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Old 01-02-2012, 04:17 PM   #46
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Happy new year!!!!!!

I wish you all a wonderful, pixie-dust-filled 2012!!!

Now... 2012... Hey, that's the year of the TRIP!

In fact, we're officially past the 11 months mark, where we could finally make the ressie for out DVC resort... well not "we" per se... but the company through which we finally decided to rent points with...

The 11-months mark was exactly on December 28th.
Since it was between Xmas and New Year's, I didn't go bezerk when I didn't hear from them right then... (almost did though!)...
But today I sent them an email...

I mean... I know how BLT is popular among DVC members... so how fast do you have to be to get what you want?
Or does it meant they tried and didn't get the needed points yet?

So... starting to go bezerk.

Will give you news when I get some... and once that's settled... it will be quiet again until the ADR mark... 180 days off (is it +10 when you rent points? Need to look into it)

Of course in the mean time I'll probably book the Universal part too... but that won't take much time.
The fun will begin around June!
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Old 01-02-2012, 06:59 PM   #47
RIP our sweet Magic (09/27/10)
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Great to hear from you Annie!

I can't wait to hear if you got what you wanted with BLT.

Did you see that I started a trip report? Check my siggy.
Susan, Chris, Katie (22 and in Grad School at CU - Go BUFFS!)

Visit my travel blog: Oh, the Places We'll Go!
December 2011 PTR September 2010 Trip Report Oasis of the Seas Cruise TR Las Vegas TR
1974, 1983, 1987, 1989 off property * 1988 DL * 1989 Premiere Cruise & Disney * 1997 ASMu * 1998 CBR * 2000 DL * 2008 BC * 2010 AKL CL * 2011 Poly CL * 2013 CBR
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Old 01-13-2012, 03:33 PM   #48
AnnieDan_Artlover's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Coteau-du-Lac, Qc, Canada
Posts: 368

Talking And.... it's OFFICIAL!!!!

We have our ressie for BLT!

With an un-predicted upgrade! (not a free one, though!).

A small track back first : Since our arrival date in WDW is Novembre 28th, our "11-months" date was December 28th... or so I thought... but since it was the holidays, when I didn't hear from David's Vacation Club, I didn't panic. In fact, I only remembered about it around new year's eve myself (I know, right?!).
I figured I would only contact them if I didn't hear the next week.

Which I didn't!
So I sent them a short email, asking if that was normal. Just wanted to make sure they hadn't lost my file since it had been so long!

They quickly answered, and told me about a rule I didn't know about, even with all my DVC research : the 11-months rule is for 7 days. Now, I know this isn't clear.
It's like the ADRs, in a way.
On the 11-months mark, they can make a ressie for up to 7 days only.
Since we needed 16 nights... they needed to wait a few more days.

But on top of that, they told me they didn't have any members with enough BLT points!

But told me they got new members every day and it would probably only be a few weeks wait.

BUT... I knew BLT was listed among the favorites with DVC members... and we wanted to go in a period favored among DVC members... so I asked : would we end up , at the 10-months mark, with no more availability at BLT?

They were honest and told me, it was possible that the standard-studio (the cheapest, what we were going for), were very limited and could run out. But there were plenty of lakeview studios and that would probably not be a problem.
I was of course given the opportunity to a) wait b) try another resort or b) get a refund.

But I talked with Mama and she didn't want any other DVC resort. If we couldn't get the BLT she wanted to get a moderate and hopefully free DDP... that meant a big MAYBE (no way to be sure the free DDP will be offered for our dates). And we knew the price would then be similar. Since the free DDP offers usually come out in late spring, it meant we could easily wait a few weeks for David's DVC new members...

Which we did.

Yesterday, I got the email saying they had the points... but sadly, as predicted, no more standard-view studio were available.
Lakeview rooms were, though. For about 600$ more (total).

I brought that info to Mama, who hesitated about... hum... ZERO seconds and said "GO!".

