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Old 08-26-2010, 09:21 PM   #91
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((wipes snot off of face and keyboard))

These threads always make me cry! I heart Disney, 118 more days to go!!!
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Old 08-26-2010, 09:32 PM   #92
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Aw This thread is so sweet, thank you everyone for sharing. It is truly wonderful to read these posts

I have one myself: me & my exboyfriend were in MGM arguing as usual (yep thats why we broke up) anywho, we were passing by TSM & one of the CMs saw that I was very upset. He stopped both me & the Ex asking what the problem was. I explained we just had an arguement & it was putting a damper on our vaycay (it was our last day to)

He asked one of the toy soldiers to keep an eye on us & he would be right back. Me & the toy soldier started fist bumping it was really fun. So after like five minutes the CM came back with a present, he asked if it would make my day better, it was fastpasses for TSM (the current wait was 90 min) I almost hugged him.

Instead of waiting the full time, we waited maybe 10 mins max for the ride.

CM have an awesome job, they get to put smile on the faces of the people they meet. I am so glad that there is magic left in the world.
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Old 08-26-2010, 10:20 PM   #93
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Originally Posted by Chaoticsweetness View Post
CM have an awesome job, they get to put smile on the faces of the people they meet. I am so glad that there is magic left in the world.
We try. Having awesome guest makes it easier.
Living in the shadow of the Castle. Mainstreet Operations.

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Old 08-26-2010, 10:28 PM   #94
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I love them all ~ too many to comment on.

I forgot about this one from our July trip. The shop outside of HM as a CM who works there who is deaf (both her and her boyfriend/husband) ~ she couldn't really communicate with my girls but gave them each a teeny tiny little hand made envelope sealed closed with a tiny character sticker. Inside each envelope was a small stash of the metallic Mickey head confetti. The girls had been picking them up off the ground making little stashes of them so it meant a lot to them!
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Old 08-26-2010, 10:43 PM   #95
Earning My Ears
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I treated myself to a Disney vacation this week. I drove 4 hours, and as I pulled up to the security/guard station at CSR, I could barely get my window down before the guard greeted me with a huge smile and said, "Welcome home!" It really got my vacation off to a great start, and it was a wonderful greeting after travelling alone for a few hours. It's interactions like this that keep me returning to WDW; it's been my experience that the CM's are genuinely friendly and lovely people to encounter.
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Old 08-26-2010, 11:28 PM   #96
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I have always been a Disney fanatic but after bringing our kids for the first time last year it was re-confirmed.

On our way to our Cinderella breakfast our bus driver announced a princess was entering the bus and played some "princess" music. My 6 year old DD was thrilled and keot saying "he thinks I am a real princess".

My girls were getting their picture taken at AK with Baloo and King Louie and King Louie would not let go of my 2 year old DD. My 6 year old and Baloo had to "rescue" her and King Louie pretended to cry when she left. She STILL talks about that "bad monkey" who tried to keep her and Baloo had to give him a time out.

We had a CM at POR that was at the bus stop almost every morning of our trip. He would ask where we were headed and then give us a little tip. One morning he told us to see a CM in AK and when we found her she showed us all these hidden pictures in some murals.

We took a ride on the bike for four at POR and a mousekeeping CM flagged us down to give the girls beads. Things like this make our day.

That is why I cannot wait to take them back next august.
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Old 08-26-2010, 11:30 PM   #97
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Originally Posted by OnlyDisney View Post
I like the idea of the thank you cards. Is there a thread with more info on this?
Here is the link for the all the DISsigns... they have some great things. I was not able to quickly find a link for the thank you cards that we used. My GDD love these cards, as anyone who smiled, said Happy Birthday just had to have a thank you card. Nearly everyone who received one was thrilled, some CMs said they would keep in their scrapbooks. Our thank you cards were the size of a standard business card, and while I thought I had way too many, it turned out to be just enough! It was a nice life lesson for her too!


They are creative dissigns! Enjoy! Karen
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Old 08-26-2010, 11:51 PM   #98
1000th Happy Haunt
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Yeah...this is the stuff.

It really is like coming home every time we visit. Thank you so much to the CMs who have made every trip so special for us. Thank you to all of the CMs who work there and understand how special a place it is. I know everyone can have off days, but what really makes the difference for us are all of the CM interactions we have had over the years. We love you!
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Old 08-26-2010, 11:58 PM   #99
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Originally Posted by gruZ View Post
Our first trip was when our DD was about 4. We had reservations at CRT for the next day when we remembered we had forgotten her Cinderella dress at home. Big bummer!

