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Old 08-27-2010, 10:11 PM   #31
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Originally Posted by MommaMouse411 View Post
oh wait..the one thing I will still do is PALOS , will probably do the I'm hoping that the baby sitting place will have open spots on same day I want to do PALOS..which Im hoping I can do during the stop at Nassau??? hmm need to do more research.
Great PTR! I love all of your purchases!! I am just back from 5 nights on the Wonder, and I can tell you that you are going to LOVE it!

One note about Palo brunch... I don't think they have the brunch on Nassau days. I think that your only option will be your at sea day. We did the brunch and really enjoyed it.
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Old 08-30-2010, 09:57 AM   #32
Always dreaming of Disney
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@ Pamcarey...ah that's not fair...I hope when they let 1st timers do their ressies either brunch or dinner is available. I prefer the brunch...but I can imagine if the only time is available for the at sea day EVERYONE is going to want to do brunch there.
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Old 08-30-2010, 01:42 PM   #33
Always dreaming of Disney
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so I wanted to vent a little...I won a disney dress on ebay for like $12.00 right..I was sooo the ebayer emails me back adn said, my mistake its not a medium its a small..really? I think she was mad she didn't want to let it go at $12.00...IT was one of the mickey and pal post card dresses..I'm so mad...that was going to be one of my dinner dresses!!! they have them on ebay for $25, and even more! baby is sick again! I'm just confused as to whats going week my 2yr old is sick, then now the baby..its been like that since the baby is born!!! I sanitized everything in the rooms, including the toys yesterday with my shark steamer..

is this typical..I mean literally has been every 2 weeks since may 1 kid or the other..
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Old 08-31-2010, 02:08 PM   #34
Always dreaming of Disney
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So last night I checked on ebay again, and saw the same seller had the same dress on sale, and a I emailed the seller back, saying, what's going on? I see you have a medium dress up for bid...I would like that dress..and they replied, if you want that dress, no problem, please let me know asap..ugh yes I hope it doesn't look ugly on me since I made such a fuss but I feel like I am getting swindled..I think she wanted the dress to go for more, since like i said there are other ones going fo r$79.99..yes thats right..

So the one thing I got to do today cruise related was I bought my sons' Lightning McQueen Crocs FINALLY...I got a real good discount so it was almost like I had to. and actually its not really cruise related because I'm going to let my DS2 wear his now..but hoping they don't get demolished by the cruise..I bought my DS4month size 4-5..which I think should be fine..I also won 2 other pairs of disney crocs online for REALLLY cheap, I mean like $7 a piece..

and then I also had some time to make my to do list for all my disigns.

I counted 85 disigns I will use for magnets.
60 of them will be small,and 20 of them will be either 5x6 or 8 1/2 x 11 (yes I am swapping them out throughout the cruise). 5 of them are the porthole ears. I did this to know how much magnet paper I need, so I need to buy two more sets of magnet sheets for the portholes/bigger disigns..and I have to buy about 10 more sets of peel n stick magnets, and also some peel n stick circles to put on the back of the smaller disigns (like my home depot mickey ears). I was going to make a christmas tree for the door, but I think I'm going to nixed that'll stay on the backburner until I complete all my magnets..

I also need to buy more self-adhesive laminates so I can put them over the small disigns since I'll be using the peel n stick magnets instead of the inkjet paper.

I willl be making two sets of door knob signs for myself, and might make 11 sets for the FE exchange.

I will be making 1 set of shirts for the family. the shirts for when we board the cruise ship. I will need 6 transfers for those. which I have. and then I will be adding the boys names to the back of some of the shirts I already purchased (I have some great name fills, and signatures from Millie and a few other disigners).

Autograph cards. I'm going to print these out and bring them with me just in case if I decide to use them..there's not many so its not going to be anything but to print them out, and I already have cardstock paper.

Tattoos...I have to buy the paper asap..and try to make a few to see how they come out and how long they stay...if they work out great. I will be making my family some and enough for the FE Exchange.

