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Old 03-05-2012, 03:24 AM   #61
Markie Mouse
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Day 1- Feb 27th

Day 1-Road Trip and stroll down DTD.

We took off around 9:45am in hopes we would get there after 4pm check-in so we wouldn't be charged the extra $9 for pre-registration parking. It took a min to get everyone loaded and make sure we didn't forget important items. After a quick breakfast of Naked fruit drinks and Beef Jerky, we got out of freeway traffic and hit the highway. My wife snapped these along the way.

Because we were driving such gas hog we had to stop in Blythe to refill. After 6 hours of driving we made it to Anaheim but were greeted with a heavy fog and on and off rain. But as we pulled in, it started to sprinkle non stop. I got there a bit early and was willing to pay the pre-registration parking and as the clerk started to talk to me about the pre and post parking fee's, I cut him off a bit(but very nicely and professionally) and told him I did a bit of research and was aware and for some reason, either me being cool with it or for not throwing a fit, he waived both for me. We got our keys and unloaded our things in the room. I took a couple pics before we made a mess of it.

I walked down to the gates to pick up my tickets held for me from getawaytoday.com and decided to upgrade to 4 day rather than 3. It only cost me $78 total for all 4 of us.

Took this after we picked up the tickets.
My little ones had to model for me.
He had to kneel like daddy for this pic.
Me and my brother talked about how we wished we had gotten 5 day tix because it looked dead this day.

As we were walking back I started to feel a little funny. My throat hurt and I was getting congestion in my chest. We all got ready and walked down to DTD and walked around the shops for a bit. We ate at RBJK express but didn't get food pics because it was too wet to pull out my $700 camera. It cleared up as we ate and as soon as we grabbed our beignets and walked back out it completely stopped.

We walked around this awesome place for awhile.
I wish I could put this in my house

I love this set
These things were so cool to stare at

Some day I will own this
Its all about the little details
Like this

My last pic of the night

We headed back and began to get ready for the day ahead of us. I was so anxious I could hardly sleep, like a kid before Christmas.....well that or it was the chest cold I had just gotten.
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Old 03-05-2012, 11:37 AM   #62
I <3 Aglets
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Great start! Sorry to hear you were sick. That's nice you were able to upgrade your tickets, though.
Done! It's 4 Trips in 1! Christmas, Spring, Halloween... Then Went Back For Ice Cream!

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Old 03-05-2012, 03:52 PM   #63
Prayers and pixie dust from your friends on the DIS
I have been flipping all around the internet
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I am sorry that you got sick while you were there. I have been sick on a trip and it totally sucked. You're off to a great start, and I look forward to reading more.
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Old 03-05-2012, 11:35 PM   #64
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I'm sorry to hear that you got sick while you were. Looking forward to reading some more

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Old 03-07-2012, 04:30 AM   #65
Markie Mouse
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Memories of Day one

We ate at RBJK express and it was good, I had the catfish Po Boy, my wife got the Gumbo, the kids got popcorn chicken, and my brother got the shrimp Po Boy. While inside, they had roped off the soda fountain as they had just installed new marble and upon setting the new soda machine down the cracked the marble and it so sharp it cut the managers hand and they had roped it off so none of the customers would do the same. We also met a nice family who from Oregon, so they were used to the rain and instead of buying a pancho, they made one from one of their gift bags. It was funny. The food was good but the Beignets were better. We then decided to walk around DTD and check out the shops. I had to stop by Marcelenes candy shop(I think that is what its called). Too many un-healthy snacks so I pulled my self out of there. But if I ever want to try an oreo brownie, huge cookies, or big cupcakes, I know where to go.

I couldn't wait for this ride the next day.

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Old 03-07-2012, 05:10 AM   #66
Markie Mouse
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Day 2- A whole day at Disneyland

The day began with me in pain. I felt like someone had been sitting on my chest all night. Every breath I took made my chest hurt more. I gave in and let my wife buy me medicine. It worked well enough to loosen up the congestion a little. We all got ready around 8am and walked to the gates. It was so nice that our room was so close to the gates, we got there in well under 10min.

We waited till around 8:45am when they finally let us line up at the gates. I talked to the CM about her job and she said it's awesome except around the Holidays when they make them work longer shifts. She advised my wife try to get a job at another part of the park because it gets boring at the gates. I told her our plans to move out in a year or so and she said it was a good place to work. My kids were getting antsy but thankfully not screaming like the few kids behind us.

