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Old 11-02-2010, 11:18 PM   #1
Sassagoula Billy
Life is...
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Your 10 Worst Things and 10 Best Things About WDW

Ten Worst Things About WDW

1. The lack of hotel, park, or attraction specific merchandise (this includes the ridiculous "DisneyParks" brand which doesn't even seem to differentiate WDW from DL).
2. The Free Dining Plan which in-turn, has robbed many fine eateries of their own individuality and brought an overbearing sameness throughout the resort
3. The Big Asinine Hat over at Disney's Hollywood Shmoodios
4. The rising ticket prices for parks like DHS which simply do not have the backbone to uh, back it up
5. Mission: Space (I still contend that it was a massive failure). Despite what i read here in its defense, it has not resonated with audiences like Everest or Toy Story Mania or Soarin' have. And that wasn't a cheap attraction. Or promotion. It was the first Disney attraction I ever remember seeing as a TRAILER at the movies.
6. Waldorf-Astoria/Ritz Carlton/Million-Dollar Vacation Homes. Disney is doing what they need to do in order to survive, but this is the kind of thing I'd rather leave out of the Disney equation. It reeks of Vegas, which may make some of you quite pleased, but the idea gives me mono.
7. The Bus Service for the Deluxe resorts. You're paying top dollar, why do Pop Century and Port Orleans: French Quarter do it better?
8. Figment's Journey Into What The Hell. Please restore this to the classic or please put us all out of our misery.
9. Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress. It's like visiting Nana in the hospital on her death bed. Except unlike Nana, Disney possesses the know-how and the capital to restore the Carousel to its former glory. But when I go, sound is out of sync, speakers pop, dialogue levels are overwhelmed by the soundtrack, and various mechanics and scrims don't operate properly. It is an embarrassment. Please restore this or please put us all out of our misery.
10. The Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management. Please restore this to the classic or please put us all out of our misery.
Honorable Mention: The All-DVC all the time approach as of late.

Ten Best Things

1. That Disney Water smell. There's nothing like chlorine and swampwater to revive the senses.
2. World Showcase after Illuminations. As "Promise" or "We Go On" or whatever not-Celine Dion song plays, the walk back to gate (either gate) is always a beautiful one. A stop at MouseGears is the icing on the cake. The fiber optics on the Future World sidewalks are the sprinkles. I swear, people fear the removal of Snow White over at Magic Kingdom, but if they ever get rid of the music after Illuminations... I'll... I'll, I'll just collapse.
3. Peter Pan's Flight. It just IS.
4. The experience of walking into the lobby of the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The scents of Boma, the vistas out onto the savanna. The comfy earth-tone pillows and artwork. If this isn't Disney heaven, nothing is.
5. Cheddar Cheese Soup at Le Cellier. If anything deserves to be called overrated, this DOES NOT. Quite simply, nobody does it better. Creamy, smoky, decadent, delicious.
6. Smoky Portobello Soup at Artist Point. A close runner up in the Disney Soupathon Classic. More Disney heaven in a bowl.
7. The cast members at the Port Orleans: French Quarter. In all my years, I've never met sweeter people. From housekeeping to front desk to bell services... these are good people y'all.
8. And speaking of the Port Orleans: French Quarter, here we go. It's not a deluxe, but it's a moderate in sheep's clothing. You either get it or you don't, but if you get it, enjoy.
9. The Main Street Electrical Parade. My ranking is all off because i would totally rank this higher if I weren't so lazy. Talk about getting emotional at Disney. That was me, this past June. Welcome back old friend, you were dearly missed.
10. DeVine at Animal Kingdom. The most unexpected creature, with more sensuality and magic in one look than an entire theater of Cirque du Soleil leaping through the air. The character is one of a kind, and the women who portray her each bring something unique to the performance. Simply remarkable.

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Old 11-03-2010, 06:39 AM   #2
Who are these children and why are they all calling me Mom...
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10 "Worst" Things...