We decided to secretly buy a new one for her at the shop at the base of the castle, and when we returned to our resort, we asked the front desk to call up to our room a few minutes later and tell us that Cinderella had dropped a package off for our little girl and we could come and pick it up.

The clock ticked by and about 30 minutes later (yes...I was wondering what had happened...), there was a knock on the door. When we answered, a great CM asked to see our daughter by name, and when she came to the door gave her a large present and told her that Cinderella had dropped this off for her.

To make it even better there was a card with a 5x7 color picture of Cinderella that in flowing white paint pen was personalized to my daughter telling her that she couldn't wait to dine with her the following day. The look on my daughters face will never be forgotten.

(And as we were falling all over each other thanking the CM, he apologized for it taking so long - explaining that certain CMs are trained to write a certain way, and they had a tough time finding one with this special skill!)

By the way, eight years later the card is still framed and hanging in her room!
I *LOVE* that they will do this for you... One of the best tips I ever got to give while working at the Disney Store was to tell parents about stuff like this.. that they can leave things at the front desk that will be delivered while they're gone, and be from whichever magical friend they need it to be!

oh, and while we're talking autographs... heh.. I had a sorority sister who was extra special friends with a few characters, and *somehow* she magically got them all to sign a birthday card for me! Hee hee..

Originally Posted by BunBun View Post
((wipes snot off of face and keyboard))

These threads always make me cry! I heart Disney, 118 more days to go!!!
mmm hmm.. yep.. *nods head* This is why I planned a trip with less than 10 days notice, too.

Originally Posted by LetsGoToDisney! View Post
I treated myself to a Disney vacation this week. I drove 4 hours, and as I pulled up to the security/guard station at CSR, I could barely get my window down before the guard greeted me with a huge smile and said, "Welcome home!" It really got my vacation off to a great start, and it was a wonderful greeting after travelling alone for a few hours. It's interactions like this that keep me returning to WDW; it's been my experience that the CM's are genuinely friendly and lovely people to encounter.
uh huh.. same with me... I know there's less than enthusiastic CMs, but they fade into the background.. there's always some that shine and can make your day, no matter what...

Thank the Lord this time next week, I'm there. I NEED it!

Family & friends, old & young, Disney's fun for everyone!
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Old 08-27-2010, 01:32 AM   #100
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First, let me say... I have been to Disney just DH and I 7 times since we were married in 2003. We are about to take DS 10 months (our first baby) for the first time in a few weeks and reading all of these stories about special things that happened to children made me so emotional!

A few things that happened for us:

We were celebrating our 5th anniversary and wore the "I'm Celebrating" pins. As we walked to the Safari at AK, two CM's stopped us and asked if we wanted our own personal safari. It was so cool, it was just us and the driver. After hearing we had heard the whole safari spiel many times before, she just chatted with us and told us lots of neat facts about the safari and AK.

Last year I was 4 months pregnant and TOTALLY SICK (can't call it morning sickness when it lasts all day for 9 months ) the entire trip. I tried so hard to enjoy everything and keep a happy face for DH, but I was failing and it must've been obvious. However, there were many CMs who were so sweet and offered me crackers, water, a place to sit, etc. At every restaurant we went to, they would bring me one of those mickey cupcakes to celebrate our baby-on-the-way. I took one bite the first day and it made me sick-just thinking of that icing turned my stomach. But, I am not kidding, someone gave me one of those cupcakes every day for the rest of the trip! Dh and I would just act all excited and thank them and take it "to go." It was sweet even if I couldn't enjoy it!

Last one... DH and I always buy one pin each for each trip that sort of "sums up" the trip for us (on our honeymoon it was Mickey and Minnie in their wedding attire, on our only December trip we got a MVMCP pin, etc). Well, our 2007 trip was completely unexpected because a couple at our church offered us their Bonnet Creek time share for a week for free- at just three weeks before we had to be there (I know- that was pixie dust in itself! ). So, we had no budget and ate PB & J pretty much every day to afford to go- no money for a pin. On our 2008 trip, DH searched all over for some kind of pin that would "commemorate" that trip for us and couldn't find anything. So, he occasionally would stop CMs and check to see if anyone had a pin that said anything about '07 on it. One CM at POP (who ended up being the Manager there) told DH she didn't have one or know anyone with a pin like that but asked for our room # and his name... A few days later, we had a knock at our door and a small gift box was delivered. It was a pin that simply said, "07' " with Mickey's face. The manager also included a note addressed to DH, saying, "Hope this is what you were looking for!" I was just so surprised that she would take the time to locate a pin like that and just GIVE it to us.