After the countdown, we safely made our way to FantasyLand(and not running over people like other guests) and got on Peter Pan. Sorry, no pics. Was so excited I never un-holstered my camera. I loved the look on my kids face on these dark rides, no thrill ride can bring more joy to me than the faces on my kids as we flew over London, or got eaten by monstro.

After our time in Fantasyland, we sped to Star Tours 2.0 and boy, the wait was worth it. I had big smile the whole ride, like a little kid. The nerd in me was screaming of how awesome it was and not one part of me missed the old ride. My daughter absolutely loved it, and it was her favorite ride besides Soarin'.

We then proceeded to NO Square. We hopped on Pirates and had about no wait. My daughter started freaking out because she remembered the drop and my son started to as well. I grabbed him and comforted him, but as the drop came he dug his nails in my skin but laughed after both drops. He loved the ride and had a big smile on his face the whole time. He even now walks around singing the song, although its just the yo ho part. After we got off, we jumped in line for HM, when my wife realized it was feeding time for little one. She told us to go on and she would get on later. While in line a got a few pics.

I really wish this was up and running.

This is the first half of the day, I will finish later. Too tired.
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Old 03-07-2012, 08:30 PM   #67
Prayers and pixie dust from your friends on the DIS
I have been flipping all around the internet
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It is too bad that you were sick. Your kids are so cute. I am not sure I could work the gate. I have heard people get really rude with the gate CMs. I love the caterpillar at the end.
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Old 03-12-2012, 07:09 AM   #68
Markie Mouse
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Day 2 part 2

We got on HM and it gets cramped so I put away my camera and grabbed my kids. We stood by what I thought was the side but was actually the door into stretching room so we walked in first. My son was definitely freaked out, in fact I have never seen his scared face before, until now. He kept saying dad dad dad and I just laughed it off. As we walked in we stood to the side again to avoid being stampeded by the rude guests we were with as they were already running and shoving to get in. Well luck would have it, our wall was the door out of the stretching room. So we walked safely to our "doom" buggy and me and my DS road together. He was right in my hip the whole time. After riding pirates, he was expecting a drop every time on every ride. So when the buggies turn backwards and go down into the cemetery, he flipped out and yelled for his mom, but it was cute because afterwards he tried to play it off and faje laughed at me. It also seemed we got every popping ghost which I thought was cool because it gave him the full experience. After the ride we met with my wife and we head to get FP for Indie and we saw it was a 10 min wait, so we were gonna just get on. Well as we found a stroller spot and my wife took the baby out of his carrier pouch we walked back and it was shut down for maintenance. So we walked to Jungle Cruise and the kids started asking for food. Lunch time. So I bought some snack t hold them until we could walk back to the hotel. It was only around 11 am, which is too ealry to go back for me. I bought some fruit for my kids and I got a couple pickles(so good) for me and the wife. Then I got a whiff of Bengal Barbecue. I got the beef skewer and my bro got the bacon wrapped asparagus. Sorry for no pics, it was a last min food and we were thrown off by the ride closure so early in the day. The kids were content and the baby was asleep in the stroller, so Jungle Cruise was not an option as it would have required us to bother him. So we walk over to BTMRR and used the rider swap as it was only a 15 min wait.

While my brother and wife got on BTMRR first, me and the kiddos waited in front of Ranco restaurant and people watched. I messed around with the camera settings and took a few pics.

See what I mean?


She ate half then, the rest of the outside skin only and left the insides for her mom.

My Favorite Benches

Green only mode

Blue only mode

We then went back to the hotel around 1pm and ate some sandwiches at our room. We walked back around 2:30 and headed for Princess Fantasy Faire and I regret doing it this day. We were figuring on such a low crowd day we take advantage and do the small things like the princess meet and innoventions(which I still have not done). But what ended up happening is the princess faire took about an hour and 45 min. I think on slower days each guest gets more time with the princesses. But my daughter got her request out of the way.

After waiting we told my daughter no more princesses, she laughed and said yeah right. We then spent the next 3 hours and 15 min to ride Pirates, BTMRR, Space Mountain, Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear, and then grabbed some churros and head back to see if indie was up. It was and it was only a 15(more like 5) so they said no need for fastpasses or stroller swaps. As we walked to get the stroller parked for and find a spot for the 3rd wheel to sit my wife looked at me and said "I forgot the bottles and formula" . Another 20 min lost waiting for something that could have been avoided but I made the best of it and got some cool video and pics.

