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Hola¡ March 13th Fiesta at Sea on the Wonder! Updated through Day 9

Informe de trayecto!

Also know as Trip Report!

Yes, time for another one, as three weeks from tonight I'll almost be on the Wonder!

March 11: Arrive in Cali
March 11 Eve: Disneyland, World of Color at 10:15
March 12: Disneyland
March 13-20 Fiesta time!

I have to admit, I am quite excited to be back "home" on the Wonder. Although I love the Dream, the Wonder (and the Magic) will always hold a special place in my heart. The Wonder was the first ship I was on, and I am so comfortable on her that a week onboard is dreamy.


Dicecatt: 30ish mom of 4, I have a travel agency, and I enjoy watercolors and walks on the beach...okay, scratch the last two. I have no hobbies, since I am a mom of 4 and I have a travel agency...although I am forced to watch a lot of cheerleading so does that count?

DD16: She has gotten more fun. Her last nickname was Sunshine, and wasn't because she is sunny...however, she is really fun now and is not a moody teen most of the time. She is sort of a snotty high school cheerleader, but adores Disney cruises, and gave up a chance to go to Hawaii with her choir to go on this cruise.

DD12: A.K.A. Drama...she is a cheer queen, and has unlimited nonstop energy. She is tiny, wears a size 8 little girl, and is a crazy tumbler. She makes dozens of best friends on cruises.

DS12: A.K.A. Goofy (although he is nearing teens and we might rename him Dopey). Much more laid back than his twin, he loves being able to get food whenever he wants, and his wish for the Christening was "to be the first person to ever buy a snack at the snackbar by the theater." Epic fail on that one.

DD5: A.K.A. Spoiled...she is everyone's baby, and is outgrowing baby fat. She grew like 3 sizes in 6 months and stayed short, so she is rather roli poli and squeezable. She still walks with a baby walk (sort of stomps) and I'm savoring her young years and she is definitely my last.

Other key players: DH, who is staying friend Kim and her sister Angie, and their kids...DD12's friend's family whom she is staying with onboard...and several sets of my clients. Plus, the greatest meet thread disboard people ever...I think it is my favorite meet thread so far!

I will be saving some space in the posts that follow, for a nicer read

Sail Date:
March 13 to March 20
Disney Wonder

Day Port Ashore Onboard
1 Los Angeles, California - 4:00 p.m.
2 At Sea - -
3 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 11:15 a.m. 5:00 p.m.
4 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 8:45 a.m. 7:00 p.m.
5 At Sea - -
6 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 7:15 a.m. 1:30 p.m.
7 At Sea - -
8 Los Angeles, California 9:30 a.m. -

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Pre Trip Plans

Pre Trip plans

Friday, March 11: Arriving by plane at 4 PM (with a layover of a couple of hours that should be super fun by myself with the four kids). Heading to Anaheim where we will meet a friend and her girls for some Disneyland fun! I haven't been to Disneyland since my twins were 3 and DD16 was we are really looking forward to this, despite the anticipated spring break crowds. We are staying somewhere cheap and clean in Anahaim...walking distance!

I ordered the World of Color picnic meals, and we are going to watch the 10:15 PM show. My kids are like energizer bunnies so they'll be good to go until midnight when the park closes, and then they'll wake me up for park opening on Saturday!

Saturday, March 12: Disneyland! With a 2 PM Dis meet at Pirates.

I'm nervous about the crowds, I hate hate them...clausterphobic-like hate. We'll just head to California Adventure when Disneyland gets too bad!

Sunday March 13: Embarkation! I might go extra early, I'm debating trying to upgrade, there are some cat 4s available and I'd really like a verandah. Haven't made up my mind...and I might not until that weekend . I'm torn because I have a Cat 10 and my friend and her kids have a GTY 9, she was assigned right across from me which is really convenient, and her sister is 3 decks up but right at our elevator. Whatever the case, I'll be there semi early plan is to get Tea party tickets for our group, so I'll need an early boarding pass!

We also plan on registering the girls for the talent show. Our meet thread has 18 cheerleaders doing a routine (that my daughter and her friend have not yet come up with) and our theme is Peace, Love, Mickey...everyone is making tshirts and one nice woman is making them bows!

I also have to get my DD12 a dummy key for my room since she is staying with her friend.

Parrot Cay for lunch is the plan, and then early in the day I will deliver my FE gifts because it is usable right away and all week. I also made them for my clients so I'll be happy delivery girl that afternoon...

Kim and Angie don't land until 11:30, so they won't be meeting me for a while. Disboard meet at 3 PM at Promenade lounge. At that point, my planning lessons and I start to relax!

Oh, I forgot, I'll get the wristband for DD5 during open house of Oceaneer's Club, I never do it at port unless there is no line.

My other plans, sort of in order but not really...

Tentatively High Tea, Dinner AND Brunch at Palo. Kim and Angie and I are meeting tomorrow night to finalize, we might drop one or two of them, but I'm definitely doing High Tea even if it is by myself, I've always wanted to do it.

Picture of all four kids together and gorgeous on formal night to gift to my long suffering and abandoned husband.

Whale Watching in Puerto Vallarta...I'm waiting to hear from my supplier about this one because we are scheduled for 8 AM which is Puerto Vallarta time, and since it will be 9:40 local time when we port, that doesn't seem to work! There is a 1 PM too so I think they'll move us...I have four of us plus 8 clients on it so I hope it works out. It is on a small boat with marine biologists and they get pretty close to the whales! Kim, Angie, their kids and my DD16 are doing a snorkeling beach excursion.

Cabo #1: Tentatively, I've got us on the Boat tour and scenic stop through DCL. I really want to see seal island, and I want something that DD 5 can do with this seems like a decent choice, but we are going to hash that one out tomorrow when we meet.

Cabo #2: Angie, her son, the two 16 year olds are ziplining. I was going to take twins but I don't want to leave DD5 onboard for that long, plus it is expensive...So instead, we are leaving DD5 with Kim in the morning and doing the Pacific Horseback ride with DCL. We were going to horseback ride in Mazatlan (for cheaper, including a beach day) but this is the next best are excited. Not sure what Kim and little kids are doing since one is allergic to horses .

Other things I'd really like to do: Martini tasting, 70's dance show, sit and work on the cross stitch I've been sewing for over two years, re read the Sookie Stackhouse novels (I have the books but I am addicted to my Nook and am considering loading it up with them anyway, despite the fact that means I would have bought them twice) or other trashy vampire like novels, and hopefully make it to the sushi buffet that was featured in Stinkerbell's trip report (looked yummy). I'm also going to be available for my onboard clients in case they want me to help them rebook, and I want to take DD5 to at least one dance party (I think on a navigator I saw a High School Musical party). I am super excited about all these sea days, and I don't really mind too much that Cabo days are short...I LOVE being on the ship! Last time we were on a long cruise it was the port intense Med cruise, and for 11 days we had three sea days and needed them to recover from the port days!

