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Old 08-23-2011, 08:58 AM   #1
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A bit on the healthy side: Our little August Dining Review (some pics)

My DH and I headed down to WDW for 4 nights from 8/18-8/22. It was our first August trip and we were traveling with my parents.M My DH and I are both on low carb diets and we wanted to try to continue to choose healthy options in WDW. Not go too crazy with dieting, we were on vacation after all! But just try and choose some healthier options. I'm hoping this little review might offer others some suggestions if they are also interested in choosing some healthy options in WDW!

I apologize that I only took a few pics, so to compensate, I will borrow a few Google images as needed

Our cast:

Poohbear (me): I am a big fan of chicken, turkey, "non-fishy" fishes, pork, and most vegetables. I am very picky about meat quality. I have a weird thing with certain textures in general. I prefer multi-grain bread, and I am a big "sauce on the side" kinda girl. I don't eat pasta or rice, but I do eat cous cous on occasion. I am more of a savory girl, as opposed to sweets, but I do have a weakness for coffee flavored or banana desserts. I'm pretty easy to please, but I have zero tolerance for rude service.

Goofy (DH): He will virtually eat anything, and there is very little that he will pass up. He worked in fine dining for 10 years in the past so he knows the difference between a good meat and a mediocre one, as well as proper wait service.

Cheshire Cat (my mother): She is an obsessive dieter. She likes most meats and fish, not a big fan of anything fattening. She does not like spicy foods.

Eeyore (my father): My dad is VERY difficult to please (with service or food). He is a very negative person in general. Suffice to say our trip was stressful at times because of this, but as they say, a day in WDW is better than a day at home, no matter what the circumstance!!

I'll be using a 1-5 rating scale for atmosphere, food, and service.

Anyways, on with the show!!!
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Old 08-23-2011, 09:15 AM   #2
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I'm in! Looking forward to hearing about the healthy options. I'm on WW trying to lose baby weight plus the first 3 years of marriage weight and college weight. Basically 10 years worth of gain lol. I'd like to indulge on vacation but not go crazy. Can't wait to read the first review!
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Old 08-23-2011, 09:25 AM   #3
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Day 1: Sassagoulas's Food Court

Goofy and I arrived around 10:30 PM from the airport, so there were only a few options available at Sassagoula's. The only windows that were open were pizza and bakery. Goofy chose the pizza and I chose a veggies and ranch dressing from the food court refrigerated shelf. We also bought a refillable mug to share.
Borrowed from Yagoo Images:

Goofy thought the pizza hit the spot after a long day of traveling, but also said it was "nothing special' & comparable to standard Disney Pizza though.

I LOVED my veggies and dip! Veggies were crisp and fresh and the dip was flavorful.

I was very impressed with the diet options for beverages! Sprite Zero, Coke Zero, & this really yummy pomegranate lemonade that was only 5 calories per serving! Pic from Portorleans.org website:

We also had this pomegranate lemonade at other resort CS locations as well! It was very refreshing and was a nice switch from my regular Diet Coke choice. Actually, what I ended up doing alot was mixing up a half Sprite Zero/Half Pom lemonade drink for a nice refreshing and diet beverage!!

Overall, both Goofy and I both thought the ambiance was fun & festive. The food court was very clean with at least two CM's circling the area, ensuring the tables and condiments areas were clean. This theme continued anytime we stopped into Sassagoula's for a drink!

= 5



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Old 08-23-2011, 09:28 AM   #4
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Sounds like a good start to your trip! I can't wait for more!

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Old 08-23-2011, 09:37 AM   #5
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Day 2: In room travel breakfasts

We woke up to a leisurely morning waiting for my parents to arrive. Goofy and I mostly enjoyed our beautiful room at POFQ, hung around the pool, checked out the store, etc...

All of our breakfasts on this trip, except one, were items we brought & ate in the room. What are some healthy choices of breakfast items to travel with & not have to refrigerate until you open them??

...and he bought milk from Sassagoula's for his cereal.

I won't give these formal ratings since they are not WDW food, but I will say that they really worked out for some nice and healthy and quick breakfast options! All of these travel well without refrigeration (until you open them-then refrigerate right away). They gave us the energy we needed in the morning to start out our days. If you are watching your carbs and looking for high fiber, I highly recommend these options!
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Day 2: MK=Columbia Harbour House

My parents finally arrived and met up with us in the early afternoon. Eeyore was already in a sour mood because the sink in his room had a little bit of a clogged drain. He called Mousekeeping and they said they would come up and fix it.