Luggage Tags: I bought the luggage tags (the clear ones), so again, this is just a matter of printing them out and then writing the info needed on them.

FE Exchange: I have to really stop buying for the exchange..I don't think my stuff is going to fit in their fish extenders!! I keep finding stuff for the little kids... but I thought about doing the water bottles, and I simply won't be able to afford it...sad but true...I would have to buy decal papers and all the bottles..if I come up on some extra money I will try it..but I don't see that instead, if Disney doesn't have their shopping bags on sale anymore (i saw online for $1.29) I will go to michaels and buy those small totes and put a cruise graphic on them..( I did that last year for my son's halloween bag)...and make one for each cabin.

on a side mother was telling me how she's so excited that I'm going on this trip with my boys..and she said she's going to be worried about me afterwards that I might go into a deep depression since I have been planning this trip for over a year!!!!!

I said yes true, I will be very sad when its all over, but I have christmas to interfere with that and then come January I have to start planning my boys Pirates of the Carribbean Themed Bday parties!! and hopefully our October Trip to's to hoping....if not DL, then we are definately doing the April 2012 trip...

I hope I'm not repeating myself in the pre-trip...but I am just so excited at the possiblity of going to Disneyland next year and excited about another disney cruise.

If I ever lose my job, I actually said, I will just go work for Disney since most of my money goes to them anyways..
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Old 09-10-2010, 12:11 PM   #35
Always dreaming of Disney
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Ive been dying to update my pre-trip report..

There's been alot going on...but I only have a few weeks before I could make my ressies for the cruise!!

and I've also been researching things I can do and what to expect for my trip since I will be alone..

so found out its going to cost me $60 to leave my car there the whole trip. So need to make sure I have that money available when I get there.

THen I found some tips out for infants..

1. I heard the restaurants will puree food for you!!! which is what I was hoping since my lil one will be eating solids by then...however, I am still going to by my a food mill in case they won't.

2. The 3-7 year old club will allow my son to play with them if I'm there with them which is awesome!!!
3. The splash pad looks really cool, so I'm not too disappointed that the boys won't be in the pool. however, if my 2years old is potty trained by then, I'll probably go in pool with him and leave the baby in nursery.
4. Castaway Cay's Family Beach is walking distance...what I'm afraid of is the sand and the stroller, however I have pushed a stroller through sand before!!
5. I requested a table alone for fear that my kids might be a little loud (not crying, but loud talking) and I would bring the stroller for the lil one to bring into the restaurant. but its just a request and might not happen..
6. I can drop off my suitcases at the terminal and then go park my car, then on debarkation (did I spell that right) they will help me get my suit cases to the car!! so need to remeber TIPS TIPS TIPS.
7. I will not be doing any of the variety shows..just the DIsney themed shows!!
8. And we will be partying with the Family Dance in the evening (my kids are late sleepers!!)

I know there were some more but I have a list going!!

you're probably wondering what else this disneylunatic bought for the cruise!

Well I will show you...

These two crocs are for my's hoping that he's a size 4 by then..but he's barely a size 2 now..and its really weird but my 2year old was like a size 3 by now! but if not then I'll just have to find some smaller shoes before the trip

I bought two of these for the kids (harnesses), I mentioned in previous posts

Here's one of my sundresses for dinner:

here's a close look at the hidden mickeys

I also found these sandwich bags

I got these crocs for both my kids

I bought this magnetic dry erase board for any one who wants to leave me and my boys a message

I have also started making my magnets...OMG! I have started making the magnets that will be 8 1/2 x 11 and they came out beautifully on the inkjet magnet I'm so in far I've done the ones ****** have disigned for me. it takes awhile for these things to print too!

so here's what I've been excited about....I am going to put in an application for the Moms Panel!!!!!! I know its a LOOOONGGGG shot...but I wanted to do it last time and I don't know what happened that I didn't but this time, i'm going to do here's to hoping I get the spot!!
and here's whats funny, they said you have to be available for a training Dec10-13th!!!! that means if I am picked, I will get off the boat on Dec 9th, make my way to WDW, do the MVMCP that night, and then stay the weekend!!

