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Old 05-17-2011, 07:44 AM   #16
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The DLP Visitors Guide to Milk!

(Bodged together from my impending Trip Report notes, I’ll save the Story for there, and try to keep this Practical!)

I happen to work with a Parisian, so went to DLP pre-warned about the Milk situation. If you picture a supermarket over here, you’ll have a massive area of refridgerated milk, and somewhere a smaller selection of unrefridgerated UHT milk. Corner shops are probably more likely to have a supply of Fresh milk than UHT.

In France, it seems to be all the reverse.

As such the shop in the DLP train station only had UHT, the HNY was serving UHT for use with the breakfast cereals, the local starbacks was putting UHT in it’s drinks (and if you buy Hot Chocolate which has none, the Squirty cream they use is also UHT!).

Now to some people, this may not matter. However, I don’t like UHT. And the French versions of UHT seemed particularly noxious (notably partly due to the fact French fresh milk in general tastes different to ours, as does every countries of course). Very strong smell, not pleasant, bad aftertaste.

I like to drink Milk, and ideally have ceral in the morning, but I NEED a decent cup of tea to get through such a tiring holiday.

So, after a conversation with a couple of staff at reception, including an English member of staff who admitted that after 14 years he is used to it, but it took a while (and even his Cat prefers English milk!), I was given instructions on how to find milk.

Go to Train Station, travel down one stop to Val D’Europe, trains are regular, go outside station, supermarket is on right.

That may seem simple to wisened travellers, but this was my first time out of the country for 20 years, I don’t use English trains, let alone French ones, once you venture out of Disney the number of fluent English speakers drops considerably (so help is harder to find), and I, for reasons of temporary madness, chose to set off on my hunt at 9pm... though it seemed nice and light when I started!

So - here’s PROPER instructions to stop you wandering around like a blindman, like I did.

Train station, for those that don’t use it to get to DLP (like me) is between Disney Village and the Parks. When coming out of the village and looking at the train station, enter and turn Left. Go right down towards the shops, and you’ll see some Ticket machines on your right. Of these, there are some Green ones (I think called Novatel, or Novacard?) that have Language options as the first screen that make life easier.

Buy a ticket from them (1.65 euros) entering your station as Val D’europe. As you type, ala google, a list of stations appears so you can select one after just a few characters. I couldn’t tell if this ticket was one-way or return though, so assumed one-way.

Turn to your Right and go back the way you came until you can turn left, past some manned (or not, if you go really late... ahem) ticket booths. In front of you there’s some barriers you can put your ticket in and get to the platforms.

(Having not arrived by train, I wasn’t aware until afterwards, but I think the station may be split in two? ‘Proper’ trains on right, an express almost Tube-like on the left. Certainly I ended up in between two platforms that can’t have been the full place!)

There was a train in the station when I got there, on the platform to your Right. Above the platform are lists of Stops with X’s next to them to indicate they stop there. Val D’Europe is the top of this list. I beleive DLP is the End of the “A” line, so it’s likely there’s always/often trains in there waiting to go.

When it sets of, it’s literally a couple of minutes. You are exiting the opposite side of the train to which you entered. Note what side of the tracks you are in relation to the exit (on your left as you get off the train) - it will aid you on your return!

Up the stairs, and slightly to your left, out the station onto the main street.

If you are expecting to see a supermarket at this point, you will likely be disappointed, because here I started to wonder if I’d be pranked.
Go Right - and keep on going until you hit a Road to cross (fairly large T junction as I recall). As you cross the road, slightly to your left is an entrance to a Mall / Shopping Centre. Supermarket is in here.

It’s a Big 2-level supermarket, and it’s not big in relation to the size of the mall... so when you enter you won’t see it, go Left and follow the corridors, the supermarket is open-fronted, you won’t miss it.

You will though be on the Upper level - and the food is on the lower level. You can use escalators either In or Outside the supermarket.

You will find Milk at the furthest edge away from where you entered.