I know not every CM, guest, etc lives up to the highest expectations of everyone, (I've had a few less than magical experiences myself) but I still say that hands down, WDW does a great job of putting special touches on things! And that's why we keep going and going and going...

Honeymoon @ ASM 2003 / Caribbean Beach Resort 2005 / DL 2006 / Bonnet Creek Resort 2007 /
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Old 08-27-2010, 03:14 AM   #101
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A few years back it was our last park day in MK. We started the day walking around and rode BTMR a couple times. Well after that I started to feel "off". I have anhidrosis so I know my warning signs of being lightheaded, vision blacking, or just being plain HOT means I need to get into air conditioning asap. I've never fainted, but we went into Liberty Tree Tavern and I couldn't feel the air conditioning (another bad sign). I hoped cold water would cool me down but no such luck and I told my parents to take me to First Aid. I lied down and told my parents to enjoy the park. After a few hours they returned but I still wasn't any better. I later found out I was developing vertigo. A CM was called with a van to take us back to our car. We either had to leave before the parade or wait a few more hours. Well I was being stubborn and was trying to convince my parents to stay for the parade because we never know when we would be coming back to WDW and I would continue to bond with bed. The CM helped me to the van and started driving backstage. I wanted to look around but had to keep my eyes closed because any type of motion was not aggreeing with me and it felt like the longest ride ever. He pointed out the floats were getting ready for the parade, but I apologized that I couldn't open my eyes to see while the van was moving. So he said "How about I stop the van a moment so you can at least see the parade before you leave....even if it is just coming out of storage?" He did, and I opened my eyes. It meant a lot to me that he took the time to stop so I could see the parade floats even for a moment.

Another story is about a CM at Space MTN. My mom loves the ride so we finally get to the top of the ramps and there is a CM there. He asks "Hey did you hear Cindy has a boyfriend?" My mom, "Oh really, who is it?". CM "I don't know, but they say he's charming!" My mom "Really? Well then she better keep him around!"

It took me about a minute to realize what the heck they were talking about. My mom and the CM were talking as though they had known each other for years. We then rode the ride and as we were unloading, there he is! "Hey there, remember me? Do you want to ride again?"....of course my mom is definately a child at heart said "YES!!!" and he took us around the back and escorted us right back to the loading area! My mom was thrilled and said she just made a new best friend!
If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise; what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?

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Old 08-27-2010, 10:47 AM   #102
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I forgot (almost) about the fairy godmothers at BBB!

In January I took my two girls to WDW by myself for two weeks (DH was working and I was between jobs toying with being a SAHM so decided to take a trip)

Well... DD1 was 4 and DD2 was 2.

DD1 asked to go to BBB so I called DH and had him make arrangements. We got to DTD BBB and they took DD1 in right away. DD2 was devastated that (yet again) she was too small to do something. The bigger rides are a major problem for us since DD1 has been able to ride ToT since just before she was three and DD2 still can't ride. Anywho.

The fairy godmothers were not busy and were talking and cooing and giggling with DD2 while we waited. She pointed to the Cinderella updo and said she wanted that one too. The Fairy Godmothers asked me how old she was and I told them. DD2 threw her lip out and pouted for a minute and they asked if it was okay to do a session with her even though she was under age. I told them it was fine with me... 3 wasn't my rule. So they got her up and it was SO EXCITING for her to get to do what big sis was doing for the second time.

Honestly she isn't always the happiest kid so to see the shear joy on her face was wonderful for me.

BTW ~ yeah we still had to pay for her do! LOL!

It wasn't THAT kind of magical!

Here are some pictures from her first time!

Picking her crown:

Getting dusted:

The final product:

No dresses because the whole thing was last minute!
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I have a ton but here's a few:

last September my son got some Mickey buses from the store in our resort and carried them with him consistantly through the trip (he was almost three and loves wheels) and then he lost them. We had no idea where so we went to the ASMu Manager and asked if anyone had turned some in. No one had but he came out with 30 disney dollars and took my son by the hand into the store/gift shop and got him all new buses and a monorail. My son was amazed and so happy. I think the magic was he went with him to pick out new buses and buy them and let's not forget, we lost them, they didn't have to do anything.