Sunday, March 20: Debarkation. Like Stinkerbell (okay, I really liked your trip report) we will hang out and wait until the crowds go down, although no debarkation could be as bad as what I saw at the Maiden Dream debarkation. Then, somehow (don't have transport yet) we will make our way to our cheap, clean, extremely convenient to the sights hotel in L.A. My plan for L.A. in no particular order is to see some sidewalk stars, take pictures with the kids and the Hollywood sign in the background, Madame Tussaud's wax museum, Kodak Theater and Grauman's Chinese Theater.

Monday, March 21: We leave at 4 PM, so today will be more of what I mentioned yesterday. I was super tempted by a tour I saw that toured significant things in the lives of people like Marilyn Monroe and Sharon Tate (yes, I know...don't say it, but remember, I like vampire books) but I'm thinking that tour might traumatize my 5 year old (maybe not, but the possibility is there..."Mommy, why are we standing in a cemetary?") Kids are skipping school that day but I saved over $500 over leaving on Sunday, and it is money much more fun spent in LA than on American Airlines.

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March 11th Arrival and Disneyland

We had a layover in Chicago...and right about then, my son decided it was time to revert to his three year old behavior. Let me explain what I mean by that...from crawling to three, my son was somewhat nightmarish...his main purpose in life was to take things apart and destroy. At age three, he became the easy twin, and my sweet little girl turned into my challenge in life. He rediscovered his three year old behavior this trip...and he is 12...he decided he was going to drive Mom crazy by talking incessently, passive aggressively making his sisters nutty (and that realy doesn't take much) and just generally being a 12 year old boy. The funniest moment of the day was when we said "hurry" to cross the street at the light, and he starts yelling "taxi" and running after one. Anyhoo...

We arrived at SNA right on time, and my awesome friend (Brooklyn on the DIS) braved traffic to pick us up. We stopped by the hotel which she had checked into already, and stashed our luggage, then headed out to grab a bite. I forgot our Disneyland tickets and realized it about halfway there, because I am brilliant that way, and ran back to the hotel to get them. Okay, I did not really run, because that would scare everyone watching...but I walked briskly. DD16 went with Brooklyn to get pizza and we met them and ate. Then we had the fun taxi moment mentioned above as we walked towards the parks.

We headed to California Adventure, which I had never been to. We hadn't been to Disneyland since the twins were 3, and they are now everyone was very excited. We stopped by and got Brooklyn's kids who were hanging out with some CM friends of hers, and we were off! Brooklyn awesomely had some fast passes for us, and we headed to California Screamin'. It was funny that when we were waiting, we spotted the 12 year old friend that Ashley would be rooming with on the cruise, such a "small world". The older kids loved the ride...DD5 did NOT. She loved Space Mountain and Expedition Everest, so I figured it would be okay...not so much.

The kids rode Toy Story, and we all rode Soarin', which is just as awesome in California as it is in Florida. I was going to watch World of Color at 10:15, and even bought the picnic meals ahead of time, but decided when I saw the monster line that I was not that into dancing water. Instead, some of the kids rode something I forget now and we took the two little girls on the smaller Bug's Life rides, where there were no waits. We also walked through Electronica, and rode Monster's Inc. The plan was to actually hang out at Electronica the next night.

My friends left for bed, and we headed to Disneyland. It was around 11, so we thought there was a chance of riding something...nope. Lines were bad. We did walk through the castle walk through ride attraction thingy...and also did Haunted Mansion where there was no lines, but everything else was packed. I am somewhat intolerant of crowds, but I knew it was Spring Break going in. We left after walking around and ate our picnic dinners in the hotel room at midnight!

Reflecting on the day, the kids commented that people seemed more pushy than at WDW...and more inclined to walk wherever they wanted, and just generally had less manners. I think that was true...maybe because there are more was still fun, but that would continue throughout the two days we spent in the parks. The high crowd level could have also caused that, my kids are used to lower crowd times.

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March 12th Disneyland

Saturday, March 12th, Disneyland

We had plans to be at opening at 8 AM. When we woke up, I had a text from my friend in the adjoining room…her little girl had gotten very sick and they had to leave at 4 AM and drive back home. The kids were very sad, and we were very worried about the poor girl!

We had slept as long as possible, and hurried to the park.

DD5, barely awake but cute:

Love this:

A set of my clients were there and had been there for early entry…we ended up seeing them while we were in line in Fantasyland!

We headed to Fantasyland right away, and were there for the rope drop for people without early entry. Right away the kids commented that the Castle looked miniature.

First up, the Matterhorn Bobsleds, where we had a few minutes to wait. I thought that was a bad sign, but the next several rides were walk ons.

We rode on Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Pinnochio, Storybook Land Canals, Teacups, and it’s a small world.

We got fast passes for Indiana Jones and then left…it was getting quite packed, and the kids were starving. On the walk I called and got us reservations at 4 PM at Blue Bayou. We headed to IHOP and had the most expensive IHOP breakfast ever…it was almost $60 for the 5 of us! But it hit the spot, we were all ravenous! I took DS12 and DD5 back to the hotel, and DD16 and DD12 went back to the parks. DS12 was driving me crazy…his passive aggressive behavior was extremely irritating and I called in the big guns…my husband. I made DS12 talk to him about his behavior as we walked…it sort of got better. We took a short nap, and the girls had fun riding things and getting fast passes. They stood in lines I never would…like 40 minutes for Tower of Terror…would never happen in my lifetime.

There was supposed to be a DIS meet at 2 PM at Pirates, but Pirates had a truly hideous line…in my opinion, Disneyland does not handle crowds as well as Magic Kingdom. Lines snaked everywhere. We skipped the meet because I couldn’t even see the entrance…

We ate at Blue Bayou, and opted not to wait an additional 45 minutes for a table by the water. The atmosphere is very cool there, and the Monte Cristo was as good as rumored. It was pricey, but I knew it would be going in…$25 for a Monte Cristo!

We met up with them at the parks and had a great time riding things with short waits or with fast passes…I LOVE in Disneyland and California Adventure that the fast passes aren’t tied together. First we tried Indiana Jones, but it was closed temporarily, so we grabbed fast passes for Space Mountain and headed to California Adventure. We got fast passes for Soarin then. We rode the Grizzly water ride.

Occasionally the kids like each other:

Attempted to get fast passes for Toy Story Mania…um…there aren’t any…at all ever, no fast passes. Line was over 75 minutes, SKIP! And I was ashamed of myself that I didn’t know there were no fast passes. Fast passes in California are much less efficient than in Florida…the lines aren’t as efficient, and not nearly enough rides have them…NONE in Fantasyland!

The older kids rode California Screamin’ again, and we rode Soarin and Monsters Inc. We hung out at Electronica for a while, twins played in the arcade and we watched the dancers, and then the fireworks. We had a minor breakdown when DD12 had to put her seatbelt in the loop because she is so small and the other two laughed and she cried…sigh.

After fireworks we went to Disneyland, and rode Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, and then Autopia. Indiana Jones was really fun, we enjoyed that ride quite a bit. Space was different, but cool…I like the side by side seating.