And so we booked!
We made the final, total payment today!

For a total cost of 3640$ we will stay in a lakeview studio at BLT for 16 nights and 17 days!

Anoither thing that is done : I used my Airmile points and bought one 2-days pass (all parks) for Universal Orlando!
(sadly we didn't have enough points for both passes, and don't think we will before November). But hey, that's $$$ saved! :-)

Getting excited as it means it's HAPPENING!

And pretty happy about getting the lakeview on BLT, too! :-)

...now we have to wait a few months before making the Universal hotel ressies... not that we can't, but let's pay this credit card bill first!
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Old 03-27-2012, 09:33 AM   #49
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Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Coteau-du-Lac, Qc, Canada
Posts: 368

Cool Cuba interlude

I'm ok, I'm ok. :-)

In fact I'm pretty good!
Last month I did a last-minute trip to Cuba (Varadero), with a friend.

And because of a few reasons... I decided to go back!!!
(thank you credit cards!)
I'm going to stay in Cuba for a whole month! NOT in an all-inclusive resort. (I'm not that rich, even in credit). Plus, it's not the experience I would want. I'm renting an appartment.

I will take the opportunity to FINALLY finish writing my book about my pambassador experience (you know... when I spent a month in China working with pandas, in 2010?!)... free from distractions, as there is no internet to speak of in Cuba.

Which means you won't see me here until May.
I couldn't do much about the Disney trip before then anyways! But in May, the heat is on!
Calendar making will be the name of the game, and at the end of the month will be ADRs time! (guess why I chose next month to go back and not May nor June?!)

In 6 days, think about me writing on my old, cheap, laptop (if it finally arrives here... Canada Post is seriously frustrating me right now!), sitting on the rooftop terrace of my appartment with the ocean in the "distance" (100m away)... or just walking on the beach.

Be good and have a magical spring!
(oh, and Happy Easter!)
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Old 05-09-2012, 12:36 AM   #50
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Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Coteau-du-Lac, Qc, Canada
Posts: 368

Back from Cuba... or 14 weeks from going to Cuba!

Hey gang! (or should I say... Susan)
I'm back!

Been back about 10 days now...
Of course, you are dying to know... yes it was to be with my boyfriend... but I wasn't sure yet. After living together for one month, now I am.
Which is why I am going back at the end of August, for about 10 weeks. (yay for credit, again... paying back debt as we speak, and hopefully most of it by then...).
But renting an appartment and living "normally" doesn't cost nearly as much as staying in a resort and "living the life". One month cost me about 1500$, and 10 weeks will probably cost about 3000$.

Now that I'm back and ADRs are just around the corner... I will start to come back here more often (finally have something not to talk about! ...And probably many ADR and daily plans discussions to have... with myself. )

I'll be very happy to have that distraction, as I miss my honey very much. Long-distances things are HARD. Especially when communications are next to impossible... Calling costs me a fortune, way too much for HIM to call me, texting is not too bad for me, but if I want him to text me I need to give him some money and it's not cheap... (if it was he could afford it...) Access to internet is illegal, or shared with other people and sporadic... no fun. As for regular, snail mail... well lets just say the postcards I sent in February still haven't made it here!

Now... let's go get some sleep so we can start planning a Disney trip tomorrow!

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Old 05-22-2012, 12:37 PM   #51
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Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Coteau-du-Lac, Qc, Canada
Posts: 368

Planning is done!

So far as it was possible with the incomplete schedule, since I'm not yet at the 6 months line. But to make ADRs one needs a plan!

I'll have the schedule on June 1st, and can make my first batch of ADRs on June 2nd. So what will I do June 1st? Confirm that plan and make sure it still holds, and make changes if needed.

And here is that plan!

November 24th
We leave our home early morning, drive all day and stop at night, probably in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

November 25th
Driving, driving, driving...
Until at night we stop in Greensborough, North Carolina. And we meet with Dreamer 17555 for dinner! Yay!