10. Mission Space: Generally when I pay to hurl, quantities of adult beverages are involved and not an audience of small children who are not mine. The smell is also a magic-killer.
9. Loss of the Adventurer's Club: All I have are my memories...Kongaloosh!
8. It's Tough to Be A Bug: They don't really warn you about the spider part. DD15 is TERRIFIED of spiders. It wasn't pretty.
7. Farewell to Toontown: I have an awesome picture of DD12 as an 18 month old, playing in Toontown Park and kissing a little frog. I wish they'd move it to DHS and let the Playhouse Disney characters move in. They could add Handy Manny's shop, put JoJo under the circus tent, have Special Agent Oso assignments like they have KimPossible in Epcot.
6. Mr. Toad: Still haven't fogotten...or fully forgiven.
5. Original Figment ride: I miss the Dreamcatcher. Now that HISTK is gone, will the Imagination Institute make sense?
4. Futureland Speedway: With all the updates and refurbs, why does this still look exactly the same from when I was 12?
3. CRT: Food is not worth the price or trouble to get the ADR and they don't even guarantee Cinderella. It's HER castle. Did she run out to do some errands? When I plan for months for my little girl to see Cindy, Peter and Wendy aren't going to cut it. Did it once - never again.
2. Pop Warner: Disney needs to work with the organizers to "convince" them to keep a tighter rein on...the chaperones.
1. Leaving: If Disney can figure out how to combat those "last day blues", then it really will be the most magical place on earth.

10 Best Things:

10. Innoventions (East and West): I could lose myself in here. Great in those Florida rains!
9. Soarin': Even DD8 (who doesn't like dark or any sort of thrill ride) is addicted. And the games in the que are AMAZING (it's the wait beyond the screens that gets tedious).
8. Hall of Presidents: I love how they look at their watches and yawn while other "people" are speaking.
7. Toy Story Mania: Even my MOM loves this ride. And she is anti-video games.
6. Cast Members: I know Disney is a huge corporation. I know that many employees probably don't like their jobs - just like at any other large corporation. But I have yet to meet one anywhere on property.
5. Pin Trading: I am a late convert but now I love it. It's a great way to meet people in the parks and it's like a scavenger hunt.
4. Haunted Mansion: "Please step into the DEAD center of the room..."
3. Pirates of the Caribbean: ALWAYS the first ride in MK.
2. FREE DINING! - It allows us to enjoy TS restaurants we wouldn't pay for OOP because of the cost and for the kids to try new things (DD12 was really excited to go to Wolfgang Puck last year because she had seen him on the Food Network). If that means I have to be on my game for ADR's, it's worth it.
1. Arrival Day - Just hearing "Please stand clear of the closing doors" in Spanish on the Monorail is enough to start me giggling.
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The Hendies
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In no particular order, and probably not 10....

Losing Mr Toad, 20,000 Leagues, the old Imagination, and Skyway.

Free Dining, the Walt Disney World sign driving toward MK, Illuminations, Boma, Grand Marnier Slushies, and watching Wishes from Poly with a Lapu Lapu in my hand.
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DIS Veteran
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10 Worst Things

1) Large tour groups

2) The slow demise of the Disney Look.

3) Tom Sawyer island and Swiss Family are tied on this one... they both seem very out dated and run down. Re-theme them both into something fun and exciting please.

4) People who have no idea how to use their ECV or use it to plow through packs of people.

5) HUGE empty strollers taking up space on the Monorail.

6) How could you have a negative list without at least mentioning the price to get in the place.

7) The number of families fighting and being rude to each other, come on guys its Disney relax and have a good time and show some love.

8) Camp Minnie/Mickey could have been so much better but its nothing more than a dump for FOLK and yet another Character Meet and Greet. What a waste it could have at least been a giant gift shop :P

9) Country Bears, this could put me to sleep even after a couple 5 hour energy shots and a bag of cotton candy.

10) This is a difficult one, there are a few things that could take this spot but lets go ahead and give the final spot to Dinoland

10 Best Things

1) Donald Duck, this guy is not only self proclaimed as #1 he has the attitude to back it all up with.

2) The feeling as you walk through the tunnel and walk into Main Street USA, nothing quite like it

3) Dole Whips

4) Spaceship Earth, what a nice relaxing ride after walking from the parking lot on a nice hot day.

5) The Monorail, if and when it is working... such a shame that its always breaking down

6) Wishes

7) Up and coming demolition of Mickeys Toontown Fair, not sure if they are putting anything actually better there however it cant be much worse.

8) One Mans Dream

9) Random magical moments and the unexpected.

10) Riding the monorail and listening / watching peoples reactions when they first see Cinderella Castle or the front of Magic Kingdom....

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DIS Veteran
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10 worst things

10. The tap water. I'm no water snob but some of the tap water at the World quite literally stinks.

9. Dinoland. Two words - Epic fail.

8. The restaurant at the American pavilion. Seriously, they couldn't do better than a burgers and fries joint? Completely uninspired.