Autopia was also interesting. Everyone was supposedly tall enough to drive except DD5, so we each got our own cars. DD12 was first, then me with DD5, then DD16, and then DD12. DS12 kept slamming on his breaks and generally driving like a crazy person, and so did DD12…so I thought. I thought she was just messing around like her brother. I yelled at her to knock it off a couple of times. Turned out she could barely reach the pedals and couldn’t steer right…so she cried again, and I felt bad for yelling at her. Sigh again. There are benefits to being a size 6/8 when you are 12, such as extreme talent for flying on a high level cheer team…but occasionally she decides she doesn’t like it.

We headed back to the hotel and the kids collapsed while I organized and packed, and worked…

It was a really fun day. It was extremely crowded...and crowds around Rivers of America are extremely hard to navigate. New Orleans Square is also can go down one alley and end up exactly where you started! Disneyland is charming though, and we are very glad we went!

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March 13th Embarkation

Sunday, March 13th, Embarkation

I used A1 Transportation and we were picked up and out of the hotel by 8:15 AM. I really like this company; I found them online and have developed a supplier relationship with them, and used them several times over the course of this trip. Affordable and friendly, I’m glad to have a contact for transportation in that area! Eric was my driver and was very friendly.

The girls were ready for the day, with bows that my awesome friend and business partner made:

We arrived at port at 8:45, and were third in line to check in.

We chatted a bit with the friendly people in line, and were allowed in around 9:00 or so. We then headed up and received the health questionnaire forms, and sat around for a bit. I asked a couple of CMS about possible upgrades but no one knew…I was thinking of trying to get a verandah, although it would have had to be pretty cheap since I had a really good location across from my friend. DD16 sat in the entrance to enter the line since they weren’t letting people in yet…she was “saving” our spot and the two families ahead of us…it has been my experience that if you are there first and sit, the people that come up after you then get in line first. I had several things to take care of onboard so I was trying to be proactive, otherwise I would have slept in!

They allowed us in the line around 9:30 or so…DD16 stepped aside for the other two families, and we proceeded. As I passed, the supervisor’s desk had a “Mickey says the ship is full” no upgrades sign, so that answered that. Just more money to spend onboard.

Check in was a bit confusing…the CM was new and had another CM check over her work, but that was no problem…not like we were in a hurry. I had for the 5 of us three different rooms to check people into so that stumped her…she checked in DD16 and then sent her to get a boarding card (I wanted a 3). By the time we had all five of us checked in and proceeded to get boarding cards, we were still on 3, so no problem.

We chatted with the other two families as the port filled up. I sat facing the bathrooms and saw my clients and friends as they came on, so that was fun, and I introduced them all to each other! It was like a party.

One thing I noticed was the computers for wristbands for kid clubs took a very long time to get set up, and by the time we boarded there was an extremely long line. I always get mine once onboard anyway, but I felt sorry for those standing in line…usually people don’t realize they can get them onboard, or maybe they just want to get it out of the way. Boarding #3 was called and we were boarding right before noon.

We headed right for guest services. I had to set up my credit card for DD12 who was in another room, and get a dummy key for her for my room. I asked about putting gratuities on the account just to get it out of the way, but that couldn’t be done until Wednesday…and I tried to put my gift cards onto my account but they couldn’t do that either until later. I did get tea party tickets for 9 of us (there were 12 of us total but the boys weren’t going). They had two choices for tea…we chose Thursday. We then headed to Parrot Cay.

The food was good…I enjoy the shrimp the most, and I had my first cocktail (appletini). DD5 had a kiddie cocktail with many, many cherries:

We sat with the family that DD12 was rooming with (their daughter is her 12 year old friend) and a couple of us went to Wavebands to fix a couple of things…they had two cabins and they were seated at two different tables; I wanted to add a third person to high tea (failure, they said it was full…I counted 6 tables at tea so I’m thinking they could have had a third at mine)…and I cancelled one of my brunches and gave another to a fellow DISer (and she gave me a cute little bag of candy later on in the cruise as thanks!). I left my Palo dinner on semi formal night, although I was to change that later at the insistence of my servers. I hadn’t requested a specific dining seating, mainly because Disney kept changing around when each night was, and I was extremely happy with what we did get. We were at table one, with PTTAPTA. Tritons on Formal Night and Semi Formal, Parrot Cay on Pirate night. Perfect!

I was keeping in contact with my friends Kim and Angie (the other two adults in our party of twelve) and they had landed. They didn’t end up boarding until around 2. We headed to our room when it was ready and I got out the whiteboards I had made for my clients (and the yellow FE list, although I didn’t give those out right away). We delivered the whiteboards to my clients' doors, and then headed to the DIS meet in the Promenade lounge at 3, where we chatted for a few minutes and worked out meeting at noon on the first sea day to practice for the talent show.

It had been since my first cruise that I had a Category 10, and I forgot how spacious it is with the seat and double trunk:

We did have our steward split the beds, that is one request I forgot to add on in advance, I think I trained myself because of the Dream not having that feature.

We met up with our friends who had completed their lunch, and went to our rooms and the muster drill. We explored the ship a little, and took some photos of the Vibe (first time I had seen it on the Wonder or Magic).

The boys were very excited about basketball, and spent a lot of time there during the cruise. They always came back with stories of older kids or even men taking the ball from the younger kids…lots of aggression on that court apparently! I was thrilled about the Edge as were my tweens, but as the week went on they didn’t spend as much time there…they said all people wanted to do was play Mario Kart…whatever. I think Disney did a good job with the Edge in that space.

We had a drink in Diversions and I showed them around a little…we just hung out until it was time for dinner. We had second seating, and met our fantastic servers, Jose and Iracema. They were to be wonderful all cruise, I consider them right up there with my favorite, Grisell. Jose was on his first contract, but had worked with other cruise lines, and Iracema was on her second contract. Our head server was Thomas and was very good…he talked to us each night, made room for my daughter and her friend one night and the morning of the character breakfast, and arranged for one of my clients boarding on the 20th to have my servers. I happily overtipped them all at the end of the cruise!

Parrot Cay was our first dinner, and for once our steaks were great…I am usually less than thrilled with the steaks at Parrot Cay.

We met our room steward who was also excellent, although the last two days he was sick so I didn’t get to say goodbye. He did a fantastic job and wasn’t stingy with the shampoo like usual (I have really long hair and so do all my girls, so we go through a lot of shampoo and conditioner).

The first day was great. The kids were tired so they didn’t spend much time in the clubs, and the kids in our party that hadn’t been onboard didn’t seem all that thrilled with going to the clubs. The two eight year olds just wanted to play basketball, much to our chagrin, as there is nowhere good to sit and observe. But at this point in the cruise, every CM had been wonderful, and the people on the cruise all seemed like they were nice and considerate! Great start to a great week.

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March 14th Day at Sea

Day at Sea, March 14, 2011

We woke up and all but the two teens went to Tritons, around 9 AM. The two eight year old boys were not thrilled with the idea of going to the Lab, I think it might have intimidated them the first night…so breakfast was a debate of what to do. The result of the debate was Angie and I were going to play Bingo at 10:45 and Kim took the little kids to see Tangled.

We just bought paper cards and let the girls play them…every time I think about playing Bingo with Disney the song “B, 11, BB 11” comes into my head.