November 26th
More driving...
We arrive in Jacksonville, FLORIDA!!! Almost there!

November 27th
We do a liiiitle bit more driving and get to Universal Studios!
Check-in (but clearly do not get to our rooms, it will be way to early)
And head out to WWoHP first!
So far the plan in Universal isn't detailed, as we don't make any dinner ressies and plan to mostly wing it. I may look more closely into it as we get closer.

November 28th
We pack the car and go to Universal parks for our second, and last day and try to finish seeing everything before the end of the day!
We drive to DISNEY in the evening, and do a late check-in at BLT. And we are HOME for a while.

November 29th
Epcot day.
Rose and Crown dinner, hopefully with Illuminations seating.

November 30th
Hollywood Studio day
Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater dinner.

December 1st
Magic Kingdom day
It's the day where they shoot the Xmas parade, and I want to be there. I want to WATCH the parade! I know, it will be crazy, we will have to be there extra-early... but I've always dreamed of it!
We will have dinner in Epcot, at Coral Reef... and if we are not totally pooped, or maybe if we took a nap in the afternoon... we will go back to MK in the evening as it's one of the rare occasions the park will close late (1am).

December 2nd
Animal Kingdom day
Boma dinner
It would be a great night to watch the Electrical water pageant.

December 3rd
Epcot day
Candlelight processional dinner at Le Cellier. I'm going for the first one at 5pm.

December 4th
Magic Kingdom day
Epcot evening with dinner at Marrakesh

December 5th
Magic Kingdom day
Crystal Palace breakfast extra early
Dinner at California Grill for Wishes viewing (the MVMCP wishes)

December 6th
Animal Kingdom day
Dinner at Yak & Yeti
(relaxing evening)

December 7th
Hollywood Studios day
Late dinner at Ohana's

December 8th
Epcot day
Lunch at Chefs de France

December 9th
Sleep-in morning
High afternoon tea at Grand Floridian

December 10th
Breakfast at Kona Café
Our very own Yuletide tour : resort hopping to see the decorations.
(Wilderness Lodge, Fort Wilderness, Swan&Dolphin, Boardwalk Inn and finish with Yacht & Beach Club)
Hopefully dinner at Beaches & Cream (no ADR)

December 11th
Animal Kingdom day
Epcot evening with dinner at San Angel Inn

December 12th
Magic Kingdom day
Epcot evening with dinner at Biergarten

December 13th
Hollywood Studios day
Downtown Disney evening with dinner at Portobello

December 14th
We leave!
Driving up to Florence, South Carolina

December 15th
Driving, driving, driving
...We stop at around Hershey, Pennsylvania

December 16th
We visit Herhey factory!
...and then we drive home.

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Old 06-05-2012, 05:24 PM   #52
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Well, thank god for WDW planning because I now am single again.

On Friday June 1st I looked at the December 2012 schedule to make sure there were no surprises. There were a few, but nothing major. Mainly one or two evenings where the crowds will be a bit thicker for our Epcot dinners... and AK closing even earlier (5pm).

So I made the necessary adjustments and on Saturday I called Disney Dining for the ADRs.

OMG! Lucky I have Skype because that call lasted 55min! It would've cost me an arm and a leg...
I was on hold for about 15min, and then 40min of actual ADR work (well, including the spiel about all the policies)

I got all the times I wanted with a 15min difference each way (like getting 5:20pm instead of 5pm, or 7:55 instead of 8:00). So I was very happy!

But I have to call again tomorrow for the remaining 4 days I couldn't get with the 180+10 days... and I'll hope the few Epcot restaurants I wanted will be available for reservation, including Le Cellier.
Thing is, the Candlelight Processional packages were not available yet, so I couldn't do that... and a few others ADRs I wanted were for restaurants who will probably offer CP packages... so I couldn't ask for an ADR yet.
I don't know if it means I won't be able to at all unless we take the CP package...? If so it's not too bad, it's only a few.
I just hope the CP package for Le Cellier hasn't been released yet because it will FLY.