I will be wishing on a star every night till they pick the panel!!

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Old 09-17-2010, 01:17 PM   #36
Always dreaming of Disney
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so it looks like I will be taking my 14yr old stepsister..shes very excited..her dad had to write a letter to the principal of her school so she can get ok'd to miss school...the only issue is when she gets back she has all her I'll make sure she gets some work done on the ship.

It should be fun for her...I'll let her participate in the Teen Club so she can make some friends.

I'm still debating on the getting off at Bahamas issue. I might get off to go to the straw market...but I'm not sure about going all the way to the beach. I don't know, as of now, I'm thinking we'll just stay on the ship and enjoy the activities on the boat.
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Old 09-20-2010, 11:03 AM   #37
Always dreaming of Disney
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ha I paid my cruise off this past friday! I got my cabin number! woop one more day to make my's hoping the nursery isn't booked for the day I can eat at Palo's brunch.....

OKAY JUST MADE MY PALO BRUNCH RESSIE WITH SOME NURSERY TIMES!!! GOOD TO GO!!! Online check in almost done..just have to do my form and get the minor consent form notarized.

I am still not done making my magnets...but I'm getting there...little by little.

I have to go buy pillowcases for the kids this weekend...I already made the iron on transfer for the pillowcase.

I almost started on my FE..but I have to refigure things out..its not long enough..only fits for 3 pockets and I need 4 pockets...we'll see I'm sure I can come up with something without having to buy more fabric.

Lets see..I've been Halloween shopping...Getting ready for the MNSSHP Oct 29th. I just have to buy my 2yr old his buzz costume..I'm not sure if I want to buy myself the Jesse costume..Its $50 there's one at the disney store here...we are going today after work to make that decision..the baby is going to be Woody..already got the costume...fits him a little snug around the waist but I'm hoping he thins out by then..going to start giving him some rice cereal supposedly he'll be getting less calories versus nursing all the time..

and I still have to buy my pirate costume..which I know which one I want it costs $30..but I rather spend money on the pirate costume because we wil be wearing our pirate costumes for my kids bday in April (pirates of caribbean theme)...oye!! what to do.

I went to walgreens and bought some halloween mickey mouse decorations...and found a trick o treat bucket with mickey ears for $4.99!!! woop woop.

I also found some lighted sticks with mickey mouse designs from toys r us.

All I have to do is buy the event ticket! lol..that's why I'm not sure about spending $$$ on a jesse costume for me..I know I'm not going to wear it again..then again, I can try and sell it on ebay next year?? I don't know!!!

Oh and I have to buy a nice dress. I was hoping to buy a polka dot dress like minnie mouse but I can't find here in tampa..and Im apprehensive about buying online when the ones i like cost like $70!!! I'm still a size 8 but with my baby belly not going away that fast...and honestly I don't have the time to work what i've been doing is squeezing my stomach in and holding it in as much as I can..hopefully that will work some.

anyways, that's it for now..I'll let ya'll know about the halloween costumes soon...ciao

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Old 09-28-2010, 11:12 AM   #38
Always dreaming of Disney
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Well I know I don't have many comments on my PTR..but I'm still having a good time writing it....I often wonder how the last words are going to read of my Trip Report... i've been busy busy busy..October and November months are the busiest for me at work..Our Tampa Bay Rays are fighting for the #1 playoff spot..and tonight has to be the night!! Our Tampa Bay Lightning Season starts up!! Woop Woop...anyways so I'm trying to get the bulk of my cruise/halloween/mvmcp stuff done now..

I have printed out all my disigns on iron on transfers for all our only issue is I CANNOT find short sleeved white tees for my kids...they have at target but there's a POCKET on it..who wears a pocket on their t-shirt!! I don't know what I'm going to do..I might just buy the long sleeve white shirts and cut the sleeves off give it a muscle shirt look but we'll see.