We headed to MK and MAN was it hot!!!! Goofy & I typically travel to WDW in the Fall-Winter, so August heat in WDW was a real eye opener for us! Ugh!, I don't do well in this kind of heat, but I have to say I was a real trooper on this trip!!

The key to surviving the parks in this heat, IMHO? Go to a CS location and request a cup of ice & then fill it with water from a nearby water fountain. That was a huge help for me!!

Anyways, we were hungry for lunch as soon as we arrived in the park, so we headed over to Columbia Harbour House, since it did not seem terribly crowded & I knew they had lots of seating downstairs and upstairs.
Pics from Google Images & the Disney Food Blog:

We knew CHH would be a safe choice for our cast since my parents had been there before and Eeyore had approved last time we were there.

While it did not appear crowded on the outside, it was VERY crowded on the inside! The lines were a little chaotic, but there was a CM trying her best to direct people where to go. The CM who waited on us was very friendly and patient for such a hectic line!

Me, Eeyore, & Cheshire Cat all ordered the Lighthouse sandwich. Cheshire Cat and I are huge hummus fans. I was a little skeptical of the broccoli slaw on the sandwich (due to my sauce aversions & looking to save a few calories), but the CM was happy to let me order it on the side, instead of on the sandwich. I was also able to get grapes instead of chips, and strawberry yogurt for dessert!!

Cheshire Cat & Eeyore ordered the Lighthouse sandwich as well, except they had their broccoli slaw on their sandwich. The did not ask about their snack options, so were both given chips.

Goofy said he was going to eat something healthy and chose a salad. He chose the Crispy Chicken BLT salad though so his salad was not exactly "healthy" IMO! He is one of those people who thinks that all salads are created equal LOL!

I got water for my drink, Goofy was craving chocolate milk, and Eeyore & Cheshire Cat got Diet Coke
Our food:
Lighthouse sandwich, slaw on the side:

Goofy's BLT salad

I did not take a picture of Eeyore's and Cheshire Cat's food because Eeyore was already in a bad mood from all of the crowds & that our table was dirty Here is a picture from Google images with the slaw in the sandwich though:

I LOVED this sandwich!! I was so glad I opted for the slaw on the side, because I thought it was good just the way it was. The hummus was tasty & creamy, the tomato was fresh. The bread was multi-grain, which i was happy with, but a little too big and I thought it was slightly stale. I tried the slaw I had on the side, and it seemed OK, but wasted calories to me so I did not eat it. The grapes were great-very fresh. Yogurt was very refreshing or such a hot day. Overall, a very healthy choice for an MK lunch.

:Goofy: He said he really enjoyed his salad. He said the chicken was tasty and seasoned well, the bacon added a nice flavor to the salad, and the veggies were crisp & fresh. Hi chocolate milk was nice and cold. Goofy also got the apple crisp for dessert and said it was just OK. The filling was good, but he did not care for the outside. He ended up sharing my grapes and yogurt for dessert.

My mother really enjoyed the hummus, but she thought the broccoli slaw on the sandwich made the sandwich way too soggy, so she ended up eating most of it with a fork. Other than that, she said this was the best lunch she has ever had at MK.

Well, he was in a sour mood from the dirty table (honestly, it only took a few seconds for my DH to wipe it down with a napkin and throw away the bits of trash someone left behind), but he said he really enjoyed the sandwich. He ate my side of slaw as well.

Overall, we all thought the atmosphere was pretty (theme-wise), but very crowded and a bit chaotic. CM's were great and tried their best though. We all agreed that this was a must-do place for us for the future, because of the Lighthouse sandwich and their flexibility of giving us healthier snack and dessert options.

=7 It lost points for the chaotic feeling of it all, but I know when it's not so busy, it is a nice atmosphere.
=5 He felt that it should be set up in a better way to accommodate the crowd and he thought the condiments station was messy (I didn't see it). He also thought the exit area from the pick-up counter was not big enough.
=5 She felt very overwhelmed by the crowded atmosphere
=4 He was complaining about the crowdedness and the dirty table.

=8 Only points lost were in the slightly stale bread.
=7 (she said next time she will get the slaw on the side to make for easier eating)
=9 Hey Mickey, he likes it! He said he would return here again for the same meal.