So tomorrow ADR calling again. *sigh*

Next: ordering MVMCP tickets and Tables in Wonderland.

Oh, and make the Universal Hard Rock Hotel reservation for our one night there!
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Old 06-20-2012, 06:17 PM   #53
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Another step done!

Thanks to Ray whom I don't know, but, I guess, saw a post I made on another thread about the Epcot restaurants (Le Cellier, in particular) not being available for ADRs a few weeks back... and sent me a PM just a few hours ago to tell me they now were all available, INCLUDING Le Cellier... (which I had read would only become available next Tuesday...), I made my last ADRs just now!

And I decided to try my luck online.
I didn't like it last time, because I couldn't see how to make an ADR for a Candlelight Processional... and it didn't seem to let you enter a resort confirmation number, to let you do 180+10 days...
So I called.

But now it was past the 180 days for all of my wanted ADRs, so I tried my luck.
Still no way that I could find to ask for the CP package... but I had decided not to take it anyways.
Mama and I are NOT religious at all... we had thought this would be a nice and impressive thing to watch, and maybe get to eat at Le Cellier a bit cheaper... but we figured it might be more fun to go for late dinner, and... maybe not go to the CP at all. If we feel like going and the wait isn't too bad, then we'll go.
And that way, I can stop worrying about getting a place at Le Cellier, and don't have to get up extra early when the packages are finally release, can stop worrying about WHEN it will be, etc.

So, what's the verdict for online ADRs at about 170 days?
I could get the exact time (or very close to it) for all the restaurants I wanted, INCLUDING Le Cellier. I was ready to have to juggle days to find a place... but didn't even need to. I asked for 8pm and got 8h15pm! Amazing.

And no waiting on the line, no super long reading of conditions... I think next time I'll skip the stress and wait 10 days and do just that.

I also bought my MVMCP tix. And woohoo for e-tickets, now available. Not a cent for shipping, and I already have them, too!

I did not take Passholder priced tix, as the evenings with the special price were not among those I wanted to go. And the difference is just a "big" 8$ total.

So, we now have our tix for December 9th!!!

Tomorrow I will call the Universal Orlando Hard Rock Hotel... I want to get CAA price, and it seems I can't do that online.

I'll also need to call the CAA office to buy the remaining park admission for Universal, as it's over 15$ cheaper with them than with Undercover Tourist, and thus something like 30-35$ cheaper than gate price...

Remember, I already have 1 ticket that I bought with Airmiles points!

I do feel like there isn't much planning to do.
Compared to our first trip, 4 years ago... We had everything to learn about Disney and WDW, had never went... I was in the wheelchair.
I had to start from scratch, made the spreadsheets, compared restaurants, learned about the attractions, what there was to do, how it worked with the w/c...

Now I already did all that, I won't have the wheelchair... I'll need to look into renting the scooters, just to have the info available if, god forbid, I need it... And that's about it!

I will have to freshen-up my restaurants list, to add, for example, which ones have passholder discounts, which ones are with Tables in Wonderland (which we will get on-site at Guests Relations).

So, yeah, a few little things to do... but almost 6 months to do them and so few... 4 years ago I was overwhelmed... this year I wish I had more to do!
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Old 09-30-2012, 12:27 PM   #54
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What a whirlwind

Do I say "I'm alive" again or is it implied?

The few who read me are used to it, I guess.
I used to be better at this... a long time ago.

I must say, planning this second trip (in 4 years), I am not as excited and don't feel as I have that much to do!
The first time around, everything was new and each time I got an answer it brought on 3 new questions.
Being in a wheelchair made everything so scary and complicated, also...