7. Swiss Family Treehouse. This is a monumental waste of precious MK real estate.

6. Test Track. Now, don't get me wrong...I love this ride. But the amount of time it's broken borders on the absurd.

5. ABC Commissary. The "food" here only qualifies as such for lack of a better term. It's simply not edible and I don't know where Disney QC is.

4. Kali River Rapids. Sure, watching your 8 year old get drenched has it's charms, but this could have been SO much better. Except for the drenching, it's a completely uneventful ride.

3. Stroller rental. The cost is utterly ridiculous. This is Disney price gouging at its worst.

2. The hat. I know its already been said, but it drives me NUTS. It's a monstrosity that serves NO PURPOSE. I don't understand and never ever will.

1. Disney merchandise. Enough with the princesses already. Disney has over-marketed this to the point of death. Where are Phineas and Ferb, I ask you?

Top 10 things I love

10. Dole Whip...how do I love thee, let me count the ways.

9. The Tower of Terror - Disney theming at its peak. The walk through the queue is almost as good as the ride itself.

8. Off Kilter and British Invasion - They are some of my favorite things in the World.

7. Innoventions - I'm a complete Discovery channel dork. I would spend half a day here if my family would let me. LOVE the Waste Management exhibit.

6. The first glimpse of the castle - this is pure Disney magic. After a half dozen trips in so many years, it never fails to inspire me.

5. SPACESHIP EARTH - I love everything about this ride. Feeds into that dork thing I mentioned earlier....

4. The smell of main street - if I close my eyes and concentrate, I can just about conjure the sweet smell of Main Street, USA.

3. The Cast Members - the CMs get a lot of heat on this board, but some of my best WDW memories have come courtesy of ride attendants or bus drivers.

2. Splash Mountain - I love everything about it...even the musty smell of the logs. It's like being IN a movie.

1. "Welcome to Disney's Magical Express" - as soon as I board the bus, I feel like my vacation starts. I've seen grown men and women with tears in their eyes on their way to the World for the first time.
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Worst 10

1. The price of the tickets.

2. The fact that we can't afford to go every year

3. People who teach their kids that it is ok to not wait your turn

4. Rude parents

After reading all of your worsts, I decided that I love everything about Disney. I love mission space, dino land and toontown. It certainly wouldn't be Disney without these things. So since I love everything, and there is way more than 10 I could list, I will give you one:

1. I am going to Disney in 16 days
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To each his own...
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Ten worst:

1. Rude guests overrun with that me-first, I'm the only one that matters, entitlement mentality...it's vacation for goodness sakes!

2. I totally agree with op...lack of specific merchandise. For instance, would it kill them to have a shop in AK with only AK themed merchandise not available in EVERY other store on site???

3. Expanding on number 2... I WANT MY SWORD IN THE STONE AND ROBIN HOOD TOYS!!!!! Whew, I feel better now

4. Parents who try to guilt their kids into behaving. "I paid $$$ for this trip and you are going to enjoy yourself!" or "If you don't stop crying Mickey Mouse is going to spank you!" I actually heard that the last time we were there

5. "Pleasure Island" How about an adults-only nightclub themed with Jessica Rabbit? Or a great villians restaurant?

6. Stitch's Great Escape. Words fail me.

7. ToonTown's demise

8. Tom Sayer's Island.

9. The manic overhyping of (imo) mediocre things...ie Le Cellier, Toy Story Mania, etc

10. Dinosaur I swear this ride brings back every childhood nightmare I ever had!

10 Best (Only 10??)

1. Rounding the corner for the first full view of the castle...gets me every time *sniff*

2. Mission Space. The feel of it fits in so well with the whole future world concept and it is a heck of a ride! And they even give you a choice of hurl or no-hurl

3. Watching little kids as they see the characters...and knowing that I feel the same way and don't have to hide it

4. Hearing Jiminy Cricket during Wishes

5. The Beauty and the Beast show at DHS - have always loved this!

6. Leaving your house in snowy weather and changing into shorts as soon as you get to MCO.

7. Fantasmic. Words fail me

8. The butternut squash soup at the French Bistro...heaven in a bowl.

9. The way that the characters stay in character no matter what, no matter if they are dealing with a toddler or an eighty-year-old.