At noon, we met for cheer practice in the Promenade Lounge. There were 18, although I think we ended up with a few less by the time the talent show came around. DD16 was whiney and somewhat mad about giving any tiny part of her valuable day to do this, although she seemed excited and willing when I asked her in the first place. Sigh…

We had some pool time after that…the kids kept running back and forth between the two pools, and poor Kim was run off her feet between her DD and her son and nephew. We left to get ready for High Tea.

Palo Tea was a nice break in the day…the restaurant was nearly empty, about 6 tables. Our server was Daniel from Venice…I met him in Wavebands on embarkation. He was very good. The treats were fantastic…made me wish I was hungrier…the trifle treat was absolutely to die for. It was a nice quiet sanctuary after being around the loud pool and kids that changed their minds about what they wanted to do every ten minutes!

We then took it easy for a while and prepared for Formal Night. We took some great pictures:

Then we went to the 6:15 showing of Golden Mickeys. Now, I’m not a big show goer. I was present only because my friends wanted to go…but typically I avoid things that have crowds and non assigned seats. I will say though that I enjoyed this show…we had great seats. Before the show, DD12 and DD12 of Tracielynn were on the screen being interviewed. It was pretty funny because I asked Angie “where is DD12” and she said “I don’t know, she said she was going to be on TV?” Then we looked up and there she was!

While we were waiting for the show to start, various members of our party (there were 12 of us) would get up to get snacks. At one point, DD5 was sitting by herself surrounded by three chairs, because the three people around her were getting cotton candy. She was just sitting their quietly, sweet little girl, when an entertainment CM came up to her and asked if she wanted to be a part of the show! DD5 looked at me for permission and took the CM’s hand…off she went.

Having not seen the show, I had no idea what she was going to be doing, so imagine my surprise when she did this:


She was SO cute, and talked about meeting Dopey for about an hour afterwards.

We then went to see the family caberet show, Comedy Industries, at 7:30. They were funny, the kids enjoyed it because it was a goofy show with juggling. They danced for a while before the show started in Wavebands and everyone had a good time.

Here is a video of one of the performers laying on the kids: CLICK HERE

Dinner was at Tritons, with the Golden Mickeys Menu for Formal night. I really enjoyed my scallop risotto for an appetizer:

The steak was also very good, I had so much beef this week:

So, DD16 had been joking all night that her dress was tight (worn for Homecoming in October) and that she was getting fat. I’d like to be “fat” like her. Anyway, some of the kids left to go to the clubs, and just a few of us were left…we ordered dessert, and for some reason Jose brought her two desserts! We howled with laughter and she unzipped the side of her dress, then couldn’t zip it back up. It was quite amusing although doesn’t sound quite as funny in this trip report.

So…our teens had taken “cool” pictures of themselves. You know what I’m talking about…in a mirror, with Lady Gaga fingers, with their lips all pouty…pictures with the towel animals with sexy faces…16 year old “cool” pictures.

So Angie, Kim and I decided to take one and here is the result:

Okay, disclaimer…it looks worse than it was supposed to, because truly it was just supposed to be making fun of the girls, and Angie didn't intend to look like she is grabbing up his leg. But it is still super funny. All through the cruise we took these “cool” pictures and laughed so much my eye makeup was messed up constantly with tears. We only took one because we were planning on drinking more and taking more after the show.

We went to the 10:30 show at the Walt Disney Theater with Alfred and Seymour, the hip hop comedy adult show. It was hilarious…they chased down people that were late and were generally very, very funny. Towards the end I got a text from the Oceaneer’s Club that DD5 wanted to be picked up. I knew the show was nearly over, so I didn’t hop right up…a few minutes later I get one saying she had been sick. So I rushed up there, she was in the Lab because the Club had closed early, and they told me she had to see the doctor to come back. I had a feeling it was motion related because it was more rocky that night and I hadn’t given her anything like I gave her the night before…plus she has a week stomach when we travel. I have to make sure she has no dairy when there is any motion. The CM kind of made it sound like she forced herself to throw up (it was in the bathroom thankfully), which was weird, because she clearly didn’t feel good when I took her back to the room.

Anyway, the result of that was the next day she was totally fine, I took her to the clinic after a day in Cabo and they barely looked at her but asked me if she had thrown up again and I said no…then they gave me a release form. She was fine the rest of the cruise and never had a fever or anything, it was just a fluke.

Not a great end to the night, but thankfully it was just a small blip.

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March 15th Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, Tuesday March 15th, 2011

The first tender was supposed to be at 10:30 AM. We wanted to get to the theater by 10. We had breakfast from room service as we tried to sleep as long as possible. DD15 seemed totally fine…and she ate a lot of fruit and toast. The kids fought over the doughnuts because they are fun like that.

The tendering process was somewhat tedious…we brought some of the breakfast in the theater with us to distract the kids. A CM was walking around with a microphone letting guests tell jokes. Not all of us were there right away, so we had to sit off to the side and wait for the rest of our party…I think we ended up out on the third tender. On the walk through the ship on the way to the tender, we ran into Mexican Minnie:

The boats only held 50 people…they had much larger tender ships on the way back.

Way there:

It was tolerable, but the whole process is somewhat annoying. At least it wasn’t like Villefranche with the gangplank almost dumping us into the water. I think someone actually did get dumped into the water there…

Cabo is gorgeous:

So, we proceeded through the port, and there were vendors lining the sidewalks, announcing their services…taxis…guides, ect. Our guide was waiting for us with a sign with our name, his name was Jorge, and he was awesome. We all piled in the van, and we were off to what was one of the best days not just on the cruise, but maybe ever.

I had been somewhat disgruntled with the Cabo beach offerings…there were three adults and nine kids in our party so we were not comfortable just taking off to some beach on our own…not on the first day, anyway. And the Disney excursions weren’t great…they either included a disclaimer that you couldn’t actually swim in the ocean but you were on a beach, or they were snorkeling excursions off a boat (and we had young ones with us). The supplier that I use all the time for shore excursions only had adult oriented resort days, or where you snorkeled off a boat. So I contacted them and asked them what we could do for a beach day, with non rough water in a safe area. They put together a brand new excursion for me (and didn’t name it after me, although I’m still hopeful) and it was AWESOME. From start to finish, it was thoroughly enjoyable and worth every cent. The beach was about 30 minutes away, Chileno Bay, and our guide led us to several more employees who had laid out blankets and umbrellas for our use. There were big baskets of food, one for adults, one for children, and we had our own little area. While the beach wasn’t private, it felt like it…see our bikinied girls under the umbrellas?

Our guides were there to entertain the kids. There were several of them, and they played soccer, taught them boogie boarding, built sandcastles, snorkeled, and just generally hung out with them. They had a professional photographer that captured about 200 pictures of our group, and sold it to us for $60 which was again worth every cent.

We explored the area on the cliffs and got some great photos ourselves.


We hung out with the kids, read books, and layed out in the sun. It was heavenly! I could have spent several more hours there. We wanted to pack all the workers up and take them with us. We heavily tipped them and were brought back to town.

Our guide stayed with us, and the photographer went off to burn our CD so we could have it in hand before we boarded. We went to Cabo Wabo for some pictures (Kim wants to marry Sammy Hagar so she was on the lookout…alas, he was not there) and I bought Dicedawg a tshirt.