After she got back, she told me and my brother to get on while she fed the baby. It was about 7pm so we only had a few rides left. We got in line thinking it would take 15 min but we walked in, watched the intro video in the projector room and the CM moved us along.

Me and my brother got into this ride and were joking with the family next to us. They let there little girl drive and we kept asking if she had her drivers license, then we told her gas, then clutch, gas then clutch. Then right before the car stalls on the ride, I said "remember watch the ......(car stalls and it goes quiet)....Clutch" Everyone laughed and me and my brother had a good time. Then me and my wife jumped on and I told her about our fun, so to change it up I played the scared rider. I jumped when the snake pops at you and I said, of course I get the snake seat. I ducked down at the dart scene, and over-reacted to the sequences and jerks. Made her laugh. After indie, we still had time. So we got on Jungle Cruise. It pretty cool at night but not my favorite time to ride it. The CM's on this ride are awesome. I have only gotten one lame ride of all my visits. My favorite joke was the part where the headhunters aim there spears at you and the CM imitates the noises, well no one laughed(but me) and he said "those were spears going over your heads.....just like my jokes" they get people with good comedic timing. After we got off we still had time so we walked over to Pirates again and walked on. I love this ride if you can't tell already. And after Pirates, we still had about 10 min so we scooted pretty quickly to IASW to end the night. It was at the tail end of Memories so it was a walk on again. As we were walking down to the boats my brother had the baby in his hands and couldn't see the line splitting pole and walked very quickly right into one. It bruised him pretty good. After the ride we got one last shot of the outside of the ride. And Fantasyland was dead quiet.

We then walked to McDonald's and got some late dinner. I got a hot chocolate hoping it was warm the tight congestion in my chest, but no luck. We walked back to our room and I medicated and we all passed out early hoping to be up in time to see the 6am opening. Well, my illness had other plans.......
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Markie Mouse
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Day 3 part 1-Leap Day!!!

Well, I am back at this thing. A lot has happened since I left this trip report. My father in law passed, my wife got a great job, and I lost another 80 lbs now down a whole 140 lbs. Funny story I seem to be struck with the exact same illness from this trip. Almost a full year later.

where Do I begin......

Oh yes, with Bronchitis in my chest and no sleep, we awoke at 5am to get the opening ceremonies for the Leap Day event. But feeling dizzy and weak I fell back asleep and failed my duty to get the family up and out. Then I get attacked about 7am by my babies lovingly jumping all over my, what seemed like, lifeless body. After a hot hot hot shower and a double dose of bargain brand cough syrup we were on our way. Bracing my wife for a horrid amount of people I was pleasantly surprised with the amount that were still there.

This day started out almost perfect, the crowds were no worse than a weekend opening........Until I saw a sign that said "We will be filming in the park today, if you do not want your image captured(Im going off memory but I think said something to the effect of) please feel free to leave the park at any time" They were filming an episode of Modern Family, in the middle of a once in a lifetime Disney event. Bad idea, certain parts of the park were closed off at certain points so they could film.

We had already done the standards for rope drop, so we decided lets wait in line and smell diesel vehicle exhaust....ok, some people call it autopia. Fun ride but hope Disney gets with the current times and puts electric or even hybrid vehicle in this attraction. And I know their sponsor Exxon would love that idea. Oh well, a couple snap shot of my 2 big ones in line.

A bit out of focus but this camera does not have EVF.

It ended up being a free for all which later I would regret because this also includes jumping back and forth to all sides of the park. Our first random but oh so awesome stop was Pirates. I snapped a couple shots with at the time my best lens for low light. After further inspection, I bought a new lens for my next trip.

Then we went all the way back to Tomorrowland and got a fast pass for Star tours. While we waited we spent a couple hours here in my favorite land. We used the single rider pass for Space Mountain, got in line for Buzz Lightyear in a 5 min wait....WHAAAATT?

Waiting for Mom to get off Space Mountain

Now waiting for Uncle

Waking up from a mini nap

Same here but he took many of those on this trip, what a baby.

Who doesn't play guitar hero.......Oh yeah, only 89% of the gaming world. But my brother and Daughter rocked out anyway.