10. The wonderful CMs, the amazing scenery throughout the parks, the fantastic theming on the rides, just the overwhelming sense of magic that seems to permeate everything when I'm there
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TOP 10 WORST (in no particular order)

1. Lack of resort specific merchandise. Why can I not buy a Port Orleans Riverside coffee mug or t-shirt??

2. No more "slow" season. I know Disney is a business, and as such it is to their benefit to effectively market themselves so that they stay busy all year around. They have done so. End of September/beginning of Ocotber used to be a reliably slow time... no more. Oh how I hate crowds. *shudder*

3. No more tips/appetizers included in the dining plan. I cannot STAND having my dining "paid for" but still having to fork out a $40 "tip" at the end of my meal. *grumpy face*.

4. Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management. Please, FIRE the New Management. Bring back the Original, or bulldoze it...

5. Not enough transportation. Run more buses, and keep the monorails under good repair so they all run more reliably. I want to sit down more often. And expand the monorail line to all the resorts.

6. Dinoland. Epic Fail. Too carnival-like.

7. Any piece of prime real estate like the Wonders of Life pavilion that just sits empty. Do something with it for pity's sake.

8. STOP CLOSING THE CLASSIC RIDES. I still have not forgiven them for the loss of World of Motion and Horizons.

9. Figment. Yeah. Not so much. Bring back the original, please.

10. Pixar. Enough already. I like the Pixar movies as much as the next person, but everytime I turn around something else is being remade with the Pixar characters - pretty soon we can just rename it Walt-Pixar-World.

TOP 10 BEST (in no particular order)

1. Pirates of the Caribbean. Still my favorite ride anywhere in any park. Yo ho ho!

2. Riding the Haunted Mansion, at night, at MNSSHP. The CMs just put their heart and soul into it on those nights.

3. The smell of the water on the water rides... a little chlorine, a little mildew... its the "Disney water smell".

4. Free Dining. Except for the above-mentioned no-longer-included bits.

5. Por Favor Mantenganse Alejado de las Puertas

6. Riding the People Mover in Tomorrowland

7. Watching Off Kilter in Epcot

8. Legend of the Lion King in Animal Kingdom

9. Salad and Bread Pudding at Ohana

10. SpectroMagic and Wishes
Tanya in MT
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Doc CW
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Top 10 Worst

1. The food quality decreasing over the course of the past decade, its still good, but some of it is unbelievably awful

2. Test Track literally always breaking down everytime I go to ride it

3. The lack of diverse merchandising in WDW, its supposed to be exclusive stuff that I can only get there not online

4. Redecorating old floats from old parades and calling it new, that for some reason, really annoys me

5. Fantasmic, the crowds are just not worth the show, its a decent show, but overhyped IMO

6. Leaving WDW is certainly one of the worst feelings in the world

7. DHS, this park IMO is a giant bust, its design and layout is very poor, the rides barely keep me for 1/2 the day and there are no edible restaurants in the entire park, we literally starve at DHS bc its better than eating the food

8. People who make vacation work, I like to relax while im at WDW not go 1 million MPH, let me relax and sleep in

9. People who complain about WDW and all of its flaws in the sense that they dont appriciate any of it or any of the work the CMs do, if you have such a huge problem with WDW dont go

10. Leving, did I mention leaving?

Top 10 Best

1. The TTA, its so relaxing and very well hidden so that I can ride it alone or with only those I want to ride with, man I love this ride

2. EoS wow just wow with these sandwiches

3. Caseys Corner hot dogs and then some edy's ice cream across the street yeah, I'm in heaven

4. The memories that I carry with me from previous trips just unforgettable

5. Getting the highest score on BLSRS, and then celebrating like I won the Super Bowl

6. The CMs and their patience in dealing and accomadating me and all the other hundreds of thousands of people at WDW at any given time

7. Walking around the parks late at night and feeling like i'm the only person there and that relaxing feeling that I get

8. Swinging in a hammock on the beach at the poly, whether I'm staying there or not

9. The buses, Disney wasnt obligated to transport me and my family for free around WDW which is alot of gas, so I give a shout out to the bus service, I'll stand a little bit longer if that means I dont have to pay to be transported around