DS12 really wanted one of those big somebreros, and the vendor even tried to talk me into it by showing me how it rolls up and packs easily. Umm, no.

I also bought a couple of the girls little dresses. We saw several lizard handlers with giant lizards…although the animals looked somewhat healthy, I wonder how they are cared for…but really, we didn’t have much of a choice as the handlers would just dump the creature into the arms of the non screaming child. That was usually DD12 as she is the bravest human I know. The kids were all fascinated with them, however, and we did tip…hopefully some of the cash goes to the care of the animals. DD12 was outraged at the baby lion stand…DD16 wanted pictures but I thought DD12 was going to try to steal it and save it. She asked me “can’t you buy it and just give it to a zoo?” Um, yes. I have money to buy lions just lying around. These animals actually looked better than some of the animals I saw in the zoo in Luxor, Egypt...or one that used to be in Vegas, actually.

Lizard video: CLICK HERE

The tendering line was somewhat nasty…the boats were bigger though. This was the only time the whole cruise that I felt like I had to be aggressive…because if we weren’t, then people just continuously got in front of us, both on and off the boat.

On the way back, we saw a sea lion jump on the back of someone’s boat and then jump off, it was so cool! Alas, I did not capture it on film.

Back onboard, we hit the showers…the kids argued incessantly for an entire hour before on who was going to get to shower first. I trumped them all and I showered first…then I showered DD5, so they all had to wait. Nyah Nyah.

We ordered room service, my favorite is the steak sandwich although I cut off all the fat and remove the onions and then had naps.

We ate dinner at Tritons again.

The kids all left quite early…and Jose did crayon puzzles for us, we were really, really bad at them. Definitely not mensa candidates.

We were all wiped out and went to bed soon after dinner. I wanted to be alive to watch Disco Legends, I like that show, but it was not meant to be!

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March 16th, Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We actually arrived at port early, and were off the ship around 8:30. There was a difference of the time on the ship and the time on shore…it kind of messed with our excursion, although I knew that ahead of time. I was assured they would wait, since our group was so large, and that the vendor would keep track of when the ship pulled in. The Navigator said we would be ashore approximately 9:15 AM, and all aboard was 7:30 PM.

Once again, we ordered room service the night before for breakfast, and we were off the ship as soon as possible. I can’t tell you how nice it was just to walk off the ship and not tender. I really wish Cabo would build a port…if Tunis can do it, I think Cabo can.. Altogether in our group there were fifteen going whale watching…Kim and I took five of the kids, and Angie took the two twelve year old boys and the two teens ziplining through the Disney excursion (report to follow from the experience of a 16 year old). Then I had two sets of clients on with us, so it was really fun, we had our own boat!

We met in a yacht club type building at a marina, and had really wonderful fresh squeezed juice and some light breakfast foods. Then we sat around a TV while one of the guides played a slide show and taught us about whales, and passed around different bones which the kids really liked. During the presentation fellow Diser Tarra came in with her crew!

Our boat was led by Eduardo, a marine biologist and wildlife photographer, and he was an excellent guide…very knowledgeable. He has been studying the whales and dolphins around Puerto Vallarta for over a dozen years, and seems very passionate about his work. He discussed the importance of not “chasing” whales, and explained that it is bad for marine life that may be injured by boats jossling for glimpses of a whale. When we did arrive to whale territory, there was another huge boat, and then the second boat holding Tarra and her family. We were quite happy to be in a small boat, we had an excellent view…I could see dozens of folks on the larger boats all trying to get a good view.

We saw a mom whale with her baby almost immediately. They played and splashed, and it was flat out fascinating. We got to watch a tail flip back and forth. Then we were treated to a truly spectacular site…a whale breach! It was truly one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed.

Whale Video #1: HERE

Whale Video #2: HERE

Whale Video #3: HERE

Whale Video #4: HERE

Whale Video #5: HERE

Whale Breach: HERE

After the breach, in the words of Eduardo, “you don’t get better than that” so we moved on to dolphins. They always came out of the water in pairs or more, which was fun to see. It was hard to catch them, and they didn’t come all that close very often.


We noticed members of Tarra’s family jumping off to try to swim with them, but later she told me they were not successful, unfortunately.

They made us sandwiches on the boat, and had soda for us.

We headed back, and were offered mimosa and beer, with water for the kids. The mimosa were made with that delicious juice…it tasted like they just picked the oranges that morning.

Kim decided to take three of the little ones to the beach, and asked for a good recommendation from the taxi driver. I sent DD5 back to the ship with Themwrights…and then realized later I didn’t send her boarding card with them, I felt so bad. They took her to the club. We were heading to shop with more friends, and DD5 strenuously objected to shopping.

We had a taxi driver take us to a flea market type place, and shopped for a while. I had to go to an ATM…and made the mistake in the first transaction of asking for $200. Since it was $200 pesos, I had to go in again, and felt like I was getting a huge amount of money when I asked for $2000! In the first shop, DD12 tried to tell me that they were trying to take advantage of me. I explained I had been in souks in Tunis and Cairo, and I could handle it. I despise bargaining but it must be done…typically I ended up paying around half of what they started out asking for. I bought my Grandma a pink marble domino set and a tiny silver serving set for a dollhouse; DD12 bought a zippered wallet and some bracelets. We walked to the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta and the girls went down by the water.

There were all kinds of stands with handmade items, like paintings and miniatures. I bought a handmade Minnie Mouse puppet which is adorable for about $18 USD.

We stopped at the Opal factory we had spotted while in the taxi. They advertised Mexican Fire Opals which I had always wanted since I saw them on the Ruby Princess a couple of years ago. They offered us margaritas while we shopped and bargained, and I ended up getting a really cool wrapped pinky ring for myself and two other rings for my girls, all three for $150 USD. I can’t wear mine yet…the prongs are just not holding on to the opal very well so I need to have it set in there better, but I love it anyway.

We constantly had offers of taxis, and at one point the girls were walking a couple of feet in front of us and some man stopped in front of the girls and asked if their parents were around. Definitely not a place to let kids be unsupervised, although we saw little local children wandering around selling little items, all by themselves or with almost equally young siblings.

We headed back to the ship via taxi. There were some more shops near the ship and I bought a cool looking ring and a hand painted tile of the Disney ship with Mickey standing on the shore looking at it. I also picked up a butter dish. I was then officially out of pesos, and I had been afraid I would get stuck with them! I had a few coins left but kept them for the kids.

We rested for a while before dinner. Kim and Angie took most of the kids to Toy Story the Musical and I rested, I wasn't feeling great. We had dinner at Animators, which ended up being Kim and her crew’s favorite restaurant. I almost skipped dinner…I wasn’t feeling my best…but decided to go, mainly because I really love the rock shrimp cheesecake in Animators! We kept the kids until the show, except the two older boys who were anxious to go. Mickey visited which was a special treat, I’ve seen Mickey visit at Animators only one time before.

After dinner, Kim and Angie and I went to Klirr Deluxe, and then were funny. Not wonderful but entertaining. We missed their family show later in the week although it sounds like that was a good thing with the rocky ship and dropping chairs on guests!