I ended up putting down the camera for awhile and just had fun. The crowds were awesome, a lot of rides were a few min waits, nothing was breaking down. The red cart corn dog stand was only a couple people deep. We rode Pirates and HM a couple times that morning. We met a family from NZ that morning and had almost bumped into them on every ride. It was funny cause every time I'd see them they ask If we were following them jokingly. They told me that the rope drop at 6am was ridiculously busy but half the people got their pins and hats and just left. We told we were gonna go back and nap and they said good luck getting back in, which scared me and I for good reason. As we were leaving at about 2:30pm there was a huge mass of people attempting to buy tickets and many trying to get their tickets scanned. But I had a fever, my kids were cranky and we had enough for the moment. Oh, yeah before we left, my daughter had to get just one more treat....of course churro.

I will continue more later, but oh boy was I not prepared for what awaited my family that night as we came back.

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Markie Mouse
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Day 3 part 2

After a power nap we left back around 7. On the way I should have seen the signs but figured it was just a select group. There were these little tweens that were dropped off at the entrance in front of us that not only had disrespectful behaviors(pushing eachother in other guests, spitting contests, making out at stop lights) but had potty mouths. We figured once we got into the park we'd never see them again and were sure Disney would handle them. So we approach the gates and the first time entrances were almost back to the bag check line, the ticket gates were bleeding into the same lines, it was the busiest I have ever seen DLR.

DSC01029 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

It took about 30 min to get but it went fast talking to different families about what was going on. Most in disbelief that they were still selling tickets. They were at capacity at 6pm and yet were still making money fro hopefuls trying to get on the "magic"

DSC01035 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

Right away from walking in it was elbow to elbow, we walked under the train and into this....
DSC01042 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr They were having to direct traffic due to the crowds, fireworks, and parades. Bad timing but we made the best of if by jumping on the old Disneyland Railroad Grand Circle Tour.

DSC01046 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr
This was probably my best idea all day. It took away the stress of the crowds(which should have been expected) and the amount other potty mouth kids floating around the park. My kids have grown to love this attraction as much as I do. My daughter loves seeing the Splash Mountain scene because its the closest she will ever get to the ride. She absolutely horrified of that ride.

DSC01051 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr I love when kids go off into space with imagination and wonderment.
DSC01058 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

be back later today to finish....

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Markie Mouse
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After taking the wonderful Grand Circle tour we ended up back at Main Street, and the crowd had all dispersed throughout the park. We grabbed our stroller and walked on over Fantasyland to get on Peter Pan......no way that was happening, the lines for these rides were full, even Snow White had an exceptionally long line. As we turned the corner we noticed a beautiful light show at Pixie Hollow.

DSC01072 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01073 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01074 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01076 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01078 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01083 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01083 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01084 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

This side of the park was kinda empty compared to the rest of the park. We sat down and shared a hot chocolate and churros because at that point my chest was in pain from coughing and day. We people watched for a while and it was nice, then we decided to walk to an open ride. We walked into Tomorrowland and where the Star Wars show is put on there was a DJ and a dance floor, kinda like a club scene or outdoor party.

DSC01102 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr
It drew a big crowd and lucky us, that meant Nemo was only few people deep. We stood in line for about 20 min and got to listen to the top 40 hits playing in the backround and take some shots of the fam and some cool plant shots.

DSC01093 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01111 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01120 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

Little one was kept so warm through out this trip we were never worried about him getting the sniffles.
DSC01124 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

We boarded the ship and enjoy the 15-20 of peace this ride gives you. We then decided to try and tough out the crowds and find random rides to get on or even just wait for. Our list was IASW, Indy, Pirates, BTRR, and Winnie the Pooh. Well we walked all the way through the condensed crowd to adventure land only to find Indy was down...Ok, we then cut through to Pirates and what do you know, it was down. So we walk down to Critter country and on the way the strong smell of Alcohol permeated through the air. I heard expletives every where I walked. Now, I'm not clean what so ever but I keep it that way when I'm at a family park, I guess not everyone else. . So while in line for Winnie, we were continuously cut by drunk hipster kids laughing at attempts to hold them back(not moving when the say excuse me. I know some people meet up with a group but its unacceptable when a group meets up with single person, thats cutting. I watched as many kids were goofing off and jumping on the on ledges and fences. It was not the same Disneyland. I tried to ignore it but even my Brother and wife were getting fed up. As soon as we got on Winnie, my daughter looks up at me and says....I got to go to the bathroom..... So the whole ride I was just worried she would wet herself. But like a trooper she made it, as the ride stopped, I grabbed her and made a mad dash to the restrooms, which are down a back and forth trail under Hungry Bear. And, awesome, another line. So after she dos her business, we grouped and decided one more and we leave, then a group of drunk college kids stumble down into hungry bears, knocking into chairs being loud and belligerent. We had enough. On to IASW it was. The wait was about 40 min but oh was it worth it. It gave us just a little magic before we left that madhouse.
DSC01135 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01140 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01148 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01149 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01158 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01163 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01170 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