=10 The CM was fantastic at accommodating my changes & substitutes . I found that all of the CM's were friendly and calm, even though it was pretty chaotic in there.
=7 He thought the CM's were great, but that the management should really have more staff walking around ensuring that the tables and condiments table was clean
=8 She thought the CM's were nice & helpful
=6 He said he felt rushed when he ordered & thought the CM's were "nothing special" Grrr.....

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Yea for healthy reviews
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Old 08-23-2011, 12:36 PM   #8
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MK Dinner: Crystal Palace

My brother & his wife were able to join us for this meal. They were in town for a convention & it was my sister-in-law's birthday that week as well, so we thought we would celebrate it that night.

We made a 4:45 ADR, which was all we could get. It was SO chaotic & busy when we arrived at the podium. It's weird because we did not encounter large crowds throughout any park we visited....except at restaurants.....I"m guessing due to the Free Dining????

When we checked in, my mother let them know it was my SIL's birthday. They also kindly left out jugs of water & cups for people to have while they wait, due to the heat. I thought that was very nice of them but the water was disgusting! Way too much sulfur. Of well, it was a kind gesture anyways. We waited 30 minutes for our party to be called after we checked in. Goofy & I were fine with that because we thought 4:45 was way too early to eat dinner anyways.There was another family nearby us who were waiting for 45 minutes before they got called & they had ADR's as well.

When we were finally called, we noticed empty tables, but my DH said that is probably because they were short on waitstaff. Our table was decorated with Mickey confetti, for my SIL's birthday, which I thought was very sweet & my SIL was surprised & happy

Now, I apologize in advance that I hardly ever take photos at buffets. It's just too busy in there & I can never get the plates to look appealing. I will try my best to describe & see if I can find a few photos on Google to compensate.

I ordered an unsweetened iced tea for my drink. Everyone else got Diet Coke.

This was Goofy & I's first time at CP dinner. We had done breakfast in the past & absolutely loved it though.

I have to say I was SO impressed with how many HEALTHY options there were at this buffet! More than I have seen at any buffet in WDW so far!! For me, the highlights were:
-a variety of healthy salads & fresh crisp veggies, including a southwestern chicken salad (I picked out the corn which is too high in carbs), antipasto salad (I just ate some of the meats), & a hearts of palm salad.
-Moist yummy turkey from the carving station
-Pork marsala
-a mediterranean chicken dish
-steamed veggie mix & steamed green beans
-a delicious salmon with a basil sauce on top (not smothered, just enough on top)
-baked chicken
-cous cous with chickpeas
-LOTS of fresh fruit
-soft serve ice cream (I skipped this but the rest of my party enjoyed it)
-Goofy also tried the cornbread type mixture & shrimp cocktail, which he thought were great!

TIP: for the chicken & pork dishes I mentioned, if you just take the meats from the top of the dish, you only get a hint of the sauces which saves a bunch of fat & calories, but still maintains the flavors....also works out great for me, who doesn't like my food in alot of sauce.

Character interaction was great-just enough to be fin, not too much to be obnoxious!

At the end the server brought my SIL a birthday cupcake & an adorable card signed by all of the characters-she was so excited by all of this!

Overall, I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this meal & how many choices they had that were healthy! The restaurant is gorgeous & we all agreed that this is a place for a return visit!

5=it's such a beautiful restaurant! Despite the crowds outside, I did not find myself waiting in line for the buffet. Character interaction was fantastic as well!I also thought the buffet was clean as well as the rest of the restaurant.
4=Being a guy, he doesn't care about how "pretty the restaurant is" LOL! but he did say he was comfortable & pleasant, clean, & well lit.
5=My mom loves the decor of this place & how well lit it is. She thought the characters were cute & did a nice job.
=5. He is a big fan of this restaurant & they have eaten here a few times before.

5 =especially for the variety of healthy options! I walked out of there feeling completely guilt-free!!
4=he said it was overall a great choice. Not his favorite but he would return here again.
5=she also liked the healthy options & thought the food tasted very fresh
5=he did not complain at all about the food & said he would return!

5=I thought our waitress was very sweet & friendly. She was clearly short staffed & a few dishes did stay on the table a little longer than expected, but she apologized each time & always arrived with drink refills (without us asking) when she came to pick up the plates. She was also great about the birthday surprises for my SIL
4=he agreed with everything I saiud but said that management should have had more waitstaff on shift during free dining dinner in a park restaurant.
4=she complained a bit about how long it took the server to clear the empty dishes.
3= he also complained about the dishes & felt his check took too long to come. (it wasn't that long of a wait, really)

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Day 3: Lunch at Tangierine Cafe

Goofy & I Love this place & always make it a point to stop here during every trip & this time did not disappoint. Cheshire Cat & Eeyore were a little apprehensive to try it, because they usually get salads at Sunshine Seasons, but when I announced that the seared tuna salad was no more at SS, they agreed to give it a try.

