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Old 04-06-2011, 10:13 PM   #1
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You would like us to be Grand Marshall's?!?!?! WHHHAAA, Feb trip report. Pics and Vid

"It’s All About the Antennae"

It has been one of the crappiest winters on record here the frozen tundra of New England. As depression set it in after shoveling the 3rd 10 plus inch storm of the year because my snow blower broke during the first storm, it was time for something drastic. I looked at my wife and with one word we were on the same page…….”DISNEY!!!!!!”. We picked the week of Feb. 5th to the 12th as we were confident that the parks would be fairly empty. I looked at the prices and deals out there and settled on the Swan at $159 per night. Seemed like a fair deal and we love the Epcot area. Somewhere around two weeks before the trip I stumbled across ****************. What a find!. I never realized that DVC points could be rented so I quickly through a post up for either BWV, BCV or VWL. I was quickly informed that with two weeks notice, that I had a snowballs chance in H.E. double hockey sticks at getting one of those resorts. So be it, at least I found this place and would certainly use it in the future. I read the forums for a few days to see if by chance that someone might post a last minute reservation. That never happened, but I notice that people often posted “fire Sale” points with little use time left on them. I had a good reservation at a hotel that I liked, so maybe I could find a symbiotic situation with someone at the end of their points life and I could get a great deal. Within 11 hours of my post, I was contacted by someone wanting to rent me points at SSR. They gave me an incredible deal at $6 ppt and I could not pass it up.

We happened to be watching American Idol the night we made our reservations and it just so happened that Disney was running one of the commercials where the parents spring the trip on the kids last minute. Because I am too much of a kid I could not quite keep a secret for two whole weeks. The next night when we watched the show with my daughters Rachel 12, Hannah 10), we did not fast forward through that commercial. As the commercial was playing, the girls where commenting about how lucky those kids where. I said to them, “boy that must be neat that their parents surprised them like that, oh wait here comes the tears and screams………..You know there are going to be some tears and screams here to in a minute……” They looked at us like confused dogs when their heads turn sideways……. “we are going to take a drive to the airport real early next Saturday, and you might want to pack for some spring type weather……Oh and make sure you bring some good sneakers because there will be plenty of walking and riding…….yes riding like on rides”. I was right the yelling crying and screaming was well worth the price of admission.

Saturday Feb. 5th: The travel to Disney went off without a hitch. The Magic Express to SSR was fantastic, quick and efficient. We arrived at the resort at about 1pm. We checked in without much problem. Disney needs to streamline this process a bit as it took about a half hour to go through the process with no line. This seemed to be driven by a slow IT system. Anyway this was far from an issue. After reading others comments here, we had no issue getting a room in the Springs Building. We were at the street end of the building, so we where steps from the bus stop and very close to the amenities. We could not have had a better room.

We had a quick lunch at the Artists Pallet and we were off to the MK. On first glance, it seemed moderately crowded. This was not backed up by ride wait time as we never waited more than 10 minutes for anything. It usually takes me a day or so to get relaxed, but this trip was different. I will say this that the weather was not great, but I never expected it to be. I would gladly trade great weather for the very un-crowded feel we had all week. It was not an issue so I won’t follow it up with the daily weather report

We enjoyed Pirates, the Haunted House and Space Mountain among others. We never needed a fast pass. As it started to get dark, I asked if everyone wanted to head to Epcot for dinner and some Illuminations. I could have seen that show all 7 nights. It is my favorite thing to do at Disney. We made it over and would up getting into Mexico. Either I am spoiled by the great Mexican Restaurants near my home, or Mexico has started to head down hill. It was not what I had remembered from my last trip in 06’. The ambiance is still fantastic, but Montezuma is exacting his revenge on a nightly basis at this place! I cannot recommend Mexico to any human or canine!!!!!!! We wound up finding a nice spot and where treated to a never disappointing “Illuminations”.

Sunday Feb 6th: Room was incredibly quite so we slept like kings. We got up late and had a nice breakfast at AP. The AP was perfect all week for nice light fare and we were always happy with it. We headed to Hollywood Studios. Sunday was again another day of short wait times. We went on TT, and RRC and caught some street shows. We had promised the girls that they could by something to wear during the trip. Over at a vendor cart near the big hat, the “pivotal” decision for the rest of our trip was made……..
DADDADADADADADADAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The trumpets sounded and the heavens opened up with choirs of angels………THERE THEY WERE. The mostest, bestest, doodad ever to grace mouseland, the "springy mouse antennae" which are placed on the top of the head. These things shake and bounce and wobble at the slightest movement. I swear if Gaddhaffi placed a set of these sparkly babies on his head, no one would be trying to bomb him back to the Stone Age. They are the mere definition of the word “happy”. This trinket seemed to take over our vacation. We could not walk five feet without someone making a comment, smiling or touching them. We did not walk by one character for the rest of the week that did not grab an antenna a BOOOYOYOYOYOYOYOYIIIIINNNGGGG. I guess that is why I saw almost no one with them on. They attract too much attention. Not for my little actresses! These attention hounds ate it up. It didn’t seem to matter that the two older ATM’s that funded this grandiose adventure grew mildly tired (to say the least) of all the attention. Those DA$$*D things where worn morning noon and night.

Off we went, wobbling antenna and all to an old favorite, Whispering Canyon”. We had great casual meal as always however we unfortunately received a character visit. He was in a tall, angry woman suit, but I am confident that “grumpy” waited on us. The waitress actually gave us great service, but she was not into the part required at the Canyon. We had a table in the middle so we at least were treated to others receiving the special “whispering canyon” treatment. We still had a great time. We headed over to MK for wishes and some rides. I enjoyed the new Show ˝ hour before wishes. All in all another great day.