10. The smells, Disney must have some of their scents placed around the U.S. bc I swear I smell WDW sometimes and it just takes me back, Thank you WDW for all that you have and continue to do for me.
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Top Ten Best Things in Disney: (in no particular order)
1. Rounding the corner of Town Square and seeing the castle at the end of Main Street U.S.A. THAT'S when my vacation really starts.
3. all of the different resorts (it's so fun to see them all)
4. World of Color at DL
5. Spotting a character at the parks
6. Character dining
7. Toy Story Mania, Splash Mountain and Soarin'
8. World Showcase
9. The monorail! (Por Favor Mantenganse Alejado de las Puertas) :P
10. SpectroMagic, Fantasmic, Summer Nightastic, Wishes, Illuminations and Muppet Vision 3D

Top Ten Worst Things in Disney: (in no particular order)
1. umm....I can't really think of anything! :P hmm...that some places are 2 credits on the DDP
2. that it's so far from where I live!
3. that it gets so HOT in the summer
4. the crowds...sometimes...mainly when it's hot and the lines for my favorite rides are soooo long
5. the new theme this year...it's like home movies
6. rude guests
7. the people who use those mechanical rider things who don't need them. LAZY.
8. It's Tough To Be a Bug (I am TERRIFIED of insects)
9. That Toontown is closing
10. Leaving. (this would be #1 if I put this in the right order)

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I feel the nerd in me stirring already
Oh well, let's look on the bright side
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10 Worst things:
1. Rude visitors
2. Mediocre food
3. Prices keep going up and up
4. Mission Space
5. Stitch - character and ride
6. Dumbing down of Future World
7. DHS hat
8. Buses
9. Melee at TSM
10.Generic offerings in all of the stores.

10 Best things:
1. Tuna sandwich at CHH
2. Haunted Mansion
3. AKL
4. Polynesian Resort
5. ELP
6. Spaceship Earth
7. World Showcase
8. Downtown Disney
9. Star Tours (may the new one be great for this Star Wars geek)
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Let's see - I'll give this a try...

10 favourite things:
(1) First mono-rail ride of the vacation
(2) Seeing 1st time visitors enter the MK/Main Street - you can tell they're absolutely gob-smacked!
(3) Watching kids with the characters
(4) When it starts to get dark at the MK and the lights come on
(5) Any water ride where I stay dry and my DH gets soaked (thanks DIS boards for the tips of where to/where not to sit - ha ha)
(6) Seeing the first road sign that says Disney World when on the ME coming in fom the airport
(7) When the travel agent calls and says "Your tickets and luggage tags have arrived"
(8) The unexpected smile or greeting I get from a CM - I know it's been a long day for them and they still manage!!
(9) Just chatting with another visitor while in line for an attraction, bus, etc - it's fun to meet people
(10) A soak in the resort hot tub at the end of a day

10 Worst things: (in no particular order)
(1) Seeing parents yelling at their hot, tired kids who have been in the park for hours already.
(2) Turkey legs....'nuff said - I was thinking it was going to taste like roast turkey - NOT ham
(3) People being impolite to other people - sure everyone is tired, hot, whatever but we all went there to have a GOOD time, didn't we?
(4) Guests being rude to CM's....
(5) Waiting in line for an attraction, getting almost there and then find out the attraction is being shut down for whatever reason
(6) Toooooooo much princess stuff -
(7) Generic souveniers - we have shirts, we have mugs BUT having a resort specific mug, shirt, etc would have me loosen my purse strings a little more
(8) Other guests who feel they're "entitled" for whatever reason (and trying to get something "free" just because)
(9) What we affectionately call the "TAG OF DOOM" - those ME tags they hang on your door the day before you're due to fly home.....it starts to jolt you back to reality and remind you to start packing
(10) The feeling you have when you get on the ME bus to head back to MCO - this trip will be especially hard as it may well be our last due to increasing mobility issues.....

It was a lot easier typing the favourite things....
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Frumpy Princess ♥

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the top ten worst things about walt disney world
(in no particular order)
10) the price of the pins. just a few years ago they used to cost around 6 dollars. and i thought THAT was expensive. now the prices are ridiculous. i can't afford to get them anymore.

9) the prices of park tickets shoot up every year, as do the dining plan prices. they are not going to be worth the prices that disney makes us pay. however, people are still gonna go so it may never stop. it just restricts me from going as long as i want and with certain people because not everyone can afford this!

8) the water in the water fountains at disney tastes gross. i think florida has sulfur in their water or something. so that requires us to buy water bottles- which are ALSO overpriced. ah.

7) the length of kali river rapids. it never bothered me until every single time i went on it, people would be like "that's it!?" i wish everyone could just enjoy what they were given. or since disney KNOWS that at least on person on every raft says that, maybe it is time for a little revamp.

