. I see NO kahlua for that coffee.. have I hot taught you well?

**Jen** flying with luggage isnt that bad.. its the carryons that suck cuz of the fees unless you go jetblue or southwest... what kills you is spending half the amount you paid on your cruise on airfare... thinking you know how many DOTD's this is.

Totally disliking the checking out of towels.. Carny and RC need to take a lesson from Disney.. 1 point for the mouse. Oh sorry wrong Trip report LOL

So while in Bermuda did the boys get upset and cry the video totally looks like they were or were about too lol. That would be my boys if so lol

When you walked thru the beach/rocks it reminded me of the Baths in Tortolla

Btw love all the toes shots, not a fetish I swear just shows your relaxing.. seriously im not a foot gal.. shoes yes, toes NO

ok Waboba ball??? never mind Ill google it after lol

the swizzle looks great as did all the food i would havve just asked for the straw in the pitcher and told pods to get his own though.. your nice to share!

Champaign and Wine... totally says yup im on vacation

love the purple/green/blue top you had on too very cute

And look at you meeting all the celebrities.. and their sisters LOL.

Ok wow that was just day 2?... you know I used to say way more up date before they made me actually do WORK. at work! But I give you permission now to update ... 1 trippy at a time please, or else I may confuse who's wearing tiarras, lanyards, or necklaces?
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Great update - even without seeing the pictures!!!! Sounds like an awesome first day and the staff sound wonderful and so accommodating. I also think sailing out of NJ is quite intriquing. Something I am definitely going to look into.

I'll be back later for the full picture effect!

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Will You Chill Out if I Sprinkle You With Pixie Dust?

Why Not Just Queue Up Another Disney Trip?
How Do You Think We Stay So Happy?
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alright OP - you did it!

I just called RCCL and put a hold on an AFT cabin for an 11 night cruise in January 2012! My dh just has to check things out w/ work. There's a possibility he can't get all the day covered, but if he can, we're going!

It's all because of you!! (thanks!!)

And first, I cannot believe an AFT was open (there's actually 3 open), the cruise price is great, there was a $200 coupon attached to this cruise that I can redeem, AND we got early seating, which we always want and NEVER get because I usually book late. (feels like we're meant to go!)

Keeping my fingers crossed for dh getting his days covered!
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