This time around, I still had all my info, I remember a lot, not that much has changed... except it's less complicated because I'm not in a wheelchair anymore and *cross my fingers* I shouldn't need to rend a scooter either...
But, see, except refreshing a few infos about prices of rentals and that kind of stuff... even that isn't a lot of planning time!

What took the longest was figuring out when to go, how much time to spend there, finding how to rent points and making comparison charts for pricing, etc.

And that was a year ago.
And even then, I just used charts I had made in 2007 and updated them!

All that to say... it's not that I don't love you as much, guys, or that I'm not excited to go back to the WORLD...
But unless I come on here to say the same things over and over, or to go OT on you... there is simply nothing to say!

So here's what I'm going to do today... tell you how I've been procrastinating and go a bit OT.

Last post was in June, 3 months ago.
I did my ADRs (wow... is it just me or is a few weeks away from this board make you lose the acronyms too?) and we had just decided not to do the CP package.
We might still go see the show in the spur of the moment, but that's it.

I said I would call Universal "tomorrow" to make the room reservation... ahem. Still haven't done that.
It's in my agenda for this week.

I haven't made any hotel ressie for our drive either. Also to do this week.

And still haven't called CAA for our one missing Universal 2 days pass.

I just... didn't feel the rush, I guess.

Now it's in less than 2 months, I'm starting to. Well, not rush, but that I should start to get on it!

And now for the OT.

Which is related.

Some of you (if there is more than just Susan reading...) might remember that 2 years ago I went to China to work with pandas, thanks to an international contest.
I was selected to go to China for the finals... but I didn't win the whole thing.

This year, there is a new edition of that contest, but a much bigger edition. There are regional semi-finals, there will be, again, a final in China, but for 3 weeks instead of 1 (last time I stayed for 3 more weeks OOP, thinking I would never get the chance to go back...), and 3 winners out of that chinese final will get to go around the globe!
And as "only a finalist" and not a winner, I could re-enter. I would never have even thought about it, but the organization told us even before the contest started.
...The contest ends tomorrow and it looks good for me doing the semi-final in Washington! I will know on Wednesday.

Why is this relevant?
Because if after Washington I'm selected to go to China... I'll be there from October 27th to November 16th.
Which means I'd be back home just one week before leaving for Florida...

2 years ago, when I came back home after one month overseas, I totally crashed and it took me months to be healthy again. (MY healthy...)
Even my "really" healthy friends got sick when they got back home, from the jetlag, the lack of sleep and overexertion... and the kinda depression from going from that crazy exciting adventure to normal, boring life. A bit like post-trip depression... but much worse.

And I would have to go on that Disney trip with my mom, including driving there and back, right after.

My mom was mad at me, at first, for entering the contest, knowing it could "ruin" our long-planned trip.
But then she understood that it could be the chance to travel around the world... and even if I "just" went back to China, it still would be amazing and not something I could do on my own, since I don't have any money.

But she still thought our Disney trip would not happen and she stopped being excited about leaving soon.

I told her we would go no matter what.
I really think so.
Because unlike last time, if I have the chance to go back this time, I would not feel the shock of coming back, or not as much, since I know how it is... and last time I was gone 5 weeks, this time would only be 3... plus, I would not feel the post-trip depression, since I would already be in "we're leaving next week" mode!

I often can push my body where I shouldn't... Like go to a family gathering when I'm sick, or work with my dad for a whole week, 12hrs a day, while I can't usually do half of that...
Like I did 2 years ago in China!
The thing is, I can't keep that up.
But on adrenaline, I can force myself to keep it up a bit longer.

I think, unless I'm really unlucky, I will be able to come back home, rest for that week as much as I can, and then go to Disney and do all I have to... because I will be excited and because I will feel I HAVE TO... and then I'll come back home and probably miss all the holidays being sick in bed. Or maybe I'll even be able to push through the holidays... and then catch a bug at a family party, like I always do, and then I'll be bedridden for a few weeks.

But if that happens, it'll all have been more than worth it!