We started to watch Match Your Mate and Kim got a page to get one of the kids, so she left and Angie and I watched most of the show, until a few minutes before midnight since I had to pick up DD5. We missed the end although another guest told us who won. The couple that won cheated…we saw the wife whisper one of her answers to her husband…it was quite disappointing. Is it really necessary to cheat? The other two couples were very entertaining so we enjoyed the show regardless.

Tomorrow, At Sea Day thankfully, we needed a rest after two port days.

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March 17th, At Sea St. Patrick's Day

Day at Sea, March 17th, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day! We decorated our door with shamrock magnets, and I included some in my FE gifts as well. The kids had green shirts of course. We went to Beach Blanket for breakfast, the boys wanted to sit outside but not only was it too hot, there were no available tables.

We headed to the pools with the kids…there were no chairs anywhere. We found one a couple rows back at the goofy pool and put our stuff on it. There were 12 of us, one chair…and then a lady two chairs down sat up (she was laying down) and said that is my daughter’s chair. We told her nothing was on it. She said well, my daughter is swimming, that is her chair, I have a couple of little girls. She had her stuff on FIVE lounge chairs, we wanted one…and they were all empty except her. Oh well…our vacation isn’t for fighting so we picked up our stuff and headed to deck 10 where we found a few together, put our stuff on them, and sat down. Approximately a minute later one of our girls had to go to the bathroom, and then we discovered my DD had put on her swimsuit bottoms backwards. Sigh…so we got up, left our stuff on the empty chairs (there were no other occupied chairs around us either) and ran the girls to the room for a potty and swimsuit fixing break. Back upstairs in about five minutes, and other family had moved our stuff…when there were other seats available, they just wanted that spot. Argh…we told them we were gone for five minutes for potty, and we needed those seats to see the little ones since there were chair hogs downstairs, and they graciously moved. Total for the twelve of us we had three lounge chairs that our behinds were actually on. Sheesh!

Then the kids wanted to go to the Mickey pool. Then I lost sight of DD5 every five minutes. It kind of sucked, actually. It was the least peaceful way I could think of to spend my sea day. Then Kim’s dd cut her foot, and we had no idea how…suddenly, her toe was gushing blood and she didn’t even tell us. So Kim had to run her down to the doctor. Then the boys wanted to play basketball. OMG I was losing my mind. The teens headed to the Promenade Lounge for cheer practice, I had to stay with the other kids since Kim’s DD was injured. I was seriously ready for a nap and hadn’t done much yet.

Back in the room, Marco called me back and let us switch our Palo reservation from Semi Formal night to tonight, which made me happy. Then we went to the 2 PM Ricky Kalmon hypnotist family show. I had to drag DD5, but I wanted us to all go. The teen girls brought most of the Vibe, and it was really cool to see the whole group of them having so much fun.

Now, about the show. It was really one of the funniest shows I’ve watched. I took video but then had to delete it because I didn’t realize my memory card was full later (at the second Ricky Kalmon show). Anyway, the kids pushed me to volunteer so I did, although I doubted I would be able to be hypnotized. There were twelve people up on stage, and he started off with a relaxation speech…then he came by and I felt him touching people next to me, he picked up my hand and dropped it. I felt him walking around again, and then he called people up in the audience that felt like they went under and wanted to participate. Then he touched my hand again and then tapped me to look up…shook my hand, and said “thanks for trying” and escorted me down. A man was also dismissed. My kids were very disappointed, and the whole Vibe was bummed that he wouldn’t take anyone under eighteen.

So, I got to watch, and it was hysterically funny. He convinced them napkins were money, that they were Hannah Montana, that they had special pets that could do tricks (a cat named Sugar purred for her trick…a monkey did a backflip with a banana in his mouth and then gave the man imagining him a high five…a Beagle’s talent was flatulence). A man led out the audience at the end of the show singing “Hi Ho” with the audience chiming in after him. It was truly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

We had tea party tickets that afternoon, and I took the little girls, the twelve year old girls, and the teen girls. It was hosted by Snow White with a special appearance by Dopey. We were led to our table by Snow White. We were first at the door, and the two girls behind us ran with us and hung onto Snow White as their parents looked on indulgently. The parents remained at the door while their girls basically shoved mine out of the way and walked all the way with Snow White to our tables, where I had to point out to Snow White that they didn’t belong with us.

The tables were set very cutely, and had cookies and “tea” which was apple juice. There seemed to be only a couple of teaspoons of apple juice as the two little girls sucked it right down. Snow White taught everyone how to pour tea…of course, we had none to pour, lol. Then she taught them a do si do, and took photographs with the kids, and then it was over.

DD5 was positive that both Snow White and Dopey remembered her from the Golden Mickeys.

Now, this was my first tea party, as we usually do shorter cruises with the kids. I got an early boarding pass partially to get tea party tickets. And I was…what is the word…underwhelmed. I’m not sure what the big deal is? Yes, it is cute…but for all the hype, I just don’t get the fascination.

We had Palo at 6:30, and went to the Promenade Lounge for drinks before. Palo was wonderful as usual. The quarto formaggio pizza was, in Kim’s words, “the best thing I’ve ever tasted”; the shrimp appetizer was amazing, and of course the soufflé was amazingly, awesomely good. We all three ordered filets, mine was kind of fatty which was strange…theirs were fine. We had Daniel again, he waited on Kim and me for High Tea, and we also saw Judy, one of my favorites. My favorite Palo server, Oliver, is now an officer and happily we got to see him over the duration of the cruise.

The antipasto is coming on a cart in a different way than last time I had it:

The young kids ate in the Club and Lab (lasagna).

DD5, ready for Pirate night:

The teens and twelve year olds went to dinner which was at Parrot Cay, and apparently had a good old time judging by the many goofy pictures they took.

They take pictures of food too, they have learned well from me:

We picked up the kids for the Pirate party. Now, as far as the Pirate party goes…DD5 is less than thrilled. She wanted to go back to the room to play with the Tangled dolls I bought her earlier. And for me…I always really, really want to have fun at the Pirate party. And then…I don’t.

We sat at the edge of the dance floor on the pool lip, and the kids went up to the stage. They kept coming back to us and whining, and then losing their spots for the front of the stage. DD5 kept saying she wanted to leave. I told her she had to wait until after fireworks. I love fireworks, and darn it, I was staying. I also wanted the people traveling with me to enjoy it, since it was their first cruise.

It got more crowded, but it was baffling to me how people would come stand directly in front of where we were sitting, with probably ten feet in front of them of nothing. I stared at a man’s behind for a while before I very sweetly asked him to just move up about a foot and he looked at me like I was nuts. This cruise was one of the most pleasant as far as fellow guests go that I have ever been on, but that doesn’t stop some people from being just completely oblivious of those around them.

It was fun to see the little kids dance…the tiny ones are so darn cute. We ran into the teen girls with their new best friends from the Vibe, they were having an absolute blast.

After the fireworks the little ones demanded to be taken back to the room. I swear I was more interested than they were…I’m so baffled by that. We of course did not partake in the pirate buffet…I have never, ever, not once eaten anything from it, as we are stuffed to the gills at every Pirate party. It looked very nice though.