I got what i always get, which is the chicken shwarma platter. Cheshire cat got the same:

Goofy & Eeyore opted for the lamb & Chicken combo platter:

I got a bottled water & everyone else got a large Diet Coke. We had no choice but the baklava for dessert, which all but Goofy was disappointed about. I had asked for any kind of healthy substitute for dessert-grapes, applesauce, fruit. But they said no substitutions for dessert on the DDP. Oh well.....

We all agreed the food was fantastic! Everything on my plate was healthy: the chicken hummus, cous cous (I only had a bite), tabbouleh, & the sauce is just a cucumber & yogurt tzadiki sauce. I skipped the bread because I was full & also did not want the extra carbs & calories. The food was very flavorful & fresh & did not taste too salty to any of us.

The other plus for this place is the shaded seating with ceiling fans!!
5=very clean & the ceiling fans get bonus points!!

5=we all agreed that the food was fantastic!

4=Good, but we all agreed that they should allow a healthy dessert option, even if it is just applesauce or fruit from the kids meal.

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Epcot dinner: Teppen Edo

My parents have eaten here 2-3 times before, but it was a first for Goofy & I.

We had 5:15 reservations & arrived at 5pm. We got seated within 5 minutes of checking in. The waiting area I think is also the waiting area for Tokyo Dining-it's very pretty & all CM's walking by are just full of smiles

We sat at a time with one other family. A waitress started out by giving us warm towels to wipe our hands. She then asked if anyone wanted silverware or adapted chopsticks (she folded the wrapper & attached it to the top of the chopsticks with elastics. I thought this was a neat idea. The waitress also asked if we had any dietary requests & we all requested a lower sodium meal, since we were all so swollen from the heat & we knew this type of cuisine tends to make you retain water. The chef came out & talked to us about our options & we opted to leave the soy sauce off of our food. He said the rice is also made with salt & offered to make us a fresh unsalted batch. He suggested that we skip the side sauces, but Goofy & I wanted to try them so we shared a plate of them.

I ordered Diet Coke & the rest of my family ordered the iced Green Tea. I had a sip & it was really good! We all opted for the filet mignon meal. I had chicken all week & I figured the filet would be a lean choice. We had Kenji for our chef & he was wonderful! Very smiley & funny & he did a great presentation. He was alot of fun with the little kids in the family next to us as well.

The food was AMAZING! Very flavorful even without the added salt of the soy sauce. Vegetables & meat were cooked to perfection. I skipped the rice 7 the noodles, to save on the added calories & carbs & I was still very full from my meal. Goofy & I tried the sauces. Goofy liked all 3. I did not care for the white one that is made with mayo & I think mustard. I did kind of like the peanut tasting one, but I only used a tiny bit.

For dessert, I ordered the green tea pudding. Goofy had the ginger chocolate cake.

I honestly cannot remember what my parents had for dessert, but I think they may have had fresh fruit. I just had a bite of each dessert. I did not care for the ginger chocolate cake (too gingery & sweet for my liking), but Goofy really enjoyed it & it was a HUGE portion. I did like the green tea pudding very much, though. It does not look appetizing, but it tastes VERY good! Creamy & not too sweet, which is just how I prefer my desserts. I only had a bite or two though, & it was all I needed. My tummy was very satisfied from the entire meal

Pooh: =5 We all thought the restaurant was beautiful, clean, & just overall relaxing!

Pooh: =5 We all agreed the food was delicious & healthy! We all left there feeling not overstuffed & just right. I will definitely request low sodium on future trips as well.

Pooh: =5 No complaints, not even from Eeyore! I think this may have one of the best customer service staff on property. Everyone is so attentive and just seems happy to be there & to serve you. The manager also came back to us to check in to ensure that we were satisfied with the sodium level of the food.
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Great pics and lovin' your reviews!
Aug 2008-Port Orleans French Quarter
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Originally Posted by MickeyNicki View Post
I love that chicken platter from TC....and kudos to eating so healthy while on vacation, especially at WDW!
thank you Nikki!! I wish we could take that platter home with us, it's so good!!