Oh, boy. what a day. I stumbled back to my room, blood pressure raised, chest congested, throat sore, but still determined to get back the next day.
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Markie Mouse
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Day 4

We slept in and decided to start out at DCA this day. Feeling rested, we grabbed some breakfast at the crack of noon. As a group we were tired from the madness that was One More Disney Day so we decided that today would be a slow, laid back day. Maybe we would people watch or sit on a bench for awhile, take in a show or 2. So we then headed to the DCA entrance and it was pretty busy for a Thursday. We headed over to get on the longest line at DCA, Toy Story. I never got why this never got a Fastpass. We stopped along the way when we came upon Duffy, which I had just read where he came from before we left on this trip and what a cute back story.

DSC01199 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

After the picture session we walked on over to TSMM, and began our 40min wait, mid way through it I had a bright idea of trying California Screamin'. Now some back story, I hate loops and drops and this ride terrified me. I grabbed some fast passes and got back in line with the rest of my group whcih had only moved up a few feet. We then walked around for awhile and soaked in the atmosphere. I never noticed how awesome Paradise Pier was. It really has a State Fair feel. We then came upon the goofy ride, Sky School. My daughter really wanted to try it. So my wife volunteered and got in line. While we were waiting I took my favorite picture of the entire trip. It was of my son holding the blanket that was given to him for his B-Day by my Aunt who passed away before this trip. The inspiration for coming back to DLR, since she always wanted to go with us.

DSC01201 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

Then while waiting some more, me and my brother were sitting when a sudden intoxicating smell passed us. We looked right and saw a corn dog stand. Money!!! We were so hungry at this point we grabbed one and they were pretty tasty, but , and I may be crazy, but the little red wagon just seemed a lot better.

DSC01223 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr As we were eating a cast memeber was clearing a area in front of us. A lday next to us asked who was coming and the C.M. said she couldn't tell but "he" would be here shortly. So I figured get the boys in a shot with who ever it was. I never put 2 and 2 together but it happened to be Goofy, which makes sense because its in front of Goofy's Sky School. While getting the camera ready, my daughter had just gotten off the ride and after she hugs me and raves about the ride, here comes good ol' goofy.

DSC01226 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

A close up of D'artagnan while he was awake.
DSC01234 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

Upon our journey we ( or I should say I) make it a point to stop by Blue Sky Cellar. I heard they had some pretty awesome stuff for Carsland up and oh boy was it a big tease in there.
DSC01240 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01249 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

Cool concept art
DSC01251 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

In the fashion of the poster under the train station at DLR
DSC01255 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

Im sure this is all old news now but at the time, this was exciting.

DSC01256 by Markie Mouse, on

DSC01257 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01262 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01265 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

DSC01274 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

We then walk towards a ride that will forever prove to be too intimidating for me. 1, I have a fear of heights 2)I have a phobia of elevators and 3) I hate drops. The Tower of Terror! But my wife really wanted to try it. So away we go. We cross through Bugland
DSC01277 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr
We decide to let the kiddos have some fun first before my wifes takes the plunge. So take part in the Fliks Fair. I love this part because it's dedicated to the little ones.
DSC01281 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

After a few rides of the lady bug and chinese food carton rides
DSC01304 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

, we walk over to the big mama
DSC01292 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

I never knew but there was a gift shop inside, I was so afraid I never really got close to the building.
DSC01353 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

Its real pretty inside
DSC01362 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

After she gets off, we can all agree we are hungry again. I am not one to spend money but we had been so frugal this trip, I made an executive decision and we head over to Ralph Brenans jazz Kitchen, and the full serv not the quick serve. Now not to get to graphic but the medicine I purchased at the hotel souvenir/quickie mart worked very well, so well I was now in the drainage stage already. So I was blowing my nose all day and had to get up about 10 times to blow my nose in the bathroom. But alas, good food was calling me and I fought through it.