DD5 then wanted room service. I was ready for bed. Although I enjoyed most of the day, the kids ran us like slaves for part of it.

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March 18th, Cabo day #2

Cabo San Lucas day two, Friday, March 18th, 2011

Tendering was supposed to be at 7:30, and we had a very early excursion. This was going to be an extremely short day in Cabo.

Kim and Angie decided to take their crew to “a beach” and had a blast…they went to the beach near The Office and said they just sat back and shopped as the stores came to them. They said they really enjoyed it.

I left DD5 onboard, and took my other three plus DD12’s friend on the DCL Pacific Horseback ride excursion.

We met in Wavebands, and there were several other excursions meeting there too. They had no microphone, and it was general chaos…they had lines formed weirdly and no one knew which line to be in because they couldn’t hear. It was quite disorganized. They checked our tickets and then gave us stickers. Most people were there for the Harbor cruise or the Chileno excursion. Next to us an older couple were having a spirited discussion because they forgot which excursion they booked because it was so long ago. Husband: “are we swimming?” Wife: “I’m not sure, I probably booked snorkeling for you, better go get your suit”. Husband: “are you sure I need it?” Wife: “no.” LOL.

They led the first couple of excursions out first, and then our much smaller group was led out. We went directly to a tender and then followed the CM with the sign until we were brought to our guides. They walked us to the port building for a quick bathroom break for those who needed it and then we boarded the bus.

So…here is where I was reminded as to why I love to set up my own excursions. A young lady, no older than 17 I think…talked incessantly for the entire half hour or more on the bus about her horse expertise. Loudly. Most people were kind of snoozing as it was early, and everyone was twelve and up so no little kids. She talked NONSTOP. I thought she must be with another family or something because no way would her parent allow her to ramble like that…nope, her mom was there. It was incredible.

We arrived at the ranch, and the horses looked very well cared for. The guides were extremely nice, and showed us a place to put our stuff, and then matched us up to horses. Right off the bat they call DD12 over to a really tall horse, it was hilarious because easily it was one of the largest and she is completely tiny. Then they put her equally tiny friend on a horse appropriately named Peanut, as it was the smallest horse besides the baby horse and the donkey. The girls giggled quite a while over that but it was good for DD’s friend who had never ridden before, Peanut didn’t scare her.

I was called out to a respectably sized horse that turned out to be incredibly stubborn, but more on that later.

DS was seated on a horse, and then DD16 was put on a pregnant mare…it was so funny. The horse was clearly expecting, and acted like it throughout the ride…she didn’t want to move or be bothered by much, and who could blame her

So, off we went. I tried to stay as far away from the loud horse expert girl. Somehow the five of us got all split up, so I was near the front with the two twelve year old girls and DD16 and DS were towards the back. The loud girl was put on a horse that had the baby horse, and the baby tried to follow along for the ride and the girl kind of made a fuss and the guides made the baby stay behind. Meanie.

Two dogs also came along for the ride, and had a good old time playing, flipping around on their backs, and running into the surf. We started out on a trail that had a view of mountains and cacti, and that is when I discovered my horse was very stubborn. She liked to ride with her head up the behind of the horse in front of her, so I kept having to reign her back. Finally she decided she did not like to be behind the horse in front of us, so she shoved her way in front of it. I felt really bad for the woman riding in front of me because my horse was determined. She’d start to trot and I’d lean back so it wasn’t so much of a bounce, but I didn’t exactly wear, um, the most supportive gear and bouncing was not all that enjoyable. My horse would literally shove horses out of the way, or all of a sudden start to trot and bounce me everywhere. When I wanted her to go she wouldn’t. It was actually very funny. Then somehow she decided she was going to stop and that was all there was too it. I ended up back several by DS. Poor DD16 was stuck near the loud girl who was the last.

We headed to the ocean where we rode first away and then back towards the ranch, all near the water. The surf was high and it was a beautiful setting. There were houses that were in various stages of disrepair lining the cliffs, the guides said they are seasonal homes, or just closed. He offered to take cameras while we were riding to take pictures of us on our horses with the water in the background. I took a few videos but really, it is very hard to get video when you are bouncing.

Video: Click HERE

Video: Click HERE

Video: Click HERE

Super bouncy Video: Click HERE

On our way back, My horse and the horse DS was on decided to trot…we were both bounced like crazy and were laughing although it was kind of hard to stay on. I had a really, really determined horse…determined to do whatever she wanted!

The ride was about 80-90 minutes, and was really lovely, I am so glad we did it.

Back at the ranch, we dismounted and were offered water upstairs in the small gift shop/office. The kids got to spend some time petting the horses.

The baby was so glad to see its momma. The loud girl dismounted and proclaimed that the horse had reared up and nearly unseated her, because they had a “disagreement” because she was going to make the horse “work”. Then she tried to tell DD12 all about what she should do. DD16 said the whole ride she was telling DD16 to kick her horse to get it to move, and DD was uncomfortable with that because the mare was pregnant and told me that if the girl told her to “kick her harder” one more time she was going to tell her to shut up.

I made sure I was close to the front of the line to the bus so I could make sure not to sit anywhere near that girl…seriously, one of the most annoying humans I have ever seen. She also kept messing with the stallion that the guides clearly told us to stay away from.

Okay, enough about the annoying girl…we really had a great time. It was a wonderful excursion that I highly recommend.

On the way back, I got more cash out (this time USD, near the port) because I thought we’d shop a little and I needed money for extra tips onboard. We didn’t really end up shopping…once again, DD12 and DD16 debated the whole baby lion situation, and I wanted to get back to eat at Tritons.

Tendering back, we stayed downstairs and as close to the exit as possible. We did see a sea lion playing in the water:

We headed up to Tritons, I stopped by the Club and DD5 didn’t want to leave and had already eaten, so I left her there. It was just me and the three twelve year olds, DD16 headed to the club immediately, and I sent DS to our room for my Nook (Love it). We ordered the seafood sampler, it was yummy, and some other items:


I had a spa treatment scheduled, and I was really, really looking forward to it, and it turned out to be one of my favorites. Called Head to toe Heaven, it was on the Navigator as a massage, facial, scalp and foot and ankle massage and Rainforest time for $99. It really was a very good deal. It turned out to be a back of the body massage, and I know when I love it when I fall asleep. I forgot a swimsuit so I didn’t take advantage of the Rainforest much but I read my Nook on a heated tile chair and sipped cold water for a while, and that was heavenly. Then a nice leisurely shower in the big spa shower and it was time to rest a bit before the night of festivities ahead.

Several of our party went to see Dreams…right at this moment I can’t remember what I did, but I didn’t go see Dreams. Then, Kim and Angie took some of the kids to the Klirr Deluxe Family Caberet at 7:30, and I took the little girls to the High School Musical and Hannah Montana Mash Up at the same time. I spent some time in Studio Sea this cruise and I don’t think I’ve stepped foot in it before, actually.