I also have printed out our pillowcase transfers and bought the pillow cases..just need to wash them.

Let's see..I've printed out all my magnets and have cut and trimmed them..I have about 50 that I need to put laminates on and magnets's a pic of me laying them out at night the other day..

so you're probably saying what the heck was she thinking??? well, I have magnets for each day..yes folks,I'm going to change them each day..I mean you should see how good they look..if you haven't made any magnets, you have to its actually pretty fun to see the end results..I even moved all my magnets on my fridge to coordinate the cruise magnets on it so I have an idea how to design the'm a freak!!! (oh and I have a lot of magnets on my fridge so it was a lenghty process..I collect them)

and then drumrollllllll please.....

YES, its MY FE!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of it...I worked on this at like 11pm at night saturday night...and then bought the ribbon to trim the FE sunday at Joanns with my 40% coupon and....voila!! Its a no sew FE..i used fabric wow...I was worried about it not holding..I put some things in the pockets and it didn't rip apart!!!!

Now originally it was only going to have the two white buttons and I was going to leave the black part of the FE showing and then trim the pockets with the ribbon..but it just wasn't working out that way...I was also doing this in the dark with just the TV lighting the room, and if you look really close, you'll see some flaws but overall, its a good job...I mean I was impressed with myself...its my first FE attempted!!!

also a couple weeks ago, Lowry Park Zoo had a breakfast with Diego..

and Fisher Price had its new toys out

Do you see MICKEY in the background?cool toy but it $75!!!!!!!!

and then my son saw this guy...and I was hoping he wouldn't pay attention to he loved that darn monster...and now I'm trying to figure out, which toy to get him now..the monster or the Buzz Lightyear Wings...Mrs Claus has alot of thinking to do..

So all I have to do now is iron on the transfers to our shirts.
I need a formal dress for one of the dinners. I haven't bought my boys their formal wear yet because I'm waiting for the Children's Place to bring out their holiday attire..I have the outfit my 2yr old wore on his first christmas and my baby might end up wearing that...its really cute...
and I need white sandals for one of my dresses.

I am also losing weight....just can't lose it drastically because I am still I'm hoping to lose 5lbs by end of october..and another 5 by end of november...If I can do 15lbs without jeopardizing milk production (sorry boys if you are reading this)..then I will try.

as for halloween, I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to stay at resort for the weekend or off resort...I kind of want to stay off to save money...But this weekend I will be buying my MNSSHP ticket for the 29th..hopefully its not sold out..I saw the 31st was so I want to get the ticket asap.

We have all of our costumes for halloween...We will be Pirates after all...(my brother and I are pirate fans, since we were little so that might explain to obsession)...My 2yrold will be Captain Hook, the baby has a pirate costume, and I will be Captain Hook but the girly version..I found the costume at walmart for $35!!!! (we will use these same costumes for the cruise)

Now I am still going to buy this other pirate costume I saw on ebay because its a pirate wench, and I think I'm going to let my stepsister use that..but the reason I need a pirates costume is because I always go to the renaissance festival and this year I'm not pregnant so I can go in costume for PIrate weekend!!

I think thats it for now..I'm just super excited about the completion of my Fish Extender...

and I'm also thinking that when we board the ship and they ask for our family name I'm going to say...Captain Miguel Sparrow and his Mateys!!! AYE AYE!!

What you think?

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Hey MommaMouse!

It's funny how you mentioned you don't have that many comments on your trip husband was just laughing at me the other day because I checked our cruise's tread for any updates and when I do that I always check your trip report for any updates. He was telling me "If she knew you checked that all the time she would think you are stalking her!" LOL!!!