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Old 04-06-2011, 10:13 PM   #2
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Monday Feb 7th: We headed to Animal kingdom and had a great weather day. We hit almost every ride and again we only waited on average 10 minutes. Big thumbs up for my first time on Everest. We got tons of pics with characters with all tugging and pulling at the Antennae We saw Nemo and caught the Lion King. The show was fantastic and my girls and their head gear where pulled right up at the end to represent the Warthogs. The Antenna gained us access again. We had dinner at the Rainforest and had a great time there. The Restaurant was almost empty and the reservation I made was not needed. We spent the evening at Downtown Disney

Tuesday Feb 8th: I awoke Tuesday to two funny looking insects with their faces in mine. I could hardly be mad that they woke me up early with those springs wobbling at me. I did not know it at this point, but today would turn out to be a pinnacle moment of this wonderful trip. We started off again at the AP and made the fateful decision to head to MK. We got to the gates at 11am. There was very little traffic on Main Street so we just soaked in our surroundings and slowly made our way down towards the castle. We took some pics along the way and we happened to run into one of the camera toting cast members. We pulled out our photo pass and he put all of us in some great poses as there were not an abundance of potential customers. As he was taking some pictures with the girls, another cast member approached us. Dean was an older very distinguished gentleman with a huge smile. This guy epitomized all that is Disney. At the time, I did not realize that Dean was dressed a bit more formally than your normal cast member. He made some small chit chat and asked us how long we were in town for. He told the girls that he loved there head bling and said it was one of his favorite Disney Trinkets. As the girls were out of ear shot, he asked if he could play a little joke on them. Of course we said yes as he just seemed like one of those super nice people. He told the girls that Disney believes in education and he was aware that they were not in school this week. He then told the girls that that we signed them up for math class and they were going to be spending the next few days in class and to follow him. Rachel and Hannah are good sports so they played along and joked and said that they where surely to smart to require any more math this week. Dean evidently also thought they were good sports and chuckled. He then Said, “Mom and Dad, this part is not a joke………How would you folks like to Join us in the Parade today as our special guests? We would like you to take a special ride in Mickey’s Limo as the Grand Marshalls for the “A Dream Come True Parade””. I am sure our mouths fell to the ground. “Of COURSE”!!!!! This would be an honor for us. Dean then told us that he noticed us walking down the street for a bit and he saw the girls antenna bouncing around and we looked HAPPY to be there. He said that the chit chat part was to be sure that we would be staying for the whole day and that he played a joke on the girls to make sure that he thought they would be the type to wave at the crowd. He took our names and made sure of the pronunciation and gave us the place and time to meet him. I will tell you that I do not think we went on another ride for the rest of the day. The anticipation was killing us. We headed towards the fire house to meet up with Dean and the newlywed couple that was joining us. Dean gave us four sets of ears, but told the girls, with a big smile on his face, that they could only wear the Antennae that they already had. We were lead in behind the walls to the back lot of Main street and loaded into the Limo. I will tell you that everything went real fast, but it was the most orchestrated production I have ever seen they had everything down to the second. While we were in the Limo, Woody came walking over and started playing with the girls’ antenna making us all laugh. It was time for the announcement. Boy it was fantastic to hear our names over the PA system with our hometown. People who were from close by yelled it out along the route. The parade started without many people watching. That changed quickly as we rounded onto Main Street. By the time we got towards the end of the stores, people where ten deep. I could not believe how many snapped pictures of our family along the way. That part was fairly funny to me as Dean said prior to departure, “make sure to look as happy as you can be because you will be on hundreds of Coffey tables for the next 40 years. I did not believe him when he said this, but he was right on the money. We were fortunate because a Disney photographer followed us along the route and took tons of pictures. Being Grand Marshalls at Disney will go down as a lifetime highlight that I am sure none of us will ever forget. It was the pinnacle moment of the best family trip we have taken to date. The event will always hold a special place in our hearts as we enjoy the next 30 years of our DVC ownership……….Report to be continued……………………….

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Pictures and a Video are a couple of posts bellow.

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Old 04-07-2011, 07:28 AM   #4
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What an amazing day being in the parade! That is sooooo cool. I love those little headbands too and have always wanted one.
Sounds like a great trip so far!
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Originally Posted by Disney_Jill View Post
What an amazing day being in the parade! That is sooooo cool. I love those little headbands too and have always wanted one.
Sounds like a great trip so far!
If you like the attention, they will surely get you noticed.
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Old 04-07-2011, 11:04 AM   #6
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Loved the report - I laughed out loud about the "insects" in bed with you!
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Old 04-07-2011, 09:16 PM   #7
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A picture speaks a thousand words.

Vouging with the Antennae at "its tough to be a bug".


Is that the sun?????? Naaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

My little Warthogs dancing during the Lion King

Day three and i am clearly thrilled with the attention from the head gear

We just completed our photo session with Photopass guy. Very funny thing was he had the girls take off the antenna for some of the photo's. He clearly new what Dean was going to ask us, because he captured the moment. There is Dean, you may want to search him out on your next trip down Main St.

Rounding the corner onto Main St. there are not that many people yet.

By this point we are shell shocked by the amount of people. Strange thing how many took photo's of us. Maybe they thought we played for the Packers as Aaron Rodgers was the GM the day before HAHA.

My man Dean helping us out of the Limo.......Remember his face!

Woody having one last tug on the Antennae.

Neat view from a cool ride...........Stylin!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a video, so hit play.
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Old 04-08-2011, 10:03 AM   #8
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Can't seem to figure out how to embed the photos with Flikr.
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added more pics and vid.
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