BTW: I was actually thinking about you at one point during our trip (i hope you don't find that strange) I had read one of your dining reviews before our trip (I think it was your May one) where you were complaining about how unbelievably hot it was outside. This was our first summer trip to WDW & I just do not do well in the heat (I'm a Fall/Winter kinda girl) & UGH I was so miserable from the heat by afternoons & my DH was just telling me to "man up" until finally at DHS I couldn't take it anymore and demanded that we leave for a few hours! Anyways I was thinking "Wow, that MickeyNikki girl wasn't kidding about this heat-it was unbearable at times!!!
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Originally Posted by Finkerfell View Post
Great pics and lovin' your reviews!
Thank you & thank you for reading!!
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DHS lunch-Which CS should we choose? NONE!!!

The neverending question of Disers: Which CS location is safe & worth it at DHS? Well, for us the answer is simple: NONE!!!

We have never had a good or a healthy CS option at DHS. It was also SO HOT that day-I think the worst we had during our entire trip with the heat. By 11:30, I was sweaty & achy & just a dripping red faced mess & I finally looked at Goofy & said "I can't take it anymore! I did 3 days all day in this heat & i'm done-We are leaving!!" Goofy had been calling me a wimp the other few days, but he knew I meant business so he nodded & gave me a "yes m'am!" We called my parents (who had just arrived & were getting FP's for TSM) & they agreed. The bus stop outside of DHS was actually more comfy than in the park because there was a nice breeze. We took the Poly bus to Captain Cook's, which is a favorite of Goofy & I.

I LOVE the Poly. Haven't stayed there since I was a kid, but we are staying there CL in December & are so excited!

We arrived at Captain Cook's & it was just starting to get busy. There were several empty tables to choose from, but they were VERY dirty. Covered in people's leftover plates that they couldn't bother to throw away, spilled milk & yogurt on the table, dirty napkins, squirted catsup on the table.....GEEZ, it baffles me how anyone can just leave messes like that!

Eeyore of course was ready to leave saying this place is disgusting, but I ushered Goofy to take Eeyore over to the line to order while my mom & I wiped down a table. As soon as we were halfway through, a CM came rushing over to us & told us to please step aside. they apologized for the mess & said they would take care of it. They proceeded to clean our table spotless as well as the other tables & floor in the room.

Goofy & Eeyore ordered our food while my mom & I sat at the table, had some water & waited for our meal. Captain Cook's has the self-ordering computer system. Goofy found it user friendly & Eeyore was confused. My only quam with this system is you cannot make substitutions or special requests this way.

I ordered the turkey sandwich on multi-grain bread (my favorite from here!)I wanted them to hold the bacon, but it was not an option on the computer. Honestly, it was no big deal to just pull it off but there is no sense to waste food. I got steamed veggies as my side, which is a wonderful healthy option to have here!
My sandwich was delicious as always & HUGE. I ended up eating 2 out of 3 & gave the 3rd to Goofy. The turkey is very good quality & the multi-grain bread is soft & fresh. The steamed veggies were fresh and delicious!

Goofy went with the Aloha Pork Sandwich

He loved this sandwich! He is a big fan of pulled pork & he actually compared it to his favorite pulled pork restaurant at home, & he never equates anything to that sandwich! Goofy opted for the steamed veggies as well & he enjoyed them.

Both cheshire cat & eeyore got a chicken sandwich that i cannot seem to find on the wdwinfo menu & sadly I did not take a picture. They LOVED it though. It was a grilled chicken sandwich on pineapple bread. It came with cheese on top but they pulled it off to save the calories. They also got the steamed veggies as their side.

We all got the Lite Pom Lemonade as our drink & Dole Whips for dessert.
Image from Yahoo Images:

I only had a bite or two & Eeyore finished the rest. They all liked it very much.

=4 We all gave it a 4. It was not the CM's fault, but the guests. Even while we were eating there we saw guests leaving their full trays & empty foods & messes behind. I found it really rude. On the flipside, the view & the windows are really pretty & the A/C & ceiling fan & make up for it.

=5 for everyone! What a treat compared to the garbage they serve at DHS! Everyone loved their food & the healthy options & agreed to do this again on a future trip.

=3 The CM's who cleaned the room & any other one we encountered were terrific, but we are not big fans of the unpersonalized computer systems. Not sure what we would have done if we had food allergies, as it was very hard to even find a CM behind the counter to talk to, who was not busy prepping the food orders.
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