There was a perky CM cheerleader that taught dances…it was too fast for our little ones and DD5 got really frustrated. I even got up and danced a bit with them and she thought that was pretty funny, but perky CM kind of guilted the parents into it. Then the kids that wanted to got up on stage and did karaoke to a slow Hannah Montana song that DD didn’t know. Kim’s daughter went up there and it was cute, but I was underwhelmed with the whole thing…maybe because DD5 was the new dwarf named Whiney during the show.

High School Musical and Hannah Montana Mash Up: Click HERE

Pictures before dinner:

On to dinner, we had Semi Formal at Tritons, and we had some fun. So, DD5 needed help cutting something. And I told her to give it to me, because she was about to knock the plate off the table. So instead of waiting for Iracema which would be the smart thing, I took it, and then proceeded to knock it off the table myself. I think we laughed for ten minutes straight. Kim and Angie and I were crying, we laughed so hard, and then Oliver (officer CM and my favorite previous Palo server) chose that moment to come over. I slyly dropped my napkin over the bits of food on the floor, and he laughed along with us…it was ridiculous. In fact, we laughed throughout dinner…over really nothing much.

My DD12 and her friend (that she was staying with) ate dinner with us that night, I felt bad to make Jose accommodate them but they did it with grace, and then head server Thomas came over and offered to make sure there was room for the two girls at the character breakfast the next day. We just had the best service…really.

The kids went to the clubs again, and we headed to the Ricky Kalmon Adult Caberet, and I was so excited for Kim and Angie to see it. They both agreed to volunteer, and we had really good seats right in front.

While we were waiting, a few minutes after we dropped the kids off, Kim got a page that her son wanted to get picked up. She went up and told him he had to stay, and then came back down and felt bad so I think that altered the attempted hypnotism for her, she was very preoccupied, and I thought she was a great candidate for it because she said previously she was in the audience and hypnotized at some previous show.

They both went up on stage, and Angie went out like a light. Kim, though, did not, and was respectfully thanked and dismissed just like I was during the family show. It turned out to be a good thing, as we had to lean on each other to keep from falling over when we were laughing.

They are the two blonds:

So, Angie was so out that at one point, Ricky woke all of them up and Angie still was slumped over. The lady to her left nudged her and woke her up, she apparently wanted to talk to her, which we thought was hysterically funny.

The lady in the tangerine shirt was her pal. We had a good laugh together after the show.

Several things were suggested to the participants. One man’s wife from the audience was incorporated in the show and every time she yelled “Cookies” he ran off the stage, kissed her passionately, and ran back up. They were given napkins as money, and told to act like flight attendants. At this point I realized my memory card was nearly full, so I hastily erased the video from the family show in order to capture Angie. They were told to play guitar hero. The last part was a guy that was told he was the greatest puppet master in the world, and his two hands were puppets. The rest of them were supposed to be his biggest fans. We howled with laughter…almost laying on each other, some of my video is kind of shaky, but it was truly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. What made it better is that Angie is not over the top like that…she is fun, but not wild or crazy, and doesn’t act goofy. At one point he told them everyone in the audience was naked…Angie wouldn’t look at me or Kim, she was shielding her eyes and embarrassed. He also did “the person next to you smells like garbage and the smell won’t go away until you change seats. It was musical chairs and Angie was the first to jump up!

My words don’t do the show justice, so here are several videos, enjoy!

Money: HERE

Puppets: HERE

Guitar Hero 1: HERE

Guitar Hero 2: HERE

Guitar Hero 3: HERE

Flight Attendant: HERE

Out like a light: HERE

I'm Sexy: HERE

After, Angie came back down. We told her some of it and she barely remembered it…we told her about the napkin money and she said “I don’t have any napkins!” We then told her to look in the top of her dress.

We then took some more “we are acting like cool teenagers” pictures, but they turned out awful even though we thought at the time they’d be great. I’m not sharing them with you, lol.

We picked up the kids and they of course wanted room service. Character breakfast tomorrow!

DD16 was out until after 1 AM…here is some of the fun she was having:

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March 19th, Day at Sea

Day at Sea, March 19, 2011

Wah. Our last day onboard. This cruise was so wonderful that I was truly sad to leave.

Our character meal was this morning. The characters are fast, but that is okay with me…everyone except Angie and her twelve year old son had been to Disney World multiple times so it was fun to say hi, get a picture, and be done. We were already getting sad about our short time left with Jose and Iracema!

I was going to the Gold/Platinum thing, and Kim and Angie went to the Ricky Kalmon Adult Hypnosis for weight loss seminar…I guess especially Angie thought it work work well with her since she was so susceptible.

The Gold/Platinum reception was nice…I met EuphScott who I had conversations with before sailing but coincidentally met in person when we stood next to each other, and also TexasGirl, it was so nice to meet those I'd been chatting with! The Captain, Clayton, and many officers were there, they really make you feel valued. The Captain asked if we had plans to go on the Dream and I told him I’d been on the Christening, he said “well, you might be bored then because we are showing a video of the christening!” It was still cool to see. I discovered Clayton was originally from St. Louis so we chatted about that. All in all, it was very nice!

After, there was cheer practice. The Promenade Lounge had too much going on so we moved first to Wavebands and then had to vacate for an event, then we moved to a hallway on deck one. The girls did well and it seemed to be coming together. My 12 year old was being bratty, she wouldn’t do much, and she told me later it was because “cute boys” were on the stairs watching. Oh brother.

We had another practice, a dress rehearsal, at Wavebands at 2 PM. Wow, there was a lot of talent! Then the cheerleaders got up and sort of acted like they had never done anything before when they were pretty good at noon. I explained to crabby DD16 that in their tshirts and bows they would pull it altogether later, and to not worry about it. She was a pain for about two hours, grumpy and miserable, then she came out of it like it never happened. Sigh…we went from Wavebands to wait for Captain Jack, and stood there for about 20 minutes watching a giant line grow. We were about 7th in line and got pictures with him with both of the girls I had with me.

We ordered room service, and started packing. Not fun. Kim, Angie and I went to the Promenade Lounge for drinks, and then stopped by our room for some really large, end of the bottle shots and my radio active looking mixture of apple pucker and raspberry vodka, and headed to Wavebands for the talent show. Sure enough, the girls all pulled it together and looked very cute! We were all proud of them and in the end, they really enjoyed it.

Our last dinner was at Animators. It was quite sad.

I have no idea what they were laughing about:

I didn’t stay for the whole thing…because…

The boat was pretty rocky…no pool time for us that day, the weather wasn’t great. I wasn’t feeling that great, actually, so I took some motion sickness medicine. I laid down for a bit, trying to get myself stabilized. I went shopping with DS12 and bought him a couple of things, then headed back to the room to finish packing and put luggage out. I started feeling a little better, so I met Kim and Angie and we went to Diversions and just sat and chatted until we had to pick the kids up and turn in their bands.

We were up pretty late just finishing things up. DD16 was out really late…I let her, knowing reality was coming soon!

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March 20th, Debarkation and party in L.A.

Hanging in L.A. today...
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March 21st, more L.A. and heading home

time to see hubby!
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Tips & Tricks

My occasionally useful random thoughts
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Feel free to post now, I'm done hogging empty white space
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