Seriously though, I may not comment all the time but I love to read your updates! It's like "Hmmmmmm, I wonder what stuff MommaMouse bought for the cruise now!" LOL Plus your trip report reminds me how behind I am in getting anything done for this cruise! Keep updating cause you have a follower!
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Always dreaming of Disney
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thank you CherylSue!!!!! lol...I know I lurk at some other Cruise TRs too I just like to get ideas and make sure I'm not forgetting anything!!!!

I'm just ready for the cruise...and I also am going to do MVMCP the day we get off the we are going to stay at one of the value resorts...haven't decided yet..that weekend..and do DHS, AK, Epcot/Seaworld. woop woop
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Always dreaming of Disney
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I'll be at the first two playoff games for the Rays!!!

Lets see, its officially October and that means November is right around the corner and then after thanskgiving its its its cruise time!!!!

I was looking at the calendar and saying omg after thanksgiving I'mma be going bananas..

I normally do the Black Friday thing and then I come home hide the presents and then take a nap if I can...wake up make big breakfast and put up the christmas tree!!! but after that its packing time...yes I pack my suitcases a week in advance...

my checklist is way too long to even look at anymore..I'm probably going to still forget socks. lol

So I'm still trying to find a formal stepsister has this beautiful gown she is wearing for her homecoming this weekend and she's going to wear it for the formal night on the cruise..she's so excited but I'm a little disappointed with her right now because her grades are slipping..she was doing really well so I'm hoping she gets her grades up before the cruise.

I've been also shopping at the children's consignment stores and I found a couple I found winnie the pooh disposable bibs!!! $5. I was a little upset because I spend $15 on bibs for the boys..but whatever, the money's already gone. and I also found two pairs of Lightning McQueen slippers!! good condition..I paid $2.50 for each pair.

I also went to the NEW interactive Disney Store at the International Plaza this past week..WOOWWWWWWWWWW...its awesome...I ended up buying some toys for my kids for christmas but I had to get out of there fast. But then I went to the old disney store at the other mall and I saw the stuff I bought my kids in I was like ah man..I thought I was buying exclusive stuff...oh well. I went to the store to buy another bookbag because they were $5.99 and all gone..

This past weekend I took my son Miguel to see the Legend of the what a cool movie..its like 300 meets Lord of the Rings with OWLS...although Miguel was into it for the first 40minutes and then not so into it the last was a rascal in the theatre..then we went to Lowry Park Zoo, Zoo Boo..we had a good baby wore a skeleton body suit and miguel wore this basic pirate costume I bought on ebay for $5. Everything was fine and dandy until we had a mishap...So it was just me and the kids..and everything was going well..Miguel was able to run around and I was with the baby watching him have fun... I let MIguel inside this bounce house and I was taking pictures of him..wellll..their time was up so the guy took all the kids out and I said wait wait and he put him down, and when he did , Miguel took I was on the wrong side of the bounce house..stupid me was in the entrance line, I should've went around to the exit area...I couldn't find my son for like 5minutes..I yelled at the guy to call security and my heart was pounding hard...and then I see my son being chased by two security guards and he's looking back at then laughing...and the security guards were out of breath...I thanked them and they said this guy is a fast runner, we chased him around the carousel..the guy I yelled at was freaked out and was asking me if I was okay...I started to cry because I was mad that I didn't think that situation through..normally I know were all the exit points are..I just didn't expect them to take him out of the bounce was all too surreal..I imagined him gone...ugh.

here's some pics

So as I was driving home, I was thinking about our trip to MNSSHP and Seaworld at the end of the month...I might not bring the baby, which sucks because I wanted him to be part of this outing...I don't know we'll see...we are doing another halloween event on the 24th so I will have time to decide after that.

and I'll post pictures at the end of the week, but during all this I was making a pinata for my sorority sisters son..its Handy Manny's came out good...he looks a little caucasion versus latino LOL..but I couldn't find TAN crepe paper.
Here's the pic of the pinata I made:

also Disney approved my Let the Memories Begin entry!! So my picture of my son is there!! so cool..Its My First MVMCP with My son..

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Always dreaming of Disney
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here's the link to my Disney Memory....