I really hope I get to go to China and see the pandas and spread awareness and see old friends... and I hope I still get to Disney after that, because I want to and have wanted to for years, and also not to disappoint Mama...

Lets cross our fingers!

I'll try to keep you posted!

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RIP our sweet Magic (09/27/10)
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I'm still reading along. And you didn't post here, but I saw on FB that you're a finalist! Congratulations!
Susan, Chris, Katie (22 and in Grad School at CU - Go BUFFS!)

Visit my travel blog: Oh, the Places We'll Go!
December 2011 PTR September 2010 Trip Report Oasis of the Seas Cruise TR Las Vegas TR
1974, 1983, 1987, 1989 off property * 1988 DL * 1989 Premiere Cruise & Disney * 1997 ASMu * 1998 CBR * 2000 DL * 2008 BC * 2010 AKL CL * 2011 Poly CL * 2013 CBR
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Thumbs down Not a good week...

Hey guys.

By the way, thanks Swwake!

Well, it's been a bad week. Bad doesn't even cut it.
You'll be happy to learn it should be the last totally OT post... but then again, I doubt you'll be very happy because you're all good people and don't wish me bad things.

Let me explain.

Like Swwake said, I indeed got a lot of votes, ended up 12th in the world and 3rd in the Americas, and got selected in the 24 americans (north, south, central) semi-finalists.
As the only Canadian, I was pretty optimistic on my chances to go back to China, thinking unless I blew the semi-final, the judges would prefer to have representatives of other countries than the USA (there was me and a bresilian, all the rest were from USA), so that more media would follow their project, make it more international.
I was very touched by the support I had gotten, all the votes and encouragements, from friends, family members and even strangers! I was more emotional from that than from being chosen and getting to go! I had the same reaction in 2010.

And then... I got sick.
In fact, I had been sick since mid-September. A simple cold that wouldn't go away. I'm used to colds hitting me harder than normal and taking forever to end. I'm used to not feeling well and to having symptoms flare-ups... So I didn't think nothing of it.
After the 3rd week I started worrying about Washington and the China finals... about Disney... and I started noticing that it wasn't going away, and I started putting everything together. But not quite.
I thought it was all my usual illness. I thought I was having a relapse and I was scared. I was hoping it was just that my meds needed to be adjusted... but I remembered that this wasn't supposed to happen... and I was wondering, if I had to take more meds after just 2 years, what would it be after 10 years, would't I eventually get the maximum and get stuck and super sick again?

But then... last Wednesday, exactly 5 days before I was to leave for Washington, I started feeling sicker, like if I had the flu... I finally put 2 and 2 together and figured out my cold from last month was now a sinusitis...
The next day I was at the emergency clinic, hoping I'd get antibiotics and 48hrs later I'd be much better, and this Monday, just fine to take my flight and go on with the competition.

The doctor diagnosed a sinusitis indeed, but also a bronchitis! And he did prescribe me antibiotics.

But it wasn't meant to be.

The antibiotics didn't do zilch, my fever went slightly up, I started coughing much more... so this morning instead of going to the airport, I was back at the clinic.
And it turns out, it wasn't a bronchitis... but pneumonia.
Which is why the meds haven't been working as fast as they usually do (for a bronchitis and sinusitis)... and why I'm feeling so bad.
The doctor told me to expect the meds to start making me feel SLIGHTLY better by the end of this week... and that I'll need a second set of 10 days of antibiotics to eradicate the bacteria... and that it will take me a long time (a few weeks) to recuperate.

I was bored already...

So... no Washington, and definitely no China... and no panda world tour either.

Trying to look at the good side, I'm thinking that I can concentrate on the Disney trip expectation and excitement, that it won't be rushed... I'll be sure of being 100% for Disney, won't be just back from China and on jetlag...

So... here you are. Only Disney, no more pandas...
I have 39 days to get back on my feet.
It seems like plenty, but knowing I have another 15 days of antibiotics to go and the doctor said I wouldn't be in shape right after that... it's not that much! Especially not with my health...