First the appetizer.....Crab Cake

DSC01370 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

Then my entree....Chicken and Waffles

DSC01379 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

And my DW's entree....the seafood salad

DSC01380 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

We then decided we would go back to the Hotel room and relax a bit at about 3:30pm. but we were so happy we just sat around and watch TV for a bit, while I took a hot shower to clear my system. I blew my nose one good time before we left and as soon we step out the room.... I need to do it again. Oh well. We headed back to DLR to finish the day. It seems I only took one more pic this day and put the camera away for the night.
DSC01391 by Markie Mouse, on Flickr

But I will tell you we did it up at DLR that night. We rode pirates 3 times, BTMRR, Space Mountain, walked on Indy a couple times, Jungle cruise, pretty much all the classics. We stayed to see the Fireworks, but they weren't running that night which makes me wonder if it was too windy or something. So we grabbed a couple Churros and walked home. I was at least getting better, so going to sleep at 10pm felt good. And as I was laying down.....DOHHH I forgot to use my Fastpass for California Screamin'.....Oh well there was always tomorrow.
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Markie Mouse
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Just a quick update, wife got a new job that pays very well so I have , potentially, a new PTR to start soon. I have a couple questions, 1) can you request a certain tower at the Disneyland Hotel to make sure you get the best view of the park 2)can you upgrade the 3 day pass on a city pass so cal ticket 3). Will it be ridiculously busy June 21-29? 4) should I really do a trip report for the next trip, since this isn't going so well, is it a waist of time? Should I just leave the camera holstered and enjoy my trip and see the vacation through my eyes instead of through the lens?
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Sherry E
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Okay so after a coffee and lunch break I am back!
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Markie Mouse -

Hi there! I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I'm here. Actually I have been subscribed to this TR thread since you first started it way back when. So when I saw that it was suddenly active again last week (I got an e-mail alert) I didn't recognize the title and was thinking, "Whose report did I subscribe to?"

When I opened up your TR and saw that it was you, I instantly remembered your cute family and your lovely photos (which, I am guessing, is one reason why I subscribed in the first place oh so long ago, along with the fact that you had taken a holiday trip to DLR largely based on the info you got from the Christmas Superthread and I wanted to see how it went)!

Congratulations to your wife on the new job!

You know, these trip reports are a tricky thing in terms of gaining viewers/commenters. You'll definitely get them because your photos are great and people will notice, but it is a lot of work to keep the reports active and interesting on an ongoing basis. So you have to decide to either stick with it and commit to it - and that can be very time consuming - or to bow out before you spend too much time!

Just to share my experience so you will know that I understand - my TR thread is just a few pages from having to be closed because it will reach the 250-page limit. I was hoping that some of my longtime lurkers would come out of hiding and speak up before it closes. Only one or two lurkers have spoken up. I've been adding TR's to that thread since 2008 (and the most recent one I've been working on since last month). In the 4+ years that I have been working on the trip reports in that specific thread, there have been many, many times when I felt like I was posting to no one, and no one was saying anything - and some of these times were when I posted some of my very best photos and I was sure that people would like some of them! Thankfully, I have had a couple of faithful subscribers who stayed with me when others left!

And then there have been other times when all kinds of people came out of the woodwork, spoke up and said, "Your pictures are beautiful," "Your TR is great," etc., etc. So it really seems to ebb and flow with the viewers/participants in these reports. They go through phases where no one says much and it can be a bummer. And then they go through those phases where a bunch of people surprisingly speak up.

I can understand your feeling of "Should I even bother doing a TR." I feel that way all the time. But...don't leave that camera holstered! I love taking photos sooooo much. (On my December trip to DLR last month I only went on 3 rides over 4 days because I was so wrapped up in taking pictures.) I know that YOU love taking photos (and great photos at that!), so I would suggest that you keep taking them on your trips because you love it! And the readers/subscribers will join in as you keep posting, if you keep this TR active! Maybe post a little something in it every day or every other day - like a random photo here, a random photo there.

We would all be lucky to be able to enjoy some of your fabulous pictures so I hope you will continue sharing them here!
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Markie Mouse
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Yeah, Sherry. You pretty much nailed it. Thats how I feel most of the time, and why I stopped for so long. I work full time, school half time, gym 3-4 times a week, have kids and a wife, homework, house work, writing songs for an upcoming project. I love posting on here to share my Disney trips because it also makes me feel like I'm on the trip again. I guess I'll just keep it going, and see where it goes. It's just crazy when I see yours, Glenbo, Diznee, and many other awesome trip reports, I wonder if I'm missing something that people want to see.
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