I am currently in the hospital with my baby..he has pneumonia...he seems to be better (we've been in here for 48hrs already and ive slept only a total of 5hrs)...I don't know if I mentioned that he has been coughing for over a month and finally turned into something...the only good thing is that we met a pediatric pulmonary specialist...he seems we will be following up with not only our peditrician but with the specialist to get to the bottom of whats going on with my little boy.

I'm doing okay and have been on the disboards most of the night trying to take my mind off of things..I tend to think the worse of any situation..I know I should have more faith and I am working on that...

As I was thinking about my cruise, in my mind I was already there, pretending that my boys and I were at Parrot Cay for Pirates Night and dressed up making a mess of things and driving the servers crazy lol...and then I was imagining the going to the dance parties with my kids and watching Miguelito dance his butt off, he's a great dancer...


So it got me thinking to whats the most important things I want to do on our cruise..

Ive read alot of pre-trips where they have plans throughout the day but this is my first Disney Cruise and I don't want to setup a detail plan because I know if I don't follow it I would be greatly disappointed..

So here's what I want us to enjoy:
1. Sail Away Party
2. Dinner at all the restaurants
3. Oceannears Club for Miguel (I will be there with video and camera)
4. chloe can go to teen club and have fun
5. Palos
6. Character Meet n Greet (princesses, and Fab 5, Captain Jack (he is a must do!), Peter Pan, Captain Hook.
7. Roam the whole boat.
8. Splash Pad
9. Mickey's Pool if my son's potty trained by then.
10. Golden Mickeys
11 Toy Story & Disney Dreams (I believe it will be on this cruise)
12 Pirates Night...the whole party!!!!
13. Any christmas thing going on
14. Castaway Cay: Flying Dutchman!!! Beach fun, I thought I read there was a dance party for kids somewhere there, but if so, we'll be there. Pictures of everything I see lol (oh and the new splash zone)
15. Take professional pictures with some characters and some at dinner
16, Watch one movie.
17. any dance parties my kids and I can participate in.
18. The farewell show

So that's the plan...

But I do have something planned before we get to the cruise..did I mention we will be going down Dec 4th and then renting a hotel either in Orlando or Port Canaveral which ever is cheapest..We might do the hotel that lets you park your car there the whole time you're gone..Hopefully there will still be room, but I can't book the room till end of october..

so anyways, we will be eating at

Lve this my mother and her husband (Chloe's dad) will be going over to DTD with us on the 4th, we will eat and then walk around..see the charolers and let miguel ride the train and carousel..I of course will have to refrain from shopping...I hope I can remember that.

Now on the day we return, we will be going to the World, I haven't booked a room yet again, all that will be done end of Oct. I'm hoping to stay in the Sports Resort or Movies..whichever. But I am going to also find out if I can find a hotel that we can check into early..I know alot of hotels do the 3pm..but I want one that will let us in at we can at least rest a few before we go to MVMCP!!!

and I'm hoping to buy my AP that month so I can go to DHS and see this again

and to go to Epcot and visit all the countries and listen to the stories again

here's my son dancing to the Mo'Rockins

my favorite

and I wish the kids daddy can come with us so we can do this again (alone I would probably lose miguel in the crowd, he loved this show and had soooo much fun)

and we definately going to seaworld again

and hopefully do this again

So my hope is to stay from 9th-12th...and as much as I love AK, I will probably skip that park and come back during my christmas time off. My plans is MVMCP thursday, DHS Friday, Seaworld Saturday, Epcot Sunday and home we goooooo. orrrrr DHhhe following Sthursday night and mvmcp friday , so i have time to decide.

i hope i'm not repeating myself if i am but i have to get my mind right with what i want us to do for that week...i keep saying to just do the cruise and go back the following weekend. because for christmas we do alot. We go to Busch Gardens and have breakfast with saNTA
we go to alot of events, also the zoo does something special for christmas, so i was trying to get my disney fix all in one week.

so i have alot to think about by end of Oct.

but whats coming up fast is MNSSHP and Seaword...i miss seaworld, Haven't gone all year..and with all the craziness going on over there this year, I would like to visit and show my support. I believe in what they I"m definately a seaworld fan.