6) i wish that the world showcase had more attractions. one day i hope they will do a world showcase revamp, similar to how they're doing fantasyland, because that would be SUCH a great idea. i mean, i can only eat in so many restaurants in one day. and i don't have all the time in the world to sit down and see every show. and i can't buy a gift in every country's gift shop because that's too much money. but attractions don't take THAT long and don't cost anything, so they would be a nice addition.. to at least a few more of the countries.

5) it bugs me that you need to get a separate water park pass if you want to go to one, or you need to add it as an option to your key to the world card. there's no way i'm going to go to a water park every single day, and forking over another 50 bucks per person to go on a few water slides is ridiculous.

4) people. in general. stupidity reigns at disney world because a good amount of people don't know how to take it seriously. people, you need a plan! and you need to compromise with others. and complaining, yelling at your family, and getting frustrated with other guests are not going to get you anywhere. keep it to yourself and just try to have fun.

3) the guilty feeling i get about spending money in disney world. i LOVE getting souvenirs, but it's so hard for me to feel good about getting a few of them when it seems like each one costs around 30 dollars.

2) it seems to me like all of the stores have the same merchandise. i kind of wish there were more options across the board, and i don't really want to buy animal kingdom souvenirs at epcot, if you know what i'm sayin.

1) people being negative about disney. hey, everything isn't going to please everyone. but when you complain about "disney losing it's magic" that's where it starts to annoy me. YOU need to make the magic of disney. they lay everything out for you, and if you can't appreciate it and you're stuck on one little thing that bothers you, it's your own loss. (that's why i really don't like writing these 10 negative things, because even the thing i'm complaining about really don't put THAT big of a damper on my trip. i can get over it.)

the top ten best things about walt disney world
(in no particular order)

10) casey's corner. this restaurant has one of the most limited menus in all of disney world, but it's my absolute favorite. the hot dogs are just SO good, and i have had countless meals here. having a meal on main street USA while watching the little baseball cartoons on repeat are a memory that will stick with me forever.

9) the innoventions music playing in future world in epcot. this music DEFINES happiness in disney world. the one section of it just makes me want to walk around epcot and go on rides.

8) the edy's ice cream place in future world. i love getting BIG strawberry ice creams in a waffle cone and eating the whole entire thing. they are so delicious.

7) the fact that you walk so much in disney that you can eat whatever you want. disney world is the only place that i don't feel guilty about eating anything because all of those calories get burned off by the end of the day anyway.

6) lapping splash mountain or thunder mountain right before closing time, especially on extra magic hour nights. i love when these rides are basically deserted and you try and see how many rides you can squeeze in before the park officially closes.

5) the smell of pirates of the caribbean and splash mountain. that's my favorite smell in the whole entire world. i love waiting in the queue lines just for that. it just reminds me of being happy in disney. i wish there was some way i could like cherish that smell.

4) mouse gears, the shops on main street usa, the shops lining the main street in hollywood studios, the big shop in animal kingdom, and the world of disney. i love the big stores that have a little bit of everything in them because i can spend hours looking at all of the merchandise. it's so much fun, even though a lot of the time i don't buy a lot of it until my last day of the trip.

3) the land pavalion at epcot. the cool air conditioning and the smell of that building is great too. i just love being in there, with the three attractions and two restaurants and great decoration. the atmosphere is great.

2) tomorrowland. this land just seems to be my favorite right now. i don't know why. i love the loop music. i love tomorrowland transit authority. I love space moutain. and i love all of the other attractions in this land - there are so many. it may be where i spend most of my time when i'm at magic kingdom, now that i think about it.

1) the first day i get to disney world. i love getting off the plane and going into the orlando airport, which gets me all excited. i love going on the little tram to get to the luggage pick up. i love going on the magical express bus, watching the movie, and seeing the purple sign when you first enter the world. i love getting to the resort, checking in, and going up to our room. i love watching "the top 7 things to do at walt disney world" and seeing how they changed the show since the last time i was there. and i just love having the whole trip ahead of me, knowing that there are so many memories to be made within the next few days of my life.

ahhh i wish i could add more! like pizzafari at animal kingdom, character meals, the garden grill at epcot, tower of terror and rock n roller coaster, toll house cookie ice cream sandwiches, mickey's philharmagic, the bus rides, and just leaving any problems behind at home and going to disney world, where you can't help but be happy.

i can't wait to go! 72 days!

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