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Old 10-21-2012, 12:05 PM   #57
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Smile On the road to Universal, Disney... and recovery!

I'm finally getting better!
I'm still bedridden, out of breath doing nothing and pretty weak. But compared to only a few days ago, what an improvement! No more fever which means no more chills/cold sweats or other fever symptoms, the sinusitis is almost over (so almost no more congestion and much less of a runny nose) and I cough less too!

I can't wait to be able to get out of bed (or the laZboy) and sit at my desk, or play drums, or help around the house and what not. I'm used to not being able to do all I want and have days of being bedridden... but it's now been over a week and I'm bored out of my senses!

I spent all evening yesterday looking into the Universal attraction list details (can you believe I hadn't done that yet?)
And here's the rundown :
There are only 13 attractions we are interested in doing. "we" meaning "I" since most of those Mama can't do, either because of her motion sickness or being plain scared (big drops for example, there is no way she will try Spash Mountain just because of that last drop)...
She is OK if there are sudden movements, like stop and go or sudden breaking, but spinning and rocking motions are out.

Here is the list (in blue are those I'll ride alone):
-Shrek 4-D
-Despicable Me Minions (which I'll have to try on my own to check if Mama could do)
-Terminator (I wasn't that interested, but I've read it was worth it)
-Simpsons (another one I have to try to see if Mama could do it... since all pics I've seen show roller-coaster simulation... I don't think she could)
-The Mummy
-Rip Ride Rockit
-HP Forbidden Journey (I've been told it can be intense so I have to check alone first)
-Dragon challenge
-Spiderman (another one I need to check)
-Incredible Hulk
-Dr. Doom Fearfall
-Jurassic Park (I'm not sure about that one... water rides are not my thing)

So, we have a big total of 13 attractions, 4 of which my mom can do for sure (mainly live shows) and 4 I have to check first. I'm sure we will have plenty of time for that, and hopefully for repeats of my favorite big rides too (with my love of music, I'm sensing a repeat of RRR!)

The thing with the motion theaters like Spiderman or Despicable Me is that she can do them for sure. The motion of the seats in itself is OK and she can close her eyes in case the illusion makes her sick. BUT... we learned with Star Tours 4 years ago that sometimes the illusion is such that she can get sick so fast that when she closes her eyes it's too late.
The motion illusion in Star Tours happens right away... and even though my mom closed her eyes almost immediately, she was nauseous for the whole afternoon after that ride... plus, had she know the ride was like that, she would not had tried it... it was no fun for her to be shaken, eyes closed, for about 2 min! If I had done it first I could've been able to tell her.
..Like I did the Dinosaur one later... and could tell her she would've been OK. We didn't have time to do it again, but this trip she will try it.

I guess, if we feel we lack time for 2 rides, she might try it anyways... or risk not doing them at all.

Does anyone know if there is a chicken exit in Universal like in Disney? Meaning, will Mama have to wait outside the attractions from the moment I head in, or will she be able to wait with me most of the line and then exit? When I was in the wheelchair back in 2008, in Disney, the question wasn't even there of course... but this time I SHOULD... be able to walk and use the regular single riders line...
I don't know if the queue in Universal are like in Disney, where people not riding are missing out on a lot...

I'm starting to get really excited and anxious to go!

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Question To Photopass or not to Photopass?

Well, the excitement is definitely getting to me, pneumonia, migraines, or not!

I have been looking around the DIS more than I have for years...
Looking for more details about Universal, mostly...
Just to have more info in general, what the parks are like, restaurants (we had decided to go counter service only, and looking at the info, I decided we would wing it and just eat where we felt like eating... I might change my mind, we'll see).

And along the way I got reminded that usually you buy the Photopass CD before you leave, especially now that they have, once again (was it removed?) the pre-order special.
Well... do we? I mean, do we get it?