Here's us at MNSSHP last year with their dad:

During the day before the party

Seaworld is fun for halloween too:

Here;s whats in my plans for shopping:
boys christmas outfits might look like this (which will also double as our cruise formal wear and our holiday pictures we take at JcPennys)

I am also trying to buy Lion King 1 1/2 and Lion King 2 on ebay for christmas presents to my boys.its not going so well...people are willing to pay full price for used dvds. I'm not....

I also have some items for toys (miguel is very into Imaginext Dinos and Dragons)..they have a couple on ebay that seems expensive for used toys but I KNOW he would love those (Mammoth and Sabretooth tiger: my son loves ICE AGE movies).

For the cruise I'm still looking for my formal outfit..haven't seen anything in the malls or online I like. I want to go with Red. I always do black..
I love this look but am afraid to have my back totally out that way. I do have a black shawl but I don't know (would need a medium though)

or this one (in red)

so that's it for this update. Thanks for letting me ramble while I sit in the hospital waiting and praying for my babys recovery.

also did I mentioned I scheduled a call from Mickey before the cruise lol...I'm such a dork but I hope they call when Miguel is awake.

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Dear MommaMouse411,

I always enjoy reading your posts!!! I'm excited for you to on your cruise in Dec.Don't sweat the small stuff, everything will work out for you!!! A nice shawl is good for in the dining rooms--they can get COLD!!!Here is the name of store/web site you might check Good luck with all of your visits to Disney in the next few months. AquaDuck1
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Always dreaming of Disney
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aquaduck thank you!!

So I have an update..

Friday I took another day off because my baby was still not 100%...and it was a tough 2yr old miguel was hanging all over me and being bad because I guess I was giving the baby too much attention. It took me forever to get them to bed, I think it was around I started to work on my shirts/pillow cases for the cruise..I was a little tired but it was my only chance to do it since I didn't have to wake up early on saturday.

I messed up one of my shirtts bad!! then I messed up another shirt because I put too much pressure on the iron and the red came through the iron on!!!...I was soooooo upset I wanted to actually go to the store and buy shirts then...I so wanted to be over the whole printing more graphics, I wanted to be done with the shirts and pillowcases and magnets...its like geeeez...

so I did get to do some of the my baby's onesie is 12months..he is now coming out of 6 to 9months so I am hoping that he fits it come cruise time..if not I'll just have to whip up something the week before..maybe buy some 2t Hanes Tees because NO one has short sleeve white shirts..the ones at Michaels are too big..I still bought one for Miguel..he's just going to have to wear it that size.

Here are the pillowcases:

Here are the shirts:

this is the back of a Disney Minnie Mouse shirt

Chloe's shirt

and I bought this black hoodie at Michaels and I iron on the tinkerbell...I have a 50% coupon for Joanns and hope to go after work to buy a big patch for the pack of the hoodie and will have someone sew it on for me. (dont look at the mess behind the hoodie..I have kids who has time to make their bed!!!)

also I mentioned this dress I bought for the cruise..I bought it for $18...going price is $35 to 80!!! and it fits really nice..

So all I have left to do is put the names on the backs of the shirts..and get miguel another white shirt..I bought another Red shirt for me since I messed one up..and will finish the MVMCP shirts once I get some name fills for the back...and I have to put names on the backs of all the shirts...except I need to buy or make something to put in between the shirt so I don't mess up the iron on transfer in the front of the shirt..(that's how I messed up one of the shirts..duh Marisol!!)

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WOW! Your t-shirts look amazing! I wish I could do that LOL! I seriously messed up my attempt at making a FE, it looks like a preschoolers art project

I'm glad your baby is getting better! Sending you some pixie dust!
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