Now... to the Milk. You will see the pallettes of UHT, the fridge isn’t that far from it. It’s kinda like a specialist dairy section in the UK, all mix of brands of products, and even though I knew to look for “Lais Frais” (Lais/Milk is used for UHT, Lais Frais/Fresh Milk is what you after), there was a lot of variations.

I checked I wasn’t being watched and opened two of them (putting them in my basket afterwards so I didn’t get nabbed). They both Stank. So... I picked 3 other brands and bought the lot.

As it turned out, the other 3 I bought were ok, so the opened two went in the Bin.

The photo below shows in this order left to right (yes they are empty, I was in no mood to take this photo when I got back, I was too busy making a cup of tea for a start...): 

• Semi-skimmed
• Full cream milk.
• Something that I think was still UHT, but at a push, was usable.
• the UHT you can buy in the train station.

I believe the Micro-filtre line on the Blue and Red bottles to the left is a biggie. I’m also told that aiming for Clear bottles rather than White helps (though at the time, full of milk, that’s hard to tell for sure!)

Note that the right hand red one has Frais in small print, but this is technically "Lait Entier", and so not really what you're after.

I felt at the time that the Blue semi-skimmed equivalent was the best match to UK milk, but on getting back to the UK, the milk here tasted creamier, so you may prefer the Red. Both were fine for any use though. I'd recommend of course you look for Exactly these labels, not anything that looks like it has the same wording on it, it was a bit of a minefield. :D

As mentioned earlier, all of them still have a slight difference in smell and taste to the UK of course, particularly strong when they are first opened (don't know why that would be the case).

Now - return the way you came! Look for same green ticket machine in station - enter Marne Le Valle as destination. Go through barriers and go the platform on your Right (i.e. Not the one you came in on). Screens make it quite clear when trains are due, and as I said, I think the next stop is end of the line, so I’d assume all trains will be stopping at DLP.

Watch for the trains that don’t stop - they go through the station at an unbeleivable speed - you don’t want kids wandering around the platform when they do.

From there, you’ll work your way back to your place in disney I’m sure.

Ask at your hotel reception to use the Hotel Fridge, they have a special form for it (they could just sell some dairy from the shop instead!). Of course, Ice bucket in room provides a decent coolbox overnight whatever you need.

This whole trip including walking through village to and from HNY took me 90 minutes, but, I had 30 mins wait for a train in Val D’Europe through going so late. I suspect that now you know where you are going, this could be done in under and hour.

Let me know if you use this info, and if you think it needs fine tuning at all! I didn’t have the presence of mind to photograph every step of the way

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Old 05-17-2011, 07:58 AM   #17
Join Date: Jul 2010
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If there is no image appearing in the post above - apologies - just had some issues with my web hosting. It will appear for everyone soon!
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Old 05-17-2011, 04:53 PM   #18
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PLEASE NOTE - There is now a guide of the journey to Val D'Europe WITH PHOTOS on Page 3 of this thread!


That is absolutely superb - and I can vouch for the directions because I made exactly the same trip last year (in the snow too!) without knowing where I was going once I left Val D'Europe station! Okay, my journey was to get a number of groceries to take home as well (we go to the Carrefour near Calais once a year to get things we can no longer get in the UK), but the main reason was also to find decent, drinkable milk.

I can just about abide UHT on my cereal if it's ice cold, but I like to drink it at breakfast as well when I'm eating my croissant/pain and I just can't stomach it when it's not fresh.

The best thing though was the pictures of the bottles - that is a god send because I must have spent ten minutes in front of the chillers trying to work out which milk was which. I knew I wanted "demi-ecreme" (look, I remembered a tiny fragment of my French GCSE from all those years ago - hurray!), but I had no idea whether "Entier" was full-fat or skimmed (which is what my wife drinks), so you've helped clear this up for me!
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Old 05-17-2011, 05:17 PM   #19
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I think this is brillant ..Well done on going there on your own and finding some decent substitution.

I no longer drink milk so I don't have this pb any longer but when I first came to France it was difficult.

The Lactel lait entier is pasturised which is why it tastes different from the others and the "Tenir au frais" is regarding the need to keep it in a fridge.