Speaking of the buses, we were at Camp Minnie Mickey getting a picture with Chip and Dale and it was pretty quiet. Chip and Dale stole my sons buses and played with them and ran around with them and then got on THEIR BELLIES and played buses with him on the ground.

Last January, we went to Mickey's toon town to see Mickey (we have to do that first since that is the ONLY thing my daughter asks to do). It was kinda quiet and their wasn't a wait but they let us visit with Mickey and Minnie for 30 minutes! My daughter was telling them stories, singing them songs, my son wasn't feeling well and Mickey rocked him back and forth and patted his head.

On the way home, the bell man, had my son help him load up our bags and push the cart to the front of the WLV. He called him "Sir" which my son really liked. He has Jackie push with him and when we would see any CM as we walked they would tell Jack "good job." "Hello, sir." etc. Jack was so proud of himself and then when we got to the front, he gave Jack 2 dollars from his pocket for his "tip." Of course we tipped him way more because he made my son's day.

Whenever these special pixie dust happens I always try to remember to write a email and thanks for what was done for us. Mostly I get a reply thanks back but last time the manager called me and thanked me for writing the nice email about the belle man and told us they annonuced it at the staff meeting.
Judy, (43 visits) & Jon, (15 visits), Jack, 7 (12 visits), Jolie, 6 (11 visits), Jayce, 3 (6 visits) & Grandpa (30 visits)
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Disney CMs can be so wonderful! I've had lots of memorable moments thanks to them.

In 2006 at CBR, on my first trip without my parents, I of course ended up forgetting the one medicine I needed! The sweet CM at the desk not only called me when it arrived (they had to FedEx overnight it from our airport!) but walked it to my room since he'd known it was an eye issue and I was having trouble seeing. It saved me lots of energy and patience, and he was just so nice!

That same trip, I overcame a fear and rode RnRC. The CM our age heard me say how excited I was that I had done my first "real" rollercoaster, and heard my friends tell me how proud they were of me. He told us to wait a moment, then asked if we'd like to go again! He sent us through the handicap entrance, told the CM at loading, and off we went!

This past January, I ventured to Anaheim to visit my "best friend" for two weeks. After the worst week of vacation ever, I packed up shop and fled back to Philly. But the day before I left, she took me to DTD and taunted me by saying "There's Disneyland, now we have to leave to shop." Well, that's all we'd done! Wrong answer. I'd had enough of her attitude. I had tonsillitis after our NYE jaunt in Vegas, and thus had no voice, but I still was determined to see Disneyland. I stopped in at City Hall because I hadn't been able to wear a "First Visit" pin since I was 4! Afterwards, I meandered around, and asked every CM at the front of the queue (or rather, I croaked) if there was a Single Rider Line. I was very sad and lonely, but excited to be there, and every CM I saw, and even fellow guests whom I assume were huge Disney fans, would congratulate me on my first visit and welcome me home! That made me feel like I was among friends and not an outsider for being alone, sniffling and teary-eyed.

At BTMRR, the fourth ride of the morning, a lovely young CM got to talking to me. He asked me to do the line timer which I said I loved (like the nerd I am!). I had on a Phillies tee shirt, and when he found out I was basically abandoned, alone, & headed back east the next morning, he told me he was so sorry, but to keep an eye out for him before I got on the ride since he may have a surprise. I thought he was being flirtatious, since he was quite attractive and my age, and that the surprise was maybe he'd join me for the ride. Well, right before I boarded, he came searching for me and started chatting again. I asked and was allowed to ride in the last seat (I guess that CM felt bad when I said "only me" with an Eeyore-like tone, since I actually was lonely & upset. "Just one? Aww! Go ahead, if the back is your favorite, you're welcome to it!"). Since I was basically pretty secluded & there was low risk of other guests seeing and fussing, he broke into a huge grin and took out a stack of FASTPASSES! I have no idea how he did it, but since he knew I had just one day to accomplish the most I could at two parks, he said he wanted me to end my vacation on the best note possible. With his help and pixie dust, I was able to see everything I wanted - and more! Because of him, my last day on the West Coast was a fantastic one!

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