Last time, I was glad we did. Even though I had brought my huge semi-professional camera and took a ton of pics myself, and forced Mama to take a good quantity of pics of myself with characters (mainly)... without the Photopass thingy we wouldn't have had any picture of us together.

I'm guessing we might've asked some other visitors to take our picture once or twice, so as to have a memory and actual proof we indeed were there together... but that would've been it!

But... we are not very fond of looking at ourselves in pictures, Mama always hates herself in pictures... so it's not like we need a few dozen of those pics...
What I mean is... do we really need to pay 100$ for pics, so we can have a few of us together... when we could just ask strangers to take our pics a few times instead?

On the other hand, it could make for nice pics, even of just me with a character, for instance... sometimes just one magical picture can be worth a lot. And since we are going to MVMCP there might be great pics opportunities... and Mama would greatly prefer a professional take pics of me and characters then to take them herself... but maybe not for 100$.

I wasn't even planning on bringing my good camera (I don't have the semi-professional one anymore, just a high-level, very good point-and-shoot)... But since we are driving and don't need to be careful of luggage space, I will bring it for our Christmas decorations tour day... for the rest, iPhone camera it will be!

As for the new Photopass Plus, it took me forever to find info about it... I almost thought it could be interesting for the character meals stuff... except we are only doing Crystal Palace (and not because of the characters, but because we wanted an early breakfast in MK and had enjoyed CP in 2008!)... and thought it could be cool to have 1-2 ride pics... and then I found out you had to wait in lines after every ride to add the pic to your card! NO WAY.

Any opinions as to what I should do?

I know we can take the pics and see later if we want to buy the CD... but in that case it will cost more (no pre-order special). And knowing me, I wouldn't be able to let memories go to the garbage and just discard them. So that's not an option.
I either pre-order the CD now... or we don't use Photopass at all.
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It seems like a huge $$ waste to me. The Disney Photogs are happy to take pictures with your camera. I guess I never really saw the benefit. Maybe if you don't want to bring your own camera, but you'll miss a lot more by not having a personal camera than benefit by Disney photo pass
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Well... I was just talking about pictures, and most pictures opportunities happen with characters in the World, right?
...I don't intend to do characters this time ;unless it's a character I absolutely LOVE or it just happens that there is no line... Like in 2008, when Robin Hood just walked up to me! Or when we walked out of Tony's Town Square to see Mary Poppins and Bert just getting ready!

I don't plan on doing autographs either... Last time I had my hoodie, which I still have (I just write over the autographs with the same fabric markers when they start to fade) and I will probably bring it, I could bring the markers and continue elaborating the collection if I ever met a yet un-signed character... but it was such a hassle, to carry everything and a hassle for characters to sign on that too...

I might have Cinderella sign a postcard or letter if I do have the opportunity though... or another princess... my goddaughter is 3y.o. and HUGE on princesses right now, and it could be a nice souvenir for her... Bring her back a message from a princess...

Ah... how I wish I had the money and health to bring her with me on a Disney trip, just godmother and goddaughter, it would be so magical.
Not sure Mama would agree to bring her with us on another trip... and pretty sure goddaughter would NOT appreciate. She's so shy.
My only hope is that goddaughter's family would agree to have me tag along on their first trip as a family! But I disgress.

Yup. I'm doing the "grownup" thing this trip.
No waiting in lines for character autographs and pics.
Honestly... it was fun last time, but once you have an autograph and picture with Baloo... well meeting "him" a second time would be pretty much the same.
I might do pictures with Christmas Mickey.

But I do have another reason for not waiting in line for that.
I won't be in a wheelchair this time.
I'll already have to wait in line for rides. Characters don't mean as much to me, so I don't want to get sick by standing in the sun too long.

Walking is fine with me, most of the time, but standing is the worst.
So I won't bring myself trouble by doing something I don't absolutely need or want to do.

I'll leave the character meetings to luck!

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