There are 4 classic types of milk in France

Lait Cru -Raw milk

Le lait frais pasteurisé - Fresh pasturised milk

Le lait stérilisé - Sterilised milk

Le lait stérilisé UHT - UHT sterlised milk

and you get either entier, demi-écrémé ou écrémé. /Full fat - Semi skimmed - Skimmed

The lait micro filtré which are your 2 left ones is a technique that comes from Canada and is rare still in France. It's treated in the same way as the pasturised sort and then the cream is taken out the residu is filtered and the cream put back in the amount they want depending on if it's entier,demi écrémé or écrémé

I wonder if you also bought lait caillé as that smells something nasty
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Old 05-17-2011, 06:02 PM   #20
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Agree that tea is vital in any holiday!! Always travel with tea, milk, and travel kettle...find it funny that most basic travelodge here will have tea tray if nothing else, but even luxury hotels in European cities don't!
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Old 05-17-2011, 06:53 PM   #21

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Thank you Jakaru

Can a mod please add this to the Useful Info sticky? Both for the milk information and the instructions on how to get to Val d'Europe. Great stuff!
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Old 05-18-2011, 04:20 AM   #22
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Thank you Jakaru and Carrie for clarifying the differences.

Originally Posted by Bexx View Post
Thank you Jakaru Can a mod please add this to the Useful Info sticky? Both for the milk information and the instructions on how to get to Val d'Europe. Great stuff!
Fait accompli! There will now be a whole generation of tea drinkers eternally grateful for this info!
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Old 05-18-2011, 04:55 AM   #23
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Very very helpful
Makes a trip to Val d'europe seem less scary to see it mapped out like that. Good job
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Old 05-19-2011, 02:39 PM   #24
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Fantastic!!! Thanks so much

Will be printing out your instructions for our impending DLP trip

1st ever visit to DLP - June 2011

Me (30-something)
DH (40-something)
DD (6 year old)
DS (4 year old)
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Old 05-19-2011, 03:38 PM   #25
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Ahhh, brilliant stuff, useful and made me giggle too!!

I am also very fussy when it comes to milk in my tea & on my cereal, has to be skimmed. So I survive on hot chocolate and coffe while in DLP! This could be very helpful for my trip with MIL though - thank you!
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Old 05-20-2011, 08:43 AM   #26
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I'm more than a little bit chuffed that this thread has made it into the Useful Information sticky!

But given its also listed as *includes instructions on how to get to Val d'Europe by RER* I'm now also wishing I'd photo-documented the trip, I was so focused on just going and getting the Milk, I didn't think enough about how the Trip was as important!

This of course is now a project for the first person to Use my directions!

Go in daytime, take a camera, and then tell me where my instructions weren't good enough!
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Old 05-20-2011, 10:46 AM   #27
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Originally Posted by Jakaru View Post
I was so focused on just going and getting the Milk, I didn't think enough about how the Trip was as important!
Jakaru, you're an inspiration to tea drinkers everywhere!

This thread, and your devotion to getting a decent brew has really made me laugh. Loving your work
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Old 05-21-2011, 12:34 PM   #28
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The garage / petrol station next to the Santa Fe also does two of these types of milk if memory serves me right..
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Old 05-23-2011, 08:36 AM   #29
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Oddly, one of my plans was to go wandering and find out how near the other hotel areas etc were in walking distance - as I recalled something about a Service Station having a decent shop.

After a day of walking around the parks though, it never happened!
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Old 05-23-2011, 09:04 AM   #30
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Right that's that problem solved, now, how do I get a decent cup of coffee?!

Although I don't mind drinking medium stength white coffee once in a while at the end of a meal or at someone's house I don't find it thirst quenching in the same way as I do my 'normal' coffee which I take weak, black and with cold water instead of the milk - me fussy?
Even in this country it's hard enough to find - but on the continent?! Can anyone remember if there are any hot water dispensers in the restaurant (we're staying in HNY) as I didn't find any last time and after a few days I was desperate for a cup. We will ask for a kettle in the room but it would be nice to find some to have with a meal.
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